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If we told you a dollar could get three pounds of food for the hungry what would you say? Seems small?

Think that song on iTunes for a dollar is a pretty good deal?



Three pounds of food is an entire day’s worth

One dollar at the Rhode Island Food Bank can buy an entire day's worth of food for a family in need

Think Again Rhode Island Food Bank Campaign The power of the almighty dollar, what seems to be a forgotten concept made for a perfect focus when designing for a mock campaign representing Rhode Island’s Community Food Bank. While the colors for the ads are common, they still draw attention. The font used, Helvetica, gives a serious tone while still making it welcome to viewers. The small vector illustrations in each help to encourage the individual theme of each ad. Together, all three ads work to create a solid and cohesive campaign.

Sons of Liberty Revolutionary Campaign Sons of Liberty Revolutionary Campaign was a project introduced to us as an opportunity to help Sons of Liberty Spirits, a whiskey brewing company. Conducted in groups, my partner (Jeff McChesney) and I, found a great theme in the Revolutionary War, hence from which our tagline comes from. The assignment included three ads and one brochure.

Digital Printing Infographic This infographic was assigned to us as a project in which we were given the task of designing an infographic that would help explain the process and type of printing style. My choice for this project was to highlight digital printing. Digital printing is a quick process that happens quite often in our everyday lives, which is why the infographic has the look of a desktop computer and printer.

Walt’s Malts Food Truck Walt’s Malts is a food truck inspired by the malt and soda shops of the early 1900’s. The checked pattern of the truck is meant to give a feeling of what the soda shops were, restaurants selling everything from burgers to milkshakes. The color scheme of black, red, and white was a common color scheme of soda shops and partnered with the food truck, help strengthens characterization while encouraging hunger through it’s use of red. The font type used, Brush Script, partners perfectly with the theme as many soda shops and diners had signs that used similar script fonts.

Halloween Knights Connecticut Renaissance Fair Rebranding Tasked with rebranding and giving a new image to a festival of our choice, the choice was to move in a dark direction subject-wise. The Halloween Knights October event of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire made for a perfect fit. It made for a good challenge to take on an October event, in order to give the feeling of Halloween, but to also stay away from commonly used colors such as red, orange, or yellow. It was decided to go on with a cool color pallet of violet, black, white, and light green to help pull together the subtle feeling of horror and haunting within the piece.

Baskerville Font Box For the objective, our goal was to create packaging with a theme of a font. When given the font of Baskerville, my mind was inspired from the famous tale of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Baskerville which is where the design carried on from. The design was inspired to show this theme as soon as they looked at the box, which is what the Sherlock calligram does perfectly. The entire font used for the box is Baskerville, with small adjustments such as different styling, including bold and italic. Wanting the color scheme to present nothing too unusual or too normal, and inspired by the shows of Sherlock Holmes, the idea was of a sepia-toned England with only orange gas lamps to change the view, which was where the brown and orange color scheme came from.

Ethnos360 Mug Design Ethnos360 is an organization dedicated to the Great Commission of Christ stated in Matt. 28:16-20; In order to do this, Ethnos360 attends numerous colleges, social events, and otherwise with merchandise that represents their brand. One item to market them are these mugs, loosely set to the brand colors and font colors of Ethnos360, but also provides the current topographic aesthetic used by the organization. The final product is the twelfth designed version and keeps Ethnos360 text-logo itself in the center with a message that branches out to the land using the topography set behind it “flowing” from the logo.

Ethnos360 Translations Display Ethnos360 is a missions organization, and one that has been around awhile. When it comes to history in the missions, Ethnos360 has aided over sixty different tribes around the globe, and in doing so, has helped them develop written language, then published Bibles in the written language of those tribes. These plaques are on display to show the work Ethnos360 has done in that time. Each display includes a photo with the tribe named, their population, and the Bibles year of publication; allowed freedom for style, the background is a unique wood texture photo overlayed a cream color in Ethnos360 brand. This project presented not only design factors, but was an awesome example to display data collection too.

Russian Constructivism: Hands of Society Given an objective to create a set of illustrations, it was advised to look into the Russian Constructivism art movement. With the creation of the first piece, the lone fist, it was decided that this would be the foundation of the design, a powerful and historical symbol. The idea behind the series was to ask what the effect would be if something were placed in the hand. During the design process, each item put in the hand represented an important part of society and what it needed to run correctly. The soldier holds his sword representing protection for his nation; the miner holds his pick axe representing the industry and its hard workers who keep big business running, the mechanic holds his wrench forth as he represents the independent worker, and the artists holds forth his pen as sign of art and culture that is needed in society. Altogether, the pieces worked together to hold an important message of unity and diversity.

Ethnos360 Communications Expo Name-tags With numerous events to get itself out into the community, Ethnos360 hosts countless guests, and when it comes time to get their names, this project comes to mind. These specific name-tags had over eighty of them made, each with name, specific job title, and the organization they were coming from. They had to uphold the organizations brand standards, but had to conduct them in a design where it was unique. With that in mind, it was decided on a strip that kept the design simple but styled, with the logo of the overall hosting organization taking front and center.

Slinger Community Church Branding As a new church on their own, Slinger Community Church was in need of their own character; It was an honor to have been able to take up this challenge and then serve the house of the Lord. Seeking to play with the font layout and lockup, a script font felt wise to put as the foundation while partnered with a more straight and legible font as secondary. The cross itself is to reach back in time but also bring that design forward with a modern touch that is loud and simple but effective. The bottom left design was used earlier in the Churches development, the top left is a revised sign layout that is now their official and currently used signage.

Return to Biblical Roles Posters Often in our age and times we see the way of God differ from the ways of the World, unfortunately the ideals of men and women are in no way strangers to this; with this in mind, these graphics are a call to return to the ideals of God's design of which He placed specifically with the man's masculinity, the woman's femininity, and the holy complimenting union of them together. For this use, they were made as posters in a room. Going with more neutral colors allowed for a calmer display, and the font usage, Monserrat and James Stroker, gives a feeling that is bold but emotional.

The stripes are fading and they are fading fast The estimated number of tigers currently in the wild?



$4,250 2015: $16,880 1957:

In 58 years, the price of tiger pelts has nearly quadrupled

Tigers have lost

Design for Good Campaign With a campaign that is set to call to action, the choice was to work with an animal that needed help. Upon further research it was found tigers would make the perfect subject. The color palette was inspired by tiger colors with an unexpected vibrant purple to create visual interest and capture attention. The chosen font set, Phosphate and Gurmukhi Sangam, worked to create a typographic combination of visual interest and readability. The logo for the organization was designed to swiftly explain what the focus of the organization is. Together, these peripherals create a cohesive campaign that would generate awareness of this organization and the important cause it supports.


of their historic range

Over the last ten years, the total population of tigers killed?

Many parts of the tiger such as tail, eyes, nose, and even whiskers are used in chinese medicine

On average tigers only produce 3-4 cubs every

2 Years

1,000 Want to Help?

Of the nine species of tigers, three are already exctinct

JWU Athletics Department Internship A major assignment on internship with JWU’s Athletic Department was to create social media posts for all the athletic teams’ home games. Each post had to go live on the day of the game. After a few weeks of work, my supervisor asked me to find out some basic statistics about JWU Athletes with the help of my co-workers. Once we collected these, we used these facts for a series of informational banners for display on social media. The last major assignment given was to create an infographic that would illustrate data from our sports teams and coaches over the entirety of the school year. This infographic was then passed out to attendees at the year-end banquet put on by the Athletics Department.

Nasudi Branding With a friend looking to start a new business, they came with the challenge of a new logo design. A basic guideline to this logo was that it would be something that could find its way on a wax seal, the client also wanted the logo to have elegant character. A small frame of two overlapping circles sets the foundation of the designs framing, a slight nod to Celtic knots left in its sleek curves. The font of choice needed to balance both legibility and to keep with the elegant characteristics; after working through decisions, Arellion was best found to suit this scale. Golden color for the logo was sought by the client, wanting to go more towards darker tone rather than lighter. As a final request, the logo was split into two forms, one without the frame and one with it.

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