Seonee 2009 Brochure

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Presented by Natyalaya School of Dance In association with Sankara Nethralaya Om Trust Featuring a special pre-show presentation by Nritya Sangam. Act 1: A family of wolves is starting their day in the Seonee Jungle when they hear a strange cry. Investigating, they discover a human child has been left in the jungle. They take him into their home, but are be‐ ing watched by the jackal Tabaqui. Tabaqui warns them that the tiger Shere Khan will hunt the child, and if they protect him, their family will be in danger. After chasing Tabaqui away, the wolf family decides to present the child to the wolf council. Though the other wolves protest, they agree to take in the child after Bagheera presents them a bull to feast on and Baloo offers to train him alongside the wolf cubs. King Akela declares the child part of the tribe, naming him Mowgli. Act 2: As Mowgli grows, he learns the ways of the jungle, playing with the wolf cubs and escaping from menacing monkeys. However, Shere Khan is still plotting against him. Tabaqui has convinced half the wolves to overthrow Akela, and he offers Shere Khan the position of their new king. When Mowgli hears of their plan, he flees to the hu‐ man village to steal man’s red flower, fire, so he will be ready for the day when he finally faces Shere Khan. Act 3: Now elderly, Akela has fallen ill and grown weak. Shere Khan decides to make his move. After a fierce battle, Mowgli manages to chase Shere Khan off. However, he has been betrayed by the wolves he considered his brothers. Knowing he is no longer welcome in the jun‐ gle, Mowgli decides to leave the Seonee to join the villagers. Act 4: Though Mowgli grows into his new role in the village, he misses the peace and camaraderie of the jungle. He is pleased when Akela and Grey Brother come to see him, but his happiness is short‐lived as his friends come bearing bad news. Shere Khan has returned and is seek‐ ing revenge on Mowgli. Akela devises a plan, and the three of them prepare for the final showdown. Together, they defeat the ferocious Shere Khan. However, upon seeing Mowgli with the animals, the vil‐ lagers come to fear and hate him. Seeing the village is full of animos‐ ity and strife, Mogwli happily returns to the Seonee, his true home.

Cast of Characters Arati Warrier: monkey, deer, Mowgli Archana Warrier: monkey, Shere Khan Kanaka Sathasivan: Akela, monkey, deer Ambika Venkat: monkey, Tabaqui, buffalo Samyu Rao: elephant, buffalo, Bagheera Reema Patel: monkey, Kaa, Grey Brother And Smt. Vinitha Subramanian as DJ Hawk, Baloo

Pia Sur: ostrich, wolf mother, monkey, buffalo, villager Robina Ghosh: elephant, wolf father, monkey, buffalo Neha Sukumar: ostrich, wolf, kite, buffalo, villager Amulya Gobburu: elephant, wolf, monkey, buffalo, villager Uma Vaidyanathan: ostrich, wolf, bee, deer, buffalo, villager Manjula Andukuri: bird, frog, fish, wolf, monkey Malavika Perinchery: bird, frog, fish, wolf, deer, cow, buffalo, villager Kasmira Madina: bird, frog, fish, wolf, deer, cow, buffalo, villager And Manasa Dutta as bird, frog, fish, wolf, Mowgli, deer, cow, buffalo Radhika Karunakaran: bird, frog, fish, wolf, monkey, cow Krishna Vaidyanathan: bird, turtle, wolf, deer, cow Hamsini Vaidyanathan: bird, fish, wolf, cow Shruthi Nampoothiri: bird, turtle, wolf, cow Swathi Mallempati: bird, frog, fish, wolf, cow With Chinmay Andukuri: monkey, wolf Manu Perinchery: wolf, Vinay Reddy: wolf

Special Thanks to Apna Bazaar, Madras Pavilion, and Georgetown ISD

Serving Austin for 10 Years. Authentic South and North Indian dishes. Every day Lunch Buffet 11.00 A.M – 2.30 P.M ( Monday – Friday ) 11.00A.M – 3.30 P.M ( Saturday & Sunday) DINNER 5.00 P.M – 10.00 P.M ( Monday – Thursday ) 5.00 P.M – 11.00 P.M (Friday & Saturday ) Ph # 512-454-8636 Fax # 512-454-1142 SAROVAR SAN ANTONIO 210-558-8289.

8440 Burnet rd Suite # 100 Austin TX 78757

Credits Choreography: Anusha and Narendra Kumar Lighting Design: Kanaka Sathasivan and Samyu Rao Lighting: Neha Atyam Sound: George Solomon Make-up: Jan Collinson Costumes: Natyalaya Set: Natyalaya and Georgetown ISD And Master of Ceremonies: Sowmya Rao Special thanks to all the dancers, mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends who helped make this show possible.

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