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DESIGN THE LIFE YOU LOVE. Design has always embraced a certain level of self-expression. But unlike the days when tastemakers expressed themselves and the world adjusted, today personal style is truly at the heart of design. The objects you surround yourself with, the ideas you’re passionate about, and how you want to feel in your home—these are the important details in design. Quite simply, you and your personality are the key ingredients. At Kohler, we make it our business to help you create bathroom spaces that work for you. Whether it’s a showstopping ensuite to welcome guests or a master bathroom designed to elevate your daily routines, Kohler has a ready solution. We’re here to help you design a home that is an expression of you and the life you love. Turn the page to get started.

SLANT OF LIGHT 04 Muted colours and natural diffused light illuminate a tranquil atmosphere with subdued tones and a bath and toilet that double as sculptural works of art.

ORGANIC HOME 06 Purity of form and unadorned elegance offer a universal timelessness. Modern Life, as a result, is at home in environments that range from traditional to contemporary.

DESERT DAMASK 08 Offering downtime from daily life, this master bathroom is a welcoming oasis day or night. Wall hung vanities and a freestanding bath give it an open, airy feel.

VISUAL CULTURE 10 In today’s cluttered world, it’s nice to get back to basics and retain a sense of connection with natural elements and materials.

EMPIRE ELEGANCE 12 Even in the largest bathroom, it’s easy to lose space if you don’t plan your transformation. Release your bathrooms inner potential, rediscovering and repurposing throughout.

REBALANCE & SIMPLIFY 14 As with anything homely, it’s often the unrefined, the quaintly imperfect, that adds the character and contemporary warmth you’re looking for.

ESSENTIALS RESCRIPTED 16 Sleek, rectangular lines and soft curves are ideal for space restricted bathrooms, without compromising style. // 3

SLANT OF LIGHT A new slant on modern style, this bathroom infuses minimalist architecture, clean lines and up-to-theminute amenities—as high-tech as it is high design.

1. Composed® 2-handle 3-hole basin mixer with lever handles (73060W-4-CP) 2. Kathryn ® 606mm under-mount basin (2297-G-0) 3. Veil® Intelligent WC (5402W-0) 4. Abrazo® lithocast freestanding bath (1800K-00) 5. Composed ® floor-mount bath filler with handshower (C73087D-CP) 6. Torsion 1200mm hinged door with geometric handle (1.1853.146) 7. Rectangular 1200x900mm tray (400923) 8. Contemporary round rainhead 12” diameter with ceiling arm (13690W‑CP/E10043-CP) 9. Square 54-nozzle bodyspray (8002W-CP) 10. DTV Prompt® digital shower interface, black (527D-7) 11. Stillness ® toilet roll holder, horizontal (14393-CP) 12. Cross Range WC brush set (10703D-CP) 13. Avid™/ Composed® towel ring (97498T-CP) // 5

ORGANIC HOME In a time-crunched, complex world the quiet grace of exceptional design offers an inviting respite, a soothing retreat.

1. Aleo single-lever monobloc basin mixer with pop-up waste (72275D-CP) 2. ModernLife™ 500mm vessel basin (VM112K-Z-00) 3. Contemporary bottle trap (19694W-CP) 4. Mirror 400mm, without lighting (EB1044-NF) 5. ModernLife™ concealed close coupled rimless WC pan, cistern & slim, slow close, quick release seat (UJO120-00/TN212KE-00/76417K-0) 6. Cross Range soap dispenser (10712D-CP) 7. Purist® 500mm towel rail (14435-CP) 8. Purist® toilet roll holder, horizontal (14377-CP) 9. Cross Range WC brush set (10703D-CP) // 7

DESERT DAMASK Stripes are taking the world by storm— the bigger and bolder, the better.

1. Purist® 2-handle 3 hole basin mixer low goose neck spout with cross handles (14406W-3-CP) 2. Sartorial™ rectangular wading pool vessel basin with herringbone finish (75749-HD1-0) 3. Rêve ® concealed comfort height close coupled WC pan with cistern & slow close seat (5033K-00/5034K-00) 4. Rêve ® 1700mm freestanding bath (C16497-00) 5. Composed® 1200mm sliding door (1.1922.016) 6. Rectangular 1200x900mm tray (400923) 7. Contemporary round rainhead 12” diameter with ceiling arm (13690W-CP/E10043-CP) 8. Flipside ® handshower, hose and slide bar (15865D-CP) 9. Purist® thermostatic built-in shower valve with diverter (1139250W-CP) 10. Purist® robe hook (14443-CP) 11. Purist® toilet roll holder, vertical (14444-CP) 12. Purist® towel ring (14441-CP) 13. Cross Range WC brush set (10703D-CP) // 9

VISUAL CULTURE The texture of a raw and natural approach adds a reassuring, stripped-back and functional feel to the bathroom. It’s homely, rustic and settling, as if it was always there.

1. Oblo 2-handle monobloc basin mixer (10085W-CP) 2. Reach 600mm washbasin/vanity top with Reach 600mm white base unit, 1 drawer (4935K-00/4162K-N18) 3. Verdera ® 510mm mirrored cabinet (99003-NA) 4. Replay wall hung WC pan with slow close seat (4843K-00/8319K-00) 5. Hydro‑Tower 300 wall frame with 3/4.5L cistern (4179W-NA) 6. Flush plate, chrome (8857T-CP) 7. Skyline 800mm pivot enclosure (1.1857.104/1.1857.136) 8. Square 800x800mm shower tray (400881) 9. Oblo shower column with diverter and round head (11717D-CP) 10. Cross Range soap dispenser (10712D-CP) 11. Cross Range robe hook (10713D‑CP) 12. Cross Range toilet roll holder, horizontal (10704D-CP) // 11

EMPIRE ELEGANCE Luxury materials add to the grandeur, while mixed metals and clean shapes give the room 21st century appeal.

1. Composed® single-lever monobloc basin mixer with side handle, no waste (73050D-ND-CP) 2. Terrace 600mm vanity top with Terrace 600mm white base unit (XE112K-00/EB1185-G1C) 3. Series M 591mm mirrored cabinet right hand, plain (CB-MC2430D4FPR) 4. Terrace wall hung WC pan with slow close, quick release seat (DA102K-00/E70019-00) 5. Hydro-Tower 300 wall frame with 3/4.5L cistern (4179W-NA) 6. Flush plate, chrome (8857T-CP) 7. Flote 1700mm bath, rectangular overflow (C1.1842.001.WH) 8. Composed® floor-mount bath filler with handshower (C73087D-CP) 9. Contemporary round rainhead 12” diameter (13690W‑CP) 10. Wall arm (1190093-CP) 11. Cross Range medium handshower, slide bar, clamp and hose (12920D-CP) 12. Round 54-nozzle bodyspray (8014D-CP) 13. DTV Prompt® digital shower interface, white (527D-0) 14. Cross Range 650mm towel rail (10710D-CP) // 13

REBALANCE & SIMPLIFY Wood and stone, forged metals & shabby-chic surfaces connect you with natural elements. Simple fixtures that function beautifully and complement a refreshing rustic ambience.

1. Purist® single-lever monobloc basin mixer with straight handle, includes pop-up waste (14402W-4A-CP) 2. Presqu’ile 800mm washbasin/vanity top with Presqu’ile 800mm white base unit (4124K-00/EB1103-G1C) 3. Presqu’ile wall hung WC pan with slow close seat (3992K-00) 4. Hydro-Tower 300 wall frame with 3/4.5L cistern (4179W-NA) 5. Flush plate, chrome (8857T-CP) 6. Composed ® 800mm glass divider panel (1.1922.037) 7. Rectangular 1400x900mm tray (401013) 8. Contemporary round rainhead 8” diameter with ceiling arm (14536W-CP/E10043-CP) 9. Purist® thermostatic built-in shower valve with diverter (1139250W‑CP) 10. Shift™ dual-function handshower (14788D-CP) 11. MasterShower® hose 1520mm (9514W-CP) 12. Loure ® wall-mount handshower and integrated supply elbow (14791W-CP) 13. Purist® towel ring (14441-CP) 14. Purist® toilet roll holder, vertical (14444-CP) // 15

ESSENTIALS RESCRIPTED A bright space complemented with white and navy geometric trellis wallpaper provides a positive and fresh environment.

1. Singulier® single-lever monobloc basin mixer with pop-up waste (10860W-CP) 2. Panache™ 600mm washbasin with pedestal (17156W-00/17153W-00) 3. Verdera® 510mm mirrored cabinet (99003-NA) 4. Panache™ close coupled WC pan with cistern & slow close seat (18152W-00/18153W-00/17674T‑0) 5. Flote 1700mm bath, rectangular overflow (C1.1842.001.WH) 6. Singulier® 3-hole 2-handle deck-mount bath filler (37283W-CP) 7. Skyline 800mm bi-fold door (1.1857.139) 8. Square 800x800mm shower tray (400881) 9. July™ shower column with diverter and round head (45716D-CP) 10. Cross Range toilet roll holder, vertical (10700D-CP) 11. Singulier® robe hook (15209D-CP) 12. Singulier® 609mm double towel rail (15206D-CP) // 17


Designing the

LOOK A wide variety of elements go into creating a beautiful look for the bathroom. Think about how each item works on its own, and how they all work together.

Style Modern, transitional and traditional are fairly expansive style buckets, but are useful to keep in mind as you zero in on the nuance of your particular style.

Colour, Material & Finish Now it’s time to dig in. What are the combinations of colours and finishes, materials and textures that you’re drawn to? And which of these will work together to achieve your style of choice?

Ranges If you love matching pieces, but would rather design experts coordinate the components, try exploring our full bathroom ranges for whole-room solutions.

Trending Today: Sartorial Vessels & Composed Taps ™

Two exciting trends are gaining ground in bathroom design: subtle patterns and highly refined contemporary lines. Understated but intricate motifs are perfect for homeowners who appreciate complexity and layering but prefer the softer side of pattern. The second trend is an almost delicate precision to contemporary design lines. Still geometric and sculptured, these shapes are gracefully modern. // 19



The Sartorial collection pays homage to the refined elegance of nineteeth-century European textiles. Inspired by haberdashery fabrics, the herringbone pattern strikes a modern, geometric note. The Sartorial paisley design offers a fresh perspective on 1850s French take on Persian design.

Artful Intricacy Subtle, white-on-white Sartorial designs tell a story of craftsmanship and heritage. Both designs deliver a modern take on a pattern that has been reinterpreted across time and place.



Timeless and deliberate, Composed taps embody the sparse and beautifully understated elements of minimalist design. By eliminating unnecessary details, Composed was designed to elicit an emotional response with its stark beauty.

Delight in Detail The Composed design is stripped of nonessential flourishes. Composed embodies simplicity. Clean. Classic. Quietly confident. // 21


EVERYTHING in its place Keep your bathroom uncluttered and organised with helpful storage solutions from the shower to your styling space. With a place for everything, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need and bring a new level of tranquillity to your daily routines.

Vanity Units Bathroom furniture with shelves & drawers can simplify your morning routine and keep your worktops clutter-free. Create your own unique look –there’s a wide choice of finishes and styles to choose from.


Mirrored Cabinets Multiple adjustable shelves let you create a custom storage solution to fit all your beauty items. Mirrored interiors let you find and use what you need without having to swing the door open and closed to use a mirror.

Smart Storage Built in shelving units provide personal storage that discreetly blends into the environment. // 23


WIRED for experience Integrating technology into your bathroom streamlines the look while delivering experiential options that target everything from cleanliness to well-being.

The Veil ® intelligent toilet combines design and technology to take intimate rituals to the next level of personal care and comfort.

The Moxie ® showerhead & speaker plays music, podcasts and more. Pop out the speaker and take it with you anywhere.

DTV Prompt® is an easy way to bring digital showering to any bathroom. It works with three main setups: bath only, shower only, and a bath/shower combination. 24

UNIVERSAL design We are committed to designing products that deliver a sense of well-being, vitality and independence for individuals of all ages and abilities. From shower sprays that are exceptionally gentle on the skin to toilets that feature a more comfortable height, we offer inspiring accessibility solutions.

Comfort height toilets are the height of a standard chair for ease of sitting and standing.

Individuals with limited wrist and hand mobility benefit from the ease of operation that single-handle lever taps offer.

Shower trays with a low threshold simplify getting in and out of the shower.

Slidebars let you adjust the height of the handshower for people of all statures.

Bath grips that look aesthetically pleasing to the eye but provide support when needed. // 25



26 // 27



Get inspired at KOHLER.CO.UK/INSPIRATION Discover countless design ideas for your bathroom and kitchen projects.

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