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The Exhibition

Todd Hosts Graphic Design



Getting this idea inspired me to study all the media that is used in the Art and Design institute and develop them to every different medium, like wood, metal, ceramics, jewellery, graphics, fine arts, etc...

Todd Hosts Graphic Design, Clay this Month by Murfreesboro Pulse Stuff. MTSU’s Todd Art Gallery begins October with the annual Graphic Design Juried Student Exhibit sponsored by the MTSU chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design, scheduled through October 2011. This idea will compliment with all the different colours of the material in several workshops. The division of the items and the colour sections are very well recognised and can be used easily to separate a student from another.

Forms of Inquiry




Forms of Inquiry, Architectural Association, London, UK October 8-31 2007, Traveling exhibition. Curator: Zak Kyes

Projects in the Beirut exhibition, called “Loop,� were placed on stands that lit up one by one in sequence around the room

Forms of Inquiry presents architecture as seen through the practice of graphic design. The exhibition features works that have originated as self-propelled inquiry, either professional or personal, and have been developed into a myriad of media and forms. The works exhibited share a common desire to reframe the circumstances surrounding graphic design practice at the start of the 21st Century.

Graphic design students showcase digital and print media works in July 6, 2009 in Beirut exhibition


London YCN ‘Show Off’



The Museum of Modern Art, New York AUTObodies: Speed, Sport, Transport Exhibition Working with curator Peter Reed (now senior deputy director for Curatorial Affairs at the Museum of Modern Art) and freelance designer Steven Mosier, created and designed the exhibition visual identity, display panels, environmental graphic design and marketing collateral materials to promote MoMA’s exhibit on the history of the automobile. Creative direction by Ed Pusz.

London YCN’s ‘Show Off’ exhibition at the Royal College of Art. Entry to the YCN Design & Communication Awards, along side an inspiring collection of design, illustration, and animation works from young emerging talent in the UK.

This has inspired me to write some information of the work on the wall and feature the most important things of the product.

The exhibition also featured specially commissioned works. An interactive installation, by Alex Bec, comprising 2,500 post-it notes for visitors to write something they wanted to show off about.

Humble Masterpieces Exhibition

07 The Museum of Modern Art, New York Humble Masterpieces Exhibition Collaborated with senior curator Paola Antonelli to develop the installation and panels graphic designs of the Humble Masterpieces exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. Creative direction by Ed Pusz. Design by Burns Magruder and James Kuo.

This exhibition features nearly 120 simple objects, from PostIt速 notes to paper clips, Band-Aids to Bic pens. We use items like these every day, but chances are we will not pay them much attention. While modest in size and price, these objects are indispensable masterpieces of design, deserving of our admiration.


08 hiCat 路 Territoris de recerca Graphic image, graphic design of the exhibition and publication Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA) in 2003. The exhibition venue was turned into an investigation field of the territory: graphs, statistics deliver the previous research and renowned architects produce the projects for this territory.

Yale Graphic Design - Catalogue

09 As both noun and verb, book and exhibition, CATALOG recasts the deconstructed components of finished design projects as new work. The result is an exhibition that is an exploded book, and a book that is a collapsed exhibition. CATALOG represents the work of Yale School of Art MFA candidates Lauren Adolfsen, Juan Astasio Soriano, Keri Bronk, Benjamin Critton, Lauren Francescone, Brendan Griffiths, Bona Han, Sara Hartman, Hank h. Huang, Zeynab Izadyar, Zakary Jensen, Zachary Klauck, Michael Mikulec, Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, Lindsay Nordell, Rim, Sally Thurer, and Brian Watterson

Sincerely Yours - London

10 Nine recent Graduates from an MA in Graphic Design at the London College of Communication have come together to produce the Sincerely Yours exhibition. Sincerely Yours showcases work from a diverse group of individuals who have taken a different approach to Graphic Design. Using investigative and research based methods they deal with a range of issues in the social, political, cultural and personal spheres.

Photographic Research

Some colours and style of the existing walls at MCAST Art & Design

3D Room

• • • • • •

middle and wall tables for exhibition purposes paint walls with text on it (different colours but same scheme) remove chairs video spooling of the course divide room in half with the wall remove manikins and other material

Media Room

• • • • • • • •

middle and wall tables for exhibition purposes rounded tables to be matched as one table paint walls with text on it (different colours but same scheme) remove chairs video spooling of the course make use of the shelf in the wall keep other furniture for exhibition purposes open window blinds and make some sort of projection with light

Fine Arts

• • • • • •

fine arts floor to be kept for fine arts people isles for art pieces projection on the floor / wall paint the wall of the stairs match the stairs colour with the main entrance paint the wall in a different colour and vinyl cut stickers on the entrance to showcase the fine arts


• • • • • •

projection of students roll up banners by the sides (900x30cm) include luminance sticker on the stairs hall to be switched off all the time videos spooling on the projection description to be put on the door of the hall before going in


• • • • •

a very good area to display in it a tent can be installed lighting reflections the walls can be used for posters by the side

Fine Arts

• • • •

canteen area can be used for the product students murals products tree displays

Projection mapping

• projection mapping with the whole building including the sides.

Projection mapping

Coca Cola 125th Anniversary For Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary Exhibition’s Future Room concept, Antilop transformed santralistanbul’s Galeri 1 into an immersive environment by creating 90 square meter of 270-degree projection system. Client:Coca Cola Agency: Boogy Location: santralistanbul Date: 07.12.2011

The 600 years Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astronomical tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague. Concept and animations by The Macula (Amar Mulabegovic, Dan Gregor) Coworking animators: Michal Kotek Lukรกs Dubeda

Hyundai Accent 3D Projection Mapping The 3D Projection Mapping installation was created to demonstrate Hyundai’s new positioning… New Thinking. New Possibilities… launching in conjunction with the new Hyundai Accent. Love the way the car has been integrated into the installation…

Toyota Auris - Get Your Energy Back A live event and film to showcase the technology within the new Toyota Auris Hybrid. 3D projectors made the car appear as if its bodywork was actually transforming and peeling back to reveal the energy inside.

Krista Aquilina Degree Graphics Module 9

Krista Module Research  
Krista Module Research  

Research, ideas and projection mapping