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Philippe Chin’s New Bistro One of the greatest benefits of living near the Southern New Jersey shore and Atlantic City is the wonderful selection of fine dining restaurants. Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing a skillfully prepared meal with family and friends at an exceptional restaurant. Dining at such a restaurant is a luxury accessible to everyone, even if the opportunity to do so is not as often as it should be. Unlike any other type of restaurant, fine dining establishments present an opportunity for the simple act of eating to be treated as an event complete with ceremony. There’s planning, dressing, and some even wash their cars. The importance of fine dining can-not be understated. It is unquestionably a necessity when celebrating the most important events in our lives. Birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings, promotions, important dates, and many other important affairs all center around a special meal. The people in the fine dining industry take great pride in providing a level of food, wines, and service that change a simple meal into a memorable one. Their love of what they do is demonstrated by years of training and very long work hours. One such restaurant has just recently opened in Somers Point overlooking the bay. The restaurant, Philippe Chin’s Bistro, pairs a great chef schooled in Paris with a classically trained wine expert. Chef Chin is well known. He has been featured on many television programs and has won many awards. The restaurants general manager, John Wilson, is classically trained in French cookery and 3 years study with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, the world’s leading wine expert training program. Putting two such well trained and dedicated dining experts together is a formula for an epicurean delight. We recommend that you plan a visit to indulge in the fine food, stare out upon the magnificent views, and enjoy a few glasses of well-chosen wines. If arriving by car valet service is available. If you choose, arriving by boat is encouraged. There are available slips for docking. The management likes to refer to this as their “dock and dine” accommodation. The Society Page recommends that reservations are made. For the best view, ask to be seated in the room over the water. If you are not dining and simply wish to enjoy some wine or cocktails, the restaurant has a large deck and bar overlooking the water. Private events may be booked in Philippe Chin’s private banquet room. The room has its own bar, deck, and restrooms. The staff at Philippe Chin’s makes extraordinary effort to please their customers. It is rare to see such dedication. Other restaurateurs that have impressed us with their dedication include Pete Compare at the Windrift in Avalon, who like the staff at Philippe Chin’s, closely manages and assures a remarkably high level of service. We marvel at the intensity and energy these dynamic people exhibit virtually every single day. All of this effort is put forth for our benefit so that we may get the most enjoyment possible out of one life’s greatest pleasures. Story by Chuck Knutson

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AREA EVENTS 2012 Ultimate Elvis Contest Type: ShowsDates: Jun 9, 2012Location: Atlantic CityAddress: Bally's Atlantic City Phone: 800-745-3000Admission: $32.50 Adult - $16.25 ChildHours: Sat Show time 7:00PM Description: Legends in Concert," Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) and Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino are joining together to bring the 5th Annual preliminaries of the "Ultimate ElvisŽ Tribute Artist Contest™" once again to the Jersey shore. Approximately 21 world-class Elvis tribute artists competing for the legendary title of "Elvis Tribute Artist of the Year!" All contestants will perform one song with our live band. Finalists will perform a second song and a winner will be crowned.




JUNE 9 Caught up in the Swing June 23 Debbie Reynolds July 21 Air Supply

BOARDWALK HALL REVEL MAY 27 New Edition JUNE 2 Rahat Fateh Ali Kahn BORGATA JUNE 8 Frankie Valli JUNE 9 Sting June 15Wanda Sykes June 22 Josh Wolf & Jen Krkman June 23 Beck June 23 Jim Gafigan June 29 John Oates June 30 Tracy Morgan CAESARS JUNE 23 Ringo Starr & His All Star Band June 29 Mary J Blige June 29 The Jacksoms June 30 Crosby, Stills, & Nash

JUNE 15 Sugarland JUNE 22 UFC on FX JULY 13 Nickelback July 14 Def Leppard TROPICANA JUNE 22 The Romantics June 30 Dom Irreara July 13 Yes & Procol Harum TRUMP TAJ MAHAL June 20 Louis Prima JR June 22 Legends of Hip Hop July 7 The Commodores July 13 Paintin The Town Tour July 21 Boston

GOLDEN NUGGET JUNE 16 The Smithereens June 16 MMA Fights JUNE 27 Gordie Brown HARRAHS

AC Phone Numbers

June 16 Ron White June 27 Celtic Thunder

Bally's: (609) 340-2709 Borgata: (609) 677-1000 Caesars: (800) 677-SHOW Harrah's: (800) 2-HARRAH Hilton: (609) 340-7160 Ocean City Music Pier: (609) 525-9248 Resorts: (800) 322-SHOW Sands: (609) 441-4137 Showboat: (800) 736-1420 Tropicana: (609) 340-4020 Trump Plaza: (609) 441-6000 Trump Taj Mahal: (609) 4495150

HOUSE OF BLUES SHOWBOAT June 13 Korn June 21 Atmosphere June 22 Gaslight Anthem with Cage the Elephant June 23 Faith Evans July 7 Papa Roach JULY 27 Meatloaf

Caught Up In The Swing Type: Theater/PerformancesDates: Jun 9, 2012Location: Atlantic CityAddress: Resorts Casino Hotel Phone: 609-340-6300Admission: $75 (performance and pre-show party) and $125 (performance, pre-show party & post-show reception)Hours: Sat Pre-Show Party 8:00pm Description: Caught Up in the Swing With music by Johann Strauss, Scott Joplin and Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks, Caught Up in the Swing is a comedy ballet, created and choreographed by Phyllis Papa, to celebrate Atlantic City Ballet's 30th Anniversary. Set in a hotel during the glamorous heyday of 1920's Atlantic City, the ballet offers a refreshing blend of Broadway style dance, tap, and ballet movement. A fun and comical story told through dance that will have you laughing and tapping your feet in the aisles! As part of the 30th Anniversary celebration, Resorts Casino Hotel, along with the Atlantic City Ballet, will host a pre-show party featuring champagne and appetizers and a post-show Meet & Greet reception with the cast of Caught Up in the Swing. Atlantic City World Amateur Open Type: Sports EventsDates: June 10 - 13, 2012Location: Atlantic City; Regional EventsAddress: Atlantic City Area Golf CoursesPhone: 800-465-3222Admission: $450 per playerHours: 8:00am Description: Compete in the Atlantic City World Amateur Open as an individual or as a 2 player team in a 54 hole tournament of stroke play competition, an 18-hole championship playoff, nightly parties and entertainment. The tournament, which is handicapped in order to level the playing field, is open to all golfers: men, women, young and old. The tournament will be played on a minimum of 4 and up to 10 Atlantic City area golf courses. Visit for details and to register for this spectacular event. The event will be held from June 10th - June 13th, 2012 and the cost is $450.00 per player.

Phish at Bader Field in AC Type: ConcertsDates: Jun 15 - 17, 2012Location: Atlantic CityAddress: Bader Field, Atlantic City Phone: 1-800-5948499Admission: Tickets are $60.00 per day or $150.00 for a 3 day ticket. Children of all ages are welcome. Children 6 and under do not need a ticket. Hours: Doors open 4:00pm Description: Phish is back in Atlantic City to perform three consecutive shows at AC's 142-acre Bader Field. Atlantic City offers a wide range of attractions and amenities, including gaming, fine dining, spas, pristine beaches and the city's historic boardwalk. Three-day tickets, single day tickets and travel packages are available. Fans can walk to Bader Field from all the major downtown Atlantic City hotels and special room rates have been secured for fans.

Metallica's Orion Festival Type: Concerts, Festivals/EventsDates: June 23 - 24, 2012Location: Atlantic CityAddress: Bader Field, Albany Avenue Phone: 1-888-512-7469Admission: 2-Day Early Bird Special $150; A limited number of General Admission 2-Day Passes are currently available. VIP Passes $750; Your Orion VIP Pass gets you amazing VIP perks at Bader Field including unlimited access to relaxed lounge seating in The Orion VIP Lounge; a viewing platform of the main stage with a premium sightline; beer, wine and speciality libations, along with catered food servings all day; and many other special amenities. Hours: TBA Description: Metallica's Orion Music Festival at Bader Field in Atlantic City kicks off the summer with more than just music, but a festival showcasing the band's individual interests and allowing fans to interact directly with each of the band members. Metallica has invited 22+ of their favorite artists from across the music spectrum to the inaugural Orion Music Festival. Headlining both nights, Metallica will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 'Black Album' by playing it in its entirety on one night AND all of 'Ride the Lightning' for the first time ever on the other night! This will be the only North American performances of these albums in 2012. Joining Metallica at the Festival will be acts like Modest Mouse, The Gaslight Anthem, Eric Church, Cage the Elephant, The Jim Breuer Heavy Metal Comedy Tour, Best Coast, Gary Clark Jr., The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Soul Rebels, and many more!

Exotic Car Rally & Show - The Vigneto Rally Get you event listed here for FREE. Call 609-780-7432 or E-mail

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Helene Maliko-Abraham Executive Director, Women’s Golf Initiative “Providing women golfers the opportunity to pursue the sport in a friendly and supportive environment that fosters female camaraderie”

Golf Course Etiquette 101 – or the lack there-of! Wow, this week I feel the need to talk about those amongst us who are members of the “I” club. You all know who I am referring to, those individuals that wade through this existence thinking that it’s all about THEM. Saturday, I was practicing my short game. There was a gentleman (and I use that term very loosely), that was also practicing off to the side of me. This particular Saturday I was practicing soft easy pitches, trying to get a feel for the distance that I could attain without exerting too much force. For whatever reason, the guy next to me decides to step onto the green as I am setting up to my ball. I took my shot and did not see him step onto the green. My ball landed very close to where he was standing. I yelled over to him that I was sorry and that I didn’t see him there before I set up to take my shot. He turns and looks at me with such a look of disgust on his face, that it literally caused me to take a step back. Really – I wanted to shout at him, did YOU not see me practicing here too? Or did I forget again and put on those special underwear that allow me to remain invisible? Or – wait a minute – I get it – you’re one of them, the “I’s”, a public practice green is mean for your use and your use alone. How inconsiderate of me! I shake off his look and continue on with my practice. Another 10 minutes pass and I keep hitting shot after shot that land within 6 inches of the pin. I’m in the zone now, and just keep going. Until I look up and see this Bozo now standing in the middle of the practice green. Right in the freaking middle! And, he’s trying to pick up his balls with his club, which by the way is taking him twice as long because he really has no skill at all in this task. I mean seriously, who does this guy think he is, Chuck the hit man? (For the uninitiated – Chuck is a golf trick shot expert, Google him, the guy is fascinating!). Anyway, I’m standing there waiting for this guy to finish whatever he thinks he’s doing out there. After what seems like an eternity he finishes up and walks back to the side of the practice green. I hit another 15 or 20 balls, and yup you guessed it – Mr. Wonderful is out in the middle of the green again. This guy must show up to the driving range with 5 or 10 balls that he has to continually retrieve because he’s too cheap to buy a bucket of range balls to practice with. So me being me, I just can’t take it anymore. This time I shout over to him that he really needs to be a little more aware of his surroundings and more importantly others that are out on the range trying to practice their games too. He gives me another one of those stare. Now, I’ve just about had it. I tell him to keep it up, keep interrupting my practice, because the next time he steps out into the middle of the green I’m going to aim right for him. And if he was paying attention to anything else except his own game, he would know that it’s not an idle threat because this afternoon my shot is dead on! I get back to my practice session, but at this point it’s useless. I don’t go to the driving range to practice to have some “I” person ruin my day. But, on Saturday, that’s just what I allowed to happen. I’m not even going to chalk this one up to a man/woman thing; I’m chalking this one up to outright ignorance. The lack of the ability of an individual to be cognizant of the fact that someone else may be at the driving range practicing their game too, and that YOUR actions may be impeding the progression of THEIR game. Whew! I just needed to get that out! One would hope that at some point common courtesy would come in to play when you’re at a public place. Don’t get me wrong, I have witnessed some random acts of kindness on the golf course that have left me speechless. And, in the coming weeks I intend to share some of these stories with you. And, more importantly, most of the individuals I have encountered on the course couldn’t be nicer. It’s just these “I” people that can ruin a perfectly good practice session if you let them. So what is my take away here? I most certainly am not going to let that one individual color my “view” of manners on the driving range or golf course. After all, our ability to display kindness to random stranger is what separates us from animals, isn’t it? Well, that and Opposable-thumbs. See you next week,

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Active Rock 1 CHEVELLE Hats Off To The Bull 2 SOUNDGARDEN Live To Rise 3 LINKIN PARK Burn It Down 4 SLASH You’re A Lie 5 GODSMACK Rocky Mountain Way 6 VOLBEAT Still Counting 7 OFFSPRING Days Go By

Top 40 1 GOTYE Somebody That I Used... 2 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Call Me Maybe 3 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut... 4 NICKI MINAJ Starships 5 FUN. We Are Young f/Janel... 6 MAROON 5 Payphone f/Wiz Khali... 7 FLO RIDA Wild Ones f/Sia 8 THE WANTED Glad You Came 9 JUSTIN BIEBER Boyfriend 10 USHER Scream 11 KARMIN Broken Hearted 12 RIHANNA Where Have You Been 13 ELLIE GOULDING Lights 14 TRAIN Drive By 15 PITBULL Back In Time 16 KATY PERRY Part Of Me 17 DAVID GUETTA Titanium f/Sia 18 GYM CLASS HEROES The Fighter f/Ryan T... 19 KATY PERRY Wide Awake 20 ADELE Rumour Has It 21 CALVIN HARRIS Feel So Close 22 DEMI LOVATO Give Your Heart A Br... 23 DRAKE Take Care f/Rihanna 24 HAVANA BROWN We Run The Night f/P... 25 CALVIN HARRIS Let’s Go f/Ne-Yo 26 RITA ORA How We Do (Party) 27 ONE DIRECTION One Thing 28 KIRKO BANGZ Drank In My Cup 29 THE WANTED Chasing The Sun 30 NEON TREES Everybody Talks 31 B.O.B Both Of Us f/Taylor ... 32 DRAKE The Motto f/Lil Wayn... 33 GROUPLOVE Tongue Tied 34 CHRIS RENE Young Homie 35 JASON MRAZ I Won’t Give Up 36 CHER LLOYD Want U Back 37 COLDPLAY Paradise 38 HOT CHELLE RAE Honestly

8 THEORY OF A DEADMAN Hurricane 9 HALESTORM Love Bites (So Do I) 10 BLACK KEYS Gold On The Ceiling 11 ADELITAS WAY Criticize 12 SHINEDOWN Unity 13 FOO FIGHTERS Bridge Burning 14 ART OF DYING Sorry 15 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Coming Down 16 P.O.D. Lost In Forever 17 DEUCE America 18 NICKELBACK This Means War 19 STAIND Now 20 SERJ TANKIAN Figure It Out 21 CHARM CITY DEVILS Man Of Constant Sorr... 22 MARILYN MANSON No Reflection 23 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Look Around 24 ARANDA Satisfied 25 AEROSMITH Legendary Child 26 OTHERWISE Soldiers 27 PANTERA Piss 28 DEAD SARA Weatherman 29 RUSH Headlong Flight 30 STELLAR REVIVAL The Crazy Ones 31 HELLYEAH Band Of Brothers 32 SAVING ABEL Bringing Down The Gi... 33 RED LINE CHEMISTRY Unspoken 34 MY DARKEST DAYS Sick And Twisted Aff... 35 FINDING CLYDE Get Higher 36 SIXX A.M. Are You With Me Now 37 FOXY SHAZAM I Like It 38 WAYLAND Welcome To My Head 39 THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH Let The Sparks Fly 40 BLACK STONE CHERRY Like I Roll 41 CALL ME NO ONE Biggest Fan 42 JACK WHITE Sixteen Saltines 43 EMPHATIC Put Down The Drink 44 MARK TREMONTI You Waste Your Time 45 LOSTPROPHETS Bring ‘Em Down 46 HOOBASTANK This Is Gonna Hurt 47 EVANESCENCE The Other Side

39 OUTASIGHT Now Or Never



49 DIRTY HEADS Spread Too Thin

50 RAINS Pressure

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South Jersey Car Shows & Cruises Beer CraZy by Contributing Writer, Nick Gaudio To keep with last week’s theme of summer-friendly beer, we’re going to look at another variant of the wheat beer family, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier. Unlike the spicy overtone to a Belgian Wit, a Bavarian Hefeweissen has a sweeter flavor with a less dense yeast and wheat feeling on the tongue. The Weihenstephan Brewery, in Germany, claims to be the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery, dating back to 768AD. With a history that old, something has to be working for them, and you will understand why as soon as you take the first sip of their Hefeweissen. Best served in a tall glass which will allow the tall head to form, the immediate flavor of vanilla and banana hits the tongue. Follow-up sips will draw out the taste of the wheat and some subtle but sweet citrus. It can be served with or without an orange wedge, but do not make the mistake of using lemon as done with a Belgian Wit. Additionally, make sure to swirl the bottle before pouring the last ounce or two so that the yeast gets mixed into the pour. Its 5.4% ABV and its light flavor are both refreshing qualities to help you through the triple digit temperatures of the next heat wave!


June 8 CRUISE 5 - 9 PM Friday Night Farm Cruise Johnson's Corner Farm, 133 Church Road, Medford, NJ All Makes, Years & Models Welcome- Asphalt Parking Two Free Ice Cream Coupons For Each Car Farmhouse Menu Available Info: 609-654-8643 or EMail: June 9 8:30 AM - 3 PM Rain Date: June 10 The Spring Fling GM Thing The Village Green, Rt. 9, Smithville, NJ Presented By Boardwalk Corvettes Of Atlantic City All Makes, Years & Models Of GM-Powered Vehicles Dash Plaques To 1st 100 Registered Vehicles Trophies In 19 Classes Plus Specialty Awards $100.00 Best Club Participation & Best Of Show Pre-Reg: $15.00; D.O.S. (8:30 - 10:30) $20.00 (Vendors May Inquire) Info: 609-266-1229; 215-805-4851 Day Of Show Hotline: 215-805-4851 June 9 9 AM - 3 PM Rain or Shine 3rd Annual Classic Car Show The Fountains At Cedar Parke, 114 Hayes Mill Rd., Atco, NJ Hosted By Jersey Cruisin' Classics & The Fountains Open To All Makes,Years & Models Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles Trophies, Door Prizes, Chinese Auction, Food, Music, Crafts D.O.S. $15.00 (9 AM Noon) June 9 9 AM - 3 PM Rain Date: June 10 A Touch Of England - A Gathering Of Classic British Motorcars & Motorcycles Hermitage National Historic Landmark, 335 North Franklin Turnpike, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ A Popular Vote Show Hosted By The New Jersey Triumph Association Dash Plaques, Goodie Bags, Raffle Ticket For Door Prizes Pre-Reg(by May 29) $15.00; D.O.S. $20.00 Info: E-Mail: Directions: June 9 CRUISE 5 - 10 PM Rain Date: June 10 (2 -7 PM) Cruise Down Memory Lane - The Largest True Cruise In New Jersey Landis Avenue, Vineland, NJ Hosted By South Jersey Cruisers Assoc. & South Jersey Mustang Club American Marque Vehicles Only 1973 & Older No Fee, It's Free Info: Marv 856-697-6306; E-Mail: June 10 CRUISE 5 - 8:30 PMCruise NightBennigans, 2196 W. Landis Ave., Vineland, NJTrophies On Last Sunday Of The MonthGiveaways Every Sunday With Drink & Food Specials WeeklyAll Makes, Years & Models WelcomeDJ Spinning All Your Favorites From The 50's, 60's & 70's Info: Joe 856-397-3913 June 11 CRUISE 6 PM Marketplace At Cherry Hill, Rt. 70 & Haddonfield Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ Hosted By Ankokas Region AACA All Makes, Years & Models Welcome Music, Trophies, Restaurants, Shopping Info: Allen Vogelson 856-429-8372 or E-Mail:

JUNE 24 THE VIGNETO RALLY The Southern New Jersey Winery Road Rally. Open to 1975 or earlier Europeon sports, racing or GT cars (gran turismo – turismo); and any exotic sports car of any year. American supercars such as the corvette, viper, or GT40 are also eligible. Automobile eligibility is subject to the discretion of the event selection committee. More information at

South Jersey Wineries Get More Info at Amalthea Cellars Atco

Tomasello Winery Hammonton

Auburn Road Vineyards Pilesgrove

Turdo Vineyards & Winery N Cape May

Bellview Winery Landisville

Valenzano Winery Shamong

Brook Hollow Winery Columbia

Wagonhouse Winery Swedesboro

Cape May Winery & Vineyard Cape May Cedarvale Vineyard/ Cedarvale Winery Logan Twp Chestnut Run Farm Pilesgrove Coda Rossa Franklinville is the new site that will list all the wineries in South Jersey with maps, information and more. Watch us grow.

Cream Ridge Winery Cream Ridge DiBella Winery Woolwich DiMatteo Vineyards Hammonton Hawk Haven Vineyards Rio Grande Heritage Vineyards Mullica Hopewell Valley Vineyards Pennington Natali Vineyards, LLC Cape May Court House Plagido's Winery Hammonton Renault Winery Galloway (America's longest operating vineyard) Sharrott Winery Blue Anchor Silver Decoy Winery East Windsor Swansea Vineyards Shiloh Sylvin Farms Germania Terhune Orchards Vineyard & Winery Princeton

The Vigneto Rally is a great way to tour South Jersey’s Vineyards in your sports car. Find out more at

Germany’s Muscle Car Author/Photographs: George Chopek - Society Page Auto Expert See More at ECR Exclusive - When you work around exotic and high end sports cars on a daily basis, you have to consider yourself blessed. What else could be better for a car enthusiast than to sit in the cockpit of the world’s most desirable works of automotive art? Not much, that is a fact. But, every so often, even the best job in the world gets better. And the day I sat my backside on the seat of the Mercedes SLS AMG, I knew it was one of those days. The sun was shining and the breeze was just enough to keep you cool when I arrived at the New Jersey Motorsport’s Park (NJMP) and met up with Marcus Hinz to give his new SLS AMG the ECR critique. As a member of the NJMP Drivers Club, Marcus get’s to live the life of a race car driver. Of course, if you are going to live the life you might as well live it in style; both on the track and at the clubhouse. And driving the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is undeniably stylish. Marcus has only owned the SLS for a few months but it means much more to him than just owning an exotic car. Marcus is living a boyhood dream. Born in Germany, he had always loved the classic gull winged Mercedes 300SL and knew that someday he would own a gull wing of his own. Marcus eventually made his way to the USA and, after years of hard work, finally got to live his dream when he pulled the trigger and drove away in his very own Mercedes Benz SLS AMG…gull wings included. As he put it “Only in America!” The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, with its big V8 producing more than 550 horsepower, is Germany’s version of the elite muscle car. The long front hood opens to reveal a potent power plant which is set back and low in the chassis to help balance the big Mercedes. The paddle mounted shifters are perfectly placed to run the AMG through the gears without letting go of the wheel. Of course, as most of today’s supercars, the AMG features a plethora of modern driving aides that are there if you need them. As always, I find myself captivated with the beauty of the machines I review. Each and every one has a special way of conveying the right message to the intended party and the AMG screams exotic muscle. When you look at this car, it is clear that you are looking at a beast. The large mouthed front grille looks hungry and ready to eat whatever gets in its way. As I looked over the SLS I was in awe of its design and craftsmanship. Fit and finish is magnificent even at Mercedes standards. The gull wing doors definitely make a statement, although you better bring your arm extenders to close them at wide open. Once inside the cockpit you find yourself surrounded by beautiful leather and brushed aluminum accents. The seats are low in the cabin but are extremely comfortable. The interior is roomy with just enough space to stretch the legs. The dash is laid out well with two large analog gauges feeding you speed and RPM’s. No corners were cut with the SLS which would be expected from Mercedes Benz. So, all is good in the cockpit and luxury is an understatement. As a matter of fact, it is so nice inside the SLS that you almost forget your sitting in a sports car. But, that all changes when the engine fires up and you hear that muscle car sound. Unlike an Italian supercar which has the high pitched scream of a predatory hawk, the SLS has the deep growl of a lion. If the looks did not tell you the SLS meant business, the sound will set you straight. So, before this story continues, lets get technical for a moment. The SLS features a 6.2 liter Four Stroke DOHC V8 Engine that produces 563hp@6800 rpm’s and 479 ft/lbs of torque at 4750 rpms. All this power is transmitted to the rear wheels via the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission. The SLS is capable of sprinting from 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds and covering the 1/4 mile in just under 11.8 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited at 197 mph. Not bad for a car that weighs over 3500 pounds. Now that we have inspected the SLS and know what we are dealing with, it is time to take the next step and get on the road. If you read ECR reviews, you will know that most of our test drives are done on major roads as we like to see how a car can perform in day to day situations, where most of us will be driving them. Today was a little different. Today I was going to see what the SLS could do on the track where none of the regular rules apply. I was about to find out how a big Mercedes, with a big V8, could fare in the land of the Porsche, Lotus and Corvette. That’s right, this SLS was going racing and I was going with it. Keep in mind, this is a completely factory original SLS, right down to the wheels and tires. No roll cage or special race prepped brakes. This was pure SLS Mercedes and it was ready to eat. Marcus Living the Dream! So, helmets tied tight and the seatbelts locked in, Marcus rolled the SLS out of the entry gate on to the now famous Lighting Racetrack at the New Jersey Motorsport’s Park. Following a line of Porsches we slowly rolled on to the track where we were given the go ahead to let her rip. And let her rip we did. The instantly brutal horsepower and torque of this beast was immediately apparent. The SLS had no trouble making speed and lots of it in a hurry. This I expected but the next part is what surprised me. To be honest, I had it in my head that the big Mercedes was going to struggle with the twists and turns that Lighting offers. With the long front end and short rear, I was waiting for the SLS to come around on each and every corner. But, I was wrong. For as big as this car looks, it handles amazingly well. Each blip of the paddle shifter was met by the rev matched SLS transmission and the car just hooked and continued with the business at hand. At no time did the SLS feel that it was beyond its limits and Marcus was not taking it easy. Tight turns, wide turns, sweeping turns and long straight aways all got gobbled up by the SLS without hesitation. The grip was fantastic and the power……simply amazing. Of course, the long straights were definitely where the SLS was most at home and where it made up ground on the other track day specialists. All this without the “race car” harshness many would expect from a car with this level of performance. It was racing in luxury. Now, to be fair, the SLS does not handle like a track designed Porsche or purpose built track car, but no one would expect it too. You would be ill advised to toss the SLS around like the others. A bit of style and grace needs to be used to contain the massive power and torque of the SLS and, lucky for me, Marcus possessed just that ability. While the SLS obviously has the power, the smaller track masters have the perceived advantage when it comes to being nimble. But, not only did the SLS hang pretty well with the rest of the specialists, it was in the heat of the battle, mixing it up the entire time. For a car of this size, just being in the fight is simply a magnificent marvel of German engineering. Once off the track and back in the pits, I climbed out and stood back in amazement at what Germany had shipped to American shores. A car that not only looks incredible, and rides like a Mercedes should, but drives to the race track, runs side by side with purpose built track cars, and drives you home in the highest level of class. Simply amazing! So, you may be wondering if the SLS is worth the price tag. Well, let’s break it down. At right around $200k you may want to consider this. With the SLS you don’t just get one car…you get four. That’s right, you get four cars all wrapped up into one gorgeous package. A supercar, muscle car, race car and a luxury grand tourer all in one. Now that is the bargain of the century. Special thanks to the review car owner Marcus Hinz and the New Jersey Motorsport’s Park Drivers Club for accommodating this review

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