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CHIAROSCURO A Collection by Dominique Taylor


chi•a•ro•scu•ro |kēˌärəˈsk(y)oŏrō; kēˌarə-| n o u n the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting. • an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something :


This First collection by Dominique Taylor titled ‘Chiaroscuro’ is a concept developed through research into complex objects and their simplistic forms. In a time when art is becoming less defined, the mediums used becoming less controlled, and viewers interpretations less structured, forms of art such as ‘shadow art’ is still able to inspire and provoke. This exploration of the connotations of letting light pass through and bend around an object became a rich source of inspiration to draw upon. Through numerous artists work that look at using mundane everyday objects to reflect an outline, an idea and a meaning in shadow form, the collection was developed. By looking at how to manipulate the outer-form of the female body by use of layering, and light manipulation this collection is built on an idea of adding on and removing juxtaposing elements of garment construction to create a final completed look.


Naturalistic art, as we know it, is an art which imitates the appearance of things, not as they are in reality, but as they appear at one moment from the point of view of a single spectator. This is the effect of perspective. Nothing of this sort existed in prehistory. Giedion, Taken from the Eternal Precence, 1964














MOOD Casual silhouettes continue to contemporise formal tailoring, with an emphasis on contrasted proportions and textural combinations, in line with Crafted construction macro trend. The Silhouette is Casual tailoring and the Backdrop os Post-Urban Landscape. The Colours are Muted tones of Pebble and Snow with highlights of blush and blue. An emphasis on soft textures in woven Fabrics.

Without light these objects have no meaning, a simple source of light, natural or manmade gives these random objects a purpose, turns them into art. Without a living being for garments to protect, they are but constructed fibers shaped into human form, emphasizing the lack of body inside.



“The genius of it all lies in the fact that without the lighting and shadows the objects would never give away her secret. These surprising silhouettes only come out when beckoned to do so. “ Alice, Taken from


Research into the nature of magnetic objects, Objects that require perspective to see the ‘whole’ concept. Drawing on this as inspiration for layering garments and final silhouettes.




Shadow art is the accumulation of various objects that when assembled, and spot lit reveal an image very different than that of the mass creating the shadow.



These contemporary or postmodern artists have developed a technique to demonstrate their creativity through working something out of immaterial pieces of metal scraps or, to put it bluntly, junk – and cast awe-inspiring shadows by combining art and illusion – darkness and light. Malanyaon, Taken from



Printed acetate with pattern overlay on layered designs to create a unique silhouette







Illustration of pattern idea for laser cutting by Dominique Taylor


Our eyes perceive it as being there and other people would also agree but on closer examination, what we saw was not actually the total reality of the object. Burrows, Taken from Dazed and Confused, 2012


Fashion Illustration with laser-cutting design.


Stand experimentation of vest with magnets. Experimenting with the approach to attachable and detachable garments. The magnets are strong and well hidden, I would suggest small clips at final attaching points for security.


Experimentation of magnetic strip on the vest garment that it utilised to attach and detach areas of the garment

The image shows the lower section of the vest being folded back to demonstrate the magnetic tape placing and attachment options.

The stitching had to stop where the magnetic tape overlapped due to the metallic pieces in the tape and the needle Outer view of vest, the magnetics work well and are strong, they are not visible from the right side, this is a successful sample of how the construction will work


Collage of garment, illustrated print ideas and magnets for experimental silhouette


Collage of garment, print ideas and laser-cut options for experimental silhouette



Research into laser-cut garments that stand off the body creating unique silhouettes and interesting shadow art. The leather cut samples are well executed for demonstration of patterns to be laser-cut.


Experimental Silhouette and Design Line-up



Images and Referencing; Sectioned by Page Number

Page 2:

Creased Japanese Paper by Kumi Yamashita

Page 5:

Rue Aubriot, pants suit by Yves Saint Laurent, Helmut Newton, 1975 (manipulated) Untitled, Jarek Piotrowski, 2012 (manipulated)

Page 6:

Collage of images from POP ma zine 5,2012 Illustration and pattern on acetate by Dominique Taylor

Page 7:

Collage of images, various sources

Page 8:

Collage of images, various sources

Page 9:

Collage of images, various sources

Page 10:

Collage of images, various sources

Page 11:

Collage of images taken from WGSN and scanned in objects

Page 12:

Top row from left; Polarbear cubs from national geographic, Helmet from WGSN, Grain from WGSN, Nest from HomeHouse. Bottom row; scanned in fabrics

Page 13: From left: Model in Celine from TANK magazine, 2011, Construction site from WGSN, Mars crater from National Geographic, Nasa from National Geographic, Model in Gym from HUNGER magazine 2012, Model from The Gentlewoman Magazine 2012. Model from Love magazine, Illustration and photography by Dominique Taylor

Page 14:

Candle part one by Fred Eerde kens, Eiffel Tower from Experi mental Theatre Company, Quea tion mark by Kumi Yamashita, Holy Spirit Come Home 1997 by Fred Eerdekens, Candle part two by Fred Eerdekens,

Page 15:

City view 2003 by Kumi Yamashita

Page 16:

Profile 1994 by Kumi Yamashita

Page 17:

Models from Tank Magazine, illus trations by Dominique Taylor, Photographs from left; paper en gineering artist unknown, Magnet shards from Alex Toys, Magnet ic structure of carport by Luis En rique Cueva, Line Dear by Thomas Hill, Ring Photographs by Dominique Taylor, Illusion portrait unknown artist.

Page 21: Taxidermy View 2004, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Rubbish Argu ment 2003 by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, manipulated model by Dominique Taylor Page 22:

Shadow artwork by Kumi Yamash ita, Design and silhouette experi mentation by Dominique Taylor, Final Collection by Maiko Takeda,

Page 23:

Photography by Sølve Sundsbø for Dased and confused 2008, Model Tran Huyunh, illustrations and pattern by Dominique Taylor

Page 24&25:From left; Shadow Photography by Dominique Taylor, Various maga zine cut outs from HUNTER Mag azine, Shadow puppets from The Scary Shadow Box, patterns from Authentic Victorian Stencil Designs

Page 18: From left; Could Suggest Some thing 1999 by Fred Eerdekens, Dirty White Trash 1998 by Tim No ble and Sue Webster, Freedom 1999 by Fred Eerdekens, Kiss of Death 2003 Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Seated View 2006 by Kumi Yamashita, Flight 2006 by Kumi Yamashita, Illustration by Dominique Taylor

Page 26&27:Various magazine cut outs from HUNTER Magazine, Shadow pup pets from The Scary Shadow Box, patterns from Authentic Victorian Stencil Designs, Dyed fabric inte rior wall paper. Page 29:

Wicker Pavilion, Shanghai. Stand manipulation and shadow experi mentation.

Page 20:

Page 30:

Illustration by Dominique Taylor

Page 31:

Photography by Sølve Sundsbø and various artists and illustration ma nipulation.

Collage of models and hand pup petry taken from Shadow Play by David Currell, Minimum 2001 by Fred Eerdekens, Rubbish fall by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Page 33:

Design Research

Page 34:

Scanned images of vest and leather with magnets.

Page 35: Outfit building and illustration By Dominique Taylor Page 36: Outfit building and print/laser cut ting experimentation by Dominique Taylor Page 37:

Experimental laser cut designs and photography by Dominique Taylor

Page 38:

Experimental design line-up.

Page 32: Illustration and Photography by Dominique Taylor





DT Concept Research Portfolio  

Research Portfolio of concept development.

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