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by Janet Spencer The average American businessman spends four hours a year tying his tie. Come along with Tidbits as we find out facts behind the tradition. THE WHYS OF TIES • Wearing bits of cloth around the neck dates back to time immemorial. In the days before laundromats were invented, strips of cloth were worn around the neck because it kept the collar of the shirt from getting dirty. It was far easier to wash a narrow strip of cloth than it was to wash the shirt. Bibs tied around the neck were worn at mealtimes to protect the shirt from spills. In the summer, a wet cloth around the neck kept the body cool. In the winter, it kept the body warm. Men sporting full body armor wore neck cloths to pad their neck from the hard metal. Cloths were worn around the neck to prevent sweat from running down the shirt, or to keep vocal cords warm. Later, strips of cloth tied around the neck became a symbol of class, rank, or station, whether by soldiers or students. FAST FACT

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• Italian artist Enrico Baj creates works of art out of neckties by dipping them in plastic or gluing them to canvas. He comments, “Ties are a symbol of vanity and ostentation, rather like medals and decorations, although every so often I too am forced to wear one.”

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

Page 2 Across 1 Take off politely, as one’s hat 5 Small silvery fish 10 Ogden’s state 14 “The African Queen” coscreenwriter 15 Apple drink 16 Golfer Ballesteros 17 1976 debut single for Heart 19 Yoked bovines 20 The Beatles’ “And I Love __” 21 Metal-yielding rocks 22 Practices in a ring 23 21-Across tester 25 Chasing 27 Stable warmer 31 Hiding places in walls 34 Wild pig 35 “We __ the Champions” 36 Jack of old Westerns 37 Nationality of the two leaders suggested by the starts of 17-, 27-, 43- and 57-Across 39 Not left out of 40 Pallid 41 Latvian capital 42 Move with ease 43 Biding one’s time 47 Like pretentious gallerygoers 48 Crime against one’s country 52 Follow

CROSSWORD 25 Leigh Hunt’s “__ Ben

54 Carson’s predecessor 55 Mary’s little lamb, perhaps 56 Cabernet containers 57 Informal name for the double bass 60 Correct copy 61 Native Alaskan 62 Got long in the tooth 63 A bit blue 64 Garb at the Forum 65 Raises, say Down 1 Russian cottage 2 Hideous giants 3 Shaking causes 4 Brimless cap 5 Cricket official 6 Ones who dig 21-Across 7 Outshine fruit bars brand 8 Regulus’s constellation 9 __TV: “Not reality. Actuality.” 10 Golf tournament first played in 1895 11 Portmanteau region between Dallas and Little Rock 12 Solemnly swear 13 Ones in a pecking order 18 They have strings attached 22 Regulus, for one 24 “Beg pardon ...”

TIES THROUGH HISTORY • China’s first emperor, Qin Shih-huang-di, lived

in 200 B.C. When he died he was buried in an underground mausoleum surrounded by 7,500 sculptured terra cotta soldiers. The tomb was uncovered in 1974. Archaeologists found that many of the individually carved soldiers sported knotted neck cloths-- the first known instance of the use of neckties.

• In the mid-1600s, a crack regiment of soldiers from Croatia visited Paris to celebrate their recent victory over Turkey. The soldiers held court with King Louis XIV, who was a fashion nut. For the occasion, each of the soldiers had tied a brightly colored scarf around their necks. Louis XIV liked the look and began wearing silk neck cloths himself, and the fashion rapidly spread. The French word for Croatia was ‘cravate,’ giving us today’s cravat. • In 1715, another kind of neckwear, called “stocks” made its appearance. The term referred to a leather collar, laced at the back, worn by soldiers to help keep their head held high in a military bearing. The leather stock also offered the wearer some protection to the major blood vessels of the neck from the sharp edge of a sword or the tip of a bayonet. • In England men used to wear a shirt collar which they tied together with string to keep the draft out. Eventually the string became larger and more elaborate, until it was a frill. Then the frill became increasingly more elaborate until it was a ruff instead of a frill until, by the time of Henry VIII, the ruff was so large it covered both of the shoulders. • Neckties came to the forefront of fashion after World War II ended and soldiers returning home felt like dressing up with festive ties. Right after World War II there were over 600 companies making 200 million neckties per year.

Adhem” 26 Linen fiber source 28 WWII torpedo craft 29 Cupid’s Greek counterpart 30 Portable shelter 31 Hems but doesn’t haw? 32 Jai __ 33 Hard to believe 37 Moral lapses 38 Punk star __ Pop 39 Mite 41 Marriage or baptism

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MIRROR FACTS • The symbol for a female - a circle with a cross on the bottom - is based on the hand-held mirror.







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• Mankind has always had a feeling that there was a physical self (the body) and an “other” self (the spirit). In early days it was thought that the reflection of the body in a shiny surface or mirror was an expression of the spiritual self, and therefore if anything happened to disturb that reflection, injury would follow. This was the origin of the superstition that breaking a mirror would bring seven years of bad luck. • In ancient China, reflective pieces of polished brass were placed over doorknobs to ensure that evil spirits would scare themselves away. • When Roman ships began to attack the Greek city of Syracruse, mathematician Archimedes ordered the construction of a series of large concave mirrors which he placed in the sun on the shore. When their light was focused on the ships at sea, it suposedly set them on fire. • Ben Franklin mounted mirrors outside his second-story window so he could secretly see who was knocking at his door. • In 1916, patent #1,180,758 was awarded to a fish hook with a mirror mounted behind it to serve as a sinker. Not only would the mirror flash and reflect light, thereby attracting fish, but also, (according to the patent application) “a male fish seeing his image upon looking therein will appear to see another fish approach it from the opposite side with the intent to seize the bait, and this will not only arouse his warlike spirit, but also appeal to his greed, and he will seize the bait quickly in order to defeat the approaching rival....In the case of a female fish the attractiveness of a mirror is too well known to need discussion.”

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This is your chance to work for yourself, doing something you enjoy. Improve your quality of life, income and freedom. Publish a Tidbits in your city or town instead of just reading one. MACARONI & TIES • Before macaroni was well known, it was considered a specialty. Wealthy Englishmen who traveled to Italy often experienced their first macaroni, and then went home to Britain and began to serve the dish at their tables. Because the food was rare and unusual, the people who served it became known as ‘macaroni’ which meant fancy, uppity, or overly stylish; the type of people who wore fancy hats, big wigs, and white cravats tied in enormous bows. People living in America where there was less money and less fashion wore simpler clothing, and began to make fun of the Macaronis. Thus, when “Yankee Doodle went to London riding on a pony / Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni” the unfortunate Doodle (German for ‘fool’) was taking on airs and pretending that a feather in his cap would make people think he was an upper class gent. NECKTIE IMPROVEMENTS • Although a tie may look like a simple piece of cloth, it is actually a complicated piece of sewing joining four different strips of cloth. It was patented by Jesse “Joss” Langsdorf in 1920. Langsdorf, known as the father of the tie, patented the ‘all-weather wrinklefree’ tie. His patented pattern incorporated slip stitching running down the length of the back of the tie which ensured that the tie would return to its original shape when it was taken off. It also added resilience to the tie and prevented rips. Langsdorf also added various linings to the inside of the tie to increase bulk. One of the linings he used was rubber, thus inventing the supposedly ‘weather-proof’ tie.

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Canadian Tid-bits

▶ Bobbie Orr never wore socks while playing hockey. ▶ Lucy Montgomery was born on Prince Edward Island in 1874, growing up in Cavandish. When she wrote a book called “Anne of Green Gables” she used her hometown as its setting. The book was an immediate success upon publication in 1908, selling 19,000 copies in its first year. Today more than 50 million copies have been sold worldwide, and the farmstead that served as the setting for the fictional book receives over 125,000 visitors per year. ▶ Anne of Green Gables-The Musical is the longest running musical in Canada and possibly in the world. It’s been running in Charlottetown, PEI, since 1965. ▶ CBC’s Road to Avonlea (based on Lucy Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables stories) held the record as the most-watched Canadian TV series averaging 1.97 million viewers in the 1989-90 season. (It was surpassed by Canadian Idol in 2003). ▶ The Toronto Maple Leafs were originally called the Toronto St. Patricks.

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Tidbits Of Tri Cities

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IMMUNE FUNCTION AND CHIROPRACTIC Especially at this time of year people are tuned into the fact that a strong immune system is crucial to living a long and healthy life. We are constantly in a health environment that forces us to think of how important our immune system is to live. If you can build a healthier immune system naturally, doesn’t that sound better for your health than feeling you have to interfere with drugs every time your immune system seems to have a hart time? We are finding more and more research that shows the control of immune function is through our nervous system. A recent research paper shows that it is now clear that immune organs and tissue receive direct control from the sympathetic nervous system, and that the immune system has specific receptors to receive this vital information. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?! It means the research has shown that you have a natural way of increasing the function of your immune system so that you will be more capable of fighting different types of bacteria, viruses, etc. We have known for quite some time now that Chiropractic patients have fewer colds and flu episodes. They have been shown to be sick less often than the average person and there is even evidence that cancer is less frequent in chiropractic patients. Put quite simply: What do you want in your life? Do you want a body that is built strong naturally, so that it can thrive with vitality, energy and vibrancy throughout life; or a body that is constantly compromised? If compromised, your ability to enjoy life will be less, you may use medications frequently, and eventually the strength of your body dwindles to end life earlier.

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Lifestyle Bits Gluten-Free Diet?

Gluten is basically a protein that is found in wheat and other related grain products like rye, and barley. People with gluten sensitivities (including celiac disease) often experience intestinal discomfort whenever they eat foods that contain gluten. Many people who are allergic to gluten are oftentimes also allergic to milk products as well. One has to pay extra attention to food labels and try to avoid grains but also look out for malt and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins which are made from barley and wheat. It is not necessary to think that you are developing gluten sensitivity unless you have most of the following symptoms. It is strongly suggested that you follow a two month glutenfree diet to a see if some of the symptoms go away before you start living with a complete gluten-free diet indefinitely. Symptoms include: · Abdominal pain, acid reflux, bloating, chronic constipation or diarrhea. · Weight loss and frequent bowel movements · Migraine headaches · Rashes, nasal congestion and itchy eyes · Chronic skin problem such as eczema and acne · Feelings of depression or heavy mood swings · Joint pain and swelling of the finger joints, knees and hip · Chronic fatigue and dizziness · Developing autoimmune disease such as Psoriasis, Lupus · Signs of iron and calcium deficiency Development itchy small bumps that look like pimples near your arms and neck Lifestyle suggestions: · Avoid Beer Consumption · Stay away from pasta, crackers and cereals · Change to rice and potatoes for carbohydrate · Go for lean meats without breading such as chicken nuggets · Keep a diary of what you ate for at least two months and see if flare-ups of certain symptoms occur after consumption of certain foods · Exclude wheat, rye, barley, spelt, oats, which are grains with gluten. · Quinoa and buckwheat are gluten-free. · Check with your doctor if you suspect that you have Celiac disease (hypersensitivity to gluten) · Treat inflammation in your gut seriously as it can lead to development of cancer

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Home Bits Check the insulation in your attic

SIMON PIANO TUNING 604 – 999 – 0815 ~ POEM ~ by Conrad Aiken “Stars in the purple dusk above the rooftops Pale in the saffron mist and seem to die, And I myself on a swiftly tilting planet Stand before a glass and tie my tie.” THE BIG SQUEEZE


and install more if needed. If you have an unfinished attic, pop your head up there and take a look around. You should see some insulation up there, and there should be at least six inches of it everywhere. If there’s inadequate insulation– or the insulation appears damaged – install new insulation.

blood flow to the retina is decreased. • Next they decided to find if most men wear their ties too tight. They picked 94 businessmen at random and found that 66% were wearing ties that averaged .2 inches (.48 cm) smaller than their necks. 12% had ties that were half an inch (1.27 cm) too small.

• One study showed that wearing a necktie • Now they wanted to find out if decreased may interfere with perceptual skills needed blood flow to the retina can impair eyesight. for job performance. Researchers at Cornell They had men press a button when a blinking University set out to discover if the pressure light started blinking so fast that it appeared of a tie that’s too tight might interfere with to be a steady beam; and when it slowed blood flow to the brain and eyes. down again to become distinguishable blinks. Each man was tested three times: the • To do this, they had an ophthalmologist study the retinal veins of a number of men. first and last times with a loose tie, and the The pulsing of the retinal veins indicates second time with a tight tie. It was found that whether or not the blood supply is circulating tight neckware slowed down the response efficiently. He found that when the tie times. Furthermore, their speed did not was half an inch (1.27 cm) smaller than the rebound after the tie was loosened. circumference of the man’s neck, the pulsing • The researchers concluded that a too tight tie was no longer visible. This suggests that can impair visual perception and may harm

the performance of computer operators, pilots, and others who need good visual discrimination.

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Megan is a pretty white cat with one green and one blue eye. She is a very friendly cat who patiently waits for people to come into her pen, and the minute they do she eagerly runs over for some cuddle time. Megan came to Katie’s Place because her previous owner decided to euthanize her when a child in the family developed allergies. The vet did not have the heart to put down this relatively young, playful, happy cat and contacted us. Megan is very easygoing, gets along just fine with the other cats in her pen, and has adjusted amazingly well to the shelter life. She is gentle, sweet natured, carefree and loving. We are guessing that Megan would probably fit into any type of home, with or without pets, children, and quite possibly a dog that is respectful of felines. Megan is beautiful inside and out, and she is ready to find a loving family that will give her a home where she can thrive and show off her sweet personality.

Sushi is a tuxedo cat and they are probably the least popular cats when it comes to adoption. We don’t know why as most tuxedo cats are really great felines with sweet personalities. Such is the case with Sushi. She is very quiet, polite and friendly. Sushi loves human attention but she will not demand it. She waits for you to come to her and then she turns into a big black and white marshmellow. Sushi keeps to herself as far as the other cats are concerned but she is definitely not aggressive with them. She just does her own thing. As the days, weeks, and months go by poor Sushi keeps getting overlooked by potential adopters and we can’t help but notice that she seems more and more depressed as the time goes by. It’s almost like she’s giving up any hope of ever finding a forever home. When you visit ask about Sushi and you will meet a sweet girl who would fill your home with love.

Sushi has been at Katie’s Place for over a year. This will most likely be her second Christmas in our care. Unfortunately



life without parole. He was 29 years old. • He soon attempted suicide. He begged his sister for help, asking her to become a lawyer so she could help prove his innocence. She promised to do so, as long as he promised not to attempt suicide again. Betty had no idea at the time how to even begin.


BETTY ANNE WATERS • Betty Anne Waters was born in 1955, one of nine children in a chaotic household in Ayers, MA. She was close to her brother Kenny. When a neighbor was murdered in 1980, Kenny was questioned because he had a long history of petty infractions. Kenny had an airtight alibi: He’d worked all night at a local diner, and then had gone straight to the courthouse the next morning to face charges of assaulting a cop. Kenny was released. However, more than two years later, he was arrested and charged with the murder. • The family couldn’t afford a lawyer, but Kenny was certain he’d be exonerated. Yet things soon took a turn for the worse. • Betty Anne Waters stopped in at the diner to make sure they still had his time card on hand that would prove his alibi. The secretary assured her that yes, the time card was still on hand, because the police had called in order to pick it up. When the trial started, however, the police said that no time card had ever existed. Then, two people testified against Kenny. • The jury found Kenny guilty. In 1983 he was sentenced to

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• She began by taking night classes at a community college, and then put herself through law school, all while raising two kids and managing a local pub. “It seemed like as long as I was doing something in school, Kenny was O.K.,” she said. It took her 13 years to get her law degree. • She searched for DNA evidence which had supposedly been destroyed, and met with witnesses who admitted they had lied on the stand. The turning point arrived in 2000, when she teamed up with the Innocence Project. Together they obtained access to DNA testing on evidence from the crime scene which they doggedly tracked down. The results proved Kenny’s innocence. He was released in 2001, having served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. • Kenny moved in with his loyal sister, and together they had a blast doing chat shows, media interviews, even appearing on “Oprah.” • Tragically, just six months after his release in 2001, Kenny took a short cut over a fence, tripped, and fell 15 feet on to concrete. Thirteen days later, with Betty by his side in hospital, he died. • Even after his death, Betty continued her campaign on his behalf. It took her another seven years to track down the evidence that would prove the police had deliberately sent the wrong man to prison. Fingerprint evidence that proved Kenny’s innocence had been hidden. Two witnesses had been coerced into testifying against him. The town of Ayer settled a lawsuit for $3.4 million. In 2010, a movie called “Conviction” was made, with Hilary Swank playing the role of Betty. • In the meantime, Betty returned to her regular life: managing a pub, tending her family. She opted out of joining any law firm or starting a practice of her own. However, she does volunteer her time working for the Innocence Project, which works to exonerate the wrongfully accused. But the only time she’s returned to court was when the pub she works for had trouble renewing its liquor license. She won the case.

Pet Bits Q: I’m desperate for answers. Baby, our 7-yearold, 16-pound cat was very healthy, then she began to leak a black liquid from her rectum, which developed into a vaginal infection. The problem creates an odor, though it’s not like “poo.” I brought Baby to the vet, but I’ve now spent $750 and they still can’t find a thing. These trips to the vet are so stressful that Baby has to be sedated. Dry food is always available, and Baby gets canned food in the morning. Her stools are always very soft. The only suggestion from my vet is that I see a specialist, but that’s too expensive. Any other ideas? A: One hint as to the problem may be Baby’s girth. Dr. Vicki Thayer, president of the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation and past president of American Association of Feline Practitioners, says, “Of course, you’ll have a happier, healthier cat overall if you and your veterinarian can develop a weight-loss program. This would likely include cutting out the free feeding (leaving food out all the time), transitioning to only canned food (a low carbohydrate choice) and beginning an exercise regimen.” Thayer says it’s possible Baby isn’t able to groom around her rear end because she can’t reach (her tummy gets in the way), and with weight and age, she may be developing arthritis so reaching back to groom hurts. Since Baby’s problem doesn’t generate a smell like “poo,” clogged anal glands is the likely answer, says Thayer, of Lebanon, OR. Your veterinarian can offer advice, depending on whether or not the glands are infected.

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MORE MIRROR FACTS • A man named Alcide Chaisson got mad at pilots at California’s Crystalaire Airport interfering with his radio. In an effort at revenge, he took a four foot mirror outside and tried to blind pilots by reflecting the sun into their eyes. He was arrested. • A middle school in Oregon was faced with a unique problem. The girls were beginning to use lipstick and would apply it in the bathroom. After they put on their lipstick they would press their lips to the mirrors leaving dozens of little lip prints. Finally the principal decided that something had to be done. She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the custodian. She explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian who had to clean the mirrors every day. To demonstrate how difficult it was to clean the mirrors, she asked the custodian to clean one of the mirrors. He proceeded to take out a long-handled brush, dip it into the nearest toilet, and scrub the mirror. The lip prints disappeared. • Managers like to use mirrors in lobbies because people complain less about waiting for slow elevators if they’re busy primping while waiting. • In 1994, Russian astronauts orbiting in the Mir spacecraft tried to reflect sunlight into northern areas of their country in an attempt to lengthen the short growing season. A VERY LARGE MIRROR One of the world’s largest mirrors was constructed in 1997 by scientists at the University of Arizona for the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham. The mirror is about 28 feet (8.4 meters) in diameter and cost $4 million to make. The mirror was 2,156 degrees F. (1180 c) when it was first cast and it took three full months to cool.

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Mike Hofer

Loreen Ritz Tomozer 604.351.5845

105 1250 Dominion Ave, Port Coquitlam, V3B 8G7

Drum lessons

Want to bring more people in to enjoy your great food?

Jason Somerville

Jenn Mancinelli

Risa Bassetto

RE/MAX results realty (POCO)

Risa Bassetto 604-218-0187


MLS# V1028401

#608 814 ROYAL AVE, New Westminster

Lori Blake

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399

with Frank Dato

Jazz Lessons

Piano, Drum, guitar & bass

Beginning to Intermediate level one hour lessons - $50 per hour

604-466-8264 or

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Tricities 157  
Tricities 157