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Syndicated Cartoonist & Plein Air Watercolor Artist Jeffrey Stahler.

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The first thing I noticed was Lindey’s. Not only had the protective plywood come off the windows and doors, but there were customers enjoying food and drink INSIDE. That’s a sight I hadn’t seen in months. Just across Mohawk Street, the garden spaces at 184 and 192 East Beck were full and bursting with color. Because of the warm weather and recent rains, gardens all over the neighborhood have been thriving. A resident and gardener on Jaeger Street told me recently that the rapid growth has meant more maintenance than usual. But he didn’t seem to mind.

Editor’s Letter By John M. Clark June 2020 German Village has never let me down. An awful day at work? Not feeling well? A spat with the spouse? My neighborhood has always come through as a warm and comforting place to recover or recharge … a place to find peace. Lately, this belief in the Village’s restorative powers has been tested – again and again. First, with the deadly coronavirus pandemic … then the economic fallout from sheltering-in-place … and now, the violence that has accompanied the many peaceful protests over racial injustice. Who could have imagined this much turmoil? As a precaution against violence, the downtown office I work in has closed early (or not opened at all) every day this week. And so it was that I entered German Village shortly before four o’clock this afternoon, feeling a bit disconnected from reality once again. East Beck Street isn’t exactly the “road less traveled;” but as a City Park Avenue resident, I usually drive right past this favorite street of mine on my daily trip home. But not today. I knew if anything in the neighborhood could lift my spirits, it was likely to be found along East Beck. And this lovely, old brick street didn’t let me down. In fact, it made “all the difference.”


I was saving Fetch Park for last, thinking I would want to spend some time among the always-beautiful gardens, hanging pots, planters and fountain. Just as I pulled alongside the park, I was struck by the sight of a wedding taking place inside. Bride and groom were having their photos made as beaming relatives and friends looked on. In that one moment, I totally forgot about the pandemic, the economic and employment problems, the pervasive racial injustice and the violence and looting. More importantly, I was reminded what an incredible neighborhood we have – that it can bring joy to so many during even the worst of times. As I resumed my drive home, I was struck by the peace that surrounded me – in this beautiful German Village I proudly call home.

Hello Neighbors!

Biz of the Month – The Red Stable

We are Jeff & Stevo, owners of The Red Stable! The Red Stable, German Village Souvenirs & Gifts! Featuring over 100 local artists from German Village, Columbus and Ohio with a variety of product lines including: German Village and other fine artwork Handmade Jewelry Candles, Bath & Body Care Stationary, Notecards & Local-written Books Clothing Accessories: Hats, T-shirts, Baby Clothes! Vintage German Nutcrackers, Smokers & Ornaments Christmas Pyramids German Made Cuckoo Clocks Succulents, Terrariums, Plants and Outdoor Garden Art OSU Memorabilia Pet Toys & Accessories Seasonal & Holiday German Village, Columbus and OHIO Souvenirs and more !! ‌ use coupon code: GV-NEIGHBOR at checkout (in store or online) and receive 10% OFF your entire order! *proof of residency required for discount. Good through August 31, 2020

Hello Neighbors! We are Jeff & Stevo, owners of The Red Stable! The Red Stable, German Village Souvenirs & Gifts! We feature over 100 local artists from German Village, Columbus and Ohio with a variety of product lines including: German Village and other fine artwork Handmade Jewelry Candles, Bath & Body Care Stationary, Notecards & Local-written Books Clothing Accessories: Hats, T-shirts, Baby Clothes! Vintage German Nutcrackers, Smokers & Ornaments Christmas Pyramids German Made Cuckoo Clocks Succulents, Terrariums, Plants and Outdoor Garden Art OSU Memorabilia 12 Pet Toys & Accessories

We bought The Red Stable and adjacent house together at auction in 2013. They both had been vacant many years and were in terrible, run-down condition. We used The Red Stable as our workshop while we restored the house and have been renting it out as a guest house on Airbnb since 2015. We have been SuperHosts since the program started. All of our guests love the house, the location and German Village! Many are repeat visitors. Find it on Instagram @TheRedStableAirbnb

2016 setting up the shop and opened the doors June 4, 2016We didn’t have enough money after restoring the properties, so we leased out the shop for a few years 2014-2015. We spent the first half of 2016 setting up the shop and opened the doors June 4, 2016 We have an art gallery on the second floor of the shop with originals and print reproductions. And be sure to visit our outdoor patio with AMAZING patio planters and fun garden art. Stevo makes all of the succulents, terrariums and plants in the shop – His motto is, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt” (an available plaque at the shop!)

I (Jeff) grew up near Cbus. I’ve lived in German Village right out of college and stayed in the area now 30 years. I bought my home in Schumacher Place in 1998, where we both live on Kossuth St, just a few blocks East of the shop. I can see the shop when I look out my door! I went to OSU for Hospitality Management and worked in several hotels (Great Southern Hotel, Hyatt Capital Square) and country clubs (Scioto CC, Wedgewood CC, Medallion Club) until I got burnt out. I changed careers and got into publication graphic design and advertising souvenirs available exclusively at The Red Stable. (The Other Paper, Columbus Monthly) before going to corporate J.P. Morgan for 5 years and finally I went selfemployed as DesignSmith, doing marketing, advertising and branding since 2005. I just moved to my 3rd studio from Mohawk St. down to Merion Village. I do all the marketing for the shop including the website. I also design and make a full line of German Village Stevo was born in Croatia and speaks 5 languages (Croatian, English, Serbian, Italian, German). In Croatia, he went to school for Hospitality as well. However, when I learned to manage business and balance the books, he learned how to filet a fish! and other fine service techniques. He worked seven years in fine dining in Switzerland and Vienna and traveled around the world 3X, via 5-star Cunard cruise lines and Disney Cruise. Stevo came to Columbus in 2000. I remember him telling me about his journey and how big the city looked as he flew in at night. Little did he know how Columbus is made up of surrounding suburbs that were all lit up. And when he asked where the ‘subway’ was, he was directed to the nearest Subway restaurant! Haha. Since coming to Columbus he has earned three degrees (BS in HR, MBA, and Master of Library and Information Science) at Franklin University and Kent State University. He is currently the director of the Mt. Carmel Health System Library Services, serving Mt. Carmel College of Nursing and Mt Carmel Health System since 2015.

Stevo and I met in April of 2006. We’ve taken several trips to his homeland and Europe, including our first trip to Italy that Summer we met! So romantic. Our favorite vacation spot is Provincetown, MA. We’ve been traveling to Ptown every July/August since 2004. We have two cats, Sasha & Pasha, our fierce fish, The Black Stallion and love of our lives, GiGi! A white shepard-mix, now 7 years.


What’s in Store NOW at The Red Stable We are making adjustments to ensure a safe shopping experience for everyone. We’ll have floor markers to assist with social distancing, twoway mirrors on the staircase, sneeze guard at the register, PPE station and we will be expanding the outdoor garden patio to create more shopping area. Occupancy and hours will be limited initially, but we plan to offer appointment-only Private Shopping Experiences for you and your herd. Also during this down time we have been diligently working to build our online shop. We have so many great products and vendors this takes some time, but we are adding new products daily. We have/will have all of the favorites available online and you can schedule a curbside pickup at checkout. Also look for our upcoming OHIO-made corporate gift baskets! Filled with a variety of local-made goods. Custom-made and personalized from 1-100 or more.

That’s our story and we are sticking to it! Please help support our vendors and shop local. Also for our re-opening month of June, use coupon code: GV-NEIGHBOR at checkout (in store or online) and receive 10% OFF your entire order! Be well & stay safe, Jeff & Stevo The Red Stable German Village Souvenirs & Gifts 223 E. Kossuth St. Columbus, OH 43206 614-867-5300 Facebook: @theredstable223 Instagram: @theredstable


Molly, Rob, Trey (3) and Claire (1) South Fifth St Tell us about your careers/hobbies/interests? Rob works as a licensed residential Realtor with Coldwell Banker in their metro office and as a real estate management consultant for various landlords and property owners. As a retired professional triathlete, he also works a few hours per week for Columbus Running Company in the Short North to stay engaged and help other people get hooked on a sport that has given him so much enjoyment. He also enjoys food (both cooking and exploring new restaurants), all types of wine, and watching documentaries on Netflix. Molly is the Vice President at a nonprofit that supports social entrepreneurs in Central Ohio. She spends her days meeting with business owners, funders, partners, and consumers in the social enterprise space to help formulate ideas on how to make the ecosystem grow. In her free time, she likes to run along the Scioto River, play squash at the Athletic Club, and read good fiction stories where the characters can become her best friends. Broadway musicals are a guilty pleasure, and luckily Columbus gets some good ones!


Trey (Robert III) is a true three year old. He loves riding his scooter on the brick streets (Rob says he is training for the cobblestone stage of the Tour de France), and playing in his sandbox. Dad is his best friend and Trey is always up for helping fix things around the house. He loves to climb, jump off things, and read at bedtime. Claire loves her big brother more than anyone and will follow him around, probably looking to steal toys or playfully pull his hair. Snack time is her favorite and she will quickly eat anything you put in front of her. Hobbies include pulling magnets off the fridge and bath time.

Tell us about your dog. Rinny - Pit Bull/Jack Russell mix. We adopted her in NYC almost 8 years ago after she was found living on the street with a metal chain embedded in her neck. We were not in the market for a dog, but Rob was immediately smitten when he crouched down to say hello and Rinny (named Freckles at the time) stood on her back legs to give him a hug. Two weeks later we brought her home and still consider her our first-born. She is named Rinny after a professional triathlete who is equally cute and just as energetic. You will often see us walking around the village with Rinny - the most friendly, off-leash pooch you will ever meet. Always looking for some love pats and ready to share a smile & a tail wag.


When did you decide to make German Village your home? In the winter of 2013, we were visiting Molly’s parents in German Village from New York City where we had been living for 8 years. Molly’s mom pushed us to look at real estate and to “just keep an open mind”. We reluctantly agreed and were shown a variety of homes all over Columbus. The last house we saw was ours in the Village. We fell in love with the cozy updates that still had original charm, and found familiarity in the ability to walk everywhere. And a back yard! We put in an offer and it was accepted - looks like we were moving to Columbus! Are you planning to stay in German Village as a family? Yes. We had an addition done on our home in 2016 to make it work for our growing family and have no plans of moving. Where else would we go?! Please tell us about the advantages of being a family in an urban neighborhood? Accessibility is the reason we moved to German Village. Both access to attractions such as COSI, the Columbus Commons, and Bicentennial Park, and also access to the diverse people that make up our community. We love taking the kids to all the festivals downtown on the river (Arts Fest & Pride are seasonal favorites), and are fortunate that we can easily walk there! You will often see us walking around pushing our off-road, four-wheel wagon that makes the bricks seem smooth. As Crew season ticket holders, we love the ability to ride our bikes to the matches during the summer. The diverseness of German Village residents really make our community a home; the small-town vibe with all the amenities of a big city nearby are unmatched in Columbus. 24

Is there a stay-at-home mom or dad in the family? If not, do you get help from a caregiver? We both “work from home” which usually means a coffee shop (Roosevelt is a favorite), the library, or our backyard when the weather is nice. We also have a co-working desk at Cova Cowork in Franklinton. Miss Christina comes to help take care of Trey & Claire four days a week so mom & dad can focus. She is more than just a caregiver; she is part of our family!

If your child is in school, please tell us where. Trey will start preschool at St Joseph’s Montessori in the Fall!

Do you have favorite family activities in the Village? During the quarantine we have taken advantage of all the empty parking lots; Trey has become quite skilled on his scooter and Claire discovered her shadow! We usually spend the afternoon post-nap in Frank Fetch park playing hide-and-go seek and moving the bricks (to obviously make a garage for the hot wheels). In the past, we have enjoyed the Saint Mary’s Oktoberfest and the Easter egg hunt in Schiller Park. Santa arriving to help light the tree in Fetch Park is something we look forward to every year! We are also sure to stop by Winan’s during daily walks so the kids (both human and canine) can get a treat - treats for mom & dad are found by visiting Julie & Faye at Hausfrau.

Would you like to add anything? German Village would not be home without the wonderful residents who make our neighborhood complete. We look forward to a time in the near future when we can again gather in Fetch park for some live music, walk to Schiller to play on the playground, and enjoy a drink on a local patio. We are lucky to call German Village home and the special people that share the neighborhood our friends.

HELLO JEFF STAHLER CARTOONIST & WATERCOLOR ARTIST Graduate of The Columbus College of Art & Design, currently residing in German Village I'm a syndicated cartoonist that works from the third floor of our home. I've produced & created editorial cartoons for nearly 40 years & a syndicated comic panel feature, 'Moderately Confused' began in 2003. I began as an editorial cartoonist with the Columbus Citizen Journal (1983-84), The Cincinnati Post (1985 – 2005), the Columbus Dispatch (2005 – 2011) and currently syndicated with Universal UClick. Creator of the nationally syndicated comic panel, ‘Moderately Confused’ since 2003. My cartoons, both editorial & ‘Moderately Confused’ panel can be found, if not in your local newspaper, then at . COWS member (2015) COPAS member (2015) OPAS member (2016)


Jeff, please tell us about your family and where you lived previously. My wife Jeani (formerly with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra) and I have grown children. We previously lived in Cincinnati and moved here in 2007. It’s the longest we’ve ever lived in one house – probably because of our wonderful, urban neighborhood. Editor’s Note: Jeff offered to share with us several of his more-recent watercolors. Thank you, Jeff!

Recently, I got back into my old watercolors and discovered plein air painting. I’ve fallen in love with an old flame…watercolors. I’ve spent the better part of my weekends traveling around with the Central Ohio Plein Air Society thoroughly enjoying something I hadn’t done in years. I have rekindled this passion and am enjoying the company of other artists with similar interests. My watercolors are available to purchase at the Sharon Weiss Gallery/ 20 East Lincoln St., Columbus, Ohio (in the Short North district) (614) 291-5683.


You mentioned “plein air.” Have you painted in the open lately? And with COVID-19, are you able to do this with other artists? I’ve always enjoyed painting with other artists and groups of artists. We all inspire one another. So, luckily, it has been easy to “social distance” with other artists. Painting outside, it’s pretty easy to maintain six to eight feet distances from each other.

Any plans for when this pandemic is finally over? I look forward to when the fest hall gallery at the German Village Meeting Haus can reopen. I’ve been a member of the German Village Art Committee for the past several years, and we pride ourselves on bringing quality art and artists to exhibit their works here.

pet Emma

pet Emma


Please tell us about this beautiful, new puppy of yours. Emma is a five-month-old black chow-chow mix, complete with the characteristic “black” tongue. I named her after my Swedish grandmother, Grandma Emma – a mother of seven who was tiny, observant and determined. I see the same quiet in little Emma.

Where did you find her? Emma came to me from a small, county animal shelter in West Virginia. The amazing staff worked quickly and diligently to prepare Emma for adoption and for me to meet and taker her home as my newest family member. Where did you get him or her (or them)? Emma came to me from a small county animal shelter in West Virginia. The amazing staff worked quickly and diligently to prepare Emma for adoption and for me to meet and take her home as my newest family member. I suppose she’s a little too young to have learned any new tricks. Emma has been a German Villager for less than two weeks, but came with the “trick” of being incredibly cute! What are Emma’s favorite activities? She really enjoys her training sessions and has learned to come, sit and heel, already. She’s having a great time exploring her first-ever house and immediately claimed her outside grounds with vigor! I look forward to the completion of her boosters and then introducing her to our two- and fourlegged German Village friends. And soon, we will be spending long afternoons together at my art studio.

What’s his (or her) favorite activities? She really enjoys her training sessions and has learned to come, sit and heel already. She’s having a great time exploring her first-ever house and immediately claimed her outside grounds with vigor! I look forward to the completion of her boosters and then introducing her to our two and four legged German Village friends. And soon we will be spending long afternoons together at my art studio. Why is having a pet important to you? I don’t remember being without pets! Growing up, I had indoor and outdoor cats, dogs, turtles, birds …. and very patient parents! The longest time I was without a dog was while at college. Would you like to add anything? I would like to extend my respect, appreciation and gratitude to the staffs of all animal shelters and rescue organizations. They work tirelessly and passionately for animals to receive the safety and love they deserve.


Do you have any children or pets living with you? Standard 7yr old Poodles! “Ozzie” - a Poodle (not like any other poodle!!!) and his partner in crime and brother “Henry”. Sara, at All About Dogs grooming connected me with these incredible Rescues! I’m very blessed with two adult children- both married-who now have 5 young kiddies between them age 3 to 8; my basement is the Toy House and I carry a big toy bag for house visits! Life is very good! Favorite spot for people watching or to meet neighbors? Has to be Schiller Park! Outside the front door! I’m there most mornings with a walk or bike ride starter. No way to get around without a spirited Hello or fun conversation!

Where were you born and raised? Cleves and North Bend Oh on the West side of Cincinnati! Lived on the homestead of President William Henry Harrison and the birthplace of President Benjamin Harrison. Favorite German Village event? Village Lights starting at Schiller and winding throughout the Village! 10,000 lights, Village Singers and the Holiday festivites at the Society and shops and restaurants. And the Art Crawl and the Pre Tour Party are social highlights! What have you found to be the best part of living in the Village? I love the people!- the inclusiveness, the diversity and the community spirit! And the Historic Village with wonderful surprises around every corner!


Your occupation? For over 40 years conducting, first furniture, and later commercial real estate activities associated with Continental Companies: Real Estate, Development, and Leasing, and most recently Newmark Knight Frank. What hobbies and/or volunteer activities do you enjoy in your free time? Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a die-hard sports fan attending lots of sports events all over Ohio and many road games! Always with fun friends! Most all Jackets home games! Buckeyes football and men’s and women’s basketball! Reds, Indians, Bengals Browns! Most years I travel to Paris plus another jumping off spot somewhere in the world, Short trips to Florida in the winter and Nantucket at summer’s end! I’m also active on a daily basis working with men in recovery from challenges with drugs and alcohol and helping them to assimilate into the workplace, family, and community for better living!

Any other Village “favorites?” A special Tradition of the Jaeger St residents across from Schiller has been the Halloween Night Beggars night! I moved in in October 2003 and was not prepared for what happened. Rain or shine somewhere between 1000 and 1500 little ghosts, gremlins, princesses, super heroes come wide eyed to the “Haunted Houses with Giant, scary, animated props for the delighted and amazed kiddies! Some parents have said it’s some of their children’s best childhood memories!


Other ways do you spend your time? With my office located next door to the Athletic Club of Columbus- I’m there every day for workouts and lunch with lots of fun people! Starting out most days with a 6am spin class and weight room workout I’m back for lunch and sometimes a late day yoga or mat pilates stretch! Most recently I became certified as a Mat Pilates instructor for a Sunday morning class each week! The ACC has said that we will Zoom classes in June! So there’s always a new twist around every corner! And try to find time for good weather biking and golf!35

How long have you lived in German Village? What attracted you to this neighborhood? I always knew that I wanted to live on Schiller Park in German Village. Having lived in Bexley and later a residence on Goodale Park- the house I loved came available on Schiller and I purchased it in 2003! And I’m still there today!

Address? 1000 Jaeger on Schiller Park across from the sledding hill! I recently completed a 1500 sf addition and 3 car garage with Muncie & Delia construction!

Tell us about your house. My Nantucket style house was one of the smallest on the street and ripe for an expansion! So during the last year and a half I doubled the size of the house with a full basement and a three car garage! I cleared out all the walls in the small first floor original spaces and have an exciting expanded open plan from front to back! There’s a new master bedroom and bath upstairs while retaining the original bedrooms!


house Interior Designer

Sally McDonald

Your space should reflect your signature style, not mine. You don’t have to be a design professional to instinctively know when an interior space makes you feel good. That’s why my team and I approach every design project with a blank slate and without preconceived notions. Our belief is that, whether you can already see it in your mind’s eye or not, the vision for your ideal space has to come from you, inspired by what you love, how you live your life, and what brings you joy.

Before and during the renovation.


We do our due diligence to unlock your vision. Maybe you have a picture or a single piece you love as a starting point. Or maybe you’re looking for complete inspiration. Either way, we’re experts at honing in on a style and design that best reflects you and the way you live. Through the process of getting to know you, your passions, and your preferences, my team and I aim to establish a rapport that lets us see your home through your eye. From there, we draw on our team’s decades of experience in the art of design to create timeless interiors where every detail is masterfully and purposefully selected just for you and your home. We guide you on how to tastefully incorporate trends; experiment with color, layers, and textures; and highlight eclectic and interesting features that personalize your space. And we weave it all together for a cohesive look that enhances the way you interact with your environment and live your life every day.

We pay careful attention to the details you see, and the details you don’t. Outstanding design is all in the details. But an exceptional experience is about more than choosing the perfect trim on a window treatment or the right accent piece. My team and I rely on our business knowledge and superior customer service, working behind the scenes to coordinate vendors and contractors to make the entire process as seamless as possible for you. When you partner with Interiorworks, our goal is to help you enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the results.

The Spread We are proud to support the Decorators’ Show House and Columbus Museum of Art For almost every year since its inception, it has been my honor and privilege to participate in the Decorators’ Show House. A long-running fundraiser benefitting the Columbus Museum of Art, this unique event gives local designers the opportunity to exercise complete artistic freedom and design a space exactly as we like. The catch? Rooms in the show house are chosen by lottery. You may get a living room or master bath—or you might end up with a laundry room or even a closet in the basement. (That’s what I got one year, and I turned it into a charming wine cellar!) Because designers work on our own dime, it’s an excellent exercise not only in creativity, but also in stretching the budget.

Destination Aruba with Kathy & John on South Third St.! When did you visit Aruba? And for how long? We spent 15 days on the island just this past January. Had you been there before? Yes, this was our third time. Why Aruba? And by the way, where is Aruba, anyway? We love the weather! Sunshine is guaranteed. Aruba lies below the hurricane belt, with steady trade winds and a constant 78 to 80 degrees. More specifically, Aruba lies just a few miles off the coast of Venezuela, in the southern Caribbean. It’s easily accessible, with major carriers offering daily flights. Please tell us about your activities. Aruba is quite small – just about 25 miles from end to end. Our travels consisted of a daily beach visit. (There are many to choose from.) After all, the purpose of the trip was R & R! The windward side of the island is rocky and rough and has a natural pool that is accessible only by Jeeps and overland vehicles.


What else attracts you here? It’s clean and safe. Aruba has a strict bottle deposit requirement, which appears to help with cleanliness and litter. Fresh water is abundant. They brew some decent lagers. And we understand the island boasts one of the largest de-salination plants in the world. Our most recent visit had been about 10 years ago, and we were a little worried about the island’s proximity to Venezuela and its human rights and economic problems. But our research confirmed that the crime rate in Aruba remains very low.

Anyone else join the trip? It’s always fun to have a friend along. Jan, from City Park Avenue, stayed with us for a few days.


Do you have a favorite memory from this visit? We rented a historic Arubian Cunucu farmhouse in the hills with a pool. When we checked in, Moku, the neighbor’s large, yellow dog met us at the door and stayed with us every day. She made us feel more at home.


Care to share a travel tip? Don’t overpack! Aruba is a relaxed, laid-back island, and there is no need for fancy clothes. Bathing suits and a few pairs of shorts will suffice. Also, consider choosing a rental house or boutique apartment over a hotel. There are many affordable options. For you active travelers, you’ll find wonderful diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Aruba is a part of the Netherlands, and the Dutch influence here makes for interesting culinary choices. Abundant and tasty!

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