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Main idea

Interesting points for the tourist 1. Sea theatre 2. Light house in port 3. Light house 4. MuseĂŠ Paul Valery 5. La ciutadella 6. Regional centre for modern art 7. Saint-Louis Church 8. MuseĂŠ international des Arts Moderns 9. Consular palace 10. Tourist office Public buildings 11. Fish market 12. Market 13. Chapelle des penitents 14. Town hall 15. Gymnase 16. Church 17. Sportif Centre 18. Temple 19. Young hostel 20. Mediatheque 21. La Poste 22, Comisaria police 23. Complex sportif 24. Conservatoire musique 25. Station Schools

_Conecting the all city with small buses _Create the new stops near the importants points

_Creating an accesible path for turists and inhabitants _Finding clear orientation system _Conecting important objects _Giving city high quality area

_Bringing elements of sorrounding inside the City center _Including orientation points _Conecting main street with Channel

Lord of the Rings  
Lord of the Rings  

Group 1 Final Presentation