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NEl JSLETTER Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures The Uni versi ty of

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February 1978

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Editor: Stephen Parker

Application Deadlines: - CIEE Summer 1978 Leningrad Program: - CIEE Fall 1978 Leningrad Program:

February 3 Barch 6

- Poland Prograra, academic year 1978-79: Harch 31 - Yugoslavia Program, summer 1978:

hpril 15

Department meetings are scheduled this semester on February 7, Barch 7, and rIay 2 in the Governor's Room, and April 4 in the Regionalist Room, Student Union. Upcoming Events: - Haum Korzhavin,- Russian ~migr~ poet and philosopher, llill give a tall-~, "Today's Soviet Russian Intelligentsia," on Thursday, February 2, at 3: 30 pm in the International Room, Student Union. - The Soviet film version of Tchaikovsky's opera, "Eugene Onegin," I~ill be shmm at 7 pm, Tuesda v , February 14 in Room 3, Green Hall. - Prof. John Glad of the University of Haryland is expected to visit the campus this spring to give a lecture on early 20th century Russian poetry. - The Department has invited Feliks Kusnetsov, Soviet Russian literary critic and First Secretary of the l1oscow IIriters' Organization, to the campus for a one\~eek visit in hpril. - The Soviet filn of Shakespeare's "King Lear" Hill be sho~m by SUA on April 12, at 7: 30 pm in Uoodruff Auditorium.


Bvents of the fall semester: - Yuri T.rifonov, the prominent Soviet Russian writer, spont three veeks on campus. He gave a public lecture and a series of seminars on the topic of contemporary s oviet Russian prose. Foll0l1ing his stay at the University, he spent nearly four weeks travelling throughout the U.S.A. r1r. 'i'rifonov ~Ias the third participant in the University of Kansas Soviet Hriter-in-Residence program, conducted annually ttith the cooperation of the Soviet Hriters' Union. - Janusz l-1aje~lski, \'mll-knOl'>'n Polish documentary and feature film director, sho\'Ted and discussed his films during a visi t in September, in association "Ii th the department's course, Theatre and Film of Poland and Czechoslovakia.. - The noted Soviet Russian poet, Andrei Voznesensky, gave a reading of his poetry at the Annual Central Slavic Conference, University of Uissouri, under p artial sponsorship of the Departmp.nt and the Soviet and East European Area Studies Program, Kansas University. - '1'''10 young Russian e'migre'"" musicians, r1arek and Alec Piskunov, 1rTere hosted by Prof. and rtrs. Conrad at a reception follOl,ing their concert. - Peter Aikman and Len Stanton served as translators/ interpreters for four anthropologists of the Soviet Academy of sciences ~;ho visited the campus to give a series of seminars. This semester, for the first time, the Department is offering an Intensive Basic Russian program. S tudents \路l ill spend tVlel ve hours per \teek in classes and receive ten hours of credi t. Intensi ve Intermediate Russian cour::;es \'Iill be offered this sumner and next fall. '1'he AAASS, in their December He"lsletter, has called for papers for the 1978 Annual Ileeting to be held in Columbus, Ohio, October 11-14 . Section chairme n are: Arts, Culture, Philosophy -John Bowl t; Russian and Soviet r,i terature -- Robert Ila g uire; East Europ ean Literature - -- Ha rold Se gel; Lang uaqe and Linguistics '1'homas!1agner. See the lle"lSletter for addresses. Note to all students and facul ty: l'(ussian language editions of various 1r1OrY:s are for sale in the textbook store in the ftudent Union. Ordered in as :3oci ation ' vi th various coursen , e xtra editions are often a vailable . This seme ster, for exaDp le, sonetimes hard to find editions of Voina i n i r and Anna Karenina , iU3 Hell as works by Lermontov , Gogol , and Turg enev, can be purchased.


Student and Alurmi Heus l"Jelcor.1e to the


graduate students in the DepartMent:

- Stephen Chadl路lick, i3.A. Chapman College - rielissa Fast, B .A. Kirkland/Hamilton Colle<1'e - Rouert Hann, n.A. University of Oregon; II.A. University of California at Berkeley - Alexander Prus-BoguslaHski, B.A., H.A. University of TJarSal'l, Poland lJell nernbers of the student teaching staff this seMester are Robert riann, Teaching Assistant in Russian, and Alexander Prus-Doguslmmki, Assistant Instructor in Russian. Joel Langvardt has returned to campus after a semester of study in Leningrad on the cn::c program. Congratulations to Barina Levine on the successful completion of the Ph.D. Qualifying examinations in Russian lan<1'uage and I i terature. Cassandra (Cassi) neff is nO\I participating in the spring semester CIEE program at Leningrad State University. Ilalina Filipollicz-Findlay has recently co-authored tuo publications \ l i th Robert Findlay: "Czarny dramat VI USA" [Black Drama in the USA], Dialog, 22 (April 1977) pp. 116-127 and "Czarny teatr '" Vim" [Dlack Theatre in the USA], Dialoq, 22 (June 1977) PP. 145-157. Fall events of the Slavic Club Here highlighted uy an iEll!lensely successful Yugoslavian night attended by a fe\'l hundred students and faculty. Food, prepared by students and staff, inr.luded Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and !1acedonian culinary delicacies; entertainment included songs, dances and poetry readings. Len Stanton spent nearly four l'!eeks at the end of the fall Ser.18ster as guide and translator/interpretor for '~\lri Trifonov on a trip through the USlL ilith support of the U.S. State Department, stops tlere made at universities in California, rlinnesota, l!ichigan, Ohio, r;e~l York, and f)ashington, D.C. Prof. Tom Ileyer (Ph.D. 1974) gave a paper at the December AlI.TS:CEL Convention in Chicago entitled "Leningrad: How Can One Study 11hen the llights Are iIhite?"


Staff Hews -------The Department '-las ~lell represented at the Sixteenth AlulUal Central Slavic Conference held at the University of !Hssouri at Columbia, lJovember 18-19, as follm~s: - Prof. Conrad chaired the section on Slavic Linguistics. - Prof. !larch read a paper, "The Kajkavian Dialect of Virje: Is There a Croatian Dialect with Fixed Penultimate Stress?" Prof. Joel l1ilkinson (Ph.D. 1977) chaired one of the Russian literature sections. - Prof. Parker read a paper, "Vladimir Habokov and the Short Story. " - Prof. Uikkelson read a paper, "Russian Prose of the 1970's: Some Observations." - Halina Filipovicz-Findlay (II. Phil. 1977) read a paper, "The Theatre of Tadeusz Roze\~icz." - Prof. Stammler read a paper, "Teodor Troj anov and Ivan Radoslavov as Representatives of Bulgarian Symbolisl'l." - Larry Lonard (ll. A. 1972) ~las a panelist in the section devoted to the 11id-Anerica Russian Curriculum Consortium. Prof. Galton read a paper, "Syllatlic Division and the Intonation of Slavic," at the International Phonetic Congress in f1iami in December. He also chaired a section on General Phonetics. Prof. Hikkelson read a paper, "Pushkin' S ' Arion': A Lonely Survivor's Lament," at the Annual ileeting of the AAASS held in l~ashington, D. C. in October. He also has a revieH of G. R. Barrett's Voices from Exile: The Decernbrist ilemoirs in the Fall, 1977 issue o fSEli:r:- - --------. - ----Prof. Conrad has been asked to assume the position of Executive Secretary of the Inter-University Council on East European Language Programs. IUCEELP uas formed in 1973 to coordinate existing university summer programs involving East European languages other than Russian, both in the USA and those - sponsored by American universities abroad. The ae!'1hership of IUCEELP includes representatives from the tvJenty-seven Ph.D. producinq Slavic Languages and Literatures departments in the United States. Prof. Anderson has returned from one semester's sick leave, his health somelVhat improved, happy to he teaching once again. He has been vlOrking on revisions of ]I. Soviet-American Commercial Handbook, of vlhich he is co-author. Llaterials from the text been used in some of the Department's classes and have been ,\'ell received by both instructors and students.


Prof. r1aurer has returned from leave; Prof. Gal ton on sabbatical leave this semester.



Prof. Conrad served as a consultant at a slib-committee meeting of the Hodern Language ARsociation Task Force on I,ess Commonly Taught Languages in columbus Ohio, December 12. The Task Force is preparing recoMPlendations concerning lan'Juage offerings (in all languages except French, GerrJan, r,atin, and Spanish) ,~hich uill be suhmi tted to President Carter's soon-tobe-appointed Commission on Language and Area Studies. Prof. Parker represented the uni versi ty at the Annual General Uembersllip and Policy Committee Heetings of the crEE Russian Language Programs in [Jew York City in October. All of the mcetings--Revieltl, Policy, and General rlembership -- vlere chaired by Prof. Conrad. Prof. ['1ikkelson represented the Department at the Annual neeting of AATSEEL and as member of the American Committee of Slavists in Chicago in December.

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Lawrencian Chronicle  

Slavic Department, University of Kansas Newsletter, February, 1978