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Johnson City Parks and Recreation Wall of Fame The Wall of Fame was started in 1982 with the idea of honoring people who were key figures in the growth of Johnson City Parks and Recreation. The banquet was held at the Legion Recreation Center from its inception until 1999 when it was moved the Millenium Centre’ and then to the D.P. Culp in 2001. The Wall of Fame inductee’s photographs lined one wall in the 40-year old Legion Recreation Center. The banquet has grown from the first year, when about 20 people participated to the now 300 plus attendees. Along with the induction ceremonies, all other outstanding volunteers, civic clubs, business/industry, and organizations are recognized for their contributions to Parks and Recreation. Since the beginning of recreation in Johnson City, civic groups, club, business/industry, churches, individuals, and volunteers have become increasingly active in not only sustaining, but helping the program become a model for other cities of comparable size across the southeast. The first honoree’s were the late Howard A. Johnson, city director of recreation for more than 30 years; the late Paul Christman, coach at both Langston High School and Science Hill High School and member of the Parks and Recreation Board; and Sidney Smallwood, former Science Hill High School basketball coach, city school athletic director, acting school superintendent, and chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board.

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Page Wall of Fame History Inductees 1982 Paul Christman Howard Johnson Sidney Smallwood 1983 Mrs. H. C. Black Raymond Huff J. J. Jilton 1984 C. Howard McCorkle Jimmy Smyth Mrs. William Starritt, Jr. 1985 George Biddle Carl A. Jones W. J. “Dub” Smith 1986 Evelyn Lancaster Norris Langford Dewey Stout 1987 P. W. Alexander John Seward Ed Sherwood 1988 Dr. Frank Anderson Leon Capps Charles Moncrief 1989 Bill Adams John Gillikin Barbara J. Silvers 1990 Jack Chinouth Col. Gates Kidd Mitchell Thorp Nathan Thorp 1991 Henry Joy, Jr. Jack Monroe Bud Seaver 1992 Sherman Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lane Ross Spears, Jr.

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Wall of Fame Inductees Paul Christman Inducted 1982 The late Paul Christman, better known as “coach� was originally from Tallahoma, Tennessee. Christman attended Langston High School in his youth, returning as a longtime coach, where he coached both football and basketball; he transferred to SHHS where he coached football and was appointed Assistant Principle in 1973. Christman was a graduate of Knoxville College with a Bachelor of Science he attended both the University of Nashville and ETSU for his graduate studies. Christman was active with the Kiwanis Club, Boys Club Board, and the American Red Cross. He was a teacher in middle Tennessee and Alabama before entering the armed forced. He was awarded the Purple Heart during World War II while serving with the 97th Infantry Division in Italy. Christman was active at the Carver Recreation Center conducting the football summer program, field day events, taught Sunday school and was a member of the choir at Watauga Presbyterian Church, life member of the Proto Club, and the tennis program. Family: Dorothy Thomas Christman, two daughters Carmelita (deceased), Yvonne and one son Paul Marvin of Johnson City.


Howard Johnson Inducted 1982 The late Howard A. Johnson was the founding director of Johnson City Parks and Recreation. Mr. Johnson worked for the city for 48 years; 33 as Parks and Recreation Director.


Sidney Smallwood Inducted 1982 Sidney Smallwood began in the Johnson City schools coaching Junior High in 1944. He started coaching basketball in 1947 and took two teams to the state tournament before he was done coaching basketball in '57. Smallwood and Plowboy Farmer are considered the two primary pioneers in Science Hill athletics. Smallwood was athletic director during integration, and was on board during the hiring of excellent coaches such as Elvin Little, Kermit Tipton and Snake Evans. He's best known for bringing Steve Spurrier's family to Johnson City from Newport when a preaching position opened in 1957 for Graham Spurrier. Smallwood said he'd gotten to know Spurrier, who would visit with him when he brought a Veteran up periodically from Newport to receive medical treatment at Mountain Home. Seeing Graham, Jr., and Steve play ball at a camp in Montreat, N.C., didn't hurt matters either. Smallwood also served as Superintendent of Schools and as chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board.


Mrs. H. C. Black Inducted 1983 One of the members of the first Parks and Recreation Board.


J. J. Jilton Inducted 1983 The city’s recreation story can be traced to a City Basketball League game in 1947 at an unidentified location matching Leon Ferenbach and Gloria Rayon. Ferenbach superintendent, J.J. Jilton commented to someone, “This is a great game. It’s too bad it has to be played in this cracker box.” The location was not specified. That causal statement was taken as a challenge to Recreation Director Howard Johnson who replied to Jilton, “Are you willing to help build a better place?” The same query was put to Bill Jenkins, coach and manager of the Gloria Rayon team, and other participants of the league. Several men met on January 12, 1947 for the purpose of forming a club for people interested in building a community recreation center for the city. Charter members were J.M. Carter (president), Robert F. Smith (vice-president), Howard Johnson (secretary-treasurer), Ted Jilton, Roy Feathers, Lawrence Owens, William Whittimore, Kent Neufer, J.J. Jilton, Eric Herrin, Mrs. and Mrs. Jimmy Smyth, Edna Frances, J.R. Jilton, Sells Blevins, Sam Cooper, William Jenkins, Bill Billings, Kathleen Goodin, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Cowell, Nelson Burris, Roy Well, Joe Walker, Ted Burton and Nathan Thorp. The group approved a 3-phase campaign to raise funds for the construction of a new sports facility: selling memberships in a recreation club; sponsoring athletic events, carnivals and other moneyraising activities; and soliciting financial contributions.


Raymond Huff Inducted 1983 Mayor of Johnson City in 1983 and co-chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board.


Howard McCorkle Inducted 1984 McCorkle was chairman of the first Parks and Recreation Board established in 1944; serving as chairman for 13 years. McCorkle helped to build the foundation of Parks and Recreation which we are still building on today.


Jimmy Smyth Inducted 1984 Since 1946 when he began as Sports Editor of the Johnson City Press Chronicle, Jimmy has done everything possible to help with recreation campaigns and has supported programs diligently. Smyth was a charter member of the Recreation Club.


Mary Starritt Inducted 1984 Starritt served on the first Parks and Recreation Board for 13 years. Starritt also served on the first fundraising committee.


George Biddle Inducted 1985 Biddle was a son of the late Rev. Jerry Biddle and Luella Cate Biddle. Mr. Biddle was a long-time resident of Johnson City and member of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church, where he was a Trustee and held many positions on the official Board. In 1985, Mr. Biddle retired from the Johnson City School System after 43 dedicated years as the Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, where the facility bears his name today. During those years he was an active member and served on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement, the Civitan Club, a lifetime member of the PTA, a lifetime member of the SHHS Hilltoppers Band Boosters, he also holds a place on the SHHS Hilltopper Wall of Fame and the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Wall of Fame. George A. Biddle, age 91, of Johnson City, passed away Friday, August 13, 2010, at the LifeCare Center of Gray following a decline in health.


Carl A. Jones, Jr. Inducted 1985 Publisher of the Johnson City Press, served as president of the local community chest program during 1944 when the fundraising drive to start a parks and recreation program was started. Jones also served as chairman of the community chest’s powerful finance committee, and was instrumental in helping to raise enough money to get the program going. Jones also brought professional baseball to Johnson City in 1935 when he brought the Johnson City Cardinals minor league franchise and sponsored a team in Johnson City’s first Little League in 1952. Jones utilized inmate labor to construct Cardinal Park and started Little League in 1952 with a team from the Press.


W. J. “Dub� Smith Inducted 1985 Smith served on the first Parks and Recreation Board and continued his service from 1945-1957. Smith also served as Chairman of the fundraising committee, helping to launch the parks and recreation program. Smith was President of the Johnson City Kiwanis Club when Kiwanis Park was built in 1944.


Evelyn Lancaster Inducted 1986 Lancaster was a former Parks and Recreation employee.


Norris Langford Inducted 1986 Langford was a member of the first Parks and Recreation Board. Langford retired as manager from the JC Penney Company in 1967 after more than 35 years of service. Langford was listed in the book of Outstanding Civic Leaders of America, active with the Kiwanis Club, Hurstleigh Club, Johnson City Country Club, Chamber of Commerce, Johnson City Parks and Recreation Board and the American Red Cross. Langford organized and managed the Tri-State Senior Golf Association, composed of seniors for more than 20 states, a position he held at the time of his death on December 10, 1991.


Dewey Stout Inducted 1986 The Recreation Club’s endowment reached $15,000, and the club decided to break ground for the new building. The plan, drawn up by Bob Woods, called for a 160’ by 80’ building on Legion Street. The Park and Recreation Board maintenance crew, headed by Dewey Stout and supervised by Howard Jenkins, commenced construction work on July 8, 1948. Stout was the first parks and recreation employee.


Ed Sherwood Inducted 1987 Johnson City businessman honored for his role as a major sponsor of the city’s athletic programs and financial support for over 25 years.


Joe Alexander Inducted 1987 Alexander was a former East Tennessee State University Dean, University School Director, and charter member of the Parks and Recreation Board.


John Seward, Sr. Inducted 1987 Believing in giving back to his community, Mr. Seward was recognized for his volunteerism: Board of Directors, Hamilton/SunTrust Bank; Board of Directors, Johnson City Medical Center; Cochairman, Board of Visitors, James H. Quillen College of Medicine; Board of Trustees, Holston Conference Colleges; Board of Directors, National Association of Manufacturers; Board of Directors, ETSU Foundation; Chairman, Johnson City Preaching Mission; Board of Directors, Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame; Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame; Park & Recreation Department's Wall of Fame; and the Spirit Award of Johnson City. For 18 years, Mr. Seward served on the Johnson City School Board where he was chairman for four different terms. He was named a Paul Harris Fellow in 1992.


Dr. Frank Anderson Inducted 1988 Anderson served three (3) terms on the Parks and Recreation Board. Civic and community activity was very important to Dr. Anderson. He was a member of the Lions Club for 50 years, served as player agent and President of Johnson City National League for 21 years. He was honored by the Chamber of Commerce in 2000 by being named as the Wall of Fame recipient for that year. In 1975, Dr. Anderson was inducted into the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Wall of Fame.


Leon Capps Inducted 1988 Capps was Parks and Recreation’s Maintenance Supervisor from 1972-1980 and ran Pine Oaks Golf Course back when it began as a nine-hole course. A native of Erwin and live in Johnson City most of his life. He was a son of the late William Hobert and Ruby Sullins Capps Teele. Capps retired from law enforcement having served with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Capps was a U.S. Marine veteran of WWII serving in the South Pacific Theater and after returned to Johnson City to graduate from Science Hill High School in 1947. Capps played professional baseball with the Johnson City Smokies and a member of the First Presbyterian Church, a Mason, a Shriner and the Professional Golf Association, serving as the first Golf Pro at Pine Oaks Golf Course. Capps retired from Johnson City Parks and Recreation in 1989 to fish, hunt, travel and play golf. Capps died on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 in the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Mountain Home.


Charles Moncrief Inducted 1988 Moncrief was the first director of the Carver Recreation Center and served in that position for 19 years. Moncrief spent countless hours working on recreation. Moncrief was a proprietor of one of the city’s first black owned businesses, Empire Dry Cleaners; and was co-founder of the first local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Charles James Moncrief Day was proclaimed in Johnson City on February 19, 1988. Moncrief was known among the Southeastern Recreation community for excellence displayed by his athletes due especially to his commitment toward enriching the lives of youth.


John Gillikin Inducted 1989 Began work with Parks and Recreation during the 50s and 60s, when the Parks and Recreation Department was struggling financially. In spite of the tight budget, the golf course was built during Gilliken’s tenure, and allowed people who could not afford to be members of the country club to play golf.


Bill Adams Inducted 1989 Bill Adams started working at the recreation department when he was 13 years old and received a 30-year pin. Adams managed the Legion Recreation Center when it first opened, and eventually started coaching basketball and baseball and managed the tennis and roller-skating programs. Adams was known as Howard Johnson’s right-hand man, and saw the parks and recreation programs through the most intensive period of growth.


Barbara J. Silvers Inducted 1989 Silvers served a four-year term as the Parks and Recreation Board secretary. Silvers was instrumental in land acquisition projects.


Jack Chinouth Inducted 1990 Jack Chinouth was cited for his enduring support of recreation programs in the city. Jack was a two-term Parks and Recreation Board member, and served as President and General Manager of the Johnson City Cardinals. Chinouth led the fight to keep Memorial Stadium from being sold to the United States Postal Service.


Col. Gates Kidd Inducted 1990 Col. Gates Kidd, a local Ford automobile dealer who died in the 1960s, was remembered as a generous supporter of a number of sports and recreation programs, and was a local sponsor of the annual Punt, Pass, and Kick contest for many years. Kidd also sponsored American Legion Baseball for years.


Mitchell Thorp Inducted 1990 The late Mitchell Thorp was a strong advocate of baseball, and was instrumental in the nurturing of Little League baseball as well as the establishment of the Johnson City Cardinals. Thorp was always active in the community. Mitchell served the first chairman of the Johnson City Area Industrial Commission and a past president of the Johnson City Cardinals baseball team. Mitchell’s interest in the community was not limited to economic growth in the region; he was also active in the Johnson City Little League and Babe Ruth baseball. Thorp received a National Merit Award of Little League Baseball and the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Board’s Mr. Baseball Award. Mitchell believed that, just as a man should reap the rewards of his successes, he should also return a portion of himself to the community.


Nathan Thorp Inducted 1990 Nathan Thorp, who served one term on the Parks and Recreation Board, was honored for his long-term help toward the youth tennis program in the city. Nathan financed the youth program at Legion Recreation Center for 15 years, underwriting the entire cost of the program, which had some excellent tennis players coming out of the program.


Henry Joy, Jr. Inducted 1991 Selected due to his involvement and dedication to Johnson City Parks and Recreation. Joy’s dedication was often played out on the baseball diamond, coaching Little League Baseball from 1953 until 1991.


Bud Seaver Inducted 1991 Seaver played a crucial role in Johnson City baseball. Seaver not only provided funds but he was also involved in site work at the field.


Jack Monroe Inducted 1991 Monroe was characterized as an exceptional president and coach of Little League. Monroe was also a Boy Scout leader and an avid Christian.


Ross Spears, Jr. Inducted 1992 Former Johnson City Major serving on the City Commission from 1957 to 1965 and completed two terms as mayor. Spears tenure coincided with a great expansion of recreation services in the city. During his mayoral terms, Johnson City built its first two public swimming pools, Legion Street Pool, and Carver Recreation Center Pool. Seaver also presided over the opening of Pine Oaks Municipal Golf Course. Spears attributed the push for increased recreational projects during the leadership of Howard Johnson, the Parks and Recreation director at that time.


Sherman Campbell Inducted 1992 Campbell spent much of his adult life coaching youth baseball. Campbell organized the first softball league in Johnson City which included four teams.


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lane Inducted 1992 The first husband and wife team nominated. Arthur was a leader in Johnson City’s black community, served on the Parks and Recreation Board from 1971 – 1975. His wife preceded him on the board, serving from 1967-1971.


Charles P. Roller Inducted 1993 Roller began working for the department from its inception in 1944, volunteering his time as a boxing coach and taking local fighters all over the Southeast. Roller also coached basketball, officiated baseball, and basketball and was President of Sister City International. Roller was a retired businessman and consummate professional who worked assiduously to improve the quality of life for his fellow citizens in numerous capacities; he was instrumental in the development of Guaranda Friendship Gardens at Metro-Kiwanis Park, served on the Johnson City Tree and Appearance Board, member of the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Board, and devout member of the First Christian Church, which he served faithfully for many years as former deacon, charter member of the Mr. & Mrs. Sunday School Class, and member of the Loyal Men’s Sunday School class. Roller was honored by the naming of the Charles P. Roller youth baseball field in the Liberty Bell Complex. Roller was instrumental in the relocation of the Robert Young Cabin to Winged Deer Park and obtaining funding for its renovation.


A. E. “Ed� Wright Inducted 1993 Wright, who died in 1988, spent many years as chairman of the Kiwanis Club Park committee, oversaw development of the park for nearly 20 years, and was involved in Boy Scouts.


Madison Brooks Inducted 1993 Brooks was in the first group of Parks and Recreation coaches taking over the Pet Dairy Little League team in the 1940s and later becoming American League Little League president. Brooks remained involved with the department as a member of the Parks and Recreation Board. Brooks was best known as the winningest basketball coach in East Tennessee State University history, and as a longtime ETSU athletic director.


Richard “Dick” Ellis Inducted 1994 Ellis was on the Parks and Recreation Board at the time the Pine Oaks Golf Course was agreed upon. Ellis was one of a half dozen in the city who were instrumental in bringing the Pony and Colt Youth Baseball Leagues to the City. Ellis served on the Board of the Appalachian District Fair for 25 years. He was director of WETS-FM at East Tennessee State University beginning in 1973. Ellis served the region for more than 23 years as a well-known media personality, including serving as the “voice” of the ETSU Buccaneers on WJCW and WQUT. The City proclaimed January 24, 1993, as Richard F. Ellis Day in acknowledgment of his lifelong contributions to our region’s media, our university, and our community.


Louis D. Gump Inducted 1994 Louis D. Gump died in 1960; he was one of Johnson City’s most distinguished and industrious residents. Gump founded Gump Investment Company in 1928 after working as a retail merchant for 31 years. Gump’s contributions to the community were countless. Gump served as chairman of the local Selective Service Board for over 15 years, a job he held without pay, he was founder of the Children’s Home, and the Surjoi Swimming Pool at Carver Park. Gump was a leader in the Boy Scout movement and was presented the Silver Beaver Award for his work with the scouts. Gump also served on the original board of the Memorial Hospital, the Salvation Army Board, and many years with the Workshop for the Blind. As member of Carnegie Realty Gump deeded land at Rotary Park for use as city park land. Gump pavilion was donated in his honor by his sons.


H. T. “Zeb” Presnell Inducted 1994 Presnell was a former city school principal.


Steve Spurrier Inducted 1995 Spurrier, well-known head coach of the Florida football team. Although it’s been a few years since Spurrier lived in Johnson City, he is considered a native son who still has family ties to the area. Spurrier was a graduate of parks and recreation programs, a positive role model, an academic All- American, as well as a Heisman Trophy winner.


Arthur Lady Inducted 1995 Lady was the head coach for the American Legion Little League baseball team for 37 years. Lady was born in Greene County, Tennessee and a veteran of World War II. He was a lifetime member of the American Legion and a longtime employee of Burlington Mills (later to become Klopman Mills). Lady coached the American Legion team from 1958-2004 in the Johnson City Major Little League where he won multiple league championships, including the one in 1968. The 1968 team held a 17-4 record after they lost the first 3 games of the season. He served as assistant coach for two Johnson City Major League All-Star teams that finished as Tennessee State runners-up in 1968 and 1971. Coach Lady received a Letter of Appreciation from Little League Baseball in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for both his contributions to and his many years of coaching Little League baseball. Coach Lady was not just a coach, but also a mentor to numerous ballplayers over the many years. He was certainly a positive influence on and much loved by all of this “Little Legionnaires�.


Jim Bready Inducted 1995 Bready, former chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board was instrumental in several Parks and Recreation projects, including the renovation of Carver Park and the planning for Willow Springs. Bready played a vital role in the development of Winged Deer Park. Also working with the East Tennessee Soccer Federation, he was instrumental in promoting youth soccer including the city’s annual tournament.


Carl O. Bolton Inducted 1996 Bolton, active with the Civitan Club for more than 50 years, was the backbone of Guaranda Gardens. Bolton put in the hours keeping the plush park operating, even when one summer’s drought threatened to wipe out the greenery.


Kermit Tipton Inducted 1996 Tipton had an eleven-year reign as coach at Science Hill. Tipton coached former Heisman Trophy winner (Steve Spurrier). A tremendous role model, teach and educator.


Louise Bryan Inducted 1996 The Parks and Recreation Department originated in 1944, and Louise Bryan was one of the original employees. In 1971, Bryan became a part-time employee while remaining a full-time volunteer. Byran also worked with the Girls Club beginning in 1945. Bryan is remembered for her lifetime of community service, green thumb, and colorful personality.


P.C. Snapp Inducted 1997 Snapp served as Little League baseball coach for 15 years and has worked as an elected official for more than 10 years. Snapp served as Mayor from 1989-1991 and the City Commission from 1987 – 1999. Director of the Economic Development until 2011.


Grant Trivett, III Inducted 1997 Trivett has been vital to the growth of girl’s athletics in the Parks and Recreation Department. Grant served his community in many ways, having served on the Parks and Recreation Wall of Fame Committee, the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Advisory Board of Directors serving two terms as chairman. He also served on the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Foundation as a charter member. Grant served two terms on the Johnson City Public House Authority Board of Directors. He further served on the Communities in Schools Board of Directors. Grant passed away October 5, 2010.


J. B. Thomas, Jr. Inducted 1997 Thomas was instrumental in the organization of the Hilltopper Sports Club, a group that supports athletic programs at Science Hill High School. Thomas influence is still evident, Jenna Street; a former SHHS swimmer has gained national recognition.


Lonnie E. Lowe Inducted 1998 Lowe, only the second director the department has ever had in its 54 year tenure, he not only lead and guided the department to a new quality level of standards, he achieved growth in every aspect of numbers involved in programming, especially youth oriented. Some of his achievements include the development of the local neighborhood Paul Christman Park, Winged Deer Park Complex, and Willow Springs Park. The establishment of a soccer program which also developed the regions first indoor soccer complex at Buffalo Valley. Lowe changed the programming format of the Parks and Recreation, from primarily athletics, to develop a Cultural Arts Program which conceived the opening of Princeton Arts Center. As developer of the Wall of Fame Awards Banquet, he brought the banquet from a small group of 15-20 volunteers and outstanding groups and business assisting with Parks and Recreation programs, to the establishment of the Wall of Fame to recognize those who have served the city and community at large with distinction. Lowe was not just a paid employee, he went above and beyond the call of duty more than once, making it fitting to add him to the list of those who have given so much to make Johnson City a better place to live and play.


Cot Presnell Inducted 1998 Primarily involved with athletics, Cot Presnell was a volunteer in softball and Little League, coach at Science Hill High School, and Junior High, and Director of Athletics for some 50 years. Presnell has been involved not only with the educational system, but was an influence of high standards in guiding children in Johnson City. People every where spoke of him with respect and kindness in regards to his teaching and/or coaching. Presnell was also involved in the development of Memorial Stadium, and he played on the first recognizable football team in the area, that also won the first state championship from this area. He was a dedicated and professional gentleman.


Bonnie Luntsford Inducted 1998 Mrs. Luntsford was involved in the Johnson City School System as a Physical Education teacher that traveled from school to school. Luntsford served as a Parks and Recreation Board member from 1960-1963. She ran playgrounds, worked with the Babe Ruth League, and provided baseball games for the veterans at Mountain Home. Luntsford was the catalyst in the development of a citizens committee to organize a public golf course and voucher system to pay for it, along with other board members Sidney Smallwood, John Seward, Arthur Lane, and Dick Ellis. Luntsford was instrumental in initiating aid and recommendations from the Planning Commission for the first master recreational plan. She was a pleasure to know, and work with always happy and jovial and always pulling a joke.


C.B. Kinch, Jr. Inducted 1999 Kinch was the last Little League president before it dissolved from one organization into the American, National, and Major Leagues in the late 1980s. Kinch served as a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for the five terms, beginning his service in 1990. As a freshman at East Tennessee State in 1963, he got his start as PeeWee football coach. Kinch also coached softball, baseball and even had a stint in girl’s basketball. He has participated in about everything Parks and Recreation does, either coaching or organizing. Kinch was also instrumental in obtaining funding for the now named C.B. Kinch Landing public boat ramp at Winged Deer Park.


Searl Robbins Inducted 1999 Robbins umpired youth baseball as well as high school and college. Robbins also called softball and refereed high school football. He was one of the most respected officials known in Johnson City. Robbins began his umpiring career at 28 and was still going 50 years later when he died. After retirement from Summers-Taylor, he was appointed Parks and Recreation superintendent and held that position for a decade. He saved the department thousands and thousand of dollars by being able to fix about anything that was broken. He was also known to volunteer his personal time and resources.


Bud Rutherford Inducted 1999 Rutherford helped establish the Johnson City Little League in 1950, serving as a manager, league president, and district commissioner. Rutherford-Joy Field was named in his honor and fellow Little League legend Henry Joy. Rutherford served as president of all three Little Leagues, putting his heart and sole into the Little League organization.


Ken Arrowood Inducted 2000

Initiated the 9-10 Year Old League in the Johnson City Major League. Married to Betty for 30 Years; two children: Kenny and Angie; and also two grandchildren: Derek and Jordan.

Director Kiwanis Park Coach – Youth Baseball Coach – Youth Basketball Involved with SHHS Athletics PA Announcer for Football and Basketball Little League Baseball Manager of Home Federal Baseball

1970 - 1972 8 Years 8 Years 25 Years 12 Years 1970 – 2000 20 Years

President of Johnson City Major League Secretary to District 5 Little League

10 Years 3 Years


Dorothy Christman Inducted 2000 Attended Douglas Elementary School and graduated from Langston High School. School teacher for Johnson City School System at Douglas Elementary, Dunbar Elementary, Langston High School and Northside Elementary. Mrs. Christman was born in Mountain City, Tennessee, and moved to Johnson City as a child. She attended Douglas Elementary and graduated from Langston High School. Mrs. Christman married the legendary Coach Paul Christman while attending Tennessee A & I University (now known as Tennessee State University) in Nashville, TN. She has three children: Carmelitta (Deceased), Yvonne and Marvin. When the City obtained the Surjoy Swimming Pool from the Gump Family, Carver Recreation Center was built. Mrs. Christman was instrumental in getting the center off the ground. She dedicated numerous hours to the center and to the community. Mrs. Christman educated youth in community and provided supervision, discipline, and instilled youth to be respectful to all people. She was a mentor, mother, teacher, and a loving person to all who know her. Carver Recreation Center: 1952-1994 1974-1994


Playground Supervisor: Mrs. Christman worked on playgrounds with the children and parents. She assisted with the feeding of children, arts and craft projects, and field trips. Library Supervisor: Implemented the Library Program at Carver Recreation Center through the Watauga Library Outreach and put a branch in Carver Recreation Center. Implemented the after school Enrichment & Tutoring Program, now known as "Homework Helpers". Special Activities: Helped start the Citizens in Action Committee to assist with Carver programs and activities such as the Halloween Festival, Unity Day, Thanksgiving Dinner, and the Children's Christmas Party. Coordinated summer programs for Carver Housing and the "little rec." Community Leader: Coordinated supper programs for Carver Recreation Center, Langston and Dunbar schools, Carver's Headstart Program for Preschool children,


Harry Gibson Inducted 2000 Harry Gibson has spent most of his adult life in support of the Johnson City Parks and Recreation activities. This includes work on parks, baseball fields, and fundraisers. He has also contributed personal funds to support football, baseball, and basketball in Johnson City. He strongly supports SHHS sports with his time and energy. He has encouraged many citizens of Johnson City to make donations to the SHHS Sports Programs and has raised many dollars to help make a difference in these programs. Mr. Gibson believes in children. He believes in the citizens of Johnson City and is committed to the idea of providing a better quality of life for all our citizens. Harry is married to Nancy J. Smalling Gibson and they have twin sons: Chris Gibson-University of Nebraska Omaha and Derrick Gibson-Johnson City Police Officer. Derrick recently married Kim Sexton Gibson. 1961-1972 1975-1978 1996-2000 1989 1993 1999-2000             

Coached Football and basketball in Johnson City Parks and Recreation Program. Served on Parks and Recreation Board. Received Little League Good Sport Award. Volunteer of the Year Award Pony-Colt Baseball. Chairman of Parks and Recreation Board. Coached Little League in the American League and Major League 12 years. Johnson City School Board 10 years. Served on the Johnson City Boy's Club Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Served on Excel Board in Johnson City. Served on the Little League Board of Directors. Served on the Pony-Colt Board of Directors and President of Pony Colt League. Served on the Babe Ruth Board of Directors and President of Babe Ruth League. President of Hiltopper Sports Club and worked with the financial aspect of the Hilltopper sports progress Helped raise thousands of dollars to support programs at Science Hill. Planned, organized, and executed Hospitality rooms for Basketball Tournaments. Administrator of Little League District 5 for 8 years. Assisted with obtaining funds for the Winged Deer Park Lakefront Boat ramp. Received the Outstanding Service Award for Parks and Recreation for 3


  

years. Received the Johnson City School Board 10 Years of Devoted Service Award. Responsible for recruiting and assigning umpires for Pony-Colt and Babe Ruth Baseball Leagues for 12 years. Served 32 years in the military and Army National Guard and received the following awards: Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Sharpe Ordinance Award, Army Accommodation, Kuwait Libertarian Medal, and Certificate of AchievementNational Training Center Fort Irwin California. Receipient of the WJHL "I Made A Difference" Award


Rick Sangid Inducted 2000 Mr. Sangid has contributed time, money, leadership, and devotion to the youth of the City and he continually strives to improve the quality of services offered to youth sports. Sangid has been the recipient of the Youth Involvement Award for the past 5+ years. Due to his continued recognition of this award, it has been renamed to the Rick Sangid Youth Involvement. Married to wife, Starr. Three Children:Todd, Crystal, and Katie 12 years 12 years 8 years 7 years 6 years

Volunteer Service to Johnson City Parks and Recreation Youth Soccer Youth Baseball Youth Basketball Served as President of the Jr. Hornets/Jr. Sting boosters Club. His leadership in this position has assisted in raising over $37,000.00 toward the program. This includes having every child's jersey numbered, trophy purchases for the holiday Basketball Tournament, entry fees, jerseys, and meal monies for team travel. In addition, he donated (through the boosters club) lump sum donations to the City of Johnson City to off-set the monies due to the Charlotte organization to cover the cost of the individual packages provided to each child. Served as the President of the Babe Ruth baseball league in Johnson City and during this time in stressed increasing participation and revenues and accomplished both. Donated numerous hours officiating youth soccer, youth basketball, and youth baseball and very seldom-accepted compensation for this.


Dr. Emmett Essin Inducted 2001 1983 – 1998 Served on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Also served as chairman during his term. 1968 – 1977 Served on ETSU Athletic Committee 1982 – 1991      

Involved with the acquisition of land to develop Winged Deer Park. Active in the acquisition of the property near the Carver Recreation Center for future development of the park. Involved in securing the building for the indoor soccer facility at Buffalo Mountain Golf Course. Assistant Coach for Babe Ruth baseball. President of Babe Ruth baseball. TSSAA Football Official

Dr. Essin spent 15 plus years in support of recreation and has spent countless hours as a devoted board member assessing the needs of the general public. During his tenure, he solicited corporate and personal donations for park development and improvements. Dr. Essin is married to Sally Goodman Essin. They have 2 children, son Matthew, who is a salesman for Holston Distributing, and daughter Christin, who is studying for her PHD at the University of Texas in Austin. One grandson, Evan, who was one year old at the time of his induction into the Wall of Fame.


Eugene “Red” Gillespie Inducted 2001 1991 – to present serving as Parks and Recreation Advisory Board member. Held office of Chairman (1997) and Vice Chairman. 1976 – 2001 President and Founder of the Progressive Young Men of Johnson City. 2001 Served as Southern Region Council Citizen Representative for the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association. Served as committee member on the Johnson City Bikeway/Greenway Commission. Member and past chair of the Johnson City Athletic Club Board of Directors.     

Volunteer at age eight (8) in summer recreation program Volunteer concession worker and junior lifeguard in 1959. Coach 9/12 Girls Softball Coach Boys, Men and Women’s Basketball Positions held with Johnson City Parks and Recreation included:  Senior Lifeguard  Water Safety Instructor  Game Room Assistant  Skating Program Assistant  Pool Supervisor  Carver Recreation Center Director  Athletic Director

Eugene Gillespie has spent most of his life in support of recreation programs. This included work with peewee football, basketball, and Little League. The facilitation of programs that provided youngsters the basics for a productive future is his life’s avocation. Eugene is married to Georgia Goines Gillespie and they have two children, a daughter Anna Denise – 2001 UT graduate and teacher in Knoxville and son Reginald who was attending ETSU at the time of Eugene’s induction into the Wall of Fame.


U. G. “Curley” Trivett Jr. Inducted 2001 U. G. Trivett Jr. was involved with Parks and Recreation since its very beginning. At the end of World War II, U. G. was discharged from the military and returned to Johnson City to start an electrical contracting business. When Johnson City decided to build Legion Street Recreation Center, U. G. was awarded the electrical contract, and he provided the labor at no charge to the city. This was one of his first commercial contracts and because of the experience; he was able to join the electrical union. He then worked on several TVA and Federal projects. He and Charlie Roller, a long time Parks and Recreation boxing coach and Advisory Board member were great friends, and U. G. was one of the boxing programs biggest fans. U. G. has always been a supporter of Parks and Recreation programs. He sponsored softball and basketball teams for many years and he funded the upgrade of Metro-Kiwanis Parks #2 softball field in 1989. These improvements included moving the infield and fences and construction of the dugouts. U. G. was always a fan and attended softball and basketball games as well as Cardinal games. He was always a great boxing fan and attended all the Parks and Recreation boxing events held at the Carver Recreation Center. All of the participants in Parks and Recreation activities knew his and affectionately called him “Curley”.


Shirley Ann Chinouth Inducted 2002 Shirley Ann Chinouth was born in Southwestern Virginia. She came to Johnson City, at the age of nine, and Graduated from Science Hill High School and East Tennessee State University. She taught in the Johnson City school system for eleven years and has worked with the Munsey pre-school program for twenty years. She is a member of Munsey Memorial Methodist Church, where she serves as Nursery Director. There she sang in the choir and taught Sunday school and Bible School. Shirley Ann has always been closely associated with Parks and Recreation. Chinouth’s father, A. E. “Ed” Wright, was an active volunteer in Parks and Recreation as a fund raiser and advocate of Parks and Recreation programs. He was affectionately called Pappy. He was inducted into the Wall of Fame in 1993. Shirley Ann graduated from college and married Jack Chinouth. Jack has spent his entire adult career serving the Parks and Recreation department. He coached Little League and Babe Ruth teams. He served on the Johnson City Cardinals Board of Directors along with Mitchell Thorpe for forty-five years. He served as member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for two terms and he was inducted into the Wall of Fame in 1990. Shirley Ann worked with her father and husband, to help them, and to help Parks and Recreation actually all of her adult life. Her service to our community did not end with her work at Munsey or Parks and Recreation. She has contributed many hours as a volunteer in our school system. She served as hostess at Liberty Bell for the district and regional basketball tournaments and has helped organize and host the school sports banquets. Also, she has been an avid fan of all local sporting and cheerleading activities. Shirley Ann truly loves the youth of our city and they truly love her.


Hal Littleford Inducted 2002 Born and raised in Bristol, Tennessee, Hal played football and baseball and ran track in high school. Hal played football and baseball for the University of Tennessee 1946 – 1949 and served as co-captain of the football team in 1949. Littleford earned a Master of Science degree from UT in 1952. Elected president of the UT Alumni from 1958-1959. He served three years as a member of the UT Athletic Board and is now an honorary life member. ETSU hired Hal in 1950. He was named Head Football Coach in 1954 where he and his staff won the Volunteer Athletic Conference Championship. In 1955 he entered the life insurance business as a salesman and is still an agent. He has been active in the Kiwanis Club of Johnson City and has served as a teacher and elder for the First Presbyterian Church for over 50 years. Hal has served as a City Commissioner 1963 – 1971 and also as Mayor from 1967 – 1969. During all these years he has been a strong supporter of the Parks and Recreation programs and activities.


Sam Scalf Inducted 2002 Born June 28, 1929 Sam is a lifelong resident of Johnson City. Coached football and worked in the youth football league in Johnson City. Worked with Parks and Recreation basketball league, Babe Ruth and Pony Colt leagues and was active member of the Hilltopper Sports Club. Served as Assistant Coach for Senior Babe Ruth league, substitute umpire, and fund raiser for student scholarship program. Assisted coaches Mike Turner and Scott McClanahan for numerous years in SHHS football program. Provided grounds clean up on a daily basis for the Winged Deer Park Festival Plaza boat ramp when it was first constructed as a temporary ramp for a Tennessee State Bass Tournament. Sam performed these duties for over a year. Scalf assisted with acquiring funds for the installation of the public access ramp at Winged Deer Park.


Betty Jo Harman Inducted 2003 Betty Jo is a lifelong resident of Johnson City and graduate of Science Hill High School and East Tennessee State University. Betty Jo was employed by the city school system as a teacher at Stratton Elementary School. Betty Jo is the wife of Harry Harman of Harman Ice and Cold Storage and has three children, Betsy Wooten, Reese Harman, and Andy Harman. The family has blessed with four grandsons. She has been a member of the Central Baptist Church for 36 years where she taught Sunday school. She has been involved in community service through the Meals on Wheels program as a driver for 25 years and has worked with the Interfaith Hospitability Network Loaves and Fishes Ministry. She served on the Salvation Army Advisory Board, a Christmas Kettle Bell Ringer, and served as Chairperson for the ‘Souper Bowl” for the Hungry. Betty Jo also served on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board during the time the board purchased Willow Springs Park (1995). Both her children Reese and Andy played Little League baseball and Betty Jo served as President of the American League Mothers group. Both boys also played in the Pony League program and Betty Jo worked in the concessions. The boys were also active in soccer and basketball. She is an avid supporter of Science Hill High School and was active in the Sports Club working concessions for both basketball and track and the hospitality room for the basketball tournaments. Daughter Betsy’s first job was a summer playground worker for the Parks and Recreation Department. She also worked concessions at Legion Recreation Center and Cardinal Park. The Harman family uses the park system for family gatherings, birthday parties, wedding rehearsals and family reunions.


Mrs. Leo-Elizabeth Harrison Johnson Inducted 2003 Behind every good man is a great woman. At the young age of 31 Mrs. Johnson quickly became Howard Johnson’s greatest booster, as he assumed his duties of the first Parks and Recreation Director in 1944. The city’s first recreation club was formed and Mrs. Johnson assisted her husband in recruiting members and interested citizens to serve as volunteers, sponsors, and contributors to the recreation program. Mrs. Johnson personally prepared the meals which were served at the monthly meetings of the Recreation Club. One of first projects for the club was to raise funds to light the tennis courts and the ball field at Legion, and Mrs. Johnson spoke at PTA meetings and Civic Clubs to garner support for these projects. Mrs. Johnson was very instrumental in assisting her husband in soliciting the Harlem Globetrotters to come to Johnson City and provide a benefit fundraising basketball game to raise money for the recreation program. When the Recreation Club decided to build two swimming pools, Mrs. Johnson again visited with Civic organizations, PTA’s and private business to gather support and donations. Mrs. Johnson also gained citizen support for commission approval to borrow monies for the project. Part of the success for gaining support, was the fact that Mrs. Johnson visited with the Superintendent of Schools and got his blessing for Mrs. Johnson and a group of volunteers to come to the schools daily and sell swim passes. Upon completion of the Carver Recreation Center, Mrs. Johnson made the first pair of curtains for their clubroom. Mrs. Johnson accompanied Mr. Johnson on numerous State, Regional and National recreation meetings where she would visit recreation and school facilities in those areas and bring home ideas. During one of her regional visits she came across a paved play area at an elementary school and upon her return to Johnson City immediately visited with the Southside School principal and PTA to construct the first play area at a Johnson City school. The area was made large enough to accommodate basketball, tennis, paddle-tennis and volleyball and the project was done with money raised by Mrs. Johnson and a group of interested volunteers. The area was such a success that the Superintendent began incorporating these areas at all their school locations. During one of the 72

national recreation meetings the group experienced inclement weather and was unable to travel to the post-conference gala, Mrs. Johnson volunteered to provide the music for the entire gathering. Mrs. Johnson always played hostess in their home for many of Mr. Johnson’s meetings, she was an active volunteer with the senior citizens who then met in the banquet room at Legion Recreation Center. She always enjoyed playing the piano for the senior’s group. During Mr. Johnson’s tenure as the recreation director Mrs. Johnson volunteered in all the concessions, at the pool gates, summer playgrounds and on Sunday afternoons did the bookkeeping for the department. Mrs. Johnson always filled in when an employee called in sick or could not make it to work for one reason or another. She also provided meals for fund-raisers and to the youth who participated in the City’s youth sports programs. To say that she was Howard’s greatest booster was probably an understatement, as for 33 years she endured the long hours, late night telephone calls, meetings, and time away from the family so that the citizens of Johnson City could have the very best recreation program that could be provided. Today’s Wall of Fame Banquet actually started on a very small scale in the late 1940’s in Mrs. LeoElizabeth Harrison Johnson’s living room at 425 W. Maple Street, preparing meals for the 25-40 of the recreation department’s cherished supporters.


Phoebe Lowry Inducted 2003 Phoebe is a lifelong resident of Johnson City, and a graduate of University High. She has been employed by the VA Medical Center for 29 years. She has two boys, John 26 and Scott 24. Phoebe was a former member and president of the Crewettes with the Johnson City Rescue Squad, a former Cub Scout leader and member of the National Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball Board of Directors. Phoebe worked with the National League and Babe Ruth Baseball League for over 10 years, during that time working and running the concessions for the National Little League program. She was an avid supporter of Science Hill High School and worked with the Sports Club for several years. She played ladies softball in the Church League with the Parks and Recreation Department. Both children have participated in youth soccer, baseball and basketball with the department. The Lowry family is avid supporters of the Parks and Recreation program and has frequently used the department facilities for skating parties, swimming parties, golfing and fishing.


John Anderson Mashburn Inducted 2003 John is a lifelong resident of Washington County, currently residing in Telford on the farm on which he was born. He attended Lamar School and graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1972. John is married to the former Diana Jenkins and they one son John, Jr. and one daughter Bridget. They have two grandsons Kyler and Camden. Mashburn is a US Army veteran.     

        

1966-1968 Called in 43 years of District And zone Little League tournament for District 5. Umpired at least 15 State Little League Baseball boy’s tournaments. Umpired 2 State Softball tournaments. Probation officer for the State of Tennessee since July of 1972. Retired after 37 years in 2009. John began his umpire career for the Johnson City Major Little League in May of 1973. Since that time, he has umpired games, zone and district tournaments (1983, 2003). Mashburn remembers a proud accomplishment of having umpired seven games in the Southern Regional Little League Tournament in St. Petersburg, Florida in August of 2002. The winner of that tournament went on to play in the Little League World Series elimination games in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 2002-2006 Southeast 11-12 year old boys baseball tournament – St. Petersburg, FL. 2009 Little League World Series 11-12 year old boys – Williamsport, PA. 2011 Threw out the first pitch at Southern Region 16-17 girls softball tournament at Ft. Myers, FL. 2015 City of Johnson City Parks and Recreation named a baseball field for Arrowood/Mashburn at Kiwanis Park. 2017 Received Golden Mask Award for lifetime achievement in umpiring at Southern Region Warren Robbins, GA. 2017 Retired as Little League Umpire after 45 years due to blindness. 2018 Received Tom Madison Award for Dedication of Service from Johnson City National Little League. May 2018 Graduate of Blind Rehab School for Veterans – Birmingham, Alabama Still an active member of the District 5 Umpire Association.

As an umpire John does more than umpire, he is a board member of the Johnson City Major League; he assigns umpires for each regular season game at the Major League Park including the minor league. He also works the concession stand when help is needed. He assists with fund raising efforts and maintains the baseball field when necessary. John also assists with the annual registration and tryouts. He attends monthly District Five Little training and advance Little League umpire training in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is taught by professional instructors.


John gains great pleasure in watching young men he has umpired grows up and goes on to become umpires themselves. He has found it very rewarding to see the boys and girls he has umpired over the years become contributing members of the community. In John’s words, “I have made lifelong friends through this program that probably would not have crossed my path had I not had this opportunity to work as an umpire, I consider it a blessing.�


Juan E. Chiu Inducted 2004 Juan Chiu served twenty-seven (27) years with the Parks and Recreation. Assisted with the development of the youth soccer and has served as a coach every since 1977. Served as a refereed for fifteen (15) years for the department. In 1980 the Parks and Recreation Department named the 10-11 year old boys and girls league the “Juan Chiu League�. He has received outstanding services from the department in 1977, 1983, 1985, 1991, and 1996.


Johnson City programin 1977


Clem Wilkes, Jr. Inducted 2004 Served the department as coach for girls and boys T-ball program. Coached Parks and Recreation Soccer for six (6) years. Coached Club Soccer for five (5) years and refereed soccer for two (2) years. He is a member of the Science Hill High School Sports Club, serving as president for two (2) years. Worked in concession stands at Freedom Hall, Memorial Stadium and John Broyles Field. Has served six (6) years as a Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Member and is currently still serving. He served as Vice-Chair for one (1) year. Clem was instrumental in securing outside funding for the Parks and Recreation Department’s Annual Wall of Fame Banquet. He also secured a sponsor for the purchase a water fountain for the walking track at Carver Park and assisted with raising funds for the new turf at Memorial Stadium. He received an Outstanding Service Award from the Parks and Recreation Department in 1989. Assisted with the organization of the Science Hill Sports Banquets and chaired and assisted with the publishing of the Science Hill Sports Media Guide.


Fred Deneen Inducted 2004 Fred Deneen has been involved with the department for seventeen (17) years in the Little League organization. Served as Treasurer of the Hilltopper Sports Club, head Coach for Rotary Little League / American League from 1977 – 1993, All Star coach / American League for ten (10) years, and has served on the Little League Board of Directors. He assisted with raising funds for Science Hill High School Scholarships, new uniforms, and hospitality rooms for basketball tournaments. As head coach for the Rotary Little League he coached the team in three (3) city championship games and won the 1989 City Championship and nine (9) league championships. He was an avid supporter of the Kermit Tipton Scholarship Fund. Deneen donated monies for the batting cages at the American Little League field, irrigation systems for the three Liberty Bell baseball fields, batting cages at the Liberty Bell fields, weight lifting equipment for Science Hill High School weight room, uniforms for Science Hill High School baseball teams, Pony Colt and Babe Ruth leagues to buy equipment, uniforms and travel expenses. He is the recipient of the Jack Monroe Award given by the Johnson City American Little League for dedication, leadership, example and influence. He also received the Character, Courage, and Loyalty Award given by the American Little League Board of Directors for outstanding service to youth through support of Little League. He mostly wanted to be known for having had a positive influence on the youth that came through the Johnson City Little League system.


Thomas Witherspoon Inducted 2004 Tom has served the department for 15 years. He served as coaching girls softball in the 1990’s, assisted with the creation of the Johnson City Girls Softball Association to help facilitate support for Girl’s softball programs, facilities, and equipment. Started the Johnson City Girls Softball Association Fall Fast Pitch Softball League to offer area teams and players a chance for skill and sportsmanship development in seven weeks, every fall since, 1988 it has grown from 8 teams to 18 teams. Assisted the City of Johnson City Parks and Recreation with a joint venture for continuing a summer fast pitch high school league attracting approximately twenty for continuing a summer fast pitch high school league attracting approximately twenty from Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western, North Carolina. Developed softball-coaching clinic in connection with Johnson City Parks and Recreation programs. Created resource of coaching materials at the Johnson City Public Library on fast pitch softball. Assisted with field improvements at Metro Kiwanis Park and Kiwanis Park Girls softball fields. Started and staffed concessions at Science Hill Varsity and JV softball games for Science Hill High School Sports Club. Received the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association 4-Star Benefactor Award.


James K. Ellis Inducted 2005

James began his career with the Parks and Recreation Department in 1971 at the age of 12, working in the skating program 6 hours per week for $1 an hour. James worked approximately 5 year part-time in any area including scorekeeping, officiating, maintenance, skating, concessions, and assisting with the youth soccer program before being promoted to full time. James’ first full-time position was serving as the Legion Recreation Center Supervisor overseeing all activities and programs conducted at the center. He also served as the Skating Supervisor. James’ first involvement with the athletics program came when Lonnie Lowe, former Parks and Recreation Director promoted him to Youth Sports Supervisor. He was directly responsible for the operations of youth softball, youth minor league baseball, youth basketball, youth soccer and special event sports such as Pit-Hit-and Run, Hula-Hoop, Whamo-O-Frisbee Competition, and Hot Shot Basketball. After holding this position two years, James was promoted to the Athletic Director position in 1983 and is currently employed in this position. He oversaw all adult and youth sports programs, and was heavily involved in attracting, scheduling, and directing weekend and weeklong tournaments. Growing up in the program, James volunteered briefly as a flag football coach, 12-15 year old boy’s basketball coach, and youth soccer coach. He has assisted in the total operations of the department whenever called upon to do so. Under his direction, the youth basketball program increased from 34 youth teams to over 120 and youth soccer has gown to over 120 teams. For many years, James designed and directed the annual Halloween Festival at the Legion Recreation Center. James lobbied for and was successful in creating an Athletics Interest Section to benefit Athletic Specialists across the State in the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association. He also served as the chairman for this section in the first two terms. He has served as a volunteer District Commissioner in the Amateur Softball Association since 1981 and was appointed as the Tennessee ASA State Commissioner in 2005 overseeing all ASA softball play in the state. James successfully placed bids for the city to host national softball tournaments starting back in 1993. He has been very instrumental in continuing to lobby for national events for Johnson City bringing us the most sought-after tournaments which are the Class A Girls Fast Pitch Nationals which host over 120 teams for week-long tournaments. These events have brought in millions and millions of dollars to our local economy. James has served on the Little League and Babe Ruth Board of Directors, the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association Board of Directors, the Tennessee ASA Softball Board of Directors, and numerous other boards and committees. James has coordinated scheduling with ETSU, Milligan, University High, Little League, Babe Ruth, ETSF, AAU, Middle and High School athletic teams, the local tennis association, JCGSA, NSA, ISA, USSSA, NAIA, and a variety of other associations and user groups.


James recommended and worked to move the adult softball field at Jaycee Park to Winged Deer Park Field 5 and this allowed the city to provide two youth state of the art girl’s softball fields to service Parks and Recreation program as well as the Johnson City Girls Softball Association. This placed five adult sized fields at one complex and has assisted the city in obtaining larger tournaments and locating the majority of the local league play to one site. James has assisted the department in grant writing with the Civitan Park building, the Liberty Bell Tennis court renovations, and equipment needs to the youth in the athletic programs. He was very instrumental in developing a parent’s and coach’s code of conduct for the youth programs and in the creation of the Athletic Review Panel. He developed the 3, 4 and 5 year old soccer program that has over 400 children annually, started the youth girl’s tee ball program, and stared an adult kick ball league. He is continually looking for ways to increase participation in the department’s programs. James became certified as an Associate Parks & Recreation Professional and continues to maintain this certification by attending seminars, conferences, and education sessions annually. He developed the department’s first participant database and created the first volunteer log to track the value of athletic program’s volunteers. From six hours per week at $1 per hour to now, 34 years later, he still goes strong in attempting to meet the needs of the citizens and to create more opportunities for the participants in the recreation programs. James never hesitates to go above and beyond by realizing that recreation is not a 9 to 5 job. He was actively involved in the total operations of the department following Mr. Lowe’s retirement and he is always willing to assist other employees and city departments when needed. He has given countless hours evenings and weekends to benefit the department and the participants in the programs. Ellis was promoted to Parks and Recreation Assistant Director of Parks and in 2012 and later became the director.


Rebecca “Becky” Buchanan Inducted 2005   

Employed Johnson City Parks and Recreation – summer 1981 to winter 1999: Positions held include: o Arts & Crafts Program Coordinator o Playground Supervisor o Princeton Arts Center Director o Cultural Arts Director o General Manger – Johnson City Baseball o Assistant Director Parks and Recreation Boards / Organizations Past o Johnson City Area Arts Council o Tennessee Recreation Parks Assoc. Board o BI-Centennial Committee o UMOJA/Unity committee o Girls, Inc. Board o All America City Committee o VA Centennial Celebration o Recycling & Clean Team o Springfest o Earth Day o Martin Luther King Committe Current o Neighborhood Action Committee o ETSU Pride Committee o Public Safety Task Force o JCDA Marketing Committee o Convention & Visitors Bureau o Chamber of Commerce Leadership 2015 Task force o United Way Board o Johnson City Federal Credit Union Board o PIO Local Emergency Planning Committee o Greater Tri-Cities Sisters Cities Board o Johnson City Employee Scholarship Fund Professional Achievements o Her Leadership in the Summer Playground program quickly expanded and improved to involve many more children and more areas of the city. o Created a ceramics program for adults and after school program for the youth at the Carver Recreation Center and Keystone Rec. 83

o Instrumental in the founding of Princeton Arts Center and development of the first expanded cultural art programs in the Parks and Recreation Department. She spent countless hours bringing in artists, instructors, and volunteers to assist in the development. o Created, complied and produced the “Gift Catalog” for City of Johnson City community wide donations. o Created a full photographic journal and slides of all the department’s programs; responsible for historical information and filing of documentation’s. o Recipient of Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association’s Inter-Nationally recognized “Life Be In it Award” for her involvement in award winning overall programming. o Becky’s reputation and knowledge of the arts was recognized as she was invited to be the department’s first employee to present a program to her colleagues across the state during a Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association State Conference. o Becky was involved in the operations of the Freedom Hall Civic Center in areas such as fireworks celebration, newsletter production; show promotion, ticket sales, and office duties. o Aquatics management – Becky created the image for the mural located at the Freedom Hall Pool. o Work many athletic events in concessions, admission gate, coaching basketball and even laying sod on softball field #5 at Winged Deer Park. o Always can be found working nights and weekends at a large variety of department and citywide events. o Assisted in the creation of the Wall of Fame Banquet. 

Formerly Teacher with the Johnson City Public School system (Liberty Bell Junior High & Science Hill High School, and Liberty Bell Vocational Advancement Program)

Currently Director of Community Relations for the City of Johnson City.


Mary Ann Kinch Inducted 2005   

Lifetime resident Employed Johnson City Parks and Recreation August 1991 to present. Positions held include: o Cultural Arts Director 1991 – 1997 o Program Supervisor 1998 – 2000 o Marketing/Special Events Coordinator 2001-2018 o Johnson City Cardinals Assistant General Manager 1996 & 1997 o Johnson City General Manager – 1998 Boards / Organizations o Johnson City Area Arts Council Board Member - 2000 o Johnson City Area Arts Council City Liaison – 2001 - 2003 o Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association – 1999 o National Recreation and Parks Association Member since 1999 o Member Boone Lake Association Board o Member ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) since 1991 o Held NASCAR Crew Members License from 1991 - 1999 o Member Mountain Empire Shaggers Society – 1991 – 1997 (Started the first Shagger’s Club at Kiwanis Recreation Center in 1991 - 2000) o Johnson City Dog Park Association Professional Achievements o Most Dedicated Employee Award – 1992 o Appalachian League Woman of the Year – 1998 o Outstanding Team Member City of Johnson City – June 2005 o Assistant General Manager Johnson City Cardinals Baseball o General Manager Johnson City Cardinals Baseball o Certified Leisure Professional Accreditation since 1999 o Academy #7 Graduate of the Johnson City Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy o Served as City of Johnson City United Way representative from 2003 – 2005 o Committee Service: City Christmas Reception Committee, Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing and Sales Task Force, Communities In Schools Carp Master Fishing Tournament, Say Yes To Fishing No To Drugs, ETSU Pride Week, Boone Lake Clean Up, City Picnic, Mapping our Cultural Future with the Johnson City Area Arts Council, Springfest, C.A.R.E. Fair, Cruisin’ Memory Lane, o Arts and Humanities Interest Section Chair – 1999 for Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association o Served on the Tennessee Recreation and Parks State Conference Staff – 1998 and 1999 and the Northeast District Maintenance Games Committee in 1999. o Developed a Pre-Conference program with Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts for the Gatlinburg State Tennessee Recreation and Parks Conference in 1999


Leland “Bucky” Oxendine Inducted 2005 Born in Johnson City, grew up in the Carnegie / Stratton neighborhood. ETSU graduate Former baseball pitcher for ETSU Military Service – 4 years in the Army (1966 – 1970) Employed by Parks and Recreation for most of the 1970’s as a recreation supervisor, referee, and coach              

An avid participant in the Parks and Recreation programs playing sports and other activities. Played 4 years in the Johnson City National Little League. Played short stop for the 1959 State Little League Champions. Played in the elementary school Gold Medal Basketball League winning the Most Valuable Player for the city in 1959. Played in the City’s Babe Ruth and Connie Mack Leagues. Coached basketball, baseball, softball, and football at Stratton, Keystone and King Springs Schools. Helped organize and coach the first football program at King Springs Elementary School. Organized and supervised the first Women’s Volleyball program and the City’s first organized Men’s Volleyball League. Helped start and coach the Johnson City Minor League Baseball program for youth ages 8 – 12 Helped organize and supervise the first youth softball league for boys and girls ages 9-12, 12-15 and 16 -17. Coached the 1976 Boys 9-12 State Softball Champions Helped organize and supervise the start of the Johnson City Youth Soccer League Supervised summer employees who would oversee the playground activities at city parks. Coached Robert White to the World Hula Hoop Championship at the Dinah Shore TV Show in Las Vegas Coordinated and supervised the local Hot Shot Basketball Program sending two competitors to the NBA Hot Shot Finals in New Orleans and Detroit, Michigan


Myra & Larry Blankenship Inducted 2006 Myra Blankenship  Board Service - Jonesborough Little League / Jonesborough Babe Ruth Associations Board 1989 1990, Johnson City Major 1990 League Board 1992, 1994, 2005 and 2006 and the Johnson City Pony Colt Board in 1995. Also Served on the Johnson City Babe Ruth Board 1996-2000, holding the office of President in 1997 and 1998.  Served as team mom from 1989 – 2000 for several teams.  Devoted numerous hours in volunteer service in concessions and other fundraising activities. Larry Blankenship  Baseball coaching experience: o Jonesborough Little League / Jonesborough Babe Ruth Association 1982 – 1991. o Johnson City Pony Colt League 1994 and 1995 o Johnson City Babe Ruth 1996 – 2000 o Johnson City Major Little League 2002 - 2006  Baseball umpiring experience: o Umpired in Little League, Babe Ruth, Pony Colt Leagues 1984 – 1991. o TSSAA Umpire 1993 – 1996, 2001, 2005  Board Service: o Jonesborough Babe Ruth 1988 o Jonesborough Little League 1989 o Johnson City Major Little, 1994, 2005 and 2006  Basketball coaching experience: o Johnson City Boys Club 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1992  Devoted numerous hours of volunteer service in fundraising activities.


Kenneth “Herb” Greenlee Inducted 2006 Work experience:  Lifeguard and Pool Supervisor Carver Park pool.  Boys and Girls Club, Aquatics Director, Athletic Director and Program Director  Security Guard for the Johnson City School System.  Bus driver for the City Transit System for 27 years. Sports experience:  Football official 1974  TSSAA Softball official  Greenlee has officiated 11 sub-state tournament in basketball and 8 state tournaments.  Softball official 1988, 1998 and 2006.  Umpire for Smokey Mountain Classic where super major softball teams play to qualify for National Tournaments.  Umpired four (4) Super National Tournaments.  Umpired youth and adult national tournaments as well as World Series Tournaments.  Coached youth softball for boys and girls and won Ten state titles in ASA, Four USSSA State Tournaments and two NSA State Tournaments, placing his team twice in third place in the National Tournament.  Coached adult men and won three ASA State Tournaments, two USSSA State Tournaments and three NSA State Tournaments.  In 1999 USSSA One Pitch National Runner Up, in 2004 USSSA One Pitch National Champions, 2005 USSSA One Pitch National placed 3rd and in 2006 was runner up in the 2006 USSSA.  Coached youth basketball, softball, football, and baseball. Community Service:  Served on fundraising committees for Cerebral Palsy and East Tennessee and Muscular Dystrophy.  Greenlee has given countless hours of service to the Melvin Stevens Scholarship Program and is an avid supporter of Johnson City School System programs involving youth. Awards:  Boys to Men Unsung Hero – January 2001  NAACP Community Service Award – 2003  ETSU Black Faculty and Staff Association Award for Outstanding Service to the Community – February 2005  Pro-To-Club Inc. Citizen of the Year Award – 2000 & 2001  Unity Day Outstanding Community Service Award – August 1997 88

       

Greater Love Church of God in Christ Appreciation Award – 1991 – 1993 Project Color Me Talented Award – 1991 – 1992 Progressive Young Men of Johnson City Award – 1991 Carver Head Start Award – 1991 – 1992 St. Paul A. M. E. Zion Church Service Award – May 1993 Children’s First Development Center – Outstanding Community Service – May 2006 James H. Quillen ETSU Chapter Student National Medical Association “You Reaching Out Has Made A Difference” Award – 1989 – 1990 Modern Woodmen of American – Hometown Hero Award - 2006


Thomas E. Matson, III Inducted 2006 Coaching Experience:  Volunteer coach in the youth Soccer program for six-years. In addition, Tom was a referee in the program for several years after he stopped coaching.  Volunteer Little League Baseball Coach for over a 12 year span.  Youth basketball coach for 23 consecutive years; most of those years coaching two teams. Community Service: Matson is a true volunteer as he doesn’t have children and he devotes much of his life to helping teach not only the fundamentals of the sport to the kids that he coaches, but teaches life lessons to many of them. He has provided countless hours of volunteer instruction, transportation, meals and even clothing to some of the children that he has been associated with. He can always be found on a Little League field, basketball court, or soccer field either teaching the children or assisting with field preparations.


T. N. Myers Inducted 2006 Coached Little League baseball for General Shale in the Johnson City Major League for 25-years from 1960 to 1985, winning four consecutive league championships from 1970 through 1974. Myers retired from General Shale as an accountant. Myers has been an avid supporter of athletics in Johnson City for over 50-years at the Parks and Recreation level and high school. Coached such outstanding athletics as Gary Carter, Tony Bible and Andy Rowe and has been an active member of the Johnson City Civitan Club for many years. He is an avid University of Tennessee sports fan as well as a supporter of ETSU athletics. Member of Jaycees from 1950 – 1961, Civitan Club from 1986 – 2001 and Little League from 1959 – 1984. Myers was an avid supporter of Jaycee and Civitan Parks.


Gwen Eads Inducted 2007 Parents: Grant Aulden and Pearl Rowland (both deceased) Husband: Lawrence Eads (deceased) Children: Son and Daughter-in-law: Lawrence Eads, Jr. and Rebecca Grandchildren: John Eads and Megan Eads Church: University Parkway Baptist Schools Attended: Keystone Elementary School Johnson City Junior High School Science Hill High School – 1956 graduate East Tennessee State College Received Bachelor of Science Degree 1959 Majored in English and Business Received Master of Arts Degree 1962 Majored in Education Received 45 additional hours past Masters Memberships:

Sigma Kappa Sorority Sigma Kappa Alumnae Association Johnson City, Tennessee and National Education Associations East Tennessee State College Alumni Association National Council of English Teachers Washington County Republican Executive Committee Washington County Republican Primary Board Alpha Delta Kappa Teachers’ Sorority Altrusa Club Delta Kappa Gamma Supervisors’ Study Council Sister Cities Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce Career: Johnson City Schools (1959-1988)  Teacher of English o Johnson City Junior High School o South Junior High School o Science Hill High School o East Tennessee State University (evenings and summer)  Supervisor of Language Arts – Grades 7-12  Assistant Superintendent of Instruction – Grades K-12 Johnson City Parks and Recreation (1960 – 1978) Director of several playgrounds Keystone Housing, Columbus Powell, Kiwanis Park, and Rotary Park


Playground Supervisor  Made daily visits to all playgrounds to observe, check about activities, and do dispense needed playground equipment  Held daily conferences with Parks and Recreation Director to discuss programs.  Conducted weekly joint sessions with Parks and Recreation Director and playground supervisors  Planned city-wide schedules for activities such as Bible stories, art lessons, tennis lessons and other sporting events  Coordinated special program with East Tennessee State University Athletic Department o Interviewed and placed physical education students on playgrounds o Evaluated programs o Prepared payroll o Complied results from playground activities for use in weekly newspaper article which used as many names as possible. o Recruited high school and college students to work at football games and other parks and recreation activities such as the yearly Halloween program.


Clarence E. Goulding, Jr. Family Inducted 2007 Contribution: Financial contributions - $129,500 The family of Dr. Clarence E. Goulding, Jr.has a tradition of community giving. Dr. Clarence E. Goulding, Jr. was a family practice anesthesiologist, an avid community supporter and spent many years serving his community through the Kiwanis Club of Metropolitan Johnson City, his service to the church and his support of the parks and recreation.  Dr. Goulding helped to establish both Metro-Kiwanis Park and Guaranda Gardens as part of the city’s park system in the early 1960’s.  Dr. Goulding hand crafted the park signs in his home woodworking shop.  Received the Most Outstanding Friend of Recreation at the 1986 Wall of Fame Banquet for his volunteer contributions to the park system.  Provided free physicals to youth sports teams.  Dr. Goulding passed away in June of 2005, the family donated $80,000 for the construction of an outdoor amphitheatre’ as a tribute to their father and husband. The grass seating amphitheatre’ located along the shoreline at Winged Deer Park, has a beautiful view of Boone Lake and is a peaceful and serene place to enjoy family entertainment, have fun and socialize. The Goulding Amphitheatre’ was dedicated on September 3, 2006 and the venue has provided the citizens with performances such as the Johnson City Community Concert Band, bluegrass gospel, some of the areas hottest party bands, Christian rock concert, local school drum lines and a battle of the bands for the younger set. Melba Goulding (wife of Clarence E. Goulding, Jr.)  In August 2007 Melba Goulding presented the department with a $6,500 donation to purchase a six-passenger golf cart to assist with transportation to and from the Goulding Amphitheatre’ and other special events throughout the cities park system. The Goulding children: (E.C. Goulding, Karen Durkee both from Johnson City, Richard Goulding – Warren, Indiana and Amelia Little of Mochsville, NC)  Donated $43,000 to purchase and construct a playground for ages 2-12 at the Winged Deer Park Lakefront Festival Plaza. The playground will be installed the week of November 5, 2007 in honor of Melba, loving mother, adoring grandmother and champion of children everywhere.


Mark Durkee (son-in-law)  Coached girl’s softball and basketball from 1997-2001.  The family business sponsored the Bombers softball team.  He was a founding member of the Johnson City Girl’s Softball Association and provides education and financial support for the program.  He served two (2) terms on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, one term as the chairman.  Volunteered at the ASA Girl’s Regional and National tournament.  Worked for re-development of the girl’s softball fields at Carnegie Park and Kiwanis Park.  Developed and coordinated the building of the Goulding Amphitheatre’ at Winged Deer Park The Goulding family’s $129,500 donation to the department is their way of giving back to a community they love. Because of their support of parks and recreation, our citizens and guests have been able to enjoy great family resources to the community in the amphitheatre’ and our youth will have a great source of physical activity in the new play area. Their personal contributions have impacted youth through their involvement in programs, sporting events and facility improvements over the years.


Bob May Inducted 2007 During my high school years, I played football for the Toppers and after every home game, we were at the Rec. In those days, the Rec was used for dances and social hour after the Friday night games. May spent many hours there. Starting in 1953, I started officiating for Parks and Recreation 5th and 6th grade basketball at the Legion Recreation Center. During his Jr. High and High School years, the winter months were spent playing Church League Basketball at the Rec. It was my home away from home. In 1960, I started my career in the summer months as a playground instructor for Parks and Recreation. My first job was at Stratton with Ms. Lambert. Mrs. Viola Mathes was our supervisor and Howard Johnson was the Parks and Recreation Director. My job at Stratton was a real learning experience. On the playground during the day and at night, I ran a concession stand. The next summer I moved to Keystone as a playground instructor and the next year, I was at North Side with Coach George Watts. The experience I gained working with the kids on the playground helped me throughout my coaching career. I was hired as a coach by Coach Sidney Smallwood in 1960 to coach 9th grade football, 9th grade basketball and 9th grade track and to teach six PE classes at the old North Junior High. I coached there through 1968. At that time, I was contacted by Dobyns-Bennett High School in Kingsport and was offered the Defense Coordinator and Assistant Track Coach Position. I was there through 1973 and we won the state track championship two years in a row. In 1973, I came back to Science Hill as line coach under Bob Evans. I also coach track with Coach Paul Christman. Christman was a great man and I learned a lot from him. In 1977, I became Defense Coordinator on the “Hill� under Coach Tommy Hundley; and I also stayed in that position under Coach Mike Martin. In 1986, I became Head Coach for the Toppers and stayed through 1991. In 1992, I was moved from high school to teach PE at Stratton and Towne Acres. I retired in 1995 from the Johnson City School System. 96

In 1997, I returned to Science Hill as Defensive Coordinator for Coach Scott McClanahan; Defensive Coordinator for Coach John Bowles. Boards Sunday school teacher, Deacon, and Trustee – Heritage Baptist Church F.C.A. Sponsor – Science Hill High School Red Cross Good Samaritan Senior Foundation Board Chairman Awards All State Football Player 1952 – Science Hill High School Outstanding Player of the Year – Bacone Jr. College, Bacone, Oklahoma Hall of Fame – Science Hill 2007 City Commission Vice Mayor – 1995 – 1997 Mayor – 1997 - 1999


Larry Sangid Inducted 2007 l         

Coached T-Ball – 1989 – 1991 and 1999-2001 Managed Little League – 1991 – 1992 Coached boys soccer – 1989 – 1998 Coached girls soccer – 1996 and 1997 Coordinated fundraising for Barracuda Swim Club – 2003 Construction manager for Towne Acres Playground – 1994 Organized and assisted with re-build of men’s showers at Freedom Hall Pool Assisted with building concession stand in Science Hill High School basketball gym Assisted with building of the honor wall at Winged Deer Park for the Wall of Fame inductees


2008 Wall of Fame Inductee Houston E. Bacon 123 Charlie Parker Road Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659 Telephone: 423-753-0412 Length of Service: 33 Years Accomplishments: Johnson City Major Little League – 1974 – 2008 Served In various offices / duties from groundskeeper, Manager’s Representative, Vice President and as a board member for 20 years. Volunteer assistant coach in 1974 for Johnson City Major League and then as team manager in 1980 (still serving in that capacity in 2008.  Was fortunate to have coached some of Johnson City’s finest baseball players, many who have gone on to play high school and college ball. Two players actually continued into professional play.  City Tournament – 6 times, won championship in 1984  Teams to State – 3 times, 1998 – 9-10 year olds took 2nd place in state; 2006 – 10-11 year olds took 2nd place in state and in 2008 11-12 year olds place 5th in state. Awards:  Man / Boy Award – Johnson City Boys and Girls Club 1979  Bud Rutherford Award – 1990  Arthur Lady Award – 2007  Inducted into Parks and Recreation Wall of Fame - 2008


Ron Dempsey Inducted 2008 Accomplishments / Awards:  36 years of service  Board Member Johnson City American League (4 years)  Player Agent Johnson City American League (12 years)  Board Member Johnson City Pony Colt League (4 years)  Board Member Johnson City Babe Ruth League (2 years)  Assistant Coach for Rotary Club Little League Team (6 years)  Manager for Sherwood Pony Colt and Babe Ruth (13 years)  Manager for First Christian Church Softball (10-15 years)  Coached most of his adult career T-Ball, basketball, football, and baseball.  Received the Jack Monroe Volunteer Service Award from the Johnson City American Little League  Quote “Parks and Recreation Department provided the opportunity to play Little League, Babe Ruth, and to play for some of the greatest coaches who encouraged, mentored and became lifelong friends. Such as Bud Rutherford, Gary Schereman, Larry Johnson, Greasy Leonard and Lonnie Lowe. These coaches along with opposing coaches instilled in me the desire to give back to the community. I have always gotten more back than I gave.”


Robert J. (Bobby) Hughes Inducted 2008 Accomplishments / Awards:  Boxing coach for over 20 years in the Parks and Recreation system  Received the Lonnie E. Lowe Most Outstanding Friend of Recreation in 2007  Won five straight Upper East Tennessee Golden Gloves (1952-56)  Won a Southern Golden Gloves title  Named Tennessee’s Most Outstanding Fighter in 1956  Roomed with Muhammad Ali at the National Golden Gloves in Chicago in 1959 and spent time with him at the Olympic trials in Louisville in 1960.  Hughes went 9-1 as a pro. The loss, on April 6, 1963, was his final pro bout. It came against LeRoy Romero in Roanoke, Virginia.  His motto in the gym “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”


Charles McConnell Inducted 2008                       

Years of service - 45 Volunteer Carver Little Rec in the late 50’s under Robert Stewart and Charles Moncrief. Volunteer Umpire for Little League at Carver Park. Served as softball umpire with the late Paul Christman. Sports official youth and adult in basketball, football, softball and baseball Officiated high school basketball, football and college basketball in Ohio Valley Southern Conferences. Currently serving as Basketball Region One Supervisor for TSSAA Conducted basketball referee workshops for Parks and Recreation Department Wall of Fame recipient for TSSAA ASA – worked National tournaments and coordinated tournaments for the organization Wall of Fame recipient for the Carver Wall of Fame Recipient of a Sportsman Award at Carver Currently serving as an official for softball during the summer and fall months in the adult softball program for the department. Assists with special events at the Carver Recreation Center and the Senior Center. Married to wife Ann for 58 years. Served 3 years in the United State Army. Deacon of the Friendship Baptist Church. Worked 27 years for the James Quillen Veterans Affairs Hospital where he received many awards for outstanding service. Wall of Fame inductee – Carver Wall of Fame Received the Searle Robbins Outstanding Officials Award Northeast Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame 1997 Distinguished Service Award from TSSAA Inducted into the TSSAA Hall of Fame in 2002


Peter A. Paduch Inducted 2008 Accomplishments / Awards: While serving the city as City Commissioner and Vice Mayor the following Parks and Recreation facilities were developed, constructed or renovated:  Kinch Landing – Winged Deer Park  U.G. Trivett Fields and Pavilion – Metro-Kiwanis Park  Civitan Park Soccer Complex  Willow Springs Park was constructed  City’s first Skate Board Park was constructed  Keystone Park – Little League Complex  Cardinal Park Field House was constructed  Instrumental in forming the City’s first co-venture with the Johnson City Housing Authority – Johnson City Athletic Club. In conjunction, Beeson Hall was renovated into a boxing gym.  New elementary schools constructed: Mountain View Elementary, Woodland Elementary, South Side and Lake Ridge Elementary, all with regulation gyms to accommodate parks and recreation programs.  Indian Trail Middle School – Baseball, football, softball and track were included.  City developed the first indoor soccer facility.  New Recreation Center was constructed at Carver Park.  Donated a pavilion at Carver Park  Coached various youth teams – Boys and Girls Club, Little League and Babe Ruth  Member of SHHS Sports Club, Johnson City Athletic Club Board          

Service: Johnson City Athletic Club Freedom Hall Advisory Board National Little League Board Babe Ruth Board Planning Commission First Tennessee Development District Washington County Urban Growth Committee Carter County Urban Growth Committee Animal Control Board Vice Mayor City of Johnson City


Charles M. “Chuck” Bowman Inducted 2009 Accomplishments / Awards:  Participated in all youth sports programs sponsored by parks and recreation and played baseball in Johnson City Little League, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack and Sr. Babe Ruth Leagues.  Co-sponsored softball teams in the parks and recreation system, church and commercial leagues for more than ten (10) years.  Coached or managed youth baseball teams in the Johnson City Little League, Babe Ruth and Johnson City Pony/Colt League for 15 years.  Served as treasurer for the Johnson City Pony / Colt League during its entire 12 year service to 13-16 year old baseball in Johnson City before returning to the Babe Ruth concept.  Organized and spearheaded both the fundraising efforts and construction of the youth baseball fields at the Liberty Bell Complex known as Bud Seaver and John Broyles Fields. Led the organization financially through the cost of lighting fields ($100,000) until the retirement of the debt.  Provided continuous support of parks and recreation sports through service and financial contributions, especially during Lonnie E. Lowe’s tenure as director of the department.


Maynard Crowe Inducted 2009 Accomplishments / Awards:  Thirty-five (35) full time maintenance employee for Parks and Recreation.  Served as basketball, football, softball and baseball referee. Considered one of the top referees and umpire for many years and gave much of his own time helping others in the parks and recreation. Crowe’s officiating career began in 1961.  Lettered in football, basketball and baseball in high school.  Played semi-professional baseball.  Married to Peggy Chinouth for 35 years, 3 children and 4 great-grandchildren  Served his community by helping at risk youth, delivering Thanksgiving baskets, and food boxes at Christmas.  Member of Grace Freewill Baptist Church


Robert H. McKinney Inducted 2009 Accomplishments / Awards:  Served parks and recreation 17 years.  Served on the Ad Hoc Committee when discussing plans to build the current Carver Recreation Center  Served as assistant coach for Girls Softball 1992-2001  Volunteer time as tutor in Math Science for the Carver  Afterschool Program 1992 to present  Carver Wall of Fame Inductee  Carver Recreation Center implemented a Robert McKinney Award in their annual CarvWall of Fame Event in 2004.  Received the Dorothy Christman Award – 1999 - and 2000  Received the Charles Moncrief Award – 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, & 2003  Received the Parks and Recreation Outstanding Service Award – 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 & 2002  Received the Rick Sangid Award – 2003  Received a Friends of Recreation Award – 2006


Thomas Wade Inducted 2009 Accomplishments / Awards:  Wade helped fun and inspire many college educations in athletes.  Implemented the Melvin Stevens Scholarship Fund with Carver Recreation Center director Herb Greenlee in the early 90’s. The fund pays tribute to the late Wade by helping pay bills for locals attending college.  Wade assisted with golf tournaments, fundraisers and worked the door for Melvin Stevens’s basketball games.  POW in the Korean War.  He was a great role model and stood up for what was right and was passionate in his love for children.  Always had a smile on his face had a great sense of humor, great character and faith.  Enjoyed watching the game of basketball.  Wade was a big supporter of the Carver community.  He was from Castlewood, Virginia and attended Bristol’s segregated Douglas High School where he played football. He entered the army when he was17.  He worked at Johnson City’s Junior High for a number of years before moving to Science Hill where he worked as a custodian from 1970-2004. He also worked at the Johnson City Foundry.  Wade served as gym supervisor at the Carver Recreation Center for 22 years.


Dr. Harold Whitmore Inducted 2009 Accomplishments / Awards:  Thirty-eight (38) affiliation with parks and recreation  Served as Little League coach since 1971.  Coached at Boys and Girls Club.  Dr. Whitmore has been involved with children as a career, teaching elementary school and teaching counselor at ETSU.  He was the first coach in the National Little League to lead his team in an undefeated year. He also took numerous teams to the state championship series and in 1976, was one game away from competing in the Little League World Series.  Taught his players to not only love the game, but to also develop a true fellowship with teammates and competitors. Through 2-generations of coaching, his positive attitude has encouraged all who he has come in contact with. “Doc” as he is best known, both respected and loved his players and fellow coaches.


Sam Barnet Inducted 2010 Accomplishments / Awards:  Total service to Parks and Recreation – 23 yrs.  Total years with the addition of Spartans and The Edge – 31 years.  Johnson City National League – Assistant Coach, Truckers, with Henry Joy, Jr. – 1978-1981.  Johnson City Pony League – Manager (Optimist, Cordage, Zellerback, TN Adworks) & Board of Directors – 1982-1995.  Johnson City Little League –National League Player Agent –1997-2000  Johnson City Little League – National League Board of Directors and Assistant Coach, Pepsi and Scott Farms, with Harold “Doc” Whitmore – 200-2002.  Established North East Tennessee Spartans Competitive Baseball in 2002.  Established The Edge Performance Sports Training Center with brother, Steve Barnett, in 2004, operating through 2010.  Established Northeast Tennessee Fall Baseball League – 2006 – 2010.  1978 – 1981 – My Little League Coach, Henry Joy, Jr. asked me to assist him in coaching the “Truckers,” the team I played for as a youngster. This was a huge honor. Coach “Mr. Joy” and Coach Bud Seavers, my Babe Ruth coach, were the primary factors in influencing my love for the game. The chance to coach beside of Mr. Joy set a tone for my passion to work with kids and baseball.  1982-1995 – I had the opportunity to help establish the Johnson City Pony League. Many nights were spent building Saver’s field with several fellow coaches. With the generosity of some special folks and many fund raising events, we were able to light the field. The league was very competitive, and we saw many kids go on to great success in the game. I served as a manager and member of the board the entire tenure with the league. Four years of that time, I was the Board Chair.  1997 – 2002 – In 1997, I was asked to be the Player Agent for the Johnson City National Little League. I served in that capacity for four years. As Player Agent, I organized registration, tryouts and player selection. I also coordinated the all-star selection process and dealt with any parent concerns. In 2000, I became an assistant coach for Harold “Doc” Whitmore. Doc is a little league legend, and I was privileged to coach alongside him. That year, we were fortunate to be the first team in the 50-year league history to be undefeated through the regular season and the city tournament.  2002 – Present – In the fall of 2002, Frank Anderson and I established a fall team called the Northeast Tennessee Spartans. This was a chance to give several of our kids that wanted to play competitive baseball a team to play for. Seeing a need for a year round practice facility in this region, my brother, Steve Barnett, and I established “The Edge” Performance Sports Training Center in 2004. Over the last 6-years, The Edge has been the training home of hundreds of area baseball and softball players. ETSU, Milligan, King and Walters State have 109

either used The Edge along with every area high school. It was great to have all three Little League in Johnson City have their 2010 tryouts at the Edge when the weather was too bad to play outside. In 2007, The Spartans transitioned into The Edge Baseball Team. That year, we finished eighth in the AAU Nationals, ahead of 40 elite teams from all over the US and Puerto Rico. Since 2007, with athletes that have either used The Edge as training home or played on an Edge team, we have had over 60 go on to play college sports. We have also had 4 drafted to play professional baseball. In 2006, The TSSAA made a ruling that high school teams could not play fall ball and that no more than 5 players from the same high school could play on a travel team. I founded the Northeast Tennessee High School Fall Baseball League. Over the last 4 years we have averaged 100 players from 10 different high schools. I was involved with working with the Parks and Recreation to provide fields for these games. The league has been fortunate to form an alliance with ETSU baseball over the last two years. In addition to works through The Edge, I have been blessed to be part of a mission group to the Czech Republic, organized by the Johnson City District of the United Methodist Church. The main purpose of this trip is to share our love for Christ through baseball and softball. I have been part of three trips and look forward to continue sharing with Czech people.


Georgia Carveretta Gillespie Inducted 2010 Accomplishments / Awards:  Program chairperson for CIA (Citizens In Action) a group of concerned citizens at Carver.  Assisted with numerous programs at Carver including Halloween festivals, Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmas events, Unity Day, Black History programs, teen lock-ins, after school enrichment programs, and helped to decorate the winning float in the 1988 Christmas parade which represented the Carver Recreation Center.  Organized and chaperoned a trip to Thompson Bowling Arena for Carver youth to see Michael Jordan.  Assisted with the implementation of the Carver Scholarship fund.  Craft programs for Martin Luther King Day.  Gillespie has served meals, decorated bulletin boards, spoke at programs, and organized a tribute and memorial program for Mr. Mon Day.  She has attended Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meetings for the past 19 years.  She is a member of the Carver Park Wall of Fame.  Serves as a member of the Weed and Seed Committee.  Married to Eugene Gillespie for 36 years.  Two children and one grandson.  Attends Friendship Baptist Church


Earnest D. “Ernie” Reed Inducted 2010 Accomplishments / Awards: Mr. Ernest D. “Ernie” Reed began his employment with the City of Johnson City Parks & Recreation Department on January 6, 1962. During his tenure, Ernie’s plate ran over with programming that he was either directly responsible for or assisted with. He served as the Center Director for the former Keystone Recreation Center “Little Rec” organizing and conducting daily activities and was a great role model for the children from the Keystone area. He held this position from approximately 1962-1977. He also served as the supervisor for the City’s swimming pools. Ernie spent countless hours not only securing, training, and supervising lifeguards but he also worked on the mechanical operations of the pools as staff was very limited in those days. He was instrumental in the very first Fish Out held at the Legion Street Pool. Perhaps the program that Ernie was best remembered for was the City’s boxing program. He himself boxed for the Parks & Recreation team during the 1950’s and 1960’S and later became the boxing coach. He coached the team for many years along with the late Charlie Roller. The Johnson City team was well respected throughout the Southeast and he developed many great fighters. Other activities include overseeing the umpires, referees, and scorekeepers for the department’s youth and adult softball, football, basketball programs. In addition; he assisted with the Summer Playground program. Ernie coached the Johnson City Police Department’s first softball team and trained the Fire Department in SCUBA and underwater recovery. He worked with hundreds of the area’s youth to improve their athletic and academic abilities. It was very common that where you saw a recreation program, you always saw Ernie.


Richard Dugger Inducted 2011 Richard Dugger 161 Poplar Hill Drive Johnson City, Tennessee 37604 Telephone: (423) 926-9015 Awards / Accomplishments              

Born in Keystone Community and played ball at the Johnson City Parks and Recreation until Jr. high school. Played baseball for Science Hill High School – 1955 – 1957. Served in the Marine Corp for six years. Married Nancy Carol Rowe in 1961. Worked for Mason Dixon for 27 years. Johnson City / Washington County Boys Club – coached t-ball, baseball, basketball and football. Johnson City Parks and Recreation employee for 10 years. Instructor for Johnson City Parks – Isshinryu Karate with Ron Honeycutt for 8 years and currently holds a 3rd degree black belt. Played baseball for the Old Saturday / Sunday League at Mountain Home. Played softball in the Over 40 League and continued into the Senior League at age 50, which played all over the Southeast. Played in the Senior Olympics in San Antonio, Texas and Orlando, Florida. Richard’s team won the State Senior Olympics 8 times and also won the 3 on 3 basketball once. His team won the 65 and over Nationals in 2010. At age 73 he still plays softball and basketball. Richard has run the Senior Softball program for parks and recreation for 25 years and continues to do so to this day. He was voted into the Heartland Softball Hall of Fame in 2010.


Bea Ellis Inducted 2011 Awards / Accomplishments 

Ms. Ellis has supported the department’s programs for nearly 40 years. Bea’s time with the department began when she served on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for a period of seven (7) years in the early 1970’s along with Mr. Jim Cloyd and Mr. Tim Jones.

Bea’s passion for aquatics was evident as she was hired as a swim instructor her freshman year at Carthage College in central Illinois. In her early 50’s, her love for water aerobics led her to assist a friend who was teaching classes in Johnson City. A year later, she received her certification. She has taught classes at Freedom Hall Pool for over 22 years.

Ms. Ellis has taught adult swim lessons, private lessons, and aerobics courses. She teaches eight water aerobics classes per week in addition to her BLAST class for backs, legs, abdominals, stretching and toning.

Ellis founded an Arthritis Foundation water exercise program to help people with arthritis to increase their range of motion through exercises in warm therapy pool. She taught this program for 20 years before giving it to the Wellness Center.

Ms. Ellis’ programs has helped numerous people who have back problems, been in accidents, etc. and she enjoys being able to assist these folks in their rehabilitation.

Ms. Ellis served on the Legion Recreation Task Force committee that started meeting in 2008 and was a positive liaison between the Senior Center and Parks and Recreation in establishing relations for a new pool.


Lyndell “Lyn” Jeffers Inducted 2011 Awards / Accomplishments             

Served on National Little League Board – 1985 – 1988 Coached Pony Colt League – 1988 Science Hill High School – 1988 Lifelong Yankee fan Donated lights for Milligan College Worked with under priviledged youth. Volunteered in the Instructional League Helped with ETSU / Milligan College baseball programs. Instrumental in getting SHHS games on the radio. Worked for ESPN and NASCAR Formed Tennessee Thunder organization and the Asheville Red Birds. Always worked behind the scenes and never brought attention to him. Had a love and passion for baseball but cherished more about the experience with the kids.


Ed Herbert Inducted 2012 Herbert has been affiliated with the Parks and Recreation Department for 13 years in his current role as Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Mountain States Health Alliance and for four years when his children were in elementary school in the 1990s. Herbert worked on various projects, one in particular, keeping the annual Wall of Fame event going, helping find the dollars for the event through Mountain States Health Alliance. Working with many others within Mountain States Health Alliance, I helped find sponsors or dollars for the concert series at Winged Deer Park in the early years, the movie night at Winged Deer Park and helped organize the Drum Line event each year. Together, we brought the Parks and Recreation Department together with our Mountain States Foundation which helped begin to develop other events like the MSHA Team Member Softball Tournament, the Together 4 Kids Walk, and the Dragon Boat Races. Through MSHA, we offered in kind services to Parks and Recreation to offset expenses for the department. Herbert was assistant coach when my children were young in the 1990s. He has been active in the community with the United Way campaign, Kiwanis Club of Johnson City, Southern Appalachian Ronald McDonald House, Mountain States Foundation, Johnson City Symphony, Johnson City Washington County Chamber of Commerce, and Elizabeth Chapel United Methodist Church. Herbert has also been active in the Tennessee Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations and the American College of Healthcare Executives. Awards include: Most Outstanding Business Award – Johnson City Parks and Recreation Wall of Fame (twice); 2010 Servant’s Heart Award – MSHA; Hixson Medal – Kiwanis International; Healthcare Hero – Business Journal; Outstanding Character Award – Business Journal


Henry F. Joy, III Inducted 2012 Joy began assisting his dad and Wall of Fame member Henry Joy, Jr. coaching the Truckers in Johnson City National Little League in 1964. In 1966 Joy became the coach of the East-Tenn Mills Knitters, later the team changed their name to the Sockers and join remained as coach for 28 years, retiring in 1994. Joy was the Summer Playground Director at Powell Square Park from 1968-1971. Joy was a teacher, serving 35 years total including 24 in the Johnson City School System (1976-2000). Joy was a true volunteer; he never coached his own kids, but was very instrumental in creating strong values in many young men. His own children played game with sound fundamentals and were very well prepared to play at higher levels. Joy was also an inspiration for his fellow coaches. Joy was awarded the Bud Rutherford Award for dedicated service to the youth of Johnson City Little League in 1982.


Brenda Whitson Inducted 2012 Length of service to organization or commitment to servicing the parks and recreation needs of our community through the Parks and Recreation Department – 1975 – current. Brenda worked for Parks and Recreation from 19751981 as office manager. Currently she is the Executive Director of the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau. She has been employed by the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce since 1981 and in her current position since 1994. While working at Parks and Recreation she volunteered in a variety of capacities such as assisting Leon Capps with assigning referees, umpires and scorekeepers. She also helped with concession operations at the Legion Recreation Center, wrestling and boxing events, roller skating and at Memorial Stadium for high school football games when needed. In her current position at the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, Whitson continued to assist the department in soliciting major events for the City through the Parks and Recreation Department. Whitson was actively involved in fringing fifteen ASA National Softball Tournaments to Johnson City. She planned and organized hospitality functions for the 300+ ASA Council Membe3rs, made bid presentations to the Council and promoted the Parks and Recreation facilities and staff. In 2008, she brought the USA/ASA Women’s Olympic Softball team to Johnson City for an exhibition game with Milligan College that was played at Cardinal Park. It was the second largest crowd outside Oklahoma City to see Team USA play. She was instrumental in bidding and bringing the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association writers group to Winged Deer Park in 2001 and 2012. In addition, she has secured National Baseball Championships, Tennessee State Bass Tournament, and a Red Man Tournament. These efforts have generated millions of dollars of economic impact for Johnson City.

Whitson is married to Gene Whitson, who was a former umpire and referee for the Parks and Recreation, TSSAA and college as well.


Ernie “Ferrell” Bowman Inducted 2013 Bowman worked for the City for more than 30 years, not only in the maintenance division but as a softball umpire, flag football referee, and basketball referee for 15 years. He was well-known for his ball field preparation which was a perfect fit for what he loved so much – baseball and athletics. When he was in high school in 1954, Bowman received all-state honors in basketball and won the state championship in track in the 100-yard dash and the broad jump (22 feet, 7 inches). Bowman has received numerous honors for his contributions to athletics:    

Little League Baseball Hall of Fame, 1962 Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, 1993 Johnson City Babe Ruth Baseball Citizenship Award, 2000 Science Hill Sports Hall of Fame, 2007

During his career, Bowman has assisted thousands of young players in developing their skills whether through conversation, during a camp or clinic, or simple one-on-one instruction. Bowman played professional baseball for 14 years with the Giants, Yankees, Mets, and Braves. In 1962, while playing with the San Francisco Giants, his team advanced to the World Series. He had two game appearances and scored once in the Giants' 7-3 victory over the Yankees in game four. While playing with the Corpus Christi Giants in 1959, Bowman became friends with Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry, and their friendship has grown ever since. In 2011, Bowman was given months to live. Perry began working with Major League Baseball’s Assistance Program to help Bowman find the resources and medical care he’s needed to get a new lease on life.


Malcom Foreman Inducted 2013 Foreman experienced Parks and Recreation first as a participant in the youth basketball program playing for Henry Johnson. Years later, during the 1980 and 1981 seasons, he served as a Minor League Baseball umpire. He then began to umpire in the Little League program in 1982 and has umpired for a total of 29 years. He has been assigned to umpire numerous zone, district, state, and regional tournaments. Foreman served as the Little League umpire-in-chief for all three leagues from 1984-1987, and he has served in various capacities on the Johnson City Major League Board of Directors for 16 years. Foreman worked with the Parks and Recreation maintenance division from 1982 through 1987 and also worked as a youth basketball official for eight years. He has served as a volunteer football coach in the Watauga Youth League for seven years. Foreman received the Johnson City Major League Arthur Lady Service Award in 1998 and was the recipient of the Searl Robbins Most Outstanding Official Award in 2005. Foreman also was a varsity letterman for three years in football and basketball at Science Hill High School.


Vanas Robbins Inducted 2013 Robbins’ career with the department began in 1979 and continued on a full-time basis until 2002. She returned that year as a seasonal employee and worked with the youth girl’s teeball and youth basketball programs. Her seasonal status with the City continued from 2002 up until her passing last year. Robbins first served as the Parks and Recreation revenue supervisor, spending countless hours ensuring that all monies were accounted for. She then started working with the roller skating program and was often seen blowing her whistle to slow down skaters and stop horseplay. Legion Recreation Center was a second home to Robbins for many years. She served as concessions manager at the Legion Street Pool, which is where she became a self-proclaimed guardian for many children. She would buy them food, give them money, and stay late to make sure someone picked them up. When her day at the pool ended, she would head to Cardinal Park to oversee concession operations there. Robbins spent many years in the concession stand and ticket booth at Winged Deer Park for baseball and softball tournaments. She was always willing to help. A co-worker once said: “If you had to be down scrubbing a toilet, Robbins would be right there with you helping to get it done.” Her last full-time position was manager of Kiwanis Park. There, she scheduled parties and events, supervised the playground, and helped promote art programs. She coached and refereed youth basketball, worked the box office at Freedom Hall Civic Center, worked gate admissions for Science Hill High School events, and always served with the City’s best interest at heart. At the time of her passing in 2012, at the age of 78, Robbins was still serving as manager of the Edge indoor training facility.


Charles B. “Charlie” Campbell Inducted 2014 Length of Service: 29 years     

Coach: Parks and Recreation Basketball – 1986/87-1991/92 season Coach: JC National Little League; Minor Division – 1988-1990 Vice President JC National League; Minor Division – 1990-1992 Manager JC National Little League Team; Major Division–1993-2010 President JC National Little League: October 2010 - Present Campbell started his Parks and Recreation service by coaching basketball six year, beginning with the 1986-87 season. He also coached football for two years at the Johnson City Boys and Girls Club 1988-1989. Campbell served as the coach of his first Little League team in the Minor Division in 1988 and continued to coach in the Division until 1990, while serving as the Vice President, Minor Division 19901992. In 1990 he was asked by Henry Joy, Jr., to assist him in coach the Hamilton Bank Little League team, where he remained as coach until the end of the 1992 season. During those year, he learned a tremendous amount of baseball, which helped him understand what it takes to be a better coach. Henry Joy his friend and mentor’s love for the game, for children, and Little League was infectious and he was the main reason Campbell remained in Little League. Campbell started the 1993 season as Manager of his own Little League team and continued to manage in the Johnson City National Little League until 2010. In the fall of 2011 Campbell became President of the Johnson City National Little League and remains in that position today (October 2014).

   

Awards: 1990 Parks and Recreation “Award for Youth Involvement” 1991 Parks and Recreation “Outstanding Service Award” 2014 Johnson City National Little League “Doc Whitmore Lifetime Service Award” 2014 Inductee in the Johnson City Parks and Recreation “Wall of Fame”


Albert “Tom” Dosser Inducted 2014 Dosser had an idea that he wanted to ‘put on the map’! He worked with the City of Johnson City and the Department of Forestry to receive permission to cut a new trial on the western slope of Buffalo Mountain. Dosser’s well thought trail of approximately 2 miles runs from a tiny parking area on Dry Creek Road, connection to the mountain’s high point of Tip Top. Dosser’s trail now gave people a different way to access the park, utilizing the ‘back side’ of the mountain with its beautiful views and provided the option of a longer hike. Though Dosser received help from different scouting and hiking groups, it is a very well-known fact that the large majority of the work was completed by Dosser himself and he was in his eighties! Trail work is labor intensive and can be very slow going. Dosser’s trail, known as the Lone Oak Trail stands out among hikers, walker, runner, birders, photographers, and many more. Dosser has provided a wonderful outdoor nature opportunity to many for years to come.


Phil Pindzola Inducted 2014 Pindzola has gone above and beyond in the Parks and Recreation Department over the past 20 years.       

       

Buffalo Mountain Park – Supervised grading of the access road. Cardinal Park – Assisted with work on the lighting and performed the work on the plaza area at the park entrance. Carnegie Park – Worked to purchase the land for the parking area on Watauga Avenue. Civitan Park – Actively involved with the complete renovation of Civitan Park including the installation of light poles. Keystone Park – In charge of the construction of the structures and installation of the drainage. Kiwanis Park – Responsible for the drainage work at the park as well as re-contouring the creek. Lions Park – Installed drainage that prevented the ball-fields from continually being flooded when it rained. He also supervised the parking lot project, assisted with the bridge project, and has plans to assist the Department with construction of additional parking to assist with overflow. Metro-Kiwanis Park – Oversaw improvements to the area adjacent to the tennis courts. Paul Christman Park – Successfully spearheaded a campaign to purchase the property to build the park. Pine Oaks Golf Course – Directed crews to completely re-build every tee on the course. Powell Square Park – Responsible for constructing sidewalks around the park. Rotary Park – Supervised the installation of concrete pads at the park as well as the electric system and will be extensively involved with the construction of the Boundless Playground project. Pindzola also serves as a member of the Rotary Club. Science Hill High School – In charge of following projects at the campus area: Installation of drainage, landscaping, and walkways. Tweetsie Trail – Involved with this project and he ensured that work was completed in time for the grand opening held in August. Winged Deer Park – Led the construction of the boat ram and amphitheater. He also pushed to get the lakefront property graded and paved.

Projects Pindzola has been involved with that are not Parks and Recreation specific that provides a recreational benefit:  Bowers Ridge – Model airplane runway  Dawn of Hope – Constructed a workshop for their use  Founders Park – Constructed a downtown park for use by the public for a variety of events.  Lake Ridge Elementary School – Constructed a walking and jogging path.  Pubic Art 124

In addition; Pindzola served as a basketball referee for the Department’s programs for several years and he serves on numerous community and civic boards such as; Salvation Army, Rotary Club, Children’s Advocacy Board, Chairman for the Stepping Stone Youth Group.


John G. Campbell Inducted 2015 Twenty-four years of service to the City of Johnson City. September 1976 – January 1979 – Principal Planner/Community Developer January 1979 – April 1984 – Assistant City Manager April 1984 – June 1984 – Acting City Manager June 1984 – March 2001 – City Manager Accomplishments:  Vision, acquisition, funding, design, implementation of Winged Deer Park; additional land purchase  Land swap with US Forest Service for Buffalo Mountain Park included initial study and working with volunteers and land donors  Vision, acquisition of land, design, funding, and Phase I implementation of Willow Springs Park  Redevelopment of Civitan Park into a soccer complex  Improvements to Metro-Kiwanis and Lions Park  Addition of two softball fields at Carnegie Park  Upgrades to Cardinal Park  Outdoor track at Science Hill High School  Buffalo Valley Golf Course and Indoor Soccer Facility  Bikeway along State of Franklin  Worked on Parks and Recreation budgets 1979-2000  City Manager of the Year 1992 and 1999


William “Billy” Hutton Inducted 2015 Hutton graduated from Science Hill High School in May of 1986. Hutton began working in the parks and recreation system in 1987 as an umpire and scorekeeper. In the summer of 1989 through 1991 he worked as the public address announcer and scorekeeper for the Johnson City Cardinals.  1987-1993 coached basketball at Keystone Elementary School.  1987-1993 served as referee for parks and recreation.  1993 and 1998 served as umpire for Little League State tournaments.  1990 active member of the Johnson City Major Little League serving in many capacities. Hutton coached his first Little gue team in 1997. He also served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, Concession Manager, and Vice-President of the league.  Hutton is a two-time recipient of the Arthur Lady Award from the Johnson City Major Little League for Outstanding Volunteer Service.  2013 received the Searl Robbins Award for Outstanding Official.


Jay Seehorn Inducted 2015 Jay has served the parks and recreation for 15-years.  1993, 1994, and 1995 Babe Ruth Manager.  1994 and 1995 Board member for the Babe Ruth organization.  1997 through 2000 Served as coach for Johnson City Major Little League. Made 1998.  2008 Coached Instructional League for Little League organization.  2008-2015 Coached Fall Ball teams.  2009 through 2015 Coached Johnson City National Little League (Bolton Block and Rotary)  2009 through 2015 Coached parks and recreation basketball.  2011 and 2012 Managed Instructional League teams.  2011 through 2015 Coached or managed All-Star teams.  2013 through 2015 Organized Fall Ball teams.  2013, 2014, and 2015 served as board member for the Johnson City National Little League. Seehorn served as Vice-President in 2014 and 2015.  2015 – Managed Babe Ruth.


Randy Collins Inducted 2016 Collins has been employed by the City of Johnson City for 30 years, working in the parks and recreation department for almost 20-years. He worked as Keystone Recreation Center Supervisor from 1986-1995 and Legion Recreation Center Supervisor from 1995-2000. Collins served as volunteer coach for Keystone boys and girls in youth basketball for almost 20 years. Awards: o Friend of Recreation Wall of Fame Award – 1991 o Parks and Recreation Staff Support Award – 1999 o Carver Wall of Fame Award - 2015


Frank Leroy Knisley, Jr. Inducted 2016 Frank was a graduate of Science Hill High School, attended East Tennessee State and a half before 1949 with a degree in Southern Technical Institute in Atlanta which later became Georgia Institute of Technology better known as Georgia Tech. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army having served in both World War II and the Korean War. Frank served as President of the Rotary Club in 1976 and 1977. Knisley served on the Bikeway/Greenway Board, Tree and Appearance Board, Board of Building Codes, Planning Commission, and Buffalo Mountain Park. Frank was an avid outdoorsman. Along with his friend Tom Dosser, he was instrumental in the creation and design of Buffalo Mountain Park, and was actually involved in cutting and clearing most of the trails. Later, he was instrumental in the early conception of the Tweetsie Trail. He was a passionate supporter of, and the design architect of the Johnson City/Washington County Veterans Memorial located at Kiwanis Park. Frank supported the parks and recreation department for 40 plus years and it was his lifelong commitment. Seeing people use and enjoy Buffalo Mountain Park and the Tweetsie Trail was his joy. Frank died Monday, October 3, 2016 leaving a legacy as an avid bicyclist. Knisley participated in the inaugural “Roan Groan” bike race, cycling up the twisting, steep incline of Highway 143 until he reached the 5,512-foot top of Roan Mountain’s Carvers Gap. Frank’s service to the community provided enormous amounts of architectural time to various projects, not only with the City but with the private sector for nonprofits.


Carl Williams Inducted 2016 Williams, a life-long resident of Johnson City spent most of his life involved in recreational activities. He was a school teacher in the Johnson system for 32 years. During that time he worked part-time for parks and recreation for 22 years. Williams served as scorekeeper for several basketball leagues in 1963, 1964, and 1965. He also refereed from 1980-1984 and football and soccer. Williams coached elementary boys and girls in basketball, softball, football, and tennis and served as volunteer coach for high school and adult basketball from 1960-1970). Williams was a playground supervisor for Towne Acres (1969), Spurrier-Rutherford Little League (1969-1984), and gym supervisor at North and South Jr. Highs and Keystone during basketball from 1969-1979. Williams also worked in the concessions for Science Hill football, Langston High School, and ETSU games that were played in Memorial Stadium. He also worked concessions during JC Yankees and JC Cardinals from 1964-1979 and Little League from 1969-1984. Williams was also involved in the Legion Street Halloween Festival and wrestling. He also wrote the media releases for weekly wrestling matches at Legion Recreation Center.


Bill Francisco Inducted 2017 Francisco is an advocate for improving public health, water quality and environmental awareness. urged the Johnson City Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Johnson City School Board, Johnson City Commission, Boone Watershed Partnership, city administrators and the community to develop a 28-acre environmental education park known as Jacob’s Nature Park at Sinking Creek. Francisco developed the website He also created a Facebook page titled Jacob’s Nature Park and Awareness projects a community page to promote awareness of Jacob’s Nature Park at Sinking Creek through social media. Francisco presented the concept of Jacob’s Nature Park at Sinking Creek to numerous civic organizations and to over 2,000 Johnson City elementary students and their teachers. He collaborated with the Johnson City Parks and Recreation’s nature program coordinator, East Tennessee State University students, Science Hill High School students, Boy Scouts of America, Washington County Sheriff’s Department and the Johnson City Power Board, to remove truckloads of tires and trash, build park benches and develop nearly two miles of hiking trails through the forested ridges and wetlands within the park. Francisco collaborated to raise over $30,000 within the community through annual charity bicycling events and awareness walks with the Tri-Cities Road club and the Johnson City morning Rotary Club for infrastructure development within the park. He also collaborated with ETSU’s Department of Sustainability, Major League baseball and Science Hill pitcher Daniel Norris and the Sinking Creek neighborhood to raise $12,000 for infrastructure development. He co-wrote grant applications to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to obtain $45,000 in grant funds for environmental education signs, construction of an outdoor classroom with a living roof and improved access to environmental education with the park. Francisco coordinated with parks and recreation, Tennessee Department of Corrections, TVA Army Corps of Engineers, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and local businesses for the construction of an educational kiosk, park benches, a boardwalk ramp over the wetlands and a bridge over Sinking Creek to connect wetland hiking trails to woodland hiking trails within the park. He also collaborated with the King Springs neighborhood to promote the connection of Jacobs Nature Park at Sinking Creek to the Tweetsie Trail.


Positions held:  Jacob’s Nature Park’s Volunteer Project Director for Boone Watershed Partnership, Inc. 2011 – Present  Parks and Recreation youth basketball coach – 2009-2014 Awards:  

2014 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for Environmental Education and Outreach 2014 and 2016 Friends of Nature Award from Johnson City Parks and Recreation.


Jacob Luis Francisco Inducted 2017 In 2004, a lively little boy named Jacob Luis Francisco who loved Nature and climbing trees became suddenly ill with a malady that stumped his doctors. Tragically, Jacob could not be saved from what was later diagnosed to be a case of E. coli poisoning, which he caught from an unknown source. Since Sinking Creek near their neighborhood had a known E. coli situation, Jacob’s father, mother and brother became advocates for cleaning up the creek. Working with the Boone Watershed Partnership, they galvanized an outpouring of community spirit that resulted in local volunteers, students from ETSU and government and community organization support coming together to restore the Sinking Creek and its wetlands. Jacob’s Nature Park at Sinking Creek is a testament to the community. The Park now encompasses 28 urban acres designated by Johnson City as parkland, and it’s an incredibly diverse space with five acres of wetlands, meadows, a chunk of hardwood forest and through it all runs Sinking Creek. This urban oasis focuses on educating people about E. coli and how leaking septic tanks (since removed) contributed to contamination. It is hoped that someday the stream can be de-listed as an E. coli source. Grants have supported interactive interpretive signage, and a local church group helped to establish a pollinator arboretum with 30 tree species that tell a tale not only about each tree species, but also the pollinating insects and animals that rely on it. Technology has been incorporated such as QR codes to help people connect with and contribute to Jacob’s Nature Park species inventories on citizen science apps such as iNaturalist and eBird. Those citizen science date have led to certification of Jacob’s Nature Park as both a Monarch butterfly waystation (supporting larval and adult stages of the migrating butterflies as they travel through) and a National Wildlife Federation-recognized certified wildlife habitat. Another grant will support the construction of a rustic outdoor classroom-accessible to people with disabilities-with a pounded earth floor and slopping “green roof” in which to hold educational programs.


Scott Lusk Inducted 2017 Scott is a lifelong Johnson City resident and graduated from Science Hill High School in 1973. Lusk is the son of Joe and Bo Lusk. He has two sisters, Leisa and Amy. He is married to Janet and they have two children Season and Joe. Season and Joe all grew up playing parks and recreation system. Scott played in the Johnson City Major Little League for Coach Arthur Lady’s American Legion team from 1965-1968. The American Legion won the Major League Championship in 1968. Lusk was a member of the Johnson City Major Little League All-Star team that finished runner-up in the 1968 Tennessee Little League tournament, coached by Joe Cannon and Arthur Lady. 

Joined the Johnson City Major Little League as a coach and Board of Directors members in 1997.

Served the board in many capacities, most recently as Vice-President.

Was instrumental in working with the parks and recreation in getting the two Johnson City Major Little League ballfields named: Arthur Lady Field and Arrowood-Mashburn Field (for Kenny Arrowood and John Mashburn).

He was involved in many upgrades and renovations to these two ballfields and their concessions buildings.

Scott received the 2005 Arthur Lady Award from the Johnson City Major Little League for outstanding volunteer service.


Jeremy Stevens Inducted 2017 Stevens was born January 16, 1980 to parents of Debra Darlene Lynn Buford and Jerry Stevens both of Johnson City. He was a graduate of Science Hill High School, where he worked closely and passionately through the years with the basketball and football programs alongside Coach George Pitts. He was a dedicated employee with Daniel Boone High School’s Janitorial Services, as well as the Carver Recreation spent many cherished days growing up and making an impact on the community and everyone that crossed his path. Resilient and meticulous, he worked and loved hard, taking pride in everything he did. He became well-known name around the community through his dedicated time spent at the recreation center and his disposition in daily interactions, his smile and routine. His hand wave became his trademark, as well as being Herb Greenlee’s wing man. Following in Greenlee’s footsteps, growing up, he developed a deep love, passion, and respect very early on for sports that stuck with him forever. If you played ball, he remembered each play, shot and highlight. He was a driving force of light in a sometimes dark world. His compassion, beliefs and genuineness were manifested in every aspect of his life. He had a mischievous laugh, unmistakable smile, luminous spirit, and phenomenal heart. Jeremy’s legacy continues to impact those who loved him. He turned every negative into a positive. He was and always will be a hero to so many, his patience, love, and compassion challenged many to be better.


Todd Fowler Inducted 2018 Fowler, an Arkansas native, moved to Johnson City in 1993. He practices at Watauga Orthopaedics Professional Association, and is licensed in Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma. He was elected to the City Commission in 2016, and is actively trying to increase the number of sports fields for the city. He has participated in men's and coed softball leagues and helped sponsor Johnson City Parks and Recreation teams over the years on behalf of himself and Watauga Orthopaedics. His children have participated in various local sport teams and leagues over the last 20 years, including soccer, softball and baseball. He has coached, helped coach or played an active role as a parent in all these activities. As a physician, he has been the team doctor for Science Hill High School for 25 years, and has performed physical examinations for a lot of different sports and teams over the years. He, and with Watauga Orthopaedics, also volunteer to be on hand at Parks and Recreation tournaments He went to Austin Peay State University on academic leadership and athletic (golf) scholarships and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1983 with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. He then attended the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1989 where he obtained a doctor of medicine degree.


Larry Manis Inducted 2018 Born in Kingsport and raised in Blountville, TN. Johnson City resident since 1966. Manis was employed by the City of Johnson City from 1973-2003. Positions held:  Senior Center Director 1973-1988  Budget Director/Productivity 1988-2003  Stores clerk part time Buffalo Valley Golf Course 2005-2015 Personal Achievements:  Education: BSW-1973 and Graduate work in the MCM/Public Administration Program.  Blountville High School – 1966 Four-Year Letterman in Track & Field/Cross Country  ETSU – Four-Year Scholarship athletic in Track and Field/Cross Country  Ohio Valley Conference – Two-time All-conference in Cross Country  Military Service – USAR – 1968-1974 Recreation Sports Achievements:  Volunteer cross country – SHHS from 1992-1996 with coaches George Pitts and Buddy Thomas  Past member of Johnson City Parks and Recreation Church Athletic Board for 15 year. Served as chairman for 10.  Coached/played Church League softball in Park and Rec league from 1974-1994 for North Johnson City Baptist Church and First Presbyterian Church.  Former assistant coach for Johnson City/Washington County Boys Club T-ball and Johnson City Little League baseball team – Gordan Yankees  Coached youth basketball in Jonesborough Parks and Recreation for 2 years  Organized and coached the Senior Softball League from 1976-1988, twice playing in the nationals in Atlanta and Clearwater.  United State of America Track and Field (USATF) Certified official  Coordinator of Officials – ETSU Track and Field program  Officiated more than 40 collegiate conference track and field championships and 30-40 high school track meets.  Officiated 2009 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships and 2016 NAIA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Community Service:  Served on Washington County Board of Equali9zation from 2006-2015  City of Johnson City United Way representative and United Way Division chair 138

     

Former member of Johnson City Lions Club Former Cub Scout Den Leader Retired Senior Volunteer Board Member /chair Project Access – FTVDD Board member Johnson City Credit Union – Executive Board Johnson City Federal Credit Union – Loan Committee

Professional Achievements/Boards:  Created and chartered the Johnson City Seniors’ Center Foundation. Founding board members were Judge Oris Hyder, Stuart Wood, John Graham and Steve Fox.  Served on the First Homeless Committee with Dr. Shirley Chapman and Dr. Bert Allen. Supervised the collecting and compilation of surveys conducted.  Attended Chamber of Commerce – Leadership 2015 class  Government Finance Officers Association – Budge Reviewer – 5 years  City received the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program – 5 consecutive years  Received the parks and Recreation Award for Outstanding Service - 1987  Recognized by the Tennessee Commission on Aging for Outstanding Service in 1988.


Barbara Stevens Inducted 2018 A Parks and Recreation employee from 1972-1996, Stevens is well known for her work ethic and dedication. She began working under Howard Johnson, the city’s first Parks and Recreation director, and her initial duties included overseeing a summer playground program and supervising the Kiwanis Park Recreation Center and programming offered there. Stevens volunteered as a basketball coach in the men’s, women’s and youth programs, with her basketball teams winning numerous league championships. In addition to role as a coach, she also served as the skating supervisor for the ever-popular skating program. Long after her scheduled work hours, Stevens could be found at Legion Recreation Center, or at one of the parks assisting with programs and events when others could not work. She also volunteered to work any and all special events, sometimes working concessions at weekend tournaments, putting in 18-hour days, sleeping a few hours, then heading back in for another long day. Stevens also ran the Halloween Festival and worked the wrestling matches and at Cardinal Park. During her tenure, she became a mentor to many young children in the community, and a second mother or father to hundreds of kids who could not afford admission fees to skating, wrestling or other events. It also was a common for her to pay for a child’s hotdog, candy bar or drink when they were no able to do so. Today, many adults feel Stevens made a considerable impact on their lives at important moments in their youth. Her passion, dedication and love for the Parks and Recreation program were evident throughout her more than 24 years of service to citizens.


Mayor Jenny Brock Inducted 2019 Johnson City Mayor Jenny Brock’s involvement and contributions to area athletic and recreational activities are prolific. The former Board of Education member joined with Mayor Jane Myron and the Parks and Recreation Department to start the Fit to Play Summer Camp, which drew 125 kids and focused on fitness and recreation activities over a six-week period. In 2006, she helped Myron start the Up and At ‘Em movement that brought a greater focus on health and fitness issues in our community. Brock hosted a community-wide health expo at Freedom Hall, challenging citizens to participate in a six-week walking program in which thousands participated. She introduced the Turkey Trot 5K walk/run to Up and At ‘Em, which now is in its 14th year and has grown from 700 to more than 4,500 last year. It is the largest race in the Tri-Cities, and has returned to the community about $200,000 used for health and fitness incentives, including:    

$16K – JC Parks playground equipment at Kiwanis Park $25K – Tweetsie Trail $10k – Tannery Knobs Pump Track $150K – To regional schools for student health and fitness initiatives

In 2004, Mayor Brock gained her certification as a golf instructor from the United States Golf Teaching Federation. After several years as a private instructor for youth and adults, she became affiliated with the First Tee Program and is now serving her 12th year as a volunteer head coach. She continues to push for greater citizen access to facilities and programs that promote health, wellness and positive development.


Darrell “Pappy” Crowe Inducted 2019 The late Darrell “Pappy” Crowe was a lifelong Johnson City resident who will be remembered by hundreds of young people throughout the area. He graduated from Science Hill High School and ETSU, graduating from the university with a master’s degree in industrial education in 1973. Crowe coached and taught at Old North Junior High School from 1965-1966, at Elizabethton High School from 1967-1968 and at Cocke County High School in Newport from 1969-1975. He was the Johnson City-Washington County Boys and Girls Club executive director for 24 years and held the same position with the Elizabethton/Carter County Boys and Girls Club for four years. While serving the Johnson City-Washington County Boys and Girls Club, he built an athletics program that provided both the city and county with T-Ball, basketball and football. He also oversaw facility expansions and improvements. When he retired, his favorite pastime was playing golf every week, but he also continued to coach in the Dizzy Dean League for a few more years and was involved with the league for more than 35 years, which included six state championships and two world series titles. He was a TSSAA official in football, basketball and baseball.


Gary W. Swartz Inducted 2019 An excellent communicator, Swartz has worked with the community through the Parks and Recreation Department for 39 years with the main goal of helping young people prepare for high school baseball. Swartz served as a Babe Ruth League head coach for two years and assistant coach for 21 years. He also was the Stratton head football coach for two years, American Little League umpire in chief for two years and assistant coach with the AAU travel team for 13 years. He enjoyed seeing the progression of younger athletes as they grew into their successful adult vocations and social lives. He was also proud to have served young men and to interact with their parents as he evaluated those he mentored that would grow from wide-eyed children to successful world-class athletes, major league umpires, lawyers, doctors, small business owners, and most of all his friends. Swartz is a member of Pinnacle Club and the John Monroe America Little League.


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