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Welcome to the April 2017 issue of Kultivate Magazine! Wow is all I can say because here we are, already 4 months into 2017!

or not, the month is symbolic of the resurrection and to me that means rebirth.

So I challenge each of you to think about ways you can change negative behaviors into This issue will feature artist positive ones. Channel this Giovanna Cerise, the Rosehaven rebirth spirit into something Sim, a preview of the Kultivate good for a change. Spring 17 Art Show, The Grand Canyon in Second Life, live This could mean helping performer Melenda Mikael, a someone in either world, discussion of Flickr & art, a listening to someone who needs cyberpunk photo essay by Wicca Merlin, virtual reality and help or advice, or donating your mixed reality, a photo essay on time or money to a worthy cityscapes and city streets, The cause. Edge Stylists present their April And lastly this month is stylings, and an article to help Eleseren’s real life birthday you produce a fashion show. month, so happy birthday honey! Back to the year going quite quickly, it is amazing how people change in both worlds and how time just moves on, whether we adapt to the changes or not. This month is also the month of Easter and Passover. Whether you believe

We hope that you enjoy the issue!

John, Owner & Publisher of Kultivate Magazine


KULTIVATE MAGAZINE APRIL 2017 CREDITS John, Owner, Publisher & Editor in Chief Eleseren Brianna, COO & Editor in Chief of The Edge Jessii2009 Warrhol, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Inara Pey, Lead Contributor Amy Beebe, Contributor Dawnbeam Dreamscrape, Contributor

Ilyra Chardin, Contributor Kinnaird Fiachra, Contributor Myra Wildmist, Contributor Stavaros Gracemont, Edge Contributor Anouk Lefavre, Editorial Photographer Giovanna Cerise Cover Photography

THE EDGE APRIL 2017 STYLISTS: Paradox Messmer Roxaane Fyanucci Ruby Ornamental Tiszo Cioc Judelin Resident

KULTIVATE ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Sandi Benelli, Lead Artist in Residence Pam Astonia Byrnedarkly Cazalet Warm Clarity













Giovanna Cerise is a very talented 2D and 3D artist in Second Life. Her creations are a mixture of abstractness , geometric shapes, and fantasy that fulfills one’s imagination. I was able to sit down and discuss art and more with Giovanna:

GIOVANNA: For a long time I felt the need, which then

became a habit, to write down in a notebook those words, phrases, images, musical references that have impressed me in a positive or negative way. The book has become a treasure chest of sensations and concepts, JOHN: So tell us about almost inexhaustible. It yourself. How long have you becomes a kind of latent been present in SL? memory from which often GIOVANNA: I came for the unconsciously, and for various first time in Second Life in reasons, an idea emerges. December 2008, to take a Sometimes the idea is so course on Learning in Virtual clear that it is immediately Worlds. transformed into an image and the work of creation becomes fast and immediate. JOHN: And how did you Other times I let an idea discover Second Life art? subside for a long time, which GIOVANNA: In the land where the course took place expands like a spider web. Often I proceed through a there Pyramid, an Italian gallery curated by Igaly Lion, symbolic research. And when the founder of Orion tales, a I arrive to what I think is the group which brought together best, I start to remove the many Italian artists. It 'been superfluous, the repetitions, the motivating that prompted the distortions, trying to synthesize the whole. In me to start work with prim practice can be summarized and exploring other land in a job of expansion and where they were exposed synthesis, which I can be artwork. repeated several times, and that is accompanied by JOHN: Describe your mental images of the


the transposition of ideas. The work of concretization is never very long, but it is intense. I try to concentrate it when I know I'm free from other tasks, because it absorbs all my energy becoming almost compulsive. In a few days what I had done before on a mental level is repeated. I collect objects, I work with prim or Blender. I empty the inventory looking for something that maybe I built some time before. I create texture. I move, I change, I look from various angles and, above all, I experiment, until I am convinced, until I arrive to the version that will be visible, but I may not be definite.

JOHN: What inspires you to create your art pieces? GIOVANNA: There is not a general theme that inspires me, but, almost all my works I thing you can find a tension that reveal the relationship between unity and duality, which then often becomes that of multiplicity. And of course, we can still include the randomness and

determinism and the fragmentary. To these general concepts I add my fondness for music that becomes a source of inspiration, not only when I work on a musical work, but also for the disposition of space, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, and for all that can be connected to rhythm or harmony (assonance, dissonances, repetitions, pauses, etc.). There is a theme that then I particularly feel which concerns the violence, especially against women, and oppression in all its forms.

JOHN: What are some of your upcoming and present exhibitions? GIOVANNA: I'm working on

two installations which will be held in June and August

JOHN: Do you current create art in any other grids? GIOVANNA: Yes at Kraft,

where I display in MDM (Museum of metaverse) , curated by Roxelo Babenco (Rosanna Galvani).

JOHN: Do you create art in

difficulty that you may real life? If so have you encounter in creating in SL is exhibited in real life? the ease with which you think GIOVANNA: Some of my works this can be done. KM created in Second Life were also performed in rl, as "The I WOULD LIKE TO THANK complete opposite" to the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. GIOVANNA FOR TAKING THE I participated in the Biennale of TIME FOR THE INTERVIEW. the Douro. Currently my digital YOU CAN STAY UP TO DATE ON HER EXHIBITIONS BY VISITING work is exhibited in a group show of Dada works in Brescia. HER OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http:// giovannacerise.blogspot.it/ JOHN: What do you find the

hardest about creating Second Life art? GIOVANNA: I think the biggest


Rosehaven (formerly Winterfell), is a fantasy multi sim community that features role-play, events, and more. I was able to sit down and talk with the owner of Rosehaven, Princess Selena about the sims and the upcoming 10 year anniversary: JOHN: So tell our readers about Rosehaven, how long has it existed in Second Life and what is the premise of the sim and community? PRINCESS: Rosehaven is a

10 year old residential community with a fantasy theme. Imagine a place where 'make believe' has grown up. We have regions that are Fantasy Victorian that revel in the gaslight romance genre with a touch of Steampunk for good measure, as well as Fantasy Medieval regions that have a magical fairytale feel.

which is a role-play and creative writing collaboration, or find a comfortable middle ground.

JOHN: Why did you rename the sim from Winterfell to Rosehaven? PRINCESS: Once upon a time

we were a nation of castles and tents. We were truly a nation of the Medieval era, and 10 years ago the concept of role-play was very new and not very sophisticated in Second Life. With the huge popularity of HBO's show 'Game of Thrones', the name Winterfell has strong connotations and we believe that when people found us, they expected to see the actual Winterfell Castle or run into someone one from the Stark family. To alleviate any confusion with the preconception that our nation is rooted in the world of George RR Martin's Westeros, we decided to rebrand our estate to Rosehaven.

Some of our residents settle into a wonderfully peaceful life of gardening and home design, while others take part JOHN: How can a person in our many social events or become a resident of the our story telling project,

the community? PRINCESS: There are two ways to become a member of our community. The first is of course leasing a parcel and moving in, our tier is generally $L1.4 per prim with a few exceptions based on some special housing options we have. The second way to take part in the community is to simply join the estate group. We advertise events, updates for the community and have friendly group of folks who chat on and off through out the day. It's a great way to make friends!

We have something called the Character Project going on right now. We are helping people flesh out their character background to either be used in world or to be used as fodder for their stories that can be published on the Rosehaven website. This is really great because many of our residents are new to role-play, so it helps them learn the ropes so to speak. https:// rosehavenblog.wordpress.co m/

People are encouraged to either set up RP interactions JOHN: Is rp allowed? If so with others in world and then what types of rp occur in convert them into a narrated Rosehaven? story or simply write as a PRINCESS: Yes we do allow way to set up in world roleplaying. Our style of RP is interactions. It's all called Lifestyle Role Play. wonderfully cyclical. Denizens of Rosehaven generally have some sort of JOHN: What types of other persona that they cultivate events occur in the sim? Do over time and they live that you have parties or shopping out through day to day events? interactions with other PRINCESS: We have Denizens. I'd have to admit approximately 9 recurring that our role-play is sprinkled events, some are monthly with many out of character and some are weekly ranging interactions as well. from dance parties, to formal

balls, to a book club and our tours planned as well as our RP classes. annual trick or treat event in the fall. As for Our community is events we are looking to add experiencing a social are live music, some sailing renaissance and we will be races and even a school later adding more events as time this summer. goes on.

JOHN: Do you have any sister JOHN: Are all types of or brother communities that characters and races allowed you are aligned with? Does in the sims? Rosehaven exist in any other PRINCESS: We allow any virtual worlds? type of character that fits PRINCESS: Rosehaven is with in the theme, and by that I mean that space aliens may not exactly fit in, but there is always interesting ways to make that sort of thing work. We currently have humans, elves, dragons, a few furries and a couple kids roaming our lands. We have no specific list of who is and isn't welcome in Rosehaven, but we do expect people to be respectful and friendly.

part of the "Realm of the Roses" which was comprised of a number of nations that shared continent but now is comprised of only Caledon and Rosehaven. We are also affiliated with the group of nations that are unofficially known as "The Steamlands" that are all tied together by varying levels of Steampunk themes; as well as part of the Aetherchrononauts, which is a group of historically minded nations.

JOHN: What are some of the upcoming events and things We are not represented on planned for 2017 for any other virtual world. KM Rosehaven? PRINCESS: In addition to our normal line up of recurring events we have a few home

I would like to thank the Princess for taking the time to discuss her realm of Rosehaven! You can check out events and more about Rosehaven by visiting the following links: https://rosehavenblog.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1647211518839694/ https://www.flickr.com/groups/winterfell/




I was introduced to the SL Grand Canyon by Kitkow, a longtime friend. We were over at Dreams building and she wanted to show me what had been her inspiration for a wilderness campsite she had created for a building competition. There are three sims in the Grand Canyon region, all created by Lisisme Dubrovna and open for everyone to enjoy. I do suggest joining the group so you can rez and take advantage of all the rides. Some would not work without the group tag and being in the group also allows you to rez your own horse to ride the trails. There is so much to see and do it will take several visits to explore everything they have to offer. And it’s so much fun! On the Grand Canyon sims you can get a free horse to ride (if you don’t have your own), take a helicopter ride, bungee jump, motorbike, kayak, motorboat, camp, hang glide, take a balloon ride, dive from the highest bridge into the canyon waters, get shot out of a

cannon across the sim and that’s just in one small area. It’s the same area where they’ve recreated one element of the real Grand Canyon, the glass skywalk which spans out across the canyon so you can see clear to the bottom as if you were walking on air. On my first day there I followed Kitkow down a zip line to the lower level and accidently triggered a rockslide and then, oops, fell into quicksand!!! Surviving that I flew up to ride a huge water slide down the side of the canyon and landed on a beach filled with lounge chairs, floats and a tiki bar. The beach is right across from a 7 Seas Fishing pier with a mermaid area underneath and up above there is a playground area for the little ones and camping spots for groups or individuals. My favorite thing to do, which I did again and again, was to take one of the individual bubble rides dotted around the sim and float around in a beautiful soapy rainbow colored swirl.

This is a perfect place for a fun date night! Bring a partner and ride one of the cuddle bubbles (yes they have bubbles with cushions for one or two) or dance the night away in the romantic ballroom beneath the waterfalls. There are plenty of cuddle spots for you and your date, around including some hidden ones. I also found two other clubs on the property and when you join the group you’ll be informed of future events. I did find some surprises along the way. There are two other areas next to the Grand Canyon, one based on the Lake Tahoe winter ski resort complete with ice skating and ski slopes and another one based on Mount Everest with base camps, climbing areas, trails, and the biggest mountain I have ever seen in SL. But the biggest surprise was the Isme Gallery featuring drawings, sculpture and other works by none other than Lisisme Dubrovna, the creator of these sims. A great find indeed! Explore and enjoy this fun representation of one of the greatest natural parks in the US.

You can visit the Grand Canyon in Second Life via the following slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grand% 20Canyon/110/189/111



Melenda Mikael has performed at numerous venues across Second Life, including my own galleries! I was able to sit down and chat with Melenda about live music and more:

shows, and due to my shyness and I would say nerves/lack of confidence I didn't. Adri would make me sing and sing to her to get over nerves everyday! When I stopped managing the club, I was bored and JOHN: Thanks for agreeing decided to try and find live to an interview with singers to listen to. I Kultivate Magazine! Please stumbled across a venue tell our readers about that was going to be doing yourself. How did you first an open mic and thought oo discover Second Life and that would be fun! They how long have you been enjoyed my singing and asked me to sing there present in Second Life? MELENDA: Well, My Avie has weekly and it was a crazy roller coaster ride to where I been around for about 8 years, but I was not around am now! I have been singing for a lot of that.. been back now since June 2016! about 2 1/2 yrs. now.

JOHN: So why did you decide to become a live performer in Second Life?

JOHN: What types of songs do you sing? What is your genre? MELENDA: I would say I

sing a variety of everything. My main music vibe is story! So it started with me acoustic, with a mellow managing a club and relaxing feel to my sets. But suggesting we do some I have everything from karaoke. I did this for about Radiohead creep to Etta a year, and was always stuck James At last on my list! singing a lot with my sister Adri also having to sing a JOHN: Do you sing in real lot. Many would tell me I life? should sing in sly and do

MELENDA: This is a funny

MELENDA: Does in the shower count? LOL! I am really shy in

hardest parts is building your fan base, there are so many real life when it comes to my amazing singers and singing, and would love to performers in second life, and branch out but afraid at times. fans have so many options of That is the Joy of SL I cant see where to go to see artists. So the people and that makes me sometimes you might have a a little less nervous. huge show, and the next be real small and that can be hard on an artist. We all worry about JOHN: Do you currently bringing in enough people and perform in any other grids? making it a fun time for all. MELENDA: No, Sl is my one and only place that I sing. JOHN: So for the new live

performers out there, how can JOHN: How can someone book one get started singing in you if they wanted to have you Second Life? What types of perform at their event or equipment would he or she venue? need? MELENDA: Well they can msg MELENDA: I would have to say me personally in world (melenda yarrowroot), But I am managed by The Keys Management Group so they can go to, https:// thekeyslivemusic.wordpress.co m/ to find out information. They can also msg: laurie Alexis (LaurieC Resident) in world.

this to anyone starting out, Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions if you are not sure. Almost everyone that I have ran into in the music scene has been nice and so helpful. When I started all I had was my mic and speakers! Now I have a mixer, my mic, a program interface that I can add effects to (some use their mixer for JOHN: What is the hardest part this), and my streaming program! I would be lost of being a live performer in though if I didn't have amazing Second Life? people to ask, and give me MELENDA: I think one of the some guidance!




Can one make works which are not works of ‘art’? - Marcel Duchamp If everyone isn't beautiful, then no one is. - Andy Warhol Are your Flickr images art? Are your social media photos and images art? Recently, I asked a friend of mine to submit some of her Flickr images to an art exhibition in Second Life. To my surprise, she declined because she didn't think her work was good enough, that it wasn't art. Her perspective is not an uncommon. Posting on Flickr, Facebook, Instagram or wherever is one thing, but declaring your work as art... Well, that's quite another. Whether it's insecurity, modesty, or you have a too high opinion of what art is, something stops you from declaring your work as art. Her perspective is not an uncommon. Posting on Flickr, Facebook, Instagram or wherever is one thing, but declaring your work as art... Well, that's quite another. Whether it's insecurity, modesty, or you have a too high opinion of what art is, something stops you from declaring your work as art. This isn't a phenomena exclusive to the many photographers or graphic artists on the Web. It's just as much an issue with anyone who hasn't had their work formally anointed as art, and in some cases, even established artists. Norman Rockwell throughout his life insisted, "I'm not a fine arts man, I'm an illustrator." Just as with my friend's work,

some people disagree with Rockwell's assessment. So what makes something art? Does it have to be anointed by the amorphous art community? Does it have to be exhibited in a gallery? Do academics have to give it their snooty seal of art quality approval?

If you say it's art, is it art? If I say it's art, is it art? Yes. (Don't you love short answers? Article's finished. See ya. Kidding.) If you say it's art, it's art. From the most mundane snapshot of your cat to the crassest close-up of your genitals, if you proclaim it's art, it's art. Who am I to argue? Art history is filled with examples of artists who insisted their work was art before anyone was ready to accept it as art. It is not our place - no matter what we might think of your work - to tell you whether your work is not art. Marcel Duchamp was trying to make exactly this point with The Fountain. In 1917, Duchamp anonymously submitted an upside down urinal entitled, The Fountain, as a work of art to the Society of Independent Artists, a society which Duchamp helped found. Duchamp did not reveal he was the creator and the urinal was presented to the board as being from new artist, R. Mutt. The urinal was rejected as art and never formally displayed. The only surviving photograph of it was taken by Alfred Stieglitz.

Replica of the Fountain by Marcel Duchamp

The Fountain would later be accepted as art and seen as one of the seminal pieces of 20th century art. Hurray for Duchamp. There are two important things to take away from this story: 1. The Fountain was rejected and never exhibited. 2. It was submitted anonymously. The original Fountain was lost and never exhibited. It never saw the formally saw the inside of an exhibit room of a gallery or museum (It might have been photographed by Stieglitz in his gallery, but it was never exhibited.). Context does matter. Formally displaying a work in a gallery or museum does have an almost magical transmogrifying effect what was once a simple painting of a soup can takes on a whole new meaning once it's hanging in a prominent New York gallery. If special people say it's art, it must be art, right? But this never happened with The Fountain. It never got a gallery show. Except for a few friends of Duchamp's, who were probably in the know, it was rejected and relegated to the store room. Duchamp was, of course, challenging the notion of what art is. In particular, by submitting The Fountain anonymously, he was avoiding having the work accepted simply because he had done it. He wanted the work, as challenging as it was, to be accepted as art not because the approval committee said it was art, but because the artist had said it was art. So if you say it's art, it's art. Duchamp would agree with you.

Note: If you want to learn more about The Fountain, read the Tate Museum article referenced below. The Wikipedia entry is a bit of a hash.

If I say it's art, it's art But what if you don't think your work is art? Too bad. If I say it's art, it's art. If I'm a gallery owner or a museum curator or an art critic, you might be more likely to accept my word on it. A knowledgeable opinion is a little more likely to sway yours. At the least, you're probably more receptive to them. But what if I'm nobody with no art background, but your work "feels" like art to me? Maybe I just like the pretty colors in your photo or something about your work really connects with me. Maybe I think what you've presented as a casual snapshot of your dog sleeping has a deeper meaning. Is my response and opinion valid? Of course it is. And there's more proof from art history. In 1953, Robert Rauschenberg exhibited a series of canvases called the White Paintings. (Follow the link to see the white paintings.) The White Paintings are plain canvases painted entirely white. Rauschenberg intentionally wanted them to look as plain as possible. Why?

Because he was making one of the most revolutionary points in art history: Every one of us brings our own experiences with us when we view a work, imbuing what we're seeing with a meaning special to us. Whether its Michelangelo's David or Rauschenberg's blank, white paintings, that meaning is personal. Every one of us, sees a work differently because we are all different.

If I see art in a plain, white canvas or in what you think is just another snapshot of your sleeping dog, then it's art. Duchamp once asked, "Can one make works which are not works of ‘art’?" I think he meant the question rhetorically. Our lives are art. How you document that art is up to you, but what you post to social media and the work you post on Flickr is very much art. KM Sources: Norman Rockwell: Artist or Illustrator?, Abigail Rockwell, American Illustration, http://americanillustration.org/wp-content/ uploads/2016/05/15.08.25_AbigailRockwell.pdf Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, Tate, http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/ duchamp-fountain-t07573 Marcel Duchamp: The Readymade As Reproduction, https:// www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2010/originalcopy/intro05.html Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946) and American Photography, Lisa Hostetler, http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/stgp/hd_stgp.htm White Painting [3 panel], Sarah Roberts, SFMOMA, https:// www.sfmoma.org/artwork/98.308.A-C/essay/white-painting-three-panel/



Elicio Ember is a brilliant Second Life creator and artist, known throughout Second Life for marvelous plants and designs provided through his Cerridwen’s Cauldron brand, his generous spirit and his involvement in events such as Fantasy Faire, where his region-wide builds are breath-taking in scope and vision.

together of musicians, artists and friends to raise money to help Elicio and his family. Running from Saturday April 1st through Sunday April 9th, Filling the Cauldron will be a region-wide event at Holly Kai Park in the beautiful Blake sea. We will be featuring: 

Entertainment at the park’s main events venue An art show inspired by Elicio’s work

Sadly, Elicio’s father recently  An auction suffered a serious stroke leaving him with neurological  A special Design a Garden damage. Because of the contest with a very special medical situation in Mexico, prize where Elicio and his family  A photo contest with reside, he and his sisters are special prizes faced with some serious  A merchant’s marketplace medical expenses as Elicio Cerridwen’s Corner – a explains. mini-store of Elicio’s creations, allowing you to buy To help the family meet these his items and visit his main costs, we are excited to store. announce Filling the Filling the Cauldron is Cauldron, a week-long celebration of Elicio’s work in organized with the full approval and knowledge of Second Life, with a coming

Elicio Ember and is organized in Second Life by the following people:

Inara Pey – co-chair, region coordinator and blog editor.

Saffia Widdershins – co-chair, auction liaison and blog editor.

Vecchio Barbosa – GoFundMe Campaign coordinator, graphics support.

Caitlyn Pey – entertainments and graphics.

Judi Newall – Cerridwen’s Corner designer, volunteers support.

OldeSoul Eldemar- volunteer co-ordination.

Hollykai Resident – park manager and communications.

Nber Medici – owner, Holly Kai Estate. KM

Visit the official website for the Filling the Cauldron event for more information about the event and how you can donate: https://cauldronweb.wordpress.com/

The Kultivate Spring 2017 Art show will take place April 3 to 9, 2017! This event will feature over 50 artists, live music, classes in photography and the arts, tribute bands, two hunts, and more! Participating Artists: AlexAvion Alpha Auer Amona Savira Anouk Lefavre Aradia Aridian artandsoul constantine Belua Broadfoot Bevie Oh Bryn Oh CalystiaMoonShadow Catalina Staheli daisydaze Byrndarkly Cazalet Elle Thorkveld emberdearheart DAKOTA LAVAROCK Grazietta Cazenove Hana Hoobinoo ilyra chardin Eucalyptus Carroll Isis Desmoulins iSkye Silverweb

Participating Artists Continued: jaime poutine Jamee Sandalwood Honey Bender

justmetrying resident Inquisitor Titanium Kayly Iali KodyMeyers Resident Layachi Ihnen Lucia Tophat JayApplebutt

Kacey Macbeth Myra Wildmist NinaPorras retroye resident roxaane Fyanucci Sabine Mortenwold Sandi Benelli

SAULGOODiE Resident Lulyboop Sheba Blitz Silas Merlin Slatan Dryke Slatan Dryke Michael Lysios Sparkie Schreiber Syphera Inaka talligurl resident Tisephone Tiszo cioc Pam Astonia Vivienne Darcy Warm Clarity wintergeist Resident Paradox Messmer sch511 resident

Visit our official website for event times and more info: https://kultivatemagazine.com/kultivate-magazine-spring2017-art-show/






Working at Kultivate has given me some amazing opportunities, and chances to grow my SL experience and skills by taking on new challenges, including some I never thought I would. Each challenge has been a learning journey and contributed to the wonderful memories I will take from Second Life into my real life. Show production has been one of those. Over the last months I have been involved in a number of fashion and styling shows that Kultivate and The Edge have hosted as part of its events. For some we have been collaborating with the wonderful Amazing Impressions Modeling Agency run by Boniefacio, assisting as needed but I have now put on two Shows solo, the Da Vinci’s Workshop Show and the recent Fantasy Angels Spring Goddesses Show (where Angels Kristan kindly allowed us to use her Fantasy Angels models and logo/brand but where I actually produced and promoted the show itself). These experiences have enabled me to see the extraordinary diversity of tasks and processes that underpin what may eventually and hopefully look like an effortless live performance event. Just as a swan appears beautiful and serene on a lake, but is furiously paddling underneath, so it is with fashion shows.

Some of you reading this will have greater or lesser knowledge of all that is entailed in putting on a show, in which case bear with me or skip this article, but for those who don’t, I hope this is interesting. So, let us start from the beginning. You want to have a Show, you have a vague idea when and perhaps you have a theme or a collection in mind. Even at this stage there are things to think about. You need to decide on a date far enough ahead to enable all of the pre-planning and production to happen in an efficient and timely way, avoiding heart failure from stress or impossible deadlines. You need to think about what other events might be going on at that time, to avoid any unfortunate clashes that may eat at your audience numbers. You may want to think about what time of day works best for you, or for your chances of gaining maximum audience (though this is dependent perhaps on what time zone of SL population you are aiming for, remember that about 70% of SL hails from the USA). I am not going to talk about budgets here, as these

vary, but make sure you have enough lindens to pay for anything you might need, such as wages for staff involved, cost of the runway etc. (that goes without saying really). I would suggest deciding on a date perhaps 3-4 months away, to give you plenty of time to organize everything. It is also not too far ahead that you have no knowledge of other events happening (though this can never be guaranteed). Things like the Models Workshop Calendar can be helpful to check (https:// calendar.google.com/calendar/ embed? src=modelsworkshop@gmail.com&c tz=America/ Los_Angeles&gsessionid=OK). While not everyone remembers to post their events on it, it can be helpful (and make sure you liaise with them to get your show included on it). Keep an eye on Facebook, or the major groups in world etc. to update yourself on anything else due to happen, and also think about major RL holiday dates, where you may be facing competition from other shows (Valentines springs to mind for instance).

A show lead time of 3 to 4 months enables you to have plenty of time to liaise or advertise for Designers (get that done ASAP, more on that in a minute), plan and build the set, cast for models and other show staff (if you need to), get information from Designers as to what designs they want shown, allocate these to the casted models and run rehearsals, write the script and of course market and publicize the event. A very clever way to time plan the organization of the event is to plan BACKWARDS from the Show date (I learned this from RL Time Management training). You know for instance that the models will prepare best if the clothes can be got to them say ten days to 2 weeks before the show date, so you make that the deadline for the designers to send their outfits out to allocated models. You then think that perhaps Designers might need to know their allocated models a week before the deadline to send outfits out, so you make that a deadline for informing the designers. Perhaps you need a week before that to review the outfits to be shown and allocate to models...and so

on. Planning backwards from the Show date ensures you plan in enough time to achieve targets, and may also be a way to see if you have allowed enough time for the entire process of putting on a show, or whether you need to set a more realistic show date further into the future. Let us look a little more at the elements I listed briefly above. Once you have planned backwards and time allocated all of the stages of the production of the Show you still need to begin at the beginning. If you are having a Styling Show, yay, you just missed a huge amount of work (though you will need fierce stylists and may have to cast accordingly). If it is a Show where designers are needed, you need to start reaching out to them as soon as you are able. I am not going to focus on marketing here, but marketing the Show to potential Designers is a vital part of putting on a show. Designers are very busy people, and need plenty of time to factor in things like Shows. You will need to build a good relationship with them too, they are the VIPs in this and need to be treated as

such. At the same time you are organizing Designers you need to be thinking about the other elements a show needs – runway build, show staff (host, dj, scriptwriter, backstage help, possibly even greeters), style and pose checkers perhaps, and of course models. All of these need confirming as soon as you are able. Are you building your own runway or hiring a builder? (only build if you are really confident, but if you cannot find a builder then use what you can find on marketplace, modding as you need). Sometimes a DJ can also host but check this out before hand, don’t make assumptions. I have also found that it can be safest having a backup for the backstage helper, who is cueing and managing models backstage, as if they crash during the show, someone else can step in seamlessly. For the Da Vinci Show and the Fantasy Angels Spring Goddesses Show I did a number of roles myself (building, hosting, choreography and rehearsal running, scriptwriting, style and pose checking), but this is a lot of work, don’t underestimate it, and if you can share the load then do so.

designs they agree to show (with textures of the outfits). The Designer Liaison or the Show lead then uses the textures of the designs to allocate outfits to models walking in the Show. Once models are allocated, the Designer Liaison then lets the Designers know the names of the models to send specific outfits to, and oversees that models actually do then get the outfits. As you can imagine a lot of diplomacy and people skills plus HUGE organization goes into this. You may need to cast for models, either by direct invitation, or by an open cast. Castings are a whole area to talk about in themselves and I don’t have room here. Just remember to allow time to advertise for applicants and run the casting process itself, so that it doesn’t hold the Show up.

Now you have reached the stage where the Designers are onboard, and the Designer Liaison person is running that side of things. You have got your show staff lined up, and you have a bunch of models. There are still a ton more things to do. Once the runway build Don’t underestimate too the huge is ready (and I would suggest aim for amount of work involved in being Designer Liaison. This role involves this 3 weeks before the show – at least a mockup of the runway), then (duh..) liaising with Designers to you need to work out the answer their queries, and get choreography of the show walks. A information from them as to the

few tips here. If the Show is likely to be very laggy, give the models simple walks that are more likely to be achievable. Think about how many walks the show will have and a reasonable timeframe for the show (I would suggest 30-40 minutes is good for most shows, and certainly not over an hour). Think about the length of time you want each model on the runway (including the walk), as this will help you plan number and times of stops. You may also need double walks if you have a lot of outfits to show. Plan stops that work with the runway build, and perhaps have a rezzing stop before the main stops. Once you have worked all of that out, give the models clear information as to the walks, the stops, the times per stop etc. before the rehearsals start (pictures of the walk if you can manage are even better). Get a walk order as soon as you can manage it too, and preferably before rehearsals. Pack all of this into a clear notecard for the models, with landmarks and

and VPC/DMC etc. code. Get that out to the models several days before rehearsals if at possible. All Shows need rehearsals. Depending on the walk and the experience of the models involved, you may need no more than one rehearsal. I personally find if the information you give them is clear (and especially if you manage a picture), it cuts the number of rehearsals needed. I also plan rehearsals at various time zones for models ease. If you are running the rehearsals get a cueing gesture and perhaps an exit gesture, which make life a LOT simpler when you are cueing models (hit me up for them if you need). It is a very good idea to have backstage helpers attend a rehearsal too. A word here about the Show script. If you have not written a show script before, either get some expert advice (I don’t have time here), or get an experienced scriptwriter to write it for you. They know how to write sectionally per walk, to keep the flow, and can even write in cues etc. They will also write good clear English, with attention

to spelling and grammar. A badly written script can ruin an otherwise good Show. The script writer needs information ideally a week or more in advance. They need to know the walk order and either descriptions or pictures of the outfits, the designers for each outfit, and perhaps other information as specific to the show. Getting models to write SHORT descriptions for each of their outfits can help a lot as it gives raw material for the script writer or can even be slotted directly into the script.

a texture of the poster, with relevant information, to various spam and fashion groups in Flickr (if their rules allow). Share to Facebook groups and friends lists (and encourage the show models to do the same). Post in in world groups about the Show perhaps a couple of days in advance and on the day itself). Make a full perm invitation and send it out, encouraging people to share it. Ask the Designers involved if they can advertise the show within their own groups – give them the full perm invitation and a texture of the show poster. Perhaps you are lucky and OK, we have progressed a long way have access to great marketing now with the Show. Models have people like Kultivate has – use clothes, rehearsals are organized, them. Basically you have to work runway is in place. Now you need to very hard to make sure the word market the show. Have a GREAT (and the show details and landmark) poster if you can (get help if needed, get out there – no shortcuts here, its though if you have experience of a elbow grease. Perhaps think about graphics package like Photoshop or having a show gift which might be an GIMP you can use some of the incentive too. poster template software packages available on the internet, and tweak On the day of the Show itself, if you as required). Your Show needs to are able, do a sim restart an hour or have an eye-catching name that so before the Show, to make sure sticks in the memory too. You need the sim is behaving itself. Make sure to think how you are going to the models get backstage in plenty advertise the show. Create an Event of time to load their outfits and poses in Facebook and in SL Search, post into the sim server (this is essential if

you know the show is likely to be laggy). Make sure you have sorted out the ability for the DJ (or you) to load the DJ’s stream, and that the host has had the script a day in advance preferably. Check everyone is there, ready, and has all they need to perform. Finally, take a deep breath and smile‌.KM


Headwear: Doly Headwear by AZOURY Face Makeup: Tribe by SlackGirl (at Applique ) Kimono by tomoto.(at Creators Collection Box ) Shoulders: Feather Fet Epaulette by SinfulSky (at Whore Couture Fair 2017) Tatttoo: Sorcery by DAPPA (at Skin Fair 2017 Pose: Cyber Ninja 18 by Bauhaus Movement (at The Liaison Collaborative) Decor: Sugarflies by E.V.E Studio


Maci╰☆╮Spring bouquet╰☆╮ Kaerri @ [SWANK]╰☆╮Ruins╰☆╮ -:zk:- Zara Kent shoes @ Level Up╰☆╮Madison╰☆╮ Fabia @Whore Couture Fair 2017╰☆╮I want you╰☆╮ .euphoric @ The Skin Fair 2017╰☆╮Love eyes (green) & Maya lashes (2)/Catwa╰☆╮ .euphoric╰☆╮Coquette lipstick/Catwa╰☆╮ Blush Skins @ The Skin Fair 2017╰☆╮Liv skin applier/Catwa╰☆╮


Stylist & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental SWANK -

Glam in red seduction dress by * JS * CREATIONS


Czarina peacock jewells by Zuri Rayna


Golden Glam Nails by LUNA body art

By Tableau Vivant : wrap up hair



RISTORANTE IVANNA This free self service restaurant is part of Kultivate Art Galler restaurant. **The restaurant is not a role-play restaurant wh restaurant where you can bring your date or loved one for a

ry and is in the style of a romantic Italian here you have to pay to be served. It is a FREE quiet and romantic setting. **







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