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KUTA WEEKLY Volume 7, Issue 389


22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)


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Hail Blue Bird Taxi in Bali on Your Smart Phone Blue Bird Taxi On Line Booking Application in Bali Indonesia's leading taxi and transportation company – the Blue Bird Group has introduced a mobile application that promises to make hailing a taxi in Bali a less burdensome task than in the past. After the introduction and trial operation of the same system in the greater Jakarta metropolitan area, Medan and Semarang – Continue to page 2

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Continued from page 1 Blue Bird Group has extended their Taxi Mobile Reservation System to Bali commencing May 14, 2014 Using an Android, IPone, Blackberrry, Windows 8 and Nokia Ash applications - the new system allows both visiting tourists and local residents in Bali to hail a taxi via their


22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

smart phones. Those wishing to use one of the five applications listed only need to perform a free download via or via the social network on Facebook or Twitter at @bluebirdgrouop

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Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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The new application using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allows immediate confirmation in the form of a taxi number and a map showing the current location of your taxi in relation to your current position.


Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

News Corner

BALI THE RIGHT WAY Gday again readers and welcome to a big week ahead on the island. Firstly this week a huge congratulations goes out to Miss Lely and family on the birth of her second child. A job well done young lady, and we are all looking forward to seeing you back soon. Secondly the Collingwood football team are now officially on my shitlist with a ridiculously pathetic attempt at playing the code last week against Adelaide. These guys are apparently paid professionals and just can't seem to take on, what I call a basic level side head long and win. If the conversion from points to goals was effected the team would be almost unbeatable, however the aim and kicking skill seems to be left in the change room while the game is happening. I think the team needs to seriously look at a better game plan before the season ends. It's almost unreal to think we are now tipping round ten…. My My My how time flies when you're having fun. This weekend sees the West Coast take on The Mighty Pies on Saturday which this writer sees as the match of the round. Myself along with a few other loyal Pies supporters (do you understand the word loyal) have decided that the best course of action should the Weagles get up on the day, will be to drink as many green bottles as it takes to convince ourselves that the loss was somehow planned and something the powers that be at the club plotted, to better place the team prior to the finals footy. Sounds like a good afternoon at any rate. Moving along and based on the fact that we bring this paper to you every Thursday, meaning there won't be another paper till after the first match of the State Of Origin. This seems to be a Maroons controlled match, or at least has been for many, many years and one can only hope that the Blues get up and get a win under their belts this year. Many of our sponsors will be showing the three games live and I suggest you make an effort to get in and book with one of these places as tables will fill quick smart. If I had to choose I would say that Moo Moos is probably the best place for the purist N.R.L supporter to watch the game as the powers that be there are one eyed fanatic supporters of the code, and in doing so have established themselves as the “Home Of N.R.L. In Bali” The sound system along with the 20 plasma screens makes it a great choice to kick back and watch all the action live. We thank Moo Moos for their ongoing support and you can see their advert in the centre of the paper. The Origin bout along with all the live A.F.L action can be caught at almost all our sponsoring venues with Kuta Townhouses, Crusoe's, Stakz and Chunky Chunks all having the live feed that was once so hard to get on the island. I trust that all Blues supporters (and Maroons I suppose) get behind the lads and patronize our sponsors while doing so. There are some really good deals to be had on a few cold ones during the game and absolutely no need to pay too much for a coupla coldies. I mean realistically, I can't stand those that complain about the cost of a beer, but what I hate even more is when a drinking man has the piss taken out of him and is charged like he is brain dead. In all seriousness “Why Would You” As it would be like whacking yourself on the head repeatedly with a piece of filthy bamboo or gargling bleach then jumping from a roof top into a fire. The fact is you just wouldn't do it…

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Paying More to Sail Around Indonesia Indonesian Rupiahs. P T P E L N I The Company claims Increases intertheir fixed costs have island Indonesian increased by 83%. The Passenger Tariff bulk of the shipping by 15% company's fixed costs is Nusa Bali comprised of fuel costs reports that the (55%), followed by economy class fare depreciation and for inter-island maintenance costs. passenger ships Syahril promised the operated by the increase in passenger tariffs would be State-owned PT a ccompanied by PELNI increased (Jakarta) - Belawan improvement in the embarkation by about 15% on Thursday, May (Medan) has increased from Rp. system and the manner in which 346,000 to Rp. 408,000. On 15, 2014. The CEO of PT PELNI, Syarhril Japarin announced the increase saying: "the Company is not yet able to reduce its losses. Because of this, we feel the change in tariff is needed." The passenger tariff on short routes such as Tanjung Priok

longer journeys such as Ambon Pantoloan (Palu, Sulawesi) the fare has moved from Rp. 314,000 to Rp. 501,000. PT PELNI said its growing losses are largely due to the increasing cost of fuel denominated in U.S. dollars

tickets are sold to the public. PT PELNI recently introduced on on-line method purchasing a ticket for its large fleet of passenger ships that crisscross the Indonesian archipelago.

Get Inked @ Bali Ink

Ok folks I'd love to continue writing about the spate of muggings, bag snatchings and pretend like it's never happened in Bali before, when in reality it is has been going on around the world for years. I find it really strange that people think human nature isn't part of anyone's existence in Bali and that the haves and have not's don't exist when in actual fact, they are alive and living well. My advice is this, if you are legless drunk and you wander the dark alleys in the early hours of the morning, or you don't lock your doors while you sleep, or you leave your wallet on the dashboard of your car or one of 500 other stupid things that people do, don't complain and give the island a bad wrap due to your own stupidity when it goes pear shaped for you, and just because eyou see something on facebook doesn't always mean that its real or it even happened. That's about my lot for the week and I look forward to the emails in retort to this editorial from those of you that can actually read (you know who you are). I trust that the most of you stay safe, happy, healthy and always try to remember, we live in an era of smart phones and stupid people. Enjoy Your Week, ALIASJ………



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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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FRIDAY Geelong Cats v Kangoroos @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Giants v Tigers @ 12.00pm Magpies v Eagles@ 2.30pm Power v Hawks @ 5.30pm SUNDAY Suns v Bulldogs @ 1.00pm Blues v Crows @ 2.30pm

FRIDAY Bulldogs v Roosters @ 5.30pm SATURDAY Titans v Warriors @ 3.30pm SUNDAY Raiders v Cowboys @ 2.00pm MONDAY Sharks v Rabbitohs @ 5.00pm

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Game 1st Wednesday, May 28th

F1 MONACO Grand Prix

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

News Corner

Too Much a Good Thing Bali Villas Com pla in Occupanc y Rates are Down by 20% B o t h commercial villas and hotels are experiencing declining occupancy rates, despite record number of foreign tourist arrivals to Bali. As reported by The Bali Post, the chairman of the Bali Villa Association (BVA), Mangku Wayan Sutedja, says occupancies at villas in Bali are down by as much as 20% when compared to 2013. “This means that the amount of tourism accommodation in Bali continues to grow and visitors (to Bali) must now be shared. Last year in 2013, the occupancy of villas averaged around 70%, but now occupancies are averaging between 40-60%,” said Sutedja. This downturn in business has taken place during Q1 of 2014


when foreign tourist arrivals increased 14.87%. This anomaly can only be explained by declining domestic arrivals, shorter lengths of stays and a severe over-supply in accommodation. Steadfastly buoyant despite the drop in occupancies, Sutedja said: “Our membership stands at 128 villas. There are many couples and honeymooners to Bali still using villas as their accommodation.” The BVA has proposed a grading system to the government for villas in Bali via a rankingsystem of silver, gold and diamond certification. Silver classification is for establishments with only one bedroom, one bathroom, a garden

a n d essential services. G o l d certification would be given to villas with additional facilities such as a swimming pool, kitchen, a management office and services that approach those provided by hotels Diamond certification would be reserved for villas with 16 or more units serviced by a swimming pool for each villa, a general pool, restaurant, a lobby and other services similar to a fivestar hotel. Sutedja said standardization is very important to Bali's villa industry as 2015 draws near with liberalized standards of trade between ASEAN member nations. The BVA is hoping for a response from the government on its proposal for villa standardization and classification by June 2014.


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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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Bali's Vanishing Agricultural Sector U d a y a n a University Expert Warns that the D e s t r uc t ion of Bali's Agricultural Sector Heralds the End of Bali's Overall Progress The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared Bali's subak water irrigation system a world heritage site. Despite such international recognition, the centuries-old subak system in Bali is threatened with destruction, as farmers are increasingly selling their farmlands to be converted by their new owners to other non-agricultural uses. The head of the Subak Research Center at Bali's Udayana University, I Wayan Windia, said that special international recognition for Bali's terraced rice fields fed by the subak irrigation system is inadequate in Bali's current situation without an accompanying form of appreciation given to the farmers who toil in these fields. The declining role of the


subak in Balinese society is made all the more tragic given the traditional role of the subak, seen as “mother� to all sectors of development in Bali. If Bali agricultural roots are destroyed, Windia maintains, that Bali's culture is also then soon doomed for destruction, paving the way for the destruction of development as a whole on the island. The agricultural sector experienced negative growth of 2.84% in Q1 2014, based on data provided by the Bali Statistic Bureau (BPS). In 2013 the agricultural sector still managed to grow around 2%, the slowest rate of growth among al sectors of the

Balinese economy. Windia sees the downturn in agriculture in Q1 2014 as signaling the coming decline i n B a l i ' s development efforts unless steps are urgently taken to give farming and agriculture their proper place on the Island. To t a l n e w investment in Bai is dominated to an overwhelmingly degree by tourism, representing 97 % of the whole. Meanwhile, agricultural investment amounts to only 0.5% of all new investments. Ta x e s c h a r g e d o n agricultural land remains very high, financially burdening farmers and compelling them to sell their lands. Many irrigation channels are damaged - filled with trash and plastics, and with the originating source of water fought over by competing sectors of the economy and community.


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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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Woman arrested posing as school teenager several months posing as a teenage student at a private high school in Texas.

A 31-year-old woman has been arrested after


Charity Johnson enrolled in October as a sophomore at New Life Christian School in Longview under the name "Charite Stevens," with identification that said she was 15 years old. Johnson told school officials she had been home schooled and had no prior transcripts. A school district representative could not immediately be reached for comment. Tamica Lincoln, a woman

who lives in the area said she took Johnson in after she claimed to be a teenage orphan from an abusive household, enrolled her in school and met with her teachers. "I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes," Lincoln said. But Lincoln said she started to doubt Johnson's story and alerted police. Johnson was arrested after identifying herself to police as the alias she used to enroll in school, the TV report said. Johnson was charged with failure to identify and giving false information, according to jail records.


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Sports Corner

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Signs of a Richmond form drop surfaced after elimination final loss to Carlton in 2013 DAMIEN Hardwick sat in the bowels of the MCG and talked tough. His side had just been sent packing from the finals at the hands of Carlton, but Hardwick said Richmond had only “scratched the surface” of what it was capable of. The coach said the Tigers' “two normal strengths” — contested ball and scores from stoppages — had come from nowhere to cost them the game. But little did Hardwick know, the rot had only just set in. The footy world is searching for clues on how a side which won 15 games and finished fifth can plummet to 16th after one summer. The truth is that the signs were there in that elimination final loss to the Blues. In that pulsating contest Carlton thrashed Richmond in contested situations inside the Blues' attacking 50m and almost scored at will from stoppages. At the time it was out of the blue. Last season, before that crucial contest, Richmond was a very good stoppage team, both offensively and defensively. The Tigers ranked sixth for clearances, but they scored from those clearances 28.9 per cent of

the time — ranked second in the AFL behind premier Hawthorn. Last year they outscored the opposition by 321 points from stoppages. This was a side as dangerous as it got at ball-ups or boundary throw-ins. Even when the opposition won a clearance, Richmond was only scored against 23.4 per cent of the time — the fourth-least in the competition. Richmond also thrived on contested ball, averaging 7.7 per game more than its opposition, good enough for third in the league. But comparing these 2013 numbers with the first eight games of this season makes for frightening reading. The Tigers have fallen away at scoring from stoppages, going from differential rank of second in the AFL to 12th. That percentage of scores from clearances has plummeted from second-best to 14th. Ditto with contested possession differential, which has sunk from third to 14th and now when the opposition wins a clearance Richmond is only so-so (9th) at preventing a score. And all the things that made this side so great to watch last year


have faded to black. Scoring (5th to 15th), mark and play-on (7th to 15th) and scores once inside 50m (4th to 15th) have all dropped. Hardwick knows what's wrong. He's repeated himself to the point of frustration and, after the loss to Melbourne, exasperation. “We've got to take some steps and get our game back up and going, but unfortunately I've been saying this for six or seven weeks and I'm sick of talking about it,” Hardwick said at the weekend. But this was no summer of change. That elimination final loss may have left scars that extend beyond the mental.

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Sports Corner

Adam Goodes racially abused by Essendon fan in Friday night clash at Etihad Stadium, Essendon ESSENDON has revoked the membership of a supporter accused of making racist comments towards Australian of the Year Adam Goodes during Friday night's loss to Sydney at Etihad Stadium. Goodes was not aware of the comments until after the game, however Essendon supporters reported the member, who was subsequently ejected by police. “I commend our supporters for taking a stand and having the courage to report this matter to the appropriate authorities. If you're going to behave in this manner we don't want you attending our games,” Bombers c h i e f operating officer Xavier Campbell said. “ T h e member in question has expressed his deep remorse f o r t h e incident and accepted full responsibility for his actions. “His membership has been terminated and his reapplication for membership will only be considered after he has undertaken a racial vilification education program. “On behalf of the entire Essendon Football Club, I want to publicly apologise to Adam Goodes for this extremely disappointing incident.” It is the second time Goodes has been the victim of racially


motivated abuse during an AFL match in the past 12 months. Goodes pointed out a 13year-old girl who called him an 'ape' in a game against Collingwood at the MCG in Indigenous Round last year. Meanwhile, the Western Bulldogs Football Club has apologised to Melbourne defender Neville Jetta and his family and friends for racist comments made by an unidentified supporter in the Round 8 game at the MCG. Jetta did not personally hear the comments, however family and friends sitting in the crowd did and he thanked the Western

Bulldogs for their handling of the issue. “I am disappointed for my family and friends to be subjected to these types of remarks and it's completely unacceptable that these sorts of comments still exist in our society today,” Jetta said. “I was upset that my family and friends were subjected to this type of behaviour and that it still exists within the AFL, as they (the AFL) have done a terrific job in educating society that racial vilification is unacceptable.

“This is an opportunity to educate society and just because I didn't hear the remark first hand, this doesn't mean that it is any less offensive or hurtful.” Bulldogs president Peter Gordon released a statement this afternoon explaining attempts to identify the supporter have so far proved unsuccessful. “We were told that the abuse was reported at the time and that the perpetrator was monitored but due to an error he was not ejected b y t h e s e c u r i t y c o m p a n y. Subsequent efforts by the staff of the MCC to identify this person by CCTV footage, and by review of the ticketing records, have not so far p r o v e d successful,” Gordon said. “Despite t h o s e attempts b e i n g unsuccessful we remain e n t i r e l y satisfied that the racial a b u s e occurred and t h a t unfortunately it came from one of our own Bulldogs supporters. “As a Club, we apologise unreservedly to Neville Jetta and his family who were the subject of this abuse. We are ashamed of the actions of this person who by his actions has damaged the fabric and the reputation of our Club. “We have no tolerance for ignorant racial abuse and we will continue to make efforts to identify this person and to deal with him under our supporters' code of conduct.”

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

News Corner

'Ugly' Dogs sitting pretty The Bulldogs of 2014 are a bit like power bills in winter – they keep on coming and they tend to hurt you. In the aftermath of their seventh-straight victory, a 16-12 defeat of the Warriors at Waikato Stadium, the Bulldogs were looking and sounding like a team that had forgotten how to lose. Under the guidance of Des Hasler the Doggies are fast developing a culture of resilience and defensive confidence, which when combined with their talented roster forms a potent rugby league cocktail. The win on Sunday was their fifth victory by four points or less this year, and according to centre Josh Morris, further proof that they can get the job in ugly or pretty circumstances. “I wouldn't say we are happy to fight it out in the close games, but it is handy that we have had that practice and won a few close ones,” he said. “We really pride ourselves on our defence and working hard for one another.


“If it's not me then it's someone else coming up with a big play week in, week out, which wins us a game. “Everyone is working hard for one another and we are coming away with the results which is pleasing.” The Bulldogs are the best defensive team in the competition, and heading into Round 10 had conceded the least number of tries with (19), and leaked the second fewest line breaks (28). What the stats don't measure though are the extra efforts being made; the special tackles that come when all appears lost. The Bulldogs produced just that in the dying minutes against the Warriors. With Shaun Johnson racing down the right wing to even the score up, Sam Perrett managed to slow him down just enough for Morris to put in a last-ditch tackle, bundling the halfback into touch and securing the victory in the process. “They got us caught short there and he (Johnson) put a bit of footwork on me, I just chased my hardest and luckily Sam Perrett

did enough to get him into touch,” Morris said. “I knew as soon as I hit him that his legs were in touch before he got the ball away, I was pretty pumped.” Skipper Michael Ennis labelled Morris's effort a 'play of the season'. “I thought he (Johnson) was home too, and then Josh… he is a special player mate, a special player,” Ennis said. “That was just pure attitude and that's probably why he plays at the level he does. He played in the Test a few weeks ago and no doubt he will be in the [NSW] Origin side on Tuesday. “In the end to be honest I thought it was a play of the year what Josh Morris came up with there.” The Bulldogs now head into the representative period facing the real possibility of losing Morris, Josh Reynolds, Trent Hodkinson, Josh Jackson and Tony Williams at some point throughout the three State of Origin matches. But Morris believed his squad, who against the Warriors had an 81 per cent completion rate, had gathered e n o u g h momentum to see them through the difficult period. “It gives us a lot of confidence. We have worked hard over the past six weeks to be where we are leading into the rep rounds and I think all the boys are really happy with the effort.”


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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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Kuta Weekly

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Sports Corner


Kuta Weekly

Sports Corner

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

W 7 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 1

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 1 2 3 2 2 4 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 8

F A Pts 899 599 28 982 600 24 823 659 24 724 623 24 754 701 24 776 660 20 665 603 20 656 608 20 759 576 16 733 710 16 710 720 16 671 765 12 670 790 12 569 723 12 617 906 12 645 736 8 689 910 8 550 1003 4

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P 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

W 8 7 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 2

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 7 8 8

F 225 222 187 239 216 214 167 232 212 214 216 208 179 182 148 155

A 124 166 164 227 224 226 194 153 169 171 180 217 256 284 219 242

Pts 16 14 12 12 12 12 12 10 10 10 10 8 8 6 4 4

Hodkinson ready for Origin Manly halfback and Maroons utility Daly Cherry-Evans says h i s f o r m e r teammate and possible NSW Origin halfback Trent Hodkinson is ready for a shot at the big time. With doubts over the selection of Roosters halves Mitchell Pearce and James Maloney due to a mix of poor form and Pearce's recent Kings Cross incident, and with Souths halves Adam Reynolds and John Sutton not quite


stamping their claims in recent weeks, the Bulldogs halves are now a genuine chance of lining up for NSW. Five-eighth Josh Reynolds and halfback Hodkinson have

each produced their fair share of clutch plays in recent weeks and have guided the Bulldogs to outright first place on the ladder after 10 rounds. "I think Trent, just as much as anyone in NSW, will earn his jersey," Cherry-Evans said of his former Manly clubmate. “I get along really well with Trent, we had a lot of fun while he was at Manly. I think he's very composed, very level headed, and he could be just what NSW needs."

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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Veteran Newcastle Knight Willie Mason vows the club will fight on NEWCASTLE star Willie Mason says the Knights' playing group has drawn a line in the sand and resolved to give their all regardless of the crisis gripping the embattled NRL club's front office. The Knights went within three seconds of producing the upset of the season on Monday night against Manly, thwarted only by a miraculous field goal from Sea Eagles ace Daly Cherry-Evans. There were plenty of excuses for Newcastle to throw in the towel at Brookvale Oval, with 20 key staff and players left unpaid and owner Nathan Tinkler's likely exit casting doubt over their individual futures. But veteran front-rower Mason said there was a conscious decision made by the 17 players, who took the field against Manly, to show what they're made of, regardless of the circumstances engulfing the club.

“I can't control any of that and can't comment on any of that because I don't really know what's going on. As 17 players who take the field every time we represent the Knights, we just need to put in that effort and that's it,” Mason said. “A real effort — we don't want to go out there and put in some pussy efforts like we have been. “It was one of them games where we were going to draw a line in the sand in our season and see what we've got and rip in as hard as we can. “That's what happened.

“If you're a Knights supporter or a Knights player, you come off the field pretty proud.” The Knights have endured a season from hell in every aspect so far and are anchored to joint-last position on the ladder. But Mason says the season isn't over until they stop believing. “I've played under every circumstance so I think this is another chapter really,” he said. “It's not one of those years yet. If you talk to me in round 20 and we're still in the same position, it'll be one of those years but we've still got a lot of football to play. “I've been in too many teams where I've been in a lull like this. There's no special magic potion to take ... you've just got to work really hard.”


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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

Marquez takes fifth straight MotoGP pole

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)






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The 21-year-old Spanish Honda rider, who was second in the race last year, secured the 42nd pole of his career ahead of compatriot Pol Espargaro (Yamaha Tech3) and Italy's Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati). Marquez has carried all before him this season winning all four races and, should he win on Sunday, he would match Italian great Giacomo Agostini's five straight wins to open the 1972 season. It would also make him the youngest ever rider to win five successive races in the premier class, taking Delivery in Kuta, Legian, Tuban the record from Mike Hailwood who was 22 years and min orders may apply to other areas 160 days old when he won five successive races in the 500 class in 1962. OPEN FROM 10am ‘TILL 6pm Marquez was immediately on the pace on Saturday with his time of one minute, 32.567 seconds becoming a new qualifying record. But things got even better when the world 0898 0137 019 champion improved to another record time of 1.32.042 to maintain his 100 per cent qualifying record in 2014. 0819 3306 0595 Marquez was 0.692 clear of rookie Espargaro who secured his best MotoGP grid result to date in just his fifth elite class race. Dovizioso qualified 0.713 behind Marquez to take the final spot on the front row. ''I'm very happy to be on pole and also with the gap between myself and second place on the timesheet,'' Marquez said. ''Tomorrow will be interesting as my main rivals Dani [Pedrosa], Jorge [Lorenzo] and Valentino [Rossi] - are not on the front row but on rows two and three. ''However, I know they will be there in the battle advantage and I will try to capitalise from it and and we must be prepared. Starting from pole is an give 100 per cent - as always - to fight for the win.''


MotoGP world champion and present series leader Marc Marquez took pole position for the fifth successive race on Saturday, qualifying fastest for Sunday's French Grand Prix.





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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

The Tax System Explained in Beer Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this… The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing The fifth would pay $1 The sixth would pay $3 The seventh would pay $7 The eighth would pay $12 The ninth would pay $18 The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59 So, that's what they decided to do. The ten men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day, the owner threw them a curve ball. “Since you are all such good customers,” he said, “I'm going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20?. Drinks for the ten men would now cost just $80. The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes. So the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men ? How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his fair share? They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody's share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to

drink his beer. So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man's bill by a h higher percentage the poorer he was, to follow the principle of the tax system they had been using, and he proceeded to work out the amounts he suggested that each should now pay. And so the fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% saving). The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33% saving). The seventh now paid $5 instead of $7 (28% saving). The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% saving). The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 (22% saving). The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% saving). Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to drink for free. But, once outside the bar, the men began to compare their savings. “I only got a dollar out of the $20 saving,” declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man,”but he

got $10!” “Yeah, that's right,” exclaimed the fifth man. “I only saved a dollar too. It's unfair that he got ten times more benefit than me!” “That's true!” shouted the seventh man. “Why should he get $10 back, when I got only $2? The wealthy get all the breaks!” “Wait a minute,” yelled the first four men in unison, “we didn't get anything at all. This new tax system exploits the poor!” The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up. The next night the tenth man didn't show up for drinks so the nine sat down and had their beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn't have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill! And that, boys and girls, journalists and government ministers, is how our tax system works. The people who already pay the highest taxes will naturally get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas, where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.

Australia Overseas Deaths 2012-(Top 10 by Country) Rank|Country|Australian Visitors|#Deaths|Chance Of Death

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

FOUND ALIVE 17 YEARS UNDERGROUND Mining accidents A group of coal remain common in China miners from the despite growing western province of m easures by the Xinjiang, had an government to reduce the unbelievable problem, which killed surprise when the more than 4000 miners a gallery they were year at the beginning of excavating opened the millennium. Over the up on a section of an last years, the authorities old mine, that was have been cracking down abandoned 17 years on many unregulated mining operations, which ago after an account for almost 80 earthquake that percent of the country's caused some large ventilation duct still 16,000 mines. The closure of sections of the tunnels to connected his underground prison about 1,000 dangerous small to the surface, allowing him collapse. While they were exploring the galleries, they stumbled upon Cheung Wai, a 59-year old survivor from the 1997 accident, obviously in a rather bad shape. He was immediately taken to the hospital where a complete evaluation of his physical and mental states will be done over the next weeks. The poor man had remained trapped underground with the bodies of 78 of his dead coworkers, after an earthquake of a magnitude of 7,8 hit the region and caused the wooden support structure of the mine to crumble and collapse. Somehow lucky in his misfortune, Mr. Cheung was saved by the fact that some

access to air that was sufficiently pure to keep him alive. He managed to survive thanks to an emergency stash of rice and water, stored in an underground depot, conceived especially for this kind of case. The man complemented his diet by catching and eating the countless rats that pullulate in the mine, as well as collecting large quantities of some sort of phosphorescent moss, which constituted his only source of vitamins. Even though he was suffering from great physical and mental stress, he managed to give proper burials to all of his comrades, spending almost a year in this great selfless act.


mines last year helped to cut in half the average number of miners killed, to about six a day, in the first months of this year, according to governmental statistics. The case of Mr. Cheung remains unique however, and constitutes a world record, according to the universally recognized authority on recordbreaking achievement, Guinness. The former record for surviving underground was of 142 days and was held by a British man named Geoff Smith. He had been voluntarily buried in the backyard of the Railway Inn, his favorite pub, with the intention of breaking the record.

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

SCIENTISTS FIND CURE TO HOMOSEXUALITY Dr. Dimitri Yu s r o k o v Slamini of the R u s s i a n Institute for Medical Science in Novosibirsk and his team of researchers h a v e discovered what they claim to be a new vaccine which could prevent early symptoms and even cure humans from homosexuality, if treated at a young age. Russian scientists developed the so called antidote based on a 1959 scientific research published under the title “Organizing action of prenatally administered testosterone propionate on the tissues mediating mating behavior in the female guinea pig” by Charles H. Phoenix, an American researcher. The study concluded that ”INAH [part of the

hypothalamus] is dimorphic with sexual orientation, at least in men, and suggests that sexual orientation has a biological substrate”. Xenoestrogen are a type of estrogen mimickers found in synthetic or natural chemical compounds. Synthetic xenoestrogens such as PCB's, BPA and phthalates have been also been found to have estrogenic effects on living organisms and to disrupt the endocrine system explains Dr. Yuri Krutchev, who took part in the experiment. Injecting specific

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quantities of testosterone helps to unset this artificial biological unbalance which occurs mostly in part because of environmental pollution and an e x c e s s o f e s t r o g e n mimickers in our m o d e r n environment he adds. The new discovery has attracted much criticism from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations around the Globe, yet a few country leaders have outspokenly showed support and interest for the research. Iran, China and Saudi Arabia have been the first countries to show interest in the new discovery. American and European researchers have expressed much skepticism upon receiving the news.



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Once a serene island of colourful ceremonies, emerald rice terraces and elaborately carved temples, much of southern Bali is now infested with opulent hotels, "exclusive facilities" and "ocean sanctuaries". The outbreak of construction sites around the tiny island threaten many more of these buildings to come – many more than the roads, infrastructure or environment can handle. The Balinese, whose regional governments control development, are eager parties to this relatively recent phenomenon. Tourist numbers are up by 9 per cent on last year. The economy is booming! Everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid. No one wants to spoil the party of a culture on a suicide mission subsidised by affluent hedonists, seeking peace, tranquillity and harmony. More than 3.2 million tourists visited Bali last year, using up scarce water resources and producing tonnes of rubbish, which the island's infrastructure couldn't handle. Plastic waste chokes the mangrove swamps and litters the beaches. There are signs everywhere of a looming cultural and environmental crisis, but the ubiquitous building sites indicate that no one is paying attention, at least not for the right reasons. In January, the Jakarta Post reported on the moratorium on new hotels in southern Bali that Governor Made Mangku Pastika issued in early 2011. "It was designed to tackle the southern region's room oversupply, as well as guiding investment to other regions in Bali." However, the Post wrote, new hotels continue to be built in southern Bali "as the moratorium


minimum wage is $123 a month. For $183, you can have a three-hour spa treatment at the Four Seasons that includes a "soul purification experience by a Balinese spiritual guru". Who would have thought that Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, would take the form of ayurvedic massages, and infinity-edge pools with cantilevered floating Buddhas? Thousands of tourists throng Ubud's cracked footpaths, and busloads of Chinese arrive from the coastal resorts for the day. Everyone has come to see the "cultural heart of Bali", complete with clogged arteries. Land, sold for tourism or bought up to protect the view, is disappearing quickly. Farmers who earn less than $5000 a year can now sell their land for about $35,000 per 100 square metres. Beside the spectacular rice terraces of

Tegallalang, a dozen tourist buses line the side of the road. Local authorities charge for the right to park there and look at the view. The traffic is relentless. Lines of tourist buses and four-wheel-drives, along with thousands of motorbikes, are squeezed into the clogged, narrow roads of small villages, which are morphing into one big town. The roads, bordered by family compounds and sacred temples, become one lane when cars are parked on the other side. The 43-kilometre drive from the airport to Ubud takes more than two hours. Exquisite women in fitted silk kebayas still offer flowers and waft incense smoke towards holy statues, but it's often against a noisy, jarring backdrop. One evening, I saw a temple ceremony struggling up the street against the traffic. Women with high conical baskets of fruit and flowers on their head, priests in white, musicians playing gamelan music, were walking to their temple, hemmed in on both sides by idling buses. The incense mingled in the air with diesel fumes. The Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana teaches that the three causes of well-being are harmony with people, God, and nature. Now, the whole fabric of this ancient civilisation is under threat, trampled by tourists rushing to be "immersed in the mystique of this spiritual land". Bali is 153-kilometres wide, and 112 kilometres from top to bottom, about the area from Sydney's central business district to Newcastle and out to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. This small, finite Hindu island lies alone in the vast Muslim archipelago of Indonesia. When most of the land is a web of hotels and traffic jams, that will be the end. There will be nowhere to go. Journalist Madeleine Murray studied stone sculpture with Balinese sculptor Wayan Cemul in Ubud in 1983.


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22 May - 28 May 2014

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21 When we were young and hadn't learned to walk yet, the prospect of walking appeared daunting. Adults who towered over us appeared to do it effortlessly. In truth, we didn't know at the time that we were expected to walk at some point soon. Eventually, through trial and error, we learned to do so. Something is giving you cause for concern. You know a brave step must be taken in a particular area of your world. You can, however, trust that the learning curve will not be as steep as you believe it will be. Take it slowly and confidently. All really will be fine.

Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23 Sometimes, knowing when to stop is as important as embarking upon completing the task itself. When we become focused on getting a result, we sometimes fail to recognize when it might be appropriate to stop and take stock of what effort invested already might bring. As tempted as you might be this week to keep giving time and effort toward a particular cause, consider that you might have done already enough to produce a pleasing, delightful and well-deserved result. Have faith in the fact that your recent support of someone or something isn't going to go unnoticed. Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 When did the first public relations people appear? I guess it could be argued they had their place before Biblical times and famous composers required some form of profile-raising activity hundreds of years ago to fill concert halls. I mention this because you appear to be attracting considerable attention from certain individuals who recognize what you can offer them. This week, let this deserved attention continue finding its way to you. You need only be yourself for it to do so. Expect, in some way, recognition of a particular talent – and not before time!

Gemini May 22 - Jun 22 In matrimonial proceedings, witnesses are sometimes requested to 'speak now or forever hold their peace'. It would take courage for someone to speak their mind at that point because they would be aware of disruption and potential chaos they would cause through doing so. That's why people choose to say or do nothing when they ought to do either or both. This week, you can, and ought to, speak your mind and not be so concerned about what upheaval doing so will bring. You have a valid point to make and can help someone enormously by doing so.

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 In what way does someone need to be shown 'the way'? What's obvious to you probably isn't obvious to someone else and therein lies your frustration. As easy as you might believe it to be to hold someone's hand and ask that they simply follow you or your suggestions, are you really helping someone by doing so? This week, give someone a chance to see what you already know to be obvious. It might take some time, but the sky insists they will get there eventually. Be willing to lead, but only to a point.

Cancer Jun 23 - Jul 23 Our belief that we can't achieve something sometimes stems from a separate belief that we don't deserve whatever-it-is or simply don't possess the energy needed to make it happen. You're being encouraged now to assess how much time, energy and possibly expense will be required to progress an ongoing plan. It might appear there is only one last gasp of breath left in it but you're about to be surprised how much life remains and how appropriate it is you pursue it. The cosmos is simply trying to ensure any investment of effort is channeled properly and fairly.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 Even when we have reached a mutually agreeable decision with someone, there is always scope to improve upon it, even slightly. This week, something between you and a certain person or organization gets discussed and agreed. This is likely to culminate with closure surrounding a plan or project that has occupied much of your time of late. A fresh start with a new level of agreement is about to commence and looks set to last for a long time to come. That's why it's important you make an effort to see how much positivity it truly offers.

Leo Jun 24 - Aug 23 Some people are experts at saying much but actually say very little. Others can spend half an hour explaining how to put a postage stamp on a letter. It's easy to become frustrated with those whom we simply want a straight answer from. This week, you could find yourself increasingly frustrated with someone who consistently fails to grasp a simple point you're trying to make. It's 'make or break' time. They need to know you won't keep trying or hang around waiting forever for them to get the point. However, don't be too quick to give up yet.

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Deep, meaningful and long-lasting relationships rely not only on mutual understanding of each others' needs but anticipation of those needs before they present themselves. We all know how lovely it can be when someone close has thought a step or two ahead and prepared in some way to assist us when we need help. This week, if you want to strengthen a particular relationship, be 'live' to what someone truly needs and also be willing to provide it before being asked to do so. You might have to push aside a need or two of your own but will gain much from doing so.

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23 Investors talk sometimes about preferring to have 'a small percentage of something than one hundred per cent of nothing'. Goal-setting people know that if they aim at nothing, they'll hit it. Effort you're making in a particular area is bringing a result, but much smaller than you'd prefer yet you know doing nothing isn't an option. This week, you will recognize what you have that appears small or insignificant has potential to become something much bigger and better. You have all you need to build upon a certain plan. Don't succumb to the need to find more.

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20 When looking at what we'd like to change, we need to be realistic. We risk wasting time and effort trying to change what can't be changed, no matter how hard we wish it could be changed. We need to focus on what can be changed or learn to accept what can't be altered. This week, as much as you wish there was more you could do to change a situation, your time will be better spent repairing it rather than investing effort in a process you have little or no control over. That process is unfolding in its own way and time. Have faith that you'll know more soon enough.

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 Imagine what our ancestors, who wrote with quills by candlelight would think if they could see technology today. In the future, people will mock our current technologies. Despite how shiny and impressive they appear, they will be obsolete before long. You appear keen to 'advance' yourself in some way and are aware of what you're obliged to learn to do so. This week, focus on what you need to learn now and you won't have to work so hard to safeguard your place in the future. What you can learn now will put you in a stronger position, very soon.

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‘A culture on a suicide mission subsidised by affluent hedonists, seeking peace, tranquillity and harmony': Bali.

was rejected by the regents and city mayor, who have the authority to issue hotel permits". The Indonesian Tourism Industry Association Bali chapter is only concerned that the overdevelopment will be "unattractive to international tourists" and that oversupply makes prices cheaper. The solution? Move it to other parts of the island. The writing is on the sheer white marble walls. Thirty years ago, the small village of Ubud in southern Bali was surrounded by rice paddies and rainforest. Now Ubud spreads out for kilometres in all directions, a growing sprawl of resorts, where guests pay up to $700 a night, and the Balinese


By Madeleine Murray


22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

sari Jl. Bene

Bali: centuries in the making, close to breaking

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)


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The following is a myth busting info page covering different songs or bands each week chosen by one of our many loyal readers, Please Enjoy…

William Robert "Will" Young (born 20 January 1979) is an English singer-songwriter and actor who came to prominence after winning the 2002 inaugural series of the British music contest Pop Idol, making him the first winner of the worldwide Idol franchise. His debut single "Anything Is Possible" was released two weeks after the show's finale and became the fastest-selling debut single in the UK. Young also came in fifth place in World Idol performing his single "Light My Fire". As a teenager, Young studied politics at the University of Exeter before moving to London, where he studied musical theatre at Arts Educational School. Young put his studies on hold in late 2001 to become a contestant on Pop Idol. After winning the competition the following year, he released his debut album From Now On (2002) which went to straight to number one. Friday's Child (2003) followed and enjoyed greater success, eventually going platinum five times in the UK and spawning three top five singles. His albums Keep On (2005) and Let It Go (2008) are also multi-platinum and his most recent release Echoes (2011) became his third UK number-one album. His albums have spawned many songs that have accomplished top ten positions in the UK: four of which went to the number one spot. Young has also undertaken numerous concert tours. He has also accumulated multiple honours, including two BRIT Awards from 12 nominations, and the estimated worldwide sale of over eight million albums. Young's net worth was estimated at £13.5 million in April 2012.[3] Alongside his music career, Young has acted in film, on stage and in television. For his performance in the 2013 London revival of the musical Cabaret, he was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical. He has also participated in philanthropy and released books Anything is Possible (2002),[4] On Camera, Off Duty (2004) and his autobiography Funny Peculiar (2012).

Music Star, Best Bod, Sexiest Star, Best Dressed and Best Hair awards he had already won. Young was an Executive Producer for Ralph Fiennes production of Shakespeare's Coriolanus filmed in Serbia, and his documentary on the making of the film features on its DVD release. He was to have a small role in the film as a reporter on the conflict as well as being Executive Producer, however it was decided that his appearance was a "distraction" and did not make the final cut of the film. Young trod the boards in the Royal Exchange Theatre's production of The Vortex by Noël Coward. This production ran from January to March 2007 and Young played the leading role of Nicky Lancaster. Critics, including Nicholas de Jongh, were very positive. He recently appeared in the musical Cabaret in London, after a short nationwide tour. This marks his West End debut. He was awarded the What's On Stage award for London Newcomer of the Year. He was also nominated for the 2013 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical, but lost out to Michael Ball.

Young also appeared in the Marple drama The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side and guest starred in an episode of Skins in 2010. In 2011, he starred in a new drama series on Sky Living called Bedlam, about supernatural happenings taking place at a disused asylum being converted into loft-style apartments. The £3 million six-part series began airing on 7 February 2011. It was distributed by BBC Worldwide. Young was a guest on Top Gear during season 12 episode 2 and set the fastest wet lap around the track in the Chevrolet Lacetti. On 31 October 2011, Will was also the guest host of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. In November 2004, Young presented a documentary entitled Runaways as part of the Children in Need campaign, highlighting the problems facing distressed teens who run away from home, and the plight they were in being picked up off the streets and railway stations by pimps who offered them work and drugs. The children did not know where to go for immediate help unless they were picked up by the police and sent to a refuge centre. During June 2007 a series of documentaries entitled Acting career Young added acting to his Saving Planet Earth was shown on BBC Television. Young filmed repertoire when he accepted an episode about saving the gorillas of West Africa during his visit a role in the BBC film Mrs. to Africa earlier in the year. Henderson Presents, starring Judi Dench and Bob In March 2009, ITV1 arts programme, The South Bank Show Hoskins, in which he played presented an hour long fly on the wall documentary about Young Bertie. The film was released that they had been filming over the course of the year as he in the UK in November 2005 returned to promote the Let It Go album. It showed him in Iceland to excellent reviews not least filming the video for the "Let It Go" single, backstage before his for Young's performance as performance on The X Factor and on his UK theatre tour from both actor and singer in the November 2008 amongst other segments. In August 2011, ITV film. The scene in which based an hour-long programme on Young, entitled A Night with Yo u n g a p p e a r s n a k e d Will Young. This was to promote the release of his most recent postdated his "absolutely album Echoes. thrilled" acceptance of the In October 2007 Young narrated an audio version of the Roald British male Rear of the Year Dahl novel Danny, the Champion of the World. Award 2005, an accolade to Young was made a "Companion" of the Liverpool Institute for add to the Most Stylish Male Performing Arts in 2009.

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Galungan Day.... Every 210 days the whole island of Bali sprouts flimsy bamboo poles, known as “penjor,” an unmistakable sign that Galungan fever is just about to kick in. Adorned with fruit, flowers and coconut leaves, these tall poles are found on every byway and highway and outside virtually every Balinese home, fluttering aimlessly in the breeze.

Only if you go native staying in a rural village or in a small family home stay do you see all the complicated preparations and hectic activity taking place behind the scene, although even in busy resorts such as Kuta, it's virtually impossible to escape Kuningan fever.

There are road blocks erected outside main temples as waves Galungan is a unique 10 day celebration commemorating good of devotees flood the area, bringing even more maddening over evil in typically melodramatic style. Balinese mythology is traffic chaos than usual. Many restaurants and shops close for a few days but this is not on the scale of colorful to say the least and the story Nyepi (when Bali becomes a ghost behind Galungan takes it to a whole new town). There is still no shortage of places level. Briefly, it involves a shape-shifting to get a cold beer or two and a bite to eat. evil giant, rivers of blood and a year-long battle royal between the Gods. During On Galungan day itself (always the Galungan the Godly spirits return to earth Wednesday) it's a time for families; your and expect to be welcomed and favorite bartender or the girl who cleans entertained with important Balinese your hotel room each morning will have rituals and extravagant feasts. headed off home to the ancestral village at dawn to spend time with the folks. After From a visitor's point of view, Galungan is a full day of prayers, a few petty family second only for sheer spectacle to the quarrels and non stop eating, it's back to Nyepi “Day of Silence”. Kuningan is the relative normality with perhaps a family final day of the festival which brings stroll into the paddy fields for a picnic. proceedings to a close. It is all a much Villages throughout the island celebrate regimented occasion where every the post-Galungan period in their own member of the household has specific peculiar way. tasks to perform and dressed in their “Sunday best” finery. The preceding days The streets of Ubud are flooded with are all full of feverish activity – cooking, schoolchildren performing “Barong” cleaning and making offerings. You'll see dances with great enthusiasm while the roads filled with convoys of scooters further east in Klungkung, a number of ferrying neatly dressed worshippers to villages indulge in frenzied “Jempana” and from temples carrying huge baskets war games complete with long bamboo of fruit, flowers or even live chickens. sticks to the sound of relentless drumming. There is also the bizarre ritual The day before Galungan, men of the village head out at dawn in search of an unsuspecting pig which of a village elder seemingly “stabbing” himself with a ceremonial is to become the temple sacrifice. The meat is used to make dagger while in a trance-like state. Curious onlookers are traditional spicy “lawar” dishes containing satay, jackfruit, always welcome at these occasions and in small off-the-beatendozens of herbs and spices and always enough to feed a small path villages you are likely to become the center of attention, especially with the throng of giggling children. army.

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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1 Humorous verse form (8) 2 Direction indicator (5) 4 Cut in two (6) 5 Lag behind (5) 6 Game played on a lawn (7) 7 Sicilian volcano (4) 8 Vulgar, unrefined (6) 13 Relating to the home or family (8) 15 Mozart's middle name (7) 17 Waylay (6) 18 Sea trip (6) 20 Legal right to property (5) 22 Doctrine accepted without question (5) 23 Slay (4)

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World record divorce settlement

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22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

The owner of Monaco football club has been ordered to pay a world record divorce settlement of more than £2.6 BILLION to his ex-wife. Judges in Switzerland said Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, 47, has to give Elena Rybolovleva, who was with him for 24 years, a very precise 4,020,555,987 Swiss francs and 20 centimes. At current rates, that amounts to £2,681,297,538 and 78 pence an estimate of half the Russian oligarch's entire fortune.

It follow a six-year legal saga in which Mr Rybolovlev, who made his billions through a fertiliser business, bitterly contested Ms Rybolovlev's claims to two of the most expensive properties in the USA and a £100m Greek island. Now Mr Rybolovlev, who lives in Monaco, must pay the incredible sum to Genevab a s e d M s R y b o l o v l e v, although he can still appeal the ruling. The settlement is far higher than the £1.5 billion paid by art heir Alec Wildenstein to his ex wife, Jocelyne. Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, was told to give his former wife, Anna, £1 billion in 1999. Mr Rybolovlev, who is worth a conservative £5.2 billion, and his exwife have been at war over the terms of their divorce since 2008. He is one of the small group of Russians who became fabulously wealthy during the post-Soviet

privatisation of the economy and became known as oligarchs. Mr Rybolovlev bought AS Monaco in December 2011 and is attempting to make the club as successful as Qatari-owned Paris Saint Germain. Anna began divorce proceedings in 2008, winning a freeze on some of her husband's assets, which also include a stake in Bank of Cyprus and a Palm Beach, Florida home purchased from Donald Trump. She later sued him in the United States, accusing him of trying to shield the Florida property from the divorce proceedings, along with a Manhattan penthouse. Last year their elder daughter Ekaterina bought the Greek resort island of Skorpios, where shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis married Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s. Ekaterina bought the island from Onassis' sole surviving descendant, his 28-year-old granddaughter Athina Onassis Roussel.

"Hi, I'm Jane" she said "I'm Christopher," he replied "but everyone calls me Dick for short" "How do you get Dick from Christopher?" she asked "You just ask nicely" he replied.

A woman asked a pharmacist, "Do you sell Viagra?" "Yes," he answered. She asked, "Does it work?" "Yes, it certainly does" he answered. She said, "Can you get it over the counter?" "I can, if I take two," he replied.

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Car Parts Find and circle all of the car parts that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell the name of an additional car part.

PROPERTY OWNERSHIP IN INDONESIA As a foreigner, there is a number of foreigners to control a freehold title ways that can lead to you owning indirectly or to hold a leasehold title in their own name. your dream property in Bali. The best option for you will depend on RIGHT OF USE (HAK PAKAI) your personal situation, the type of property, risk factors and the type of investment model. Even though it states in Indonesian law that foreigners are not allowed to hold a 'freehold' land title, there are ways that have been in practice for a number of years that enable

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This is the right of use over stateowned (crown land) or property owned by public or private persons/entities for a specific purpose for (generally) a finite period and occasionally for an indefinite period. This land right may not be sold, exchanged or transferred unless explicitly state in an agreement. Hak pakai may be held by and Indonesian individual or entity. Or foreigner permanently domiciled in Indonesia, or a foreign legal entity with a representative office in Indonesia such as foreign Banks, embassies, etc.



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This structure is a regularly practiced procedure in Indonesia, whereby the foreigner nominates and Indonesian representative to acquire the land and to hold the 'freehold' title (Hak Milik) on behalf of the foreigner. Ownership of the land is transferred from the previous owner to the Indonesian nominee. The foreigner and the Indonesian nominee then sign an agreement which recognizes the Indonesian nominee as the legal owner of the property whilst declaring the foreigner as the rightful owner of the property. This agreement denotes that the Indonesian nominee will carry out any directives from the foreigner regarding the land. This agreement must always be concluded in the presence of a public notary.


22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

World's oldest sperm found in Australia The world's oldest and bestpreserved sperm, dating back 17 million years, has been unearthed in Australia, scientists said. The sperm from an ancient species of tiny shrimp was discovered at the Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site, an area in the far north of the state of Queensland where many extraordinary prehistoric Australian animals have previously been found. They include giant, toothed platypuses and flesh-eating kangaroos. M i k e A r c h e r, f r o m t h e University of New South Wales School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, who has been excavating at Riversleigh for 35 years, said the sperm was an exciting find. "These are the oldest fossilised sperm ever found in the geological record," he said. The sperm are thought to have been longer than the male's


entire body, but were tightly coiled up inside the sexual organs of the fossilised freshwater crustaceans, k n o w n a s ostracods. "We have become used to delightfully unexpected surprises in what turns up there," he added of Riversleigh. "But the discovery of fossil sperm, complete with sperm nuclei, was totally unexpected. It now makes us wonder what other types of extraordinary preservation await discovery in these deposits." A research team led by Archer collected the fossils in 1988 and sent them to John Neil, a specialist ostracod researcher at La Trobe University in Melbourne, who realised they contained fossilised soft tissues. He drew this to the attention of several European specialists, including Renate Matzke-Karasz from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and Paul Tafforeau from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. A microscopic study revealed the fossils contained the preserved internal organs of the ostracods, including their sexual organs. Within these were the almost perfectly preserved giant sperm

cells, and within them, the nuclei that once contained the animals' chromosomes and DNA. The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, estimate the sperm are about 1.3 millimetres long, slightly longer than the shrimp. Archer said that about 17 million years ago the site where the fossils were found was a cave in the middle of a vast, biologically diverse rainforest. "Tiny ostracods thrived in a pool of water in the cave that was continually enriched by the droppings of thousands of bats," he said. His UNSW colleague Suzanne Hand, a specialist in extinct bats and their ecological role in Riversleigh?s ancient environments, said the steady rain of droppings would have led to high levels of phosphorous in the water. This could have aided mineralisation of the soft tissues. "This amazing discovery at Riversleigh is echoed by a few examples of soft-tissue preservation in fossil bat-rich deposits in France," she said. "So the key to eternal preservation of soft tissues may indeed be some magic ingredient in bat droppings."


22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

22 May - 28 May 2014 (389)

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Kuta Weekly-Edition 389 "Bali"s Premier Weekly Newspaper"  

Kuta Weekly-Edition 389 "Bali"s Premier Weekly Newspaper"