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In the globalised world we live in, enabling the maximum reach of the Gospel has become the number one priority of our mission agendas. That has been the case of the Korean Bible Society, and I believe it is the same for all of you as well. So every year, we put all our efforts to improving our services so that your Scripture publishing experience may become more enjoyable and meaningful, and your Scriptures more attractive and engaging to your audiences. This year s Publishing Services and Design Catalogue captures the expanded scope of services provided by our Publishing Services Team to incorporate needs arising in the entire Scripture publishing flow. Composed of staff members from our production, publishing, shipping, and warehousing departments as well as our typesetters and designers, our Publishing Services Team work to make Bible reading more engaging and meaningful. And so, I invite you to start reading this catalogue and explore the variety of services available for your Scripture publications. From content development, typesetting and cover designs to Scripture production and supply, we aim to be your partner in extending the Gospel reach by providing the best of our services to you. May God s blessings abound upon you and this wonderful opportunity before us to deliver God’s Word into the hands of millions and thousands around the world!


Our 2011 Feature Designs We believe that every design element and feature of a published Bible should be intentionally designed and carefully crafted to facilitate a meaningful encounter with the Bible message. On the pages to follow are the fruits of our creative team s endeavour, aimed to meet the diverse needs of audiences worldwide with fresh new designs and latest technology as we continue to serve as the global Scripture production center for Christian communities around the world.

Our Designs on Polyurethane(PU)

Moonlight 5

Our Designs on PU

FLOWERS AND VINES Drawing the inspiration from flowers and vines, the special embossing technique used to create the Royal series give it a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Royal 6

Our Designs on PU


CLASSIC AND TRADITIONAL The tone-down color materials matched with frames create a sense of elegance, reflecting the beauty of God s Word that remains true forever more.


Our Designs on PU Design elements are kept to the minimum to maximize the feel of the cover material texture.

Sunshine 8

Our Designs on PU



Our Designs on PU


CHARMING AND GRACEFUL Blossoming flowers captured on PU materials with subtly metallic shine (Queen series) and feminine colors (Paradise series) allow readers to experience a renewed interpretation of the traditional Bible look.


Our Designs on PU



is one of the most exciting and attractive materials for Bible publishers. Not only does it come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, its thermo-sensitivity enables design elements to be expressed to their finest detail with color changing effects. Such expressive characteristics of the PU material are instrumental in presenting Scriptures in formats and styles appealing to different Bible readers with varying needs. 11

Our Designs on PU Frames, gothic and floral patterns, and crosses help create an elegant look for those looking for Bibles with a classic, traditional appeal.

Mimosa 12

Our Designs on V inyl The time has come to change the perception that vinyl cover editions are available only in black, dark blue and dark burgundy. Meet the whole new range of designs available in the color of your choice, from vivid, vibrant colors to ones with metallic, patterned finish.


Our Designs on V inyl King



Vinyl has long been a material of choice for Bible publishers because of its flexibility, durability, and economic prices. In addition to these merits, recent developments in vinyl manufacturing now give it a polished and refined appeal that exceeds the general perception about vinyl. These merits combined with creative designs make available vinyl cover Bible editions with attractive covers at economical prices.

15 15

Silver grass


Our Designs on V inyl Lobelia

THE COLOR SPEAKS! MakeGod s Word available with a new, and contemporary facade.







Our Designs on V inyl

ECO-FRIENDLY DIGITAL PRINTED COVERS Printing of covers is extended beyond paper. The latest environmentally-friendly technology supports the printing of even photographic images on PVC, PU, and thus broadens the choice of materials for publishers while offering lifelong durability.

POPULAR DESIGNS This section highlights the cover designs that have been selected and put into use for actual Bible publications. With the assistance of our experienced designers and production staffs, each design has been carefully adjusted and made fit for different types of cover materials, size and formats, and audience groups.

Our Designs on PU Grain

Aurora 21






Our Designs on PU


Our Designs on Vinyl






Our Designs on V inyl Gloria

Echo Marigold 24

PUBLISHING SERVICES OF THE KOREAN BIBLE SOCIETY: Its Birth and Concept KBS Publishing Services sounds new, but it is simply another way of expressing our commitment to serve our friends and colleagues the best we can to support their mission. Our increasingly globalised yet diversified societies make it even more challenging to meet needs of Bible readers, and demands for streamlined services linking pre-publishing, production, and supply, and better customer support have never been greater. In recognition of such requirements, KBS Publishing Services seeks to address them through its four main services: Creative Services, Production Services, Supply Services and Customer Support Services.

Creative Services People’s needs and requirements for Scriptures are changing and becoming more diverse, and the role of pre-publishing in the entire Scripture publishing cycle has become more important than ever. It is therefore the goal of our Creative Services to assist our mission partners create Scriptures that are more attractive and affordable for the audiences they are serving.


By studying the changing needs and wants of Bible readers, we hope to develop new typesetting and resources that will help readers understand God’s Word easily, and to design covers and layouts that will appeal to them. At the same time, we will make every effort to ensure that these new features are offered to readers at the most economical costs. Through such endeavor, we hope God’s Word may be placed onto the hands of greater number of people, and that they may engage with God’s Word in their daily lives.


Production Services GOOD QUALITY at AFFORDABLE PRICES has always been the goal of our Scripture production services. To ensure smooth and efficient Scripture production, we have established our own bindery, Bible Korea in 2001. Since then, it has served as the backbone of our Scripture production to make available God s Word to small and big communities all over the world. Bible Korea is equipped with facilities and skilled workforce, and has the capacity of producing 30,000 Bibles daily, and up to 9 million Bibles annually. And the 140 production line and management staffs team up to keep production efficient and quality control seamless. Bible Korea has successfully relocated to Paju, a city strategically developed as the book publishing and printing industrial center of Korea in September 2009. Its relocation is expected to streamline our production services and to generate synergistic effects through improved networking with the book publishing, printing, and binding companies.


BIBLE BINDING BEGINS by trimming printed sheets according to their sizes. When cut to desired sizes, they are then folded to form what we call a signature.


MACHINES KEEP RUNNING The folded signatures are gathered by their page order, sewn together, and are formed as book blocks. At the same time, a separate process takes place to make Bible covers - cover materials are cut to sizes, and the word, Bible in various languages is embossed onto the cover.


Then comes the process called casing where the book block and the cover are bound together to become a complete Bible. These Bibles go through the quality inspection upon completion, and are either shrink-wrapped or packed into special cases or plastic bags to get ready for shipment to different parts of the world.


Supply Services As a Bible Society, we are fully aware of the impact our Scripture supply has on the ministry and reputation of our sister Bible Societies. So despite the challenges, we are doing our best to provide prompt and efficient shipping services so that Scriptures are supplied on-time no matter how remote the destination or how complicated the delivery process. Our three warehouses offer opportunities to reduce cost by producing Scriptures in advance and storing them for dispatch-on-demand. In case of unanticipated requests to hold shipment, Scriptures can be safely kept in our warehouse at their best condition. Now that Bible Korea has relocated to Paju, we plan to move our warehouse to the same premises soon. The proposed move is expected to serve as the grounds for enhancing the supply services of KBS through its increased warehousing capacity and cost reduction through maximum automation.


KBS Distribution Center Our Vehicle for ON-TIME, COST-EFFECTIVE Scripture Supply 34

Serving our mission partners and meeting their needs have been our top priority ever since KBS started producing Scriptures for Christian communities around the world. The trust in our services and cooperation with our mission partners have offered KBS the privilege of participating in meeting Scripture needs of Christian communities using 176 languages in 113 countries in 2010. Our commitment to serve with the very best of our services, resources, and expertise will carry on into the future as the fundamental base of our Publishing Services so that peoples of the world may gain access to and engage their lives with the Word of God.

Korean Bible Society Publishing Services Catalog  

2011 edition

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