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PopeJohnPaulII AssemblyproudlyservesSir Knights andtheir familiesin MapleRidgeandPitt Meadows VolumeIII - IssueIII

November2009 FAITHFUL NAVIGATOR'S REPORT PatrickSchafli- FaithfulNavigator

Novemberis a difficult month for many of us - right from the beginningas we mark the feastsof All Saintsand All Souls,we are remindedof our dear ones,our Knights and Ladieswho havepassedon to their etemalreward. With that in mind, kudos to Our Lady of the Valley Council 10889 for their initiativeto hold an annualMemorialMassfor our deceased brothers.Besidesgiving us an opporhrnityto reflect on the charity, unity and fratemity expressedby our fallen brothersduring their serviceas Knights, it offers a unique opportunityfor the Knights of the district to standshoulderto shoulderin unity as they honour their memory. Four Sir Knights of the Assemblyturned out to provide an Honour Guard for the Massthis year,and were well received- clearly,the HonourGuardhighlightedthe intentionof the occasion, and madethe Knights very visible at the Mass. Our thanksgo the council for organizingthe event, and to Fr Abundofor accommodating it at St Lukes,andcelebratingthe Massfor us there. As you know therewill be no formal meetingthis monthasthe 4ft Tuesdaydateis beingusedfor the joint Knights dinner.If you have not alreadypurchasedyour tickets for this auspiciousevent,pleaseget in touchwith SK Carl Foley or one of the designatedcouncilrepresentatives to orderyours- rememberthe cut you there...! off dateis Novemberl4'n! See It is RemembranceDay as I write this report,and I thank all of our Sir Knights who participatedin the memorialceremonies at the MapleRidgeandPitt Meadowscenotaphs. Many of us,I'm sure,havehadrelatives or friendsin the forcesover the years,andtoday is alwaysa poignantday as we recallthe years,and in some caseseventheir lives, which they sacrificedthat we might havethe freedomwe enjoy today.Certainly,today was a greatdayto be a memberof the 4ft degreeandto be ableto demonstrateour affectionfor our countryand fellow citizensby publicly volunteeringour time to take an active role in this importantmemorial.Not for nothingis the 4tnDegreeknownasthe visible arm of the order,andyour loyal actionstodayonceagainhelped raise the profile of the Knights of Columbusin our community;indeed,even in tuxes, we were instantly recognizedasKnightsby membersof othergroupsandthe generalpublic. In closing,I am remindedof the epistleof SaintJames,wherethe Saintrepeatedlyexhortsus that faith without love andgoodworksis dead,anduseless,andthat we needto ACT on what we believe(our faith). As Knights,we hold dearour principlesof charity,unity, fraternityand patriotism- we would do well to mind James' words and look to how we can live out his call for actionaswe arefacedwith callsto our charitv.our unitv. our fraternity, andour patriotism,everyday of our lives. Vivat Jesu

ChristmasDinner - November24thr2009- 7:00PM. - Fr. Verall Centre

THE DESK OF THE FAITHFUL COMPTROLLER Sir Ituight Gerry Paul By now you should all have receivedyour invoice for the 2010 Assemblydues. I would like to emphasizethat we needyour paymentas soon as possible.At this time of the year our bank balanceis low. Pleaserememberthat this money is usedfor Per Capitaduesto the Master,Liability Insurance,GeneralAssemblyexpensessuchas stamps,envelopes,monthly newsletter,etc. Pleasemail your duesto me at the addressbelow andI will sendyou a20t0 membership card. I, again request,as in previousyears,that you makepaymentnow to avoidunnecessary expenses of having to sendout secondnotices. If for anyreasonyou cannotpay this fee before Januarylst pleasecontactme so we can work somethingout. GerryPaul-

20951CookAve., MapleRidge,BC V2X7P6.


Holy Father's Prayer Intentions Offered in solidarity with Pope Benedict XVI > > General > That all the men and women in the world, espe-

cially thosewho have responsibilitiesin the field of politics and economics,may never fail in their commitment to safeguardcreation. > > Mission > > that believersin the different religions,troughthe testimonyof their lives and fraternal dialogue, may clearly demonstrate that the name of God is a bearer of peace. It is no longer good enough to cry peoce. We must act peace, live peace, and live in peace. NATIVE AMERICAN PROVERB

Combined Christmas Dinner PopeJohnPaulII Assembly3083 ThomasHaneyCo. 5566 Our Ladyof theValleyCo. 10889

TuesdayNov. 24th,2009 FatherVerallCentre SocialHour - 6 pm / Dinner-7 pm Cost$30.00each,/ includeswine. For ticketscontact: (on or beforeNov. ITth) Kevin Degenhar&- 604466-8760 Lou Martin - 604 465-2158 CarlFoley- 604163.

MEDITATION PATRIOTISM is concernfor our fighting men I havefought a goodfight, I havefinishedmy cotffse,I havekeptthefaith. 2 Timothy4:7 The following inscriptionwasreportedlydiscoveredon an old stonesentryon the islandof Gibraltar. Godandthe soldier All men adore In time of trouble, And no more; For whenwar is over And all things righted, God is neglectedThe old soldierslighted. Nationslast when citizensrememberthe importantthings in times of difficulty and in times of ease. How doesour assemblyministerto homelessveterans? Thereis nothingmoresoullessthan a religion withoutgood worlrsunlessit be a patriotism which doesnot concernitselfwith the welfare and dignity of the individual. - BrigadierGeneralS.L.A.Marshall.

Remembrance day - 2009 Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemedto be no hope DALE CARNEGIE at all.


Richard Guedes laying wreath To lmow ourselveshas always been the greatest of all lessons. For, tf we know ourselves, we will know God. And, in knowing God, we will becomelike God. ST. CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA

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604 466-6027 604 465-8709 604 463-3984 The 6'PopeJohn Paul II Assembly 3083' Newsletteris the official publiParishLiaison:St.Patrick's HaroldCarver 604 463-8582 cationof the Assemblyandis published St. Luke's PatSchafli 604 476-19t2 on the third weekof eachmonth,except July and August. Submissiondeadline is the l5th day of eachmonth. Submis(} I{ rz i g Zz r s o f <> -l z-t zzz t> z-z s sionsmay be sentto SK GermainFortier, Editor, email - post to 210 11609227th St., Maple D E G R E Ridge,BC V2X 2L9, or by handdelivery.









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3083 - Pope John Paul II Assembly November News Letter  

3083 - Pope John Paul II Assembly November News Letter

3083 - Pope John Paul II Assembly November News Letter  

3083 - Pope John Paul II Assembly November News Letter