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4 • August 12 - August 18, 2012 • THE NEWS SUN • THE HERALD REPUBLICAN • THE STAR


8:00 p.m. (21.2) “Austin Powers in Goldmember” ++ (2002, Comedy) Beyoncé Knowles, Mike Myers. Dr. Evil and Goldmember plot to take over the world by kidnapping Austin Powers’ father. (2h) (25) (WCWW) “Fat Albert” ++ (2004, Comedy) Kyla Pratt, Kenan Thompson. Fat Albert and his friends come to life to help a lonely teen make some friends. (2h) (ENC) “30 Minutes or Less” ++ (2011, Action) Danny McBride, Jesse Eisenberg. A pizza boy stuck in an explosive vest is forced to rob a bank, while trying to disarm it. (1h30) (FAM) “Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince” +++ (2009, Adventure) Michael Gambon, Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter and Dumbledore embark on a dangerous set of tasks to defeat an evil enemy. (3h30) (HBO2) “What’s Your Number?” ++ (2011, Comedy) Chris Evans, Anna Faris. A woman questions whether one of the men from the past 20 she has dated was her true love. (2h) (TBS) “The Hangover” +++ (2009, Comedy) Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms. After a wild night in Las Vegas, three men retrace their steps to locate a missing groom. (2h15) (TMC) “The Beaver” ++++ (2011, Drama) Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson. A troubled executive uses a beaver hand puppet to deal with the people in his life. (1h35) 9:00 p.m. (HBOS) “Green Lantern” ++ (2011, Action) Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds. When a man finds a magic ring, he joins a group charged with creating interspatial peace. (2h) (SCIFI) “Starship Troopers” ++ (1997, Sci-Fi) Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards. A group of naïve high school students joins a mobile infantry to battle giant alien bugs. (3h) (STARZ) “Salt” +++ (2010, Action) Liev Schreiber, Angelina Jolie. A CIA agent, accused of being a Russian spy, goes on the run to protect her husband. (1h45) 9:30 p.m. (ENC) “Bulletproof” ++ (1996, Comedy) Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler. A criminal and a police officer are forced to go on the run together to escape assassins. (1h30) 10:00 p.m. (HBO2) “Going the Distance” ++ (2010, Comedy/Drama) Justin Long, Drew Barrymore. A couple maintains their relationship as they travel between San Francisco and New York. (1h45) 10:45 p.m. (STARZ) “View From the Top” +++ (2003, Comedy) Mike Myers, Gwyneth Paltrow. A small-town woman attempts to achieve her goal of becoming a flight attendant. (1h35) 11:00 p.m. (ENC) “Godzilla” +++ (1998, Sci-Fi) Hank Azaria, Matthew Broderick. Godzilla rises from the ocean’s depths and destroys everything in its path, including NYC. (2h20) (LIFE) “Bride Wars” ++ (2009, Comedy) Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson. After scheduling their weddings on the same day, two friends become bitter rivals. (2h) Midnight (E!) “Sex and the City” +++ (2008, Comedy) Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker.



8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 Show Dog The Alt Games Paid PGA Golf PGA Championship Final Round Site: The Ocean Program Championship Course -- Kiawah Island, S.C. (L) Meet the Press (6:00) Olympics London 2012 Summer Olympics Basketball (M) Gold Medal, Volleyball (M) Gold Medal, Water Polo (M) Gold Medal, Wrestling Freestyle Gold Medal, (16) WNDU Marathon (M) (L) Gymnastics Rhythmic Group Gold Medal Garden Blackhawk Bible Indiana Busch Home This Week Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Ball Boys Ball Boys (21) WPTA Business Chiro Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Travels Hour Conn. TomoPaid Heartbreakers A mother & daughter team up to con

Loser ('00, In Touch With Dr. Key of Paid Wild Ltd. HollyLive, Life On the Holly(21.2) CW Charles Stanley David Program Program and Win! Spot rrow wood wood rich men into marriage & rob them of their fortune. Rom) Jason Biggs. (6:00) Olympics London 2012 Summer Olympics Basketball (M) Gold Medal, Volleyball (M) Gold Medal, Water Polo (M) Gold Medal, Wrestling Freestyle Gold Medal, Meet the Press (33) WISE Gymnastics Rhythmic Group Gold Medal Marathon (M) (L) Worship Art & To Be Announced Cold Case Files To Be Announced Blackhawk Bible Fox News Sunday World's Funniest (33.2) MNT Shut-Ins Soul Hour Moments Thomas- Mister Naturally Indiana Indiana State Parks Mark Biz Kid$ Antique "Tucson Roadtrip Religion McLaugh Indiana America The mystery surrounding the 1421 (39) WFWA (Hour One)" Nation Friends Rogers Kistler News lin Group Review sailing exploits of the legendary Zheng He. Fetch! Franny's WordMartha Clifford- Thomas- Wild Bob the Peep/PBob the Peep/P- Dinosaur Saddle Raggs Sid Curious Arthur Zula (39.2) KIDS Club World Builder ocoyo Train "Water" Science Feet George Patrol Speaks Red Dog Friends Kratts Builder ocoyo Cookin- Weeknig Travel: Music Greener Katie Travel Anywher Smart Cooking Burt Ask-Old WoodBurt Joy of Cooking B. Wolf Travel: (39.3) CRE Wolf Painting "Alaska" ArtWolfe e, Alaska Travels Wolf gFriends ht Meals ArtWolfe Voyager House work World Brown Kids Ask-Old Woodw- Woodt- Woodsmi Aroun- WordGirl Wild Washingt Need to Religion To the This Old Ask-Old Washingt Need to Dinosaur Cyberc- Fetch! (39.4) YOU Kratts Train Contrary House House right's urning th Shop dHouse hase on Week Know News House on Week Know Eco Paid Xterra Sports MattPaid Catholic Wall St. This Old Paid Paid Raceline NFL Football Pre-season St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts (55) WFFT Program hews Program Mass Journal House Program Program Site: Lucas Oil Stadium -- Indianapolis, Ind. (L) Company Stars (15) WANE

First News Sunday CBS Sunday Morning

Face the Nation

5L^/VWL*OYPZ[PHU*LU[LY‹^^^5L^/VWLPU CBS Sunday Morning Face the Paid Job TV Paid Home The Alt Games PGA Golf PGA Championship Final Round Site: The Ocean (22) WSBT Danger HorseNation Program Program Show Course -- Kiawah Island, S.C. (L) Rangers land Heartland "Eye of Brothers and Heartburn A marriage turns sour after a Frankie & Johnny When a seductress brings luck to a

Dragonball Evolution (25) WCWW Winning On the pregnant wife uncovers infidelities. gambler at the gaming tables, his girlfriend sees red. ('09, Act) Justin Chatwin. Edge Spot the Wolf" Sisters Outdoor Paid CARS.TV Paid Paid Gershwin on Ice

Brideshead Revisited A story of forbidden love Paid (28) WSJV Northlan Indiana Fox News Sunday Paid Program Secrets Program Program and the loss of innocence set in England before WWII. Program Program d Adven. Business I'm Just Like You Moyers and History Detectives Off the Indiana Washingt Economi McLaugh To the (34) WNIT Cyberc- Biz Kid$ Outdoor Steves' Inside Indiana Elements Europe Business Record Review on Week cOutlook lin Group Contrary Company hase (46) WHME Paid Paid In Touch Ministries M.Jeske Hart Worship Paid Miracles Bible Israel T Paid Studio B Bible Ernest Angley Paid Manna Ball Boys This Week Paid Paid Paid Paid Judge Judge Judge NFL Football Pre-season St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts (57) WBND Good Morning America Sunday Program Program Program Program Judy Judy Brown Site: Lucas Oil Stadium -- Indianapolis, Ind. (L) In Touch With Dr. Word T. Worship Ministry Faith in Ever Increasing Jack Kingdom Love Classics: You Are Dorinda (63) WINM Cornerstone With Z. Levitt Jesus Pastor John Hagee Revealed Charles Stanley Combs Shut-Ins History Faith Worth Loved Hayford AMC Movie

Big Jake ('71, West) Richard Boone, John Wayne. Hell on Wh "Pilot" Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels The Glades Glades "Islandia" Longmire Longmire Longmire Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Longmire Criminal "Coda" A&E Paid Summer Olympics Boxing Gold Medal Finals (L) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid CNBC CNN Newsroom State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS Reliable Sources State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS Next List News Your Money CNN Newsroom CNN

Beerfest ('06, Com) M.C. Gainey. (:05) Let's Go to Prison Will Arnett. (:05)

Beverly Hills Cop (:25) Futura (:55) Futura (:25) Futura (:55)

Accepted Justin Long. COM Paid Paid Shark City Shark Bites Day of the Shark Summer Shark How Sharks Hunt Rogue Sharks Deadly Waters Jaws of the Pacific DISC M.Mouse Jake Phineas Phineas GoodLk Jessie Austin A.N.T. Wizards Wizards GoodLk GoodLk Austin Shake Up A.N.T. Gravity Phineas Phineas DISN The Soup

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry E! News Weekend Fashion Police The Soup The Kardashians

Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker. E! (7:50)

Godzilla Matthew Broderick. MovieTa (:40)

White Chicks Shawn Wayans. (:35)

30 Minutes or Less (:05)

The Flintstones (:45) Jumping the Broom ENC SportsCenter OLines Report SportsCenter Sprnt Cup (L) NASCAR Auto Racing Site: Watkins Glen International (L) SportsCenter ESPN NFL Live NASCAR Now (L) OLines Report Fantasy SuperBwl Baseball Tonight (L) Fantasy WTA Tennis Rogers Cup (L) Fitness Fitness Fitness ESPN2 (7:30)

Coraline Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire FAM (6:00) FOX & Friends Sunday News HQ Housecal America's News HQ America's News HQ Fox News Stossel America's News HQ FNC WPT Poker G3 Sport Scent. Big Bass Outdoors BoysHall Horse Sports Unlimited Billiards WPT Poker Gold Age BoysHall Cycling Tour of Utah FSMW Lucy Lucy G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls Beyond the Blackboard Emily Vancamp. The Music Teacher ('12, Dra) Annie Potts. Your Love Never Fails Elisa Donovan. HALL Hard Knocks

Good Burger Kel Mitchell. (:40) Puss in Boots (:15) Ramona and Beezus Joey King.

Welcome to Mooseport

Titanic HBO (7:50)

Hereafter Matt Damon.

What's Your Number? (:45) Vito (:20)

Men in Black Will Smith.

Recount ('08, Dra) Kevin Spacey. HBO2 Movie (:45)

Melinda and Melinda

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds.

My Cousin Vinny Joe Pesci. (:35) Live! Eva Mendes. (:15)

Evening HBOS I Want Income Income Kitchen Kitchen My Bath Crashers Crashers Love It or List It My Place MyPlace Property Property Property Property HouseH House HGTV Marvels Essentials GLakeWarriors Picked Off Picked Off Picked Off Picked Off Picked Off Cajun Cajun Cajun Cajun HIST Hr. Power Turn Point J.Osteen Paid Christine I Do (But I Don't) Denise Richards. Scents and Sensibility Nick Zano.

Sleepless in Seattle ('93, Rom) Tom Hanks. LIFE (7:00)

Cocoon Endure ('10, Thril) Devon Sawa. (:35)

The Haunting Liam Neeson.

Hard Rain (:05)

The Dilemma Vince Vaugn.

Happy Gilmore MAX Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf MTV Parents Parents Sponge Sponge T.U.F.F. Sponge Kung Fu Kung Fu Winx Winx Big Time Big Time iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly Sponge Sponge NICK Paid Paid Para. Witness

Journey to the Center of the Earth

100 Million BC Michael Gross.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale Movie SCIFI (7:15) The Great ... Franchis

The Game Michael Douglas. (:45) Open Pete Smalls Is Dead (:35)

Five Fingers (:05) All Good Things Movie SHOW CarCazy Truck U Perform. Speed NASCAR RaceDay "Watkins Glen" HardPart HardPart Dirt Racing Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Victory Tour Car SPEED Paid Program Xtr. 4x4 Horsep. Trucks! Muscle.. Flip Men Flip Men Flip Men Flip Men Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction SPIKE (7:30)

Salt (:15) Soul Surfer AnnaSophia Robb. (:05)

Midnight in Paris (:45)

View From the Top (:15)

Salt ('10, Act) Angelina Jolie. Mars Needs Moms STARZ Friends

Scary Movie 3 Anna Faris. (:15)

Men in Black II Will Smith.

The Fast and the Furious Vin Diesel. MLB Baseball Oakland Athletics vs. Chicago White Sox (L) TBS Paid Paid Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Houses Hoarding Hoarding Hoarding TLC (7:40) Xanadu (:15)

The School of Rock Jack Black. (:05)

The Beaver (:40)

The Skulls Joshua Jackson.

The Skulls II Robin Dunne. (:15) The Skulls III TMC Law & Order Leverage Falling Skies PGA Golf PGA Championship Site: The Ocean Course (L)

The Da Vinci Code ('06, Dra) Audrey Tautou, Tom Hanks. TNT 3's Co. SoulMan The Exes Retired

Little Darlings ('80, Com) Tatum O'Neal. Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith TVLND Paid Program Necessary Rough Royal Pains NCIS NCIS "Eye Spy" NCIS "See No Evil" NCIS NCIS NCIS USA VH1 Top 20 Videos VH1 Top 20 Videos Pop-Up Pop-Up Pop-Up Pop-Up Atlanta "Therapy" Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood Exes 90s "Hour 1" 90s "Hour 2" VH1 Key David Beyond Matlock

Fat Albert Kenan Thompson.

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (:10) MLB Baseball Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs (L) WGN

TV Weekly - Aug. 12, 2012  

TV listings for northeast Indiana.