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governing body for the sport in the United States. He currently referees select races for the Mid-Atlantic region during the racing season.

Lydia Mandell married Jake Clark on September 15, 2018, at Ridgeland Mansion in Fairmount Park. Photo, l to r: Dan Mandell, Jake Clark, Lydia Mandell ’03, and Peggy Klein Mandell ’69.




intelligence, sexual respect, diversity and inclusion, career skills, mental health, and substance abuse. She has also started a business as a career consultant for professionals navigating career transitions. She is looking forward to traveling this year and volunteering in Honduras again. Greg Lobanov is an indie game developer now living in Vancouver, BC. He has been making video games since high school. Through his company, Dumb and Fat Games (, he created “Perfection,” a puzzle-solving meditative game that won the 2014 Philly Geek Awards Game of the Year. Greg’s latest game, “Wandersong,” is a musical adventure that tells the story of a singing bard on a quest to save the world. In November 2017, Wandersong was signed by Nintendo, and in September 2018, it was released on Nintendo Switch, as well as STEAM, PC, and Mac—a major achievement and a professional milestone for any independent game maker.

Taylor Ferry married Alexandra Boorse on November 3, 2018, at the Horticultral Center in Fairmount Park. Pictured from l to r: Andrew Ferry ’05, Taylor Ferry ’08, Alexandra Boorse, and Hunter Ferry ’16.

CHA Class Agents - James Crumlish, Sean Plunkett, Robert Purple, Bryan Quigley, Phil Rhym SS Class Agents - Kara Daddario Bown, Zan Morley, Lili Sharpless, Nicole Allen White

2005 Francis P. Steel III and his wife, Caroline, welcomed twin girls, Mailey Elizabeth and Olivia Kay, on January 8, 2019.



CHA Class Agents - Tom Gargan, Phil Thomas

in memoriam

SS Class Agents - Natalie Bartlett, Kelsey Trueblood

Williams Agate married Samantha Delosada on October 6, 2018, in Sonoma, California.

1944 Margaret “Peg” Phillips


2011 Emily Auerbach writes, “I’ve accomplished all of my goals following graduating high school and college—graduate, find a job in my field, move to my own apartment, and hold all this down while maintaining friendships and a balanced life. I’ve also been able to volunteer, doing work for a cause I care about—I’m the communications director for the Philadelphia Tenants




Natalie Smith, above center, starred in the theater production of The Wolves at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. “From the safety of the suburbs, a girls soccer team navigates life’s big questions and wages their own tiny battles—with all the ‘bark and bite’ of a pack of adolescent warriors.” The Wolves was named one of the best plays of 2016 by The New York Times.

1965 Emily Tilghman Goodwin 1967 Thomas G. Haight

1951 Nancy Lee Dismukes MacEslin 2009 Andrew W. McCauley 1958 Diana Warren Wells FORMER FACULTY/STAFF Elsie Shanda-Miller 1960 William B. Edwards

Allie Colina graduated from DePaul University with her master’s of education in counseling/college student development this spring and now works as a leadership curriculum designer. She writes workshops and retreats, educating college men on leadership, emotional

1963 Mary Randall Hopkins


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SCHool, Spring 2019  

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