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#ParkwayReads 100 Notable Books from 2016 Looking for that book to read over the holiday break, check out the list compiled by the New York times. The Best of School Librarian Journal - Books Edition From books for kids, tweens, teens, and young adults to adult books for teens, books by and about Latinxs, graphic novels, audio books, DVDs, apps, music, and tech, School Library Journal has covered the best of everything in 2016. 9 Best Sites with Free eBooks for Google Play In this post from you’ll learn about best websites with free ebooks that you will be able to add to your Google Play Books library.

#FutureReady - Curates Resources How Burnsville High School Students Create Project-Based Learning No matter the path our students take, the ability to guide their own learning will be an important part of their lives. At Burnsville High School, they put students at the center of their education by transitioning from a lesson-based approach to a project-based one, introducing more personalized instruction and engaging students as active participants in their education. Read the entire Google blog at

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Well said: We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts. – John Dewey

#FutureReady - Builds Instructional Partnerships Creating Library and Classroom Spaces for Serendipitous Learning Many libraries across the district have embraced using space as an approach to engage with the digital and physical environment. The intention was for students and staff to see the library as a flexible area that can accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences. The experience that librarians gain from designing these new spaces provides a great opportunity for them to partner with teachers and assist with implementing similar classroom spaces that promote inquiry, creativity, collaboration and community.

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Hour of Code The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. December 5-11. Get started at Programming is at the heart of innovation.

January - ALA Youth Media Awards

March 5 - 11 - Teen Tech Week

March - Freedom of Information Day

April - Celebrate National Library Week with the Libraries Transform campaign

Flexible spaces allow students to manage their own learning and engage in moments of exploration. Classrooms and libraries can create successful spaces without having to break the bank, but some thought needs to be given to some key factors: ● Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences - virtual, production, collaborative, or quiet spaces ● A place where we help students manage their own learning and model for each other ● Engage users in unexpected moments of discovery and delight while they are in the space - the way a space is set up sends a message to how they should feel and interact ● Space, lighting, and furniture also cue users on how to sort themselves into areas of need - collaboration vs quiet study. All of these things should be fluid in nature in order to expand and contract designated areas ● A place where students are interacting with content, peers, experts and the space itself (individually & groups) ● Since the students own the space - use peer-to-peer language on signage, posters, and reminders ● In order to stimulate serendipitous learning, pique curiosity, and expand awareness and understanding of the world beyond our library or classroom, be sure to include video displays, exhibitions, art work, events, programs, new technologies, etc. ● An important accessory to these newly created areas portable and stationary dry erase boards for student use Adapted from

You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them. ~Walt Disney

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How to Design & Create an eBook Using Google Slides

#FutureReady - Curates Resources & Tools Padlet Now Offers Commenting on Notes Padlet rolled out a new feature that now allows students to comment on individual notes added to a Padlet wall. The new comments feature can be turned on or turned off by the creator of a Padlet wall (use the modification settings to do that). Comments can be made anonymously or you can require users to sign-in to comment. As the creator of a Padlet wall you can delete any comments written by others. If you use Padlet as a tool for group brainstorming sessions the comment feature offers a great way for classmates to ask clarifying questions. If you use Padlet to host a simple classroom blog you can use the commenting feature to give your students feedback on their posts. To see the entire post and view the “how to” video go to

Flubaroo Adds New Feedback Option-Stickers & Badges Back in June when Google added a scoring option to Google Forms many people wondered if Flubaroo was still a necessary Add-on. The answer to that is yes for anyone who wants to grade quizzes that have multiple correct responses, fill-in-the-blank questions, and for those who want an easy to print and or share score sheets with students. And now Flubaroo offers another feature that you won't find in Google Forms' built-in grading tool. Flubaroo now offers the option to include a sticker/ digital badge when you distribute grades to your students either through Google Docs or through email. Flubaroo includes some standard stickers that you can use or you can upload your own stickers to use. This is a nice option for giving students a bit of visual feedback.To see the entire post and view the “how to” video go to Richard Byrnes blog Access the library catalog from anywhere!

Students are motivated by real work. Real, in this case, implies that the product they create should have value outside the classroom. Using an authentic, or real-world, approach to student writing engages students because of the unlimited variety of subject matter, such as creating fictional narratives, non-fiction quick reference guides, recording interviews, or connecting to literature. While there are several ways to do this one easy way is to use Google Slides to design eBook. See how to get started at Read more about students as eBook authors at

Connect Personal & Work Calendars in Google Calendar From Learn how you can juggle multiple calendars, and not waste time checking all of them to see whether or not you’re actually free on a given date. By connecting your personal calendar to your work calendar, you can check all of your most important commitments in a single glance (and keep the info private). Watch the YouTube video here.

#FutureReady Student Opportunities

Professional Learning

Winter Reading Club is Back! St. Louis County Library is pleased to offer our popular Winter Reading Club again this year to all ages. Winter Reading Club runs from December 1-February 28th.

Student Innovation SHOWcase @ METC ShowME a Movie is now the Student Innovation SHOWcase and it's expanded to include podcasting, coding, digital art and maker. Submission deadline is December 16. More info

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It's that time of year to think about and register for EdCamp St. Louis. It is the region's largest and best unconference. In an unconference, participants decide the topics of conversation and the direction of the learning. It is truly a conference by you and for you. It includes free breakfast and lunch as well as a ton of great prizes to finish the day. Register:

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