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EDITOR’S LETTER 1. Use uncompromising standards of excellence in the creation of content and services. 2. Create a community that respects individual contributions and values the diversity of our group. 3. Seek to creative a positive impact in Second Life. 4. Celebrate creativity, balance and connectedness in our work environment. Queen Magazine SL is currently staffed with a collection of dynamically experienced, skilled and beautiful individuals who are solely dedicated to propelling this magazine into a premier product. As we embark on this journey our focus is to deliver to our readers content that is entertaining and Lixena Lamourfou timely. Queen SL, Editor As Queen Magazine begins to fall forward we target what is most important and use our abilities to see successes when they happen. In that, we will be inspired to seek greater achievements. But what is crucial is that we need the support of our readers, because we are not alone in this. We are here to help each other. I am pleased to be writing this letter as the new So as you move forward in your life, look editor of Queen Magazine SL. With this inaugural ahead to the next horizon. That next chalissue we attest to our mission to be the preeminent resource for Quality, Uniqueness and Elegance with lenge you see, you should not stop, you Extraordinary, Niceness in print. Our vision is to fea- should instead keep moving forward. By ture content covering fashion, entertainment and the looking on that horizon and to what is ahead Second Life community at large. We will showcase you will hone your ability to manifest and the hottest in fashion, furniture, sims, clubs, events achieve abundance. So fall forward as we do as well. and much more!

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In abundance, Lixena Lamourfou

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A Taste Of Honey 7 Encore, N-Core, We Want more 11 PHiRE And AXS Sock Hop 14 A Kingdom, A Queen And A Perfect World 15 Cream Shop A La Mode 17

Forward August 2009



The Honey Pot Dating Tips 19 Beware The Jabberwocky! 21 Interview With A DJ And Beyond 23 An Artistic Life - Sledge Roffo 25

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By: ReRe Sandalwood Photography: Kinji Lockjaw


f comparing DJ’s were like taste testing fine wine, DJ Honey would be a groundbreaking masterpiece. Fashionably conscious of her craft, DJ Honey (aka Honey Franizzi) has made a grand return into the SL spotlight by hosting the Back in the Day Buffet on WJAY (http://apple. on Mondays and Fridays from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM SLT. Specializing in hip hop and R&B, DJ Honey has over 40,000 song titles in her music library, and is not afraid to take personal requests from patrons. She even stipulates that if she cannot find a requested song in her collection, she will pay out 100 lindens to the patron. “I always take requests [because] it

7 AUGUST 2009

doesn’t take me long to play [them] unless I have a lot of them to go through” she nonchalantly states. With breathtaking dedication to her craft, DJ Honey relies on her real live military background to strengthen her SL DJ’ing efforts. While traveling around the world, DJ Honey explains that she has been exposed to an array of music. “[Traveling in real life] taught me that there’s so much more to life than meets the eye” she explains. “[I have learned throughout my travels abroad that] the DJ’s job is to play the music and keep the patrons happy.” When asked what kind of club she enjoys DJ’ing at, DJ Honey contends that the best club to DJ at is one that is well established and >

AUGUST 2009 8

“All DJ’s should simply relax and enjoy the music.” does not have too much lag. She also enjoys working at clubs that don’t place limits on the kinds of music she can play. To better explain, DJ Honey was kind enough to provide the following example: “If I am playing current music and I get a request for something from the 70’s and that request creates two or more from that era, I’d prefer not to hear from the owner telling me to play something different.” Though many owners may misinterpret DJ Honey’s position, it is fair to say that she is merely holding true to her customer service standard. When asked why she DJ’s, Honey explains that she does it for the people. “I [really] enjoy playing the old stuff because it always brings back memories that people like to 9 AUGUST 2009

share. Sparking up that kind of nostalgia in people really makes you feel good at the end of the night.” Because DJ Honey has been an SL DJ since November 2007, she has some advice to share with up and coming DJ’s: Practice, Practice, and Practice! She stresses how important it is for the aspiring DJ to know what they are doing and playing, and to remain professional at all times. Thus, avoid making sexual passes at club patrons and remember. “All DJ’s should simply relax and enjoy the music. Don’t focus on the program you are using so much. Learn what songs flow together and listen to your listeners. They are what will make your set great. Do what you can to keep them happy.” END

AUGUST 2009 10

Encore, N-core, We Want More by: Sensuous Soulstar Photography: DrJames Exonar


ppearances can be deceiving. As cliché as it sounds, it holds true. You walk into that unknown store, a random landmark sent by someone on your friend’s list. And as soon as you teleport in things don’t look good. There are no flashy decorations; the sim is full of more unknown stores and even worse, things are rezzing slower than normal. As you hurry to pull up your inventory and find another place to quench your shopping thirst, you spot it in the corner: a gorgeous pair of black pumps, platform base with at least a 5 inch stiletto heel. Leaving is now a fleeting thought as you fight the lag to hurry across the room just to 11 AUGUST 2009

make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. As you draw near, more items start to rezz and you realize you’ve just hit a goldmine. Gorgeously manicured toes peek through the narrow space of leather and you slowly take in the larger than life sculpted foot on the model display in front of you. Turning quickly back to the pump, it’s now fully rezzed and only now can you truly appreciate this shoe in all of its splendor. You cross your fingers and slowly look up hoping, pining, wishing for that sign…Demo. Your eyes widen in excitement and it seems you can’t click on the box quick enough. Finally, you again open your inventory, but this time

you quickly pass over the landmarks folder. You find the folder you were searching for and you put on every part of that demo. Waiting for what seems like an eternity, you continually click wear until finally, you see it, the grey shadow on your feet that lets you knows its coming. You look down, you zoom in…sigh. It’s all that you thought it would be. Yes, that shoe is gorgeous on you. No, it’s not the name brand you’re thinking of. It is an all new brand. It’s different. It’s ¼ of the price. It is N-core [Shopping (193, 218, 37)], and it’s our shoe of the month. How can an entire store by the shoe of the month? Walk into any one of their flagship stores spread throughout the grid, and you will understand that we couldn’t pick just one shoe, but the entire newly released line. Boasting a membership of over 1100 members, this low-key store has become a silent com-

petitor for those big name shoe suppliers. The brand boasts of superb quality in their sculpted feet, and a plethora of menu choices, including: a HUD to find the perfect match for your skin, 8 nail colors, 6 sole color options, 7 ring color options, 7 chain/buckle color options, 55 feet skin options, and a resizing menu. Even if you are not a fan of the incredibly high heel, N-core has you covered. Head up upstairs at many of the locations and you will find a selection of lower, more conservative heels and boots, with the option of the sculpted feet, but still of the same high quality that is becoming synomous to the brand, N-core. Designer Nuriel Augapfel, a Spanish speaking native of Mexico, has humbly put her passion into creating an affordable high quality shoe, and she has accomplished just that. With options ranging from a full on sandal, to a more classic round-toe pump, you can

find the perfect shoe for a day at the beach or a night on the town. Testing the water with sculpted boots? N-core has released a new sculpted ankle boot with similar options to its shoe line, including optional leg warmers to give the boot a more casual look. This new boot leaves the fashionista thinking one thing…MORE!! Yet with all the accolades that have been showered upon this store, it is not without its flaws. From the moment you teleport into the store, the lag hits you immediately. Whether there are 2 other avatars shopping or 200, the lag is the same. Don’t expect to run in and run out quickly. You’re going to take some time to rezz. But like all good things, it is worth the wait. As you leave the store, in the distance you hear what sounds like chanting. Leaning in, you can just barely make out what they’re saying. “…Encore, Ncore, we want more…” AUGUST 2009 12

PHiRE and AXS: Fighting Against Lupus Sock Hop By: ReRe Sandalwood Photography: Lixena Lamourfou Bobby socks and poodle skirts could be seen for miles at the Sorors of Phi Rho Epsilon (PHiRE), SL Sorority Inc. and the Brothers of Alpha Chi Sigma (AXS) SL Fraternity’s Lupus Foundation Fundraiser. The brain child of Soror Prospects Ebonny Rae and Rene Henly, the 50’s-themed Sock Hop was done in honor of the Sorors of Phi Rho Epsilon who are currently battling Lupus, as well as all the lupus survivors around the world. As defined in Wikipedia, lupus is a “chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs” (http://, and it can affect an array of body systems including joints, skin, kidneys, and blood cells. With an emphasis on fashion and fun, two raffles were held to encourage linden donation: one raffle was for a Pontiac Convertible Race Car, while another raffle was for a 24 hour stay at a seclusion resort. Both required a minimal amount of 100l and 200l, respectively. The theme of the party reiterated the Phi Rho Epsilon motto of “We get it done together,” and successfully aligned itself with

the Phi Rho Epsilon mission statement to “gather resources to fundraise for good purposes.” The Sock Hop successfully raised $10,634 lindens during its two hour event, and is still accepting donations on behalf of the Lupus Foundation. If you would like to donate, please contact any sorors of PHiRE or IM Dejaa Trallis, Director of the Lupus Foundation. AUGUST 2009 14

A Kingdom, A Queen and A Perfect World By: Lixena Lamourfou Photography: Lixena Lamourfou


nce upon a time there was a Kingdom of Tiny Empires named Egypt and in that Kingdom lived a gorgeous queen by the name of Charoa Hammerer. The queen was not only a woman well-known for having captivating looks but she was pretty on the inside where it really counts as well. Her husband, and King, the Pharaoh MoLoveMoFun Hammerer, was also beloved by his subjects and he ruled all the lands through fairness, humor and generosity.Many princes and princesses were called to court and abundance flowed throughout the lands. The queen was visiting with her dear friend Ariantje Karu and she shared with the queen tellings of lands without abundance. In this place children were in need. These developing places had children who were debilitated and had no chance of critical medical care. She learned that four times a year a group of medical teams would travel to this 15 AUGUST 2009

land and perform treatments for these children. These medical teams were sponsored by a non-profit foundation called Project Perfect World. In these lands Project Perfect World sends medical teams anywhere their help is needed. This skilled and experienced surgical team is usually composed of 20 people. They are usually volunteers who take time from their own lives to spend 8 days in a foreign land and perform about 50 surgeries on children during that time. They do sur-

geries that range from orthopedic corrections of birth defects to ophthalmic and maxio-facial repairs. This foundation is funded 100% by the kind donations of others. The queen, upon hearing this was compelled to do what she could for Project Perfect World; she was determined to help make a difference. The queen quickly got to work. She decided to have a grand ball inviting all those in the kingdom to attend. It was held in July 2009 at the courtyard of Egypt and it coincided with festivities celebrating Canada Day. It was an all day event, a collection of different parties which happened in 3 hour increments with a host of dj’s spinning tunes from hard rock, eighties, to rockabilly, hip hop and R&B. The queen also made extravagant baskets that held recipes from many different lands. Delectable recipes such as Lentil Sweet Potato Soup and Jalapeno Corn Casserole were included. The baskets were put for sale at reasonable prices,

which gave a subject a chance to receive fantastic new recipes to cook at home. The money collected from donations to recipes was exclusively sent to Project Perfect World. The court and merry revelers enjoyed the ball immensely. A fun time was had by many and most took delicious baskets home. It was not known if another such event would occur. In all, over 52,000L ($200 USD) was collected on behalf of Project Perfect World from the Kingdom of Egypt. A feeling of fellowship resounded through the kingdom. People were proud to have given and many were glad that they had demonstrated their love for their fellow man. Real people proved that on that day in a virtual world a perfect world could be supported. Links:

Tiny Empires: Kingdom of Egypt: http://egypt.corcon Project Perfect World: http://projectper AUGUST 2009 16

CreamShop Served Á La Mode by: Tami Amat


Photography: Tami Amat

he way we convey ourselves is with what we wear on the outside. What we doll up our avatars with. What crazy hats we wear, the low rise jeans, business collections to plain old t-shirts, we make our first impression with how we dress. We would all like to think we aren’t books that are judged just by our cover, but first impressions are made whether you like it or not. So if you care about how others view you, then you should care about how you create that first imprint on someone else’s brain. CreamShop [CREAMSHOP/146/160/25] did just that, made a faultless first impression. Although the first impression wasn’t about the first-rate clothe line or accessories they have, nor was it the AO umbrella’s that are pretty clever, it wasn’t even the colorful and sleek jewelry, or the cool record shop, it was the way the ambiance is at CreamShop in Rainy Town. You can tell the designer, SAZAE Yoshikawa, really is excellent in expressing her vision. Linden Labs must think so too as CreamShop is showcased as number 13 in the Fashion category. From well designed scarves, jewelry, leather weave bags, sandals and boots, to the funky toon-shelf and rugs, CreamShop is well worth a visit and Queen Magazine’s top store of the month! 17 AUGUST 2009

The Honey Pot Dating Tips by: Honey Franizzi Photography: Conrad Pedalo


lmost daily I hear someone looking for a man or woman. “Honey you know any single men? “Honey hook me up with someone who ain’t ghetto!” I’ve had a few successes in hooking people up, but for the most part it’s all on you! I put together a few tips on how to prepare yourself for that one you’re looking for so you won’t have to ask me, you can handle it yourself! 19 AUGUST 2009

Five Tips for Dating 1. Make sure this is what you want to do. Get out a notecard and write down everything you’re looking for and spend some time really thinking about it. Don’t be shallow and focus on looks, either. Be honest with yourself and say exactly what you want out of the relationship.

2. Get your act together. If you’ve been running around in noob skin for the 3 months you’ve been in the game, it’s time to upgrade! If you don’t have an income, get one. Get someone to help you with your avi and your clothes so you don’t look like a hood rat!

3. Surround yourself with positive friends that will be helpful and understanding. Hanging out with men or women haters will not get you where you want to be!

4. Get out there and have fun! Go to places you like and enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to be friendly with everyone because even though you may not meet someone that night, making a new friend can always lead you to introductions to more friends.

5. If you see someone you like, don’t be afraid to check out their profile. You can tell a lot about a person by checking the profile. People who like to talk usually have a lot of information in there, where those that don’t rarely have more than just a picture.

If you have a question on dating, please send your notecard to Honey Franizzi or you can drop it off at the Queen Magazine HQ. All answers will be anonymous. AUGUST 2009 20

Beware the Jabberwocky! Nonsense Finally Makes Sense by: Sensuous Soulstar Photography: Sensuous Soulstar


here have I landed? This is your first thought as you teleport into this unknown land. You look around and wonder what’s to come. Looking up, you see a long staircase leading into the high mountains. Tick-tock, ticktock. You can’t escape the sound of the wooden clock that greets you at the entrance, but as you slowly began to climb the stairs, you think, this is not the Wonderland I remember from my childhood. And it’s not. This self-titled “SL’s greatest Alice inspired island” is not the Disney embellished Alice in Wonderland we’ve all come to know. Jabberwocky [Jabberwocky (119, 22, 25)] would make true Lewis Carroll fans proud with its display of a influences, not only from Alice in Wonderland, but also incorporating themes from Carroll’s “Through the Looking 21 AUGUST 2009

Glass”. The sim itself derives its name from one of Carroll’s first poems, “Jabberwocky,” a move in which creator Jovial Murasaki, otherwise known as Surrealia Anatine among other things, says was

not done as much in honor of the poem as it was in recognition of the poem’s “nonsensical nature.” A fitting title as the sim itself was designed with nonconformity in mind. While the upper level, or the “Looking Glass Empire” is based on logic, fact, tradition and rule, the lower level, or “Wonderland Ruins”

out on a narrow and easy to follow path it would just be ‘yet another Alice sim’, and then it would lose its charm.” One thing is for certain, if you don’t have the patience to get lost and wander around, you will miss out on much of the adventure. Here, brightly colored highlight “childish ideals, dreams, creativity, nonconformity, originality, builds, mixed with eerily colored freedom, and the subconscious.” Yet, walls, with a splash of larger than life don’t look for a defined path to guide recreations takes your mind on a trip you around. One of the downfalls of that you must first decide whether you’re willing to travel. Don’t look the sim, but apparently planned, is for cute bunnies, mad hatters, tea parthat you have to stumble upon the hidden treasures it has to offer. Aside ties, or even a curious little blonde haired adventurer. Instead expect the from the top level, the underground unexpected, prepare for the unusual, pieces are scattered about in no parand embrace the unique and intriguticular order or fashion. According to Murasaki, “if everything was laid ing design that is Jabberwocky.

AUGUST 2009 22

Interview with a DJ and Beyond by: Wiccan Blackheart Photography: Conrad Pedalo


recently had the privledge of visiting with an old friend of mine. He is a jack of all trades. His skills includes: DJ, Club Owner, Mall Owner and Real Estate Mogul. He has his own broadcast radio station in SL and on the Web. He recently produced a new mix CD. We sat down to a chat at his club. SL Name: DarkestRealmsNetwork Nider Joined the SL madness: 3/6/2009 Radio: Darkest Realms Radio G99.9 SL Club: Web Site: Myspace: Pyro TSJ - http://myspace. com/pyro570; KARKAS Records - http://; 3VIL UND3RGROUND MixTape - http://myspace. com/3vilund3rground Other Links: WB: So how many years have you been a DJ? DN: Off and on, I have about two years. I worked as a DJ’s assistant to learn how to DJ and later starting DJ’ing for myself. It didn’t last long though. After a few years of being out of the scene I landed a music career making Techno, Dance, Trance, Industrial, Tribal music. A variety to keep it interesting. WB: What started the spark for your career choice? DN: My love for music. That is all there is to it.

23 AUGUST 2009

WB: What types of music do you like to DJ the most? DN: Techno, Dance, Trance, etc. It isn’t the only music I own, listen to or DJ. However, it is my all time favorite. WB: How many Clubs in SL do you DJ currently? DN: I only DJ at my own club. I used to DJ for The Hunger B103 and Pacific Paradise. Things with my my club and my other projects do not permit me enough time to DJ anywhere else at this time. WB: Why did you chose to bring Darkest Realms Radio G99.9 into the wonderful world of Second Life? and How was it started? DN: It was started when I was working for an internet radio station and a friend of mine got fired. He came up with the idea and I had the website. I later quit the radio station so we can put it together and combined our ideas and efforts. While still getting things together I came to SL which brought him back as well to ensure a wide variety of listeners. Darkest Realms Radio G99.9 was started by King Juggz and Pyro TSJ. It was started in hope to reach a wide listener base. DRR is not just for Juggalo’s but it is for vampires’, Werewolves, Satanists, Pagans, those in to bdsm and to all the freaks out there except Emo’s. We plan on playing all kinds of music from

deep underground to the mainstream However, we will not be playing country. More specifically, we will play Rap, Techno, Trance, Dance, Industrial, Hardcore, Rock, Metal and a little bit of Alternative, Punk and Pop. WB: In the future in SL do you plan on opening any more clubs? DN: I think that owning one is the best way to go. WB: What would your ideal DJ job be? For a Celebrity Bash? Family Function? Big Name Band/Group? etc. DN: That is honestly a tough decision. All have great crowds. WB: Anything you would like to add? DN: Yeah, my third album, isn’t released (or even finished) yet. But from time to time, I play previews at the club. The album is called Home Run. It will sell for $10 USD plus S+H, professionally packaged. (Outside of USA, the total with shipping is $21 USD.) I will also be offering the digital downloads on several sites as I have my first album up already and soon to be my second and third. This includes LimeWire, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, Shockhound, Lala, eMusic, AmieStreet, iTunes and more. To buy my first two albums on disc, you may visit my myspace account.

AUGUST 2009 24

An Artistic Life - Sledge Roffo by: Artemis Pearl Photography: Artemis Pearl


eing a self deprecating SL artist myself, it tends to take a lot for me to take notice of another artist enough to devote an entire column to that individual. But Second Life is rich with so much creativity, I have seen so many interesting perspectives. That being stated, I wanted to write this first column about an artist that is not only talented and creative, as so many SL artists are, but one that truly

25 AUGUST 2009

Roffo’s work lends an ambiance to any environment that is beautiful, elegant and never pretentious. Roffo is a degreed painter, having received his Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus in Painting. He is also a Construction Project Manager in real life. According to his bio: “ I thought I would have to wait until I retire to do anything...but Second Life has me hooked. I don’t know anything about Photoshop and don’t use it. I’d never made a piece of digital art until I came here”.

Roffo’s work can be enjoyed at the Anandra Contemporary Arts Forum’s main gallery. http:// Saturn/30/214/1187.

epitomizes the medium that Second Life offers an artist. I have found that very “it” factor in droves while viewing the work of Sledge Roffo. Sledge Roffo is an SL sculptor and photographer. He creates unique abstract sculptures from simple prims, capitalizing on light, geometric shapes, and color. Roffo then takes his creations one step further by photographing these sculptures. The results are magnificent abstract portraits that any graphic designer would be proud to produce. Most interestingly...he never uses Photoshop!

AUGUST 2009 26

Queen Magazine Aug 2009  

The first issue of Queen MagazineSL. Queen is a magazine based in the virtual world of Second Life. We cover all areas of the viritual grid...

Queen Magazine Aug 2009  

The first issue of Queen MagazineSL. Queen is a magazine based in the virtual world of Second Life. We cover all areas of the viritual grid...