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MURP Area Planning Studio


Chakalasiya Krunal

Date: 22nd November, 2017

Cover letter


5/10, Sangam complex, C G Road, Ahmedabad, 395006 Email: M: 09925663534

Chandresh Patel, Manager Wing site Consultant, A/17, Global Earth Business Park, Bandra (West), Mumbai 398001 Dear Sir, Your posting for an executive infrastructure engineer or planner Indicates requirements that closely match my background and my expertise. I have enclosed my CV to provide a summary of my qualification and background for your review. Throughout my carrier I have maintain the highest performance standards within a divers of educational and professional functions, which are clearly illustrated by my past success. Currently I am studying Master of Urban and Regional Planning from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. I am graduated from A. D. Patel Institute of technology with degree of Civil Engineer. I have worked as intern at Green Developers, Surat and gained experience as a Structural engineer and site supervisor. I have better experience of software like AutoCAD, Arc GIS, and Sketch up. I feel I am suitable for this role as I have better experience of engineering and planning work. I am very keen to work for an ambitious company such as yours. Thank you for taking time to consider my application. I am available for contact and interview at any time. Sincerely, Chakalasiya Krunal 2

Careers Objective

To enhance my knowledge and capabilities by working in a dynamic organization that prides itself in a giving substantial responsibility to new talent.

Relevant experience

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


5/10, Sangam complex, C G Road, Ahmedabad, 395006 Email: M: 09925663534

Technical skills

• • •

Proficient in using MS office applications Sufficient knowledge about SketcUp, AutoCAD and GIS software Digital and Systemic approach of a civil engineering and planning

Team work • •

Confident when working in groups , both for academic project and in a range of club and society involvements. Team leadership and managing quality which makes me more strong as a part of the team.

Communication • •

Strong verbal communication skills demonstrated when delivering presentation in university and in other group discussion. Achieved consistently good marks in assignments is a evidence of my good writing and communication skills.

Problem Solving • • •

Able deal with problems calmly and efficiently with innovative approach. Careful to approach situations in a neutral and non personal manner. Employing active listening skills and asking appropriate question to help to identify problems and working to find a satisfactory solutions. 3

High school L. P. Savani Vidhya Bhavan, Surat (science stream ) Percentage in 10th [2011]:89.80% Percentage in 12th [2013]: 72% • Graduation A.D. Patel institute of Technology , Anand (Civil Engineering) C G P A[2017]: 7.89 out of 10 • Post Graduation (CEPT University, Ahmedabad) Perusing in Maters of Urban and Regional Planning •

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Hobbies • • •

Reading Travelling Horse riding

Languages • • •

English Hindi Gujarati


planning and that got me interested in this course and then I explored it further, which has led to an increased interest into planning field. And so I decided to learn more about urban planning and as per my point of view in future there is a large need of planners.

Professional Goals

• When I was studying civil engineering I learned a subject called town

• I would like to do internship with private or international firms to

explore more cities of the world and to understand urban planning, finance and policy structure of them. I would like to learn how planning team would work and manage their responsibilities. I want to learn how to communicate professionally with corporate world and politics.

• There is a vast Career opportunity also in this filed. as I like to travel I like to work at any place in India or all over the world. I like to work on infrastructure and housing project because it connects me with the people and it gives to me better understanding about urban life and urban needs. In future I like to work on live projects where I implement my idea and give my betters efforts to the development of country.

• I am good and more innovative in group work.. I have good leadership

quality for leading and guiding. I would like to work on policy making and finance for urban development. As a profession sometimes I am little nervous to talking or presenting my idea to the teachers and students which I am solving with practice of demonstrating my presentation and more evidence based work. I am not too good with some software of graphics for solving this problem I am learning Photoshop, 3Dmax.


transport modes, different socio economical culture. We never neglect the fact that India is still developing country and still many cities and villages does not have basic infrastructure, housing, water and sanitation facility, roads. It does not needs only these facilities to better living it also needs some strategies and different and innovative approach.

Planning Interest(s)

• We are living in the world surrounded with the water, infrastructure,

• These things encourage me for field work and analytical work of planning. Very small but important observation of how to society works and how the cities and country develop in now a days is makes our perception very better. Planning is not a process which gives us quick outcome but planning is the very vast and deep field where out comes get after 20-30 years. Planning is not only one person participation or any one authority work but it is a public participatory work, where finance also comes under the public participatory.

• Above all things are encourage me for the better planning work and better

observer for small scale problems also. I would like to work on regional planning, urban design, and policy, public finance, economic development, affordable housing, politics, public participation, etc.

• In first year area planning studio we work on some area of

Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has its very old and grate history. We learned how Ahmedabad was developed year by year. Study of Ahmedabad gives me the actual idea about how societies are works and their needs .infrastructural and housing projects which are implemented in Ahmedabad is gives me the brief idea about the latest trend of the urban development and Morden trend of the society


The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961) -Jane Jacobs

The book is a critique of urban planning policy, which it holds responsible for the decline of many city neighbourhoods in the United States . This book change the whole perspective of urban planning. In this book other mention more participation of people who are living in society. “ eyes on street” concept of other is unique and very real in context of street design .

Self- Assessment

Favourite reading

Studio readings • • • • • • • •

Planning for sharing – Providing infrastructure for citizens to be makers and sharers by Anna Hult & Karin Bradley Partnerships in urban development: a review of Ahmedabad’s experience by Shyam S. Dutta A Comparative Study of Transit-Oriented Developments in Hong Kong National Urban Rental Housing Policy by Government of India(Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation) The Urban Pattern City Planning and design by Gallion & Eisner The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961) by Jane Jacobs Why Cities Exist by Brueckner Cities as the Engine of Growth: Evidence from India by Arup Mitra and Barjor Mehta


As I like to reading I read many story books, novels, autobiography. For the area planning exercise I read many articles and books as a reference. But some times I am not easily agree with other and so that many time I loss my interest for reading that particular book.

Writing Assessment I wrote very short in length but I wrote through the point . Sometimes just worried about length of content I wrote many unusual content. There was many grammar mistakes in my writing. Which I have to improve by more and more writing.

Presenting Assessment Initially my presenting skills were not to good. I am sticking between presentation. My gesture was not proper. After studio presentation exercise I improve a lot in my presentation delivery.

Strategies for Improvement For improving my skills of writing and reading I am reading more and more and wrote it as well as. I gave my writing things to my friends to give me suggestions about it. For my presenting skill improvement I practiced it before finale presentation.

Self- Assessment

Reading Assessment


National urban transport policy About The Government of India has formulated various committees and working groups on promoting sustainable urban transport for the country. The recommendations offered by the committees and working groups highlight the need to review the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP), which was formulated in 2006.

Vision ďƒ˜


The objective of this policy is to ensure safe, affordable, quick, comfortable, reliable and sustainable access for the growing number of city residents to jobs, education, recreation and such other needs within the cities. This is sought to be achieved by: incorporating urban transportation as an important parameter at the urban planning stage rather than being a consequential requirement; encouraging integrated land use and transport planning in all cities so that travel distances are minimized and access to livelihoods, education, and other social needs, especially for the marginal segments of the urban population is improved; improving access of business to markets and the various factors of production; and bringing about a more equitable allocation of road space with people, rather than vehicles, as its main focus.



Objectives Integrating land use and transport planning Equitable allocation of road space Priority to the use of public transport Quality and pricing of Public Transport Technologies for Public Transport Integrated public transport systems Priority to non-motorized transport Freight traffic Capacity building Use of cleaner technologies


Survey and Data Collection


 Aim of this survey was to find the traffic volume count to understand the traffic conditions on the major nodes and roads  RTO circle was one of the major junction at our site, because of the linkage it serves to various transport modes  Major traffic accumulate from Wadaj and Ashram road area, since it caters different commuters from the area  There was also high pedestrian footfall at junction during peak hours


High traffic count during peak hours

Survey and Data Collection


Perception Study




Cattle created major issue in the area and led to many problems of traffic congestion and garbage disposal. Thus measures need to be taken to cater this issue. 13

Maps and Visuals



The place caters a great amount of population inflow of 1500 people during morning peak hours. Because of the absence of proper gathering space, people encroach footpath and roads. Thus there is need for a good public space in the area. 14

Maps and Visuals


The site for our local area plan consists of major landmarks which give the site its identity. Thus it was an important task to mark out these places on map to understand their strategic location.


Maps and Visuals Main task of mapping out different activities, usability of footpaths and their widths was to understand the walkability aspect at site. It was found to our astonishment that because of the physical character of footpath and the encroachments on it, only 2% footpaths out of 24.5 km mapped were actually walkable.


Maps and Visuals

Rama Institu pir No Others tional Tekro 2% Comm 4% 5% ercial 5% Reside ntial 81% LANDUSE MAP OF SITE

The site has major residential use along with presence of Ramapir no tekro as an important part. Only a portion of site has mix of institutional and commercial landuse where the future CBD has been proposed. Hence the site has potential in terms of manifold developments for future. 17

Ramapir no tekro though being the most dense area at site has the most lowrise developments

Maps and Visuals

Highrises can be seen in the CBD and institutional area at site with greater FSI utilization


Along the riverfront, midrrise development is visible

GIS 3D map was produced to understand the variation in heights at site. Along with the variation, it also helped to understand how the area and plots are utilizing the current FSI of 1.8 on site and what can be future interventions that can be made to make it more feasible. 18

Redevelopment of Wadaj slum with new residential layout and new interventions of commercial and mixuse blocks

Maps and Visuals

Midrise and highrise developments along proposed TOZ with FSI provision of 4 along the 200M buffer


Proposed development in CBD zone with higher FSI and new plot divisons

A comprehensive local area plan was produced as the final outcome of the exercise which aims to show the interventions proposed by the team. It was helpful to understand it on GIS 3D map with the height variation to see how the site character is changing from the existing one. 19

Area planning studio portfolio  

It is about work done in Area Planning Studio during 1st semester of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning. Site of the work was Nava V...

Area planning studio portfolio  

It is about work done in Area Planning Studio during 1st semester of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning. Site of the work was Nava V...