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Time is on my side


Xavier S. // CrashTest

"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day" PINK FLOYD

"Time, flowing like a river Time, beckoning me" ALAN PARSONS PROJECT

"Oh, time, time, time is on my side Yeah, time, time, time is on my side" ROLLING STONES

2:21 Alex Beaupain, Inventaire (Les Chansons d'amour) 2:22 Vincent Delerm, Favourite Songs (Les Piqüres d'araignées) 2:23 Serge Gainsbourg, Marilou sous la neige (L'Homme à tête de chou) 2:24 Mogwai, Hungry Face (Les Revenants soundtrack) 2:25 Cliff Martinez, Pretty silver stitches (The Knick Soundtrack) 2:26 Devendra Banhart, A Sight to behold (Rejoicing in the Hands) 2:27 Sophie Hunger, Rise and fall (Monday's Ghost) 2:28 Vincent Delerm, La Vipère du Gabon (Vincet Delerm) 2:29 Camille, Senza (Le Fil) 2:30 The Stranglers, Non Stop (La Folie) 2:31 Tom Waits, Yesterday is here (Frank's wild years) 2:32 K, Petite Léonine (L'Amour dans la rue) 2:33 Tom Waits, Diamonds and gold (Rain Dogs) 2:34 The Doors, The Crystalship (The Doors) 2:35 Kate Bush, Storm (Hounds of Love) 2:36 Philippe Katerine, Etres humains (Robots après tout) 2:37 Armistice, Jeb Rand 2:38 Wild Beasts, Two Dancers 1 (Two Dancers)

2:39 Melissa Laveaux, Generous Bones (Dying is a wild night) 2:40 The XX, Islands (XX) 2:41 Crystal Castles, Alice Practice (Crystal Castles) 2:42 Air, Highschool lover (The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack) 2:43 The Rolling Stones, As tears go by 2:44 Thomas Fersen, Le moucheron (Qu4tre) 2:45 Michael J. Sheehy, Crooked-eye engineer (With These Hands) 2:46 Dominic A, Le bruit blanc de l'été (Perdu d'avance) 2:47 Nellie McKay, There you are in me (Pretty Little Head) 2:48 Gaetan Roussel, Help Myself (Ginger) 2:49 The Police, Can't stand losing you (Outlandos d'Amour) 2:50 CloudDead, The Velvet ant (Ten) 2:51 Cascadeur, Meaning / Choral version (The Human Octopus) 2:52 Tom Waits, Tago till they're sore (Rain Dogs) 2:53 Alex Beaupain, Tout est si calme (Les bien-aimés) 2:54 Broadcast, Tender Buttons (Tender Buttons) 2:55 Gogol Bordello, Supertheory of supereverything (Super Taranta) 2:56 Simon & Garfunkel, Old Friends (Central Park Live) 2:57 The XX, VCR (XX) 2:58 Oldelaf, Courseulles sur mer (Le Monde est Beau) 2:59 Mansfield Tya, One milion eyes (June)

3:00 Dead Man's Bones, Dead Man's Bones (Dead Man's Bones) 3:01 Femi Kuti, Day by day (Day by day) 3:02 Philippe Katerine, Louxor j'adore (Robots après tout) 3:03 We are enfants terribles (Gainsbourg cover), Ces petits riens (La vie est belle, mes enfants) 3:04 Pradal / Guirao / Velazquez, El Pastorcito (La Nuit obscure) 3:05 Chris Garneau, Dirty Night Clowns (El Radio) 3:06 Crystal Castles, Untrust us (Crystal Castles) 3:07 Perry Blake, 1971 (Perry Blake) 3:08 Kate Bush, Mother stands for comfort (Hounds of love) 3:09 Tricky, Hey Love (False Idols) 3:10 Serge Gainsbourg / The Kills cover, I call it art (Mr Gainsbourg) 3:11 Vanessa Paradis, Le Rempart (Love Songs) 3:12 Benjamin Biolay, Dans la Merco Benz (Trash Yeye) 3:13 Joe Jackson, Home Town (Big World) 3:14 Albin de la Simone, J'ai changé (Je vais changer) 3:15 Daniel Darc, Inutile et hors d'usage (Crèvecoeur) 3:16 Soap & Skin, The Sun (Lovetune for Vacuum) 3:17 Midlake, Antiphon (Antiphon)

3:18 Mon Désert, Où tu voudras (Nouvelle Scène II) 3:19 Yann Tiersen, La Parade (L'absente) 3:20 The Cure, Secrets (Seventeen Seconds) 3:21 Yann Tiersen, Les Jours tristes (L'Absente) 3:22 Cat Power, The Greatest (The Greatest) 3:22 Regina Spektor, On the radio (Begin to hope) 3:23 Tricky, Nothing matters (False Idols) 3:24 Saule, Personne (Western) 3:25 Vincent Delerm, Il fait si beau (Les Piqûres d'araignées) 3:26 Vampire Weekend, Horchata (Contra) 3:27 The Stranglers, Golden Borwn (La Folie) 3:28 Holden, La Carta (Fantomatisme) 3:29 Flobots, No handlebars (Platypus) 3:30 Sayem, World of flowers (Phonogénique) 3:30 Buck 65, The Floor (Secret House Against the World) 3:31 Vincent Delerm, Sépia plein les doigts (Les Piqûres d'araignées) 3:32 Vic Chesnutt, Glossolalia (North Star Deserter) 3:33 Supertramp, Dreamer (Crime of the century) 3:34 Beirut, La Llorona (March of the Zapotec) 3:34 The Servant, How to destroy a relationship (How to destroy a relationship) 3:35 PJ Harvey, The Glorious land (Let England shake) 3:36 Stael, Le temps de dire ouf (Stael) 3:37 L, Romance et série noire (Initiale) 3:38 Orchestral Manoeuvre in the dark, Souvenir (Best of) 3:39 Bon Iver, Flume (For Emma, Forever ago) 3:40 Zola Jesus, Night (Stridulum II) 3:41 K, Trois jours (L'Amour dans la rue) 3:42 Melissa Laveaux, Dew Breaker (Dying is a wild night) 3:43 Metronomy, End of you too (Nights out) 3:44 Daniel Darc, La Taille de mon âme (La Taille de mon âme) 3:45 Yules, Desperation Land (The Release) 3:46 Alain Bashung, 2043 (Fantaisie Militaire) 3:47 Alt-J, Breezeblocks (An Awesome Wave) 3:48 Orchestral Manoeuvre in the dark, Joan of Arc (Best of) 3:49 Piers Faccini, If I (Tearing Sky)

3:49 Sporto Kantes, Mundo (Act 1) 3:50 Billy Idol, Flesh for Fantasy (Rebel yell) 3:51 The Klaxons, Isle of her (Myths of the near future) 3:52 Regina Spektor, Eet (Far) 3:53 Isobel Campbell/Mark Lanegan, The False Husband (Ballad of the broken seas) 3:54 Superflu, Appelle-ça sommeil si tu veux (La Chance) 3:55 Fra Lippo Lippi, Shouldn't have to be like that 3:56 The Amplifetes, Where is the light (Where is the light) 3:57 False Colors, Behind Yr Face (Invisible Statues) 3:58 Fever Ray, Now's the only time (Fever Ray) 3:58 Buck 65, Drawing curtains (Secret House Against the World) 3:59 The RZA, Samuraï showdown (Ghost Dog soundtrack)

4:00 The Cure, Seventeen Seconds (Seventeen Seconds) 4:01 Foals, My Number (Holy Fire) 4:02 Yann Tiersen, Rue Des Cascades (Rue Des Cascades) 4:03 Eels, Mental (Beautiful Freak) 4:04 Bertrand Betsch, Pour une chance (Le Temps qu'il faut) 4:05 Alex Beaupain, Plus de peur que de mal (Pourquoi battait mon coeur) 4:06 The Psychedelic Furs, No easy street (Forever now) 4:07 Dear reader, Way of the world (Replace Why With Funny) 4:08 Alain Souchon, Ultra Moderne Solitude (Nickel, live) 4:09 The Knife, Forest Families (Silent shout) 4:10 Thomas Winter & Bogue, L'amant d'un jour (Sur la Colline) 4:11 Mansfield Tya, Et demain dĂŠjĂ (June) 4:12 Guy Sigsworth & Imogen Heap, Let go (Garden State Soundtrack) 4:13 Vampire Week end - Hot Chip cover (feat. Peter Gabriel), Cape Cod 4:14 Lafaye, School of seven bells (Ghostory) 4:15 Portishead, Seven months (Portishead) 4:16 Tom Waits, Innocent when you dream (Frank's wild years) 4:17 Queen, Fat bottomed girls (Best of) 4:18 Q Lazarus, Goodbye Horses (Silence of the lambs soudtrack) 4:19 Arcade Fire, Intervention (Neon Bible) 4:19 The National, Conversation 16 (High Violet)

4:20 Benjamin Biolay, Même si tu pars (A l'Origine) 4:21 Benjamin Biolay, Ton Héritage (La Superbe) 4:22 Joe Jackson, Stepping out (Night and Day) 4:23 Sexy Sushi, Je ne suis pas satisfaite du tout (Vous n'allez pas repartir les mains vides) 4:24 Stan Ridgway, The Big Heat (The Big Heat) 4:25 Jay-Jay Johanson, She's mine but I'm not hers ( Tattoo) 4:26 Novo, Je retiens ton souffle (Je retiens ton souffle) 4:27 Serge Gainsbourg / Michael Stipe cover, L'hôtel particulier (Mr Gainsbourg) 4:27 M83, Up! (Saturdays Youth) 4:28 Arcade Fire, Deep Blue (The Suburbs) 4:29 Minizza, Je suis mort (Music for girls) 4:30 The Motors, Airport (Greatest hits) 4:31 Lali Puna / Oakey-Moroder Cover, Together in electric dreams (Reproductions: Songs of The Human League) 4:32 Mecano, Un Año Mas (Descanso dominical) 4:33 David Bowie, We prick you (Outside) 4:34 Benjamin Biolay, La Garçonnière (Trash Yeye) 4:35 Sia, Breathe me (6 Feet under soundtrack) 4:35 Mos Def, Auditorium (The Ecstatic) 4:36 The Alan Parsons Project, Eye in the sky (Eye in the sky) 4:37 Blonde Redhead, Melody (Misery is a butterfly) 4:38 Pagoda, Death to birth (Last Days soundtrack) 4:39 Thomas Fersen, La Chandelle (Qu4tre) 4:40 Arcade Fire, Modern Man (The Suburbs) 4:41 Arlt, Je voudrais être mariée (La Langue) 4:42 Depeche Mode, Jezebel (Sounds of the universe) 4:43 Eurythmics, There must be an angel (Greatest hits) 4:44 Vanessa Paradis, La Chanson des vieux cons (Love Songs) 4:45 New Order, This Time of night (Low-life) 4:46 John Carpenter, Vortex (Lost themes) 4:47 Superflu, Le vide est de retour (La Chance) 4:48 Noir Désir, Le Vent nous portera ( Des Visages de figures) 4:49 Metric, Help I'm Alive / Acoustic 4:50 The Police, Message in a bottle (Regatta de blanc) 4:51 Get well soon, Angry young men (Vexations) 4:52 David Sylvian, Orpheus (Secrets of the beehive) 4:53 Haujobb, Depths (Solutions for a small planet) 4:54 Depeche Mode, In Sympathy (Sounds of the Universe)

4:55 The Alan Parsons Project, Old and wise (Eye in the sky) 4:56 U2, With or without you (The Joshua Tree) 4:57 Benjamin Biolay, 15 Septembre (La Superbe) 4:58 The Police, King of Pain (Synchronicity) 4:59 John Foxx, Crash Course (B-Movie)

5:00 OMR, So and so (Superheroes crash) 5:01 Bloc Party, Biko (Intimacy) 5:01 White Lies, Death (To lose my life 5:02 The Police, Walking on the moon (Regatta de blanc) 5:03 Gravenhurst, The Velvet Cell (Fires in distant buildings) 5:04 Kate Bush, Running up that hill (Hounds of Love) 5:05 Nitin Sawhney, Broken Skin (Beyond Skin) 5:06 Cascadeur, Into the wild (The Human Octopus) 5:07 David Bowie, Strangers when we meet (Outside) 5:08 Regina Spektor, Après moi (Begin to hope) 5:09 The Who, Baba O'Reilly (Who's next) 5:10 Surfjan Stevens, They are night zombies (Illinois) 5:11 Cristobal Tapia de Veer, Utopia theme (Utopia soundtrack) 5:12 The Psychedelic Furs, Heartbreak beat (Midnight to Midnight) 5:13 Vincent Delerm, Châtenay-Malabry (Vincent Delerm) 5:14 Get well soon, We are safe inside (Rest now, weary head) 5:15 Gotan Project, Queremos Paz (La Revancha del Tango) 5:16 Peter Gabriel, The Rhythm of the Heat (Peter Gabriel)

5:17 Dead Man's Bones, Buried in water (Dead Man's Bones) 5:18 Dorian, Solar (La ciudad subterranea) 5:19 Simon & Garfunkel, The Boxer (Central Park Live) 5:19 David Sylvian, The Boy with the gun (Secrets of the beehive) [...] 5:22 Jeff Buckley, Grace (Grace) 5:23 Anne Clarck, Our Darkness (New Wave Sound) 5:24 Perry Blake, Anouska (Perry Blake) 5:25 Peter Gabriel, Shock the monkey (Peter Gabriel) 5:26 Craig Armstrong, Laura's Theme (The Space between us) 5:27 David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bamboo Houses (Everything and nothing) 5:28 Dead can dance, The Carnival is over (Into the Labyrinth) 5:29 The Psychedelic Furs, Imitations of Christ (Psychedelic Furs) 5:30 Gravenhurst, The Diver (Flashlight Seasons) 5:31 Massive Attack, Teardrop (Mezzanine) 5:32 Belly, Low Red Moon (Star) 5:33 Kate Bush, How to be invisible (Aerial) [...] 5:35 Perry Blake, Widows by the radio (Perry Blake) 5:36 Wild Beasts, The fun powder plot (Two Dancers) 5:37 David Sylvian, Let the happiness in (Secrets of the beehive) 5:38 U2, Where the streets have no name (The Joshua Tree) 5:39 Art of Noise, Close to the edit (Best of) 5:40 Pink Floyd, Wish you were here (Wish you were here) 5:41 Sophie Hunger, Teenage spirit (Monday's Ghost) 5:42 Jeff Buckley, Mojo Pin (Grace) 5:43 Dead can dance, Tell me about the forest (Into the Labyrinth) 5:44 Fever Ray [Peter Gabriel cover], Mercy Street [...] 5:48 David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto, World Citizen (Babel soundtrack) [...] 5:54 The Cure, A Forest (Seventeen Seconds) 5:55 Death in Vegas, Aicha (The Contino sessions) 5:56 James Holden, Renata (The Inheritors) 5:57 Air, Suicide Underground (The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack) 5:58 Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (Night at the opera) [...]

6:03 Craig Armstrong, Weather Storm (The Space between us) 6:04 Light Asylum, Dark Alleys (In tension e.p.) 6:05 Blonde Redhead, In Particular (Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons) 6:05 Depeche Mode, Enjoy the silence (Violator) 6:17 The Cure, The Kiss (Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me) 6:18 Supertramp, Don't leave me now (Famous last words) 6:24 Imagination, Illusion 6:26 Miike Snow, Silvia (Miike Snow) 6:37 Iamamiwhoami, Y (kin) 6:38 Frank Zappa, Stinkfoot (Apostrophe') 6:45 ParadisFM, Garde Le Pour Toi 6:48 The Cult, Brother wolf, Sister moon (Love) 6:49 Joris Voorn - Incident (Miyagi) 6:53 Jeff Buckley, Halleluah (Grace) 6:55 Japan, Methods of dance (Gentlemen take polaroids) 6:59 Art of Noise, Moments in love (Best of)

7:06 Stan Ridgway, Camouflage (The Big Heat) 7:07 Encre, Une Nuit Ă ciel ouvert (Live) 7:12 Robbie Williams, Me and my monkey (Escapology) 7:13 The Doors, Riders on the Storm (LA Woman) 7:49 Lou Reed, The Kids (Berlin)

8:02 Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin IV) 8:27 Two Door Cinema Club / Whatever Remix, Undermartyn 8:33 The Who, Won't get fooled again (Who's next) 8:36 LCD Sound System, Dance yourself clean (This is happening) 8:40 Marillion, Script for a jester's tear (Script for a jester's tear) 8:57 Novo, D'abord la mer (Je retiens ton souffle)

9:06 LCD Sound System, You wanted a hit (This is happening) 9:16 Dead can dance, How fortunate the man with none (Into the Labyrinth)

10:52 Supertramp, Fool's Overture (Even in the quietest moments) 10:56 The Doors, When the music's over (Strange days)

11:41 The Doors, The End (The Doors) 11:49 Daniel Darc, Les Enfants (Chapelle Sixteen)

13:33 Pink Floyd, Shine on you crazy diamond part 1 (Shine on you crazy diamond)

14:28 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, O'Malley's Bar (Murder Ballads)

25:30 Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells part 1 (Tubular Bells)

Time is on my side  

I have classified all my favourite songs by duration. This project has to do with self-quantification, memory and ordering. At some point it...

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