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VALUABLE KOLI Now and in the Future

The value instructions of Koli 2014



We set the bar even higher! ENTREPRENEURS Take your own values as a visible part of your operations. Tell about them in your homepage or present them otherwise to your clients. Reflect you activities, products and services on your values. Use them as a guideline and a source of inspiration! Challenge yourself to strive for even higher quality. Help and encourage your partners and other operators to invest in quality. Examine regularly what is the key strategy of your company and be prepared to renew yourself. Identify your weak links and false assumptions. Are people coming to Koli because of the landscape or your company and your services? Study your target groups even better then before and identify new possibilities.

RESIDENTS Experience Koli comprehensively and diversely the experience is not only for the tourist! Remember that you are in all your actions a visible part of the most famous Finnish national landscape! Tell about the strengths of the region, share information. Invite people to explore and wake their interest! Tell your story. Invite people for a visit. Ask them for a cup of coffee.

Valuable Koli. Now and in the Future.

AUTHORITIES AND DECISION-MAKERS Learn each month at least one new fact about Koli; about its history and present day. Take part in local activities, happenings and events. Building method instruction is an important entity. It can be used to control the quality of construction, and to ensure that the new buildings are worth to the landscape and environment! Take the responsibility for the quality of construction and create clear rules of the game. Ensure the quality level of the services and infrastructure during growth. Make sure that it serves also the inhabitants and local operators and not only the tourists.

TOURISTS AND OTHER GUESTS Appreciate and respect the nature of Koli as well as local culture and customs. Find out facts in advance, get to know them on the spot. Use the services of the village. Buy local products. Pay attention to the origin of the products. Experience the best-known Finnish national landscape responsibly. When visiting Koli you are also part of the landscape. Don’t leave trash after you.

We respect the entity. Koli is more than the sum of its components.

We are a part of Koli’s story. We are proud of the national landscape and we show it! Valuable Koli. Now and in the Future.




Develop you operations to function in a more yearround schedule. Courses, training and remote work possibilities are good examples of functions that are not connected with the number of visitors, weather or season! Take responsibility for your own actions. Identify your values and follow them in your decisions and choices.

Take responsibility for yourself and for the vitality and development of the villages. Enjoy life. Take part in decision-making and association activities. Take initiatives, share ideas. Tell about your values and about these instructions at your work. Build for people and for the landscape. Use clean and environmentally responsible building materials. Think about what you would like Koli and the community to be known for. How could you be part of that? Do you have a skill that you would like to teach others? Think how you could show your skills and share your know-how. Share your ideas and propose cooperation, for example, with entrepreneurs.

We support the local economy of the villages by our own activities. We build our own wellbeing. Valuable Koli. Now and in the Future.

AUTHORITIES AND DECISION-MAKERS Make only such decisions that you can stand behind. Koli’s effects extend far beyond. Invite the representatives of nearby municipalities for discussions before making a decision. Consider what factors are part of pioneering. What does it require: what kind of know-how, what kind of decisions? Make a list. Advance modern energy solutions. Could the goal be a self-reliant Koli regarding to, for example, energy solutions and know-how? Ask often enough yourself and others: what is best for Koli and the future generations? If your expertise is not sufficient, ask from others. Learn for yourself at the same!

Let us become forerunners. Let’s make Koli known for its know-how!

We think actively what the village and community need in order to live well.

TOURISTS AND OTHER GUESTS Stay, enjoy, spend time. Experience versatile Koli. Be curious. Give Koli a possibility to teach you something new about the past as well as about the future. Let the place tell its own story. Tell the local people and entrepreneurs what you would like to learn or teach in Koli!

Valuable Koli. Now and in the Future.



ENTREPRENEURS Think what kind of additional value, economical or other, your activities bring to the local people. How your own actions increase the wellbeing and vitality of the village and the community? How can you improve this?

The village needs new blood - invite newcomers with open heart and mind. Guide the lost tourist, it serves the whole village. Greet everybody. Take care also of your neighbour!

Stand out. Find ways to differentiate yourself from others. In the future people will have more and more time, money and desire to invest in exclusive holidays and environmentally responsible choices and services. Be smart in commercializing and marketing your product or service. Make yourself known also to others than only to your clients.

Step into the forest. Ease up. Listen. Valuable Koli. Now and in the Future.

AUTHORITIES AND DECISION-MAKERS Get to know Koli and the residents. Grow trust and mutual understanding. Appreciate and respect local community. Make land use planning together with local community and interest organisations. Try new methods for cooperation and increasing of trust. Don’t let complaints to be the only way to effect!

We create the Koli etiquette: we greet and help everybody!

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If necessary step into others’ shoes. Follow the effects of the decisions made. Prepare alternative plans before making a decision. Study the effects carefully beforehand.

TOURISTS AND OTHER GUESTS Step into the national landscape, surrender to defragmentation, let the silence and landscape talk to you. Move by muscle power. Give feedback. Tell how Koli and the local community have managed to thrill you. Tell what you were missing. Meet local people in Koli’s cafes, tracks and streets.

We build a common future: by listening, understanding and respecting others. Valuable Koli. Now and in the Future.

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