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Above: Axonometric of partial structure, Baths of Diocletian (left) and Baths of Agrippa (right). (Auguste Choisy, ‘L’art de bâtir chez les romains’, 1873). Left: ‘Geometries of Kykeon’, student project by Lauren Quinn, Univeristy of Limerick, Ireland. Below: Precedent study, Chatal Huyuk, by Marian Deneen, Univerity of Limerick, Ireland (left); ‘Odradek towers’, student project by Mary Kim, Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA (right).


STUDIO THEMES – KTH School of Architecture, Advanced Level 2014-2015  

This publication is part of 'KTH-A: Yearbox 2014–2015' (published by the KTH School of Architecture 2014, designed and edited by Björn Ehrle...

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