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Discipline Plan Kyle Gogel Morningside College Susie Lubbers 11/7/ 2013

Hypothetical Classroom Grade Level 10th Grade Gender 14 Females, 11 Males Socioeconomic Status: most of this classroom will be a variety of few higher class students, mostly middle class, and a couple students in the lower class. Ethnicity : White (20), Hispanic (3), and African American (2) Class Size 20 Students Education breakdown: 2 ELL, 3 Tag students, one student with behavioral disorder. Room Arrangement- The room will have the format of a U shape, facing the board. My desk will be at the back of the U in a corner of the room.

Rules, Consequences, and Incentives -Be on Time Consequences: •

First time late or tardy, warning

Second time late, the amount of minutes late 2x that amount after school with me.

Third time late+, Phone call home, students will be docked participation points.

Incentives: •

Student will be praised for being on time

-Be Prepared- Bring correct materials, and assignments Consequences: •

First time, students will be given a warning, and one pass if they forget something.

2nd time, students will be given a zero on the assignment if it is late.

3rd time, students will be spending time with me after school

Incentives: •

Students will be praised for being prepared

Respect- Respect me, the other students, the classroom, and faculty Consequences: •

First time, the students will write an apology note to whom they disrespected

Second time, the student will be with me talking about how they can be more respectful.

Third time, student will be sent to the office, along with a phone call home.


Respect in the classroom by the students, will be given free time on Fridays, and minimal homework on the weekends.

Rationale- These rules are so that each students is held accountable for their own actions, and so when students come to class they know what to expect each time they walk into class. Each students has the same expectations of fulfilling the rules in the classroom.

Procedures that become routines - The typical procedure in the classroom, will write when you walk into the class room, the learning target for the students will be visually placed somewhere in the front of the room, so the students get an idea of what we will be discussing that day. When they are coming into the classroom there will also be a bell ringer, so that when students are coming into the room, I can take attendance and get my materials in order for the lesson. The bell ringers will be collected at the end of the unit for participation points. Another procedure that I want to incorporate is, when anyone steps in front of the class, the classroom is supposed to be silent, because it shows respect to whomever may be addressing the class. During class, I will have card passes, that the students will not need to ask me to use, just quietly excuse yourself, and take the pass with you, whether it be the restroom or office. Homework The homework procedure when it is distributed, the next day in class there will be a homework slot for their period. This slot will be a box, with each class period labeled, and the students right when they walk into class will slip their paper into their according slot. If homework is not done students will have 2 “Get out of Jail Free” card that they can use if they have something come up and can’t get the activity finished. Once the cards are used the student must turn in what they have, or receive a zero for the assignment. 30% of students grade. Bell Ringers Bell ringers are mandatory at the beginning of every class. These bell ringers will be entered into a journal or note book. At the end of the unit I will collect these bell ringers, and check to see if they are being completed. These bell ringers will be included with the classroom participation points. Projects Students will be given multiple projects throughout the year. These projects will consist of a broad knowledge of multiple sections in a chapter. Points for the project will be dispersed on the

students creativity, content knowledge, and the project is turned in on time. 15% of students grade.

Tests The class will have tests at the end of each unit. These tests will be comprehensive through the entire unit that we just discussed, and will involve 1) multiple choice questions, 2) true and false questions 3) Short answers 4) each test will end with one essay question. Tests are extremely important to your grade, and they will hold 35% of the students grade.

In class In class participation is also very important and students will be graded on their promptness to the classroom. Classroom participation will also include being a part of discussion and how the student interacts in group work. Class participation will hold 20% of the students grade.

Clerical Chores Decoration The classroom will be decorated with motivational posters, posters of Historical reference, and other posters such as sports teams. Enrichment For students that may be more ahead of the class with higher level learning will be given alternative activities to keep them busy and engaged in the classroom learning. These activities will be more critical thinking questions about primary sources and secondary sources, to use as references to the topic, and find where the sources stand on a particular topic. Clean up At the end of each class period, the room will need to clean of trash or garbage on the floor. Desks should be reassembled back to the way they were before class started. All books will be returned to the back of the room, unless we have a homework assignment. All borrowed materials need to be put back in their correct places.

Character Education

My classroom will be more than just learning the content of History. I want to teach my students some of the values that I want them to use outside of the classroom as well. These characteristics will help my students become better students, children, and citizens. (RAIN) R- Respect, Accept others, manners, no arguing, do not do anything or say anything to anyone that you wouldn’t want done to you. A-Attendance, be one time, be where you are when you say you are, be somewhere even when you feel you don’t need to. I-Initiative, doing things without being told to do it, take care of all responsibilities, take control of assignments and other activities. N-Never give in, always give your best, do not quit, be relentless to find answers. Character education will be discussed at some point each week, when we go over current events in the classroom. We will discuss certain topics that occurred, and how character ties into these events, for good or for bad

ELL Students Because many classrooms have become diverse over the years, I find it important to implement differentiation in teaching when it comes to English and a second language learners. I will give the ELL students an alternate lesson plan that has Key vocabulary with definitions, KWL charts, Visual, Routines, and modified homework. Key Vocabulary- Vocabulary is an important part in understanding the context and topic we are discussing. Key vocabulary will be in each lesson plan, to give students an idea of some important terms, and meanings that we will be going over. These vocabulary definitions will be shorter, and to the point. KWL- Each ELL student will be given a KWL chart at the beginning of each chapter, so they can explain some of the things that they may know already about the topic. After they explain what they know, they will explain what they want to become better at, to become knowledgeable about a topic. After this I will use the student W section, and explain how we can reach their goals, and go over the content to convey the messages. Visual- Students will be given multiple visual demonstrations, whether it be key terms or events, to help the students better understand the topic. This visuals could range from charts and graphs, or to pictures of History, such as battles or other event that will help with understanding the time period.

Routines- It is important that ELL students have routines, so they can become comfortable with learning History through English text. With these routines, the student will go through KWL charts with me and other students that speak English, so they can also help explain a topic. This way, the students will know what to expect each day in the classroom Homework- The homework and projects for these students, will be much shorter, with directions that are short and to the point. The students homework will be based on the relevance of the topic were are discussing, and how it relates to the content we are going over. Tests- Tests will be modified for ELL students, with shorter questions, and no essay questions. I will use matching questions as well for the students so they can match answer up with their ideas of what they used for their visual activities.

Letter to Parents: Dear Parents: I am Kyle Gogel, your child’s11th grade History teacher, and I am delighted to have your child in my class this year. I am looking forward to a very successful year and I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child and I will do all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations. I have just graduated from Morningside College, and this is my first year as an educator. I believe I have been well prepared to teach your child through the training I have received. I feel confident in this because I have become well rounded in many new different areas of teaching. Things such as differentiation will be used, and this is to be able to level the playing field for your child and will keep them engaged in class. Another resource I will bring to the classroom to educate your child, is the use of technology and using it in a positive educational manner to engage, and educate your child on a topic. You can help. I will be expecting all work assigned in class to be completed. Of course, all children do not work at the same pace. Some children will get their work done in class and some will not. Whether or not your child gets his or her work done in class has no effect on their grade. If your child does not complete an assignment in class, he or she will be required to complete it at home. The way you can help is to ask your child every school day if schoolwork needs to be done, and if so, make sure your child completes the assignment. In my classroom, your child will be expected to give their best effort at all time, and to respect the classroom, myself, and their peers. Some of my dispositions in the classroom, are my students being to class, on time and prepared for the lesson every day. I will encourage all of my students to always have a positive attitude the second that they walk into my classroom doors. I will give my best to your students, and invest as much time as I can as possible to make sure that your child succeeds in my classroom. In addition, I will be assigning projects in various subjects throughout the school year. Projects are to be completed at home. Your help and support will not only make your child more successful in school this year but will instill good study habits that will last a lifetime.

Finally, I want you to know that one of my most important goals this year is to keep the lines of communication open with you. I am available every day to talk with you between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at (712) 389-6008, or through e-mail at If you have any questions or concerns during the year. Sincerely, Kyle Gogel

Kyle Gogel Classroom Rules 1. Be On Time 2. Be Respectful 3. Be Prepared

Target Behaviors 1. Follow directions with few reminders 2. Completes assignments 3. Works quietly 4. Appropriate behavior in Activity

Grading Scale:

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in relationship to his/her education. I will be in close contact with you regarding your child’s academic and behavioral progress. I, _______________ parent, have read and understand Mr. Gogel’s discipline plan.

__________________ Student Signature

__________________ Parent Signature

_______________ Date

Personal Philosophy Classroom management by myself, is one of the most, if not the most, important things when it comes to education. This is so important, that it is something that I will need to gradually become better at each day so that I can give my students an opportunity to learn effectively and efficiently in my classroom. For this to occur, I will need to come to the classroom prepared each day, and be knowledgeable of the topics that we will be discussing in class each day. The things that will be important to students learning, that haven’t been used often in the past, are things such as technology, and differentiation. As a first year teacher, I will understand the stresses that may occur with classroom management because it is my first year, but this is when I will ask for the students respect. Respect will play a large part in my management, because I will ask for the students to respect the rules, and expectations of the classroom. I believe my rules in the classroom will hold students accountable for their actions, but it also gives the students a chance to redeem themselves if something didn’t go as planned. Autonomy for the students, will also aid in effective classroom management by myself because it allows for the students to take control. By allowing students to take control, and refer to their interests will help them learn in ways that will engage themselves in the topic. Tying into Autonomy, and the History lessons that I will be teaching, I will also allow students to make some of their own additions to class, such as suggestions on how to better manage the students. It is important that the students have some control in classroom management, because they will realize I am letting them use their own interests to learn, and not just my ways of teaching.

Differentiation will also be a key when it comes to my classroom, because I will be able to reach out to each learning style, as well as level of learning for the students. This is important because not all students will be able to keep up with class, as well as some students learning will be higher than the rest of the classroom. Technology will also be a large asset to my classroom differentiation because it allows the students to explore topics with computers or Ipads, which is extremely relevant to the students interests because it is more than using a text book. Classroom management such as my rules, and giving the students autonomy to add suggestions to your rules will prevent many negative behaviors in the classroom. Preventing misbehavior will keep you classroom on task and engaged in the activities that will be going on in class. Being a first year teacher, classroom management will be the most important aspect of teaching because in the democratic classroom, students will be given many liberties when it comes to learning. Giving autonomy to the students will be the most important thing because as a former student, I know that it is a lot easier to learn about topics and relate it to my interests outside of the classroom.

Parent- Teacher Conferences Student Name_______________ Date_________________ Objective: These conferences are used to show your students progress so far through the nine weeks. We will discuss your students needs for improvements, as well as some areas where your students is doing an exceptional job. Absences ________

Current Grade____________

Tardies ________ Missing Assignments _______

Needs For Improvement _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __ Suggestions:

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Peer Interactions __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Strengths __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Questions? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Ways you, as a parent can help

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

I hope this gives you a good idea of where your student is currently at in my American History class. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone (712) 389-6008, or by email

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________ Date_____________________

Discipline plan  
Discipline plan  

Kyle Gogel's Discipline Plan for Susie Lubbers, Morningside College