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May 2013 Edition Creating a cleaner, more fuel efficient tomorrow.

From left to right: Mr. Richter, Jacob Barron, Jose Leyva, Will Cervantes, Javier Baldenebro, Michael Valdez, Alanna Ho, Edgar Millan, Ivan Wang The racing team arrives at the Emerald Coast Electrathon with Speed Racer (left) and Pulse (right)

Emerald Coast electrathon LAAE students participate in the Emerald Coast Electrathon in Pensascola, Florida.

This is the last newsletter for the 2012-2013 school year. Thank you for supporting the Los Altos Academy of Engineering throughout all these years.

By: Edgar Millan On April 27, the Los Altos Academy of Engineering competed in its most challenging endeavor yet. A student team of nine, along with LAAE advisor Ed Richter, vice-principal Jeff Hess, and parent chaperone Sandy Eng, traveled to Pensacola, Florida to race in the Emerald Coast Electrathon, an Electrathon America race. This was not a competition of speed but a test of endurance and battery management. For the first time ever, the Emerald Coast Electrathon hosted teams from both the east and west coasts. Pulse and Speed Racer were the two vehicles that ran Saturday morning at Five Flags Speedway. Pulse was a two year project that was planned 1

Emerald Coast Electrathon


LAAE Reaches $10,000 and Open House


Adopt-an-Engineer Sponsors


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in early 2011 and was started in 2012. Speed Racer

to fix the problem. Within minutes the team found a

was completed in 1993, making its run in Pensacola its

local welder who demonstrated Southern hospitality


20 year anniversary. Speed Racer was one of the first

and welded the broken piece back together at no

vehicles to run in an American Electrathon. Speed

charge. After applying their problem-solving skills, the

Racer’s entire electrical wiring was replaced and

team. vehicles for mandatory inspection. Speed Racer

several pieces of equipment, such as a cycle analyst, a

passed the inspection first, but missed the first practice

wireless telemetry system, and even a GoPro camera,

round from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Pulse passed

were attached to the vehicle in order to modernize it.

inspection at approximately 9:20 AM, just before the

With the allotted time and available resources, the

Racer passed the inspection first, but missed the first

entire order to modernize it. With the allotted time and

practice round from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Pulse

available resources, the entire the entire engineering

passed inspection at approximately 9:20 AM, just

team prepared both vehicles to the best of their ability.

before the second practice round started. Both drivers,

The LAAE team consisted of Ivan Wang, Darren Eng,

Darren Eng and Alanna Ho, received about 10 minutes

William Cervantes, Edgar Millan, Javier Baldenebro,

of practice each before the second practice round

Michael Valdez, Jacob Baron, and Alanna Ho.

closed at 10:00 AM.

The rookie team was racing against several

After all 14 vehicles were lined up, the green

high schools, colleges, and even open division teams.

flag was dropped at 10:30 AM. Pulse, driven by Alan-

Most of the teams have had multiple years of

na Ho, started racing immediately and followed the

experience at the Electrathon race. This was the first

other electric cars. Speed Racer, on the other hand,

time in nearly a decade that the program had

faced a start-up issue. After resetting the system, Speed

participated in an Electrathon race. “Taking into

Racer, driven by Darren Eng, slowly but surely began

consideration the distance traveled and the amount of

its race. Both cars ran several laps, but both cars also

time and effort that the students put into these vehicles,

had their own set of problems, some of which occurred

this particular project can be easily classified as one of

on multiple occasions. Both Pulse and Speed Racer

the most challenging in years,� stated Mr. Richter.

faced an electrical malfunction at some point in the

Mr. Richter and Mr. Hess hauled Pulse and Speed Rac-

first race. Both vehicles also faced mechanical

er across the country in a trailer and arrived in

problems. The chains on both vehicles detached

Pensacola on Wednesday evening. The entire race

multiple times during the race. Half-way through the

team and parent chaperone Mrs. Eng landed safely in

first race the axle on Pulse bent, marking its last run of

Pensacola on Thursday morning. For the rest of the day

the day. After the checkered flag was waved at 11:30,

and most of Friday the students made last minute

all the vehicles were brought in and modifications were

modifications to the vehicles and conducted test runs in

made to Speed Racer. The team decided to focus all of

the hotel parking lot. On Friday afternoon the team

its efforts on Speed Racer for the second race.

faced a critical obstacle when a welded piece on the

The green flag dropped for the second time at

left axel broke off, rendering the vehicle unable to

1:30 PM, marking the start of the second race. With

race. All the students quickly pulled out their

only one vehicle from the Los Altos Academy of

smartphones and began a search for a welding shop in

Engineering on the track, the entire crew solely 2

that occurred in the first race kept reoccurring in the

a huge learning experience for the students. Next

second. Regardless, the Los Altos team remained

year’s students will face the task of fixing the

persistent and continued to reattach the chain during

mistakes and previously unknown flaws that this

the race. With less than ten minutes left on the clock, the

year’s group faced. From the experience acquired

race team declared Speed Racer’s last lap after the chain

from this Electrathon, any future Los Altos Acade-

fell apart.

my of Engineering team will certainly be prepared to

Both vehicles accumulated a total of 27 laps.

face any challenge.

Though the academy did not achieve the goals they hoped to accomplish, the Emerald Coast Electrathon was

From left to right: Rudy Chavarria, Jay Chen, Don Knabe, Anthony Duarte, Dr. Barbara Nakaoka The board members proudly present a $5000 check to LAAE’s efforts to race in the Emerald Coast Electrathon.

A generous $5000 donation and open house By: Patrick Young This year, the LAAE Public Relations was determined to fundraise $10,000 in order to prepare for the race at the Emerald Coast Electrathon in Pensacola, Florida. LAAE students Connie Pung, Patrick Young, Jacob Barron, and Airi Fukushima formed the Fundraising Committee and presented to important people, clubs, and organizations in order to ask for donations as a start for the fundraising. The clubs that were presented to were Kiwanis, Lion’s Club, and Rotary Club. One of the important people was Dickie Simmons. Dickie Simmons is a Representative for Don Knabe, the supervisor of the 4 th district. He was very impressed by the group of three sophomores and one junior who had presented LAAE’s efforts to race in the Emerald Coast Electrathon and wanted to help the LAAE as much as possible. After a long period of organizing the proper paperwork, Don Knabe and Dickie Simmons presented a $5,000 check to the program. On the afternoon of April 27th, Don Knabe, along with Anthony Duarte, Jay Chen, William 3

Roberts, Ms. McReynolds, Mr. Hess, Mr. Harrington, Dickie Simmons, and Rudy Chavarria, came to LAAE’s shop. First, they toured around the shop observing what the LAAE students had accomplished. Finishing up the tours, the group of visiting staff presented the check to the students and a group picture was taken. With the check, LAAE was $6,000 in on their goal of $10,000. There was $4,000 still needed in order to achieve the goal of racing in Pensacola, Florida and that was when the Adopt-an-Engineer fundraiser presented by Patrick Young, was put into plan. The Adopt-An-Engineer fundraiser was a system where all members of the engineering team went out and asked family or friends to be “adopted” for funds through mail or direct contact. When a student is adopted, the adopter is sent a thank you card and biography of the adoptee. In addition to the Fundraising Committee’s efforts, an Open House was held on April 13. The LAAE Open House allowed guests to tour the upstairs work area, vehicle demonstrations, and downstairs computer lab. Long-time sponsors, supporters, as well as LAAE alumni attended. With the generous help of parent efforts, companies such as D. Gardika’s Produce Co, The Melting Pot, Food4Less, Crossfit Burbank, Holland Flower Market, Progressive Produce, Professional Produce, Ralphs, Vision Produce Company, WJL Distributors, Pacific Palms Resort and Spa, and Veg-Fresh Farms provided donations of food, gift cards for the raffle, flower decorations, and money donations to LAAE. In total, LAAE was able to raise $800 during Open House.

Without the help of the Los Altos Academy of Engineering’s generous sponsors and dedicated supporters, LAAE would not have the flourished so well throughout all these years. Once again, LAAE deeply appreciates all the support sponsors, students, advocates, and parents have provided for this organization.


A Word from our Adopt-an-Engineer Fundraiser Sponsors Thank you to the following people for your generous donation and words of encouragement. Norma Manning: “Proud of your program.”

Dickie Simmons:

Maggie Torres:

“I am so proud of the outstanding quality of students produced by our high school (Los Altos High School).”

“Best of luck to you on this endeavor! We’re so proud of you, have fun!”

Alma Banuelos:

Mary Ann King:

“So proud of you! Love, Aunt Alma.”

“I wish you much success-and enjoy the journey.”

Kai & Mari Eng: “Go Conquerors! Win the race, Darren!”

Brad Manning: “I wish you the best with the “Pulse” car in Florida good luck!”

Stephanie Jao: “Kevin, proud of you, I would like to share with your success!”

Gino Kwok: “Thank you for making our spirits soar through the power of imagination.”

Hector Olivar: “I am very proud of you. Love you.”

Vern Moyer:

Cliff & Sandy Eng:

“I wish you the best of luck with your plans.”

“Do your homework. Be prepared.”

Jim & Carolyn Haboian:

Maureen Sinclair:

“Good luck with Los Altos and keep up the good work!”

“Best of luck from Educational Services, LPVROP.”

Michael C. Lewis:

Sel Zamara:

Sheila & Ed Richter:

Alan Chen:

“Passive Aggression: Never put your foot in it, never back off (Unless you have to)!“

“$10 to Los Altos Academy of Engineering and a great cause.”

“Explore the future and enjoy the journey. Engage and conquer.”

“I really hate this 15 word limit, always “Too Limited!” Good luck for OSU, bro!”

Rick Menius:

Jamie Shar:

“Good luck. I am a Los Altos graduate

“Best of luck, Samantha.” 5

A Word from our Adopt-an-Engineer Fundraiser Sponsors Thank you to the following people for your generous donation and words of encouragement. Robin Polito-Shuffer:

Hsinyih Su:

“Best of luck to you as you change the world!”

“All the best, Samantha! Love, Sabah’s mom.”

Joanna Eng:

Liz Sanchez:

“Happy Engineering, Darren and Kaitlyn! Good luck and drive safe Darren!”

“Dream big Noe! We’re proud of you. Endless opportunities await you. Put your mind to it and believe in yourself. Love, Sanchez Family.”

Brenda Hernandez: “Best of luck to Edgar and his team!”

W. Gilbert: “Good luck in Florida, Kenneth Hirscht! Good luck in Florida, Ashley Ho!”

Mrs. Piner: “Best of luck!”

Brian & Pam Eng:

Kim Banda:

“Go Conquerors! Have fun and be safe!”

“Good luck!”

Doreen Eng:

Sylvia Baldenebro:

“Good luck Darren and Kaitlyn! We’re proud of you!”

“Go team Pulse! We are winners no matter what!”

Randy Hain:

April Ho:

“I’m an one adopted me...”

“Good job!”

Lorena Eng:

Bernice & Sabrina:

“To Darren and Kaitlyn ‘Engineer’ EngHave fun!”

“We both wish you guys luck and hope everything goes well.”

Clark & Renee Simonian:

Emad Kalta:

“Keep up the great work!”

“Good luck in your goals, and future in your school.”

Vivian Hiyashi: “Good luck to all the Engineers at Los Altos. Best wishes and much success.”

Basim Wassif: “Good luck in Florida and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Ana Alvarez: “Very, very proud of you.”

Anne-Marie Prendiville: “Congratulations Edgar! Good luck!” 6

A Word from our Adopt-an-Engineer Fundraiser Sponsors Thank you to the following people for your generous donation and words of encouragement. Erendira Andrade: “Los Altos Academy of Engineering, good luck on your new project. Bring back a win!”

Leticia T. Carrillo: “Sky is the limit! Reach for the stars! Proud of you! Wish you the best! Love, Aunt Letty, Robert, Anthony, Manny & Brenda!”

JR Terrazas: “Good luck Noe. We know you will make us proud. God bless you.”


A Word from our Adopt-an-Engineer Fundraiser Sponsors Thank you to the following people for your generous donations and words of encouragement.

Don Knabe Patricia McIntosh Nikki Kodama Patricia Briglio Bob Hsu Craig Kamniski Hector Ruiz Sara Herrera Ernie Tracy Ramirez Jaime Ortega Rod Selbo Richard Jimenez Victor Rodarte Nancy Betancourt Bill Laliberte Joey Sakata Isabel Meza Ivan Zelada Yi-Chin Wu Isha Chang Alex Wang Hsiu-Tzu Tang Kelly Wu Suan & Nylang Wu Kathy Young

Paul White Pom Leawprasert Anna Der Chuck Yeh JinJin Hantragoon Sengkham Wu Rose Yeh Michelle Wang Donna Dowe Debbie Yeh Mike Kalta Yolanda Hirscht Kenneth Hirscht Sylvia Caballero Richard Caballero Mr. Panagos Renee Barron Adriana Chang Jose Baldenebro Maddy Baldenebro James Jackson Mike Baldenebro Joe Baldenebro Owen Wang Yuhua He Yuan Wang 8


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May 2013 Newsletter  

The last LAAE newsletter for the 2012-2013 school year.

May 2013 Newsletter  

The last LAAE newsletter for the 2012-2013 school year.