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AIR at the Academy of Fine Art in ­Education and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam



WikiJam About the project For the first time two teacher training courses collaborated with each other on an interdisciplinary project. In April 2012, students and teachers from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam’s Bachelor of Music in Education course and at the Academy of Fine Art in Education worked together with sample- and remix artist Eboman. They experimented with rearrangements of found and self-made audio and video material. These experiments resulted in an interactive live performance at a secondary school in Emmen. Eboman kicked off the project with a lecture that formed part of the Homo Ludens symposium.

Eboman’s desk is the heart of his studio. He’s always on the lookout for the latest tricks of his.

AIR Eboman was led by Emiel Heijnen and Melissa Bremmer, with support from Oskar Maarleveld and Menno Wolthers. The production manager was Mareke McAlpine- Geraedts.

About the artist Eboman (Jeroen Hofs) is a sample and remix artist. He works at the cutting edge of music, video art and interactive performance. His international breakthrough came in 1996 with the hit track ‘Donuts with Buddah’. He went on to develop his interactive SenSorSuit, which allows them to trigger and control samples live during performances. He later developed the Senna application, an easy-to-use tool that enables children to create video remixes. Eboman has produced many other projects as an audiovisual artist and designer at the Netherlands Film Museum, XS4ALL, VPRO, and elsewhere. Eboman was also the AHK’s guest teacher for the Remix Culture summer school at the Master of ­Education in Arts in 2011.

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