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I W o n d e r A b o ut A l la h ( B o o k On e)

What about your legs? How fast can you run? Are you as fast as a leopard? Of course, your legs also have a limit. Even if you run very fast, after some time you will get tired and you will have to stop. How many glasses of milk can you drink at once? Two, maybe three, right? Because your stomach has a limit too. Now, here’s a question for you: 3x5 Okay, okay. You don’t have to laugh! I know this is a very easy question. Well, tell me the answer to this question: 2134594 x 777

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I Wonder About Allah by Ozkan Oze  
I Wonder About Allah by Ozkan Oze  

The I Wonder About Islam series give young readers answers to the BIG questions they have about Islam in brilliant little books. Written in...