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Sawadee (Hello)

Sabaide e Mai (How a re you? ) Bai !) o g s ' t (Le

Flat Stanley's Adventures in Thailand

Mai ) (No

Chai (Yes)


Fla Thai

g an

of K g a l F d


hail T f o g

Gin Khao (Let's Eat!)

ฟแลทสแทนลิย การผจญภัย ในไทย Kop K h (Than un k you)

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e l p o e P ahu L e h ge. T ors and a l l i ha v tral col ts k A d an e of neu en's ha n a d e M illag ses mad lorful. hats an v u o h s e a La and dre ht and c corativ and. s e e il illag g skirts ss is brig s and d rn Tha v e e b n ll illtri kets, lo nal dre ilver ba t north h o o u i s c w ed t aring ja a tradit n wear rougho t i s i h ley v for we The Akh d wome tains t n a t n n S . n u w kno atterns thers, a the mo e r a p ery with fea e live in w o fl ed l peopl n i l are . Triba Other hilltribes are the Shan, Karen, Lisu, Hmong, Yao, and Lawa. Each tribe has its s t l e b own unique culture, language, religion, and style of dress. Hilltribe people are known for being warm and hospitable, welcoming visitors into their homes. You will always get a home-cooked meal when you vsit a hilltribe family!

met ar (Burma) border and nm ya M e th ed sit vi y le Stan u see the and his mommy. Do yo by ba e es rm Bu t ee sw a en apply a substance om w e es rm Bu ? ce fa r markings on he tree bark on their faces nd ou gr m fro e ad m a called Thanak autiful. Thanaka has a be ok lo to so al d an en rder, as a suncre In the market on the bo d. oo w al nd sa e lik l el pleasant sm . Many also two female monks d an k on m ai Th a et m Stanley te and monks. They wear whi e m co be nd la ai Th in women the left? e the woman's teeth on se u yo Do s. ad he r ei th shave bstance y Thai women chew a su an M k! ac bl ry ve e ar They but Thai colors their teeth black, ch hi w t, nu l te be d lle ca beautiful! women think it is very

Transportation ents

hai Stud T h it w k c u r T Large

Song Ta


Stanley traveled around Thailand in many ways, including a large truck with Thai students, a red song taew (two row truck) driven by our friend P'Pong, a rikshaw, and a tuk tuk.


Tuk Tuk

Funn d on Stanley jumpe of a the windshield lice Chiang Mai po rcycle! officer's moto


And he read his first Thai newspaper!

He learne d how to " wai," the traditiona l greeting o Ronald Mc f Thais, from Donald.

eral Buddhist v e s d e it is v y Stanle located on s a w le p m te e temples. This k Rivers on th a u R d n a g n o the Mek . anmar borders y /M s o a L i/ a h T

Can you sp ot incense can Stanley in this photo ? He is nest ister in the led in the b o t t o m burn incen le f t h a n d corner. Bud se when th ey worship dhists at the temp les.

Buddhist statues are often gold and very large. Some are built on top of mountains and are actually as big as a mountain!

Funn nd a real fi 't n ld u o c e W tanley elephant for S rode this to ride, so he n art one outside a visited museum and lephant the Office of E Research.


At the local market we tried on funny hilltribe hats and pants!

At this temple (wat is the Thai word for temple), Stanley saw huge pictures of the King and Queen of Thailand. The King of Thailand is Bhumibol Adulyadej. Can you say that? He was born December 5, 1927 and is the world's longest reigning King of Thailand, having reigned since June 9, 1946. He is known as Rama IX. His wife's name is Queen Sirikit. Pictures of the King and Queen can be seen on almost every block throughout every city in Thailand because the King and Queen are very loved. They are loved so much it is a crime to speak badly about them or disrespect them in any way. A person can get arrested for stepping on a coin that has the king's picture on it!

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Stanley visited the northernmost point of Thailand at the Myanmar border. He also saw the "northernmost post." We thought it would be cool to mail Stanley back from there, but we were not quite ready to say goodbye yet! Stanley made many friends. These friends are from Uzbekistan, Kenya, America, Ireland, and Mongolia. He then saw the Golden Triangle. This is the geographical point where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet and the mighty Mekong and Ruak Rivers converge. We are standing in Thailand. Myanmar is to the left, and Laos is to the right.


Stanley got a bonus trip with us to Laos! Here he is going through immigration, buying a bus ticket, and crossing over the famous Friendship Bridge that links Thailand and Laos together over the Mekong River.

Back in Thailand, Stanley learned that everything is an adventure - including going to the bathroom! Stanley visited a "squatty potty" in a village. Most village toilets are constructed of concrete and bamboo. They have a toilet that is low to the ground and a tub filled with water. The water in the tub is used to take "bucket showers," wash hands, and flush the toilet. Stanley's new friend Niko from Chile taught Stanley the Thai alphabet. Stanley saw a mama piggie and her 13 babies while in the village.


One of the most popular attractions of Thailand is ... the food! Stanley ate plenty of Thai food and explored all the good foods readily available throughout the country. He helped make som tum (papaya salad), laap muu (minced pork wrapped in banana leaves), and gai tod (fried chicken) in huge buckets and kettles outside.

He climbed coconut trees and had a little help getting a coconut down.

Stanley climbed banana trees, peeled his own tamarind, and tasted super hot Thai chili peppers!

Stanley also ate square ice cream off the back of a motorbike, giggled at the hanging boiled chickens, and and learned to eat khaew taew (noodle soup) with chopsticks!

The worst thing Stanley ate, though, was durian. Many people say durian tastes like a cross between stinky feet and armpits with a little sugar sprinkled on top. Durian is so stinky it is banned from many stores and hotels. The village meal, however, eaten on top of a banana leaf table cover made up for the bad taste of the durian!

And Stanley's favorite adventure of all was swinging from the vines of a starfruit vineyard on a cool mountainside in northern Thailand. Goodbye from beautiful Thailand! We hope you enjoyed the visit!

Flat Stanley's Adventures in Thailand  
Flat Stanley's Adventures in Thailand  

Flat Stanley visits Thailand