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We’ve been busy cooking up some exciting things on our popcorn line! Look for new pumpkin spice, cinnamon caramel and other fruit inspired items to launch soon!

WeFest Ticket Giveaways going on now! With just 4 weeks left, visit our website today at or text KLN to 55678 to enter to win a set of tickets being given away!

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KLN Family Brands is home to four distinct, quality-driven


product lines. Tuffy’s Pet

Our new line up of Better For You snacks is available now! Look for them today in a store near you! Featuring Taterpops, Snackin’ Puffs, Baked Potato Crisps, Tortillas with Inclusions & Sweet Potato Pops You’ll be sure to find something to fall in love with from this line! We are also proud to announce that for products sold in Minnesota, a portion of all sales will go to the Boys & Girls Club! KLN Family Brands Issue 02 April 2012

Foods, founded in 1964, pro-

Tuffy’s Office Coming Soon

duces premium pet foods like

New Freeze Dried Treats

NutriSource. Barrel O’ Fun

What’s New

snack foods including traditional and kettle-cooked potato chips, corn chips, gourmet popcorn and baked potato



• Barrel O’ Fun • Rachel’s • Vic’s Gourmet Popcorn • Beer Chips • Kettle Creek Outfitters • Tio Carlito’s • Salveo’s • Larry the Cable Guy Tater Chips

elcome back to our second edition of the KLN Family Brands Newsletter for our employees, our customers and our friends. We are excited to bring you up-to-date information about KLN Family Brands and its activities. This edition highlights some of the most recent updates and announcements throughout the KLN family and its divisions. This quarterly newsletter involves everyone, including you! Send your product comments to



crisps. Kenny’s Candy makes Juicy Twists and Wiley Wallaby licorice. NutHeads is the latest addition with its impressive line of chocolate-covered snacks.

Our Products

KLN Family Brands Online Store is up and running! Can’t find a favorite KLN Family Brands product in a store near you? No problem! Visit www. and click our online store! Here you will find all of your favorite KLN products that can be ordered and shipped directly to your door!

Upcoming Events

produces an extensive line of

Snack Foods

• Kenny’s Candy • Wiley Wallaby All Sorts • Juicy Twists & Juicy Sours


• NutHeads Chocolate • Kookamunga Crunch Caramel Popcorn Clusters of Fun

Pet Foods

• Supreme • Tuffy’s • Tuffy’s Gold • NutriSource • Pure Vita • Natural Planet Organics 800 4th Street Northwest • Perham, MN 56573-1226 • 218.346.7000 •

New TUFFY’s Office Coming Soon!!


hings are looking great at Tuffy’s! A new office is in close sight for Tuffy’s with an expected move-in date of early June.

Introducing: Freeze Dried Treats


e have just launched a new product through our Pure Vita line of pet food - “Freeze Dried Tr e a t s ” f o r dogs. This product can be found at local retailers! In addition to purchasing at a retailer we also have the online ordering site! If you can’t get to us, we’ll get to you! We’re re-launching the Natural Planet Organics Chicken soft & moist treats! Natural Planet Organics soft and moist treats are great for dogs in the training stages as a tasty reward. They also contain healthy and organic ingredients to help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What’s New at


<Taco In A Bag:

<Larry The Cable Guy – Barrel O’ Fun is excited to announce its partnership with Larry the Cable Guy in producing a new line of potato chips called “Larry the Cable Guy Tater Chips.” There are currently four flavors included in the brand: Cheeseburger, Buffalo Wing, Fried Dill Pickle and Barbecue Rib Tater Chips. They will be available in three and eight-ounce sizes in April.

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<Let’s Play Ball! We are proud to announce

Enjoy your favorite Nacho Tortillas in a convenient new way – just rip the top off & add the fixings! They make a perfect snack for concession stands, camping trips and pool parties.

NutHeads is launching Kookamunga Crunch with two delicious recipes. Try our Incredibly Nutty Caramel corn with peanuts or our Clusters of Fun. Both are made with the finest all natural ingredients and REAL BUTTER! This creates a mouth watering experience and with the resealable pouch, it is perfect on the go snack. Sharing is optional. Stay tuned for more fun items appearing this summer.

that our Barrel O’Fun & Rachel’s brand chips are the “Official Chips” of the Minnesota Twins for the third year in a row! Look for Minnesota Twins logo bags at Target Field and at a store near you today!

The New KLN Family Brands Outlet Store KLN has opened a site in the outlet mall, giving a face to the Minnesotabased company that provides snackers with chips, licorice and other delectable treats. A longstanding Minnesota brand has found a new home in what has become a Minnesota shopping “mecca.” KLN Family Brands, the makers of Barrel of Fun chips and Vic’s popcorn, is a Perham-based Minnesota business that was started by Kenny Nelson and his family. “He actually started with the dog food business,” said Katie Leuer, manager of the KLN shop, which opened in October 2011 in the Albertville Premium Outlets. Wait. Dog food? Yep. KLN started in a downtown Perham warehouse with Tuffy’s - those familiar, big, yellow bags found in most grocery stores. While Tuffy’s has been improved with products like Nutri-Source and other healthy pet food alternatives, KLN has, of course, expanded into feeding two-legged friends, instead of just four-legged ones. It started with the potato chips, because much of the Red River Valley supports potato and beet farmers.

Then came the sugar-based licorice products, from Kenny’s Juicy varieties to the new, popular, Australian-style licorice that has become a national craze. “I wish I had a dollar each time someone said ‘I never knew you made this!’” Leuer said. “The people we talk to really appreciate the food is Minnesota-made. I think in this economy, people want to support businesses they feel are local or state-based. And has really helped KLN grow.” The Nelson family, with Kenny’s son, Charlie, in charge today, felt the Albertville Premium Outlets were a great spot to get the brand new exposure, both with people from the Twin Cities metro area and also those from Northwest Minnesota. “You get a lot of people from Moorhead, Fergus Falls and that area who come down here

on a regular basis to do their shopping, because it’s an easy drive, and there are good deals,” Leuer said. The outlet site also helps local vendors like Hardware Hank in St. Michael by directing people to retailers who sell the KLN dog food brands. “You aren’t going to have a lot of people out here who are going to want to pick up a 40-pound bag of dog food,” she said. “But, once they learn about the product, they want to know where they can get it. And they can grab a small bag of chips for the trip back home.” Leuer, herself, has been a resident of the St. MichaelAlbertville area for more than 16 years. “I love working with people,” she said. “And when they can come in here and get a good snack, they aren’t going to leave in a bad mood. Which is great.” Her sister-in-law, Mary, is a regular face in the store, helping at the front counter. Many local residents know Mary and her husband, Jim, who is a local builder. “It’s a lot of fun,” Mary said. We’re just getting the word out that we’re back here, and we have a lot of great stuff.”

A Fast Growing, Candy Loving Business If you like candy that is chewy, flavorful and exciting to eat, then Kenny’s Candy is a great option. Juicy Twist is a premium product line from Kenny’s Candy that is “made with real fruit juice.” Since the year it was launched, Juicy Twist has grown tremendously, with 19 different flavors in a variety of packaging sizes from 1.5 oz. to 16 oz. In 2007, Kenny’s Candy added Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Gourmet Soft Licorice to its product mix and continues to see great success in this product line. Several flavors are available, and the thickness of the licorice distinguishes this licorice from others you can buy. Kenny’s Candy is a favorite to both retailers and customers, as it continues to expand the product lines and is always working to improve quality and taste. Look for four new Juicy Twist products coming in June.

These guzzle-worthy chips provide a common sense answer when the inevitable munchies come along and your stomach shouting “Beer & Chips please.” Beer Chips are perfect for those snack-challenged folks at your local microbrewery, bar, ballpark, racetrack or backyard BBQ. They will be there to accompany you while you watch your favorite game and enjoy your favorite beverage with good friends - a virtual party in your mouth!

One of the most exciting features of Timeline is the large image featured at the top of the page. Facebook has given a lot of real estate to that image, and businesses can take advantage of it as an opportunity to feature something powerful and captivating. You can leverage the image by changing it out frequently, featuring a weekly special or providing a reason for people to like your page. The possibilities are endless, so if you have any ideas start thinking of what you want people to see when they visit your page.

KLN Family Brands Newsletter 2nd Edition  
KLN Family Brands Newsletter 2nd Edition  

KLN Family Brands Newsletter 2nd Edition