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Knight Community Challenge Winners Quick Reference Guide

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What is the Knight Community Information Challenge? The Knight Community Information Challenge is a five-year initiative to engage community and place-based foundations in meeting local information needs. Now in its third year, the Challenge was founded on three key beliefs: •

Information is a core community need, as important as clean air, jobs and good schools.

As traditional media have struggled, residents aren’t getting the local information they need to take action on the issues that affect their lives.

Foundations can and should help residents be informed about the issues that shape their communities.

The challenge has three related opportunities: •

The Media Learning Seminar, a gathering of foundation leaders to explore ways to meet information needs;

Access to circuit riders, or technical support to guide grantmakers attempting information projects;

A matching grants contest to support experimentation.

To be eligible for the grants contest, applicants must be a U.S. community or place-based foundation, projects must meet a local information need and foundations must match Knight’s investment. Following are the winners of the grants contest’s first three rounds. Their projects help build awareness, cultivate community action and capacity and strengthen local news and residents’ voices on issues.



Providing platforms for civic engagement and action

Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties ROUND I

Digital Public Square


To create a digital public square that makes local issues in Palm Beach County easy to understand, discuss and act upon. •

Minnesota Community Foundation ROUND I

Minnesota Idea Open


To foster a deeper understanding of community issues by engaging citizens in problem-solving efforts through a community-wide contest. •

Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan ROUND II



To foster support for creating more livable communities by developing an information hub focusing on southeast Michigan’s green spaces and natural resources. •

Silicon Valley Community Foundation ROUND II

Envision Bay Area


To increase resident involvement in Northern California land use issues by launching an information campaign that explains the impact of planning decisions on everyday life. •

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque ROUND III


To save energy, money and resources by creating an environmental news and information hub called Dubuque 2.0. •

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo ROUND I

Dubuque 2.0

GrowNY (The Green Table Virtual Meeting Place)


To promote community dialogue around revitalizing Buffalo by creating a forum where environmentally-concerned groups can exchange information and boost engagement. •


Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation ROUND II


To attract and retain young adults in Duluth and Superior by providing the information they need to thrive in the region through a local Web portal. •

Rhode Island Community Foundation ROUND II

Community Forums


To promote community engagement around Rhode Island’s pressing challenges in six key areas through public forums on radio and online. •

ACT for Alexandria ROUND II

ACTion Alexandria


To encourage community problemsolving in Alexandria, Va. by creating an online site where residents can post problems, debate solutions and share successes. •

The Park City Foundation ROUND I

Community Footprint


To help promote a dialogue on conservation in this weather-dependent community by creating a site where the community can measure its environmental footprint and exchange information and ideas. •

Community Foundation of North Florida ROUND II

We The People

To revitalize the dialogue among the diverse residents of Tallahassee, Fla. by creating a virtual and real world forum for exchanging perspectives on issues. • 4



Creating awareness campaigns about community issues

The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County ROUND II

Ready, Set, Learn


To raise awareness about the importance of early school readiness for atrisk children through a digital information campaign. •

The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County ROUND I

A Civic Blast


To help inform and engage 18 to 30-year-olds who have not attended college through relevant content distributed through new media channels. •

Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation ROUND II


To strengthen community knowledge and pride in New York’s Chautauqua County through an online cultural treasure hunt. •

California Community Foundation ROUND II

Be Counted, Represent


To encourage Los Angeles Latinos to participate in the U.S. census through a dual Internet-mobile phone application. •

West Anniston Foundation ROUND III

Amazing County

West Anniston Today

To provide credible information on the effects of industrial waste in West Anniston, Ala., through a call-in radio program and website. •




Building community capacity to address information needs and use of digital tools

Central Carolina Community Foundation ROUND I

Foundation for the Carolinas ROUND I

BG Time


To promote civic engagement and digital literacy among seniors by creating an online site staffed by and for them. •



To create a central site where critical dialogue about the community is compiled, archived and disseminated. •

Centre County Community Foundation ROUND II

Central Pennsylvania 2-1-1


To help residents in 15 Pennsylvania counties get vital civic information through a 2-1-1 phone information service. •

Black Hills Area Community Foundation ROUND III

Knowledge Network


To provide greater access to local news and information by creating a site that aggregates and curates content developed by media, local governments, citizen journalists and others. •

Austin Community Foundation ROUND III



To inform Austin’s English- and Spanish-speaking deaf community through reports on public access television and an interactive website. •

Community Foundation of South Alabama ROUND I

Connect Southwest Alabama

To connect people, information and ideas in South Alabama by creating a dynamic community information system to store and share civic knowledge. • 6


Community Foundation of Greater South Wood County ROUND I

Community Information Action Agenda


To help meet the information needs of this rural Wisconsin community by creating an action agenda to address gaps and opportunities in the local media landscape. •


Community Information Action Agenda


The River Partnership of Community Foundations

River Partnership Online Network



To inform and engage residents around Mississippi River issues via a series of websites that localize national stories and foster discussion. • /river-partnership

The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia ROUND I

Greater Lowell Community Foundation ROUND II


To transform a proven innovation into a national model for community foundations to utilize and inspire citizens to lead change. •

The Open Indicators Consortium


To help the public easily digest local information by creating a series of open-source data visualization tools. •

Manatee Community Foundation ROUND I

Connect Network

Manatee Connects

To connect Manatee citizens and agencies through a virtual town square focused on nonprofit and civic news and information. •




Strengthening credible professional news sources

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven ROUND I

The Boston Foundation ROUND I

The Valley Independent Sentinel


To create an online news site that provides vital community information to five close knit towns in Connecticut’s Lower Naugatuck Valley. •

CommonWealth Magazine


To help deepen the coverage of public policy by strengthening the reporting and online reach of an award-winning quarterly journal. •


CommonWealth Online


To empower more residents to voice their opinions on Massachusetts issues by providing polling software for a website centered on politics and policy. •

Community Foundation of New Jersey ROUND II

NJ Spotlight


To expand residents’ knowledge and understanding of New Jersey issues by creating an in-depth, public interest online news service. •

Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice ROUND II

The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County ROUND III

The Florida Independent


To strengthen investigative reporting in Florida by creating a statewide, nonprofit online news network. •



To better inform Colorado residents by expanding public-interest investigative reports across the state. • 8

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving ROUND II


To deepen news coverage of Connecticut by creating an online news site focused on state government and public policy. •

Health Foundation of South Florida ROUND II

Health News Florida


To strengthen knowledge of health issues by expanding Health News Florida’s coverage in the state. •

Berks County Community Foundation ROUND I

Community Information Hub


To help inform Berks County residents through a new local news Web portal created by a public television station. •

The Pittsburgh Foundation ROUND III

Public Interest News


To engage Pittsburgh residents around local news and information by creating an online source for professionally produced public-interest news. •

Arkansas Community Foundation ROUND II

Write For Arkansas


To provide more in-depth coverage of community and economic development issues by boosting the reporting staff at community newspapers in Arkansas. •

The Chicago Community Trust ROUND I

Community News Matters


To stimulate new ways to provide the Chicago region with local news and information by providing grants to the region’s media innovators. •


Community News Matters


El Paso Community Foundation

Newspaper Tree



To relaunch, which will bolster in-depth reporting on issues affecting both sides of the border at El Paso.


Resources for Human Development, a partner of William Penn Foundation ROUND I

The Seattle Foundation ROUND III

Public School Notebook


To help better inform Philadelphia parents and education advocates by developing the digital format for a print publication covering local schools. •



To provide comprehensive coverage of hot topics and to translate complex issues into plain language on a local website. •

Alaska Community Foundation ROUND III

Alaska Public Telecommunications


To connect Alaskans and bolster the state’s public media by adding an interactive website to public radio and television offerings. •

Tulsa Community Foundation ROUND III

Tulsa Issues Reporting


To encourage debate and action around women’s issues, such as teen pregnancy and female incarceration, through an online news hub. •

Lander Community Foundation ROUND II


To increase the availability of information on complex state issues by supporting an online news site focused on Wyoming. •

New York Community Trust ROUND III

Feet in Two Worlds


To broaden civic discourse in New York City by strengthening the ethnic media through digital training. •

Dade Community Foundation ROUND III

South Florida Public Affairs

To raise awareness about South Florida issues by expanding an online video website offering in-depth public policy news. • 10


Marajen Stevick Foundation ROUND I

Access to Basic Information


To explore ways to better inform residents living below the poverty line through Web, radio, television and cellphone alerts. •

The Minneapolis Foundation ROUND I

Donor-Funded News Beats on MinnPost


To support in-depth coverage of key community issues by introducing donors to funding news beats at the news site •

Greater New Orleans Community Foundation ROUND III

The Lens


To broaden New Orleans residents’ discourse and understanding about the use of hurricane recovery dollars by enhancing data visualization on an online news site. •


Providing places where citizens can share news and information with their communities

The San Diego Foundation ROUND I

The People’s Post


To expand online news coverage in Southern California through professional and lay journalism and community-based digital storytelling. •

San Antonio Area Foundation ROUND I

NowCast SA


To enhance community coverage by developing neighborhood-based communications centers that produce live streaming and on-demand video broadcasts. •



NOWCastSA/Texas Week


To increase the flow of community news by giving a local news site heightened visibility through additional reports on a San Antonio public television station. •

Akron Community Foundation ROUND II

Digital Media Center


To strengthen community news and information-sharing in Akron by training citizen journalists to create hyper-local content that will be broadcast digitally. •

Pacific News Service, a partner of The California Endowment ROUND III

Hawaii Community Foundation ROUND III

Youth-led Media Outlets


To raise awareness about the connection between people’s health and where they live by creating a youth-produced news network. •

Hiki No


To engage young voices in original reporting on respected television and web platforms by creating a statewide student news network. •

Coral Gables Community Foundation ROUND I ROUND II

Gables Home Page


To engage the community with a new online news source using student and citizen journalists. •

Gables Home Page


To nurture civic participation in Coral Gables, Fla. by strengthening the news and information site GablesHomePage. com. •

Grand Rapids Community Foundation ROUND I

The Rapidian

To help better inform Grand Rapids by establishing neighborhood bureaus that use citizen journalists to generate written, video and audio news about the community. • 12


Michigan’s Children, a partner of The Skillman Foundation ROUND II

The Raymond John Wean Foundation ROUND III

KidSpeak Neighborhood News


To boost involvement in local issues by creating a multi-media youth news service focused on Detroit neighborhoods and schools. •

The News Outlet


To give residents of Youngstown, Ohio a voice by allowing them to vote on stories to be covered concerning underreported issues, people and neighborhoods. •

Cleveland Foundation ROUND III



To give teens a louder voice on local issues by training young reporters to create informational products such as videos and podcasts for a local youth website. •

New York Community Trust ROUND II

Beyond Bullets

To raise the collective consciousness about gun violence in New York by launching a media campaign using youth reporters and roving anti-gun film festivals. •



Round I: March 2009 Winners Round II: January 2010 Winners Round III: September 2010 Winners

Knight Community Alabama • The CF of South Alabama (I) • West Anniston Foundation (III) Alaska • Alaska CF (III) Arkansas • Arkansas CF (II) California • The San Diego Foundation (I) • Silicon Valley CF (II) • California Community Foundation (II) • Pacific News Service with The California Endowment (III) Colorado • CF Serving Boulder County (I, II, III) Connecticut • CF for Greater New Haven (I) • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (II)

Florida • CF for Palm Beach and Martin Counties (I) • Coral Gables CF (I, II) • Gulf Coast CF of Venice (II) • Health Fdn. of South Florida (II) • Manatee CF (I) • CF for North Florida (II) • Dade CF (III) Hawaii • Hawaii CF (III) Illinois • Chicago Community Trust (I, II) • Marajen Stevick Foundation (I) Iowa • CF of Greater Dubuque (III) Louisiana • Greater New Orleans Foundation (III) Massachusetts • The Boston Foundation (I, III)

• Greater Lowel Michigan • Grand Rapids • CF for Southea • Michigan’s Chi Skillman Foun Minnesota • Minnesota CF • The Minneapo • Duluth Superio New Jersey • CF of New Jer New York • CF for Greater • Northern Chau • The NY Comm III) North Carolina • Foundation for Ohio • Akron CF (II)

Challenge Winners

ll CF (II)

CF (I) ast Michigan (II) ildren with The ndation (II)

(I) olis Foundation (I) or Area CF (II)

rsey (II)

r Buffalo (I) utauqua CF (II) munity Trust (II,

r the Carolinas (I)

• The Raymond John Wean Foundation (III) • The Cleveland Foundation (III) Oklahoma • Tulsa CF (III) Pennsylvania • Berks County CF (I) • Resources for Human Development with William Penn Foundation (I) • Centre County CF (II) • The Pittsburgh Foundation (III) Rhode Island • Rhode Island CF (II) South Carolina • Central Carolina CF (I) South Dakota • Black Hills Area CF (III) Texas • San Antonio Area Foundation (I, III)

• Austin CF (III) • El Paso CF (III) Utah • The Park City Foundation (I) Virginia • CF Serving Richmond & Central Virginia (I) • ACT for Alexandria (II) Washington • Seattle Foundation (III) Wisconsin • CF of South Wood County (I, II) Wyoming • Lander Community Foundation (II)

Knight’s Media Innovation Initiative Knight Foundation wants to help define and meet the information needs of communities in a democracy. To that end, in just three years, we’ve invested $100 million in a multi-faceted media innovation initiative. Its six projects address media innovation on various levels, including national media policy, technology innovation and the evolution of the World Wide Web. Projects such as the Knight News Challenge, and others, have to date spawned more than 200 media experiments. Find out more about our media innovation projects:

Knight News Challenge Funds innovative ideas for using digital media to deliver news and information to geographically defined communities.

Knight Community Information Challenge Encourages community and place-based foundations across America to support creative ways to keep communities informed and engaged.

Knight Commission on Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy In partnership with The Aspen Institute, proposes public policy to better meet information needs.

Universal Access Knight Foundation helps communities across the United States ensure digital access for every citizen.

Carnegie-Knight Initiative Strives to transform journalism education in the United States.

World Wide Web Foundation Seeks to advance the Web to empower all people and benefit humanity. 16 16

Knight Community Information Challenge Winners Quick Reference Guide  

Knight Community Information Challenge Winners Quick Reference Guide updated Aug. 31, 2010

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