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Welcome to the May 2017 Issue in mine. of Kultivate Magazine! Eleseren and I can finally have some fun after a very busy April! This issue will feature real life and Second Life artist, Sabine Mortenwold, Kody Meyers, The Butterfly Conservatory, and Liz Harley.

Memorial Day will also be a very sad holiday for myself, as a current active duty military member, I have lost many comrades to the wars . I also lost my brother to Afghanistan over 3 years ago.

There are some happy things for me this May, my children The issue also contains photo celebrate their 2nd and 3rd essays by Tiszo Cico and Sandi birthday’s respectively and I will Benelli and articles on copyright have one myself. and creative commons and the furry culture of Second Life. The Life goes in circles, you really Butterfly Conservatory is also do not know where it will lead featured. you. A month can be like what I just described, full of mixed May is a month that celebrates feelings, joy, sadness, grief, and mothers, as Mothers Day is this nostalgia….. month and veterans as Memorial Day also falls in May. Eleseren and I would like to thank our advertisers, Both days have a special contributors, and readers, as meaning to myself. About 3 well as all of our artists. We years ago, I lost my mother to hope that you enjoy the issue! a stroke. Not a day goes by that I do not miss her. Yes the cliché John, that a boy loves his mother is Owner & Publisher of true, but there will always be a Kultivate Magazine hole in one’s heart, when you lose a parent and there is one


KULTIVATE MAGAZINE MAY 2017 CREDITS John, Owner, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Ilyra Chardin, Contributor

Eleseren Brianna, COO & Editor in Chief of The Edge

Myra Wildmist, Contributor

Jessii2009 Warrhol, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Inara Pey, Lead Contributor Amy Beebe, Contributor Dawnbeam Dreamscrape, Contributor

Stavaros Gracemont, Edge Contributor

Anouk Lefavre, Editorial Photographer Sabine Mortenwold Cover Photography ReRe Sandalwood Guest Contributor

THE EDGE MAY 2017 STYLISTS: Wicca Merlin Layka63 Euridce Qork Paradox Messmer Caesar Langer

KULTIVATE ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Sandi Benelli, Lead Artist in Residence Pam Astonia Byrnedarkly Cazalet Warm Clarity












Sabine Mortenwold is an artist in both real life and Second Life. She also is a fashion model in Second Life and she is the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show Best in Show Winner. I was able to sit down with Sabine for this article, to discuss art and more‌

blown away by the graphics and the places you could explore.

SL from some of my friends in another online world called Rose. They came over and were early adapters but I came here and was not blown away. When I lost my job in 2008 like so many others at that time, I needed something to distract me and gave SL another shot. It had changed a good bit and I found that I liked it much better. I was

Kultivate Spring Show. It is such an honor to have won as there were a lot of wonderful artists in the show from both RL and SL. I was really impressed with the great inworld photos and loved the 3D work as well. I am very appreciative of the judges who picked my work and also to the vendors who gave such generous awards, what a lovely surprise. I

JOHN: You are our winner for Best in Show at the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show, that just wrapped last month and the first place winner in our Juried 2D RL competition. So JOHN: So tell us about congratulations! How does it yourself, how long have you feel? been in Second Life and SABINE: First I would like how did you first discover to say thank you John for the platform? the great opportunity to SABINE: I had heard about show my work at the

Garden inspiration by Sabine Mortenwold

was thrilled that my work was picked.

painting as inspiration of something.

JOHN: And you are a real life artist, why did you decide to bring your artwork in Second Life? SABINE: I showed a

JOHN: Tell our readers about your artwork genre? SABINE: My paintings are

all mixed media using acrylic, collage, and oil pastel. I worked in oils for years and decided to explore more abstract work and immediately fell in love with mixed media. I love to build layers and layers of painting, collage, and drawing which gives my work a really interesting deep, color, and texture. My paintings are all process driven and I allow the painting to direct me on where it wants to go. My pieces are either abstract, figurative, or floral. I chose to enter my floral work for the Kultivate Spring show as it was a spring theme in a way.

number of my friends in SL paintings that I was working on or had finished. People said that I should show my paintings here as well. I was able to participate in shows at the East Gallery and at Galeria Mexico and have had several other opportunities to show here there. It is fun to bring what I do into SL so I can share my RL work with my SL friends. I also thought that it might be fun to work with some clothing designers in SL giving them my paintings as textures. I have worked with Lode, Loovus, and Faster Pussycat. It is very interesting to see how the JOHN: What inspires you to designer will use my create a piece of artwork?

SABINE: I generally

2009. I wanted more to do approach a painting with a and heard about modeling very loose plan. I like to and decided to try this see where it will go. I out. I love to dress my learned a long time ago that virtual doll and love fashion you have to listen to the in RL as well plus I was a painting but you also have model in RL when I was to be willing to take risk and young so I thought I would challenge yourself. As I said see what modeling was like above, my work is largely in SL. You can be very process driven so I allow creative here so that is myself to play and explore fun. I have taught modeling to discover what shows up and enjoy helping new in the work. But some models. pieces do have a reason like my florals in that I have When I came back to SL loved to garden in rl. My after a couple of years geisha paintings also have a absence working on my art, special meaning to me as I was asked if I would like they are dedicated to one of to run a causal chat for my very good friends who Model's Workshop called died from lung cancer in FashionDish. It is like 2014. sitting around in the living

room chatting with your JOHN: You are also a friends about something you Second Life model and you enjoy or have concerns work with Models Workshop. about. we cover all sorts of Tell our readers about these topics that are relevant to two roles. models in SL.

SABINE: I started taking modeling classes in SL in

JOHN: Does being an artist

influence your modeling work? SABINE: Yes, definitely! I

floral. This show also has pieces that are a collaborative between think it really helps me have Honey Bender of Faster Pussycat. She used a an eye for what I can mix and match and what colors number of my paintings to work together. I am already make a special collection. I creative and to be a model will be part of the Fellowship in SL agencies want you to Program at Windlight in May. I also have an be creative and have style. I think it gives me a upcoming exhibition in real good eye for what will and life. KM won't work.

Kultivate would like to JOHN: Do you have any thank Sabine for taking the upcoming exhibitions in time to chat with us! either real life or Second Please contact Sabine in world if you would like more Life? SABINE: I currently have a information on how to view show at Galeria Mexico that her real life art work. has a full range of my art from abstract, figurative to



Kody Meyers recently placed second in the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show for the Best in Show Category and first place for the Best in 2D Second Life Based Art Category. I was able to catch up with Kody to discuss art and more: JOHN: So, tell us about yourself, how long have you been in Second Life and how did you first discover the platform?

KODY: I have been in Second

Life for two years. A friend told me about the platform saying it was a nice way to meet people from all around the world. I enjoyed chatting and making friends, but it did not take long before I realized SL is way more than that. I got hooked by the beauty of the graphics and by the diversity of the sims.

feel? KODY: It was totally

unexpected for me. But it feels great because I am always doubting myself. I always think I could have done it better or differently. It is great to get recognition and to hear I am on the right track and that others appreciate my work -a moment in time caught for them. After all, the job of a photographer is to share your work.

JOHN: So why did you decide to create art in Second Life? KODY: It is almost

impossible with a great tool like Second Life to not want to create, to be part of it. I wanted to do photography to catch a second that will last forever. You put an image on the wall and it brings a mixture of emotions and thoughts. The image starts to come alive, it lives inside you. You feel happier, or at peace. The emotions are real and sometimes they last.

JOHN: You were our firstplace winner in the juried 2D SL Based art section at the JOHN: What inspires your Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show. work? So, congrats! How does it

KODY: Everything inspires they want to project. It is my work. It can be the striking beauty of a landscape, the happiness of a family, a person with a special personality. It can be a feeling that you want to share or keep longer for yourself so you don't forget. My work varies, but I find happiness if a picture evokes emotions.

then my job to find a way to express it in a portrait that will make them happy first, while being satisfied with the quality of my work at the same time.

JOHN: Do you create artwork in real life? KODY: I am from a real-

life family of artists. I always created in real life but it had nothing to do JOHN: Tell our readers with photography. It was about your artwork. Does nothing as material as a it consist mostly of picture that you can hold landscapes or portraits? in your hand. Since I am KODY: I started by doing from a family of singers, landscapes and it is my actors, dancers and so on, first love. I also do I think that I just got bit portraits, but they were by the creative bug. Art intimidating for me at is also a way of life and it first. It is more teaches you to think intimate. Sometimes we outside the box. But if I don’t see ourselves as had the chance, I would others do. When I do a be a photographer in a portrait, I talk a little with heartbeat in real life also. the person, trying to understand their JOHN: Do you have any personalities, what is upcoming projects or important to them or what

exhibitions? KODY: My next exhibition

will be at Windlight Art Gallery in May and June. I am also working on a project to open my own little Gallery that I would like to use for myself but also to features other artists now and then.

JOHN: Do you have any advice for budding artists out there? KODY: Work hard and

persevere. Be curious and keep all your senses active because you never know what will pop out in front of you. But the only real advice I have is work, work and work. In photography, you can learn new things for

the rest of your life. Explore, try, don't be afraid to do mistakes, you learn from them. KM

Kultivate would like to thank Kody for the interview! You can view Kody’s work at his personal gallery, which you can find at the following slurl: Kody Meyers Gallery : http:// maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/Golden% 20Sunny% 20Island/220/125/2056



Kultivate Contributor, Veruca Tammas is a real life library director. During the Kultivate Spring 2017 Art Show, we asked Veruca to give an Art Talk on Creative Commons and Copyright and to write this article:

protects intellectual property, original works of authorship including music, art, literature, plays, poems, film, architecture, etc. It DOES NOT protect facts, ideas, methods of operation or systems. For example If Last month I was asked to you have an idea to splatter a canvas with speak at the Kultivate paint in a geometric Spring Art Show on the pattern your idea is not topic of copyright and Creative Commons. Both subject to copyright but the artistic piece you are relevant to anyone create is protected. who creates art or literature in SL or RL. In RL I’ve been a librarian for Some of you may be 37 years and copyright is under the assumption that extremely important in my in order to protect your field of work. We are work you must file aware of it’s uses and paperwork, hire a legal abuses every day. representative, or pay sums of money to make sure you obtain a In the US, copyright is a copyright for your form of protection that creation, but that is not was established in the the case. As soon as you Constitution and by law create your original work for original works. Copyright covers it is copyrighted! No further action is both published and necessary. The law unpublished works. It

automatically protects a work that is created and fixed in a tangible medium of expression. That tangible medium can be in the form of a photo, lyrics, film, music, the written word, etc. In the US, your original work is protected by copyright for the length of your life plus an additional 70 years (this may vary in other countries). The only time you need to register a copyright is if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of your work against someone who has used your creation without the proper permission or attribution. One caveat - if you are hired to take a photo or write a play or create a specific song as a commission then, even though you are the creator of that original work, the copyright belongs to the person who hired you to create that piece. Unless

there was an agreement discussed prior to the creation of that piece the person who paid for the creation is holder of the copyright including the permissions and attribution. For example if a designer in SL was paid to create a one-of-a kind tattoo for a person then the person who takes possession of that tattoo is the one who has the rights to that creation unless an agreement was made with the artist. There are also works in the public domain where copyright no longer applies and these works are free to be used without attribution. You don’t need any permission to use them as is or adapt them for your own purposes but you must be careful to seek out original works in the public domain, not works that have been adapted.

Take for instance the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is in the public domain because the painting was created around 1519 and the copyright has long expired. But if you adapt or change the image, for example, the Mona Lisa by Vee is a derivative. If you print this photo or use it in any way then I have to be given credit (attribution) as the artist because I hold the copyright on this particular creation. When you create an object you decide the permissions allowed for your original piece of work and this is where Creative Commons comes into play. Creative Commons is a network of affiliates from around the globe who provide free, easy-to-use copyright licenses, which give the public permission to share and use your

creative work within the conditions that YOU CHOOSE! As the creator of the work you determine how you want your original piece to be modified, sold, used, reworked, etc. Creative Commons is very simple to use! Their website https:// creativecommons.org/ has detailed information and explanations for each of the categories. You simply choose what you want and can create an attribution statement for a website or url or a copy of the “code buttons” to add to your piece or advertisement. The CC buttons display the codes which you determine are appropriate for your work. You’ll also see these codes displayed in Flickr, Google Images, SecondLife marketplace, Vimeo, Wikimedia Commons, Open Clip Art Library, and so many other places. By the

way, Wikimedia Commons is a great source for free public domain images!

and distribute your work intact! They cannot modify any part of your creation without your permission.

With Creative Commons you get to choose among the following permissions, a very simple and If you are a user of Flickr straightforward approach: you will notice there is a • Attribution - Anyone dropdown menu for every who uses your work photo where you can use must give you credit in the Creative Common the manner you request. coding to indicate the permissions you allow for • ShareAlike - You give permission for other to each photo you copy, distribute, display, create. You can change these for each photo. perform and modify your work. Full perms. They can use your work for their own purposes but if they distribute the piece it must be with the same conditions. •

Wikimedia Commons is a great source for images including many in the public domain. Each photo you choose to use also provides clear and easy attribution Non Commercial - Your statements for you to use work cannot be used for exactly as stated. commercial purposes Another source for free unless you give specific images on the web is freeimages.com which permission. also has their own No Derivatives - You give permission for the permission system clearly person to copy, display stated on the website.

Some useful sites: https://www.copyright.gov/title17/ https://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ15a.pdf https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page http://www.freeimages.com/ https://openclipart.org/ Derivative works - https://www.copyright.gov/circs/ circ14.pdf KM


Liz Harley has been a staple in the live music community in Second Life for many years. She is the co-owner of The Key’s live music venue and The Key’s Management group for live singers. I was able to sit down and discuss live music and more with Liz:

local newspaper. As a non -gamer, I was interested in the socialization and exploration aspects of the "game."

JOHN: And why did you decide to get involved with live music? LIZ: I have a deep love

for both the visual arts and music. Early on in my career in real life I JOHN: Thanks for worked for several nonagreeing to do an for-profit arts interview with us at organizations (opera and Kultivate! I can say that theatre companies, we love the Keys and and a textile your musicians. Tell our museum) assisting readers how you first in marketing and discovered Second Life. fundraising. Second Life LIZ: Thank you so much, was my opportunity to John, for asking and for present and promote live your ongoing support of music to a community-something I found that The Keys and our was missing/lacking in musicians! I first discovered Second Life in my current real life working in accounting. the summer of 2006, after reading an article about the virtual world in JOHN: Tell us about the the gaming section of the origin of the Keys Live

venue, I have been told that it has been around for quite awhile in Second Life. When was it founded? LIZ: I opened a small Jazz

LIZ: I definitely

agree. Nothing stays the same in a virtual world, just like in the real world. Venues open and club with a radio stream in close, musicians come and February 2007. I really had go (and come again sometimes :P). But in no great expectations for general, I have seen a the club with no paid decline in activity. However, advertising. But soon the the quality of artistry is still club was getting traffic of there and the dedication of over 40,000. I added live venue owners (smaller in Jazz musicians and DJs to numbers) is still strong and the schedule to provide heartfelt. more variety. At around this time I met my soon-to-be-partner and his JOHN: Tell our readers brother. They had about the Keys purchased land in a Florida- Management Group, why themed community of sims did you decide to manage and wanted to open a resort musicians? and marina where residents LIZ: Laurie Alexis and Syd could gather. In July 2007, Baddingham, co-owners of we opened Key West Resort The Keys, were approached and Marina and began a live and encouraged by several music program. musicians to create a

JOHN: Many people have said that live music is not quite the same in Second Life, do you agree and disagree?

management company. With our combined skills of managing artists and running venues, we felt we could make a positive difference.

JOHN: And how many musicians do you currently manage? LIZ: The Keys

Management Group currently represents 13 musicians--some being more active than others.

JOHN: How can a venue book one of your musicians? LIZ: Bookings may be

Facebook: Lauren M Bloch •

Alternately, you may contact us by e-mail: keywestmarina@gmail. com

JOHN: New venues can be hard to maintain and keep going, any advice for future live music venue owners? LIZ: Do your

arranged with any of the research! Ask existing venue owners what it following KMG booking takes to run a venue. If managers: you are going to run a • Laurie Alexis venue that pays Second Life: LaurieC musicians, know that you Resident (Display Name will run in the red. Book Laurie Alexis) by musicians within your notecard financial means. Facebook: Laurie Alexis •

Liz Harley Second Life: Liz Harley (Display Name Mrs. Liz Wake) by notecard Facebook: Liz Harley Lo Bloch Second Life: Lo Bloch by notecard

JOHN: How can a musician become managed by the Keys? LIZ: They can contact

one of the booking managers and arrange for an audition. However, we do like to keep our

active roster at a manageable level. KM

Kultivate would like to thank Liz for taking the time to interview with us. You can visit The Keys online and in Second Life by using the following web links: Management website: https://thekeyslivemusic.wordpress.com/ Facebook links: https://www.facebook.com/TheKeysManagementGroup/ https://www.facebook.com/thekeyssl/ Key West venue: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Key%20West%



A little while ago now, I dropped in on the Butterfly Conservatory to grab a landmark with a view to a possible future blog post – and then promptly let it slip from my mind after filing it. Fortunately for me, there’s the weekly Destination Highlights, and the April 14th edition served as an aide-memoire, prompting me to suggested to Caitlyn we hop over and have a look around.

taking a more extended walk among the trees and flowers. Along the way they can learn about owls, discover some of Ry Heslop’s photography (offered for sale), find places to sit and enjoy the setting, visit a behind glass collections of bugs and delve into the world of bees and honey.

The gardens are nicely laid out, the meandering path giving a feeling of size The work of Ry Heslop and beyond that of the space it Kacey Heslop (Kacey occupies, with the various Delicioso), the Butterfly points of interest well Conservatory occupies one spaced out along it. The half of a sky platform above latter helps prevent any their full region home, feeling of having a wall of where it is located within a information thrown at you delightful garden suited to a every few meters. The range of viewer-side display of creepy-crawlies is windlights. nicely presented, each of the bugs in its own case; From the landing point the models are visitors can follow the understandably oversized footpaths around the so thy can be studied more garden, either going directly easily. The bee display is to the conservatory, or also nicely laid out, with

hives and flowers and bees industriously buzzing around.

amiss. Also, while we’re warned that bees are endangered / critical to human life and challenged Throughout all of this, little to help save them, we’re groups of butterflies can be not told why (they are responsible for pollinating found, circling plants and reminding us of the central 70 of the 100 top crop theme of the gardens. The species that feed 90% of the world) or how, thus the conservatory itself warning and challenge are challenges visitors to find various families of butterfly diminished somewhat. among the plants within its Even so, the Butterfly walls. There are also information boards detailing Conservatory makes for an the life cycle, anatomy and enjoyable and informative visit. It presents a nicely diet of the butterfly – although it would be nice to relaxed environment with plenty to see and perhaps see a little more appreciate. So, if you’re information on the looking for something just individual families of that little bit different to butterfly represented. visit and explore, we can recommend a visit. KM A couple of other minor niggles also occurred. While You can visit The Butterfly having in-world display boards maintains a feeling Conservatory at the of immersion, some might following slurl: http:// find them difficult to read. maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/Golden% So providing an option for 20Sunny% people to gain the info via 20Island/119/157/3502 note card might not go


If you truly want to embody your spirit animal, becoming a furry may be the best way to go. According to Megan Garber’s November 6, 2014 article entitled “Your Spirit Animal: An Investigation,” a spirit animal can either be a person or thing that a person deeply appreciates; to better identify this appreciation, a person can literally embody their admiration for another person or thing by claiming it as their own (Garber 2014).

instance, a person may appreciate the mane of a lion, as well as a lion’s hunting skill and prowess. Yet, in appreciating a lion, a person may see a bit of themselves in the animal; like the lion, they may have a “mane” of thick hair, or they may be very skilled at hunting down a person or a thing that they want, not to mention have a strong social prowess that is difficult to shy away from. They see the attributes of the lion in themselves, and readily embrace that side of Within the context of the themselves by claiming the furry, the sense of ownership specifically relies lion as their spirit animal. on identifying, as well as While the concept of incorporating key embracing your spirit characteristics and strengths that the animal of animal in Second Life may seem more tangible to the their choosing has. For

to the average person, it is important to note that in Real Life, embodying your spirit animal is just as tangible (if not more so). Dennis Avner (age 50), for instance, was a former US Navy veteran that had at least 14 operations aimed at morphing himself into a feline, complete with whiskers, ears and a mechanical tail (White 2012).

2008). Avner’s dedication to morphing himself into a tiger occurred soon after having a discussion with a Native American chief who inspired him to ‘follow the ways of the tiger’ (The Daily Mail 2008).

II. One of Two Furries: Anthropomorphic Furries

In contrast to Dennis Avner’s literal, cosmetically enhanced feline morphing, Avner, according to the becoming a furry in Second Daily Mail’s September 6, Life can–in a hosts of ways– 2008 article entitled “Cat be a bit more Man – The human ‘tiger’ simpler. Jaysen Katscher, that enjoys climbing trees who has been an active and eating raw meat Second Life community everyday” is descended member for 10 years and a from American Indians, and month, says that becoming has spent ‘an uncalculated a furry was a matter of amount’ of money on seeing an inworld avatar up making himself look like a close and wanting one for big cat (The Daily Mail himself. “Six months to a

after I first landed…” Katscher explains, “I found a WereHouse on a Therianation sim. While there, I saw the smilodon avi and instantly had to have it….” Jaysen Katscher Katscher alludes to the choice he made to become an anthropomorphic furry. Anthropomorphic, according to Wikipedia, “… is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities…” (Wikipedia). In the context of being a furry and participating in furry fandom culture, examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, as well as the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear

clothes (Wikipedia). Katscher, as he explains, functioned as a human in Second Life before finding his first furry avatar. He explains, “I wasn’t even aware of a fandom in RL or SL…I was just amazed to find this and wanted it. I was partnered at the time and she wasn’t keen on my being a furry in here. So I sneaked around, in a sense, trying to spend time with a version of myself that I enjoyed being over ‘just plain old human’. She eventually accepted what I was about and even tried it herself, though she preferred being human. Real life happened for her and she drifted out of SL… After that, I was a full-time fur and avatar collector. Giant robots, dragons and

other creatures all in my inventory for whenever I got bored. I always came back to my smilodon or tiger, though. They were home for me….where I felt at ease with myself and my lot in my 2nd Life.” Because Katscher was a radio jock for the first four years he was involved in Second Life, he often worked for and alongside Second Life humans, which often presented challenges for him. Katscher continues, “…it presented its moments when people wouldn’t get why I wouldn’t completely change my avatar to suit them…I even tried the ‘walk a mile in my paws’ explanations with some…”

He asserts, “Since then, I

have come across a bunch of great people who take me for me and don’t judge my looks. It’s been a great decade being a part of this and even getting to meet some people in here that became part of my family in real life.” Like Katscher, Rhythmic Nalvir (viviandreamer) also functions as an anthropomorphic furry, and has been an active Second Life community member for eight years. Yet unlike Katscher, Nalvir has always functioned as a furry. She explains, “I always been into the furry community on here. I was a furry before joining SL…I have always loved animals growing up, so being a creature where you’re a humanoid-like animal sounded awesome to

me…especially when I first heard about it 10 years ago…I also love the art styles and character creations people put behind there fursonas (NOTE: Furnsonas are, according to Wikipedia, ‘Anthropomorphic animal characters created by furry fans’)…” Though both Nalvir and Katscher came across their furry-based spirit animals in different ways, both admit that being a furry allows them to be creative. Katcher reiterates this claim by saying, “I get to express myself. I’ll admit to a guilty pleasure in the compliments from people who message me that they wish they could do the same, but are too afraid of being judged for it.”

III. Kit Mahogany: The Feral (and hence, second) Furry Panther Amorosi and her beloved pet cat, Kit Mahogany (also known as Kit-Kat) Besides anthropomorphic furries, there are those that believe in completely emulating their spirit animal by embodying them as a feral furry. Also known as either Non-anthro, full non-anthropomorphic, and/or non-morphic, the feral furry is a term used to describe a fictitious character or fursona that does not share virtually any human characteristics or traits associated with full furry/anthro beings (WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia). Less

commonly, it is used to describe just a regular, feral, non-sapient animal (WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia). One of many SL Community members that chooses to embody their spirit animal as a feral furry is Kit Mahogany. Affectionately known as Kit-Kat, Mahogany is a male jaguar that periodically turns into a snow leopard when the occasion calls for it. In either rp-based spirit animal mediums, Mahogany can often be seen at various venues with his owner Panther Amorosi. Because Mahogany’s owner is a DJ, Mahogany accompanies Amorosi to all of her DJ sets. When asked what he

loved most about being a feral cat, Mahogany explains, “I love being able to just lay around soaking up music and sunshine, lazing like a real cat does. No one expects much of you so it’s very relaxing.” What makes Mahogany and Amorosi’s relationship really special is that both are embodying their spirit animals in different ways. Mahogany actually embodies his spirit animal by literally becoming a feral cat, while Amorisi does so by closely aligning and caring for Kit Mahogany. Kit Mahogany reiterates this by saying, “Panther Amorosi, a human, takes care of my home and feeding needs… and I mainly live on a diet of fish…”

When Kit Mahogany was asked about the creation of his fursona, he explains, “I decided to create a furry after being an SL newbie for about a year and a half…I was intrigued with the possibility of taking on a fursona (persona for furries) and living as a furry in Second Life. My first avatar was an Anthro type (stands on two legs like humans), then I discovered the Feral type (goes on four legs and is more like a real animal)…”

Because he also became enamored with the snow leopard, Mahogany decided to embody the in world role of that animal too. Mahogany says, “I fell in love with the Snow Leopard avatar two years ago and felt that I could work it in as my ‘Winter Aspect,’ changing back to a Leopard for Summer…”

All admiration aside, Mahogany does acknowledge one key challenge of emulating a “About a year later…” feral furry. “The constant Mahogany continues, “…I challenge…” Mahogany says, settled on being a Melanistic “…is to try and work out Jaguar, as I had always how to express ideas or loved cats…I enjoyed complex actions only by watching my domestic cat emote, as my character is a for many hours, and this mute…that is to say, in the gave me insight as to how RP, Kit-Kat cannot speak (as to act like a cat for my in a real Leopard would not world RP.” speak) and so somehow, he

must convey an concept by the ‘Yiff in Hell, furfag’ emoting. I suppose I am a jerks….Not so much now ‘purist’ in that way as I try though….” not to ‘speak’ while being in character.” Rhythmic Nalvir (viviandreamer) relaxes IV. Discrimination Against with her SL partner and RL Furries boyfriend, Daeron Nalvir As in all things that are (daeronnavlir) readily embraced by some, For Rhythmic Nalvir there are others out there (viviandreamer), one of her that simply do not biggest challenges is understand the reasoning helping others understand behind becoming a furry… that her fursona is not a let alone embracing their form of role play; rather, it own spirit animal. Jaysen is actually an extension of Katscher, for instance says herself. Nalvir explains, that as an in world radio “Rhythmic is me in furry jock, he often experienced form so when you are challenges from various talking to her, you are venue owners. He actually talking to me. I explains, “When I was a don’t like to hide behind a radio jock in here, I’d get character…I want people to the ‘Can you be human know me.” here? We don’t want our clients freaking out.’ Then, This, along with others off the gig, there would be

tealing Nalvir’s art and artistic interpretation can make things very difficult for a person that has truly embodied their fursona. For this reason, Nalvir has the following warning in her Second Life profile:

self. Katscher would often tell various venues that since they are hiring him, they have to accept him as a furry. In fact, Katscher says that he would tell them, “‘You’re hiring a furry ‘jock’. I’m willing to dress to be appropriate for the event or venue. I will not change anything else. If you insist on a humanlooking jock, may I suggest – (link to DJ Referral Group)'”.

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, COPY, TRACE, USE HER IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM OR COLOR OVER ANY OF MY PIECES OF ART I GOT DONE OF HER. RHYTHMIC TOOK ME 3 YEARS TO FINALIZE I WOULD Besides establishing APPRECIATE IT IF SHE WAS boundaries, Nalvir, Katscher NOT STOLEN. and Mahogany all agree on the importance of Like Nalvir, Katscher often surrounding yourself with those that embrace who relies on warning-based you are. In terms of great stipulations to not only places to hang out, Jaysen establish boundaries with the SL public, but to stress Katscher suggests furries how important it is for him frequent hangouts that are furry friendly. “FurNation…” to truly express his furry

Katscher says, “…is a furry hangout…Muddy’s Music Cafe and Muddy’s Country… while not exclusively furry are fur-friendly and don’t give me a hard time showing up in fur avis…” Rhythmic Nalvir (viviandreamer) prefers adult-rated places like the YIFF CLUB, YIFF ALLEY LOUNGE, KNOTTY BEACH, IYC, GYC, and JUST POSEBALL. She continues, “…apologies, as these are all adult places…I just like to go to them cause there usually filled with [anthropomorphic and feral] people….” For Kit Mahogany, the best place to be is beside his owner Panther Amorosi. Because his function is primarily as a pet, he is generally embraced by

whatever venue Amorosi frequents, and can be seen at Fogbounds and a plethora of other venues, too. Mahogany continues, “Kit Kat’s role in the Amorosi family is as a family pet. The role is light and easy and would not be considered a complex feral RP. That is to say, no hunting or mating RP is taking place at all.”

V. Furries and Their Families: Another Way To Align With Like-Minded Individuals As Kit Mahogany mentioned earlier, creating an in world family is another way for furries to surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Because Mahogany functions inworld as a pet (and hence, a member of Panther

Amorosi’s family), his role is a relaxed one. He reiterates this claim by saying, “I would say overall that I chose to go furry as it appeals to my relaxed side, nobody expects much from a cat, except to see it laze around or chase a toy. This way, I get to enjoy the company of friends in an easy going RP manner, no stress. It is my break from reality and isn’t that what SL is about?” As if echoing Mahogany’s sentiment, Rhythmic Nalvir (viviandreamer) agrees that she can be more relaxed around her SL family. However, in Nalvir’s opinion, relaxing around her SL family means having the flexibility of sharing your true Real Life personality with them rather than role play. She explains, “…I have a family

on here and we are all furries…We been a family for 5 years now and we are all really good friends…but we don’t role play. There just like me…they act like themselves….and we don’t do the whole daddy/ mommy thing…” While Jaysen Katscher also has an SL family, his family is mostly a human one that enables him to be himself. Katscher continues, “My family is mostly human, and while I don’t have a role, per se…I don’t get treated differently for being a furry, I think….” In addition to having an SL family, both Katscher and Nalvir both have furfinity.net accounts; these accounts allow them to connect with other furries, as well as admire their artistic efforts. To contact Rhythmic Nalvir (viviandreamer) on furfinity.net, please click here: Rhythmic Nalvir’s



“Cat Man – Human tiger who enjoys climbing trees, eats raw meat everyday.” Daily Mail.com, September 6, 2008. (http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ article-1052934/Cat-Man– human-tiger-enjoysclimbing-trees-eats-rawmeatday.html#ixzz4dcm8KV3r)

White, Steven. “The End Fur ‘Cat Man’: Former Sailor Who Had Radical Surgery To Look Like A Tiger Found Dead.” Mirror (http://www.mirror.co.uk/ news/weird-news/dennisavner-dead-cat-man1435103)

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Best in Show: 1st Place: Sabine Mortenwold 2nd Place: KodyMeyers Resident 3rd Place: Grazietta Blauvelt

3D Juried Art: Winner: Alpha Auer

2D RL Juried Art: 1st Place: Sabine Mortenwold 2nd Place: Grazietta Blauvelt 3rd Place: Hana Hoobinoo 4th Place: Elle Thorkveld 5th Place: Kayli Iali & Layachi Ihen Finalists: Pipit Peacedream, Jaime Poutine, ArtandSoul Constantine, and Sheba Blitz Honorable Mentions: Saulgoodie

2D SL Juried Art: 1st Place: KodyMeyers Resident 2nd Place: Sandi Benelli 3rd Place: Catalina Staheli, Isis Desmoulins, & Slatan Dryke 4th Place: Roxaane Fyanucci 5th Place: Vivienne Darcy Finalists: Myra Wildmist, Alex Avion, Sparkie Cyberstar, Daisy Daze, Syphera Inaka, & Jamee Sandalwood Honorable Mentions: Calystiamoonshadow, Emberdearheart, Ilyra Chardin, Lucia Tophat, Talligurl Resident, Tiszo Cioc, & Wintergeist Resident Exhibition Non Juried Award Winners: Anouk Lefavre, Belua Broadfoot, Bevie Oh, Bryn Oh, Dakota Lavarock, Eucalyptus Carroll, Inquisitor Titanium, Iskye Silverweb, Jayapplebutt, Justmetrying Resident (Lichtbringer), Kacey Macbeth, Lulyboop, Michael Lysios, Sch511 Resident, Silas Merlin, Slatan Dryke, Solde Rothmanay, Veruca Tammas, Honey Bender, Paradox Messmer, Brynedarkly Cazalet, & Wicca Merlin




One of the most interesting and satisfying things I have found since working at Kultivate and starting The Edge has been seeing talented Models and Stylists move from making Fashion Images to Fine Art Images. The Edge was started partly with the aim of building confidence among Fashion Art makers, and validating that their images were indeed a form of Art. Increasingly I am seeing Models and Stylists push their creativity so that their work shifts and changes, embracing Fine Art but still keeping that innate sense of style from their Fashion roots. Today I have the great pleasure of showcasing one of my Edge Stylists whose work has indeed

done this - Tiszo Cioc. Tiszo has been modeling for a number of years, and is the owner of Capri Modeling Agency. She is a Designer too, and has contributed to the Modeling Community through projects such as the Models Workshop and judging in pageants. She is also a remarkably talented Artist, as the images that accompany this article show. I wanted to give Tiszo the space here to talk about her work not as a Model but as a Fine Artist, and in her own words. I hope this article continues to give inspiration to Models and Stylists out there who are doubtful or lacking confidence in their personal creative vision and the inspirations behind it.

Here is Tiszo, talking about her work. ‘’Kultivate Magazine asked me to write a short description of what my art work means. Well, firstly I should tell you about myself. I suffer from P.T.S.D (post-traumatic stress disorder) along with a few other disorders. My choice in employment didn't help. I became a counselor and, worked in a reform school; where I suffered my 1st "break".

the whole color demotion of surrealism because SL to me is its own surreal world. In Second Life your avatar really does become an extension of yourself. And, to me my images are a way of art therapy. In Second Life my avatar has become just that....me, the real me. Though, in here I can put my Barbie doll in any poses and looks. I can make her gorgeous, elaborate, or ugly. So, what comes out is an expression of my thoughts.

So, what drives me to make my art the way I do?

I would love to thank E.V.E, Azoury and all the other Surrealism. Most of the designers I have used in my time it is ‘dark images. Their ‘props' and surrealism’. So really, the concepts of my images come designs really do make these images come to life.’’ out of said disorders. A way to express things that The Edge would like to thank Tiszo for her photo essay I have lost to time. To make ugly pretty again. Although, I don't do

and for taking the time to discuss the theme behind her project...


TASHI Raziel mask by Shinya Tandino for Swank April Round starting on April 6th. Pose by ProPose Editorial 4 set


Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Gacha Garden May 2017 // Shailyn Gacha Set // 3 Rares & 21 Commons


Headpiece: Emmanuel Crown by AZOURY (at Shiny Shabby ) Bracelet: Jezebel Wristbands Silver by Eudora3D (at Shiny Shabby) Makeup: Peccato by SlackGirl (at The Darkness opens May 5th) Vest: Long Vest by Gild Pants: Baka Pants by BakaBoo (at SWANK ) Tattoo: River by DAPPA (at Men Only Monthly ) Decor: Burtonesque Chair RARE, Burtonesque Bookshelf, Burtonesque Wardrobe from Burtonesque Gacha at Memento Mori )


♛ Kinky Event ♛ RedFish Deer tattoo [^.^Ayashi^.^] Asti hair CODEX Collar Perception //Ascend// Jean Cropped Tank top Meva @ Epiphany Event Bento Rings


Furniture: Outside The Box: NY Loft set (bed. divider, chairs, rugs and table, @ SWANK event, April round) Shirt: Jz For Men – Urban Knit Long Sleeves (@ SWANK event, April round) Pants: Jz For Men – Urban Leather Insert Skinny Jeans (@ SWANK event, April round)


RISTORANTE IVANNA This free self service restaurant is part of Kultivate Art Galler restaurant. **The restaurant is not a role-play restaurant wh restaurant where you can bring your date or loved one for a

ry and is in the style of a romantic Italian here you have to pay to be served. It is a FREE quiet and romantic setting. **







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