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DEATH VALLEY by Janet Spencer

Death Valley is the driest spot in the U.S. It’s also the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere. And it is one of the hottest spots on Earth. Join Tidbits as we tour one of America’s most unusual national parks. • It’s BIG! Death Valley National Park is the largest national park outside Alaska. The valley is about 130-140 miles long, and the valley floor averages 5 miles wide. The national park contains nearly 3.4 million acres. The state of Rhode Island could fit inside Death Valley National Park more then three times over. It’s twice the size of Delaware, and nearly the same size as Connecticut. • It’s LOW! A parking lot at a place called Badwater is 279 feet below sea level. Several miles away in a desolate salt pan, there are a few dips that are 282 feet below sea level. Death Valley is the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere, but the Dead Sea (between Jordan and Israel) is 1,360 feet below sea level. • Only six places on earth are deeper than Death Valley, and they are all desert valleys. If these valleys received more rain, erosion would eventually fill them with sediments and they would no longer be below sea level. Also, they’d be lakes instead of valleys.


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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

For Advertising Call (604) 638-7399 DEATH VALLEY (continued):

• It’s HOT! The heat is partly caused by the low elevation. With every thousand feet you lose in elevation, the temperature rises by about 5 degrees F. Death Valley’s topography—a deep valley sandwiched between two steep mountain ranges—also magnifies the heat. Hot air rising from the valley floor gets trapped between mountain ranges. The hot air re-circulates and gets hotter. The dryness also contributes to the heat. Death Valley has no clouds for shade, no rain for cooling, and little vegetation to stop rocks from absorbing heat all day. In turn, the heat reinforces the dryness, evaporating rain before it reaches the ground. • The hottest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was 134 F on July 13, 1913. By comparison, the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 136 F, recorded in the Sahara Desert in Libya in 1922. • When it comes to average highs, Death Valley beats the Sahara. In 2001, Death Valley hit 100 F or higher on 154 days in a row. It’s hit 100 F or higher in every month except November, December, January, and February. It’s hit 110 F on (coincidentally) 110 days in a row, in 1996. And it hit 120 F on 43 days in a row, in 1917. • July is the hottest month on average, with a daily high of 115 F. August is second, with an average daily high of 113 F. June is third, at 109 F. • In July, when the average daily high is 115 F, the daily average LOW temperature is 88 F.

B IS FOR BEES Bees are among the most intelligent of insects, and they demonstrate that in a variety of ways: • When bees find food, they communicate its location by doing a dance that signifies direction and distance to their fellow bees. One bee researcher set up two food sources near a hive. One was close to it; the other was farther away. Then he watched the dancing movements of the bees that fed at the different stations. The bees that fed at the nearby station did wagging dances; those that fed at the more distant place did circling dances. When he moved the food sources, the dances changed accordingly. He found that a bee returning from a spot 100 yards away would make 10 turns in 15 seconds, but those returning from 2 miles away would make only 3 turns in 15 seconds. If the food was in the direction of the sun, the bee danced with its head up. If it was away from the sun, the head was down. If it was at a 45-degree angle to the sun, the bee danced in a corresponding angle to the hive.

• Researchers once did an interesting experiment with bees. They brought two groups of bees from their home hive to Carnegie Lake in Princeton, New Jersey. One group of bees was taken to a bunch of pollen-laden flowers in a rowboat that was anchored close to shore; the other group was taken to a bunch of flowers in a rowboat way out in the middle of the lake. After sampling the flowers, the bees flew home to their hive and both groups did a waggling dance indicating a source of pollen had been found. The bees at home evidently refused to believe that there could be flowers in the middle of the lake, because whereas lots of bees returned to harvest pollen from the flowers close to shore, almost none came to the boat in the middle of the lake.

• Things cool off in winter. In November the average daily high is 76 F. In February it’s 72 F, and in January and December it’s 65 F. • Death Valley’s official temperature is recorded at a weather station five feet above the ground. But the ground gets hotter than the air. The hottest ground temperature ever recoded in Death Valley was 201 F in 1972.

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DEATH VALLEY (continued): • The record low temperature in Death Valley is 15 F, set in 1913, which was the same year that set the record high of 134 F. Death Valley’s alltime low is about the same as the all-time lows of Phoenix or Houston. • It’s DRY! Why is Death Valley so hot and dry? Don Lago describes the science behind it in his book, Death Valley Trivia. The main factor is called the “rain shadow” effect. When storms come out of the Pacific Ocean and head inland, they have to cross a series of mountain ranges, which force clouds to rise, condense, and drop their moisture. With every mountain range they cross, the clouds have less moisture left for the next one. The Sierras can get 34 feet of snow per year, but then the clouds have little moisture left for the Owens Valley just west of the Sierras; the Owens Valley gets less than 6 inches of rain per year. Clouds that make it past the Sierras then hit the Panamint Mountains and lose most of their remaining moisture. This leaves little rain for Death Valley, or for the Amargosa Range on the east side of Death Valley. While the Panamints get 15 inches of annual precipitation, the Amargosa Range gets only 3-5 inches. • The average annual rainfall in Death Valley is only 1.94 inches. By comparison, New York City receives an average of 49.64 inches of rain per year. In some years, Death Valley has recorded no rainfall at all, such as 1929 and 1953. • With so little rainfall and so much evaporation, the humidity level in Death Valley sometimes falls to 2 percent. With humidity this low, even when the temperature is a pleasant 70 F, people can become seriously dehydrated.

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• Even in the summer heat, people in Death Valley may not get sweaty. The human skin often remains dry. But this doesn’t mean you aren’t perspiring: it means that perspiration is evaporating instantly. For people from humid climates, who are accustomed to skin and clothes drenched with sweat, this can trick them into seriously underestimating how much water they are losing.

Call Kelly For full details:

778-899-3644 Finding Water • There is no place in Death Valley more than 15 miles away from a spring. Natives knew all the water sources in Death Valley, but prospectors and tourists have died of thirst even when springs were nearby because they didn’t know where they were. • Death Valley has over 350 seeps and springs. Some are barely large enough to keep the ground damp, but the largest, Travertine Spring, can pour out up to 2,000 gallons per minute. If Death Valley wasn’t so dry, its springs would start building a lake on the valley floor. • The water that pours from these springs comes from the mountains of central Nevada. Snowmelt flows underground for hundreds of miles until water reaches the surface. This water can take thousands of years to arrive in Death Valley. This means that the tap water you are drinking in Death Valley may have fallen as rain when the Egyptian pyramids were being built.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Your honesty continues to impress everyone who needs reassurance about a project. But be careful you don’t lose patience with those who are still not ready to act. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Pushing others too hard to do things your way could cause resentment and raise more doubts. Instead, take more time to explain why your methods will work. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Be more considerate of those close to you before making a decision that could have a serious effect on their lives. Explain your intentions and ask for their advice. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You might have to defend a workplace decision you plan to make. Colleagues might back you up on this, but it’s the facts that will ultimately win the day for you. Good luck. LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big Cat’s coworkers might not be doing enough to help get that project finished. Your roars might stir things up, but gentle purrr-suasion will prove to be more effective. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Someone you care for needs help with a problem. Give it lovingly and without judging the situation. Whatever you feel you should know will be revealed later. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) While you’re to be admired for how you handled recent workplace problems, be careful not to react the same way to a new situation until all the facts are in. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Rely on your keen instincts as well as the facts at hand when dealing with a troubling situation. Be patient. Take things one step at a time as you work through it. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Your curiosity leads you to ask questions. However, the answers might not be what you hoped to hear. Don’t reject them without checking them out. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Be careful not to tackle a problem without sufficient facts. Even sure-footed Goats need to know where they’ll land before leaping off a mountain path. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Appearances can be deceiving. You need to do more investigating before investing your time, let alone your money, in something that might have some hidden flaws. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your recent stand on an issue could make you the focus of more attention than you would like. But you’ll regain your privacy, as well as more time with loved ones by week’s end.

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An Ideal Setting For A Relaxing Outdoor Vacation •Log Chalets, Cabins & Campsites •Unspoiled British Columbia, Canada •Located on Beautiful Bonaparte Lake •Snowmobiling, Cross-country Skiing •Incomparable Wildlife & Nature •Rainbow Trout Fishing •Swimming, Boating, Hiking & Biking Situated 80km north of Kamloops, at the east end of Bonaparte Lake on British Columbia’s beautiful Bonaparte Plateau.

Be a smart holiday shopper

→ On Nov. 7, 1776, Congress chooses Richard Bache to succeed his father-in-law, Benjamin Franklin, as postmaster general. Franklin invested nearly 40 years in the establishment of a reliable system of delivering mail. He was fired in 1774 for opening and publishing Massachusetts Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson’s correspondence. → On Nov. 5, 1895, Rochester, N.Y., patent attorney George Selden wins U.S. Patent No. 549,160 for an “improved road engine” powered by a “liquid-hydrocarbon engine of the compression type.” With that, as far as the government was concerned, George Selden had invented the car -- though he had never built a single one. → On Nov. 10, 1928, the first installment of “All Quiet on the Western Front,” Erich Maria Remarque’s acclaimed novel of World War I, is first published in serial form. Remarque’s realistic depiction of trench warfare from the perspective of young soldiers was eventually translated into more than 20 languages.

(NC)—Most of us love to shop for the holidays and many of us have discovered the convenience of the internet to make the task that much simpler. To keep things simpler still, shopping for that person who’s difficult to buy for has been solved with gift cards – the number two preferred gift (after clothing) on most gift wish lists. One important thing to remember is − no matter what you buy or where you buy it – the smart consumer needs to be diligent to avoid surprises. Here are some seasonal-savvy tips to ensure your online shopping is an enjoyable experience: • Buy from a reputable business. Don’t risk handing someone your money who might not deliver. • Consider the full cost of the purchase. Add in all applicable taxes, shipping and handling charges, duty and currency conversions. • If you are buying gifts internationally, make sure the product meets Canadian safety standards. • Make sure your credit card number and personal financial information is protected. Responsible businesses use secure and protected websites and servers. Find out who you contact should anything go wrong.

→ On Nov. 11, 1942, Congress approves lowering the draft age to 18 and raising the upper limit to age 37, increasing If you’re shopping for gift cards, keep these tips in mind: the number of draftees. During the first draft in 1940, 50 percent were rejected for health reasons and 20 percent of those who registered were illiterate. → On Nov. 8, 1951, Yankees catcher Yogi Berra is voted the American League’s most valuable player for the first time in his career. He went on to be the league MVP twice more, in 1954 and 1955. → On Nov. 9, 1965, the biggest power failure in U.S. history occurs as all of New York state, and parts of seven neighboring states and eastern Canada are plunged into darkness. The blackout during the evening rush hour trapped 800,000 people in New York’s subways and stranded thousands more in office buildings and elevators. → On Nov. 6, 1977, the earthen Toccoa Falls Dam in northeastern Georgia gives way, and 39 people die in the resulting flood. A volunteer fireman had inspected the dam and found everything in order just hours before it suddenly failed, sending water approaching speeds of 120 mph thundering down the canyon and creek.

• Read and understand the terms and conditions of each gift card before you buy. In Ontario, expiry dates are prohibited on gift cards and certificates holding a specific dollar amount, but fees can still be charged for shopping mall gift cards and others redeemed at more than one unaffiliated store. • Buy from a reputable, financially sound retailer. If the store goes bankrupt, you may not be able to use the card or get your money back. • Keep the receipt as a guarantee of the value of the card. It may be needed as proof of payment if the card is lost or stolen. • Keep track of your current balance. Should your card information be compromised, you’ll be aware of it in time to act. Nobody needs headaches over the holidays. Be a smart consumer and shop with caution together with the confidence that comes from dealing with reputable businesses. More information is available at

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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BEE BRAINS (continued): • Professor James Gould tested some bees by placing a bowl of sugar water near a beehive. After it had been discovered by the bees, he started moving it. Every few minutes he moved the dish, but each move was four times longer than the previous move. Thus, he moved it one inch, then four inches, then 16 inches and so on. Soon he was moving the dish more than 100 feet in a single jump. The bees caught on and were waiting for him when he arrived.

Special Skillet Steaks


If you like Swiss steak, then you’ll love this ultraeasy way to prepare it. Nothing could be easier, unless of course, your family likes it so much that they offer to help with the dishes!

• Number of flowers a bee must visit to make one pound of honey: 2 million • Number of miles flown by a hive of bees in order to make 1 pound of honey: 55,000 • Amount of honey made by a worker honey bee in a lifetime: 1/12 teaspoon

4 (4-ounce) lean tenderized minute or cube steaks 1 (10 3/4-ounce) can reduced-fat cream of mushroom soup 1 (15-ounce) can diced tomatoes, undrained 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 2 teaspoons dried parsley flakes 1/8 teaspoon black pepper

• Average annual per capita consumption of honey: 1.1 lbs. • Average speed of a honey bee: 15 mph • Average number of flowers visited during a single collection trip: 50-100 • Average lifespan of a worker bee: 28-35 days • Average lifespan of a queen bee: 2 years

1. In a large skillet sprayed with butter-flavored cooking spray, brown steaks for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. 2. In a large bowl, combine mushroom soup, undrained tomatoes and onion. Stir in parsley flakes and black pepper. Spoon mixture evenly over browned steaks. 3. Lower heat, cover and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. When serving, evenly spoon sauce over steaks. Makes 4 servings.

• Percent of the average human diet derived from insect-pollinated plants: 33% • Percent of that pollination performed by honey bees: 80% • Percent of the time bees spend sleeping: 0 • Number of bees in a hive: up to 60,000 • Percent of body weight an average bee can carry in its nectar load: 50% • Number of eggs an average queen bee lays per day: 3,000

¥ Each serving equals: 222 calories, 6g fat, 29g protein, 13g carb., 520mg sodium, 2g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 3 Meat, 1 Vegetable, 1/2

PICKS OF THE WEEK “The Amazing Spider-man” (PG-13) -- With a new

cast and new director, the story of Spider-man starts over from the beginning. It seems we did this not so long ago -- with the spider bite and gradual realization of responsibility. However, this new take on the Webslinger packs more emotional punch and has a different edge to it. This new Spider Saga is less colorful, cartoony and campy. Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”) plays Peter Parker, who’s on a journey to discover what happened to the parents he never knew. What he finds instead is a radioactive spider and The Lizard, a creepy enemy never before seen in a Spider-man movie. “Arthur Christmas” (PG) -- This animated feature

• Amount of food she needs to eat daily to do so: 80 times her weight from England has enough heart and visual grandeur to get anyone hyped up for Christmas. Santa has two sons; Steve (voiced by Hugh Laury), the tough-as-nails Christmas commando; and Arthur (James Macavoy), a clumsy little guy with funny voice intonations. When a present for one deserving child is left behind, it’s up to Arthur and Grandsanta to make the delivery in time for Christmas morning. This is the first major computer-animated production from Aardman Animations, the studio famous for “Wallace and Gromit.” Regardless of how you handle British humor, “Arthur Christmas” is cheerful and warm. There are some wicked humorists behind the scenes, but Arthur’s finished product is as bright and cheery as a star on a tree. “Your Sister’s Sister” (R) -- Jack (Mark Duplass) is mourning the loss of his brother when he makes a scene at a memorial. His friend Iris (Emily Blunt) sends him to an old family cabin in the Pacific Northwest to sort things out. Jack finds Iris’ sister is already at the cabin, drinking after a big breakup. Jack and Hannah have a one-night stand, and a perfect love triangle forms when Iris

shows up the next morning. What is it with cabins adjacent to water that always makes people have heart-to-heart talks and face their inner wants? This movie is part melodrama, part romcom, but certainly interesting and heartfelt. “Rashomon” (Criterion Collection) -- This 1951 film from celebrated director Akira Kurosawa is often mimicked for its inventive storytelling. In feudal Japan, local authorities try to figure out how a samurai was killed while walking through the woods with his wife. The story is told through the testimony given by each of the witnesses. The stories don’t match up, but certain details seem to stick out. TV RELEASES

“Call the Midwife: Season One” “Law & Order: The Eleventh Year” “Entourage: The Complete Series” [Blu-ray] “Christmas With Danny Kaye” “Regular Show: Best DVD In the World (At This Moment In Time) “ “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams: Season One” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Janet Maxwell “It’s All About You!”


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RE/MAX results realty (MPLRDG)

20842 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge

V2X 2R3

A pristine 2 storey Cape Cod 4 bed/2bath on a quiet cul de sac in Pitt Meadows. This home has been well cared for and has had many updates including a new roof, high efficiency furnace, MLS# V965374 carpeting. Absolute large lovely fenced back yard with patio and pond.Don’t miss out on this one, it’s a beauty. Bonus—close to schools, transportation and shopping. $488,400

MULTIPLE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS Dominion Lending Centres, They`re a beauty! Check ’em out! Don Cherry


A lovely townhome in a super central location! This very open well cared for home includes 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms c/w loft area. Newer Versalock glueless laminate was installed in 2007 as well as Black Granite Countertops in the kitchen & MLS# V957903 downstairs bathroom in 2009. Access your amazing backyard through the family room - gate in backyard opens to Riverside Drive across from Terry Fox School. Great storage in the 3-1/2’ crawl space almost the size of the main floor - don’t hesitate to call for more $429,800 info or to book a viewing...


Royal LePage Brookside Realty Cell: 604-308-5088

MLS® V964808 Fantastic Home! Fantastic New Price! Win/Win! Cul-de-sac, large 4 bedroom and den home. With 1 bedroom suite. Large yard fully fenced. Newer flooring up and new kitchen. Home is move in ready! Close to schools, transit. Easy to show!


(Get a small business loan against future sales; typically 7 days to get your money)

* through mortgage proffesionals at Dominion Lending Centres 778-331-3800

Wildwood is one of the most desireable parks-well run & well maintained. Beautifully updated mobile home 1 bedroom & Den/Flex Room with a new roof, siding, windows, kitchen, flooring (laminate, vinyl & carpet), bathroom, lighting fixtures. Yard is MLS# V968304 fenced for your kids & a little dog. It also has a shed for your gardening tools. There is 2 parking spots as well. Another bonus is pad fees include the indoor pool, clubhouse, playground & tennis courts within the park. You truly have to see it to believe it! Call me for a private viewing... $88,300 2 bedroom and den, plus 2 full baths. This 4th floor corner unit has an awesome view. This one owner air conditioned home was barely lived in. 9 Ft. vaulted ceilings gives you a spacious feel thru out the bright living space. Large kitchen island, with sit up MLS# V97842 bar. 2 spaces for parking underground, plus plenty of visitor parking. Storage room located on the same floor. Close to all amenities, shopping, transit, schools and recreation. Vacant and easy to show with short notice. Quick possession also. Act fast to view then make your offer, seller is motivated. Call listing sales to view. $240,000

• 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Private Mortgages* • Equipment Leasing • Auto Leasing for Private Sales • Extended Auto Warranties • Merchant Cash Advance

Professional and Courteous Service from Start to Finish! Need an extra bedroom or a new office? Want to turn your basement into a revenue-generating suite?

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11926 227 St, Maple Ridge Carpet • Hardwood • window Coverings

Real Estate...It’s What I Do!

11933-224th St

Maple Ridge, BC V2X0H8

MLS® V956122

CUSTOM BUILT to MAXIMIZE the VIEW from 3 LEVELS. 4 decks & 400 sq ft patio by the swimming pool w/a 10 ft waterfall. 9’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen w/ gas cook top, & w/in pantry. Mstr Bdrm has its own deck, 2 other bdrms have shared en suite. Lower level in-law suite has its own door. PERFECT home for the extended family.


MLS® V952878

Ideal location, ideal starter home, 4 generous bedrooms. Nicely appointed with hardwood floors, fantastic kitchen, detached double garage. Numerous updates including appliances, carpets, etc. Serene front deck with greenbelt view. Full basement with separate access could easily be suited.


MLS® F1216979

Curb appeal plus! Ideal location for this stylish 2 bdrm home. River & mtn views from deck, vaulted ceilings, bay window, oak kitchen with lots of space for entertaining. Well run family park. Manicured yard complete with water feature. Very easy to show. You will be impressed.



Are Ca fu

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows JR Huculak

Tidbits Home Page

Painting & Decorating

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Over 18 years’ experience Residential/commercial No job too small Free Estimates

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Math Tutor

On-line or in person Bill (Tutor1) McGuire

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778 895 7795

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s Cl Milly’ C

eaning Service

ercial m m o

• Residential

604 467 7829 Eco-Friendly & Dependable

Garage Doors Sales - Service - Repairs

10% off service with this ad

604-597-4040 Kelly @ 604-842-7405

imited Space Available!

e you a…Roofer, Plumber, Auto Repair, arpet Cleaner etc.. and are looking for a un new way to advertise your business?


 

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MLS# V4030503



Tanning Salon • • • •

Established for over 12 years Huge client base Busy strip mall location Training available

MLS# V4031200

Coffee Shop • • • •

Fish and Chips

Well known franchise coffee shop Large customer base Busy mall location Super outside patio area

Al & Brenda

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Drum lessons

You name the location. Feel comfortable in your own home.


• • • •

Established Seafood diner 28 seats plus outside patio Good lease rates Operating since 2003


with Frank Dato

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O n ly $ 3 5 p e r we e k !

Become a part of everyones weekly read. 778 899 3644

Pet Bits DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My cat “Frank” has been classified as obese by the veterinarian. Frank doesn’t look that fat, and he moves around fine and plays a lot. How can the vet call him obese? Trying to get him to exercise more doesn’t work, either. -- Susan J., Phoenix



Harrison Harrison is lovely boy… he is sweet, he is affectionate, and he is 19 years old. Harrison has enjoyed the same home since he was a tiny kitten and he felt safe there. He knew when he would be fed, he knew the best places to sleep, and he knew he was loved. But Harrison’s world was turned upside down exactly the same time his elderly person’s was when she had to leave her home and her beloved Harrison behind to go into care. Despite the odds, Harrison has settled well into shelter life and is doing well. He is a very nice cat with lots of life left to live and lots of love left to share. We are hoping there is a big heart out there who can provide this gentle Gent with the retirement home he deserves. If you are nervous about the vet bills that may accompany a senior animal, please talk to us about our Permanent Foster program.

Cordelia Cordelia is a charming girl who is eager for attention and will jump right into your lap and into your heart. She is one of the first to greet you as you enter the communal room and she seems to do well with her feline roommates she shares it with. We don’t know what circumstances led to Cordelia becoming stray, but based on the cat we have come to know, it couldn’t have been any fault of hers.


DEAR SUSAN: Cats, like people, sometimes put on weight so gradually that it’s the scale that sounds the first warning, rather than looks or lack of activity. Frank may not seem too fat, and he gets around just fine, but that good health won’t last if the weight stays on him. He has quite a bit in his favor. It sounds like Frank is a healthy cat who stays active. You can encourage this activity by increasing the amount of time you play with him -- if you dangle a cat toy in front of Frank for five minutes every hour so, increase that to 10 minutes each time. It’s also very important to follow the dietary guidelines set down by the veterinarian. Usually a pet diet involves reducing the amount of calories taken in each day. That means serving smaller portions at feeding time. Food treats must be avoided as well, so the extra calories don’t go straight to your cat’s midsection. Keeping Frank’s weight down now will help prolong not only his life, but the quality of that life. Being obese will eventually lead to a host of expensive health problems -- diet and exercise cost mostly time and patience.

Should you insure your pet? (NC) – Health care costs are rising not only for people but also for their pets. When your pet becomes ill, do you have the available resources to pay for medications, X-rays or even a surgery? Pet owners across Canada are finding that pet insurance is a wise investment. Those who know their pets are covered are more likely to seek care for them, whether for regular check-ups or sick care, and that means healthier pets.

“A relatively small premium can cover a broad range of illnesses and treatments,” says Jeff Burke, president and CEO of Western Financial Group, whose brokers offer insurance throughout the western provinces. “We’re seeing an upward trend in the number of pet owners who are opting to manage their veterinary costs through insurance. They want to make sure their pets always get the best care possible.”

What should a pet health insurance policy cover? Burke recommends: • Hospitalization • Surgery • Medical Devices • Prescriptions • X-rays • Dental Care • Behavioural Therapy • Alternative Treatments “The health and well-being of a pet is intricately linked to the

ortes, WA Anac

uth of the Border! o S , e p a er Esc ancing Available Now Selling RV Sites! m m n r Su nadian Fi u o Y Call Dave for more information Ca

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to try out our park and ask us all about our RV Sites


Extra Roomy RV Super Sites Children’s Playground Basketball Courts 50 & 100amp Full Hookup Sites Wi-Fi Throughout the Resort Regulation Horseshoe Pit Spotless Laundry Facility Covered Picnic Areas Heated, Tiled Restrooms with Hot Showers

peace of mind of its owner,” Burke concludes. “We expect to see the pet insurance trend continue its upward climb in response to rising veterinary costs and pet owner awareness.”

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◆ In this season of bitter partisan rivalries, it would be well to remember the following sage observation: “Do not trust to the cheering, for those persons would cheer just as much if you and I were going to be hanged.” The man who first made that observation was Lord Protector of England Oliver Cromwell, considered by some to be a hero of liberty, by others to be a regicidal dictator. He died in 1658, probably from septicemia. He was so reviled that, three years later, he body was exhumed so that he could be posthumously executed, his body thrown into a pit and his head displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall.

Tidbits is here! Kamloops



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Ridge Meadows

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Moose Jaw

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True North

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Premier Franchise Opportunity Canada

Starting at $8,500

This is your chance to work for yourself, doing something you enjoy. Improve your quality of life, income and freedom. Publish a Tidbits in your city or town instead of just reading one.

For more info call: 1-866-859-0609

◆ Those who study such things say that if all the gold in the world were combined in one lump, it would result in a cube that measures 20 yards on each side. ◆ If you’re planning a trip to Lima, Peru, you might want to add Puente de Piedra to your sightseeing list. Though the Spanish name means “Bridge of Stone,” the span is popularly known as the Bridge of Eggs. Legend has it that in 1608, the builders the used the whites of 10,000 seabird eggs in the mortar that holds the stones together. ◆ Pumpkins are native to the Americas, not Europe. This is why the original jack-o’-lantern was a turnip. ◆ What do the words “obscene,” “tranquil,” “mediate,” “catastrophe,” “dire,” “critical,” “vast” and “apostrophe” have in common? All of them appeared in print for the first time in the works of William Shakespeare. ◆ If you’re contemplating a move to Corpus Christi, Texas, be sure to keep in mind that in that town, it’s illegal to raise alligators in your home. *** Thought for the Day: “One fool can ask more questions in a minute than 12 wise men can answer in an hour.” -- Vladimir

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Community Events Open Mic/Stage at Kanaka Creek Cafe Every week until January 30, 2013; 10124155 102 Avenue, Maple Ridge. Do you sing or play an instrument? Come out every Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:30pm! An acoustic only evening, open to musicians and audience alike…a really good way to spend a couple of hours, perform or just come and have a good time. Ladies Coffee/Tea ‘N More get-together Every Thursday morning from 10:3012noon at Grace Community Church, 12240 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows. All Ladies are invited and welcome for friendship, caring, sharing, snacks n’ more. The theme for Fall is ‘Various Themes, Topics and Conversation’. Look forward to seeing you - any questions call Jayne @ 465-6897 Harry Hooge Christmas Craft Fair YOUR ONE STOP CHRISTMAS SHOP! November 17th, from 10am - 4pm! 12280 230th street, Maple Ridge, Over 50 crafters and vendors. Admission by donation! Watch for more information at www.harryhooge. under the PAC group tab or email us at FREE MOVIE NIGHT!!! Includes healthy snacks and recipes! Got Milk? Your health is in your hands! The movie “Got the Facts on Milk” questions the deep-rooted belief in the health benefits of milk. It examines the scientific research on the subject. The film raises questions about dairy’s role in cancer, osteoporosis, weight gain, asthma, acne, early menstruation, and more. It covers the subject of lactose intolerance, and explains why the consumption of dairy products is influenced by political, economic, ethical and environmental considerations. Date: Thursday, November 22, 2012 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Christian Life Assembly: 11756 – 232nd street Maple Ridge, BC. Call to reserve your seat 604-355-5433 patricia@

Do you have a community event? Send info to: 28. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what Cliff Barnes and his daughter (!) have planned for JR, Bobby and the rest of the Ewing clan.

Q: I finally caught up on season one of the new “Dallas,” and I can’t wait to see more! Please tell me it will return for another season. If so, when? -- Deena W., via e-mail A: TNT’s hit reboot of “Dallas” -- which stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster and Brenda Strong -- definitely will be back for another round of family intrigue, altercations and double-dealings. A 13-episode second season premieres Jan.

*** Q: The CW’s “90210” is really off to a great start -- it seems to be getting back on the right track since its weird derailment of last season. Can you give me any spoilers for season five? -- Bridget M. A: I spoke with series star Michael Steger, who plays Navid Shirazi, and he told me to look for the darker side of Navid to come out. “Navid is thrown off-kilter a bit to where his character is tested when he learns Silver has chosen Teddy to be the father of her baby,” he said. “After almost having a onenight stand, he’s really not thinking. It’s completely out of character for him. He’s

trying to get back to Silver, so he’s doing as much as he can in that area.” Michael and the rest of the cast are thrilled to celebrate a show milestone: They just filmed the 100th episode. “I feel like everybody’s in a place of gratitude and surprise that we’ve made it this long, and it’s nice to see. We’re hard at work with this new season, so we hope fans will enjoy it.” *** Q: One of my favorite actresses is the gorgeous Natasha Henstridge. Can you tell me what I can see her in next? -- Dustin R., via e-mail A: The Canadian beauty can be seen next in the Hallmark Channel original movie “Christmas Song,” which premieres Saturday, Nov. 3, at 8/7c. Natasha plays a music teacher (named Diana Dalton) at a girls’ prep school who must fight for

her job when her school merges with the local boys’ school, bringing with it the boys’ choir director. Natasha also co-stars in “The Bronx Bull,” which is a continuation of the story of boxer Jake LaMotta that was first brought to the big screen in 1980’s “Raging Bull.” Look for it in theaters sometime next year. *** Q: My husband and I enjoyed “Hatfields & McCoys” on the History Channel, but we missed the third part. How can we see it in its entirety? -- Sandy M. A: The award-winning miniseries -- which earned Emmys for Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger, and a nomination for Bill Paxton -- is now available on DVD at most major stores and outlets for your viewing pleasure. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Put Stamp on Fall With Real Apple Art Some of my kids’ best and least-expensive art supplies have come from nature. Acorns, leaves, shells, pinecones and sticks all have provided inspiration for a plethora of family craft and decorating projects. Now that apple season is here, it’s a perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and use real apples to stamp out some original art. You can stamp apple prints onto brown craft paper or recycled brown grocery bags for lovely homemade wrapping paper, gift tags and book covers. To create wearable art to celebrate fall, stamp apple prints with permanent acrylic fabric paints on a sweatshirt, T-shirt or cotton infant wear. Stamp fabric napkins, place mats, potholder and dish towels, too. There’s really no end to objects that can sport an apple stamp or two. Here’s the fun: Slice an apple in half vertically. Pat it dry with a towel and remove as much moisture as possible. For a handle that young kids can grab onto, poke a fork

into the outside center of the apple. Pour craft paint in squeeze bottles onto a paper plate. (Use fabric paint if stamping clothing.) Dip the cut side of the apple into the paint. Press the apple gently on a paper towel to absorb some of the paint, and then press the apple firmly onto the paper or fabric. Stamp as many prints as you like by dipping and printing. When your apple prints are dry, dip a toothpick or small paintbrush into some green or brown paint and paint a slender stem and a leaf onto your apple print. Or, glue a real stem on a print or two for an original look! Notes: --For a group project, look for cheaper bruised fruit at apple orchards. --If you cut an apple widthwise around the circumference, the seeds form a perfect star shape. Remove the seeds and stamp out the natural design. --If using fabric paints on fabric, an adult should heat-set the prints with an iron according to product instructions after the paint has dried.

**** Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.” (c) 2012 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

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◆ Have a stiff straw or corn broom? To keep the ends in shape, cut a band that’s about 4 inches wide from an old pantyhose leg. Slip it over the bristles to keep them together. ◆ Act now to prevent burst downspouts from ice. Clean out leaves and debris from the gutter and add a topper of wire mesh. It will allow water to flow freely, preventing ice dams from forming. ◆ If you buy a pair of shoes that you LOVE so much you find you’re wearing them almost every day, go back to the store and get a second pair. The lifespan of a pair of shoes is dramatically reduced by overwearing them. Make a mark inside to distinguish the pairs, and alternate them. ◆ “An old pill bottle can make a handy dispenser for rolls of stamps. Remove the top and cut a slit into the side of the bottle using a handsaw. Set the roll of stamps into the bottle, guiding the end out of the slit. Replace lid.” ◆ “This is a senior tip, but it’s useful for everyone! If you get a new pair of shoes that are slick on the bottoms, get a piece of sandpaper and scuff up the soles to get some traction.” ◆ “I start now collecting cheap but pretty dishes in all sizes from yard sales and secondhand stores. I use them at the holidays for cookie gifts, when bringing a dish to a friend, etc. They can be reused, and I let everyone know it’s not necessary to return them. Plus, they are sturdier than plastic ware, which usually gets tossed after the holidays.”

ly $4 rf 5.00! e t s i Space is limited - reg

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Tidbits of Ridge Meadows

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Monday - Saturday from 8:00 to 6:00 (604) 467-1711

Art Classes Make A Great Christmas Gift! 8 classes of 1.5 hours for only $175.00 Come enjoy our studio! Drawing Lessons For All Ages! Call and reserve your seat today! Artist Quality Materials No previous experience necessary

Coming Soon:

Come try our delicious, affordable breakfasts! Present this ad when you order a breakfast between Nov 5th and Nov 19th and receive a complementary organic, fair trade Canterbury Coffee.

Squiggles to Grins 2-3½ Preschool and Kindergarten Art Classes Afterschool Art Classes

Boost your health from the inside out (NC)—Maybe the chill of fall has encouraged a craving for fatty foods and cocooning at home in front of the television. If so, it’s time to get inspired and feel great by energizing your body from the inside out. The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has designated November 12-18 as Natural Health Products Week—a time for Canadians to take stock of what they’re consuming, from food to products alike. “Participating in Natural Health Products Week is an excellent opportunity for people to make more of an effort in promoting and maintaining their health,” says Helen Sherrard, president of CHFA, a national trade association dedicated to the natural health and organic products industry. “In fact, more than 70 per cent of Canadians say they have used a natural health product and their appetite for organics is also on the rise.” CHFA suggests these top three ways to boost your health from the inside out: Enjoy more whole foods—Convenience is entrenched in the modern lifestyle which sometimes means grabbing fast, processed food and snacks on a regular basis. However, it’s just as convenient to eat whole foods, and a much healthier option. Whole foods are typically unprocessed or unrefined. Nuts, seeds and fruits are good examples of healthy ready-toeat foods. Learn which natural health options improve your health—Stop by your local specialty retailer where knowledgeable staff can share helpful information and health tips with you. While there, you may also be able to celebrate Natural Health Products Week by participating in draws for prizes, enjoying a sample taste test, or picking up natural health items you need. Go organic—Certified organic foods have been grown and handled according to strict procedures and without persistent toxic chemical inputs.“You can celebrate with CHFA by purchasing organic foods from your natural health retailer,” says Sherrard. “This participation will not only invest in your health, but it will also support sustainable environmentally friendly practices and animal welfare.”

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT, KEEP IT OFF, LOOK YOUNGER AND LIVE LONGER For the following weeks, I will be sharing valuable information on extensive research I have been doing on weight loss, the weight loss industry and all the physical and psychological implications on the topic. The weight loss industry is a multimillionaire industry with many products in the market claiming to help you lose weight. There is information everywhere, magazines, books, television, internet, etc. But the reality is that every day the rate of obesity is increasing and the weight loss companies are getting richer. The weight loss industry is taking the lead on how you spend your money to control weight, rather than you questioning what‘s making you gain extra pounds. Your health and your weight should be on your hands not on the hands of the weight loss industry. Focusing on weight loss alone, the results are rarely permanent. While weight loss is important, it should not be the main goal. It should be a pleasant and a normal by-product of the road to the primary goal: Great Health. Superior health is marked by an exceptionally long and relatively disease-free lifespan. Countless studies reveal that people with superior health are slim. Learning how to achieve superior health, the ideal weight will follow naturally. First, it is important to

understand how physical cravings cause overeating, as well as the psychological factors that can help to change this pattern of consumption. In other words, more than following a diet, it is important to create new, healthy behaviors that will eventually become effortless. This is so highly effective that it enables you to take control of your own health destiny. Working with my clients, I help them to embrace healthier eating choices to improve their health and as a consequence extra pounds will go away. Let’s get healthier. This week, I would like to help you lose extra pounds. If you have tried three or more different diets, you qualify for a FREE CONSULTATION! I will help you to lose weight, keep it off, increase energy levels, look younger and live longer. Give me a call to set up your FREE consultation for a permanent change. Results are warranty!

RAW FOOD 101 Class • Basics of a RAW food kitchen • The nutrient and healing properties of Living food • Is RAW Food a vegetarian cliché or is it going Back to Basics...? • A balanced RAW meal plan • Increase energy, mental clarity, reduce weight • Recipes and more!!!! Date: Thursday, November 8th, 2012 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Mint Your Health Place, 112 – 19150 Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows, BC Cost: $50.00 Call to reserve your seat space is limited

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604 355 5433

Call for your free nutrition consultation, or get 10% off any of our programs!

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