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Meet the Bunches and the woman behind the largest Fishing Show in the South!
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Its not a cookie cutter program that looks good on paper.

It is and It isn’t....

I know that is a weird statement or way of starting an article, but that is what I keep coming back to when I think about Hand UP For Women. A few years ago I was asked to attend a Gala for an organization one of my mentors was involved with. I really didn’t know much about the organization, except for conversations we had, but because it was important to her I graciously accepted the invitation.

I sat there and listened to several stories of how this organization had changed women’s lives. The women’s stories definitely overshadowed the guest speaker Phil Williams and guest Mayor Glenn Jacobs , as I am sure both would be pleased that they were not the focus of the evening.

It was like most Galas, if you have ever attended one, but with a sense of”realness” I had not experienced at others.

The stories ranged from living on the streets and addiction to escaping abuse and fighting for their children. The women were from all walks of life and varying backgrounds. One that had participated in the program was a dear friend of mine. She had struggled on and off with drug addiction in the past and as most thought she had overcome her addiction. Then life happened as it usually does, and she was out on the streets living day to day and using again. Anyone that has been around that lifestyle knows you cannot help an addict unless they are ready. You can keep pulling them out only to watch them go right back into that hole of desperation. She told her story and my heart ached for her but was also filled with an overflow of pride for her triumph. She credited much of her journey to Hand UP For Women. They provide a safe place for her to walk though this season of her life with no ridicule or judgment. However with the expectation of participation. Everyone contributes!

For more information about Hand UP For Women please visit the website or contact them via phone at 865-525-9696. Find out how you can help out or get help. The next Gala will be Thursday March 23, 2023 at Jackson Terminal starting at 6:30pm.

They don’t have a large facility and are not housing 100s of women at a time. It’s a group of women who have a heart and passion willing to sacrifice their lives for other women. It’s women who have graduated the program giving back to women just starting the process. It’s the real deal!

As Executive Director Eva Pierce states on their website, “I often tell our participants that to change their lives permanently, they must find a new playground with new playmates. I hope you will check back often to see what happens when both are provided for them, here at Hand UP For Women.” It’s a safe place where women can find help and experience real change if they are willing.

You can read several of these stories under the Hearts UP Blog on their web page. I hope they inspire you to see how you can help those around you. I hope they encourage you if you are needing to make a change or find someone to help. It is and It isn’t another program our little city offers.

hushh heroes
It is and it isn’t; an addiction recovery, a safe house, shelter or sanctuary. It’s changing women’s lives, one by one.

love when we are working hard on an issue and it takes a direction and a life of its own. What I mean, is that sometimes you just can’t plan the outcome of an edition and you just have to let it flow. This issue has certainly taken on an identity about women. Women changing their lives and the lives of those around them. From making kids clothes or remembrance items for loved ones left behind to life direction changing journeys.

I hope you enjoy reading about some extraordinary women that we were given the privilege to share their stories and get to see the handy work of some very talented women as well.

I am by no means a women’s “activist”, however I am proud to be a women with all the facets and challenges we face.

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Made by local women a

Made for Moms and their Kids

Indigo Stitches is a small, handmade kids clothing shop that specializes in high end organic and American-milled materials. Prices vary, but range from $40-$180, depending on level of detail involved. Everything is handmade in small batches. Inventory vary each season. To order contact Indigo Stitches Co., Facebook or at

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Kelsey Francisco
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Mind, Body, Soul, and uh, Fishing

Winter is supposed to be cold and wet, that’s in winter’s job description. But I live in Florida, the home of anti-winter. This is where snow birds go to get away from winter. Imagine my surprise last week when I woke up to find my car and windshield frosted over!

For many of you, seeing this on your car isn’t anything out of the ordinary for this time of year. But for Florida folks, this is big news. People are burning their tiki huts trying to stay warm. We have seen record low temperatures for record lengths of time. Doing anything outside is miserable right now, let alone

adding water and wind to the equation.

The manatees are certainly having a tough time right now, and fish kills are already being reported. Most of the species that get affected by cold water can hang tough for a few days. But for extended periods like this, they have little chance. So, for many reasons, fishing isn’t something I’d even consider right now.

So, in order to keep cabin fever from taking control, I once again am forced to go in to “planning” mode again. This is “planning” on a personal scale, as well as

a paddle fishing scale. I don’t observe any sort of New Years resolutions, but I do have an annual renewal of 3 basic goals I try to aim for. These goals are simply a desire to take better care of “mind”, “body” and “soul”. It’s not a pass/fail thing, more of a forward progress thing. In most aspects of our lives, if we fail to progress, we simply fall behind. My process may not work for you, but it’s certainly worth consideration, especially if you too are under house arrest due to weather conditions.

MIND: Learn something new every day. Whether it’s something to do with your job,

school, or even what your kids are doing in their lives, learn something new, no matter how slight it may be. When it comes to fishing, for me there are a lot of areas where I can expand my knowledge. I can learn more about the habits and desired habitats of the fish I hope to catch. 90% of the fish are found in 10% of the water, so do your homework and discover where that 10% of water is for you. For Florida anglers, this book should be required reading:

“Fishermans Coast: An Angler’s Guide to Marine Warm-Water Gamefish and Their Habitats” by Aaron Adams, Ph.D (2003)

10 hushh magazine |
By: Jerry White, [popular writer for] Photo by: Cajun Graham
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It’s dated, I know, but the information found between the covers is still relevant today. Take this scientific information and blend that with what you experience on the water and you’ll definitely connect with more fish.

There is also the dilemma of which knots are best for your type of fishing. I can tie a few fairly well, but shy away from others simply because I haven’t taken the time to learn them, even though I feel they would suit my fishing better. So, as I escape the cold, I might as well practice my double surgeons knot.

BODY: Get in better shape. A word of advice: baby steps. Many of us get defeated with dieting and exercise because it’s a lot easier to just quit. Instead, choose to eat better (and less), take the stairs more often, get enough sleep and rest (yes, the two are different), and ease up on the caffeine and carbonation. After getting the results from my recent annual physical, it was quite evident that my health would be close to perfect if I simply got more exercise. Being off the couch does not equate to exercise, just in case any of you were wondering. I need cardio and of all things, sunlight (for more vitamin D). Yes sir, doctors orders, I need to be in the sun, paddling. Might as well take a rod or two while I’m taking better care of myself, right?

From the paddle fishing perspective, I plan to troll more often. Why not? I mean, what is the worst that could happen as you drag a lure (any lure) behind your boat as you paddle to your next location? Either get hung up on structure (which is where fish like to congregate), or get a bite as you bring a lure within striking range of a predatory

fish. Worst case, nothing happens aside from getting your heart rate up a bit. You can do it!

SOUL: This is by far the most important segment of the trilogy. A healthy soul is the foundation that everything else is built on. If your soul isn’t in a good solid place, then “mind” and “body” can’t be either. To me, having a healthy soul comes as the result of doing things that I find rewarding. Such as, helping my granddaughter with her homework after I’ve had a horrible day at work. I ask myself, “who’s helping who here?” Or, playing my guitar for even 5 minutes. Guitars serve little function if they’re in a case. They should be on a stand or hanging on the wall, ready to be used. So if you play, get your guitar out of the case.

For years now, I’ve closed these articles with the saying, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” I still believe that to be true. Living in a crowded metropolitan area like I do, I find that about the only way I can find some peace and quiet is to distance myself from my fellow man by about 200 paddle strokes. We all suffer from sensory overload. Too many things coming at us at once, never enough time to accomplish what we feel we need to do. So, I challenge you to let your time on the water be an opportunity to do some soul searching and soul rebuilding. Take a few deep breaths. Bring in some fresh air. Set the cell phone to vibrate. Let go. Release. Remember that a closed hand (or mind) can’t grasp anything new. And, if this solitude and retrospection is shattered by

a thump on the line, so be it. If circumstances prohibit you from taking your boat, at least talk a walk around the water.

My wife has this plaque hanging over our kitchen sink says “A little bit of faith will get your soul to Heaven. A lot of faith will bring Heaven to your soul.”

Ponder that... and try to live a little of it.

I’m already making plans for an outing once this weather breaks. Football season and this cold weather will soon be over. I for one, feel this is part of a

master plan. You know, like how the baitfish spawn precludes the predatory fish spawn. OK, I guess I got a little too deep for my waders on that one. But make no mistake, it will soon be time to get back out there. We’ve got plenty of time to sharpen hooks and our minds. But I have a question for ya?

Are you ready for some fishing?

See you out on the water!

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” ~ Henry David

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I’d Rather Be Kayaking- A journal. Quiet moments on the lake deserve to be recorded. Keep this journal in your kayak for writing down your inspirational thoughts as they occur. Perfect gift for the paddle enthusiast. $6.99 Amazon!

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Located just north of Knoxville, Norris Dam State Park sits on the sprawling Norris Lake. Full of history and ripe for exploration, here are five ideas for your next trip to Norris Dam State Park.

1. Explore the park’s history

There’s so much history to unearth in and around Norris Dam State Park. As the name suggests, the park is located around the site of Norris Dam. While it is not the only dam in Tennessee, it does represent an important moment in history. The park started as a recreation and living area for Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers building the dam and the local community in the 1930s. The federal government gave these workers jobs during a time when many in the United States were suffering from the effects of the Great Depression. The power from the dam introduced thousands of Appalachian residents to the benefits of electricity.

After the dam was built, it didn’t take long for this secluded Southern valley to find its place in history. The dam’s power production fueled a secret government project in the 1940s that would help split the atom and lead to the development of nuclear energy during WWII. The same recreational area that housed CCC workers during the Great Depression served as barracks for workers during the Manhattan Project.

One of the best places to start a history lesson is at the Grist Mill. Not only is it picturesque, it also kicks off your exploration of Appalachian life. A short walking distance from the Grist Mill is the Lenoir

Museum, which offers a collection of Appalachian artifacts and panels detailing the story of the area’s development, including images of the dam’s construction. This museum tells an important story about the impact modernization had on Appalachian folk life. The exhibits in the museum do a great job of preserving that folk life and explaining the tensions that come with progress.

After you’ve gained a sense for the overall history, it’s time to depart on more focused exploration. To gain a better understanding of the CCC you should drive through the eastern portion of the park where the historic cabins are located. You will appreciate the quaint, wooded setting and architecture. You can also take the Camp Kinchen trail down to an area where you can still see the stone ruins of different buildings from the CCC era.

For those interested in the World War II and Manhattan Project connections, we recommend setting out on the Top Secret Trail. The previously mentioned Lenoir Museum is one of the stops on this driving tour. The Top Secret Trail takes you to various sites detailing the story of energy and the development of the atomic bomb. Places like the American Museum of Science & Energy, the Oak Ridge Welcome Center, the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, and K-25 Overlook are an easy drive from the park. The federal government recently formed a new multi-site national park dedicated to the Manhattan Project. Oak Ridge is one of the sites that make up this park. Check out their website for more information about the sites and tours available in Oak Ridge.

16 hushh magazine |

difficulty levels. These trails traverse ridge tops, valleys, hollows, and the lakeshore. The park even allows mountain biking and horseback riding on certain trails. The trails are also the best places to take in the full glory of the changing leaves. Norris Dam even makes the list of top parks for fall colors in Tennessee.

If you want to venture outside of the park, there are more great hiking options nearby. Big Ridge is home to the Indian Rock Trail, a 2.6-mile difficult hike that passes a rocky area where a plaque commemorates the death of Peter Graves. Graves was a settler in the area who was scalped and killed while turkey hunting. His story adds another layer and dimension to the historic understanding and context of the region. Big Ridge is also home to the Sharp’s Station Trail which leads visitors to the site of one of the first two settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains in the 1780s.

3. Take a boat on the water

Norris Dam is home to a fullyequipped commercial marina that has a boat ramp and offers rentals, including pontoon and house boats. The lake itself is breathtaking; surrounded by hills and mountains, winding its way more than 100 miles throughout the region. It’s a perfect destination for paddling and boating.

4. Fish on the lake

Speaking of the lake, another great activity is fishing. Fishing at Norris Dam has two distinct experiences depending on where you’re fishing and your preference. If you cast a line on the lake side, you can expect to catch largemouth, spotted, smallmouth and striped bass. Anglers on the banks and on watercraft can have a rewarding trip

up and down the 34,000-acre lake. If fly fishing is more of your thing, the cold tail-waters of the Clinch River below the dam are a great place for trout.

5. Practice your photography

Finally, Norris Dam is a perfect park for hobby photographers. The dam provides an obvious focal point. Many photographers take to the high ground and capture the juxtaposition of the lake waters with the lower tailwaters. The fog that often forms creates depth for morning photography and has contributed to some of the best photos we have seen from Norris Dam.

Then there are all of the historic elements in the park. The Grist Mill, shown above, is a popular structure to photograph. The various CCC elements provide great textures and substance. It’s definitely a park where a photographer can put their depth of field skills and creativity to the test.

Where to Stay

Norris Dam State Park has a large quantity of camping and cabin options. The newer, standard cabins are some of the most popular in the entire park system. However, the rustic cabins are steeped in history and known for their uniqueness. They were originally constructed in the 1930s by the CCC and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While they are historic, they received a renovation in 2020 with modern finishes, kitchen appliances, showers, etc.

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Get Ready to Play!

Spring and Summer are coming y’all and I am here for it! Matter of fact, I’ve already started daydreaming about the fun we’re going to have and I think it’s time to start planning. So join me in my search for the perfect rental for a week on the lake this summer. You can cast your votes on our Facebook page- just look for our poll. We will be offering some fun give-aways for those who participate!

Ok, so I don’t know how you guys look for your vacation rentals, but there’s a couple places I look. First, I check out the Get Local Classifieds paper because they pretty much have a little of everything. If that fails, I look at VRBO & AirBNB. I am going to list my top picks and you can help me decide! (Listings are in no particular order)

#2. “Lake It Inn” - Lake Views & Style is something this place is NOT short on! This is a bright, spacious home on Douglas Lake, which has been thoughtfully designed for a relaxing and fun family vacation. Swimming, fishing, kayaking, hammocking, grilling out, relaxing on the porch, making s’mores around the fire pit... Or, cozy up in front of the fireplace for a movie and games on a rainy day. Ideal for remote working, you can confidently set up shop with reliable, fast internet that is accessible even from the boat dock. And for an average of $206 a night,hmmm do we have to wait till vacation time?! AIRBNB

#1. Norris Lakefront in Big Creek “Suits Us Just Fine”. This house has a lot going for it, but all I can say is- check out the water access!! And for $265 a night average, it’s definitely a contender. Nestled in the woods on 3 private acres with a lakefront inlet cove for your group’s private getaway. Recently updated charmer, offering 2500+ sq ft on three levels with firepit, fireplace, hot tub, dock and so much more. They also have a companion house you can rent next door called “Suits Us Too”. VRBO

18 hushh magazine |

#3. Off-the-grid Luxury at “Bear Necessities”. This stunning Cherokee National Forest vacation cabin sits alongside the crystalline Tellico River. The large deck overlooks the water and fire-pit. This home is a dream for the outdoor enthusiast! Step right outside for world-famous trout fishing. An offthe-grid vacation paradise! Our cabin offers the modern conveniences of satellite TVs, outdoor grill, full kitchen, and gas-fireplace. But the stunning wall of windows, overlooking the river, will steal the show! This cabin is perfect for families, fishing companions, and it also makes an ideal honeymoon retreat. The full kitchen is stocked with all you need for preparing your food. A full bathroom is on each level. On the spacious back deck you can sit on a rocking chair to view the wildlife, relax with your favorite beverage, and visit with your friends. The rush of the river will lull you to sleep each night as you sleep in one of our 3 luxurious beds. This well-appointed cabin sleeps 6 (2 full baths). Only 7 miles from Bald River Falls, this cabin (located in the Green Cove area) is only 2 miles from the Tellico Trout Hatchery and the Benton MacKaye Hiking Trail. Average $275-$350 a night. AIRBNB

#4.UNIQUE! 2 Lux Cabins and Treehouse on 50 acres Stunning Lake Views, Fire Pit and Hot Tub. “Center Hills Cabins” is a collection of 2 pioneer built cabins (moved and rebuilt at this location in 2003) and a luxury treehouse on almost 50 wooded, private and gated acres. This place has a vibe and I’m obsessed.

The property sleeps up to 14 people, yet each structure is on the smaller side and brimming with character! Perfect for couples or families who want to be together but still need some privacy! Take a soak in the jacuzzi tub, then head outside to listen to the sounds of the deep woods and see the sky full of stars…

Sligo Marina is 10 minutes away where you can rent a pontoon for the day, and Burgess Falls has the most incredible hiking and waterfalls also 10 minutes away! Average night is $450 but you can get discounted rates for renting just the treehouse or main cabin. VRBO

#5. “Watt a Retreat”. 3 BR, 2 BA Contemporary Lake House on Watt’s Bar Lake. Located just 3 miles off Exit 352 in Roane County, you’re extremely close to all the outdoor activities East Tennessee has to offer. The house was completely remodeled in 2020 and has fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, Internet and 3 Roku TV’s. You’re a short 20 minutes to Knoxville’s Turkey Creek Shopping are at Exit 373. W/I 15 -20 mins of ORNL, UT &West Town Mall. 1 hr to Pigeon Forge, & Gatlinburg & 1.5 hrs to the Great Smoky Mnts Nat Pk. Average night is $254. AIRBNB

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New Year New You

“New year, new you.” That’s the mentality that leads many people to whip their budgets into shape every time the calendar flips to a new year, and that’s why we’re taking the time to offer up our best personal finance tips for 2023.

But let’s be clear: There’s no wrong time to whip your personal finances into shape.

We all have financial goals swimming around in our brain somewhere, even if we don’t actively think about them. But if you want to, say, retire in style, have a blowout wedding bash, or eventually own your own vacation home … well, whether you realize it or not, those can all be financial goals.

We say “can be” because they’re not actually goals until you start trying to achieve them—until then, they’re just daydreams.

So, how do you go from daydreaming about financial success to actually achieving it? A lot of ways, as it turns out. You can start big, you can start small, but most important is that you start.

Understand where yoU’re

spending yoUr money

First things first: You need to understand where all your money is going! Use the sunlight method. There’s an old adage that goes, ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant.’ Originally, it meant that if you make

the public aware of corruption, that corruption will get fixed, but it has expanded to mean that if you want to improve something, shine it in the bright light of day and take a good look at it.

Research shows that we tend to change our behavior simply by being aware that we’re being observed. That same principle applies to your money. Put your spending in the sunlight and observe yourself. Take a look at your bank statement and see what stands out. See where you can cut spending—perhaps that week of deliveries was not all that satisfying, or that new coat wasn’t worth the price tag. Prioritize your needs vs. wants—go over your list and challenge/think about every expense.

22 hushh magazine |
Nearly every person will deal with debt at some point in their life—whether it’s a student loan, a car loan, a mortgage, or credit card debt. Determining how the debt impacts your life, and understanding where it comes from is the first step to working towards your repayment goals.

Understand where yoU’re spending yoUr money

Compare your spending month-to-month, and try dedicating one day a month to go over your finances. Don’t even think about skipping it! Are you running out of money between paychecks? Did you forget about an extra expense? Do you have new priorities? Did you get a raise and want to spend wisely? If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to rethink your budget!

aUtomate yoUr personal finance efforts

Time to let someone else do the heavy lifting. Specifically, financial and investing apps that pack a number of tools into your computer, smartphone, or tablet. They make saving and budgeting seamless with gamified, automated tools that help you organize your money, so once you determine your financial goals, you can automate your efforts to reach it. This means you only need to have good behavior for a short period of time, and then after that, it’s on autopilot. You’ll be working towards your financial wellness goals, without even having to think twice about it!

VisUalize yoUr goals

Visualization is the practice of imagining what you want in the future and it is a powerful tactic when it comes to saving money. Think of a goal—what are you working toward? For some, it’s a smaller, short-term goal like buying an inexpensive laptop for college; for others, it’s a much larger, longer-

term goal like achieving financial independence or purchasing a home (or eggs.... ifykyk).

Set short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial goals for yourself, and visualize how you will get there and the trade-offs you’ll need to make along the way. You can try many different options until you find a strategy that works for you, but having a concrete goal in mind will help incentivize you to work every day toward that goal.

balances that are much lower than your credit limit); and regularly keeping an eye on your credit report to make sure you’re not a victim of identity theft.

start yoUr retirement saVings

Your credit score is one of the most important pieces of financial data—it can determine whether you’ll be approved (and how much you’ll pay) for big-ticket purchases such as cars and houses. It’s also the basis for the most searched personal finance question: “What is a good credit score?”

Credit scores fall in a range of 300-850, and the higher the score, the better. So what’s ‘good’? Different lenders might view scores differently, but Experian says: ‘580 to 669 are considered fair; 670 to 739 are considered good; 740 to 799 are considered very good; and 800 and up are considered excellent.’

If you have a low credit score, then, you’ll want to build good credit. You can do that by making timely payments on things such as utility bills, student loans, and car loans; opening a starter credit card and making on-time payments; maintaining a low credit utilization ratio (carrying

One of the most popular goals, especially as people get older, is building a nest egg for retirement. Once you reach retirement age and stop drawing an income from your job, you still have to pay the bills from somewhere—and a large part of that “somewhere” is the retirement savings you build up in an investment account such as a workplace 401(k). Even if your employer doesn’t offer a 401(k), it’s easy to open up a brokerage account, or a tax-advantaged investment account such as an individual retirement account (IRA) or Roth IRA. And the sooner you start, the better off you will be come time to retire!

You don’t have to start big either—you can literally start with $10 here, or $20 there, and contribute more retirement funds, more regularly, over time as your (hopefully growing) salary allows.

And lastly: Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Some people can handle financial planning on their own. Some just need a little help, and many financial/investing apps can provide the educational resources and advice they need. But some might not have the time or the patience to run their own financial life, in which case, reach out to a financial advisor, such as a Certified Financial Planner.

yoUr credit
Your Future. Our #1 Investment. | 865.692.1513 Financial Prosperity is easy as 1,2,3.. Free Consultation Develop Strategy Implement & Manage
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Snowballs ...

While many across East Tennessee enjoy building snowmen and walking through winter wonderlands during the wintery cold season, the Bunch family and crew at Bunch Marine in Harriman, Tennessee are busy preparing spaces and booths for bass boats and fishing poles!

For the past thirteen years Shelia Bunch has been the mastermind behind the East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo hosted every January right here in Knoxville, Tennessee. Just before the holidays I had the honor of sitting with Shelia for the “heart” story behind Bunch Marine, the family-business she and her husband, Curtis Bunch, own as well as a “behind-the-scenes-look” of all that takes place in preparation for one of the largest fishing expos in the southeast region.

Bunch Marine has been a family-owned business for over 60 years. It’s original owner, Roy Bunch, was Curtis’s grandfather. As Shelia said, “when Roy opened Bunch Marine it was a very small little business ran out of a tiny building, offering a limited amount of fishing supplies.

26 hushh magazine |

and FishingPoles!


Roy ran the business for many years and then actually sold it to a gentleman.”

The new owner ran the business only a couple of years, not really doing anything to add to its future. Then in stepped Roy’s grandson, Curtis.

At twenty-three years of age Curtis bought the family business back and set out to not only operate what his grandfather had begun, but to build the marine into something that would make Roy Bunch proud.

Year by year Curtis worked to add quality boat manufacturers and products to his shop. In time, Curtis had more than doubled the business influx of the marine and continued to listen and respond to the needs of his customers, building the family business into the #1 Boat Dealer in the East Tennessee region.

In 1962, Roy Bunch started Bunch Marine, a small business primarily focused on servicing boats and motors, while also keeping a few fishing boats on hand for purchase. Curtis Bunch, Roy’s grandson, started working alongside his papaw at the early age of 12 years old making a whopping $10 a day. He was excited about the business, and at age 16, after diligently working to increase his knowledge and improve his customer service skills, he was ordering all parts and accessories, waiting on as many customers as he could and fully running the show!

Fast forward to the late 1970’s — the marine business was in the middle of a dip due to an unfortunate recession. However, Curtis didn’t let that get in the way of progressing the business. In 1980,

after an old-time banker took a risk on him and loaned him $20,000, he officially purchased Bunch Marine from his papaw and became owner. It took a few years, but as the economy rebounded, the business significantly expanded. Bunch Marine was back on the up-and-up! They were able to add more employees and widen the spectrum of boats they offered, adding in family and recreational boats. They were also able to add onto their service department with the expansion of a 14,000 square foot workshop, and today they house over 100 boats between their two showrooms.

As the years successfully passed, Curtis’ wife, Shelia, was there, too. She supported Curtis and the business day-in and dayout, serving as a very important part of all decisions that were made along the way.

hushh magazine | 27


In 2005 Curtis became one of the partners in the East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo. Shelia went with Curtis in 2008 to help manage a booth their business was displaying at the show, and as she put it, “THAT was a living nightmare.” At that time the Fishing Show had a traffic flow of about 200 people the entire weekend. There were approximately thirteen businesses represented, and “not much of anything” in the way of products was being offered for participants to view.

Shelia remarked, “I went home after that show and told Curtis – ‘Do Not ever ask me to go back!’ It was a complete waste of a weekend.”

---> As two of their sons, Daniel and Michael, were growing up, they fell right into place within the business. They helped out after school and on Saturdays, doing odd jobs and soaking in the knowledge of running a family business in the same way Curtis had learned from his papaw. Then in 1997, Curtis’ daughter, Riley, was born and essentially grew up in the marine business. Daniel passed away in 2004, but Michael and Riley have continued within the family business, passionately working towards continuing their brother’s and their family’s passions and legacies. And even though not in the marine business, their two other children are very successfully working their own jobs — Steven, an engineer, and Dustin, who works for Raytheon.

When looking back through the years of Bunch Marine, Curtis and his crew have had to jump over multiple hurdles — a recession in the 1980s, the recession in ‘07-’09, a worldwide pandemic, inflation and rising interest rates, and within this past year, an injury to Curtis’ spinal cord. However, despite the ebbs and flows, Bunch Marine has continued to grow. And when we asked Curtis “how?”, he answered with the following — “Just be good to people!” As he’s taken an ever-so-slight step back, he’s instilled in Michael and Riley that when doing business, you have to say what you mean and mean what you say. If in a conversation with a customer you promise

to check on a part and then give them a call at a later time, you better be making that call in a few hours! Operating a business in this way results in repeat customers, new customers coming in after a word-of-mouth recommendation, a respectable reputation, and in Bunch Marine’s case, it’s resulted in becoming one of the largest boat dealers in the Southeast. In closing, Curtis wanted us to make sure we expressed the gratitude he has

What happened next was about to change Everything!

It was January when Shelia had gone to the fishing show and vowed upon her return home that she would never go back. “Well,” Shelia chuckled, shifting her coffee from one hand to the other, “Never say never.”

It was January of 2008 when Shelia swore she’d never take part in the show again, and it was August of that same year when Curtis came home from the shop one evening asking, “Shelia, what would you think about us taking over the Fishing Show starting this year?”

for his family, his very special friends and of course, all of his customers over the years. He’s still very much a part of the business decisions, but he’s excited to see Michael and Riley take the business to the next level of success.

The partner who had been helping over the years threw in the towel, leaving Curtis with a full show to produce, or a decision to make of whether to continue, or raise his white flag as well.

28 hushh magazine |

Shelia: “So, I said I would consider producing the show under ONE condition.”

Mandy: “And what was the one condition that would potentially entice you to consider managing a small fishing show that lasted a whole weekend, with a meager amount of foot traffic?”

Shelia: “The one condition? – that I get to do it MY way. There’d be a lot of changes, and I had to have the approval to make them.”


Well, as Paul Harvey used to say when ending his daily broadcast show, “And now you know… the Rest of the Story.” I don’t believe you would hear anyone who has gone to the East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo over the past thirteen years refer to it as a small, meagerly attended event. But rather quite the opposite.

Under Shelia’s direction the show has grown from thirteen vendors to over THREE HUNDRED. The original building which hosted the event was the Jacobs Building on-site at the TVA&I Fairgrounds. However, in 2014 it was moved to the Knoxville Expo Center where it remains, a location offering much more capacity for booths and boat displays than the previous one.

This building is still not large enough to accommodate all that the show has to offer. “We have a waiting list for vendors,” Shelia explained. “Year to year we have to cut it off at a little over 300 because we’re maxed out in the space we have.”

Shelia continued, saying she would love to find a larger building offering more inside space and a larger parking area, but has not been able to locate anything within close proximity that would meet the demand. So, what is one to do when they’ve created something that exceeds all expectations, with no room to grow? GLAD YOU ASKED!

hushh magazine | 31


Shelia had an exciting announcement as we talked. In this year, 2023, The East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo will expand beyond the borders of Tennessee and host it’s very first show in Gadsden Alabama in March!

“This will give customers who travel from many surrounding states a chance to attend with a little less driving,” Shelia stated. “You’d be surprised how far some travel to be at the show.”


I couldn’t keep the fun facts Shelia shared with me during our conversation to myself:

• Customers travel from 13 states to attend this annual event. (Possibly more, but this is the “official” amount recorded.)

• Some couples attend the show for their wedding anniversaries. Many of these include husband/wife fishing teams.

• One couple came to the fishing show for their honeymoon!


As Shelia talked about the history of Bunch Marine and the Fishing Show, she also took time to share from her heart about their family’s heartache interwoven within the bliss and blessings of all that’s taken place.

“Curtis had been running the Marine, and I was working elsewhere during those years, until 2020. In May of 2020, Curtis was involved in a serious accident. We spent three months at Shepherds Hospital, and upon going

home, our lives would be forever changed.”

Curtis’s accident left him confined to a wheelchair with limited mobility, and Shelia would now be his primary caregiver. The first months home were extremely challenging, Shelia describing them as the “most intense moments” of their family’s lives, trying to figure out how to ‘do life’ and keep the business running at the same time.

Thankfully, their son and daughter were older now, and both stepped in to make sure the family business didn’t suffer.

“Our kids were beyond Great. Taking the reins, our son Mikie stepped in to manage the affairs of the business, while Riley, our daughter, jumped onboard right away doing all that was needed to take care of customers and

help keep things flowing.”

Their children now run the family business, under their parent’s guidance, and Curtis has not let his accident dictate his life goals. Even though it is not an easy task for either Curtis or Shelia, Curtis still goes into the shop three times a week and helps to oversee business operations.

“It’s Awesome seeing everyone work together to keep things not only going, but thriving,” Shelia exclaimed.

“And I also want to say, none of what we do would be possible without the wonderful staff members we have at Bunch Marine. Many of them have been with us for years; and we are so very Blessed.”

Shelia talked through tears as she described the staff members, and how they faithfully serve to meet not

32 hushh magazine |

only the needs of the business, but of the family and customers as well.

In winding down our conversation about Bunch Marine, and the history behind the East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo, I asked Shelia what she would say the number one reason is for her and her family to continue year after year hosting the Fishing Show. I know there has been opportunity to turn it over to other groups, which would “free up” their time and take the load off their shoulders. It only took a moment’s time however for me to realize the heart and soul behind the show…

Shelia’s heart for small business owners is truly inspiring. One thing she is very big on is making sure that small companies with Big Ideas in the world of fishing, get recognized. She ensures announcements are made during the show introducing new inventions, small businesses, and all they have to bring to the table. And one last surprise Shelia pulled just as our interview was ending…


“We have added a television show to our Expo family too.”

I had to ask to make sure I heard her correctly! She went on to explain that in 2020 as things began shutting down, and morale sliding along with it, she was informed that they would not be able to host the fishing show since it was a live event. At first, Shelia’s heart sank. All she could think about were the businesses who were struggling just to survive with all the madness that year brought.

THEN – she had an idea.

She quickly called pro-fishing expert, Mike DelVisco, and Ray Defoe, her IT guy, to see if it could become reality and upon their ‘Yes’, she sprang into action. Within a short while, Shelia had contacted business owners, inventors, investors, and by the Fall of 2020 The Outdoor Showcase, a reality TV fishing show, was birthed. When I asked Shelia how long it aired, she replied with a huge smile, “Oh honey, it’s still going. And we don’t plan to stop it. Anything that’s helping our customers and vendors, we’re going to do.”

The Outdoor Showcase airs every Thursday, and a link has been placed at the end of this article for all who desire to view.

“My number one reason for doing what I do every year?” Shelia asked, “That’s easy – small businesses. My heart’s desire is to help small businesses succeed, and to pay it forward, what others did to help us when we were young in business and still learning.”
hushh magazine | 33


After talking with Shelia about the history of Bunch Marine and the East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo, all I wanted to do was go fishing and boating… and I’ve never fished! It’s difficult to be in the atmosphere of someone as enthusiastic as Shelia without Catchin’ the Fever!

Listening to the story of how it all began: A family business, started – sold – and then reclaimed by a grandson.

How it grew: From a tiny shop to the #1 Boat Dealer in the Region.

How its borders continue to enlarge: From rescuing an East Tennessee winter tradition from fading away,

to now making it one of the largest expos of its kind!...

Truly touches your heart. But seeing the passion that drives the commitment helps you understand why and how this extraordinary family continues, year after year, to lovingly serve the East Tennessee region (and now beyond) with “All things” that pertain to fishing and boating.


As Shelia put it, “It’s not about the money, or any monetary gain from the show. It’s about small businesses,

and the people behind them who deserve to be recognized and honored.”

Well said Shelia. And it’s for that very reason that we HONOR you and your remarkable family for all you bring, not only to the world of fishing and boating, but to small business owners across this great nation.

East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo, Links:

34 hushh magazine |


$69.99 | Easily manage excess anchor rope while being able to lift up and lower your traditional anchor or pole anchor.

Mounts onto your gear track using 2 T-Nuts and knobs. Made from HDPE. Very durable and strong. Includes locking lever and a line guide which keeps the line wrap even on the spool. FeelFree kayaks require the track adapters for this accessory to connect correctly. Works perfectly with the Quickstop Pole Anchor System.

Jerkbait $8 each | Designed for the tournament angler, loved by the regular pleasure angler. Equipped with laser sharp hooks and strong split rings these versatile hard baits are durable and have some of the most unique action of any hard baits on the market. With some beautiful hand painted patterns the fish can’t resist.

Crusher 7’ Medium Spinning $189 | IRod continues to blow the competition out of the water with a combination of weight, sensitivity, and the crispness of the blank. Line Weight 4-10, Lure Weight 1/8-3/8, Power: Medium, Fast Action.

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If you’re a beginner with crank baits, simply parallel the depth line with your cast and retrieve. It doesn’t matter if you fish from the bank, kayak, or a boat. Take a moderate retrieve. When you feel contact with bottom pause slightly. This often is what triggers a fish into biting. The key to crank bait fishing is to bounce the bait off bottom or other structure. Deflecting off logs, rocks, or even brush piles is critical to success. Flourocarbon line will help aid in hook sets as there is less line stretch compared to monofilament.

The HOOKY® $20- set of 3 | Snaps on to your fishing rod. You can also attach it to your hat, a dowel or just use it in you hand if you like.

If you lose time due to poor eye sight, dim light, cold fingers, boat rocking, wind and rain then a HOOKY® can make your time fishing much more enjoyable. HOOKY® has helped people with physical challenges such as: macular degeneration, parkinsons, and neuropathy.

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Easily attach/detach with the included industrial-strength,

hushh magazine | 37



Do you enjoy the occassional sushi roll, or maybe some fresh fish, but absolutely do not want to be involved with the whole do-it-yourself? Have no fear- Hushh is here! We have tried and tested a few local Knoxville resturaunts and picked the best catches around! Don’t take our word for it- try for yourself!

It’s hard to pick one thing from Harvest land, sea, & vine! Not only do they take care to give exceptional quality and experience, they change their menu based on seasons so they use truly the freshest ingredients and new experiences! Something here lately I’ve been enjoying is their Board options! From caviar to Oysters on a half shlef or Lowcountry Rockefeller, plus tradional Board options, it makes a great time with friends or that special someone! *Side note- their brunch Appalachian Shrimp & Grits I could eat at every meal!!

From the experienced sushi lover to the first time trier, there’s a sushi roll for everyone at Anaba Japanese Cuisine! I have never been a fan of sushi- thinking of eating raw fish, um not my style, which is why I was so happy to find out they have “Warm rolls” with cooked seafood options! My personal favorite is the Spider Roll which is deep fried soft-shell crab, avocado, cucucmber and greens with smelt roe, served with ponzu sauce. Mmmm

From Season Innovative Bar & Grille’s New Winter Menu, Southern Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp appetizer on a bed of braised collard greens with a mustard seed aioli and julienne prosciutto is our new favorite! Love the atmosphere and a great place to unwind after a day of shopping the bustling Turkey Creek Shopping area!

You can’t make everyone happyyou’re not a taco! Well, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill nows how to make you happy- even if it’s not happy hour! They have incredible Tuna Street Tacos witAvocado-lime slaw & charred corn salsa on the their Firebar Menu. And don’t forget to order a lemonadeevery lemonade ordered they donate $1.25 to “Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a charity focused on fighting childhood cancer!

Call them Low Country Boils, Cajun Boils, Frogmore Stew or whatever… they are simply good eating! The Shrimp Dock is a “one-stop-shop” destination for shrimp boils. They will even gladly offer you the loan of a 60 or 80 quart pot and burner stand to customers who purchase their ingredients from them! And me being from Florida, growing up fishing the East Coast, I’ve had some really great fish from the Shrimp Dock- and love to talk recipes!

38 hushh magazine |







40 hushh magazine |
hushh magazine | 39

Did you know the term KOYO means to elevate? Our chef’s curated an elevated menu utilizing the freshest ingredients and designed a menu in true Omakase style. We can promise you elevated, unique, dining.


Mermaid. Now that I have your attention.... Not only do I love the decor at The Brass Pearl (mermaid bar), but their Fisherman’s Stew speaks to my soul on a cold, grey Tennessee winter day. I couldn’t get enough of that broth. Rich, spicy, and tomato-y. The perfect bite was some of the broth with the chargrilled bread.

Dinner is in the bag with the Storming Crab! You can mix & match or just buy by the pound. They have Green and Black mussels, scallops, snow crab, blue crab, dungeness crab, crawfish, white clams & so much more! Every bite seasoned to perfection, Ça c’est bon!

Try something new and exciting this month at KOYO. Their winter menu has something for everyone to enjoy, we can not get enough of the new Chilean Seabass with cauliflower puree, golden beets and squash, & black garlic reduction. You must give it a try!

Let’s get crabby! Start your dinner off right with these hand stuffed mushrooms - with crab! Chesapeake’s is the House of Seafood, and no matter what you order you will swim away happy!

Bang Bang Fish is a CLASSIC of Bonefish Grill! Whether alone or on a taco, your mouth with thank you for that spicy, creamy delicious breaded shrimp!

No matter what “Floats your boat” when it comes to seafood, Knoxville has a variety that will satisfy!

This is a highlight of a very long journey for an extraordinary young woman (I am calling her young since we are the same age), whom I’ve had the pleasure of calling friend. Renee’s story begins like most; growing up, going to college, getting married, having kids and so on. However it is her passion for people that leads us here.

A few years ago, Renee, her husband, Lance and their little family embarked on a new chapter of life and started a venue nestled in the foothills of East TN in a little place called Townsend. A quiet cove at the base of the Smoky Mountains.

Named for their youngest son Cooper, Cooper’s Cove becomes a reality. They have put a personal touch on each part of Cooper’s Cove from Sydni’s Point, named for their daughter, an additional outdoor wedding site with a majestic view of the Great Smoky Mountains or Logan’s Lodge, named for their oldest son, where you can relax before your wedding or celebration. Renee said, “The way I always describe Cooper’s Cove is, peaceful.” That statement would not be surprising to anyone who knows Renee. From childhood she has always sought out peacefulness and wanted everyone around her to feel comfortable. I would be safe to say that is what drew them to this beautiful landscape.

Sydni’s Point

42 hushh magazine |
Logan’s Lodge

Once a definite extrovert she is now happiest to be behind the scene elevating others to fulfill their dreams and make spectacular memories. I hope one day soon Renee has the time to sit down and tell her story, I know it is one worth sharing.

The Manor

So if you are someone that is looking for an intimate venue for celebrations, from birthdays to your wedding day, I know a little place called Cooper’s Cove that you would feel most welcome.

My name is Renee Fuson and I am a managing partner of Cooper’s Cove. I am a wife to Lance and a mother to Logan, Sydni and Cooper. For many years I have enjoyed planning, decorating and hosting events and parties. I love to entertain and help families make wonderful memories for themselves. I believe that it is important to bring people together and celebrate life. Cooper’s Cove is the perfect setting for any event. It is a place where families can gather and feel relaxed and at home.

Let’s talk about your special day!

865.448.3960 •

125 Townsend Park Road • Townsend, TN 37882

events for winter February


AMBC MEGA Work Party at Concord Park

This one is gonna be MEGA! Come out and join us for our monthly work party, it’s a great way to catch up with the community while improving our awesome trails! We’ll have all the tools – bring water, gloves, and safety glasses. Harpers Bike Shop will be providing lunch at noon, and you know we’ll have cold beverages from Lipman Brothers to quench our thirsts.



Meet some of Ijams’ resident owl ambassadors before heading out on the trails after dark in search of these beautiful birds. Participants will learn about unique owl adaptations that help them rule the night. We’ll go out in search of barred, screech, and great horned owls, all while practicing their calls and putting our own senses to the ultimate nocturnal test. Cost $15. from Lipman Brothers to quench our thirsts.


FCP Tuesday Night Ride

This weekly ride continues all year long via bike lights…charge’em up! Routes vary each week. We will stay as a group and make plenty of stops to keep it that way.



Join us for our Disc Golf Putting league inside our heated tent. All levels and ability welcome, matched up accordingly with teammates. Bring a disc, have a great time! Small entry fee each week, which goes towards a cash prize each week, as well as raffles, rentals, and much much more.



Trail Race starts at 7:50 a.m., Road Race starts at 8:00 a.m. at the Whitestone Inn on Watts Bar Lake. A lovely, rolling, scenic and rural course that runs through the countryside. Downhill start means uphill finish!



This trail ultimately climbs about 1,000 feet to its junction with the Bullhead Trail. There are several interesting historical relics to examine along the way, mostly remnants of CCC facilities used during the construction of park infrastructure in the 1930’s and 40’s. Also options of visiting the “Stone House,” and an old cemetery along the way. Distance 6-8 miles total, depending on how far up the trail we go.

44 hushh magazine |

Recurring Tuesdays

February 02/23

events for winter

FCP Tuesday Night Ride

This weekly ride continues all year long via bike lights…charge’em up! Routes vary each week. We will stay as a group and make plenty of stops to keep it that way.



This trail ultimately climbs about 1,000 feet to its junction with the Bullhead Trail. There are several interesting historical relics to examine along the way, mostly remnants of CCC facilities used during the construction of park infrastructure in the 1930’s and 40’s. Also options of visiting the “Stone House,” and an old cemetery along the way. Distance 6-8 miles total, depending on how far up the trail we go. Rated moderate. Details and registration online. Must pre-register with Ron Shrieves at ronshrieves@

Recurring Thursdays


This weekly group ride will roll from the shop at 6pm to Sharps Ridge for some single track therapy. Ride can split into groups as needed with plenty of stops to regroup. Bring lights.



Sunday morning run on the Third Creek Greenway. Your distance, your pace. Occasionally switches to 7 a.m. Check Facebook for confirmation of time & meetup.


Join us every Thursday for a trail run at Meads Quarry, weather permitting; afterwards, runners will get $1 off their pints at Alliance Brewing. Updates on Facebook.



Weekly 3-hour ride of 50+ miles at a fast pace of 18/20 mph. Weather permitting. Updates on Facebook.



Join us on Tuesday and Thursday for a night bike ride leaving the shop at 4:30. We ride on the Maryville –Alcoa Greenway. These rides can last anywhere from 14 to 16 miles…maybe a little more; maybe a little less with breaks along the way. No one is left behind. Weather permitting. Bring lights. Check Facebook for updates.

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events for winter March



Every 1st Saturday of every month you will find us paddling a whitewater river or creek somewhere in Tennessee. We welcome all to join us. We will keep it on natural flow as much as possible. Expect Class II through Class IV. Don’t rule a paddle out though due to difficulty.



Join us on Sundays. Sign-ups will be 1:30. Tee off at 2 o’clock. $5 to play, $1 optional ace pot. Random A/B draw. Standard layout.



Join us for our Winter Progression Sessions with the AMBC Joy Ride Ladies! Free.

Series #1 January 21: Sharp’s Ridge – riding green trails to get a feel for Sharp’s Ridge.

Series #2: Sharp’s Ridge – riding blue trails to get a feel for Sharp’s Ridge. Series #3: Sharp’s Ridge – riding blue trails.

Series #4:Sharp’s Ridge – riding blue and black trails.




The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival returns to Knoxville March 13, 14 and 15. This year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring action, environmental, and adventure films from the festival. Traveling to exotic landscapes and remote cultures, and bringing audiences upclose and personal with adrenalinepacked action sports, the World Tour is an exhilarating and provocative exploration of the mountain world. Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 7 p.m.



This weekly group ride will roll from the shop at 6pm to Sharps Ridge for some single track therapy. Ride can split into groups as needed with plenty of stops to regroup. Bring lights. Weather updates and details



Join us on Sundays. Sign-ups will be 1:30. Tee off at 2 o’clock. $5 to play, $1 optional ace pot. Random A/B draw. Standard layout. Locations may change, check Facebook for updates.

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We know your pets are a part of your family, which is why we have pet friendly team members and pet friendly products. We’ve developed specific procedures for cleaning up pet hair with special tools and techniques that leave your home as close to hairless as we can get. We even vacuum under the cushions on the couch.

is why we have pet friendly team members and pet friendly products. We’ve developed specific procedures for cleaning up pet hair with special tools and techniques that leave your home as close to hairless as we can get. We even vacuum under the cushions on the couch.

We know your pets are a part of your is why we have pet friendly team pet friendly products. We’ve developed procedures for cleaning up pet hair tools and techniques that leave your to hairless as we can get. We even the cushions on the couch.

We know your pets are a part of your family, which is why we have pet friendly team members and pet friendly products. We’ve developed specific procedures for cleaning up pet hair with special tools and techniques that leave your home as close to hairless as we can get. We even vacuum under the cushions on the couch.

We know your pets are a part of your family, which is why we have pet friendly team members and pet friendly products. We’ve developed specific procedures for cleaning up pet hair with special tools and techniques that leave your home as close to hairless as we can get. We even vacuum under the cushions on the couch.

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2802 Essary Dr. Knoxville, TN 37918 | 865.686.0502 ESTATE JEWELRY SHOW one day only! april 15th, 2023 Join us for our star-studded, one day event! there will be one-of-a-kind pieces including a selection of celebrity owned estate jewelery items discover a piece as uniqueyou


events for winter March



Bring a friend or come make new ones at this Monday night fun run at Alliance Brewing Co. in South Knoxville. We meet every Monday at 6:30pm! Come back and enjoy $1 off beers. Keep updated online.



This weekly ride continues all year long via bike lights…charge’em up! Routes vary each week. We will stay as a group and make plenty of stops to keep it that way. Details and weather updates online.




Meets at Haw Ridge Park. All skill levels. Paved 5k jog/walk marked trails available. Free Beer at Orange Hat after run. Check our Facebook for updates.


Learn the basics of top rope belaying, knot tying, and climbing technique in this hands-on class. Designed for those with no previous climbing experience, this course teaches the necessary skills required to climb independently. Details and registration online.

Class repeats every Sunday (with a few exceptions) from 1-2:30 p.m. and every Tuesday from 6-7:30 p.m. Check Onsight Rock Gym’s calendar for exclusions and details.



Join us the 4th Monday of the month to get the latest updates. South Coast Pizza will have pizza by the slice available. Come early to enjoy some beverages, doors open at 6:30 and we’ll get down to business at 7. Details on Facebook and website.Hike 2: May 20, Hike 3: June 17


Weekly runs and training exercises geared at getting you on your feet running. Meet at Suttree Landing Park. Novices welcome, runners with nagging injuries welcome, along with everyone else. Free. Park has lights. Join group on Facebook for updates.



We’re kicking off the 2nd quarter of our hiking series with a clinic covering the hikes and hiking essentials. Details on Facebook. Let us know if you can make it by emailing Dolphin at Dolphin@ Meet & Greet - 5:30pm Presentation - 6:00pm

After the presentation our very knowledgeable staff members will be on hand to help you find what you need and answer any questions you might have

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2023 Hyundai suv

2.9% APR Financing for up to 60 months.*

8729 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923 (888) 643-4762 AUTO GROUP GRAYSON HYUNDAI TRANSPARENT PRICING Effective 2/1/2023 - 2/28/2023 Special Low 2.9% APR (up to 36 months) at $29 per $1,000 financed for qualified buyers. Special Low 2.9% APR (up to 48 months) at $22 per $1,000 financed for qualified buyers. 2.9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) up to 60 months. 3.9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) up to 72 months. APR financing available, subject to credit approval by Hyundai Motor Finance to very well qualified buyers and not available on balloon financing. Only a limited number of customers will qualify for ad vertised APR. Down payment will vary depending on APR. Bonus Cash must be applied as a down payment. Must take delivery from a participating dealer and from retail stock from 2/1/2023 - 2/28/2023. New vehicles only. This incentive is for a limited time offer on eligible Hyundai vehicles and may not be combined with other special offers except
Dealer contribution may vary and could affect actual monthly payment. See your participating Hyundai dealer for more details on these special offers. Finance
Motor Finance (HMF). Tax, title and license extra. See participating
where specified.
contract must be signed and dated no later than 2/28/2023. Must be financed through Hyundai
Hyundai dealer for details. On select models. See participating dealer for details, offer ends 2/28/2023. For

Outback Wilderness

3.9% APR Now through February 28, 2023

All roads lead to Subaru WinterFest. Our groundbreaking concert and mountain lifestyle tour is a winter playground for music fans, skiers, snowboarders, and dog lovers alike. So pack your bags and hit the road for live performances, breathtaking views, daily giveaways, free snacks and beverages, and fun activities for your pup. Plus, learn about the many ways you can protect the outdoors and enjoy winter recreation responsibly. It’s can’t-miss fun!

Don’t have a Subaru? We can fix that! Come by and pick out your new Subaru today!

Forester Wilderness

Offer. No down payment required. Offer may vary by location. Other rates and payment terms available. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, direct/email offer or promotional offer unless allowed by that offer. Financing for well-qualified applicants only. Length of contract is limited. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval and vehicle availability. See participating retailers for details. Must take delivery from retailer stock by February 28, 2023.


1-888-859-4212 8729


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