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Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019 Dr. Thay Joe Tan The Visionary Thought Leader in Pain Medicine

Painfree … WOW!TM M&A Today - Global Awards - 2019

ONE needle … for patients ONE weekend … for doctors

Dr. Thay Joe Tan, MD PhD DMD explains why TurboAcupuncture® is THE Revolutionary NEW Gold Standard in Pain Therapy

Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019


TurboAcupuncture® by Dr. Thay Joe Tan

Instant Pain Elimination With Surgical Precision THE Revolutionary New Gold Standard in Pain Therapy A Paradigm Shift in Medicine Skilled in routinely eliminating pain within seconds, simply by inserting a small acupuncture needle just 0.5 to 1.0 mm into the body, elevates Dr. Thay Joe Tan to the forefront as the leading authority for Instant Pain Elimination and predestines him to be the key opinion leader in Pain Therapy, leading to a paradigm shift in medicine. Moreover, as an exceptionally gifted, passionate and enthusiastic teacher, he is able to pass on the essence of his 20+ years of knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture to any doctor in just one weekend. He perfectly understands how to simplify complex material into sections of information that are easy to understand, enabling his students to follow in a stimulating, enjoyable and interesting way. His meticulous attention to detail in treatment, as well as in teaching, is the core foundation of his success with both patients and students alike. He counts Medical and Naturopathic Doctors amongst his students, as well as advanced Acupuncturists with decades of experience. He even shared his knowledge with Chinese Doctors and Professors, who all experience their wow moment when they suddenly discover the simplicity, beauty and true power of TurboAcupuncture®. Dr. Thay Joe Tan is the Founder and Director of one of Europe’s largest physician-led practices for Chinese medicine. He is also the originator of TurboAcupuncture® for Instant Pain Elimination and the T.A.N. (TurboAcupuncture® Navigation) system, which leads the acupuncturist like a GPS from the location of pain, step by step with surgical precision, to THE one TurboAcupuncture®


Dr. Tan’s doctors team

point which will with highest probability eliminate the pain instantly. Before starting his private practice, Dr. Tan was Senior Resident and temporary Deputy of the Head of the First German Hospital for TCM, University Hospital at Beijing University of TCM in Kötzting, Germany. He is the first person outside China ever to be granted the Inherited Master Fellowship of Qi Lu School of TCM for Complex Diseases, one of 64 acknowledged Inherited Schools of TCM in China. He was awarded “Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018” which highlighted his many achievements. For over more than two decades Dr. Tan has had the privilege of acquiring a deep knowledge and precious wisdom of Chinese philosophy and medicine from countless professors and teachers from all over the world. He has combined and refined their best and most effective methods and condensed them into a unique system able to eliminate pain within seconds, using only one single acupuncture point. Due to this unique system being so highly

Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019


Dr. Thay Joe Tan speaking at The Forum™ of the Global Entreupreneurship Initiative™ at United Nations Headquarters in New York

effective and fast acting, Dr. Thay Joe Tan named it ‘TurboAcupuncture®’. This innovative name was inspired by the term “Turbo”, on the one hand implying the very fast and very powerful effect of TurboAcupuncture® regarding pain elimination and on the other hand addressing the fact that the method is so quickly transferable and applicable and that it catapults every doctor’s therapeutic competency into a totally new dimension in just one weekend, giving the doctor the advantage of therapeutic superiority.

TurboAcupuncture® can help for a wide range of ailments covering any kind of pain like migraine and other headaches, neck, back, joint, abdominal, genital, menstrual, eye, ear, mouth, nerve and postoperative pain including chronic and complex pain, as well as the whole bandwidth of medicine such as skin, lung, stomach, bowel, gynaecological, genital and fertility issues. As a native German of Chinese origin, trained in dentistry and both, conventional Western and Chinese medicine, Dr. Tan understands how to integrate the intelligent power and elegance of Chinese medicine into the setting of mainstream Western medicine. Fact #1 Pain is one of mankind’s major health issues. That is why all around the globe research is being conducted to find out the origin of pain, how it develops and how it can be treated. To be able to successfully treat and finally eliminate pain instantly, you need to first of all understand pain. Basically, it’s like

a game. If you want to win a game you need to understand the game, know the rules and then play it better than anyone else. Then, and only then, will you be able to win the game again and again and finally dominate pain. In the way mainstream Western medicine understands and treats pain, worldwide hundreds of millions of people are left with and in pain. In the United States alone there are 80 million patients suffering from chronic pain which is equivalent to the entire population of Germany. Fact #2 The question of how pain develops and how it can be treated was answered some 4,500 years ago according to classical Chinese medical literature which is nowadays made available to the general public. Therefore there is no longer any need to do research about it. According to Dr. Thay Joe Tan, establishing TurboAcupuncture®, instant pain elimination with only one needle as first line treatment in pain therapy, would release 19 out of 20 patients from pain, typically within seconds. Fact #3 Every doctor is able to acquire this unique skill of instant pain elimination in just one weekend, as Dr. Thay Joe Tan has distilled the essence of his decades of experience in acupuncture and delivers it to his students on a silver platter.


Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019

The Difference: ONE Needle … ONE Weekend … Putting Fact #2 and Fact #3 together results in: The difference between a patient with pain and the same patient without pain = ONE needle. And the difference between a doctor who can do this and a doctor who cannot = ONE weekend. This close is mankind to pain no longer being an issue. Due to patients and doctors being unaware of these facts, hundreds of millions of patients continue to suffer from pain (see Fact #1). The Missing Link

TurboAcupuncture® is the missing link between Western and Chinese medicine. Its results and efficiency are indisputable, regardless of whether or not they have been proven and backed up by any prospective, randomised, double blind placebo-controlled studies. The acceptance of its undeniable superiority in pain therapy by Western medicine could lead to a wider acceptance of all other benefits offered by Chinese medicine. Moreover, according to Dr. Thay Joe Tan the concept of TurboAcupuncture® provides the missing link between “normal” acupuncture and the fact that, with the minimal knowledge of only 12 points, it is possible to control almost the entire body.


A Paradigm Shift in Medicine

TurboAcupuncture® unquestionably causes a disruption in mainstream Western medicine as well as in the acupuncture world itself. Although TurboAcupuncture® is based on classical Chinese medical literature, it is practically unknown even in China. As a result of its undeniably preeminent superiority, according to Dr. Tan, TurboAcupuncture® undoubtedly deserves the right to be established as THE New Gold Standard for Instant Pain Elimination across all medical subspecialties. Its outstanding importance determines that it should ultimately also be taught in medical universities to every first-year medical student. Why TurboAcupuncture® is Revolutionary The revolutionary aspects of TurboAcupuncture® are: 1. Immediate effect (typically instantly or within seconds), no matter which type of pain 2. Quick and easy application (only ONE needle inserted 0.5-1.0 mm) 3. Quick and easy to learn without any prior knowledge (in ONE weekend) 4. Minimal knowledge necessary (only 12 points) So the real incredible revolution lies in the fact that, with minimal knowledge, it is possible to control almost the entire body. Dr. Tan is often called “Magician” or “Wizard” by his patients. He himself is fascinated by the simplicity, beauty and true power of TurboAcupuncture® in each and every patient he treats. How Patients Benefit Most patients typically experience instant elimination of their pain, no matter whether acute or chronic pain, regardless of how severe or complex that pain might be.

Prof. Wang Xinlu honours Dr. Thay Joe Tan being the very first outside China to receive the Inherited Master Fellowship of Qi Lu School of TCM for Complex Diseases.


Being released from pain means a new life, being able to move, walk or sleep properly, even working and returning to all that life has to offer!

Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019


Dr. Tan teaching at Dongzhimen Hospital, International Department, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

How Doctors Benefit In ONE weekend, doctors can acquire the unique skill of instant pain elimination. This immediately turboboosts their therapeutic competency into a totally new dimension and gives them the following benefits: 1. Becoming an acupuncture expert in one weekend (without spending years learning hundreds of acupuncture points) 2. Developing their full potential as doctors 3. Owning therapeutic superiority 4. Magnetically attracting new grateful patients who will come back with each future pain 5. Quickly starting, filling and growing their practice with ease in no time 6. Having the option to enjoy a fulfilling second career after retirement

Paracelsus said: “The Art of Medicine can neither be inherited nor be copied from books”, and the same applies even more to the Art of Instant Pain Elimination. It needs the right teacher who has the experience and sovereignty to drastically shorten the student’s learning curve and thereby saving the student precious time and money. His students, amongst them experienced experts in the field of acupuncture, attest that TurboAcupuncture® is a total game changer. They report outstanding successes and to quote one: “I understood and learned more about Chinese medicine and acupuncture in one weekend than I did in the past ten years.” Contact Details Company: TurboAkupunktur™-Akademie Dr. Tan Contact: Dr. Thay Joe Tan, MD PhD DMD Website: for Doctors: www.turboacupuncture.com for Patients: www.painfreewow.com E-Mail: dr.tan2@turboacupuncture.com



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Edmund House 12-22 Newhall St Birmingham B3 3AS, United Kingdom





Kagiso Interactive

Best Mobile Application Development Company 2019 - South Africa


Best Transformation Consulting Firm of the Year - South AfricaÂ

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Best Mobile Application Development Company 2019


South Africa



A diverse organisation that provides services in Corporate Transformation, Shared Value Consulting, SMME Development, Localisation, Environmental Innovation, Community Engagement and accessing Funding for Growth. Our work is supported by digital solutions as an enabler for development. We play an active role in promoting investment into South Africa, developing strategies that encourage businesses to operate in a way that perpetuates the developmental agenda. Our mission is to be the pre-eminent partner for social and economic development on the African continent, through strategic projects that assist our clients in achieving a business model that supports the very best in business best practice, drives optimal commercial return while positively contributing to the continent. With more than 20 years in our field, our customers include big and small, Global and Local, Public and Private Sector.

making development happen….

consulting • implementation partners • capital advisors • digital • development trust

E dionne@siyakha.co.za T +27 (0) 11 706 9006 F +27 (0) 86 660 7019 siyakha.co.za



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GLOBAL GLOBAL Best Capital Management Firm Best Capital Capital Management ManagementFirm Firm Best Best Global WealthManagement ManagementFirm Firm2019 2019&&&Recognised Recognised Leader Private Wealth Leader ininin Private Wealth Best Global Global Wealth Management Firm 2019 Recognised Leader Private Wealth Management Global Management Management -- Global Best CapitalAdvisory Management Firm Cross-Border Advisory Firmof ofthe theYear Year Cross-Border Firm Cross-Border Firm of the Year Best Global Wealth Management Firm 2019 & Recognised Leader in Private Wealth Management - Global Cross-Border Advisory Firm of the Year

GLOBAL Global Global Global Global

Chartercross is is a Chartercross a multi-award multi-award winning, winning, regulated capital management company, Chartercross is a multi-award winning, regulated capital management company, and we know know that the world isis regulated capital management company, and we that the world of of investment investment complex, thus making informed and we know that thecorrect world ofand investment is complex, thus making correct and informed decisions isthus paramount for success. With our complex, making correct and informed decisions is paramount for success. With our ever-expanding global reach, we can decisions is paramount for success. Withhelp our ever-expanding global reach, we can help clients across the world make those ever-expanding globalworld reach, make we can those help clients across the important decisions thatworld are right for them. clients across the make those important decisions that are right for them.

At asas such, AtChartercross, Chartercross,you youwill willbebetreated treated such, and we ensure that only the appropriate Atand Chartercross, youthat will be treated as such, we ensure only the appropriate options respective to your specific needs are and we ensure thattoonly appropriate options respective yourthe specific needs are offered.respective With a full spectrum view of each options to your specific needs are offered. With a full spectrum view of each individual case, assist in notofjust the offered. With a fullwe spectrum individual case, we assist view in not each just the creation of wealth, itsinpreservation individual we but assist not just theasas creation case, of wealth, but its preservation well. creation well. of wealth, but its preservation as well.

Unlike most other advisory companies, Unlike most other advisory companies, Unlike mostis uniquely other advisory Chartercross positionedcompanies, to provide Chartercross isisuniquely positioned toprovide provide Chartercross uniquely positioned to our private clients wealth management and our clients and ourprivate private clientswealth wealth management management asset protection expertise which are and not asset protection expertise which are not asset protection whichdue areto not typically accessibleexpertise to expatriates, the typically accessible expatriates, due tothe the typicallyor accessible to expatriates, to country territory into which they aredue resident. country or territory in which they are resident. country or territory in which they are resident.

Our expertise stems from our ability to listen Our expertise stems from our ability to listen Our expertise stems from our ability totailored listen our clients, and formulate strategies our clients, and formulate strategies tailored our clients, and formulate strategies tailored to fit. We are here for our clients at every tofit.fit.We We are here our clients at every to forfor our at every stage of are life here to help youclients maximise their stage of life to help you maximise their stage of life to helpWorking you maximise financial potential. for yourtheir best financial potential. Working for your best financial yourcan best interest is potential. in our bestWorking interest, for so you rest interest is knowing in best interest, so you rest interest is in ourour best interest, so cancan restof assured that ouryou team assured knowing knowing that ourteam teamof of assured that ouryou. professionals ae looking after professionals looking after you. professionals aeae looking after you.

important decisions that are right for them.

We specialise in international, and offshore Wespecialise specialise international, We inin international, and offshore advisory services for individualand as offshore well as advisory services for individual as as advisory services for individual as well as corporate clients. We recognise thatwell every corporate clients. We recognise that every corporate We recognise that goals every client is anclients. individual, with individual clientisisan an individual, individual, with with individual individual goals client goals and circumstances. and circumstances. and circumstances.

Chartercross is founded on the principles of Chartercross is founded on on the principles of of Chartercross is founded principles “Simple, Impartial Advice”. Wethe stand behind “Simple, Impartial Advice”. WeWe stand behind “Simple, Impartial Advice”. stand behind every financial decision we help our clients every financial decision we help our clients every with financial we help our clients make, years decision of experience in providing make, with years of experience in providing make,guidance. with years of experience in providing sound sound guidance.

sound guidance.

Address: Address: Office 110, Building A1, Address: Office 110, Building A1, Dubai World Central, OfficeWorld 110, Building A1, Dubai Central, Dubai South, PO Box 644330, DubaiSouth, World Central, Dubai BoxEmirates 644330, Dubai, UnitedPO Arab Dubai, Emirates Dubai United South,Arab PO Box 644330, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Telephone: +44 207 193 7638 Telephone: +44591 2076271 193 7638 Fax: +44 845 Telephone: +44 207 193 7638 Fax: +44 845 591 6271

Fax: +44 845 591 6271

Website: www.chartercross.com Website: www.chartercross.com

Website: www.chartercross.com












ACXIT Capital Holding GmbH Alice Poole Architects Alpine Travel Enforcement Bailiffs Ltd T/A Quality Bailiffs Fantastic Flavours Ice Cream Parlour FCI London Finefair Limited Ideas Afresh Ltd. - Simon Harrison Infabode Limited JYH International Architects Leumi ABL Limited Papavasiliou D & Associates Praxis für Radiologie PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Quiver Management Regent Group Tapestry Compliance LLP WSP UK Ltd


Best Healthcare Financial Advisor – Europe & Mid-Market Corporate Finance Advisory Firm of the Year – Europe Best Listed Building & Conservation Architecture Firm - South England Best for Family Active Holidays 2019 - Greece Best Property Enforcement Specialists of the Year - UK Best New Franchise of the Year - European Union 2019 Best Contemporary Furniture Company - London, UK Best Property Management Firm of the Year - UK Managing Director of the Year - United Kingdom Best Real Estate Insights Technology Platform 2019 - UK Best Young Designers 2019 - Spain / Lebanon Asset Based Lender of the Year - UK Gaming Law Firm of the Year - Greece Best Radiology Practice 2019 - Saxony, Germany Global Sustainability Private Equity – Adviser of the Year 2019 Best Coaching Company and Best Managing Director - Europe Dr. Selva Pankaj - Regent Group - CEO & Co-Founder of the Year - United Kingdom Compliance Consulting Law Firm of the Year - United Kingdom Best for Environmental Due Diligence 2019

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Entrepreneurial Investment Banking ACXIT Capital Partners, founded in 1998, is a leading independent corporate finance and investment advisory firm for mid-market clients and entrepreneurs in Europe and abroad. The company is led and owned by senior investment bankers with comprehensive sector expertise and network. As an independent firm, ACXIT Capital Partners has staff of approx. 60 professionals and maintains offices and representations in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Zurich, Hong Kong and New


York, as well as strong alliances in France, China and India. Our expertise is founded on an in-depth understanding of the key industries served by us, covering both the industrial and technology sectors. We have successfully advised clients in Internet & Media, Software & IT, Mobility, Mobile & Telecom, Healthcare & Pharma, Retail & Consumer Goods, Real Estate and General Industries.

› Healthcare & Pharma › Internet & Media › Software & IT › Mobility › Mobile & Telecom › Retail & Consumer Goods › Real Estate › General Industries

OUR SERVICES › Mergers & Acquisitions › Capital Markets Advisory › General Financial Advisory › Restructuring › Debt Advisory › Strategic Advisory SELECTED RECENT TRANSACTIONS



Johannes H. Lucas

Andreas Thümmler

Thomas Klack

Jens Tschauder

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Managing Partner



ACXIT CAPITAL PARTNERS WestendDuo Bockenheimer Landstraße 24 60323 Frankfurt am Main Germany +49 (69) 247 41 40 info@acxit.com W W W. A C X I T. C O M







Best New Franchise of the Year - European Union 2019









COMPLETING DEALS, WITH CONFIDENCE Specialising in structured ABL facilities up to £35m with exceptional levels of client service. We have built a reputation for our flexible and personal approach to completing deals. CASE STUDY: TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS Supplier of security solutions to the construction industry required flexible funding to support growth plans Leumi ABL provided £multi million CID facility


Processor of egg and liquid food products required flexible funding to support growth and new product development plans Leumi ABL provided £7m ABL facility including CID, plant finance + term loan


To find out more about the Leumi ABL approach to business call Phil Woodward on 07900 802774 or email pwoodward@leumiabl.co.uk or visit www.leumiabl.co.uk 02273 Leumi M&A ½ page - Jan18.indd 1


Asset Based Finance 2017 Standards Framework

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M&A Today – PwC UK LLP – PLEASE INSERT CORRECT DESIGNAT EXAMPLE: Global Sustainability Private Equity - Adviser of the Year

Phil Case +44 (0) 7843 367988 Director PwC Sustainability & Climate Change philip.v.case@pwc.com www.pwc.co.uk/sustainability

Firm Profile

At PwC, we believe sustainability is the key to a successful and viable business, and w guidance on a wide variety of issues, working with clients from the corporate, (includ equity) and public sectors. Our Sustainability practice helps organisations plan, sourc finance and measure the wider impact of products and services. We’re helping to futu businesses by making them more resilient, agile and sustainable.

We help clients understand the impacts of climate change on their business and supp embedding sustainability into their core business strategy, amongst other services.

Our award-winning Private Equity sustainability team focuses on environmental, soc governance (ESG) issues faced by our private equity (PE) clients. As can be seen in ou Older and wiser: Is responsible investment coming of age?, PE houses and their inves increasingly engaging with responsible investment. 91% of respondents have already currently developing a responsible investment or ESG policy, while 81% of responden matters to their Boards at least once a year. Is responsible investment a young adult?

This increasing focus comes from a desire for improved ‘risk management’, but ‘corpo emerged as a driver, which could be a sign that responsible investment is being perce the ‘right thing to do’.

Over the three years since our last survey, progress has been made on certain themes nascent in 2016, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human righ themes, such as climate risk, have emerged.

There was also a higher correlation between concern and taking action on emerging i previous surveys. Respondents are not just talking about these issues, they’re taking c particularly around governance, health and safety and human rights for portfolio com

However, moving ahead, much remains to be done to ensure approaches to responsib keep maturing. There is still some way to go in many aspects of responsible investme monitoring and reporting, climate risk and valuing ESG initiatives, and we look forw to help clients in these areas. [ENDS – 348 words].



CEO & Co-Founder of the Year

DR. SELVA PANKAJ Regent Group Phone: 0208 966 9900

Email: selva.pankaj@regentgroup.org.uk

Address: Regent House, 167 Imperial Drive, Harrow, HA2 7HD www.regentgroup.org.uk

Personal Profile Early Days Selva, who is a Chartered Management Accountant, took the role of CEO of Regent Group in 2009. However, before his career in education launched, Selva had an enviable career in the City between 1994-2008 working in the investment banking and fund management sector for a number of well-known organisations including Pricoa, Rockspring, Fortress with a Joint Venture relationship with Goldman Sachs and Prudential Financial Inc amongst others. Some of his major achievements include involvement in major capital raises of over $1.5 billion of capital, tax restructuring and the co-ordination of IPOs. In 2000, he co-founded Regent Group with his wife and partner, Tharshiny Pankaj, and his father Senior Selvanayagam. For nine years, Selva juggled his day job in the City whilst endeavouring to build up Regent Group during spare evenings and weekends.

Post-2009 In early 2009 Selva stepped down from his role as Executive Vice-President at Fortress Investment Group to become Regent Group CEO. Initially including just one tuition centre, a small independent school and a nursery, the Group has enjoyed impressive growth and now in 2018 turnover stands at £12m + compared to £1m nine years ago. The number of sites within the Group has increased from two to eight, meaning the company has circa £20m + worth of property assets with the combined enterprise valuation sitting at circa £40m +. The number of staff on roll has risen in parallel and now stands at 250.

Self-Development Not one to rest on his laurels, Selva constantly seeks to refine his knowledge further, searching out other learning experiences. These have included time spent at Harvard Business School studying Disruptive Innovation with the renowned Prof Christensen, a week at The London Business School studying Essentials of Leadership, and most recently Selva has immersed himself in the teachings of Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Personal Interests

United Kingdom

Philanthropy is important to Selva. He supports a number of initiatives each year which of late have included The Prince’s Trust, Combat Stress, the Tamil School Sports Association and the Duke of York Community Initiative. Selva also likes to use the skills has he has gathered to give back to the community. He therefore participates in the Education and Training Foundation’s Technical Education Panel. Additionally, given his awareness of the stresses placed upon young people in today’s society, he has developed a special programme – Thinking into Character – designed to build resilience. Selva and Tharshiny, having experienced civil unrest in Sri Lanka, from which they originate, are also working to promote unity and harmony through the establishment of the Global Unity Forum, which they hope to launch in late 2019.

Rest & Relaxation In his spare time, Selva likes to go out to events with Tharshiny and his two daughters. Fine wine, politics and Bollywood music are some of Selva’s other passions and he can happily pass many hours reading tomes from key figures in industry, such as Sir Richard Branson.

Selva’s motto Be the best example you can possibly be and people will follow you.

Company Profile The company as it stands today, as outlined below, is very different to its existence in 2009. It has moved beyond education into other areas allowing Selva to utilise his financial talents in new ways Regent Group 1: This business division consists of the following revenue generating divisions. 1. Higher & further education 2. Independent schools, sixth form centres, learning centres & nurseries 3. Corporate training & leadership transformational programmes 4. Children’s community services & residential homes Regent Group 2: This business division consists of the following real estate activity. 1. Commercial & residential real estate portfolio 2. Residential development projects Regent Group 3: This is an Investment Management business and trades as RIM London. 1. Investment management of real estates and companies, buy and build mode. 2. Real estate asset management 3. Mergers and acquisitions advisory 4. Capital raising and financing advisory

Key Achievements Selva’s natural talent for business and his ability to seize opportunities that present themselves have been recognised on a number of occasions. In 2016 he was awarded the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award at the Asian Achiever Awards and in 2018 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Young Scientist University.


Whilst its headquarters remain in Harrow, NW London, Regent Group is expanding overseas with a number of projects in the pipeline, namely in Dubai, Canada and the USA.




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Best Leading Global Healthcare Company of the Year

Connecticut, USA

shifts, health policies, and patient needs for the coming years. Our strength is our ability to connect everyone in the room, to develop and deliver education programs that tell the right story, always keeping the patient and what they may be experiencing at the center. The relationships that we grow with our clients are both meaningful and human—we are connected by our experiences.

Simpson Healthcare Executives, founded in 1998 by CEO, Kelly Simpson-Angelini, is a disruptive scientific agency currently entering its 21st year of business. A few years ago, our leadership team revisited the mission and vision of Simpson Healthcare and transformed this into a purpose statement. Our purpose is to support our clients to share the scientific story of the diseases they touch, and therapies discovered for all in need. We have had the opportunity to work with heritage biopharmaceutical clients including: Pfizer, Shire, AstraZeneca, Takeda, Janssen, Genzyme, Sunovion, Rhythm, Merck, and Genentech, to name a few, having focused our innovations on supporting them in the development of new therapies. The scientific expertise and disruptive thinking methods among members of the agency span across a broad array of many major disease categories, including respiratory, oncology, cardiovascular, immunology, rare diseases, gastrointestinal, adult vaccines, severe asthma, and many more.

Many organizations across the healthcare spectrum are now looking to better understand how they can grow stronger relationships with their clients, support better health of their brands, and the launches of the therapies of tomorrow. We anticipate we will be supporting game-changing therapeutic brands such as gene therapies that are a simple once-in-a-lifetime treatment. Along with our clients, we prioritize patient-centered, scientific discovery and development; we collaborate to drive forward our client’s disruptive, therapeutic innovations. Agency founder, Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO, emphasizes that we live in a time of innovation where we must encourage our clients and our fellow healthcare community to better understand each other and what it means to be human, as we work to create lifelong relationships, and deliver more personalized physician education experiences into the marketplace that connect the right patient with the right therapy.

Simpson Healthcare is dedicated to pioneering and delivering smarter physician education experiences, including the creation of BeliefMapTM , a new product launched this year, and of future health forums—where world experts unite to explore global datasets,





Sintetica S.A.


Excellence in Drug Development & Best for Clinic Trials 2019 - Global

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Excellence in Drug Development & Best for Clinic Trials 2019


Leadership by innovation Sintetica S.A. is a pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing. We sat down with Elisabetta Donati, Scientific Affairs Corporate Director, who gives us an insight into the success of the firm and its achievements. Established 1921 in Switzerland, Sintetica possess sites which are based in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and United Kingdom, with its headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland. With 230 people employed around Europe, the workforce is diverse, coming from 28 different countries across the globe. Sintetica’s primary focus is on local anaesthesia and pain relief. As of 2012, Sintetica established its global division, which was the first international corporate structure. The global division was tasked with pursuing international growth under two distinct models, being a B2B licensing strategy and somewhat later a B2C strategy in selected markets. Elisabetta outlines Sintetica’s overall mission, discussing what steps are taken in order to achieve the leadership, and how employees integrate innovation into every aspect of its work. “Here at Sintetica, we are fully committed to innovating therapies and drugs in local anaesthesia, pain management and neuromodulation. As such, we move forward with passion and

From left Barbara Piccagli, Elisabetta Donati and Clara Bianchi.


competence in the full respect of people and the environment. All our efforts and resources are focused on becoming a leader in these fields, by developing novel medicine and better treatment options for physicians and patients worldwide”. Sintetica recently got approval in the US for a New Drug Application - Clorotekal (spinal Chloroprocaine mainly conceived for the fast track anesthesia in day surgery cases, enhancing the recovery after surgery). “This is an outstanding achievement. In fact, we are one of the few small medium-sized companies in the world which actually managed to register an original innovative medicine in the United States”. Sintetica managed all trials from cell and animal toxicity, to clinical research on human beings, obviously going through pharmaceutical development. Moreover, the firm has submitted over 350 product registrations in over 100 different countries world-wide, via the network of partners it has built.

Excellence in Drug Development & Best for Clinic Trials 2019

Recently, Sintetica found success in being selected in the M&A Today Global Awards for excellence in drug development and best for clinical trials 2018 Europe, and Elisabetta tells us how the team feel about this success and what it means to the firm going forwards. “It is an incredible joy first, as it represents a tangible reward to the huge efforts and strong ambition of Sintetica to move from a small Swiss excellence firm, to a leading global company.” The impressive technological enhancement of the last decade has strongly changed many surgical procedures and perioperative practices. Novel therapies and treatments require more and more the redevelopment of existing drugs. “As such, we enhance drug formulation, assuring the fitting of our ‘Premix’ medicines to the current standard of care” Clara Bianchi, Pharma R&D manager reflects. Surgical procedures become less and less invasive and their duration reduces, while there is an increased cost pressure on the health system which is leading to a shift towards day surgery.


“Here at Sintetica, we are fully committed to innovating therapies and drugs in local anaesthesia, pain management and neuromodulation. As such, we move forward with passion and competence in the full respect of people and the environment.” Sintetica S.A. Contact: Elisabetta Donati Address: via Penate 5, 6850 Mendrisio Switzerland Website: www.sintetica.com

“Modern short and medium acting local anaesthetics are our ‘One Day Surgery’ proposal, enabling physicians to adapt the length and the conditions of anaesthesia to the novel surgical needs, allowing patients to go home on the same day” concludes Barbara Piccagli, Clinical R&D manager.


Akkum, Akkum & Associates LLP At Home Boutique Hostel and Suite IBIS Consulting Kagiso Interactive Karibu Kenya Macauley, Bangura & Co. Osei-Ofei Swabi & Co Siyakha Yav & Associates Law Firm

IP Law Firm of the Year - Cameroon Most Accommodating Hotel 2019 - Accra, Ghana Due Diligence Firm of the Year - South Africa Best Mobile Application Development Company 2019 - South Africa Best Online Luxury Accommodation Booking Agent of the Year - Kenya Intellectual Property - Law Firm of the Year - Sierra Leone Corporate Law - Botswana Best Transformation Consulting Firm of the Year - South Africa Corporate Law Firm of the Year - Democratic Republic of Congo

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Sintetica S.A Augusto Mitidieri - Sintetica S.A

Excellence in Drug Development & Best for Clinic Trials 2019 - Global Best CEO of the Year – Switzerland

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