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No two luxury properties are alike. W E W I L L C R E AT E A M A R K E T I N G P L A N A S D I S T I N C T I V E A S YO U R H O M E

As the leadership of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KoenigRubloff Group, we are extremely proud of the brokers who will advise you throughout one of the most important financial decisions of your life. You have already taken an important step by reviewing these materials to assess who will best suit your luxury property needs. KoenigRubloff has built a reputation as a leader in luxury real estate, consistently representing some of the most sought-after homes on the market. From historic lakefront estates in Lake Forest to Magnificent Mile penthouses in Chicago, luxury home buyers and sellers have been well-served by the experienced brokers of KoenigRubloff. Our leadership, brokers and staff have elevated real estate as a profession to a fine art. We are world-renowned for luxury marketing and set the standard for upper bracket representation. We do this by working hard to understand each client’s needs and goals while uncovering and leveraging the unique, compelling characteristics of their top-tier properties. We develop and execute finely-tuned marketing plans designed to reach and entice the most qualified buyers in the marketplace. We understand you, and what you want your home to be. KoenigRubloff real estate professionals appreciate that your home is both an asset and a reflection of your dreams. As a member of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices national real estate network, our brokers offer world-class services paired with knowledge, insight and understanding. Real estate is all about relationships, and you can rest assured that we will leverage our half-century-strong relationships with exceptional brokers, luxury media partners and global leading real estate networks to your advantage. Sincerely,

Nancy Nagy Chief Executive Officer

Michael Pierson President 3

Picture the perfect partner. W E H AV E T H E E X P E R I E N C E , PA S S I O N AND EXPERTISE

We are grateful for the opportunity to present our ideas

Our vision is crystal clear: To be the best-recognized

on how to market and sell your exceptional property.

and most highly respected homeownership services

Inclusion in our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

brand in the United States and worldwide.

Luxury Collection™ program will provide global exposure. Luxury Collection™ is a specialized marketing program established with one goal in mind — to deliver our unrivaled customer service and superior knowledge of the luxury market to the world’s most high-end consumers. Whether you’re looking for a modern masterpiece or a classic lakefront property, our network of professionals will work closely with you to achieve results that exceed your every expectation. Our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices story starts with a sign: We call it like we see it. When one of the world’s most admired companies puts its name on a real estate sign, that’s a sign buyers and sellers want to see.

Our lineage is Good to Know™: HSF Affiliates LLC, based in Irvine, California, operates Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. The company is a joint venture of which HomeServices of America, Inc., the nation’s second-largest, full-service residential brokerage firm, is a majority owner. HomeServices of America is a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. affiliate. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a worldwide holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Its chairman and CEO is Warren Buffett, often referred to as the Oracle of Omaha and who, according to Time magazine’s 2012 ranking, is among the world’s most influential people. Warren Buffett became Chairman of Berkshire

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a real estate

Hathaway in 1969. Berkshire Hathaway is among the

brokerage franchise network built for a new era in

world’s most admired companies according to Fortune’s

residential real estate. The brand, among the few

2013 ranking.1 Berkshire Hathaway is among the world’s

organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned

largest companies based on market value according to

Berkshire Hathaway name, brings to the real estate

Fortune’s 2012 ranking.2 According to the 2013 Harris

market a definitive mark of stability, strength, quality

Interactive Relationship Quotient survey, Berkshire

and innovation.

Hathaway was among the highest ranking companies for vision and leadership.3

Source: 2 fortune/fortune500/2012/performers/companies/biggest/marketvalue 3harrisinteractive. com/vault/2013%20RQ, February 2016.


#1 luxury real estate firm. LO C A L E X P E R T I S E . G LO B A L B R A N D. O N E M AG N I F I C E N T C O M PA N Y.

KoenigRubloff stands for integrity, excellence and most


B  uyers are flooded with marketing messages for the

importantly, consistently delivering a quality real estate

extensive selection of luxury properties currently on

experience. We have brokers throughout Chicago,

the market.

the North Shore, the Western Suburbs and Michigan’s


Harbor Country ready to serve as a conduit for leads,

immediately resonate with buyers.

market “buzz” and a successful sale. Our brokers are experienced, having closed $1.2 billion worth of


E  ach presentation of your property must stand out and create a positive first impression.

luxury properties in just this past year*. They network on a local, national and international basis to assure

Y  our property’s message has to be compelling and


A  successful marketing plan must reach a targeted, global and affluent demographic.

maximum exposure for your luxury property. Our main focus is to differentiate your property from

Our team provides complete advertising and marketing

the competition.

support, with a Marketing Department specializing in luxury real estate, integrated marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization, public relations and media buying.


1 L U X U R Y M A R K E T S H A R E **


1 L I S T I N G B R O K E R AG E **

H I G H E S T AV E R A G E S A L E S P R I C E * * *

Source: *All MRED, Attached and Detached Property types, $1M+, 01/01/15 - 12/31/15. **MRED, Attached and Detached Property types, $1M+, 07/1/15-12/1/15, primary market areas - cities in which KoenigRubloff offices are located. *** All MRED, Attached and Detached Property types, $1M+, 07/1/15-12/1/15, among major brokerages (greater than 5% market share).


Marketing is a blend of art and science. W E E XC E L AT B R I N G I N G B OT H TO G E T H E R IN A PLAN THAT MOTIVATES LUXURY BUYERS

Our marketing approach emphasizes a strong electronic

KoenigRubloff brokers collaborate with a designated

media component, including a broad upper bracket

marketing team to implement a proven process to arrive

international online presence, a property webpage, use of

at just the right marketing plan for your home.

social media, blogging, public relations and direct mail. We maximize our luxury broker network through


for your luxury property. What is it about your home

grassroots marketing, private showings and targeted

that will excite and motivate buyers?

email marketing. We recommend a presence in highend publications, to assist in getting the message out


to the proper niche of buyers for your unique property.

where serious buyers are most apt to be found.

real estate marketing programs in the world. n


We share that message with a highly targeted group of prospects within qualified print and online mediums,

Luxury Collection™ is one of the most successful luxury


We begin by identifying a compelling selling message

Our social network is both virtual and tangible. We use

It combines advertising, marketing and listing tools

our considerable contacts, databases and private client

specifically targeted to reach and persuade today’s

lists to share your home’s story with the most qualified

affluent home buyers.

buyers in the marketplace.

Our goal is to generate maximum exposure among qualified buyers, regardless of their location.


We use a flexible approach and create a perfect marketing mix to achieve a successful result for you.


Photography that ignites the imagination. W E D R AW P R O S P E C T S I N TO YO U R H O M E W I T H T H E B E S T V I S UA L R E P R E S E N TAT I O N

KoenigRubloff brokers understand what motivates


Illustrative  copy, written to capture the best features

buyers. We collaborate with you to better understand

of your home, is created by a professional copywriter.

the special attributes of your property that will

It will provide clear and concise information in

most appeal to a luxury audience. A stunning visual

language that is crafted for an affluent reader.

presentation is a key element of persuasive online and print marketing for your luxury property. n



Beautifully  written and designed digital and print brochures are created to be displayed in our offices,

As  market leaders, we employ some of the area’s

shared with other prominent luxury brokers, and of

finest professional photographers to bring the story

course, offered as a special leave-behind for buyers

of your home to life.

who have toured your home.

High  resolution photos connect with prospective buyers online, in print and across direct marketing channels.


Our  highly-experienced luxury brokers will also offer advice on staging your home or planning a special event with your home as the backdrop.


The world is your audience. W E D O N ’ T S TO P S E L L I N G YO U R H O M E AT O U R B O R D E R

We have the marketing network and established


relationships in place to reach buyers of luxury real

These  international offices collectively represent more than 64,000 properties in over 70 countries.

estate throughout the world. n

It  is the most comprehensive luxury real estate network

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate is an international

in the world with an average residential listing price of

network of real estate professionals, representing the

nearly $2.3 million, while the total U.S. dollar value on

finest residential luxury estates and property brokerages is a staggering $143 billion.

in the world. KoenigRubloff’s membership underscores our global recognition as a leader in the marketing of


by the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate website,

luxury properties. n, which has become the #1 portal for

As  a qualified affiliate with Who’s Who in Luxury Real

luxury properties on the internet since its debut in 1995.

Estate, we have listed and sold multi-million dollar properties in the top 10% of our market. n

Our  exclusive global network is driven in large part

n  reaches a targeted global audience of high-net-worth individuals from 214

This  international network consists of 3,867 offices staffed

visiting countries.

with over 130,996 professionals in more than 39 countries. TO P 1 0 V I S I T I N G CO U N T R I E S

United States


United Kingdom








Source: ©1996-2016 John Brian Losh, Inc. ‘Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’, used with permission.


One luxury website stands out. WE CREATE T HE P ER F EC T W EB A D D RE SS FO R YO U R H O M E

With over 90% of luxury home buyers beginning their


search online, it’s important to have a robust web

for peer-to-peer broker conversations.

presence. offers visibility that is n

second to none: each month nearly 250,000 visitors visit of the Web” by Forbes magazine for several years. High



Luxury Institute LLC, an independent research firm.


Broker  users can “like” your listing and post about your home and your property profile, providing valuable feedback and networking opportunities. offers enhanced listing features to help promote the sale of your property:

Your  KoenigRubloff broker can post blogs on their profile to call even more attention to your property.

net worth U.S. consumers rank as the “#1 Luxury Real Estate Website”, according to the

Complete  video tour support is provided in the photo gallery area.

the site. It has been named “Forbes Favorite” and “Best


Special  lounge discussion rooms provide a catalyst


Your  broker will track your marketing program’s

An extensive property details page with an interactive

progress using sophisticated web metrics that measure

map presents important specifics about your home.

web traffic and searches.

Facebook  and Twitter integration helps brokers network listing details.





Luxury Portfolio




Knight Frank


CB Previews Savills


Source: ©1996-2016 John Brian Losh, Inc. ‘Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’, used with permission.


Web traffic tells the tale. W E K N OW H OW TO R E AC H A H I G H LY TA R G E T E D AU D I E N C E produces the top organic Google


search results for the key phrases: “luxury real estate”,

$1.2 million.

“million dollar homes”, “luxury real estate developments”, and many more. These web demographics reveal how the visitors at provide a perfect match in terms of “best prospects.”

T  he average value of a visitor’s primary home is over


5  7% of visitors own more than one home.


T  he average value of a visitor’s household assets is nearly $1.8 million. reaches a highly targeted audience of consumers with exceptional purchasing power: n

2  2.6% of visitors to the website have an annual household income of $500,000 or more, with an average income of $368,571.


6  6.3% of visitors are college graduates, 19.1% hold a master’s degree, 13.9% hold a PhD.


Source: ©1996-2016 John Brian Losh, Inc. ‘Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’, used with permission.


Luxury marketing without boundaries. W E P R OV I D E E X P O S U R E B E YO N D T H E LO C A L M A R K E T P L AC E

For 45 years, Unique Homes has been the leading


Distributed  via email to a worldwide audience of more

magazine of its kind, promoting luxury properties to an

than 100,000, the digital edition of Unique Homes

affluent, global audience. It thrives today as a multimedia

magazine can also be accessed from the homepage

platform of print, online, digital, custom publishing and


social media resources that connects luxury professionals with buyers and sellers around the world. n


One  of the most-visited luxury home websites, features more than 50,000

One  of the hallmarks of the magazine’s successful

luxury listings as well as editorial content to keep

distribution strategy is its international presence,

consumers in the know when it comes to the luxury

reaching an affluent audience throughout the United

real estate market.

States and in more than 80 countries. n

Realizing  the importance of reaching a global audience, KoenigRubloff includes Luxury Collection™ listings on, thus assuring global exposure within one the world’s most recognized luxury home outlets.

Source: Unique Homes Media Kit 2016,


A troupe of exceptional performers. W E K N OW H OW TO T U R N T H E R I G H T O N L I N E E X P O S U R E I N TO A C LO S I N G

The key to marketing your luxury property online is presenting it across the web on sites that have been proven to provide exposure to brokers and buyers. We carefully analyze the demographics and target audience of each website to ensure that our luxury properties reach the right viewers. In addition to, and the Multiple Listing Service, your luxury property information is distributed to over 350+ KoenigRubloff partner websites, which most notably include: - The Wall Street Journal provides feature articles and content on this excellent luxury real estate site, which will include your property’s listing. (The Wall Street

editorial content covers business, politics, technology and lifestyle, tailored for an Asian audience. This Englishlanguage website provides unmatched coverage for readers focused on the Asia region.5

Journal website) has a direct link to reaches a global audience of 20 million digital

readers per month who seek the news and information

The Europe edition of The Wall Street Journal delivers

critical to their business and personal lives. Edited locally in nine languages and available across mobile and tablet devices, delivers breaking news streams, interactive features, videos and blogs.5


unparalleled coverage of European and global finance and business developments to C-suite and business executives throughout the EMEA region. The Wall Street Journal Europe goes beyond the mere reporting of news to discern the meaning of events, the implications of corporate moves and the consequences of political and

The Asia edition of The Wall Street Journal sets the

financial decisions. Quality online editorial content covers

agenda for the region’s business and financial elite,

business, politics, technology and lifestyle, tailored for

providing indispensable news and analysis of regional

a European audience. This English-language website

and global business developments. The Wall Street

provides news and analysis of the most important finance,

Journal Asia captures the pulse of some of the most

business, political and economic news of the day, as well

dynamic business markets in the world. Quality online

as curated lifestyle content from around the world.5

Mansion Global is a premier digital destination connecting

Trulia gives home buyers, sellers and renters all the tools

the world’s affluent real estate buyers with prestige

and valuable information they need to be successful in

properties across the globe through relevant, timely

the home search process. Through its innovative mobile

listings and compelling content. The multilingual platform

and web products, Trulia provides insights about the

is localized to address the interests of international

house, the neighborhood and the real estate process

property seekers. Luxury listings are combined with

while connecting people with the right agents. Trulia

global market analysis and relevant news from premium

offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Trulia attracts

publications such as The Wall Street Journal—all

more than 55 million unique house hunters every month,

to empower our users to make informed real estate

the majority of which comes from mobile devices.3

decisions. Mansion Global reaches international investors in the market for exceptional properties. The Zillow real estate network reaches a large audience®

of potential luxury home buyers and real estate

The official listing site of the National Association

professionals. Zillow reaches active, mobile consumers

of Realtors®, attracts an average of 30

with the most popular real estate app on the iPhone,

million unique monthly visitors. This top real estate

as well as apps for the iPad, Android, Windows Mobile

website leverages today’s most advanced methods

and Blackberry smartphones. A unique feature set and

for marketing your home.

extensive database of properties engage consumers and


make the site a premier search destination. Since its launch almost 25 years ago, has


made millions of introductions between home buyers

Yahoo! is one of the most visited websites. It attracts

and real estate professionals. With over 20 million site

nearly 43 million consumers a day in more than 30

visits a month, continues to innovate with

languages. Your property will become a part of the

inspiring photos, simple search functionality, and great

Yahoo! visitor experience and be seen as relevant content

home decor articles to inspire consumers to dream,

when people conduct their search for a luxury home.4

discover and decorate their homes. is committed to establishing connections between local real estate professionals and the over 13 million consumers that visit the site each month in search of their next home.2

Source: 2 3, February 2016. 5 Circulation figures promoted by publishers, February 2016. Subject to change.


The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices website

KoenigRubloff’s dedicated luxury website features

leverages a powerful network of companies built for

Luxury Collection™ listings. These exclusive presentation

a new era in residential real estate. This innovative

pages bring our luxury listings to life with illustrative

site provides consumers a national platform to search

copy and professional photography. Access to this highly

for real estate throughout the country and provides

sought after area of is prominently

unique and exclusive tools to fit today’s consumer

placed on our homepage to ensure that your luxury

needs. Inside Access , the proprietary BHHS system

property receives maximum exposure.


provides a complete report on any community right down to the zip code and trend directions. It

is powered by actual multiple listing service data

KoenigRubloff’s digital magazine, Luxury Collection™

from sources throughout the United States. Using Inside AccessTM, consumers gain current information about neighborhoods, schools, the economy, the environment, quality of life, drive time and more.

Magazine, engages readers to discover several facets of luxury living, as advised by our top-tier real estate experts at KoenigRubloff. The magazine showcases our Luxury Collection™ residences along with informative market information and all that KoenigRubloff has to offer.

With an average of over 100,000 monthly visits,

KoenigRubloff’s website is designed to meet the

We will create a custom luxury property webpage

needs of the Internet-savvy consumer. It has become the go-to resource for Chicago area luxury real estate buyers by providing the features, functions and information necessary to make educated real estate decisions. State-of-the-art features include quick and easy property search functions with advanced filter selections, special search options for luxury homes

specifically to market your home. A prominently placed description will tell the story of your home, with additional key facts available by clicking through information tabs throughout the site. Interested buyers can request more information instantly with your agent’s contact information right at hand.

and open houses, and email notification of new listings matching specific search criteria.


Print completes the picture. W E K N OW W H E R E L U X U RY B U Y E R S C ATC H U P ON THEIR READING

While the vast majority of real estate marketing has migrated to the Internet, research shows there is a core group of print venues that continue to reach luxury property buyers. These publications can supplement marketing efforts when used in combination with a strong web presence. Luxury Collection™ listings have a dedicated presence in prominent publications that fit our demographics, including:

The Wall Street Journal Winner of 35 Pulitzer Prize Awards and considered the gold-standard of journalism, The Wall Street Journal is the industry leader delivering the most crucial news of the day, insightful opinion and fair-minded analysis. With expanded color capabilities and engaging editorial, we have more ways to connect with a powerful, influential and affluent target audience. Our luxury properties grace the pages of Mansion, the dedicated luxury real estate section of The Wall Street Journal. Mansion covers the global real estate market with trustworthy, authoritative journalism while entertaining and educating both enthusiasts and prospective buyers. With a Chicago region circulation of almost 65,000 and subscriber’s net worth of well over $2 million, it continues to be the place to engage with upscale homeowners.1 4 6, February 2015 1



Circulation figures promoted by publishers, February 2016. Subject to change.

Special Advertising Supplement

December 11, 2015

3830 N Lowell Avenue Chicago, IL 60641 $1,399,500 Mario Greco | | 773-687-4696 Cara Buffa Weitzman | | 312-264-1126

Chicago Social Magazine

reaches a larger audience through

Ten times a year, 75,000 copies are distributed through the city and suburbs. Modern Luxury Media is the premier luxury lifestyle publisher in the United States. With titles in the most influential major cities, Modern Luxury excels in capturing the urbane metropolitan

The luxury magazine for distinctive addresses, Ultimate Address targets upscale home buyers in the market for high-end, exceptional residential real estate.4

Sheridan Road Magazine

lifestyle. With a readership of 270,000 and an affluent

Seven times a year, 55,000 copies are distributed to

audience, with the average readers net worth over

prime North Shore residences and businesses. This

$1.6M—Chicago Social targets the luxury consumer you

luxury lifestyle magazine was named for the iconic

are looking to get your luxury homes in front of.

street along the lakefront from Chicago to Lake Bluff.


Michigan Avenue Magazine

Forest & Bluff Magazine

Six times a year, 65,000 copies are distributed throughout

Uniquely targeting the North Shore communities of

the city, targeting affluent residents with the highest

Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, this well-regarded lifestyle

disposable income and spending power in the market.

magazine is distributed 12 times a year to each residence

In addition to high-net-worth residential zip codes, the

and businesses within Lake Forest and Lake Bluff,

magazine is distributed to targeted boutiques, health

completely saturating the area.5

clubs, private clubs, resorts, salons, restaurants and spas in the Chicago area. It is also strategically placed in private planes, airports, and in the vehicles of the most prominent executive car and limousine services. Lastly, Michigan Avenue can be found in-room and at the concierge desks of some of the most prestigious hotels in Chicago.3

Ultimate Address

Hinsdale Living An exclusive, monthly lifestyle publication mailed directly to every resident and business within the communities of Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, and Oak Brook. Hinsdale Living reaches more than 60,000 readers. In-depth features, portraits of local residents, and extensive coverage of social functions and lifestyle trends set this publication

Twelve issues a year, 55,000 copies are distributed with

apart. This relevant and timely magazine mirrors the

the Friday Chicago Tribune to select neighborhoods and

extraordinary populace it represents.6

suburbs throughout the Chicago area. The digital version 25

Creating buzz around your home. W E P U T S O C I A L M E D I A TO WO R K F O R YO U

Social media has changed the way real estate is sold

brokers and personal clients to whom they can send

today. Your broker will use exceptional networking skills to

professionally produced email cards. Emails are sent

get the word out and create a buzz around your property.

out monthly on your behalf to provide information about your property to the real estate industry and

While websites and advertising are undeniably

potential buyers.

essential in marketing luxury real estate, today a broker must demonstrate exceptional networking skills using


We take a comprehensive approach when targeting the

broker-to-broker marketing, which includes a strong

real estate community. We use all of these effective tools

social media component.

when introducing your luxury home to the brokerage


community and throughout the listing period.

KoenigRubloff focuses on this important broker audience through blogging, Facebook, Twitter,


Instagram, customized e-mail announcements and

posted on our Luxury Collection™ YouTube channel.

digital brochures. n


A Virtual Tour of your luxury property listing will be KoenigRubloff’s mobile app provides a more

KoenigRubloff has invested a significant amount of

convenient way for potential buyers to search for your

time and money establishing what is one of the most

home and get in contact with your listing broker. The

sophisticated Internet communication platforms

mobile app is available in the iTunes App Store, Google

in the industry. This allows our sales professionals

Play or from your KoenigRubloff broker.

to maintain a custom email list of other real estate


Who will best represent your needs? W E C R E AT E T H E R I G H T PA R T N E R S H I P F O R S U CC E S S

When selecting real estate representation, you need

Luxury Collection™ is one of the world’s leading luxury

someone who understands your high expectations

marketing programs because it leverages over half

and will act in your best interest. Past performance

a century of experience, strong relationships with

is a critical measure.

exceptional brokers, luxury media and leading real estate networks.

We invite you to compare our long tenure, dedication to ethics and exceptional sales record to all others in

We take a fluid and flexible approach to marketing by

the luxury real estate marketplace. You will find that we

creating innovative strategies that are carefully executed

set the standard for upper bracket representation and

to reach and influence prospective buyers. We will provide

are the ideal company to promote your luxury property

genuine market insights for your property along with the

within the local, national and international marketplace.

ability to reach a large network of high-end prospects.



A member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates, LLC

Luxury Collection Book