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Welcome to the October 2017 edition of Kultivate Magazine! This issue will feature fractal artist Gem Preiz, the Max and Lyric fundraiser, the Universe Sim, the Rock Your Rack Charity Art Show, La Maison d’Aneli, Virtual Holland Art Gallery, and photo essays by Illyra Chardin (Monochrome Art), Wicca Merlin (wicked October inspired fashion), and The Edge Stylists present their looks for October. I was just looking at the calendar the other day and was like WOW it is October already, only 2 more months for Christmas and the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

anything like that...it really does seem with all of the recent natural disasters, the shooting tragedies, the war mongering, and the division in many countries that something major is going to happen to humanity and sooner than later. I task everyone to spend time with your loved ones, tell them that you love them as much as possible and to continue the idea of fellowship in both real life and Second Life. Eleseren and I hope that you enjoy the issue and we both would like to wish all of our supporters, friends, advertisers, staff, and readers a Happy and Safe Halloween month of October!

With so much turmoil in the John, world today, I think we all should reflect on what we have Owner & Publisher of in our lives, in terms of family, Kultivate Magazine friends, and our spirit that keeps us going. While I am not trying to sound preachy or



John, Owner, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Eleseren Brianna, COO & Editor in Chief of The Edge Jessii2009 Warrhol, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Inara Pey, Lead Contributor

Stavaros Gracemont, Edge Contributor

Veruca Tammas Contributor Gem Preiz Cover Photography

Pearl Grey, Guest Contributor Wicca Merlin,

Dawnbeam Dreamscrape, Contributor Ilyra Chardin, Contributor

Myra Wildmist, Contributor

Guest Contributor

THE EDGE October 2017 STYLISTS: Judelin Resident Ruby Ornamental Ceasar Langar Honey Bender Roxanne Fyanucci

KULTIVATE ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Sandi Benelli, Lead Artist in Residence Pam Astonia Byrnedarkly Cazalet Slatan Dryke Tiszo Cioc









Gem Preiz is one of the most compelling digital artists displaying their work in Second Life. His fractal images, one seen, are never forgotten. Beautiful in look and execution - sometimes hauntingly so - they are marvelously evocative and rich in narrative.

playful virtual world.” He refers to this period as his “first phase” of involvement in Second Life, exploring, discovering, learning, and gradually becoming more aware of the creative potential in the platform.

“My awareness of the potential for 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of sharing creations coincided with a Gem first exhibiting his work in growing interest in digital imagery,” Second Life, and he has been Gem continues. “In particular, I marking it with a duet of discovered two artists - Fiona retrospective exhibitions, the first Leitner and Milly Sharple - and was of which you can read about here, fascinated by their work.” and the second here. This being the case, I took the opportunity to Milly is especially known for her talk with him about his time in own fractal art, and I wondered if Second Life, his art, his inspirations this was an inspiration for his own work. “I admire them both,” he and more. replied, “But seeing Milly’s work helped me see the possibilities for “I actually discovered Second Life displaying my own art within in 2007 while on a trip to America,” Second Life, and in reaching an he informed me as we opened our audience from around the world chat. “I was actually there to to while also having the freedom to study new technologies for use in create exhibition spaces which business, but discovered a world would be impossible in the physical with wonderful personal world.” opportunities in this social and

He refers to this period as his “first phase” of involvement in Second Life, exploring, discovering, learning, and gradually becoming more aware of the creative potential in the platform.

September 2012. His work immediately drew the attention of art curators, who forwarded requests for him to exhibit his work. “There were invitations from Chelsea Hotel, and Art Garden, for which I’m grateful,” he says. “But “My awareness of the potential for two people in particular set the sharing creations coincided with a course for my ability to exhibit in growing interest in digital imagery,” SL: Aneli Abeyante, who offered me Gem continues. “In particular, I the chance to exhibit Heaven and discovered two artists - Fiona Hell in November 2012, and Lys Leitner and Milly Sharple - and was Seriman, who created the fascinated by their work.” background for Science and Future and Temples, a magnificent build Milly is especially known for her looking like a flooded, monumental own fractal art, and I wondered if maze.” this was an inspiration for his own work. “I admire them both,” he As he notes, Gem’s growing replied, “But seeing Milly’s work helped me see the possibilities for involvement in Second Life coincided with his growing interest displaying my own art within in digital art. But why fractal in Second Life, and in reaching an particular? “I have a science and audience from around the world while also having the freedom to math's-focused education and have always worked with technology. create exhibition spaces which would be impossible in the physical Because of this, the computer naturally became my paint brush. world.” So it was, with his growing interest “Some of my passions include in creating digital art, Gem decided ecology, Earth sciences, and humanity’s relationship and place to set up his own gallery in

in Nature. Astronomy and cosmology particularly bring together my fascination with science with my own imagination and fascination for the human capacity to imagine, discover, explore and learn. All of these play a role in my creative expression and imaginings. “Initially, I worked on screen captures of things like Earth images, which I enhanced and recolored.” These include 2011’s Abstractions, Dunes, and Mineralia, some of which were exhibited in Second Life.

mathematical aspect make them,” he pauses, searching for the right word, "welcome to my rational, scientific side.” I suggest that there is also something intrinsically organic about the geometry of fractal art as well, which also fits with his humanistic outlook and passion for ecology and nature. Gem agrees, continuing, “It has also encouraged me in other ways,” he says. “I love literature and enjoy writing. I also love music; it has such power to enhance and strengthen either emotion or immersion. My fractal work has allowed me to combine these into my art as well. The Anthropic Principle [reviewed here] and Wrecks [part of his Heritage series, reviewed here] reflect the narrative aspect, and I certainly want to do more with my installations along these lines, while I spend a good deal of time searching for music to accompany my exhibitions. I enjoy this and will go on doing it.

He continues, “Then at the beginning of 2012, I discovered Mandelbulb 3D. This allowed me to immerse myself in the world of fractal designs and expressionism. I’m not a painter, but fractals allow me to create - to paint, if you will, as a printer’s ink is a substitute for a painter’s acrylics or oils are they not? - , with such a diversity of results. It was for me a fantastic shortcut to "painting" creation, without almost any learning curve. “But fractal software has also led In addition, the underlying me to other software as well,” he

adds. “I’ve started working with Terragen, a landscape generator. I hope to produce images of enough quality to display them in Second Life when time comes.”

Sansar for artistic activity.”

“Yes,” he replies. “But to be honest, I haven’t had the time to visit it yet. I have a lot of projects to prepare before the end of the year, so I many not get to it until next year. If I can build installations there, I may well try, because I think it is a new step in immersion, and it fascinates me.

“It’s a mix of all this,” he answers. “Creating fractals of any kind is a continuous process, but in every image there can be something which catches my eye. Some connection or evocation of a concern or passion. So there is a resonance, if you will - between my favorite topics or what is on my mind. Also, the environment I build into which to display the art plays a role as well.

The narrative aspect to Gem’s work is something I’ve noticed in a number of his installations looking for narrative is something I tend to do a lot with art). So I wondered how things came Given his involvement with technology, I wondered in Gem had together for him; did the desire to thoughts about Linden Lab’s Sansar tell a story prompt the designs and art, or did he start with a theme or platform, either as a place to idea, then let the art tell its own explore or potentially as story? somewhere to exhibit his work.

“But,” he continues. “Second Life has a fantastic audience. Would it be the same on Sansar, will it be as popular? Is there already a significant public on it? There are many questions for which I don’t yet have the answers, and finding them will determine my use of

“So you might say I have concept in my head, which evolves. I shape the fractal images in the direction of the idea, and they in turn feedback into the original concept

and frame the environment, which also feeds back into the art. So it is organic; it’s like a snowball, growing as it rolls.

dramatic space trips, and the story flowed in a single evening. I then used fifteen of my science-fiction fractal images to frame the story.

“Chance also plays a part as well. Take the city in The Anthropic Principle, for example. Several things in my life converged by chance to give rise to that design; I’d just read an H.P. Lovecraft story dealing with the exploration of a menacing site, as well a perusing a paper about the Dur-Sharrukin excavations at Khorsabad. These gave me the foundations for the design and the story. At the same time, came the news about the TRAPPIST-1 extra-solar planets, and this provided the background and setting. So, it is really a convergence process of many factors and influences.

“I’m also extremely sensitive to time: history and archaeology interest me a lot, and I find the idea of our presence having meaning beyond the span of our life emotionally compelling. I wanted to combine these ideas into an installation.

“The Heritage series, Vestiges and Wrecks, and No Frontiers which followed them, also have a relationship. I actually created Wrecks first, in November 2015. It was inspired in part by the movie Interstellar. I was in the mood for

“As I already had images of fractal ‘treasures’, I had the idea of building an installation as a kind of quest people could visit and explore, discovering these treasures, these glimpses of a past, along the way. And so I designed Vestiges [reviewed here] as a concept for an installation. Wrecks naturally seemed to accompany it, forming a story both looking to the past and - with Wrecks - raising questions of our stewardship of the environment and the legacy we leave for future generations in our care of the Earth, so I brought them together under the umbrella of Heritage.

“Wrecks was intentionally a dark piece - and many felt the emotional weight in it; but I didn’t want to remain in that dark place, so No Frontiers naturally grew from my desire to remain with sciencefiction, but present something brighter, with more enthusiasm for our future. But at the time, when I was working on it, other things influenced it. The American Presidential election campaigns were in full swing, with a lot of talk of separation, borders, walls. This naturally made me want to offer something more embracing, where there are no artificial boundaries.”

do this unless we look to resolve the issues we face today. “Science, in its broadest sense, is the mean be which we do so, through exploration, analysis, deduction, questioning and reason. For me it’s the best use our brain. We have it in us to resolve all of society’s issues - health, wealth, the environment - if only we are willing. This is why I’m interested in anything related to knowledge and discovery. I have a passion for science and a concern for the environment. We need both to secure our future - if we are to have a future.”

Delving into the Heritage suite and no Frontiers led me back to Gem’s He pauses for a moment. “And that interests in science and science is the attraction of science fiction. fiction. It allows us to dream; it is a wonderful playing field for the “We are the ultimate product of imagination. But it is also the life on this planet. We have been domain of a very serious brain granted a brain which allows us to exercise: trying to foresee where understand and influence our our behavior is leading us, offering environment. At the same time, we both alternatives and warnings. I question what is our purpose as a am also attracted to science fiction species; personally, I believe it is to which juggles with time as a understand and decipher the concept - time loops and such. universe around us. But we cannot Time is very much a dimension

dimension which fascinates me, and again finds its way into my art.” It’s a time-consuming task, but one which results in beautifully detailed One aspect of Gem’s exhibitions in pieces which appear flawless in Second Life is the unique manner their design, no matter how close in which he displays his art. As he one zooms. generally builds his own installations, he can often use As our time draws to a close, I turn exceptionally large formats for the conversation back to Second individual pieces. However, with Life: besides exhibiting his art inthe constraints inherent in SL’s world, what else does Gem like to texture upload / display capability, do with his time here. this can risk a loss of detail and resolution if pieces are uploaded as “I tend to spend most of my time single items of work. visiting other art installations and exhibitions, attending shows (like To overcome this, Gem takes each Monarchs or particle shows), and high-resolution image and divides spending time with some old good it into a series of panels which he friends, and some interesting new then uploads individually and ones,” he replies. “It used to be a assembles into a finished piece. second life. It's now part of my life, However, even this is not as simple just like any other social network. as it sounds. “Second Life doesn’t But unlike other social networks, it natively allow textures to be easily gives me live and visual ‘stitched’ together,” he notes, “Not interactivity, creative opportunities, without the ‘stitching’ being immersive dimension and freedom invisible to some degree. So I use which is addictive in a very positive software which allows me to way.” ‘precut’ the images with parameters which avoid the more As he mentioned building, I common ‘stitching’ problems after wondered if he might be interested upload.” in expressing himself using other

artistic mediums in-world, through “I don’t think I’m qualified to 3D prim and / or mesh art or comment on what should be photography or machinima. improved,” he responds quietly and modestly. “I don’t think I use all of “I’m interested in video making and its capabilities enough for that. But mesh,” he nods. “But for a variety improvements in the time I’ve of reasons - lack of time, lack of been here? software, limitations of my hardware, and so on, I’ve never “Well of course, there are all the involved myself deeply in them.” avatar improvements, and mesh He grins, and adds with a twinkle in has brought a lot of added depth his eye, “I also confess a reluctance and realism to clothing, to spend a lot of time on them just accessories, buildings and in case I’m not that good with furnishings. But I can remember them!” superbly built regions from years ago which, at the time looked, as More seriously, he goes on, “But I good as anything we might visit have experimented with using today. But these kind of Windows Movie Maker to create improvements are a part of slide-shows of my work, set to evolution. I look at them less as selected music tracks [see here for new things to be appreciated and an example]. And I stand in awe of more as the means by which we the work by people like Wizardoz are encouraged to stay engaged in Chrome or Pia Klaar, or Tutsy of Second Life and explore, experiment, and share.” course.” Given he has been involved in Second life for a decade, I wondered if he had any thoughts on Second Life - its evolution or how it might be improved.

What might be his hopes for the platform’s future? “Oh, that it will last, and people will keep on discovering and enjoying it. I’d like to hope that

Second Life can once again become You can also see more of his art via a name more widely known and these selected links: understood in the world, and anyone would consider having an  Vestiges: https:// account and spending time here, www.flickr.com/ just as they would with Facebook. photos/44535224@N05/ Maybe, thanks to Sansar and VR, albums/72157665859324701 Second Life could against capture the imaginations of people who  No Frontiers: https:// enjoy creativity and socializing; www.flickr.com/ there is such freedom to be photos/44535224@N05/ enjoyed here.” albums/72157679177545175 So, given he has been exhibiting art five years, does he hope to continue for at least another five? He laughs, nodding. “Of course! Right now I am preparing two exhibitions which will open before Christmas, and I am planning a major project which I hope to bring to Second Life in 2018 - and there will be a lot more to come after that!” All of which I, for one, know I’ll enjoy visiting - and writing about. Gem Preiz is currently exhibiting “Five Years of Fractals” at the R&D Art Gallery complex in Second Life.

Anthropic Principle: https:// www.flickr.com/ photos/44535224@N05/ albums/72157680283129344

Terragen images:https:// www.flickr.com/ photos/44535224@N05/ sets/72157649464698054 Fractal Art: https:// www.flickr.com/ photos/44535224@N05/ albums/72157629074167551 KM

Kultivate would like to thank Gem Preiz for the interview.


On September 22nd, 2017, Maxwell Graf issued a deeply personal, heart-breaking request via Plurk. Related to a personal situation, it included a request for people to buy from his store (inworld or on the Marketplace). For obvious reasons Max didn’t feel comfortable in asking for more than this, despite the severity of the situation he and his flesh and blood partner, Lyyric Fei face. However, that hasn’t stopped friends and fellow creators from rallying around; and on Monday, September 25th, a special shopping event, organized by Charlotte Bartlett, Sophia Harlow and Blazin Arubet, was announced. Going to the Max, also now more simply referenced as For Max, opened on Tuesday, October 3rd and will run through until Tuesday, October 10th, 2017. It features more than 50 creators from across Second Life, offering fashion, clothing, animations, accessories, furniture, fun items, curios – even entire houses – with many offering 100% of all sale proceeds in support of Max and Lyyric.

Taking place on the Apple Fall region, featuring booths sponsored by Shiny Shabby, For Max not only features some great shopping opportunities, but will also include entertainment (yet to be scheduled at the time of writing), raffles, an auction and more. The sheer diversity of goods on offer means For Max really is an event with something to suit almost everyone and every pocket. So do make a point of visiting, perusing and purchasing! Be sure, as well, to keep an eye on the For Max Facebook page (Facebook login not required) for the latest information and updates on the event. But that’s not all that’s going on in support of Max and Lyrric! Also rising to the call, artist and author Kylie Sabra has opened an art exhibition at her gallery spacein the Antiquity regions in support of Max and Lyrric. As with For Max, Kylie’s Benefiting Maxwell Graf exhibition runs from Tuesday

Kylie’s work – landscapes, avatar studies, abstracts, is evocative, emotive and exquisite. It is ideal for in-world display, and a superb addition to any collection belonging to the discerning connoisseur of virtual and digital art. Her outdoor gallery space at Buckingham Palace in Antiquity also makes for an idyllic visit. So why not combine a visit to the historic Antiquity regions and time appreciating Kylie’s artistry with an opportunity to further help Max and Lyrric with a purchase or two?

SLURLS AND LINKS For Max (Apple Fall, rated, Moderate) For Max Facebook page Kylie Sabra: Benefiting Maxwell Graf (Antiquity Tejas, rated: Moderate) Antiquity Times blog post on the art exhibition KM



SL had several sims dedicated to the wonders of space: The International Spaceflight Museum, Inspire Space Park, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and many others including Universe located on Black Mocha. Universe is less educational and more sci-fi that the others. The landing point is a blue tunnel and written upon the wall are the words, “This mysterious blue planet was discovered by NASA 4000 years ago. But those astronauts who arrived to explore all died under mysterious circumstances”. This will all become clear when you move forward and the tunnel opens onto a bizarre scene of dead astronauts strewn around the landscape amid the remains of a space capsule. Don’t let scene this put you off from exploring the sim. I never did find out the point of the story or what the meaning was for the dead astronauts but it really didn’t matter to me since the sky and planetary scenery was just striking. There are some

beautiful areas for photography and sculpture pieces dotted about but the most amazing part is the color palette and shimmer of the sky and planets above. I’m not sure my photos do it justice It’s brilliant, luminous and just spectacular. You can visit Universe at the following slurl: http:// maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ Black%20Mocha/142/153/22 KM


Recently opening last week at La Maison d’Aneli in Virtual Holland, is an exhibition by six artists showing 2D works (although according to bios, some don’t consider themselves artists). You will arrive at the landing on the first floor. Therese Carfagno’s works occupy the space under Sweet’s and also show a variety of different styles.

before to accommodate the works of three artists. Going down to the ground floor, you’ll find real life photos by Nils Urqhart on the right. In a large room behind the stairs are works by Gitu Aura. The notecard for Gitu contains a landmark to her studio with a lovely rooftop garden.

The first floor space has had some I enjoyed viewing the exhibit and reading the bios. KM structural changes I’d not seen


The 2017 Rock Your Rack Art Show and Auction in support of Rock Your Rack opened on Saturday, September 30th, 2017, and will run through until Saturday, October 14th, alongside the main Rock Your Rack 2017 events.

The participating artists are: angyel Resident, artandsoul constantine, Astrid Zhangsun, Beth Pentewyn, Booyakashaka Resident, CalystiaMoonShadow, captainofmysoul, chanasitsayo, Daruma Boa, DrusillaGwind Resident, Eleseren Brianna, Elle Rock Your Rack is the annual fund- Thorkveld, emberdearheart raiser started in October of 2012 by Resident, Eucalyptus Carroll, Jamee Sandalwood and the team FreeDom Voix, ilyra chardin, at Models Giving Back for Inquisitor Titanium, Jamee the National Breast Cancer Sandalwood, John Brianna, Karma Foundation (NBCF). Founded in Weymann, Kerry Streeter, M8ty 1991, NBCF’s mission is to help Resident, Meishagirl Resident, women in the United States by Myra Wildmist, NaTaS Janus, providing help and inspiring hope retroye resident, Sandi Benelli, to those affected by breast cancer Sheba Blitz, tisephone resident, through early detection, education Veruca Tammas, Vivienne Darcy, and support services. NBCF is also and Wintergeist. joining hands with organizations around the globe to provide breast Events accompanying the Art Show cancer education. include the return of the Pink Art Ball with live performer SaraMarie Curated and coordinated Philly on Saturday, September 20th by Kultivate Magazine on behalf of at 16:00 SLT, a special gift card Rock Your Rack, the art show raffle, and a special art auction features 32 2D and 3D artists, all of bundle, featuring work by Cica whom are offering one or more Ghost and Bryn Oh. The art show items in their art displays with will participate in the Rock Your 100% of proceeds going to Rock Rack hunt, where hunt goers can Your Rack. search for hangers throughout the

As well as the Art Show, Rock Your Rack features shopping, a silent auction, live entertainment, DJs, the aforementioned hunt ‌ all in a beach themed location so those of us facing the approach of winter can enjoy a last moment of sunshine for 2017, and those in the southern hemisphere can greet the forthcoming arrival of summer!

the hunt and auction, and a list of participating sponsors. SLURLS AND LINKS Rock Your Rack main SLurl (rated: Moderate) Rock Your Rack Art Show and Auction Rock Your Rack website

National Breast Cancer Foundation The complete schedule of events can be found at the Rock Your Rack Official Rock Your Rack / Models calendar, and on Giving Back page at NBCF KM the entertainment page of the website, together with details of




RISTORANTE IVANNA This free self service restaurant is part of Kultivate Art Galler restaurant. **The restaurant is not a role-play restaurant wh restaurant where you can bring your date or loved one for a

ry and is in the style of a romantic Italian here you have to pay to be served. It is a FREE quiet and romantic setting. **

Stylist & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Outfit: By Chiffon : Edith Gown in gold (100% donation) and Cluth – Hunt item atRockYourRack MakeUp: By Alma Crown: By Shanghai



Always loved circus esthetics and movies & books like "Water For The Elephants" - this was shot on the Faster Pussycat sim maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resistance/168/169/23 - and you are welcome to come here to shoot and explore if you like, as long as you respect the two private residences on the sim. For the look I used Lelutkas Simone bento head, skin from Birth, Maitreya Lara mesh body, a headpiece from Azoury and an original mesh creation from BENDER.

Mask: Alter – Gaga Drip Mask (@ SWANK) Necklace: Mandala – Hannya male Choker Ears: Swallow – Pyramid ears Hair: Barber Shop – Jay


Music Inspiration

www.youtube.com/watch? v=aiDNf8trWn8&list=PLIVRdGrgqGX... lesclairsdelunederoxaane.blogspot.fr/2017/09/ octopussy.html Model & Photographer : roxaane Fyanucci - Les clairs de Lune de Roxaane lesclairsdelunederoxaane.blogspot.fr/ www.facebook.com/lesclairsdelunederox/?fref=ts fr.pinterest.com/fyanucci/ plus.google.com/u/0/105300544617797133478/posts twitter.com/RFyanucci




K-tarsis Tattoo: Urban Beast * for The Darkness Monthly Event *







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