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Madison County High School’s student newspaper Vol. 27, No. 3 - June 2011

In this issue: Words of Wisdom......................... 3 Senior Newspaper Staff Bios ......... 3 Fall and Winter Sports ..................4 May and June Sports Scores...........4 Focus and Play Hard Each Pitch......5 Spring Sports..............................5 A Teacher’s Lessons for Life...........6 Guidance Gives Final Advice...........7 A Carpentry Gift to the Library........7 Relay for Life................................8 2011 Prom...................................9 Carpentry Helps the 2011 Prom....10 Senior Class Photos................11-19 What’s Next for Seniors?..............20 Prom King JP Gibson and Prom Queen Amber Robson wait for their cue to enter. Photo by Victor O’Neill Studios

Cover art

Cover created by Shawn Sudduth/MCHS Mountaineer Top pictured: Rashad Bolden, Abby Taylor, Scott Martz, Courtney Richards, Paul Dixon, and Josie Bostic. Bottom pictured: David Orange, Amber Robson, JP Gibson, Morgan Shifflett, Scott Corbin, and Madison Tuthill Pictures taken by Victor O’Neill Studios, Jennifer Canavan, and Kate LaRoue

The Mountaineer

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The Mountaineer Staff

Seniors relax in the courtyard as the final days tick down to graduation. Keriann Ketterman/MCHS Mountaineer


Editor............................Maggie Vaillant Staff.............................Lindsey Aldridge, Kaiti Burger, Jennifer Canavan, Ashley Dean, Jake Herrman, Keriann Ketterman, Kristen McPeak, Samantha McPeak, Shawn Sudduth, Brittany Tasker, Kimberly Thomas Adviser.............................Kate LaRoue

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Maggie Vaillant Q: What do you plan on doing after school? A: College at Virginia Tech, undecided. Q: What are you going to miss about high school? A: No comment. Q: What is your best memory about your four years? A: Forensics, qualifying for nationals. Q: What advice would you give the freshmen about high school? A: Take advantage of opportunities. You Have so Much to be Thankful For

Your experiences are what you make of them. No one can direct your life, but yourself. High school challenges the strength that you have in yourself to stay true to be who you are. Do what makes you happy. If someone wants you to change to be their friend, then they are not worth your time or energy. Through school you will find out who your true friends are; hold on to them tight because they are truly unique and once they are gone they are gone. Stick to your roots, hold your ground, don’t change for the world, and always remember home. Break out of your comfort zone. I did with Forensics, and I learned that I can’t be afraid to look stupid. People are going to judge you no matter how amazing you are. Always try to do your best. Competition is always fun, especially when beating others, but there is greater self-satisfaction when you overcome your weak points. High school is a time to make bridges that will last forever. Make as many friends as you can. Teachers are a great resource and an opportunity to make new friendships that you should take full advantage of. I personally wouldn’t have made it through without my wonderful teachers. Donald Hitt, you taught me how to act even in the most uncomfortable situations that will truly stick with me throughout life. I am proud to be your forensics captain, and I will never forget how much you helped me make it through this crazy ride called high school. Kate LaRoue, you are like another mom to me. When school was challenging I knew I could always come cry to you and everything seemed to get better. Jayne Penn Hollar, you are the whole school’s mom, and a true encouragement to pursue my dream to be an Elementary Educator. Dawn Tucker, I would have not made it through Calculus without your encouragement. You knew when I was having bad days and took me under your wing like a mother. Ryan Rakow, you encouraged me to stick with SCA no matter who I had to deal with. Decorating for homecoming was a blast; even though, you glued me into the column for the stairway arch. Marcie Strong, your funny side stories to history helped me so much to get through the class. I appreciate all the effort you have put forth for SCA and helping me through high school. Thanks to all of the other teacher that have taught me through high school. You are doing a job many fear to do, and some day I wish to be as successful a teacher as you all are. -Keriann Ketterman

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

I have very little to say about high school. After all, I can barely describe my lunch at this point let alone the last four years of my life, my brain is so dead. So I have very little to say, especially as “words of wisdom” is the point of this assignment. What I can say, however, is that you can’t let it be over until it’s actually over. Attempting to learn a few lessons in Calculus after deciding post-AP exams that you were DONE is not easy. AP exams don’t mean the end of learning. They just mean the end of panicked review and last-minute lessons. So don’t think that it’s the end until it actually is. It’s much easier to pull back the brain cells you’ve set free for the summer if you’ve kept them in your skull. Also, don’t take things too seriously. That causes way to much stress. That particular piece of advice should not be confused with “Don’t care about school.” That would not be a good thing. Make sure you care. High school actually does have an impact on your future and if you learn how to commit to work and set high personal standards early in your life, it’ll be less difficult to do so in the real world when you’re committing to working for money and working to someone else’s standards. Beyond that, it’s high school. I’ve met some people who will have a truly lasting effect on my life. I’ve learned things I’ll use forever, and have memories I’ll cherish as long as they last. I thank everyone who’s been a part of it and wish those who are still here the best of luck with their lives. Now back to work. -Maggie Vaillant

Keriann Ketterman

Q: What do you plan on doing after school? A: I plan on attending GCC in the fall for two years, then transfer to UVA’s Masters in Elementary Education. All while working and having a good time with friends and family. Q:What are you going to miss about high school? A: I am going to miss seeing my friends on a daily basis.

Congratulations Q: What is your best memory about your to the four years? A: There are too many memories Class of 2011! Q: What advice would you give the freshGood Luck! man about high school? A: Just be yourself.


Spring Sports Seniors Right: Boys SoccerSamantha Sam Landolt Cubbage, soccer senior. Jake Herrman Below: Luke Crouthamel Andrew Alexander and Charlie Edwards Kyle Davis, baseCody Newman ball seniors. John Berry/BerrysMatt Batman Nick Camillucci Jeremy Smithson Boys TrackTerez Terrell Rashad Bolden Girls SoccerBrandon Campbell Samantha Cubbage Daniel Orange Carrie Birkett Ralph Yates

David Orange Josh Page Lynn Welch Julian Yacovone

SoftballAmanda Whitaker Amber Robson Megan Clark Jordan Aylor BaseballAndrew Alexander Kyle Davis Johnny Waters Girls trackJody Butler Clare Moretz

Focus and Play Hard Each Pitch

By Jennifer Canavan MCHS Mountaineer

Only three seniors made the baseball team this year: Andrew Alexander, Johnny Waters, and Kyle Davis. Alexander and Waters are outfielders, and Davis is a first-baseman and a pitcher. “Andrew is the hardest worker I’ve been around,” said Coach Tom Butterworth. Davis said, “Andrew is a fabulous center fielder. He’s a great team leader. He’s got a great bat when we need a hit. He also has a very good arm in center, and he always has a positive emotional outcome on our team members. He’s passionate for the game!” Alexander has played on the varsity team for two and a half years. He played half a year as a sophomore on the JV team, and then he was moved up to the varsity team. “Kyle likes to have fun,” said Butterworth. Davis has played on the JV team for three years, but more recently he’s been on the var-


sity team for the past two years. “Kyle is my bestest buddy. I can trust his glove, and I know he will come through with a good bat,” said Alexander. “Johnny doesn’t say a word, just does what you ask him to do all the time, the best that he can,” said Butterworth. This year has been Waters’s first and last year playing for the varsity baseball team. Davis thinks Waters is always a pleasure to have on the field. “Waters runs the bases like Ricky Henderson,” Alexander said. They will all miss the close friends that they made by playing on the team. Also they will miss playing in general. Davis will specifically miss the surroundings, environment, and energy on the field. Alexander will always remember being on the team in 2009 when they went to states, and Waters will never forget his first hit. “All three have been a joy to coach,” said Butterworth.

“My advice to the seniors is wrapped around what we talk about nearly everyday in baseball - focus and play hard each pitch. In life that means be aware of what is going on around you, being sure to treat others with respect, and doing the next right thing whatever that may be. We often talk about adversity striking and what we will do when it does - will we respond and meet the challenge or will we make excuses, blame somebody, and shrink back.” -Butterworth June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Fall Sports Seniors Girls Cross CountryFootballClare Moretz Rashad Bolden CheerleadingRalph Yates Brandy Hey Terez Terrell Tayler Mantz Bradley Meadows Raven Turner Drew Racer VolleyballDerek Nicholson Megan Clark Will Brown Jordan Aylor Andrew Ruffner Amanda Whittaker Boys Cross CountryAndrew Alexander GolfSamantha Cubbage Luke Crouthamel Sam Landolt Johnny Waters Amber Robson Kyle Davis Lynn Welch

Winter Sports Seniors CheerleadersRaven Turner Anna Ford Boys BasketballRashad Bolden Terez Terrell Luke Crouthamel

WrestlingLynn Welch Ethan O’Connell Danny Camunas Brandon Campbell Derek Nicholson

Above: Ralph Yates, Terez Terrell, and Bradley Meadows, football seniors. Below: Raven Turner, Cheerleading senior. John Berry/

Congratulations to Clare Moretz and Lynn Welch who competed Saturday, June 4 at the VHSL State Championship at Radford Universiy. Moretz is the State Champion in the 3200m and took home the 2nd place finish in the 1600m. Congratulations to the MCHS Softball team as they advance at State Girls Varsity Soccer Vs. Manassas Park- Won 5-0 Vs. Clarke- lost 2-1 Vs Central Woodstock- lost 4-2 Vs. Clarke- lost 3-2

Congratulations to all of the Madison Mountaineer teams that competed in Regional,District, or State Championships! June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer


A Teacher’s Lesson For Life..

“Cast a cold eye on life, on death, but lick your fingers.”- Mr. McSherry

“Follow your dreams and be the best person you can possibly be. n ohnso J . s M Be respectful of yourself and oth”l world a e r e th ers, hold your head high and show me to o c l e “W dignity to all.”- Ms. Taylor “In “Alw his song, Dithin ays do “Be something t g.”amonds on the InMr. he righ t that others can Hon side, Ben Harper sings, aker believe in.. it is ‘Make sure the fortune that the foundation you seek/is the fortune that of believing in you need.’ So pick a career you yourself.” love - something you would do - Mr. Novack if you did not need to work for a living!! That’s how i see my job - most days!!! Choose y.”mone s i e well!” “Tim Weaver. Mrs. - Mrs. Penn Hollar Jayne Penn Hollar makes waffles for her class. Jennifer Cana- “Don’t ever be satisfied with just being good enough”- Mr. Stanton van/MCHS ountaineer “Whatever you do in life, be “Have honest, be dependable, and be a good life, trust worthy, pay your bills.”and be happy.” Mrs. Henshaw Mrs. Blankenbaker “Beauty comes in Samantha McPeak and Casey many forms. You’re Stanton work on some homeone of them! In your work. Jennifer Canavan/MCHS Mountaineer career as a professional cosmetologist ..may “Strive your friends become to be the best you your customers, and can be after high school. Bemay your customers come a good role model for youngbecome your friends. er people who look to you for guidRemember - you are ance both in the community and in no longer ordinary... your everyday lives. God bless you are extraordinary.” Joyce Lindsey and a student. Jenyou.”- Mrs. Paramore nifer Canavan/MCHS Mountaineer - Mrs. Lindsey June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer


Guidance Counselors’ Final Guidance By Lindsey Aldridge MCHS Mountaineer

For the seniors of Madison County High School, the Guidance Department has played a big role in their high school years. Celinda Bailey and Hilary Patterson have been constantly busy throughout these past years helping the seniors get to where they are now. Whether it was creating their yearly class schedules, making schedule changes, helping with scholarships, sending transcripts, or arranging for college visits, guidance has been very busy. The Madison County High School Class of 2011 will be going off to college or work very soon, and guidance has a couple words of advice for them. To help the students get through their first year of college, Patterson advised that students should make a calendar of what is due, so that the students don’t procrastinate and wait to the last minute to get assignments done. Bailey wanted to remind the student that “There is no such

Hilary Patterson and Celinda Bailey, the MCHS Guidance Counselors, work to help the students get to college and beyond. Jennifer Canavan/ MCHS Mountaineer

thing as late work in college!”, so making sure that work is done on time is extremely important! Asking questions and listening carefully are also good tips mentioned by Bailey for both students going to college and those going straight into the workforce. Also, when given reading assignments, it’s essential to read the entire assignment! The students won’t be able to wing an assignment

as easily as they did in high school! If the college experience is ever overwhelming, always remember that your parents are there to help support you! And make sure there is a balance between studying and going out to have fun. Too much fun and too little studying would not be a good habbit! Guidance’s final word of advice is to “believe in yourself!” They would also like all Madison students to hold on to their values, but to experience and grow from meeting people of diverse backgrounds and places. Now for the juniors this year who are upcoming seniors, the main advice that guidance wants the students to know is to take as many college visits over the summer as possible! Juniors also need to take the ACT and SAT’s. Waiting too long to apply to colleges also is a concern for the guidance department, so juniors make sure to apply early!

Carpentry Seniors’ Legacy

By Kristen McPeak MCHS Mountaineer The refinished tables in the MCHS Library. Jenifer Canavan/MCHS Mountaineer

Everyone knows seniors Madison Tuthill and Michael Taylor, but what most don’t know is that for part of this school year they were fixing the tables in the library. “They wanted to leave a legacy,” said Nancy Lowey, the Madison County high school librarian. The seniors created the project as a way to give back to the High School. Tuthill and Taylor refinished the tables in Joe Novack’s Carpentry class. Where before there were carvings and doodles, now the table tops have smooth June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

surfaces from hours of sanding. Lowey says,“students and teachers have noticed the difference.” Taylor and Tuthill started their project at the beginning of the the school year and finished some time in April. The tables have been in need of fixing according Lowey. Taylor and Tuthill had to clean the tables as well, removing years of gum students had stuck under the tables. They then used a power sander and finished the tops off with a shiny coat of varnish. The bases were painted to look nice and new. Some of the other carpentry students helped Tuthill and Taylor by helping them to carry the eight tables to the workshops and back to the Library.

When asked why Tuthill participated in this project he said, “It was just something to do.” Taylor said he did it because, “it was something to do, and I knew that no one else would have done it”. The guys did all that they could with the tables and they like the results of their work. A certificate will be framed and hung on the wall in their honor. Tuthill was surprised when he found out about the certificate. The certificate will “indicate their lasting contribution to the high school”, said Lowey. So go to the library and run a hand over the new tables. Be sure to thank Taylor and Tuthill if you see them.




Raven domy r- “I’m Turne memory of e as mad ay in l h e r R e c g n in Ca akother. e by t f i m l d y n a m gr n eone I pact o an im e life of som ing th love.”


Drew Ra it is fo cer- “I am d ra oi fun. C n awesome ng Relay bec ca an ause impac cer is somet use, and it’s a lot o t in my hing th f at li we nee d to fin fe, so it is so has had an m d a cur e for.” ething that

kettCarrie Bir g “I’m doin e aus Relay bec help I want to reness raise awa r. It is for cance t for importan ow kn people to I have about it. to also tried y in help Rela for some way fe.” y li From left to right: The Royal Blues; Drew Racer, Wesley Meredith, most of m Keriann Ketterman, Cody Anderson, Andrea Pike during the Relay for Life.

Mag g i e Vaillant - “I pa in Relay because rticipate someon to take e the step s to help needs one who ever yneeds it .”

An d r e a Pike- “I’m doing Relay to help cure cancer. Fortunately, I have not had cancer affect my family, but I would still like to help raise awareness.”

m Samantha Cubbage- “I’ fe Li r walking in Relay Fo It for my grandmother. I en means a lot to her wh er get involved with Canc programs.”

Keriann Ketterman- “ I relay in honor of my Popa, Granny, and Grandma, in Memory of Jeremy, and many other family members and friends. Cancer has affected or will affect all of our lives in some way or another. I want to do all I can to help stomp out cancer and create a world with more birthdays.”

Seniors Bring on the Birthday Cake

By Keriann Ketterman MCHS Mountaineer

The second annual Madison County Relay For Life, whose motto is “creating a world with more birthdays” took place on Saturday, May 21, and Sunday, May 22. At the closing of the Relay For Life event the whole community had raised a total of over $49,000. There were a total of 21 teams including two youth teams. The middle school youth team was led by Colton Ketterman, and the high school team, The Royal Blues was led by Keriann Ketterman. The Royal Blues encompassed Madison high school students of the past and present, and a few from surrounding counties. This year there were 26 members on the team and 12 of them are MCHS seniors: Cody Anderson, Carrie Birkett, Cecil Clark, Samantha Cubbage, Sara Gruenburg, Grace Jablonski, Chris Klein, Wesley Meredith, Sara Beth Murray, Andrea Pike, and Drew Racer. These seniors have each given their time for a collective cause to one day hopefully find the cure and eliminate cancer as a whole.


June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Our Student Body Should Be More Like Stephanie By Jennifer Canavan MCHS Mountaineer

Everyone knows by sight the little girl who’s always out in the history hall waving and saying hi to passing students; her name is Stephanie Ryder. She won’t be out in the hall next year since she is graduating this year, at the young age of 22. It may have been tough, but Stephanie made it all the way through high school. Stephanie has trouble with learning and speaking. She needs someone to be with her at all times. Most things are hard for her. She needs help with most everything. She will give it her best though. “She shows such joy when she gets something correct while doing her school work,” said Connie Ryder. She knows quite a bit of sign language, but every time she meets a new person she signs “I love you.” “My fondest memory of Stephanie is her enthusiasm. She always shows such joy when greeting other students in the hallway,” said Connie Ryder. After high school Stephanie will spend most days home with her nanny, who is also her best friend. Her family is working on getting her into a day program called Didlake in Opal, Va. Didlake is a program all about helping people with disabili-

Stephanie Ryder’s hard at work in Connie Ryder’s class. Jennifer Canavan/MCHS Mountaineer

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

ties in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Didlake’s mission is, “Creating opportunities that enrich the lives of people with disabilities.” “We have found that people—regardless of their abilities—tend to perform to the level of expectation that is set for them. At Didlake, we begin with high expectations for every person we serve—and when those expectations are met, we set the bar higher,” according to online. Her family will also plan some day outings so she can still go out and be with other people. When Stephanie is home she often plays

“I believe there is an angel inside of Stephanie.” -Joan Archer with her Labrador Retrievers, Shania Twain and Steven Tyler. “She’s very quiet when you first meet her, but when you get to know her she talks a lot, and sometimes you can even understand her,” said Joan Archer, Stephanie’s former teacher, “and she stomps her foot when she gets excited, that’s when you know she’s not shy anymore.” Each and every day Stephanie looks forward to seeing the bus come. Stephanie will miss seeing Alma Frye, Linda Weakley, and Connie Ryder, her teachers. They have worked with Stephanie for a long time. Stephanie has met and made friends with a lot of people since 20 years is a long time to come to school.

“She is such a sweet and happy young lady who will be missed...” - Connie Ryder. Jennifer Canavan/MCHS Mountaineer

Because Stephanie started school at the age of two, not coming back next year will be really hard on her. “I will always remember that when we went down to lunch I would be asking her ‘what are you having for lunch today,’ and she would always be on the other side of the door watching Mrs. Weakley,” said Frye. “She is such a sweet and happy young lady who will be missed greatly by many. Stephanie brings a smile to all of our faces,” said Connie Ryder. Unlike most students, she is never unhappy. No matter how cold it is outside. She loves going for walks. She loves going places and spending time outside. She especially likes going out in the garden. Stephanie also enjoys going out and watching our school band play. Her parents are very proud of their sweet little girl. “It’s amazing seeing Stephanie each year growing in ways we were told she would never do. Between home and school Stephanie has shown that she can learn lots of things with help. Seeing anybody complete things that have been hard … is the greatest thing ever to see,” according to Sharon and Tony Ryder, Stephanie’s parents.

Congratulations Stephanie! Class of 2011 9

Bella Sera: A Beautiful Night at MCHS’s Prom

By Maggie Vaillant MCHS Mountaineer

Bella Sera. A beautiful night. That was the theme of Madison County High School’s Prom of 2011. Senior teacher Dawn Tucker and the Class of 2012, this year’s juniors, spent months planning and ironing out the details for the last dance of the year, and final major event for seniors before they’re out of school for good. Despite the night beginning with a touch of rain, students were safely delivered from their respective vehicles to the doors of the Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper by waiting chaperones, including physics teacher Shane Conlon, armed with umbrellas to protect the girls in

their dresses and the guys in their tuxes. Though several students, including senior Megan Smith, admitted that they thought the prom band

wasn’t the best, most attendees thought that the decorations and overall prom was “beautiful.” The band, Burning Bridges, was making its second appearance at MCHS’s prom, and was very enthusiastic. Although, it was agreed among those asked that Burning Bridges was an improvement over the band that played last year, Molly Brumfield asked, “Why couldn’t we just have a DJ?” The Prom King and Queen were crowned following the Senior Walk at 10:30. This year’s King was JP Gibson, also voted most likely to be found in the hallways during class. Joining him as Queen was Amber Robson. This year’s theme song was Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

Above: Mason Bowman and Anna Artale share a dance at the 2011 MCHS Prom Below: Prom King JP Gibson and Prom Queen Amber Robson share a dance while their subjects dance the night away. Photos provided by Victor O’Neill Studios

Bella Sera




do or at sch ha


June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Lanterns and Garden Benches: MCHS Carpentry Builds the 2011 Prom Decorations


By Kristen McPeak MCHS Mountaineer


Four senior boys spent two weeks making this year’s prom decorations. Those seniors were Madison Tuthill, Michael Taylor, Scott Corbin, and Steven Hale. Creating and putting together the decorations was not very difficult for these talented young men. According to Steven Hale, “The hardest part was coming up with the design.” In a short period of time, the four seniors made the benches, archway, and the lanterns. The archway was positioned at the front entrance beside the main entrance inside to the dance. Hale said, “We made all we could.” Dawn Tucker, one of two co-coordinators of Prom said, “They did a beautiful job.” Mary Davis, the other coordinator, agrees with Tucker that the decorations were beautiful. Outside help was needed to put the decorations up. The people who helped were Tucker’s husband and son along with Davis’s husband.“Everything turned out like we wanted it to,” said Tucker. Davis said, “At midnight they came back to help clean up.”



“I do my little turn on the catwalk”

Right Said Fred

Around 10:30 PM at Prom, the seniors began their traditonal Senior Walk own the path to their future. Each senior that attends prom lines up with their date a good friend, and waits for his/her name to be called, recognizing them as seniors prom. It is a wake up call that they are finally graduating, and this is the last high hool prom they will probably attend. According to Dawn Tucker, the Senior Walk as been a tradition at prom since the school opened. Photos by Victor O’Neil Studios

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Seniors Madison Tuthill and Scott Corbin work on the benches for Bella Sera, the 2011 Prom. Kate LaRoue/MCHS Mountaineer


Andrew Alexander

Cody Anderson

Kevin Atkins

Jordan Aylor

Cody Banks

Aaron Barnes

Matthew Batman

Carrie Birkett

Rashad Bolden

Jeremy Borden

William Brown

Jody Butler

Nicholas Camillucci

Brandon Campbell

Daniel Camunas

Elizabeth Canfield

Stephanie Cervens

Cindy Chappell

Bryan Clark

Cecil Clark

Megan Clark

Whitten Cluff

Scott Corbin

Luke Crouthamel

Samantha Cubbage


June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Daniel Davis

Robert Davis

Ashley Dean

Will DeJarnette

Megan Dent

Paul Dixon

William Dowell

Payge Drakeford

Charles Edwards

Christopher Estes

Tessa Farnsworth

Jonathan Fields

Kyhla Flippen

Anna Ford

Ralph Fowler

John Franklin

Joshua Gibson

Amelia Goldsborough

Andrew Gooding

Samone Grant

Austin Gray

Sara Gruenburg

Steven Hale

Calvin Hallums

Jason Hamilton

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer


Brandon Hartman

Jacob Herrman

Brandy Hey

Kevin Hooper

Faith Hotaling

Grace Jablonski

Cara Jackson

Paul Jackson

Donnie Jenkins

Taylor Jenkins

Christopher Johnson

Courtney Kessler

Keriann Ketterman

Dylan Kidwell

Christoph Klein

Samuel Landolt

Chelse Layman

Nicola Lemmer

Tayler Mantz

Amber Martin

Jeffrey Martz

Zachary McMullen

Bradley Meadows

Ben Meeks

Wesley Meredith


June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Sarah Mickelberry

Clare Moretz

Sara Murray

Cody Newman

Derek Nicholson

Ethan O’Connell

Tyler Omer

Daniel Orange

David Orange

Joshua Page

Holly Panos

Nathan Payne

Shane Phillips

Andrea Pike

Andrew Racer

Devonté Reaves

Brittany Reed

Amber Robson

Rebecca Rosenblatt

Kyle Rowe

Andrew Ruffner

Stephanie Ryder

Danielle Scheideler

Morgan Shifflett

John Simpson

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer


Megan Smith

Jeremy Smithson

Daniel Stratton

Krysten Taylor

Michael Taylor

Terez Terrell

Brandon Tharp

Raven Turner

Codie Tuthill

Madison Tuthill

Margaret Vaillant

Sui Vang

Jennifer Vaughn

Alexandra Want

Lanitra Ward

Jonathan Waters

Hunter Welch

Amanda Whittaker

Seniors Not Pictured: Cody Breeden Melissa Cullop Gabriela Hernandez-Dimas Victoria Kinney Rachael Reed

Brittany Woodward

Julian Yacovone

To the Class of 2011 The Mountaineer Staff wishes you all the best!

Ralph Yates


June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer 16

April 5, 2011 • The Mountaineer


My four years here at Madison County High School went by very fast. I can’t believe my high school years are just about over. When I first started high school there was a lot of drama in my life. The older I got, the more I matured and all the drama stopped. I made a lot of friends through these four years and have really learned a lot. My favorite classes I got to take would be the Nursing Program. I am going to miss everyone after we all leave this school and start to move on with our future. For the up-coming Freshmen, I want to say good luck to you with your four years and I hope everything will go great for you! After I graduate from high school, I am planning on going to Germanna for four years to get my nursing degree and then start my career as an RN. -Ashley Dean

Ashley Dean Q: What do you plan on doing after school? A: Go to college at Germanna to study nursing. Q: What are you going to miss about high school? A: My friends. Q: What is your best memory about your four years? A: Football games and sports. Q: What advice would you give the freshmen about high school? A: Stay out of trouble.

Jake Herrman Q: What do you plan on doing after school? A: Going to college at UVA, undecided major. Q: What are you going to miss about high school? A: Mr. McSherry Q: What is your best memory about your four years? A: Don’t have one. Q: What advice would you give the freshmen about high school? A: Don’t do drugs.

Thank You, Mrs. Tucker

There are tons of worries on the typical high school Senior’s mind and in any other school system they are left to solve these problems on their own. In Madison, there is one teacher who refuses to watch her students struggle. Renowned for her passion for teaching that is fueled by her loving maternal instinct, Mrs. Tucker makes it her personal mission to ease the lives of our resident seniors. Always eager to help, Mrs.Tucker organizes prom and serves as a constant reminder to students on tasks to complete before graduation. She helps students combat senioritis through tutoring and study sessions in her wellearned free time. It is rumored that after one stormy SAT study session she gave out her cell number to her students to make sure they reported in to her when they got home safe and sound. On top of all of this she even works to allow seniors to swim at Graves without a membership. Mrs. Tucker, the senior class of 2011 cannot thank you enough for your hard work and inability to watch us struggle. When we finally walk across that stage, we will realize that you are irreplaceable. We love you, Mrs. Tucker. - Jake Herrman


June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

Senior Awards Night Scholarships

Armstrong Foundation Brightwood Ruritan Brightwood Ruritan - Optimist Club Burnt Tree Grange Byrd L. Daniel Memorial Claude H. Neff D.A. Woolfrey, Jr. Foundation DAR Good Citizen Award Earle H. Blankenbaker Freshmen Academy Gamma Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa Book George P. Beard, Jr. Greater Piedmont Area Association of Realtors, Inc. Green - Madison Retired Teachers Henry & Iva Smith Memorial

R.H. Fowler Matt Batman Sara Murray Andrew Racer Ashley Dean & Taylor Jenkins Ethan O’Connell William Dowell Sara Gruenburg Raven Turner Andrew Alexander Sarah Mickelberry & Raven Turner Principal Mike Sisler Ashley Dean Jake Herrman & Derek Nicholson reads off the Perfect Jordan Aylor Attendance Awards. Ashley Dean & Taylor Jenkins & Ethan Colton Ketterman/ WMS O’Connell Student Daniel Camunus & Andrew Racer James P. & Frankie C. Carpenter Foundation Samantha Cubbage Dr. James Early Memorial Marin es At Cindy Chappell & Ethan O’Connell John W. Price Jr. Memorial h Awar lete Steven Hale Lewis Graves d Clare Sarah Mickelberry Madison County Education Association Moret z R.H. Fowler Madison County Farm Bureau Rashad Bolden & Derek Nicholson Madison County Youth Football MCHS Citizenship Sara Murray Mary McNeil Willis Award Andrew Racer Merchants’ Grocery Company Matt Batman Nat’l Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons Luke Crouthamel Matt Batman Nat’l Association of Letter Carriers - Branch 518 Sara Gruenburg Nat’l Society Daughters of the American Revolution - Mont- Daniel Camunas pelier Chapter e Fi mpr Andrew Racer & Megan Clark Nat’l Wild Turkey Federation e S ines ard Whitten Cluff Orange Music Society Mar y Aw R.H. Fowler Plow & Hearth berr ickel M Brittany Reed Project Discovery a r Sa Samantha Cubbage & Taylor Jenkins Rochelle Ruritan Club Jody Butler Ruritan National MCHS Spirit Award Cindy Chappell & Keriann Ketterman SCA Ethan O’Connell R.H. Fowler Somerset Steam & Gas Engine Association Clare Moretz Daniel Camunas UVA Community Credit Union Keriann Ketterman, Christoph Klein, & VA Association of Speech, Debate, and Drama Coaches Margaret Vaillant MCHS Sportsmanship Carrie Birkett & Sara Murray Virginia Rucker Crigler Memorial Award Sara Murray Welters Family Nick Camillucci Daniel Camunas Wetsel Memorial R. H. Fowler Wolftown Ruritan Club Tayler Mantz Daniel Camunas & Sarah Mickelberry Woman’s Club of Madison County

Awards and Scholarships from Colleges and Universities Access UVA Averett University Bridgewater College McKinney ACE

Sara Gruenburg Lynn Welch Sarah Mickelberry, Andrea Pike, Amber Robson, & Raven Turner Eastern Mennonite Academic Scholarship Jordan Aylor Greensboro Academic Scholarship Derek Nicholson Johnson &Wales Brittany Reed Liberty University Scholarships Tessa Farnsworth PVCC 100 Black Men of Central Virginia Jonathan Waters Virginia Tech - Pamplin Scholarship Samantha Cubbage

DAR Good Citizen Award nt eme v Sara Gruenburg e i ch es A ard n i r Aw Ma ullen McM h c Za June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

l Schoo h g i H y’s Wend eisman H nas Camu l ie n a D

Perfect Attendance Awards Andrew Alexander - Grade 12 Tyler Omer - Grade 12 Jake Herrman - Grades 11 &12 Jonathan Waters - Grades 10, 11 &12 U.S. Army Reserve National Cody Anderson - Grades 10, 11, &12 Scholar/Athlete Award Scott Corbin - Grades 6 - 12 Luke Crouthamel Whitten Cluff - Grades K-12 Samantha Cubbage


What’s Next After Graduation?

*PVCC - Piedmont Community College *Germanna- Germanna Community College Andrew Alexander: Germanna Cody Anderson: Germanna Kevin Atkins: Work Jordan Aylor: Eastern Mennonite University Cody Banks: Germanna Aaron Barnes: Technical School Matt Batman: Virginia Tech Carrie Birkett: Radford University Rashad Bolden: Saint Paul’s College Jeremy Borden: Work Will Brown III: Work Jody Butler: Art Institute of Washington D.C Nick Camillucci: Radford University Danny Camunas: PVCC Elizabeth Canfield: Virginia Tech Stephanie Cervens: PVCC Cindy Chappell: Germanna Bryan Clark: Work Cecil Clark: U.S. Navy Megan Clark: Radford University Whitten Cluff: James Madison University Scott Corbin: Work Luke Crouthamel: Liberty University Samantha Cubbage: Virginia Tech Daniel Davis: PVCC Kyle Davis: PVCC Ashley Dean: Germanna Will DeJarnette: PVCC Megan Dent: Work Paul Dixon: U.S. Army William Dowell: Virginia Tech Payge Drakeford: Work Charlie Edwards: Radford University Chris Estes: Universal Technical Institute Tessa Farnsworth: Liberty University Johnathan Fields: PVCC Kyhla Flippen: Work Anna Ford: University of Mary Washington Ralph Fowler IV: Embry & Riddle Aeronautical University John Franklin IV: Work JP Gibson: Germanna Amelia Goldsborough: PVCC Andrew Gooding: Workforce Samone Grant: Work Austin Gray: U.S. Navy Sara Gruenburg: University of Virginia Steven Hale: Universal Technical Institute Jason Hamilton: Airforce Brandon Hartman: Work Gabriela Hernandez- Dimas: Germanna Jake Herman: University of Virginia Brandy Hey: PVCC Kevin Hooper Jr.: U.S. Navy Faith Hotaling: PVCC Grace Jablonski: James Madison University Cara Jackson: PVCC Paul Jackson: University of Mary Washington Donnie Jenkins: Lord Fairfax CC Taylor Jenkins: Germanna


Cap and Gown. Ashley Dean/MCHS Mountaineer

Christopher Johnson II: U.S. Army Marcel Johnson: Universal Technical Institute Courtney Kessler: Bridgewater College Keriann Ketterman:Germanna Victoria Kinney: Germanna Christoph Klein: Bridgewater College Sam Landolt: James Madion University Chelse Layman: PVCC Nicole Lemmer: Work Tayler Mantz: PVCC Amber Martin: Work Bradley Meadows: Germanna Ben Meeks: PVCC Wesley Meredith: University of Richmond Sarah Mickelberry:Bridgewater College Clare Moretz: University of Richmond Sara Murrary: Germanna Cody Newman:PVCC Derek Nicholson: Greensboro College Ethan O’Connell:Germanna Tyler Omer: U.S Navy Daniel Orange: Ferrum Joshua Page: ITT Technical Institute Holly Panos: Germanna Nathan Payne: Work Shane Phillips: PVCC Andrea Pike: Bridgewater Andrew Racer: Virginia Tech Devonte Reaves: Norfolk State University Brittany Reed: Johnson & Wales University Rachael Reed: PVCC Amber Robson: Bridgewater College Rebecca Rosenblatt: University of Virginia Kyle Rowe: Germanna Andrew Ruffner: Germanna Stephanie Ryder: Didlake Danielle Schiedeler: Work Morgan Shifflett: PVCC John Simpson: Virginia Commonwealth University Megan Smith: University of Mary Washington Jeremy Smithson: Virginia Weslyan College Daniel Stratton: Old Dominion University Krysten Taylor: Germanna Micheal Taylor: Work Terez Terrell: Virginia Union University Brandon Tharp: Germanna Raven Turner: Bridgewater College Codie Tuthill: PVCC Madison Tuthill: PVCC Maggie Vaillant: Virginia Tech Jennifer Vaughn: Liberty University Alex Want: Work Lanitra Ward: PVCC Jonathan Waters: PVCC Lynn Welch: Avertt University Amanda Whittaker: West Virginia University Brittany Woodward: Germanna Julian Yacovone: Performing Arts College Ralph Yates: Virginia Union University

June 9, 2011 • The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer June Issue  

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The Mountaineer June Issue  

The MCHS student newspaper