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TracVision A9 ÂŽ

The ultimate in-car entertainment

Experience the ultimate

Enjoy Your Favorite TV Programming on the Road! TracVision A9 gets you rolling with hundreds of channels of live DIRECTV or DISH Network sports, news, and movies, plus your local channels!* ®


No other in-vehicle entertainment system can match the TracVision A9’s rich offering of your favorite live, digital-quality DIRECTV or DISH Network channels virtually everywhere you drive! Even local channels are available so you don’t have to miss the big game, season finale, traffic report, or local news ever again.

Designed with Your Vehicle in Mind The sleek, stylish ultra-low-profile TracVision A9 is the perfect complement to every SUV, minivan, limousine, or luxury automobile, enabling you to travel down the road with access to your favorite satellite TV programming. The patented, automotive-grade housing comes in clear-coated high-gloss black and is rugged enough to withstand wind, rain, snow, dirt, and other road conditions.

Advanced Antenna Technology The TracVision A9 achieves its superior performance by using KVH’s patented hybrid phased-array antenna technology, providing ultra-quiet, GPS-enhanced advanced tracking and crystal-clear reception. Best, the TracVision A9 includes the innovative TracVision TV-Hub, an IP-enabled system controller allowing access to system information from any mobile device or laptop.

*TracVision A9 provides full in-motion reception of satellite TV signals on open roads with a clear view of the TV satellites in the southern sky throughout the continental U.S. TracVision A9 is intended to provide programming only on screens that are not visible to the driver of the vehicle. Access to local channels is subject to local availability and satellite accessibility. Visit for details.

in-car entertainment Best Entertainment on the Road – TracVision A9

TracVision A9 sets a new standard for in-motion entertainment with live DIRECTV and DISH Network programming right on your vehicle’s video screens. • I n-motion reception of local programming along with more than 300 channels of DIRECTV or DISH Network satellite TV programming and 50+ channels of satellite radio* • 5-inch high, patented dome** available in high-gloss black automotive-grade finish • S leek IP-enabled TracVision TV-Hub delivers easy setup and operation, and easy user interface for system information from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer • World-class warranty coverage and support

Versatile system is easy to install on a roof-rack or rooftop with tamper-resistant mounting options. The TracVision’s sleek, streamlined design looks great on any vehicle.

KVH’s patented hybrid phased-array antenna technology makes the TracVision A9’s ultra-low-profile a reality and delivers a crystal-clear picture and outstanding reliability.

Streamlined TracVision TV-Hub for Ease of Use The TracVision TV-Hub integrates the advanced functionality of the TracVision A9 system into one streamlined unit, providing features that make the A9 very easy to use:

Free DIRECTV or DISH Network Receiver for TracVision A9 Customers

Enjoying live satellite TV on the road has never been easier! When you purchase a TracVision A9 system, you will also get a free satellite TV receiver for either DIRECTV or DISH Network. Here’s how it works: After you purchase your TracVision A9 system, you’ll need to fill out an activation form indicating whether you subscribe to DIRECTV or DISH Network service, and send the completed activation agreement plus proof of TracVision A9 purchase to KVH. Within 3 days, KVH will send you the free receiver. For more information, visit

• IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface allows access to system information from any Wi-Fi device • Wizard for easy installation and setup • Automatic satellite switching makes it easy to access all programming and local channels wherever you travel • Built-in SWM-compatible technology supports DIRECTV programming • Built-in DISH Pro output supports DISH Network service • Two output ports provide the flexibility to use legacy receivers and expand SWM capability **Low-profile (flat) domes are ideally suited for in-motion operation and may experience rain fade from pooling in some stationary applications. Dry conditions must exist for stationary operation.

TracVision A9 is compatible with virtually all standard factory-installed and aftermarket video systems, making live TV in the car easier than ever.

TracVision A9 System Specifications Physical Specifications Antenna Unit Diameter x Height. . . . . 81 cm x 12.7 cm (32" x 5") Antenna Unit Weight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22.5 kg (49.5 lbs) Power System Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-30 VDC 42 watts nominal

KVH Part Number TracVision A9 with IP-enabled TV-Hub;. . . . . . . . . . . . 01-0385-01 Circular LNB with Stacked Dual-output for DIRECTV and DISH Network services; Roof-rack Mount version; FREE DIRECTV U.S. or DISH Network Receiver included TracVision A9 with IP-enabled TV-Hub;. . . . . . . . . . . 01-0385-02 Circular LNB with Stacked Dual-output for DIRECTV and DISH Network services; Roof Mount version; FREE DIRECTV U.S. or DISH Network Receiver included

System Diagram

TracVision A9 Antenna

Single Coaxial Cable

TracVision TV-Hub

Single Coaxial Cable

DIRECTV or DISH Network Receiver

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With more than 200,000 mobile satellite antennas fielded worldwide, KVH has supplied more in-motion satellite communications and TV systems for mobile applications than any other manufacturer. Wherever you travel, whatever KVH product you own, you can be certain to receive outstanding support and service through KVH’s product and customer support programs. When you choose KVH, you choose the best!

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KVH is the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications and television antenna systems. Serving mobile customers since 1982, KVH’s fully stabilized antennas offer unmatched performance in all weather conditions.