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Summer 2010 The Machine Control Newsletter from KOREC

Down to Earth this issue: ■■ We round up the top Trimble launches at BAUMA ■■ Who’s using what - our customers talk ■■ The Trimble Connected Site™ - what’s it all about? ■■ Meet the Team

Welcome Welcome to the first issue of Down to Earth, the new Machine Control Newsletter from KOREC. Following the election, 2010 will understandably be another tough year for construction. However the take up of 2D and 3D grade control systems in the UK continues to buck the trend and for KOREC this remains one of our most buoyant markets. Whilst our long standing partnership with Trimble allows us to deliver a top class range of Machine Control and Construction Site Positioning Systems, we appreciate that this isn’t where the story ends. That’s why we have worked hard to earn our status as industry experts when it comes to developing innovative work practices to go with our innovative solutions. When you choose KOREC, you automatically gain access to our in-house technical support team, a team that is there to advise from start to finish; our customers tell us that this is key when it comes to projects with demanding specifications.

“...we have worked hard to earn our status as industry experts...”

I hope you enjoy the launch issue of Down to Earth, and don’t forget, if you’d like regular e-news updates, please visit and sign up for our Machine Control e-newsletter. nnn


Eight Launches from Trimble BAUMA 2010 has been and gone, but not without Trimble’s Heavy and Highway Division using the Munich based construction fair to make eight announcements of interest to the UK market! Coming thick and fast, the releases were so numerous, we’ve had to just give you a taster below. For full details please visit the news section at:

New TCA1 Field Controller and SCS700 Software Solution

Trimble Introduces Advanced Features for Tighter Control of Compaction Operations

This is the big one! Trimble has announced a new field controller and software solution specifically designed for site inspectors and project managers. Incorporating the new Trimble TCA1 Controller with SCS700 Site Controller Software, the Site Inspection System is perfect for daily measurement and positioning needs. The benefits...the more workers empowered with positioning and measuring tools, the more money and time saved due to increased Trimble TCA1 Field Controller efficiencies. nnn

Major enhancements to the Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System allow the operator to efficiently make more uniform passes with a soil compactor, report production data in the field, and minimize the risk of over or under compaction. With the new Trimble CCS900 system version 11.21, contractors can ensure a higher quality sub-surface while minimizing future rework and maintenance costs. nnn

Continued inside

Stop Press: Andrew Beckerson, Director of Sales, KOREC

KOREC steps up presence in Scotland with Machine Control Appointment - see back page


continued Trimble upgrade SPS 630, 730 and 930 Universal Total Stations

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software and Advanced Measurement Module

These Universal Total Stations, designed specifically for the high traffic scenarios typically found on a construction site, now include the long-range EDM performance of Trimble DR Plus technology, making them capable of direct reflex measurements at more than double the range of previous models. nnn

Trimble has introduced a new Advanced Measurement Module for its industry leading Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software. The new module extends Trimble’s construction field software so contractors can efficiently conduct measurement tasks throughout the lifecycle of a site-from site reconnaissance to progress measurements to as-builts. nnn

SCS900 - optimised to run on the Trimble Tablet field computer

SPS930 - double the range of previous models

New Portfolio of GNSS Receivers for Construction Site Positioning and Machine Control

Trimble Connected Site Solutions Extend the Range and Flexibility of GNSS Construction Sites

Trimble’s new GNSS receivers include the Trimble SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver and SPS882 GNSS Smart Receiver for site positioning and the Trimble MS992 GNSS Smart Antenna for machine control applications. The new construction receivers support a wide range of satellite signals, including GPS L2C and L5 and GLONASS L1/L2 signals. Also the Trimble SPS882, SPS852, and MS992 are capable of tracking the experimental Galileo GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellites for signal evaluation and test purposes.

Trimble’s new Connected Site solutions extend the range of base station correction sources and make it easier to use GNSS based positioning systems on the construction job site. Using the innovative Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) and the new Trimble SNM910 field cellular modem, a contractor can easily connect machines, vehicles and rovers to a base station, whether the base station is located in the office, on the local site, or on a site kilometres away. nnn

Featuring the new Trimble Maxwell™ 6 chip, the Trimble Construction GNSS portfolio sets a new industry standard with more memory, more GNSS channels and the ability to track and provide corrections for up to 44 satellites. nnn

SPS882 New GNSS Smart Receiver

Software update We’ve caught up with our Technical Support Team to find out where they think the software action will be over the coming months. ■■ Release of v11.20 for CB430s (GCS900). If you are under warranty, contact us for a free upgrade. Supports geoid files 2D and 3D easy switching support Point recording feature

SNM910 field cellular modem

Trimble Introduces New Modules for Trimble Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition Software The new Data Preparation Module for site and road modelling facilitates the creation of design models from imported digital data, CAD files, manually entered information or digitised plans. The new Takeoff Module addresses mass earthworks, topsoil handling, existing in-ground site improvement demolition, and proposed site improvement construction. nnn

Lowest point recording (minimum elevation mapping) - requires SiteVision Office ■■ TDL450 release - replacement for PDL450

... the final word on BAUMA “

BAUMA 2010 was a great success for Trimble, despite travel disruptions caused by the volcanic ash cloud which resulted in fewer international attendees than expected. Trimble announced many new systems, features and enhancements and secured record event and post-event sales and feedback from our OEM Partners as European markets continue to re-vitalise after the global crisis. nnn

■■ SCS900 v2.70 release. Again, if you are under warranty, contact us for a free upgrade or to find out how you can purchase an extended warranty.

Dennis Lewis, Trimble Director of Sales Heavy & Highway Europe, Africa, Middle East (EAME) Heavy & Highway Division

Advanced measurement mode New field coding library support (FXL) ■■ Trimble Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition Software new edition is due any day see our BAUMA releases for full details. The core edition will continue to be free, but modules will be charged for. More corridor features Data prep module

Trimble Business Center has two new modules

Takeoff module Improvements to core product Improvements to surface tools module

Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System Automates Adjustment of the Paver Screed Available now - a new version of Trimble’s 3D PCS900 Paving Control System with automated screed adjustment. Unlike other 3D paving control systems, the system now monitors the height of the trailing edge of the screed and automatically corrects for errors to achieve higher accuracy and smoothness of the asphalt mat. This innovative Trimble functionality sets a new industry standard for paving control. nnn

The Machine Control Newsletter from KOREC

Customer stories Lancaster Earthmoving - Site Supervisor System Bulk earthmoving specialists, Lancaster Earthmoving Ltd, began work on the Abberton Reservoir enhancement in April of this year and have recently supplemented their extensive range of Trimble Machine Control Systems and GPS receivers with the addition of two Site Supervisor Systems. Work to be undertaken includes enlarging the capacity of the existing Abberton Reservoir (located to the south of Colchester in Essex), which will secure additional water resources and improve the Reservoir’s value for biodiversity. The new Trimble Site Supervisor Systems combine a vehicle mounted GPS receiver with a Tablet PC and Trimble’s SCS900 Site Controller software, the same software used throughout the project for site measurement, grade checking and setting-out when combined with Trimble’s Site Positioning Systems. Lancaster’s Managing Director and Owner, Ian Blything, explains why the new Site Supervisor Systems are a welcome step forward. “We’ve been using KOREC supplied Trimble machine control since 2005 because the systems are ultra rugged

and KOREC’s technical support is fast and reliable and product advice second to none. The Abberton Reservoir job is no exception and we’ve added to our existing plant with new GCS900 dozer systems and a new Trimble 851 Base Station. Our drivers love the freedom that using machine control brings and find Trimble’s cab control box particularly intuitive. However, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our efficiency on site and that means making new technology really work for us. Trimble’s Site Supervisor Systems are easy to use and provide our foremen with real-time checks on site as to where our machine drivers are and what progress has been made,

Trimble’s Site Supervisor System

all without stopping them from working. At all times our foremen have a digital plan of the site on screen and can see exactly where they are in relation to the work especially important on a site with no pegs like this. It’s still early days, but we plan to use the systems for rapid measurement - our guys will be able to carry out fast, accurate surveys simply by driving and importantly won’t need extensive surveying knowledge to do it - and to measure volumes, query data in the model, elevations, cuts / fills and much more. This data can then by analysed back at the office on modelling software.” nnn

BPG Sportsground Contractors - GCS400 BPG Sportsground Contractors Ltd, specialists in the construction and drainage of sports fields, have been putting a new AJK Plant supplied Trimble GCS400 Grade Control System through its paces in Manchester. The GCS400 is a dual-control system that controls both the lift and tilt of the machine blade and has been designed to improve operator speed and accuracy. A laser based system, it uses either two Trimble 410 laser receivers or one LR410 and an AS400 slope sensor.

Trimble’s GCS400 system on a Trimble ready Caterpillar D6N dozer

Hired on a Trimble ready Caterpillar D6N dozer, BPG elected to use the system on a project at Ashton College to construct a sports pitch. BPG Director Bryn Winston explains

the requirements of the project that let to his decision to use the GCS400 system. “The top strip topsoil contained a high content of glass which meant that it had to be screened. We needed to spread this screened topsoil to a depth of 75mm over a whole area of approximately 6000m2 which meant that the sub-base tolerance had to be accurate. Finally, imported top soil needed to be spread as a capping to the screened topsoil to a depth of

100mm. The D6N with the Trimble GCS400 system was ideal for delivering these fine grading tolerances.” On completion of this job, the machine will go on to two further jobs in the area, one to laser grade a sports pitch and 3G football pitch, the second job, a more extensive project including tennis courts, access road construction, retaining walls and a small club house. nnn

LR 50 Case Study - Duncan McNab Established for over 25 years, Scottish sports ground construction and maintenance specialists McNab Sport are the latest KOREC customers to make the move to a Spectra Precision LR50 Receiver and CB25 Control Box system. Sport surfaces need to be level, free draining and able to withstand regular use and these crucial requirements demand that excavations, sub-base and drainage must be installed correctly and to precise levels. The +/-5mm tolerance that the LR50 offers will enable McNab Sport to achieve the smoothest possible job, free from undulations or depressions where water can gather. Joint owner and sports turf consultant Duncan McNab explains the reasons behind the purchase of the new system. “We are currently constructing

a football pitch in the North of England for a Local Authority and are using a Shelton Trencher for the drainage. To get the best out of this machine and achieve the tolerances required, we needed to switch from the traditional manual survey method of using a dumpy level to a new way of working - the LR50. This system was recommended to us as the best available by Blec, manufacturers and suppliers of specialised landscaping and turf care equipment. It’s still early days and we’re learning as we go along, but the LR50 will undoubtedly

In the Press A story that has really captured the press’s imagination is the first sale in Europe of Trimble’s PCS900 Paving Control System. KOREC is delighted to announce that Maltby based Bardon Composite Pavements (BCP) invested in the PCS900 system for use on the €100m N18 Gort to Crusheen Dual Carriageway scheme in Ireland. Down to Earth | Summer 2010

make a big difference to the way we work - it’s easy to use, delivers the accuracies we demand and it has a dual purpose, we can use it with both our Shelton Trencher and our Harley Stone Rake. We’ve been able to move away from a time consuming two man operation using a level and staff to a system that requires just one man, positioned in the cab, and by using the CB25 Control Box, we have the option to automatically control grade elevation ensuring a first class job every time.” nnn

The PCS900 Paving Control System is a 3D automatic screed control system that can significantly improve paving productivity and the rideability of road (and airport) surfaces by directly referencing off the road design. The result is a very smooth final paved surface, higher productivity and less material usage. BCP reported that although Trimble specifies system

accuracies of ±5mm up to a screed width of 6m, accuracies of ±5mm were achieved in the field with a screed width of 10.9m wide. Whilst one of the key parameters on this project was to achieve a high quality surfacing product demonstrated by ride quality, BCP also report many other benefits including significant cost and time efficiencies.

Eye for quality. LR50 users, McNab Sport, are Holders of a Royal Warrant in recognition of their work on Balmoral’s private golf course

Highways Magazine has already covered the system on this project, an NCE feature is due shortly and Trimble has commissioned a writer to cover the story for worldwide publication. nnn

KOREC has sold the first PCS900 system in Europe to BCP

The Trimble Connected Site™ - What, Why, How? At KOREC’s first ever Construction Live event in Summer 2008, we asked the question, “What does the future hold for Construction?” The answer that came back loud and clear from Trimble is “The Connected Site” which is Trimble’s vision of how the future construction environment will operate.

The Trimble Connected Site™

Two years later the Trimble message is the same.... “Progressive customers understand the need to adopt a new and more productive way of working and are making the investment in computer power and communications.” For the contractor, the benefits are clear. They have the tools to increase productivity, save time, reduce costs, achieve higher accuracy and importantly deliver the same benefits to the job’s owner in the form of accurate, timely information, managed costs and reduced risks. Trimble also stress that the key to the Connected Site is scalability and multiple points of entry, including:

Connecting Site Positioning Systems Eliminate trips back to the office with secure data flow between the office and GPS or total station positioning systems. Field teams have the latest design and work order data, reducing downtime and errors.

Connecting Grade Control Systems Trimble has new and faster excavator sensors and new configurations for all machines - you can now create an intelligent “live” link between the machines and the office. Equipment managers can monitor in real time the location and activity of each machine and retrieve as graded and

Meet the Team

compaction data from the machines to monitor site production volumes and compaction performance.

Connecting Equipment and Mobile Assets Monitor and report cycle times, delivery status, equipment productivity and utilisation, machine run time and idle-time hours, and fuel consumption to maximize your equipment fleet and improve your operations by lowering costs, improving project cost reporting and reducing project risk.

Trimble Connected Community Connect project operations, head office activities, engineers and more into a secure communication portal. Critical data is stored on a secure server with full disaster recovery, data and communications security along with version control and access management capabilities. Key players can easily share and disseminate the latest information in a collaborative environment. In addition, a contractor can extend their user community to include engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and the owners of their projects to promote efficiencies, and reduce delays associated with communicating and sharing information with multiple stakeholders on the construction site. nnn Find out more at connectedSiteStrategy.pdf

Next issue: Meet the Technical Support Team

If you’re interested in any of KOREC’s Machine Control or SPS Positioning Solutions, then your first port of call is going to be your local KOREC Machine Control Consultant. Our Sales Team also includes the expertise of Trimble’s Dwayne Rosie who is on hand to back up the KOREC offering. Q. The one to watch - what should our customers be thinking about for the future? PB: Compaction - the benefits that Trimble’s CCS900 system brings speak for themselves increased safety on site, accurate records of compaction and pass

counts taken from the machine. Basically this is the evidence a contractor needs to demonstrate that the specification has been met.

Pete Brooks, Machine Control Sales Manager - UK East, KOREC

Andy McCann, Machine Control Consultant - UK West, KOREC

AMc: Two way data transfer - models to the machine,

productivity data back from the machine, all without stepping out of the office need I say more! BC: How they can take their machine control to the next level by upgrading their systems and optimising their productivity thus saving them money.

Brian Core, Machine Control Consultant - UK Scotland and North, KOREC

DR: How machine control can benefit them and what specific features will make their work easier and more profitable. Then what features they would like to be added to make the solution better still and aid their business further. nnn

KOREC steps up presence in Scotland with Machine Control Appointment KOREC is delighted to announce that Brian Core has been appointed to the newly created role of Machine Control Sales Consultant for Scotland and the North of England area. Brian will be responsible for the sales and hire of the full KOREC portfolio of Trimble 3D Machine Control and 2D Grade Control Systems and also Trimble’s Construction Site Positioning Systems which include rugged GPS and high performance Robotic Total Stations. Based in Glasgow, Brian has extensive hands on experience and has spent the last four years working as a site engineer in Scotland. Exciting Rail and Road projects in Scotland like the Bathgate and Airdrie line (see front page image) make Brian’s appointment particularly timely and having someone of Brian’s experience in the thick of these major projects means that we can offer our Scottish customers the very best in innovative solutions and working practices. nnn Brian Core joins the KOREC Team

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Events Save the Date - Dimensions 2010 It’s here again! Trimble’s Las Vegas based International User Conference will be held on 8-10th November. This years theme - Converge, Connect, Collaborateprovides insight into how the convergence of technology can redefine the way surveying, engineering, construction, mapping, GIS, geospatial, infrastructure, utilities, and mobile resource management professionals connect and collaborate to achieve success. Everything you need to know about this event can be found at

Dwayne Rosie, UK & Ireland Sales Manager - Trimble Construction Division

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Down to Earth Summer 2010 Machine Control Newsletter  

Lancaster eartmoving, BPG sportsgroud and Duncan Mcnab customer case studies aswell as trimble products

Down to Earth Summer 2010 Machine Control Newsletter  

Lancaster eartmoving, BPG sportsgroud and Duncan Mcnab customer case studies aswell as trimble products