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Let’s Talk Fast Fashion

Tennessee to Tanzania Local Charity: Carcuts of Knoxville





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Go where Love takes you.


2020 Subaru Outback

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All-New Onyx Edition XT A Bold, New Breed of Outback Direct-Injection Turbocharged SUBARU BOXER® Engine Exclusive Exterior Accents and Wheels Two-Tone StarTex™ Interior Dual-Function X-MODE®

The Mission of Carecuts if Knoxville: Few things make you feel better than a new haircut. Founded in April 2016, CareCuts’ mission is to be the hands and feet for God by serving the homeless population in Knoxville. We provide free haircuts and grooming services to the less fortunate on the first Sunday of every month*. Since our launch, we’ve grown to providing the homeless with meals, optical testing and glasses, clothing, transportation, and job resources, as well.

WHEN The 1st Sunday of every month – unless it’s a holiday then it’s the following Sunday WHERE GEO Hair Lab 300 W. Fifth Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 Volunteers & Clients 519 Williams St. Knoxville, TN 37917 HOW Volunteer as a hair professional or support staff

CareCuts is a non-profit organization operated 100% by volunteers. Our team of volunteer hair professionals, cosmetologists, barbers, and salon owners provide the less fortunate with hair cuts, hair color, facial waxing, shaves and trims, as well as manicures, while our volunteer support staff provides the homeless with hospitality by serving them food, distributing clothing, tending to their needs, and most importantly, making them feel special! 1729 Haircuts Given 4620 Meals Served [stats are for current calendar year]

On a single night in 2018:


family members, children included, experienced homelessness.

372,417 37,878

single individuals experienced homelessness. veterans experienced homelessness,

Numbers from










Cover story content and pictures are from and the University of Tennessee, Torchbearer






Read about my adventure to Africa on a mission, in our Travel section: Tennessee to Tanzania













very season of the year as in life brings with it a passing away of the old and starting of a new beginning. The entrance of fall does mark a closing to another year but it also brings a refreshing change in the air. I anticipate it, knowing that the crisp days ahead bring such beauty that we only experience once a year. It becomes a time of gathering, either for that favorite football game or for the holiday season that approaches so quickly upon us all. Even if this is not your favorite time of year, I hope it brings a wonderful change and a new, fresh approach for the days ahead.









hushh magazine fall 2019

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Let us personally select from the world’s finest diamonds for No order is too small or large, and no special request is beyond the reach of our Antwerp suppliers. Personally hand-picked diamonds are guaranteed to be the best of the best. We are now taking preorders. We would love to be your personal shopper. 4914 North Broadway · Suite B · Knoxville, TN 37918 865.686.0502 ·

What’s Your Waist Size? Did You Know? STATEMINT POP-UP CONSIGNMENT EVENTS Consignment Shopping 101 Know thyself. If you always feel good in a certain color, pay special attention to anything you find that fits that description. If you love stripes, make sure you leave with a few striped shirts. It it’s graphic tees, scour every rack for them. Fashion blogger @ pearlsntwirls loves pink and always finds the cutest styles in her favorite shade.

Let’s Talk Fast Fashion

Who’s ready for some fall shopping?! I know I am. But before we all run out and buy all new things for fall, today I wanted to bring up a topic that I’ve been seeing more and more of. The idea of, and changing industry of “Fast fashion.”

WHAT IS FAST FASHION? It’s basically what a lot of us are buying all the time. It’s those $20 dresses on Amazon, it’s the super trendy Forever 21 pieces we buy and only wear once, it’s even more expensive things we might find at a department store or boutique that we wear one season and then we’re done with.

The world we live in has become so FAST. Trends that are seen on the runway are literally duplicated by Zara and available to the consumer in the same season! Bloggers and social media influencers are selling the crap out of the cutest $15 sandals from amazon because they’re fast. They’re inexpensive and people don’t have to second guess the price, they’re easy because they’re sold on Amazon, and

Katie Lee Owner of My Kind of Lovely Boutique, Fashion Blogger of and Fashion Contributor to Fox 43 News . Follow her on Facebook, Instagram & Subscribe to her blog!


hushh magazine fall 2019

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they arrive to their door in 2 days! That is some fast fashion if I’ve ever seen it. What does all this mean? This means we’re consuming fashion at a significantly higher rate than ever before. We’re buying more, ultimately spending more, we’re hardly wearing the same things twice and we’re living in this more, more, more mentality. But, you also have to ask the question, where does all this go? What do you do with all the excess? Unfortunately a lot of it ends up in landfills, which is not cool. Some of it is sold at yard sales and consignment sales, some is donated to goodwill but at the end of the day, you just spent a ton of money on things you’re literally just disposing of one way or another. I’ll admit I’m very much a victim of fast fashion. Since I own a store I’ve found I sell my stuff when I’m wearing it. So, I need to be wearing it a lot! I can’t wear the same thing everyday, so that means with every new release I’m usually getting something for myself to wear around

StateMint is a pop-up consignment event in Knoxville, Tennessee for stylish adults. Check out our website to see when and where we’ll pop up next!



town, in the store, etc. That means I end up always wearing new clothes which sounds fun, but isn’t very practical for my closet. WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT FAST FASHION? Well, the first step is admitting we have a problem. Ha! Let’s all admit we’re victim of the fast fashion mentality, and pose the question what CAN we do about it? Well if you follow me on instagram I hope you saw my closet clean out saga! In that case you know what I do. I consign a lot of my clothes at Statemint Consignment. I sell at a local, seasonal consignment sale and I also shop a lot at consignment sales. I’ve found some really amazing pieces for very affordable prices at Statemint and I truly love shopping the sale every year! Sometimes I even buy, and sell those items in the sale the following year! Statemint has become a staple for me. I love that I get to sell and make some money from giving my clothes I’ve gotten my wear out of to someone else! I also love that I’m able to make lots of room in my closet each season. But I my favorite part is that I get to shop other people’s closet! I typically leave with 10-15 new items and never spend over $100! That’s a total win in my book!

Right now I’m also in the process of getting a huge donate pile going! I’m donating a TON of old, worn out, slightly damaged clothes that won’t quite sell at a consignment sale. I don’t need a ton of clothes in my house and in my life cluttering up my space and my mind. If you sell at Statemint you also have the option to mark items you don’t want to pick up as “donate” and they take them all to be donated for you. It’s seriously the best! If you’re local, you should totally come shop with me at Statemint September 5th-8th, 2019 at the The Grande Event Center 5441 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville, Tennessee 37912! The sale is Friday, Saturday & Sunday! (Make sure you follow them on instagram for more details and sneak peeks!) And if you’re not local I encourage you to find a consignment sale to sell & shop or in the very least I encourage you to do a little closet cleaning out this fall!

RECLAIM your closet REVOLUTIONIZE the way you shop IMPACT your community

“Fall” in Love with these great buys!

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Our Salon is the home to some fabulous women well experienced in the trades of hair, nails, lashes, aesthetics and more. Our Services Include:

Vivify Salon

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hushh magazine fall 2019

• Body Waxing for Men & Women • Brows: Wax, Tint & Henna Available • Eyelash Extensions • Aesthetics • Nails & Pedicures • Highlights and Color {Unicorn too!} • Trim & Cut • Up-Do’s & Styling • Dreamcatcher Hair Extensions

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1. Heavenly Luxe Brushes; $34.50-$48 2. CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50+; $39 3. Bye-Bye Pores Bronzer Poreless Finish Airbrush Bronzer; $30 4. Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer; $26 5. Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara; $24 6. CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder; $35 7. Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil; $24 8. E.L.F. Modern Metals Blush and Highlighter Palette; $12. Ulta; 11233 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN 37934









hushh magazine fall 2019


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23 Market Square Knoxville, Tennessee 37902 TAILGATE MEN’S TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS FLEECE HOODIE $69.95

Get out & Work out Safely

Many people take advantage of nice fall weather by exercising in the great outdoors. Some might skip the treadmill at the gym in favor of running at the park, while others join recreational sports leagues for some exercise and fun in the sun.

But exercising outdoors carries its share of risk. Unlike gyms where machinery clearly advises members about proper form and warns against lifting excessive weight, Mother Nature comes with no such warning labels. As a result, it’s up to men and women to make injury prevention a priority when taking their exercise routine outside. The following are a handful of preventative measures that can help exercise enthusiasts avoid injury as they attempt to get or stay fit in the great outdoors. • Study the terrain. Part of the danger of exercising outdoors is that, unlike a gym fitted with machines designed for the sole purpose of exercise, nature’s terrain is unpredictable. Safety features you take for granted at the gym, such as padded floors, are nonexistent outdoors. In addition, certain areas in nature might not be suitable to all athletes. For example, mountain biking is a popular sport, but not all mountain biking trails are the same. Some trails are ideal for beginners, while others are best ridden by more seasoned riders. When your outdoor exercise regimen will be taking you off the beaten path, be sure you know the terrain before you start your workout. Speak with fellow outdoor enthusiasts about

which trails or courses are best for someone of your skill level and adhere to their recommendations. When exercising on a trail for the first time, bring a friend along so someone can go get help should an accident happen. • Stay hydrated. Dehydration is another cause of injury when athletes exercise in the great outdoors. Gyms have water fountains that allow members to take a drink of water when they’re thirsty. That water can help prevent dehydration, which can be painful and greatly increase your risk of injury. When exercising outdoors, be sure to bring along enough water so you can stay hydrated regardless of how far away from civilization you may find yourself. • Honestly assess your abilities. When exercising outdoors, it’s easy to overdo it. Warm air and sunshine have a way of encouraging athletes to prolong their workout routines or push themselves a little harder. But pushing yourself past your limits can considerably increase your risk of injury. While it’s easy to stay within your limits when exercising indoors, where the environment may encourage you to cut a workout short rather than extend it, it’s easy to overextend yourself outdoors when the weather is nice. So it’s important for men and women to make an honest assessment of their abilities before beginning an outdoor exercise regimen. Once you know what your body can and can’t handle, you can tailor your outdoor workout to one that makes the most of nice weather without putting your health at risk. • Don’t challenge Mother Nature. One of the biggest risks with regard to exercising outdoors is the tendency some athletes have to ignore the elements. Avoid working out in especially cold or hot weather, as such conditions are not conducive to exercise. Extreme weather also reduces the number of people outside, which means there won’t be as many people around to help you if you suffer an injury, lose your way or need help with your gear. Exercising outdoors is a great way to enjoy nice weather, but limit such workouts to those times of year when temperatures are most conducive to outdoor activity. Working out in the great outdoors is a great way to make the most of a beautiful day, just make sure to take certain precautionary measures to reduce your risk of injury when exercising outdoors. Other than that, get out there!


Weightloss Time in Tennessee! What are you waiting for?

Why is it so hard to lose weight? You may have asked yourself this very question time and time again. The truth is, there are many barriers to weight loss. These range from your healthcare provider’s office, to your place of employment, to your home, and within your own body. For instance, it’s time for your healthcare visit and you have gained a few pounds and know that you are in for the dreaded, “you need to lose weight…. it’s easy just exercise and eat less” speech. These suggestions are usually never followed by ideas about how to eat, when to exercise, and what options may be available to you. You leave feeling as defeated as you did when you went. Maybe even feeling as if you were judged as being gluttonous or lazy. Time constraints placed on providers in today’s healthcare environment make patient education nearly impossible. Even though you have a job that requires you to sit all day, you are too exhausted to exercise when you are finished. You say to yourself, “I will start tomorrow or next week”, and those days never come. Unfortunately, most of our work environments are not conducive to encouraging any additional activity other than what is required to do our jobs. Work activity, even in the most physically laborious job, is not enough to lose weight. Once you get home, chores of laundry, cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring your children to sports, etc. push you to the bottom of the totem pole. You think, “who has time for exercise and eating healthy, I’m in survival mode”. As you may have found, it appears that healthier food options are more expensive and you can’t budget for those expenditures. Sometimes, when everything is in place with exercise, nutrition, and scheduling you just get discouraged due to the inability to push through a plateau. Maybe you have an underlying metabolic or other issue that needs to be addressed. Weight loss is an area of healthcare that requires a multi-faceted approach. As you can see, there are many barriers to weight loss. If you can relate to any or all of these challenges, we welcome you to a practice that specializes only in bariatrics, or the treatment and study of obesity. Because this is what we specialize in, we have the time to devote to you and your individual circumstances to help you be successful one goal at a time. At Premier, our medical professionals pride themselves in helping you break through barriers with supportive, nonjudgmental medically based help and encouragement. We will work as a team to provide you with individualized plans based on proven and professional standards. Each patient receives nutritional and exercise counseling, physical exam, medication/supplements (if desired), and ongoing support. All of this is provided by a physician, nurse practitioners, and nurses. Over the last seventeen years, our practice has helped thousands of patients break through their barriers to achieve better overall health through sustained weight loss. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient lower their blood pressure, improve cholesterol, reduce A1C, and perhaps ultimately reduce the number of medications taken. Most patients deeply desire to enjoy life by feeling great and not being burdened by disease. We look forward to partnering with you today. No goal is too big or too small. Come in to one of our seven locations, call, or visit our website to start your journey to a better you.


hushh magazine fall 2019


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Benefits CBD has some amazing fitness, bodybuilding and health benefits. CBD helps with inflammation naturally, without the harmful effects to your liver like popular antiinflammatory medication. CBD has been shown to help some people get their sleeping back on track and can help lower anxiety. Another great benefit is weightloss. CBD has shown the ability to help regulate a person’s blood sugar levels. With regulated blood sugar levels there is less fat-storing hormones produced by the pancreas in a person’s body resulting in less fat being stored. Since more fat can be burned off as energy there will be less fat cells in a person’s body.

Know the quality Organically grown Extracted using CO2 method Higher concentrations of CBD Grown in the United States Tested in third-party labs Company is following rules/laws Made from high-quality, full-spectrum extract, so other beneficial compounds are present

Buy from a professional Eddie’s offers a variety of CBD oils, ranging from full spectrum to THC free liquids, capsules, gummies, and vapes. We only bring in the highest quality products that have been thoroughly researched and third party tested.


2 Locations

455 Union Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee

(865) 633-6533 8025 Kingston Pike

(in Suburban Shopping Center) Eddie’s Health Shoppe has been filling the health, sports nutrition, and general wellness needs of the Knoxville area since 1994. Whether you are in need of a hard to find herbal supplement, organic children’s vitamins, cutting edge sports nutrition, or natural personal and beauty products, Eddie’s Health Shoppe is here to help!

Knoxville, TN 37919




omeowners are increasingly realizing the benefits of improving the exteriors of their home, which can be just as valuable as improving the interior spaces. As individuals design picturesque garden beds and cultivate lavish lawns or revamp exteriors with architectural features, they probably want to spotlight these improvements. This is where exterior lighting can be put to great use. Exterior illumination can cast a glow on various features, but there are many other reasons to increase lighting around the exterior of a home. Safety: Trips and falls can occur at night when trying to traverse walkways and landscapes in the dark, as it can be difficult to see rocks, stairs and uneven pavement. Outdoor lighting can illuminate pathways, entryways and other areas for safer access for homeowners and their guests. Extend Outdoor Entertaining: Ample lighting can increase the amount of time one can use outdoor spaces and make them the perfect gathering spot. As autumn arrives, days become shorter. However, patios, porches and more can get extended use with lighting.


hushh magazine fall 2019

Safeguard Security: A well-lit home may be less likely to be targeted by burglars than one swathed in darkness and shadows. Lights can remain on all evening or be motion-triggered. Setting lights on timers also ensures that the home is illuminated whether residents are home or not. Create Drama: Landscape lighting designers can establish focal points around the landscape and highlight the best features of a property. Uplighting in trees, silhouetting techniques to showcase plants and spotlights to show off architectural features are all options for homeowners to consider. Add Value: The experts at Parker Homescape, a landscaping service, say that exterior lighting can add roughly 30 percent to the value of a home. They also indicate that 50 percent of all home buyers say that outdoor lighting is important when buying a home. If current residents are thinking of selling, now may be the time to invest in exterior lighting. Improving a home’s exterior may be as simple as adding more lighting to improve functionality and beauty.

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Subaru Ascent


Starting at $31,995* MSRP MSRP reflects base model. Additional trim lines may have a greater MSRP price. See your dealer for details.

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An SUV for the long haul Built to Last Standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 8.7 Inches of Ground Clearance and X-MODE® 5,000 Pound Towing Capacity High-Strength Steel Body Structure for a Quiet Ride

True Family Versatility Spacious, Interior for 7 or 8 Passengers Second-Row Captain’s Chairs Wi-Fi Connectivity and USB Charging SUBARU STARLINK® Entertainment 19 Cup and Bottle Holders Power Rear Gate Panoramic Moonroof Raised Roof Rails

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The Nickname As the land grand university for the state of Tennessee, UT adopted the state's moniker of "The Volunteer State" for its athletic teams. The history of the "The Volunteer State" began with the War of 1812 when Gen. Andrew Jackson led more than 1,500 soldiers from his home state to fight for the United States at the Battle of New Orleans. The name truly took hold during the Mexican-American war when President James K. Polk, another native son, made an appeal for 2,600 nationwide volunteers at the beginning of the conflict that resulted in more than 30,000 soldiers from his home state alone. As long as teams have represented UT on the field, they have carried on the name and tradition of the original Tennessee Volunteers. Upon formation of the Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Department in 1976, the female athletes were known at the Lady Volunteers. This tradition lives on to present day with women's teams, including the eight-time national champion women's basketball program, still proudly carrying the Lady Volunteers name and logo.


The Orange and White Orange and white have been Tennessee's official colors since 1891. Tennessee's orange and white colors were selected by Charles Moore, a member of the university's first football team in 1891. They were later approved by a student body vote. The colors were those of the common American daisy, a flower that grew prominently on The Hill, the area of campus that surrounds iconic Ayres Hall and overlooks Neyland Stadium. Tennessee football players did not wear orange jerseys until the season-opening game in 1922. Coach M.B. Banks' Vols christened the orange jerseys on Sept. 23, 1922 with a 50-0 victory over Emory and Henry.

TENNESSEE Smokey The Pep Club held a contest in 1953 to select a coonhound, a native breed of the state, as the school's live mascot. Announcements of the contest in local newspapers read, "This can't be an ordinary hound. He must be a 'Houn' Dog' in the best sense of the word." The late Rev. Bill Brooks entered his prizewinning bluetick coonhound, "Brooks' Blue Smokey," in the contest. At halftime of the Mississippi State game that season, the dogs were lined up on the old cheerleaders' ramp at ShieldsWatkins Field. Each dog was introduced over the loudspeaker and the student body cheered for their favorite, with "Blue Smokey" being the last hound introduced. When his name was called, he barked. The students cheered and Smokey threw his head back and barked again. This kept going until the stadium was in an uproar and UT had found its mascot. Rev. Brooks supplied UT with the line of canines until his death in 1986 when his wife, Mildred, took over the care-taking role. She did so until 1994, when her brother and sister-in-law, Earl and


Martha Hudson of Knoxville, took over responsibility for Smokey VII and eventually Smokey VIII, Smokey IX and now Smokey X, to carry on the banner of the Smokey lineage. Earl Hudson passed away in June of 2017. The Hudson's son and daughter-in-law, Charles and Cindy Hudson, now continue the family tradition of providing the University of Tennessee with its living mascot for future generations of Big Orange fans to enjoy. One of the most beloved figures in the state, Smokey is famous for leading the Vols out of the giant 'T' prior to each home game. Smokey II was dognapped by Kentucky students in 1955 and later survived a confrontation with the Baylor Bear at the 1957 Sugar Bowl. Smokey VI, who suffered heat exhaustion in the 140-degree temperatures at the 1991 UCLA game, was listed on the Vols injury report until he returned later in the season. Smokey III compiled a 105-39-5 record and two SEC championships. Smokey VI, who passed away in 1991, was on the sidelines for three SEC championships. Smokey VIII is the winningest Smokey, having compiled a record of 91-22 (.805), with two SEC titles and the 1998 national championship. After the retirement of Smokey IX following the 2012 season, the newest Smokey returned the lineage of the mascot to the state of Tennessee. Born in Shelbyville, Smokey X [pictured on the cover] made his debut in the fall of 2013. In March of 2019, the bluetick coonhound was designated as the official state dog of Tennessee.

TRADITIONS The Power T The Power T is the official logo of the University of Tennessee athletics department. The first appearance of the "T" came in 1964, when Doug Dickey replaced the familiar numbers on the side of the Volunteers' football helmets with a block T for the first time. The Power T would get a slight makeover in 1977, with a bolder script under first-year head coach and legendary Tennessee player John Majors. That logo would go on to become the worldwide symbol for the Tennessee Volunteers. The Power T was updated in 2015, when it also became the primary mark for the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus.

Orange and White Checkerboards Tennessee's signature orange (PMS 151) and white checkerboard end zones first appeared in 1964. The connection between the University of Tennessee and the now-familiar checkerboard pattern dates back to 1921 and the completion of the iconic Ayers Hall on the UT campus. The building's clock tower, visible from field level at Neyland Stadium until the enclosure of the upper deck of the north end in 1996, is topped by the pattern in brick. When he took over as head coach in 1964, Doug Dickey introduced an orange and white checkerboard end zone design to the surface of Shields-Watkins Field. Many programs, Tennessee included, had used checkerboard patterns to decorate end zones dating to at least the 1930s, but the addition of the orange color was a new and unique tradition for Tennessee. The checkerboard end zones remained until artificial turf was installed at the stadium in 1968, when technology could not produce the proper color for the orange. When Dickey returned as director of athletics in 1985, he looked for a way to restore the checkerboards and did just that when a new artificial surface was installed prior to the 1989 season. Natural grass returned to Neyland Stadium for the 1994 season and the Tennessee trademark remained. Since then, the pattern has become a Volunteer icon, appearing on the court at Thompson-Boling Arena and on uniforms and facilities all over campus.

TENNESSEE Running Through the T Since the 1964 season, Tennessee has entered the field at Neyland Stadium through a 'T' formed by the Pride of the Southland Band. It is routinely listed as one of the greatest entrances in all of sports. This great tradition was born from the minds of two of the greatest innovators that the University of Tennessee has ever had on campus. In 1965, the two innovators, head coach Doug Dickey and band director Dr. W. J. Julian came together to create a unique entrance for the Volunteers. For the 1965 season, Dickey moved the Volunteers from the east sideline, next to the home locker room in East Stadium Hall, to the west side, which allowed the team to enter the field through the giant "T" formation that he and Julian had drawn up. To say the formation caught on would be an understatement. The route of the "T" shifted 90 degrees when the lower bowl was enclosed in 1980 and the team dressing room moved to the new addition in the north end zone, where the "T" began to originate. The team made the right-hand turn to the west sideline until the early 1990s, when an SEC rule change moved the home bench to the east sideline in front of the Tennessee student section. An adjustment to student seating was made in 2010, moving the Volunteers back to the west sideline for that season, and changing the route back to its current right turn. Now, fans are sure to arrive in their seats early to catch the Pride's pre-game performance, capped by the moment that they have waited days, weeks, months or even years to see in person once again. And when the magic moment arrives and the Vols enter the field, the feeling extends all over the Vol Nation. From Neyland Stadium around the world, It's Football Time in Tennessee.

The Vol Walk The Vol Walk first became an official part of game day in Knoxville when Tennessee hosted Alabama on October 20, 1990. The Vol Walk tradition has evolved over the years with changes in its path and length. When the Tennessee Lettermen's Wall of Fame was erected outside the Neyland-Thompson Football Complex in 2000, head coach Phillip Fulmer had the walk begin with players running their fingers along the wall's marble surface that bears the name of every Tennessee letterwinner in every sport in the program's history. The route of the Vol Walk was shortened in 2009, when team busses began dropping the players and staff off at the head of Peyton Manning Pass to make the walk through thousands of fans. The route down the street named for the Tennessee legend leads past the Pride of the Southland Pep Band, before turning left on Phillip Fulmer Way to the cheers of more fans, passing the larger-than-life memorial statue of Gen. Robert Neyland, and finally making a right hand turn into Gate 21A for a quiet final journey down the ramp to field level. The Vol Walk gives players a unique experience that they will never forget, but it also represents a connection for fans young and old. It is a route where grandfathers can share the love and spirit of Tennessee with grandchildren, a place where proud parents can greet sons as they head to an SEC battle, a place for fans young and old to meet their heroes, even a place for marriage proposals.

TRADITIONS Rocky Top Though not the official fight song of the University of Tennessee, Rocky Top has become as big of a part of Tennessee sports as the orange and white of the uniforms. The song, written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant at the Gatlinburg Inn in 1967, became a worldwide hit after being recorded by bluegrass legends the Osborne Brothers and later as a country hit for Lynn Anderson. The song was first performed by the Pride of the Southland Marching Band as part of a tribute to country music in the band's halftime show at the Alabama game on Oct. 21, 1972. To say it caught on with fans would be a vast understatement. Longtime band director Dr. W. J. Julian made it a regular fixture at games and said later that if Rocky Top was ever not played, then there would be a mutiny among Vol fans. Rocky Top was named an official song of the state of Tennessee in 1982, the fifth song at the time to receive the designation. The official fight song, played as the team runs through the T and after scoring plays, is Down the Field

picture by:

The Pride of the Southland Marching Band The University of Tennessee band was organized immediately after the Civil War when the University reopened. Since then, the enrollment in the band program has grown to more than 400 students. Dr. W. J. Julian took over the marching band program in 1961 and made sweeping changes to the program, including moving its oversight from the ROTC program to the College of Education. The band had grown to over 140 members and had taken on a less militaristic look in the uniforms, but the marching precision that was originally born under the ROTC tradition remained. Julian introduced the legendary "Circle Drill" routine, one of the most difficult and unique marching band routines in the country. The full "Pride of the Southland Band," appears at all home football games and most out-of-town games before more than 850,000 spectators and millions more on television. The Pride represented the state of Tennessee at 10 consecutive Presidential Inaugurations, from Dwight D.Eisenhower to George W. Bush. A new tradition that began in 2014 is the "Circle of Life," which features a performance from the drum line of the Pride of the Southland Marching Band at the end of onfield warmups. The team circles around the drum line's own circle before bringing it in one more time as a team prior to returning to the locker room. Minutes later, the full band takes the field for a pregame tradition unrivaled in college football. As the Pride concludes its show with "Stars and Stripes Forever," the Volunteers emerge from the locker room and collect in the tunnel in the north end zone. Band members then begin the march into a formation known around the world.

“Here's to old Tennessee, Never we'll sever We pledge our loyalty, Forever and ever Backing our football team, Faltering never Cheer and fight with all of your might, For Tennessee!�

“Sailgating� with the Vol Navy

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“Sailgating” is a grand tradition at the University of Tennessee, home to the storied Vol Navy, which ties up on the Tennessee River outside Neyland Stadium in Knoxville on football Saturdays. There’s a saying in the Southeast: All roads lead to Rome, and all waterways lead to Neyland Stadium. That’s where the 200+ vessels that comprise the famous Vol Navy tie up every Saturday the University of Tennessee Volunteers plays a home game in Knoxville. Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium is one of only two major U.S. college football fields easily accessible via boat (the other being Husky Stadium at the University of Washington in Seattle). “You can get to Knoxville from many places in the country and even around the globe via water,” says Nikki Berger, navigation program supervisor at TVA. “The Tennessee River stretches from Knoxville 652 miles to Paducah, Ky., where it connects with the Ohio River, which connects with the Mississippi and Missouri and the entire Inland Waterway system. It also connects with the TennesseeTombigbee, which is a shortcut to the Gulf of Mexico.” As laid out in the TVA Act of 1933, TVA must maintain a navigable channel on the Tennessee River of at least nine feet, 12 months out of the year. “We do better than that—we maintain 11 feet,” Berger says. “That means you can safely navigate to Neyland Stadium even late in the season, after reservoir levels have dropped to winter pool following Labor Day.” GOOD LOCK Fans come from all points through the lock at nearby Ft Loudoun Dam, which gears up to handle the extra traffic every game day, according Matt Emmons, who is the lock master there. “It gets crazy here,” he says. “We’ll see anywhere from 60 to 150 additional recreational boaters locking through over a home game weekend—even more if Tennessee is playing Alabama and we have boats coming up from Wheeler, Wilson and Pickwick reservoirs in Alabama.” The added traffic poses a challenge, but

one the lock operators embrace, according to Emmons. “We have fun with it, creating a dialog with the boaters, communicating safety information with them. They have to breast up and tie off to each other to lock through, and they’re always so cooperative. It’s a great, positive vibe. We take pride in making the process easy, and really look forward to this time of year.” (Check out the Ft. Loudoun Lock Facebook page for up-to-date information about the lock and locking process.) ALL TIED UP Boats begin amassing the night before a game, and on game day, “things get really crazy,” according Major Justin Wilson, a pilot in the Tennessee National Guard who— along with wife Tarah—is a prominent “sailgater” in the Vol Navy. The two social butterflies are founders of the Vol Navy Facebook page, which has amassed over 15,000 members since 2017and is still growing. “There are two docks down on the water, and they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis,” Wilson says. “You’ll see the bigger cruisers get there a day or two ahead of time and moor up, and then smaller boats arriving the day of the game. We just throw out lines and tie up and tie up and make a chain of boats until TWRA cuts us off and says enough.” The vibe is fun and festive—and open. “You sailgate going from boat to boat,” he continues. “It’s a fantastic family-friendly atmosphere and everybody enjoys each other. Some people don’t even go to the game; they’ll stay aboard and watch it on satellite television on their boat.” For Wilson, as for other members of the Vol Navy, sailgating has become a passion—the river, on certain autumn Saturdays, a channel for big orange fun. “Getting out on the water is a big part of game day for us,” Wilson says. “It’s a special experience, and we make the most of it.”

Load up the car!

It’s Tailgating Time

ION Stadium Tailgate Portable Bluetooth Speaker | $139.99 Pump some tunes and get ready to party for your next pre-game get together. Tired of the same old tailgating traditions? Well this Fall, get the speaker that can party on all night long with a rechargeable battery that lasts 50 hours! With the included microphone you can easily make a couple of announcements, gather everyone together, or try singing some karaoke. The options are limitless! Offering a variety of connectivity options, you can quickly begin playing music off your phone with the NFC easy pair for Bluetooth. Plus this speaker comes with a USB port so that you can charge your phone and rock out worry-free.

Tennessee Vols Tailgate Box | $45.99 Show off that you’re a Vols fan whether you’re down at Neyland or just cooking out with friends at home! The Tennessee Vols Tailgate Box comes with Power T Apron, Pot Holder, and Oven Mitt to accessorize your favorite grill-cook and serving table. Power T Can Cooler keeps your beverage cold while you perform your finest Saturday art in front of that flaming hot grill. Calhouns BBQ rub for that traditional Knoxville BBQ flavor you can have at home. Heat things up a bit with Olde Virden’s Red Hot Sprinkle made right here locally in East Tennessee.And lastly let’s not forget that you’ll be drinking that Big Orange infused refreshing Iced Tea from Petro’s that you can brew right at home in your coffee maker.

Backpack Cooler Chair | $99.99 This 13 lbs chair, folds to a mere 10” wide, and comes with two shoulder straps for moving to a tailgate or the beach. The cooler bag attaches to the left armrest and keeps drinks and food cool for several hours.

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Portable Pellet Tailgate Grill | $339.00 The Davy Crockett is the ultimate portable grill. It comes with a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor through our iOS or Android mobile application), a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up chicken/ large fowl/ rib racks, a convenience tray with utensil hooks and our new open flame technology grease tray. Also included is Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors grill temperature. It can run on 12V or 120AC so it’s perfect for tail-gating, hunting, music festivals or anywhere you can take it! Weighing in at 57 pounds with fold-able legs, it can be placed in the trunk of any car.




hushh magazine fall 2019


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Plus Disposal Fee

Plus Disposal Fee

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Comfort of home on the go

All new Palisade Starting @ MSRP

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Get Out & Explore

Plan your fall foliage excursion!

Autumn means different things to many people. Students may embrace the dawn of a new school year, while others might embrace the crisp weather after a season of heat. One of the more widely enjoyed aspects of autumn is the chance to take in the brilliant foliage.

Although New England may be renowned for its bright, orange, red and yellow panoramas, dazzling displays of foliage can be witnessed right here in your backyard with the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains. As temperatures descend enough for deciduous trees to shed their leaves, the more brilliant the view.

discover the nuances of the season and slow down for a change.

The first step to a successful fall foliage excursion is to find the right spot. From the top of Lookout Mountain in Rock City, Chattanooga, Big South Fork National River along the Tennessee & Kentucky border to the panoramic views from Clingman’s Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains, there are many other areas right here in Tennessee that can be great places to witness nature at its most colorful. To make the most of fall foliage road trips, keep these following suggestions in mind.

• Bring along binoculars. Wildlife is often mobile and abundant in the fall, as animals scurry to feed and gather supplies before the winter. As a result, autumn is a great time to spot wildlife that’s normally hiding in thickets and woodland areas.

• Get off the highway. To see great fall vistas, take a detour from major thoroughfares and visit small towns and mountain passes. Invest in some maps, as cellular networks may be inaccessible in remote locales. • Avoid tourist-heavy areas. Drivers may prefer less crowded roadways to accompany the great scenery. Such drivers should visit areas that are not tourist meccas. Any area that plays home to forests and sprawling landscapes will do. • Go on foot. To get the best photos, head out at sunrise or sunset. Soft, golden light dappled by leaves will bring out the golden tones in photos. Going on foot will help you


hushh magazine fall 2019

• Don’t overlook overcast days. Traveling in the rain may not be fun, but overcast days might be ideal. On such days, the sun won’t be too warm and drown out the colors.

• Plan for stops along the way. Don’t forget to bring some spending money in the form of cash so that you can enjoy the small farm stands and shops that often dot rural landscapes. Pick up farm-fresh produce or choose a plump pumpkin. Yard sales also are abundant this time of year. Small shops may not take credit cards, so if you plan to buy, cash is king. Trees begin shedding their leaves as early as the beginning of September in Canada and the northern United States. As the days press on, the fall finery will gradually shift southward. For those who can afford to take a weekday off, do so, as weekends might be overcome with fellow nature enthusiasts.

When Can You Expect The Best Fall Color? 5000 FEET OCT 3-14 4000 FEET OCT 11-14 3000 FEET OCT 18-27 2000 FEET OCT 24-NOV3

Take a Ride

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad has allot to offer for your fall excursions! Take a ride to enjoy the sights and sounds along side the beautiful Tennessee and Nantahala River on our Nantahala Gorge Excursion! Departing from Bryson City, this 4½ hour excursion carries you 44 miles. Ride this excursion via Steam or Diesel locomotive power! The historic trellis bridge Fontana Trestle takes you across Fontana Lake and into the beautiful Nantahala Gorge. Arrive at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) for a one-hour layover where you can relax by the river or enjoy sightseeing! Also available is our “Shine and Dine” on the railway! We cordially invite you to hop on board The Carolina Shine, GSMR’s All-Adult First Class Moonshine Car! We will be proudly serving hand crafted, triple-distilled, craft moonshine. Some of the smoothest tasting moonshine in the Carolinas! Offered on the Nantahala Gorge excursion, this shine and dine experience begins in a renovated First Class train fleet car, The Carolina Shine. The interior features copper lined walls filled with the history of moonshining in North Carolina. Learn about the proud tradition that the Appalachians established when bootlegging was an acceptable way of life and local home brews were the best in town. Read about Swain County’s very own Major Redmond, the most famous mountain moonshine outlaw of the 19th century. Once your appetite for knowledge is satisfied, enjoy sample tastings of flavors like Apple Pie, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, and Strawberry moonshine. If the samples are not enough, there will be plenty of Moonshine infused cocktails like Copper Cola or Moonshiner’s Mimosa available for purchase. GSMR is excited to feature multiple craft NC based distilleries to serve our guests only the best! Each jar is handcrafted and authentically infused with real fruit, the way moonshine was meant to be made.

During the month of October. 9am and 2pm departures. 9am will feature the option of a delicious Sausage & Bacon Quiche or Cheesy Ham Hash Brown Casserole. The 2pm departure will be serving the popular BBQ meal. To find out more visit

tr avel

Tennessee to Tanzania

We left Knoxville on June 3 for our 36 hour journey to Tanzania. The two ladies accompanying me were Charlotte and Tab. Like all mission trips you try to keep your expectations to a minimum so you can be flexible and being on a few I know I’m going to receive as much or more than what I’m giving. However this was no ordinary mission trip. By far it was the smallest group I had ever been part of not to mention the furthest I had ever traveled. What made this trip so extraordinary from any other was the impact that it has had on my life. I’m not saying that other mission trips I have been on haven’t made an impact but nothing like Tanzania. As I said before we started on a 36 hour journey on June 3. If you have ever flown for a long period of time you understand how taxing it is on your body. We arrived a little after 8pm Tanzanian time on June 4, and spent almost 3 hours battling with custom agents over things that we had brought with us, mainly soccer balls we brought. They thought we were going to resell these items and wanted us to be taxed on bringing them into the country. Once we got through customs we meet our hosts for the first time. Cathy and BJ were all smiles and encouraging form the start, which was ironic considering that was what we were there to do for them, We had another hour car ride to where we would be staying, the next two weeks. A little guest house, emphasis on the word little, would be our new home. At the point of exhaustion being completely fatigued not to mention hungry, it was so hard not to let everything get to you which for me it did. The little trickle of water whenever I tried to take a shower plus almost knocking myself out leaning up from the bunkbed too fast I was ready to come home. We all tried to settle in on what seem to be like a concrete slab for a mattress. Tomorrow is going to be a new day, we were in Africa! With a little over four hours of sleep the morning came. The smell is one of the first thing that I noticed. You could smell dirt, not like the dirt back home this had a very distinctive odor and the birds were in full chorus telling us good morning. A little after 7 o’clock that morning you heard a knock on the door it was the two daughters of the missionary family we were there to visit and support, Michaela age 15 and Caity age 9. They had come to retrieve us and walk us to their house. Tab, knowing them from her previous two trips, filled with elation as she saw them. My first impression of them was joy, complete joy when they stepped in the door. This was mine and Charlotte’s first karibu - welcome to Africa. We made the less than a mile walk to their house attempting to greet those that we came in contact with. Every single moment was a learning experience. Upon arriving at their house we were welcomed not only with hugs but with a home-cooked breakfast which would be our normal for the next two weeks. We started right to work after breakfast unpacking the seven 50 pound suitcases full of items we brought for the family and our mission. After a couple hours of unpacking suitcases and sorting through items getting them ready for the next two weeks we went for our first visit. First stop Pastor Philemoni’s home and church which is in Merirani. We visited for a short time with his family and then walked through the church, which consist of four walls with cut outs for windows and doors


hushh magazine fall 2019

and a roof. BJ wanted to show us the needs they have and why it is so important to have support from those of us in the USA. The main need for this church is to have the interior walls re-stuccoed because you could touch them and it would fall off into your hand. I immediately thought of how many thousands will it take ad while that thought went through my mind BJ said they need $500 do have it done. I thought well thats not a lot and once again while I was thinking that was not a lot BJ said that was a lot of money for them. Reality hit once again for me, we are in Africa. After visiting with Pastor Philemoni ‘s family went with him for a home visit to another pastors home. The next stop was to see the new sight for a second church in Kingereka next to Blue Tananite English Medium Primary School. The site would house a church (a roof and four walls) that would be about 40x40. Yes, my brain starts calculating what prices would be in the States, and as the thoughts start BJ says, “ we’ll need about $10-$15,000 to build a nice church”. This meant actual doors and windows. Which raising that kind of money would compare to trying to raise $50-$75,000 in the States. It is now time for lunch, first meal out in Africa, at Snow View Cafe. Important thing to remember if you are not sure if the vegetables are washed with tap water only eat them cooked and only drink from something that is bottle. ie water, Coke etc. I have to say the food was excellent, and this would not be close to the best we would eat while there. It was time to head back to BJ and Cathy’s to rest, learn a little Swahili and go to diner. The day was amazing for one exception that would plague me the rest of our trip. At some point that day I hurt my knee. What I thought was a “tweak” I would later find out, after going to the hospital a.k.a. the A-Z Health Care, was a ruptured bursa at the suprapatellar. The next part of my journey is what most from around the world go to Africa to experience, Safari. Charlotte and I left Thursday morning to start our Safari experience, Tab already being to Africa and going on Safari choose not to go on this trip. We began our 5 hour road trip to the Ngorongoro Crater. We stopped at the Maasai Market similar to a flee market. Every booth you passed would beg you to come in and shop. They would say they made, painted or craved everything you see. Some of that was true but much of it was the same in each nook. Charlotte and I like every tourist found things we didn’t want to leave behind, but for me and I can say for her too the one thing we did not expect was to here the praise and worship song Hosanna being played in the next isle over. A gentle reminder from God as to why we were there. Along the way we had our first “pleasure” of experiencing the Choo (squatty potty) and they mean it squatty! Which is hard enough in good health. Remember me saying I ruptured my bursa? You cannot bend your knee to well when it is the size of a cantaloupe. Arriving at our accommodations for the night we had a meal that would rival a 5 star restaurant. The next morning we woke and for the Crater. I could write an entire book on this part of our journey, so I will leave it to simply say it was truly an experience of a lifetime. In less than eight hours we saw all big five(Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Water Buffalo and Rhino) along with so much more to see.

The day back from Safari the real reason for coming to Africa truly begins. It is now Saturday and first stop of the day is to Kiwoce Open School which is a second chance school teenagers that for lack of grades or finances are not able to go to secondary school, which would be our high school. Mama Grace had a burden for teenagers that could not continue on in school and to keep them from the streets or worse she started the second chance school in 1982 under a tree. In Tanzania if you do not pass the test finishing 7th grade you are not allowed to continue in school. There is “ No Child Left Behind” program. If you are not smart or your family has money the government will not let you continue. Many work farms or tend to livestock, but some of the girls are not so lucky. They may be given or sold to another family and some end up as sex slave and prostitution at 12 years of age or younger. Next we headed to Treasures of Africa orphanage . Our goal is simple, it is to love. To love on kids and care givers which would be our theme for the remainder of our time. We played, well I mostly watched and took pictures, with kids, held babies, laughed and loved. Several of these children were brought and left by there parents for various reasons. Some because they could not afford to keep them and others because there parents have died. In any case adoption is a hard and long process here and many, if not coming to the orphanage at a young age, are not adopted. VBS (Vacation Bible School) at Believers Fellowship Baptist Church would start out the next week. Where the theme of love and play continue. This is the church BJ started and is an English speaking church for Tanzanians. We lead two days of VBS here and had about 25 kids attend. We taught them about how we are to be “salt” and “light “ to the world. The next couple of days we had home visits and experience life in the town of Moshi and did some shopping. Every moment was an opportunity to love people. To talk with them and see what life is like here. It was as if time had gone backwards about fifty years. The only true modern items were cell phones, everything else was surreal. This next part, our last full day, was “Africa”. We went to a village over an hour car ride “Tanzanian massage” (vehicle ride on their dirt roads will vibrate your insides so hard its a full body workout). It was an experience I can barely put into words. There were over 130 kids and none of them spoke English. No one but us and the pastor of the village spoke English, but you would have never known it while we were playing. No words needed to be spoken to understand the heart. Like the song Sandy Patti sings “Love in Any Language” it is “fluently spoken here”. Smiles, hugs, a little hand slipping inside of yours when you’re not looking, these took the place of words. For over two hours we played and laughed. Then

something even more extraordinary. We were there for minister to them ... to do for them and yet we were the guest of honor. They had us to sit on the stage when lunch was being served like someone important. Up to that point I had worried about the food and if we might get sick eating it, which is a possibility. While I had concerns if it was safe, there was a since that is just didn’t matter if we became sick. When you see kids eating beans and rice with their fingers and have no complaints it is hard not to feel as if my life has been too easy. You would have thought it was Christmas when the pastor passed out a Coke to each child. (As I type this it is hard to hold back the tears.) When it was time to go I am not sure who was more sad for the day to end us or the kids. Their faces come to me each day. I cannot begin to count the times we said to each other that day, “this is Africa”. This phrase represents life there. Everything is hard! At the beginning of this condensed story, remember the trickle of water in the shower, which would lead to only having five hot showers the entire trip or the concrete feeling mattress. These are the mild things the non important things those that live there face each day. The painting below, painted by Michaela is an accurate picture into the life in Tanzania. Life there is hard and yet everyone we met greeted us with a smile and Jambo - how are you, Karibu you are welcome here, Asante sana - thank you greatly. “The sounds are all as different As the lands from which they came And though our words are all unique Our hearts are still the same Love in any language, straight from the heart Pulls us all together, never apart And once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear Love in any language, fluently spoken here” My life will never be the same!

Go Big Orange... Cake!

Learn how to make this sweet HEALTHY orange bundt cake from scratch! It’s really moist and tender, even with no refined flour or sugar, and just 123 calories! Great for Tailgate parties or to start your Game Day off right!


hushh magazine fall 2019

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Sweeter than a Vol Victory? You decide! I honestly wasn’t a big fan of orange-flavored cakes until I tried this recipe… And now I’m obsessed! It’s really moist and tender with lots of bright orange flavor, and the sweet drizzle adds the perfect finishing touch. Leftovers will keep for at least three days if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. You’ll start with white whole wheat flour. Along with the standard baking powder, baking soda, and salt, you’ll also mix freshly grated orange zest into that white whole wheat flour. The zest actually provides the majority of the sweet citrus flavor, so don’t skip it—and make sure you add the full amount! You’ll round out the rest of the fruit flavor with freshly squeezed orange juice. The acid in the orange juice reacts with the baking soda, which helps your healthy bundt cake rise and helps with the tender texture. And yes—even with just 1 tablespoon of butter, this healthy bundt cake is still extremely moist

and tender! Can you guess why? It’s because you’ll stir Greek yogurt into the batter! Greek yogurt adds the same moisture as extra butter or oil for a fraction of the calories, and it gives your orange bundt cake a protein boost too! You’ll use another one of my favorite ingredients to sweeten this healthy bundt cake: vanilla stevia. I use it because I love its warm flavor and don’t notice any strange aftertaste. Before spreading your batter into your bundt pan, remember to generously coat your bundt pan with cooking spray. Once your healthy bundt cake is at room temperature, it’s time to drizzle and serve! The glaze is super simple- you’ll see, and you can make it ahead for convenience. Conitnue reading for ingredient list and full recipe.

Recipe From:

Ingredients Yields: 1 bundt cake, 16 slices

for the cake • 3 ¾ cups white whole wheat flour or gluten-free* flour • 2 ¼ tsp baking powder • 1 tsp baking soda • ½ tsp salt • 4 tbsp orange zest (about 2 gigantic or 3-4 medium) • 1 tbsp unsalted butter or coconut oil, melted and cooled slightly • 4 large egg whites, room temperature • 4 tsp vanilla extract • 5 tsp vanilla stevia • ¾ cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt • ¾ cup freshly squeezed orange juice (about 2 gigantic or 3-4 medium) • 1 cup nonfat milk

for the drizzle • 3 tbsp confectioners’ style Erythritol • 2 ½ - 2 ¾ tsp freshly squeezed orange juice


hushh magazine fall 2019

Healthy Orange Bundt Cake Recipe Preheat the oven to 350°F, and generously coat a 12-cup bundt pan with nonstick cooking spray or nonstick cooking spray with flour. To prepare the cake, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. Once thoroughly combined, whisk in the orange zest. In a separate bowl, whisk together the butter, egg whites, vanilla extract, and stevia. Stir in the Greek yogurt, mixing until no large lumps remain. Stir in the orange juice. Alternate between adding the flour mixture and milk, beginning and ending with the flour mixture, and stirring just until incorporated. (For best results, add the flour mixture in 3 equal parts.) Spread the batter into the prepared pan. Bake at 350°F for 50-60 minutes or until the top feels firm to the touch and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 10 minutes before transferring the cake to a wire rack to cool completely. Once the cake has completely cooled to room temperature and just before serving, prepare the drizzle. Stir together the erythritol and orange juice in a small bowl. Transfer the mixture to a zip-topped plastic bag, cut off a tiny piece of one corner, and drizzle over the cooled cake. Notes: For the gluten-free flour, use the following: 2 cups millet flour, 1 cup tapioca flour, ¾ cup brown rice flour, and 3 teaspoons xanthan gum. Most store-bought gluten-free flour blends will work as well, if measured like this. Whole wheat pastry flour or all-purpose flour may be substituted in place of the white whole wheat flour. Regular whole wheat flour may be substituted in a pinch, although the cake will be less tender and have a distinct wheat-y flavor. Use oranges that are purely orange without any green spots. Make sure to use the full amount of zest because that’s what provides the majority of the orange flavor. The cake requires 4 full egg whites. The whites contain the majority of the protein in eggs, and that protein is required to ensure the cake maintains its shape and texture while cooling. Without all 4 egg whites, the cake will collapse while cooling and turn out much denser.

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I do not recommend substituting for the vanilla stevia, if at all possible. (It’s one of my favorite ingredients). I buy mine online because that’s the best price I’ve found. However, if you really prefer to omit the vanilla stevia from the cake, substitute 2 cups granulated sugar and omit the milk, but the cake will no longer be clean-eating friendly. You may substitute 2 cups coconut sugar and omit the milk to keep the cake clean eating friendly, but it will be much darker in color. The baking time may vary with either of those substitutions as well. Do not substitute honey, maple syrup, or agave because the cake batter will be much too liquidy with any of those.

Any milk may be substituted in place of the nonfat milk. Do not use an electric mixer to mix up the batter. This will result in a dense or tough cake. Use a whisk where instructed, and use a fork for everything else. For more drizzle (and a sweeter cake!), double the drizzle. If you have a 6-cup bundt pan, you can make a half-recipe and bake at 350°F for 45-55 minutes instead.

FAMILY ROBIN HOOD Knoxville Children’s Theatre | 109 East Churchwell Avenue Knoxville, TN 37917 The heir to the throne, Richard the Lionhearted is abroad, and forces led by The Sherriff of Nottingham seek to crown a usurper, the wicked Prince John instead! But the rightful Earl of Huntingdon, Robert Fitzooth of Locksley, also known as Robin Hood, joins with other stouthearted men and women of England to fight for the true king no matter what befalls! “The Ballad of Robin Hood” is based on one of the most famous adventure stories of all time and features many favorite characters including Friar Tuck, Little John, Maid Marion and more! Aug 16 through Sept 1 | CONCERTS AT THE TENNESSEE VALLEY FAIR Chilhowee Park & Exposition Center | 3301 East Magnolia Avenue Knoxville, TN 37914 The Tennessee Valley Fair is a non-profit organization that exists to celebrate and promote agricultural heritage, family values, and individual life skills in our community with an emphasis on youth development activities through exhibits, tours and the funding of scholarships. The Tennessee Valley Fair showcases traditions of the past, emphasizes ingenuity in Tennessee through the products of the present and supports the vision of the future in the areas of agriculture, trade, and industry. The 2019 Concert Lineup: Sept 6th - Dirty Guv’nahs Sept 7th - Battle of the Cover Bands Sept 8th - Erick Baker with The Young Fables Sept 9th - Morgan Wallen Sept 10th - Keith Sweat Sept 11th - Riley Green Sept 12th - Bret Michaels Sept 13th - Uptown Funk Sept 14th - KC and the Sunshine Band Sept 6th through Sept 15th | Showtimes: 8pm Price: $Varies

40TH ANNUAL GREEK FEST KNOXVILLE St. George Greek Orthodox Church | 4070 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 Greek Fest is celebrating its 40th year! Come join us to celebrate and enjoy all of your favorite foods, live Greek music and tours of our newly reopened Church sanctuary! See you there! Sept 27th through 29th |11am-10pm Price: $Varies

FOOD 2019 TASTE OF TURKEY CREEK Pinnacle at Turkey Creek | 11251 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, Tennessee 37934 Taste of Turkey Creek is Knoxville’s premier tasting event, as well as the Pat Summitt Foundation’s largest event of the year. The 2019 Taste of Turkey Creek event will offer samplings from a variety of local restaurants, as well as a selection of craft beer and wine. In addition, the event will include a silent auction and kids’ corner. Guests will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite dishes as participating restaurants compete for the coveted People’s Choice Silver Knife Award. Sept 20th | 6pm-9pm Price: $10-$25 Plus VIP option SCRUFFY CITY VEGANFEST Knoxville Expo Center | 5441 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville, Tennessee 37912 ScruffyCity VeganFest is a festival designed to showcase local businesses who provide compassionate and cruelty free food and services, to promote the growing vegan scene in East Tennessee, and to support and encourage participants and attendees to take action in bringing about a more compassionate community and world. Scruffy City VeganFest is produced by Vegfest Expos TN/Triangle Vegfest and presented by Knoxville Farmed Animal Save, a member of The Save Movement Worldwide Network, dedicated to raising awareness of animal cruelty by bearing witness to animal suffering. Sept 20th | 6pm-9pm Price: $5-$10 Ages 13 & Under Free & 65+ Free

FUN SAILGATE CRUISES Volunteer Princess Luxury Yacht | 956 Volunteer Landing Lane Knoxville, TN 37915 Enjoy your next tailgate with all of the style of a land-locked pregame and none of the hassle! Experience the Vol Navy as we cruise by Neyland Stadium. Take a seat at your private table and enjoy gameday favorites! Visit our bar on the upper deck and grab a beer with your friends. Make your game day experience as simple as possible with our parking spot package! We promise the best sailgate in Knoxville. Sample Breakfast Menu includes Petite Quiches, Breakfast Casserole, Assorted Muffins / Breakfast Breads, Sausage & Bacon, French Toast Sticks, and a Coffee Bar. Sample of Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres includes Buffalo Chicken Wings, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Pigs in a Blanket, BBQ Meatballs, Fresh Vegetable Display, and Mini Assorted Desserts. Aug 31 though Nov 30 | Boarding is an hour before kickoff Price: $22.95-$49.95 NIGHTMARE ON THE TRACKS - PARANORMAL ADVENTURE Historic Southern Railway Station | 300 W Depot Ave, Knoxville, Tennessee 37917 Pull your family out of the House for a Truly Haunted Adventure and participate on America’s First Investigation based Ghost Tour where participants do more than learn about History they get to experience it. This limited ticketed event allows participants to Investigate the Historic Southern Railway Station which many believe to be very Haunted. This event is one-of-a-kind and is a must for those who have already experienced the Paranormal Adventure Tours before or for those interested in understanding first hand why Knoxville has been deemed “The Hidden gem of Haunted America” and the city where the spirits never sleep. Grab your tickets before the cease to exist. www.hauntedexcursions. com Hosted by Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Blue Slip Winery & Bistro, Visit Knoxville, & Maple Hall Sept 14th | 8pm Price: $35-$40 To submit an event contact us at


SEPT 12-13-14

A spectacular 3-day event for any car enthusiast! $8000 cash giveaway, Top 25 Awards, Ultimate 5 Awards and King of the Hill. Huge swap meet with hundreds of show cars and car corral. Join the many automotive enthusiasts and come on out to the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, the area’s largest automotive event! The Rod Show will be returning to its original location at The LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge. Don’t miss this incredible car show! For registration and show information contact MCS Promotions at (865) 687-3976. Leconte Center | 2986 Teaster Lane | Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


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SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2019


5:30-9:00 PM










rash. Smart. Fresh. Musical. The genzennial collective of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff are three girls from Quincy, Illinois, who grew up ingesting social media platforms, theater groups and hanging out with older kids – and turned into the notes of a chord that lands somewhere between Taylor Swift ascending and Billie Eillish at her most real.

Genre fluidity is a byproduct of the 21-year-olds’ immersion in musical theater as much as a rejection of tags in their voracious quest for songs that turn them on. Three girls, a few instruments, an occasional co-writer, silky harmonies and a sense of self both true to the girls, and real for anybody coming into their own in an Instagrammed world of faux perfection.“We are literally our generation,” muses lead singer/co-producer Savana. “We just have this way of dumping it all into songs. Whatever is happening, that’s what we’re writing.”Sam laughs, but agrees. “Our whole generation is crippled with anxiety and expectations. Look around. What do you do? It’s all about your perspective, because it’s better seeing it this way than the garbage fire (life) is.”“We tackle things with humor,” Sami picks up without missing a beat. “For good or bad, maybe it’s an unhealthy coping mechanism, but it works.”“It works in an optimistically nihilistic way!” Savana concludes. Exuberant mic drop. Not since Taylor Swift pulled back the curtain on the way young women coming of age really feel has Country music had voices this true, this sharp or this engaging. With the stretched staccato vowels of the hilarious self-empowering “Delight,” which offers Nashville its first self-referenced meta moment, the sisterssticking-together euphoria of “Be A Bro” or the angst-rejecting post-break-up “Ruin That For Me,” Avenue Beat beckons listeners with pillows of narcotic harmony and glistening melody –only to sucker punch them with lyrical truths that cut right to the gut. Though they have just turned legal, the squad’s been making trips to Nashville writing since the self-described “theater nerds” were in high school. Having opened for the Trailer Choir in Illinois, the group invited them to play a charity event at the Dawghouse Saloon in Nashville, “and, though, it was fully past our bedtimes,” Savana remembers, they went –and went for it. There isn’t much that escapes them. While they juggle jobs at juice bars, driving for Post Mates and dog walking as they’re waiting on the dream, they take the struggle and turn it into song. With a ukulele, a stop/ start rhythmic scan and their self-induced euphoria, they embrace “Broke” with the rampant joy you’d expect on a Kardashian plunge through Louis Vuitton. Sam nods. “Being an artist woo’ed by a label, you’re the most important person in the world.”“And when you deliver a Post Mates, they don’t even look at you,” Savana continues. “Think what you want, but it’s all the same. We do both, so we see how people treat each other and those experiences

Avenue Beat

Avenue Beat: Sami Bearden Savana Santos Sam Backoff have given us perspective.”“Yeah, when we were signing our publishing deal,” Sam notes, “we were homeless. We couldn’t find anywhere to live because everything is so expensive.” More laughter, more head-nodding. Savana finishes, “We wrote ‘Broke’ by ourselves, because it was us in musical form! It kinda sucks, but it’s hilarious. So ‘Broke’ is what we ended up, but it’s also not who we are.” For all the high spirits and irony, there’s no denying the quality of the songs, or the way they deliver them. They also aren’t afraid to turn a jargon on its ear! “Be A Bro” takes on the dudes above guy code and turns it into a girl empowerment anthem that somehow –humor? harmony? –manages to be all-inclusive. “We never wanna write a preachy girl song,” Savana says. “But having a girl support system is so important,” “Seeing girls love and thrive together is the best, being supportive... But this song goes just for people, period. It’s loose guidelines, but it works.”Navigating life can be treacherous. They joke about going from “high school to grown up,” facing bills, insurance, stuff college kids don’t deal with at the same level. It’s enough just adulting that the trio doesn’t even want to think about dating. Consequently, their debut self-titled EP via The Valory Music Co. / Tape Room Records, which was co-produced

by David Garcia, Ashley Gorley and Savana,is –by design --devoid of songs about love. “With us being such close friends,” Sami says, We’re like siblings; we fight about things, but it’s also BOOM! that’s so good –and we’re always super happy for each other.”“You know, if the world could be like that.”For Avenue Beat, who crafted their name using an online band name generator, this is their first step at making the world a little more they way they’d like to see it. They’re not afraid of the work, the messy, the fails, they think it’s all part of the glorious fun in the midst of the chaos. If the trio, who deem Savana “the voice,” Sami “the brain” and Sam “the heart,” have their way, all the messed up moments, tangles and bust-ups will become stepping stones to better places, self-compassion and maybe, just maybe a whole lot of laughter. “We’re all [messed] up in totally different ways,” Sami admits. “You can’t avoid it, maybe outgrow it. But while you’re living with it, make friends with whatever it is, and it won’t be so bad.”“Oh,” Sam breaks in, “and make some friends who’ve got your back. Then even when you’re struggling, they’ll pull you along until you’re good to go on Your own.”

2 4 august Live Music & Cafe We have one of Knoxville’s coolest Live Music Venues that has live music on stage every week. Come enjoy our full service Cafe serving beer and coffee, where musicians and music lovers come to meet. We feature both local and touring bands playing Blues, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Soul and more. We also have opportunities for you to take the stage with our Open Mics and Blues Jams. Catch some live music and hang out with your friends.

1july1 1july2

bullet the blue sky (u2 tribute band) the fine columbians (steely dan tribute band)


smbs presents john salaway & jake haldenwang


shadow on the sun (chris cornell trubute) wdvx presents chatham city line

1 0 august

pat travers the gray havens

1 6 august

amanda anne platt & the honeycutters

2 4 august

2 7 august 8502 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN

(865) 281-5874

Strong Alley 306 Wall Avenue Knoxville, TN 37902

Live Art!

Watch this art in action under the lights in Strong Alley and bid on your favorites. This year, the auction will be online so you can participate even if you aren’t able to attend the event. Strong Alley is located between Gay Street and Market Square (the highesttraffic and most photographed alley in town with incredible murals). You can enter from either Wall Avenue or Union Avenue. Art Slam is hosted by Dogwood Arts, presented by ORNL Federal Credit Union and sponsored by Downtown Knoxville. It’s rain or shine! But inclement weather will move the artists to Dogwood Arts at 123 W. Jackson Ave.

Image: Shane Sandberg | Art Slam 2018

Some of Knoxville’s most talented artists will have 3 hours to create one-of-a-kind paintings that will be auctioned off to benefit the Art in Public Places Mural Program.

Sept 6th 5:30pm-8:30pm 40

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UPCOMING MARKET DATES: September 14th October 12th November 9th November 30th [Shop Small Saturday] December 14th

The Old City Market transforms the stretch of West Jackson Ave between Central and State Streets into a rain or shine artist market. Join us in the Old City on the 2nd Saturday of the month, April through December, to see what all of your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) artists and makers are up to! Come show your love for these amazing local and regional artists and makers! For more information including a link to our website and email, please visit our Facebook page! The Old City Market is proudly brought to you by: Old City Knoxville, Downtown Knoxville, Rala: Regional and Local Artisans, & Robin Easter Design!

INDIAFest Food, Fun, Music Culture, Dance, Shopping & Kids Activities!

sEpT21 11am-4pm

World’s Fair Park, Performance Lawn

Sponsored by





From any view. 2019 Kona The Hyundai Kona is fully equipped and perfectly sized for your great big world. With available All Wheel Drive, the latest tech and safety features, plus America's Best Warranty it's up for any challenge. Wherever the road leads, Kona can take you there in style.

Starting MSRP


MSRP of $19,990 not including tax, title, license fees and destination charge. ASk your dealer about current Hyundai promotions or offers.

2019 Tucson Tucson takes to city streets with a redesign that’s bold and dynamic, from its glossy black and chrome hexagonal grille to its sleek aerodynamic spoiler. Inside, every inch of its abundant space is brilliantly thought out, to look good and feel great. There’s the latest tech and safety advancements, along with the comforts and conveniences you love. Plus, performance and fuel economy, with up to 30 MPG. Truly next-level modern, this is the new 2019 Tucson.

Starting MSRP


MSRP of $23,350 not including tax, title, license fees and destination charge. ASk your dealer about current Hyundai promotions or offers.

2019 Santa Fe Take the comfort of your family room on your next adventure. Reimagined from the pavement to its panoramic sunroof, this bold new design infuses excitement with a distinctive presence. Add up all of the innovative safety and technology features and we’ve engineered the ultimate family-adventure vehicle. The 2019 five-passenger Santa Fe has arrived.

Starting MSRP


MSRP of $25,750 not including tax, title, license fees and destination charge. ASk your dealer about current Hyundai promotions or offers.

Grayson Hyundai Transparent


(888) 643-4762 8729 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923


The All New 2020 Legacy Premium Starting @ MSRP


* Manufacturer's suggested retail price does not include destination and delivery charges, tax, title and registration fees. Destination and delivery includes handling and inland freight fees and may vary in some states. Prices, specifications, options, features and models subject to change without notice.

8729 KINGSTON PIKE • 1-888-859-4212

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