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the | Social Goldmine

the | facts

Facebook the mogul Social Network • more than 400 million active users • 50% of active users log on in any given day • more than 35 million users update their status each day • more than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook • about 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States • more than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries

so | what?

Facebook Applications Phenomenon • every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform applications • more than 500,000 active applications currently on Facebook Platform • more than 250 applications have more than one million monthly active users • with Zynga leading the way, Facebook games have gross in hundreds of millions last year

what | is Zynga?

Facts about Zynga • is a game developer that focus mainly of Facebook games • is estimated to be worth 1.2 billion dollars. • its revenue was about 250 millions last year. • its profit is estimated around 80-150 millions.

How? Zynga’s Cashville • is the developer of FarmVille, FishVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker. • these are platform games on facebook. • more than 60 million daily active players of Zynga’s simple but addictive social games. • Zynga makes money through ads • most of it’s revenue comes from people who spend real dollars to buy virtual goods from Zynga for these games

what | does it mean?

Zynga’s huge revenue to put it into perspective, it exceeds World of Warcraft by Blizzard’s subscriptions fee with 250 million

The 250 millions dollar Question is: How to tap into the gold mine? The Audience is already there. The Platform is already there. Question: what else would we need to tap into this billion dollar industry?

Jarli Island | is the answer.

What is Jarli Island? Jarli Island is a logic based facebook platform survival game that relies on the task and reward system, like most of the suscessful facebook platform game, to get the player hook. Similar to these other games, Jarli Island provides daily tasks that rewards the player if they are completed within a time frame. Within the games, items and upgrades are avialable as the player level up. Your plane have just crashed in the middle of the Pacific ocean and you woke up on the sandy shore of Jarli Island. You must now figure out a way to survive until help arrives. Using intuition, you must perform task such as collecting food, building shelters and exploring your surrounding.

The Interface The main interface is simple and easy to understand. At the top banner, there are four status bars that allow the players to easily keep track of their, HP (health points), Stamina, Hunger and Thirst. These four attributes are expected to be maintained above zero at all time or character can suffer an in-game death. Furthermore, when a character dies in the game, unless the player invite another friend to join in or pay a set amount of money, the player cannot come back in. This is one source of revenue that can be tap into similar to real money purchasing virtual goods transaction. At the bottom, there is another menu containing 4 incons representing: World Map, Profile, Inventory and Habitat. These four are dicussed in detail in their respective sections later.

World Map The World Map shows the player the area where are at currently and the area they could explore. • the plus indicate the current area the player is in • the blue circles indicate the area that the player could explore.

The Inventory The inventory consists of three major section: tools, items and resources. Tool Containts items like lighter, knife, rope and other tools that can be use to perform tasks. Items Items like hat, sandals and glasses can be use to boost the stats of the character such as HP, Stamina and Defense. Resources Resources such as food, water, wood and rocks can be stored up and used to build habitats, create items and sustain hunger and thirst.

The Habitats When the player is in a habitat, the status recharges and are maintained until the player leave the habitat to go explore. As the character level up and skills level are developed, the option of upgrading the habitat will be available. As the player habitat are upgraded, the rate of recharge will increase. The character will be able to recharge quicker and be able to explore more area per day. This also give the player more incentive to play more to updrage their habitats.

Character Profile The Character profile section provides attributes that the players can level up. This creates an incentive for players to keep on playing and build up their character. With advancements in levels, the character will be able to complete task with higher difficulties. They will also be able to create and build more advance items and tools. This type of encentive will get the players hook and keep playing. While they develope their character, the ad revenue racks up.

Why Play Jarli Island? Jarli Island provides all the elements that made Farmville and Fishville popular. It provides an escape from the everyday life for the average facebook user and at the same time, it utilizes the task and reward strategy to get players hook and keeps coming back for more. • It has depth and build capabilities for the characters that allow the players to submerge themself it. • It has the marketbility around it’s subject matter. Who doesn’t want to be virtually stranded on an island and try to survive. Most of us have thought about atleast once. (The show survivor have run for 20 seaons and counting). • It has the option of providing virtual goods for real cash capability. • Most importantly, it has the task and reward system that keeps players coming back for more.








used for building or weapons Ration Units: 1256 Units


JarLi Island  
JarLi Island  

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