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Sliding Through… Germany and Poland

Sliding Through… Germany and Poland The Icelandic BMW Motorcycle Club - 1st to 5th of November 2013

Sliding Through‌ Germany and Poland

Short but fun biking trip The 31st of October, 14 members, of the the BMW Motorcycle Club in Iceland, went to Germany and Poland for biking. One came from Sevilla, Spain. A German friend, who had helped us with the planning, joined us as well. On arrival, after checking in at a nearby hotel, the group went to the BMW dealer to make sure that the bikes were ready. Following that, the group went to the BMW motorcycle factory, which is located in the suburbs of Berlin. The day after, everyone was ready for the two days riding adventures. We biked in the country side, north and east of Berlin and explored part of Poland as well. Unfortunately, the trip was not without an accident. One member fell on his bike, due to an oil spill on the asphalt as we were making a turn. The biker felt pain and was taken to a hospital. After two days inspection, he was allowed to leave the hospital as nothing serious had been discovered. When arriving to Iceland, he went to the hospital - only to discover to his horror, that he had broken six ribs! Six of the guys went back to Iceland on Sunday, the 3rd of October, but the others went back on the 5th. We biked totally 390 km in two days but the route is shown on two maps, which are at the end of the book. If you are viewing the online version of this book, then you can click on little stars to watch short videos related to the event.

The BMW Motorcycle Factory in Berlin

J贸n Emil in front of the entrance of the factory. Above, the Communication Center, but there we went through the the history of BMW motorcycles.

The Group


On the 28th of September 1923 at the automobile expo in Berlin, BMW presented its first motorcycle, the R32, designed by Max Fritz and built in Munich.

Tempting to try the newest 1200 GS

Stefรกn and the 2013 model of the 1200 GS Adventure

J贸n Emil

No pictures allowed

We were not allowed to take any pictures of the production line, but the facilities were loaded with production robots and automatic test equipment for quality control.


The BMW dealer in Berlin, Rlle & Schnauck had prepared all the bikes. Gu冒mundur Trausta (left) and Hilmar J贸nsson.

Stefรกn concentrated

Stefรกn enters all his coordinates into the navigation system, before departure.

Guðmundur Reykjalín all set and ready to go

Ragnar and the bike

Ragnar on his 1200 R bike.

Frank Sensenschmidt - the R&S employee

Frank, who took care of the group, seems happy with the small present from the group, two miniature bottles, containing the “black death� - an Icelandic snaps.

The Planner - Axel

Axel was the main planner of the trip, but both Hilmar and Franz, his German friend, assisted him.

Smiling Faces

The group ready and excited to start the two days biking.

The lost one

Due to some misunderstanding, one member missed the autobahn exit. In few minutes, he was back and we continued.

The fallen leaves

The autumn had arrived and the leaves can be dangerously slippery when wet.

In Wirtshaus zum Wisent All bikers know how difficult it is to photo document biking tours. Pictures are usually only taken when the bikes are not moving. By installing a camera on my bike, I was able to take pictures, while biking. Some of them are in this book. Above - Ragnar deciding what to have for refreshment.

Hólmar and Guðmundur Reykjalín - waiting for the coffee

The Fall was approaching - colorful leaves

It was fun riding the route, that Franz had planned. Many beautiful spots and fascinating villages that we went through. Different from Iceland, but that is why we went on this tour!

Franz Ahlgrimm - our private planner

Franz came to Iceland in 2011 and got acquainted with Axel, one of our members. Since then they have been in contact.

Stopping for the train

Axel riding with his belongings in the back


Having launch at restaurant Wallenstein, which is located at the marketplace of Angermunde. Alcoholic free beer among Coca Cola glasses. On left, profile of Ragnar with some awkward shaped tree.

Guรฐmundur Trausta, Hermann and Logi.

Einar, Axel and J贸n Emil

Ragnar, H贸lmar and Hilmar

Guðmundur Reykjalín, Stefán and Franz

Cesar salat

The delicious Cesar salad and Stefรกn taking a bite in the back.

Franz and Kristjรกn

Is biking in the bones of males?

This little boy has his eyes fixed on the two bikes, while passing by with his mother and their dog. Even the dog seems dragged to the bikes.

Clean and charming village with beautiful buildings

Hermann and J贸n Emil after a good lunch

Stefรกn - thumb up!


When entering Poland a difference was noticeable. The evening sun gave an additional flavor.

Two Friends in a Volvo

Guรฐmundur Ragnarsson, the Presindent of the BMW Motorcycle Club in Iceland, decided to drive instead of bike, as he will undergo a minor knee operation in few days. His friend, Pรกll Kรกri - the secretary of the club joined him in the car.

The Cigarette Salesman

One of my favorites As a photographer, I am especially interested in taking portraits of local people in their normal surroundings.

Open market open 24 hours a day

The Polish outdoor market was open 24 hours a day. It was possible to have nearly anything there - from cigarettes to car spare parts.

Schweinshaxe and snaps

The famous German dish “Schweinshaxe” was well received by the tired bikers.

Hilmar in front of our hotel Fahrbuhne

Axel and GuĂ°mundur ReykjalĂ­n (on right) and Hilmar had to hire Triumphs, as there were not enough BMW bikes for the group.

The ship lift Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow The big structure on the right is a 100 year old ship lift with dozen of steel wires. A traditional channel lock is not used here. A new ship lift (wires) is been built behind the old one. Stefรกn to right.


A short brake was taken to refuel the bikes and the bikers at Eberswalde. Hilmar on left. H贸lmar, Hermann and Franz on right.

Logi in front of his 1200 bike

The channels above the ship lift


Germany is one of the biggest manufacture of windmills. These huge masts with rotating blades made an effect on the landscape. Einar on the right.

Deep fried

Someone was in the mood for a hot dog. We found a small restaurant and had hot dogs and french fries. Not healthy, but tasted quite well! Hermann looks a little suspicious.

In Buckow His Friends This couple just smiled politely, when I asked them for a permission to photograph them. It was obvious that they were friends of the restaurant’s owner / chef and waited patiently, while he was making the hot dogs for the bikers.

Oil spil on asphalt is hazard for bikers One fell and was taken to the nearest hospital. Seven official cars arrived in matter of minutes, police, doctor, fire brigate to clean the asphalt road and then the lorry to pick up the bike. Use of handbrakes, just before the turn, is probably the cause of the accident of six broken ribs. The accident happened close to the village Wesendahl.

Fire fighters - after thoroughly cleaning the asphalt road

“Ich bin ein Berliner”

Einar and Guðmundur at the Gate The Brandenbourg Gate is one of the most famous landmarks of Germany. Through the years it has hosted many historical events, like when J.F. Kennedy visited Berlin in 1963 and gave the famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. The speech boosted millions of West Berliners, who constantly feared an East German occupation. What this man on the bike has gone through in the past is something which would be interesting to hear about.

Quadriga (the 4 horses and a wagon) of Victory

The iron cross in the Quadriga monument, was removed by the Communist Government of East Germany, but restored in 1990 - after the quiet revolution.

KristjĂĄn - 24 years after the fall of the Wall

In 1989, I witnessed the fall of The Wall. Standing now at the Brandenburg Gate was very much different from ’89.

Checkpoint Charlie - the symbol of The Cold War

Pure Pleasure

How is it possible not to smile, after having a real “schweinshaxe”, a liter of beer and two smiling beautiful waitresses around you? - Páll Kári and Guðmundur R.

TV Tower

The TV tower (368 m) was built by the German Democratic Public in 1969. It was intended as a platform for TV broadcasting, but also as a symbol of technical advantage. The Tower is the main symbol of Berlin. Pรกll Kรกri in front of it.

The Wall

Moment of History Following this girl, who is walking alone along The Berlin Wall, you sense that she is wondering about this mega structure that surrounded and isolated millions of people for decades.

The Wall

She leaned against The Wall and spent moments trying to understand the meaning of such a brutal construction. Another girl, who was passing by on her bicycle, was probably more worried about the traffic and takes freedom for granted like we do.

The biking route

F - Coee brake at Wirtshaus zum Wisent, I - Lunch at restaurant Wallenstein, S - accommodation at hotel Fährbuhne.

G - Ship lift Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow, F - Petrol station Eberswalde, J - Lunch in Buckow, L - Accident close to Wesendahl, O - Brandenburger Gate.

Photos and layout - Kristján Gíslason

Sliding Through... Germany and Poland  

Members of The Icelandic BMW Motorcycle Club in Iceland, went to Germany and Poland to bike. An updated version of "BMW Club Iceland - Germa...

Sliding Through... Germany and Poland  

Members of The Icelandic BMW Motorcycle Club in Iceland, went to Germany and Poland to bike. An updated version of "BMW Club Iceland - Germa...