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Discover how your energy company can pay YOU for the next 25 years!

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Don’t take our word for it! “We had our Photovoltaic Solar panels installed in December 2010. I’m a strong believer in renewable energy systems – and the government is actively promoting micro-generation systems by providing a feed in tariff rate of 41.3p for every Kwh generated. The payment is received from your electricity supplier every three months. Having considered the options, I decided to choose the 3.995Kwh panel, which attract the highest FIT – over 4Kwh, and the FIT drops to 36.1 Kwh. As you know, fuel prices are rising all the time, but the FIT is guaranteed for the next 25 years.

The advantage of this system over a hotwater system is that it is pretty much maintenance-free, which will save us a lot of time and trouble in the future. Our roof faces due south, with no shading from neighbouring buildings or trees. There’s no doubt that the system has added value to our property, and by using a local company for the design and installation I found the whole process easy and trouble-free. They were very helpful, very efficient, very professional and very willing to answer any questions we might have. We’re extremely happy with the

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installation – and so is the environment, as we’ve managed to reduce our carbon footprint by over 1 tonne per year! In total, our Photovoltaic system cost £14,600, and the projections suggest it should pay for itself within seven years or less. You only need to do the sums to see this is a very wise investment. In summary, I can say I was very pleased (and still am!) with the work carried out by Inside Centre from start to finish and would highly recommend them to any interested persons.”

John Woodford Springwood, King’s Lynn

March 2011  
March 2011  

The March 2011 issue of KL Magazine