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Kingsland News October 2015 Dear Parishioners, Nick and I have now returned from Japan and are finding it difficult to adjust to British Summer Time. We have experienced laughter and tears, holiday and ceremony, history and present. A time for war and a time for peace says the writer of Ecclesiastes in that famous piece of wisdom writing in the Old Testament. We went to Nagasaki, the only place in Japan where trade was allowed with foreign countries in times gone by, the place of Ground Zero and living with the 70 year old history of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb, of the 70,000 who died on that day, the place that has campaigned against nuclear weapons and war ever since. A group of volunteers in Japan started researching into those who were held prisoner of war and there was a move to erect a monument to those who died whilst there. An article went into the Telegraph asking for relatives of prisoners of war who were held in Fukuoka No 2 camp to make contact. Nick’s grandad was one of those and so we did. The camp had Dutch, British, American and Australian servicemen and there were representatives from each

country including Mr Klein a 90 year old Dutchman who was still alive and spoke at the ceremony about that time! He had been 17 at the time of internment and still in training. The amazing thing about something like this is that you get under the surface of family experience to those times that are not often talked about, times of pain and testing, of being wronged and acknowledging feelings that you don’t want to feel. Times like this are also times of mending as you hear the stories of others and piece together the pieces of the whole and it was that as well. Many stories to tell and I will tell you one today – a Dutchman whose father had been in the camp told how his Father had said that in his 4 years as prisoner of war he never bowed to the Japanese. Bowing is a form of greeting and a courtesy and his father never bowed during his time there. The son went to Japan about 10 years ago to try and find out where his father had been and said that he had bowed to the Japanese while he was there as a matter of course and felt really bad about doing that after all his father had said. But at the end of our time in Japan, with all the work that had been done by volunteers to bring together this group, and by erecting a


monument to commemorate those who died and by committing to look after the monument he said “I bow to you today”. It was the right time to do this, and stories told showed how it was later in life, as those prisoners of war had come to the ends of their lives that some of the wounds had been able to be healed. Gatherings are important and together we are able to help each other on the journey of life. Whilst I was away the referendum about the Post Office was held and I gather that all may be well in the end. I salute Jean in her endeavour to maintain a place of gathering for the community here in Kingsland and all that she has done for those who have needed a chat and some company as well as a stamp or their pension. A new pattern of services begins in October with evening services at 3.30pm as the evenings draw in and something completely new on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am. Coffee, croissants and the Sunday papers will be available to peruse, an opportunity to read about the things of the world in the place where we can bring them to the feet of the one who made the world; a chance for a natter and a prayer. The full pattern you will find enclosed so please look and take note of the new arrangement. We will be gathering together to give thanks for the harvest and for the work of our farming community on Thursday 15th October at 7pm in Church. Kingsland parish is mainly farmland – have a look at the map and we honour those who steward the land and provide the food for our table that we often take for granted. Jean Barbour, Dave Davies (the churchwardens) and I will be in church on the morning of Saturday 17th

October from 9.30- 12 noon and will provide coffee for those who wish to come and join us. We are looking to plan for 2016 and as part of that will be asking those who come to church, those who support us on the edges and those who value the church as an important part of the community for its historical value or as the place of marking the rites of passage of family, to offer your support and help. You will know of the necessity of all the fundraising that has been done over the last year just to stand still and I’m hoping we will balance the books at the end of year. There will be leaflet coming round that explains why we have to find £50,000 each year for our running costs and I hope that you will feel able to help your church look to the future with hope. With every blessing, Julie

Becky’s Bakes Why not let me help if you’re short of time, or simply baking isn’t your thing? I can help by:  Supplying home-made cakes, tray bakes of all varieties, scones and desserts. Quiches, ready-made meals and soups, too!

 As Christmas is just around the

corner, making mince pies and any festive cooking you may need.

 Undertaking small catering jobs on request.

Please call me on 01568 708120.



Weobley & District Local History Society

learn much about these wise and wily characters, the drovers.

Mr. Idris Evans, the author of "Hard Road to London" and well known researcher into the lives and journeys of Welsh Drovers over the centuries, will talk to the Weobley and District Local History Society on Wednesday 28th October. At an early age, Welshman Idris was told that his late grandfather had once been a “porthmon,” that is a drover. The name didn’t mean a lot to the young Idris at the time, and it was many years later when he moved to the small village of Rhewl, near Denbigh, that he became interested in finding out more about the history of Welsh drovers. Idris is a great raconteur with a reputation for telling a ripping good yarn. With his beautiful Welsh accent, his humour and enthusiasm, we will

The droving trade came to an abrupt end in the late 1850s with the arrival of the railways, making obsolete the practice of the walking of cattle from Wales to the markets of Smithfield and Barnet in London virtually unnecessary. I hope you will join us at 7.30pm on the 28th at Weobley’s Village Hall to hear about this fascinating trade of droving. I will be there to remind myself of the time drovers working for my father took 3,000 sheep across Queensland on a walk to market, only to get 2s. 9d. (approx. 14p) a head for them on arrival. Come to the talk, you don’t have to be a member to attend. Julie Peacock



Kingsland Bowling Club forward to a social winter!


Our beautiful green now closes to bowlers (from 21st September) – our Avonmore contractors give it an autumn makeover. It still looks so tempting! – but we can admire it from the clubhouse as Tuesday Club nights continue through October. Our Presentation Dinner takes place on 9th October, while our AGM is scheduled for 28th October. All members and guests are invited to fortnightly Friday quiz suppers from 6th November for a most reasonable sum, with our Charismatic Quizmaster, and his lovely wife, our Luscious Light Refreshment Lady. (They will probably lynch me later!!) Seriously, we are delighted that once again they are giving us entertainment and nourishment this year. Catering also takes a lot of work and energy; we have had an excellent, well-organised sequence of match and event teas from Sandra Palmer and her helpers – our grateful thanks to all of you. In mid-August, we hosted two touring teams, from Berkshire and West Surrey; we all looked bright and shining in whites on the green, even when the rain came down, and had two very friendly games. A small group went bowling at Dorstone – the only crown bowling green in Herefordshire, in a beautiful rural location - a very different game from lawn bowls as you can move all round the green. We had a warm welcome and a splendid tea, and hope to see Dorstone on our turf next year. Congratulations to our glittering girls! – Ruth Scamp, Carol Brigden, Julie

Turner; Joan Brigden, Tess Morgan, Pat Edwards – who fought and won the Kington Shield on 6th September. Our glebeland carpark closes on 1st October and will re-open on 1st April 2016. We thank all those who have made this wonderful asset a reality, especially Rob Parker-Morgan who did so much negotiating. However, we would like to remind everyone that we rent this site and it is no longer ‘just a field’ – so, if you are walking your dog, don’t let it foul our carpark. If you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact Committee Members: Club Secretary Joan Brigden 01568 615962 Vice-Chairman Robert Parker-Morgan 01568 709331


Charlie Dog’s Grooming Parlour  Bathing  Clipping  Nail Cutting Professional Service Grooming since 1998 Please call Keli Partridge on: 01568709190 or 07967005102. 14, Boarsfield, Kingsland


Luctonians Sports Club The 1st XV have commenced the 2015/16 season by losing their first two matches, which is not the end of the world. The oppositions featured some giant players, fit and strong, and welldrilled, making formidable opponents. This is National League Rugby. A Kiwi and a South African arrived to bolster the 1st team squad. Time will tell of their input. There is a long season ahead! Opposing teams for the 2nd XV and the ‘Knights’ dropped out on September 12th leaving around 40 players with no game and not happy. The good news is that the ‘Colts’ played and beat a strong Wolverhampton team – plenty of talent there and well-coached by two former players. Cricket matches have been completed and the building of changing rooms behind their pavilion is next on the agenda.

A sight at the club which has never been seen before, was a member walking the 1st XV pitch at half-time replacing divots, and again after the match. I question if this will happen during a wet February. R.W.H.

Including Oil-fired and Central Heating Boilers

Including Oil-fired and Central Heating Boilers



Kingsland Neighbourhood Plan News Firstly thank you to everyone who came to the church or responded online to the consultation on Cobnash and Shirlheath. The Steering Group and our planning consultants have used your input to agree development boundaries for both settlements, which are marginally reduced from the ones proposed at the consultation, in response to your views. We hope that by the time you read this the resulting amendments to the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan will have been made, thus enabling us to meet Herefordshire’s new Core Strategy requirements. Next steps:  Amendment wording agreed by the Steering Group on 5 October  Amended plan considered for approval by the Parish Council on 20 October  The plan then goes to the final six week public consultation, (under regulation 16 and run by Herefordshire Council). At this point you will then have another chance to make comments on the whole plan.  The draft plan then goes to an independent examiner who may ask for further amendments  When that has finished, there will be a referendum of everyone on the electoral roll in Kingsland parish to decide if The Kingsland Neighbourhood Development Plan is to be formally adopted This process has been very long but we are hoping it will all be complete by the end of the year.

KNDP Steering Group



Professional Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery Using a new innovative system, we offer a fast, efficient, high quality carpet cleaning service, with no mess or fuss     

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Call today: Rainbow International, Unit 21, Evans Business Centre, Brunel Road, Leominster, HR6 0LX Telephone: 01568 617710

(Note New Address!!) For Your Free, No Obligation Quote



Macmillan Coffee Morning I would like to say a Great Big Thank You to everyone that came to the Macmillan coffee morning on Tuesday, 18th August. We raised an amazing £1,040.57!!! Thank you so much to all the ladies who helped me on the day, from serving coffee/tea, selling draw tickets, guess the cake weight, clearing tables, washing up and counting money etc. Also to all the fantastic cake bakers - wow what a great spread, all very delicious and all eaten on the day! A huge thank you, too, to Sue and Richard at the Corners Inn for letting me use (take over!) the restaurant - we couldn't do the coffee morning without such a great venue. Thank you all again, look forward to next year; please put it in your diary! Paula Davis

O. Mabbort Blacksmith TRADITIONAL BLACKSMITH Gates, railings, window casements, hand rails, hinges and latches … Contact Owen: Call - 01568708134 or 07971979223 Email or visit … The Dales, Shirlheath, Kingsland



Oil Boiler, AGA and Rayburn For service and repair call:

Bill Moss Oil Boiler Services of Leominster, your local OFTEC registered oil engineer. Replacement Oil Storage tanks supplied and b fitted. Tel: 01584 711372 (Mob: 07711899062)


Open Doors? ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’, (Matthew 25:35). The movement of migrants whether economic, political or religious, continues to fill the headlines and news reports; some among them Christians seeking asylum from persecution for their faith. Open Doors, an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide, estimates that 40% of Syria’s Christian population has fled the country. This reflects the general trend in the Middle East where Islamic State violence in Iraq and Syria has increased the pace of the exodus of the Christian population, but how should we respond as Christians? I spent some time recently meeting and talking with a group of Christians from the Middle East in one of this country’s big cities. This brought home to me the plight and desperation of those fleeing to Britain as a result of religious persecution. Some had become Christians in their home country whereas others in the group had become Christians here. They all knew that by converting to Christianity they would be unable to return to their own country as they and their families could be killed for being believers. How we should respond causes much debate, but scripture reminds us that many of our spiritual ancestors were themselves economic refugees pushed out of their homelands, Jesus being one. In Matthew Ch. 25 we are called onto meet the needs of others in

difficult circumstances, for in doing so we show our love for Christ and fulfil the command ‘to love one another as I have loved you’ (John 15:12). Each person we meet is created in the image of God. They need our love and our concern for their spiritual and physical needs regardless of our position on immigration policy and enforcement. K. M. Smith ‘Open Doors’ website is:

Kingsland Post Office Tel: 01568 708201

Open Monday-Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm, Saturday 9am to 12.30 pm, for all Post Office services including:

Vehicle Taxation Foreign Currency Travel Insurance Bank Deposits & Withdrawals Mobile phone top-ups Also available will be: ¤ ¤ ¤

Sales of Cards and Stationery Dry Cleaning and Laundry Shoe Repairs



Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels, Kingsland Make sure you and your children don’t miss our next

Family Service th

Sunday, Oct. 4 , 9.30 am. A 40 minute service led by

Mrs Karen Ball assisted by Kingsland Brownies

Theme: Harvest


Not yet a member of SMAAAK? Did you know that an annual membership (£20 per person, £30 per couple, £35 per family or £5 for under 26), entitles you to 10 per cent off the ticket price for all our events. Contact Gail Scott e: for more details. And you can hear more about our plans for 2015/16 at our 2nd SMAAAK Annual General Meeting on 3 October at 6pm in Kingsland Church immediately before The Arcadia Music Festival. Members and non-Members are most welcome. Saturday 3rd October - Arcadia Music Festival, Kingsland Church, 7.30pm Directed by Thomas Bowes and Eleanor Alberga, the exhilarating Arcadia Music Festival makes a welcome comeback to Kingsland Church as part of its Herefordshire tour. Starting at Leintwardine and ending at Downton, the Kingsland programme includes Dohnányi, Brahms and Spohr. Tickets £15 for one concert, £20 for two or £30 for three. Friday 6th Nov – “Bond. The unauthorised parody”, Luctonians Sports Club, 7.00pm (for pre-event cocktails) Yes, it really is James Bond! – older but still wisecracking. International performer Gavin Robertson presents his latest physical cartoon- style adventure in which Bond meets his greatest arch-villain yet. Ticket price £25 includes a welcome cocktail, the show, two course dinner and prize quiz. Bond-themed dress code positively encouraged or come as you are! Get a flavour by visiting Tables at £250. Please book early, as tickets are already in demand. 27th Nov.r – 14th Dec. – “The Light” Art Exhibition, Kingsland Church In the darkest time of the year and celebrating UNESCO’s International Year of Light, Charles MacCarthy has invited selected artists to interpret the universal theme of Light in a variety of media. F ree entry. All tickets from Markhams Garage or T: 01568 709579 or on the door (except for Bond). Please check ticket availability in advance.


A Time for Peace There will be a special Remembrance Service in St Michael’s Church, Kingsland, at 6.30pm on 11th November, in which pupils from Kingsland CE School will be taking part, supported by Parents and other adults. Part of the service will be a performance of Christian Forshaw’s Nunc Dimittis. Anyone who is interested in singing this beautiful work is asked to contact me on (01568 708672). I will be holding joint rehearsals with the church choir on Thursday evenings (7.45- 8.15) in the choir vestry of the church from October 22nd .

David Noon


Church Services throughout the Benefice during October Please note that there is a new pattern of services for Kingsland which is included in this table. Dates and times should be carefully checked! Friday 2nd October 6.30 pm Harvest Festival Sunday 4th October 9.30 am Family Service 9.30 am Holy Communion (CW) 11.00 am Coffee, Croissants, Papers & Prayers 11.00 am Holy Communion (BCP) 3.30 pm Choral Evensong 6.00 11 pmth October Evening Prayer (benefice) Sunday 9.30 am Holy Communion (BCP) 9.30 am Harvest Festival 11.00 am Sung Communion (CW) with Sunday School Thursday October 15th 7.00 pm Harvest Festival Sunday 18th October 8.00 am Said Communion BCP 9.30 am Holy Communion CW 11.00 am Harvest Family Communion (BCP) 3.30 pm Holy Communion 6.00 25 pmth October Benefice Evening Prayer Sunday 9.30 am Holy Communion (CW) 11.00 am Choral Mattins 3.30 pm Sung Holy Communion BCP

Aymestrey Kingsland Eardisland Kingsland Aymestrey Kingsland Eardisland Aymestrey Eardisland Kingsland Kingsland Kingsland Eardisland Kingsland Leinthall Earls Kingsland Eardisland Kingsland Kingsland

and at 10.00 am each Thursday at Kingsland unless otherwise stated: Said Holy Communion BCP

Services at the Methodist Churches this month, at 11 am unless otherwise stated: October

4th 11th 18th 25th

Rev J Waldrgrave Rev. R. Crewe Rev. S. Stone Rev. D Bulloss

Kingsland Shobdon Kingsland Shobdon

Kingsland Methodist Church will hold a Christmas Tree Festival this year on 28th November and an Advent Service on the 29th.


The Parish Diary 2015 October 3rd SMAAAK event Arcadia Music Festival Kingsland Church 7.30 pm 5th RBL Social Evening Corners 7.45 pm th 14 W. I. ‘Feel Good’ David Barrie Coronation Hall 7.30 pm 15th Church Harvest Festival Kingsland Church 7.00 pm th 17 Gift Day Kingsland Church 9.30 am -12.00noon November 2nd RBL Social Evening Corners 7.45 pm 6th SMAAAK Event “Bond” Luctonians Sports Club 7.30 pm th 6 Sale of Traidcraft Goods Methodist Church 10.30 am – 3.30 pm 8th Remembrance Service Kingsland Church 10.50 am th 11 W. I. ‘History of Ice Cream’ Just Rachel Desserts Coronation Hall 7.30 pm 21st Church Christmas Fair Kingsland Church from 10.00am 27th SMAAAK event ‘The Light’ Art Exhibition Kingsland Church tba 28th Methodist Christmas Tree Festival Methodist Church tba 29th Benefice Service for Advent Kingsland Church 6.30 pm December 7th RBL Social Evening 11th Hospice ‘Light up a Life Service’ 16th RBL Christmas Lunch 20th Church Carol Service

Corners 7.45 pm Kingsland Church 7.30 pm Corners 12.00 for 12.30 pm Kingsland Church 3.30 pm

(Editor’s note: Events for this item need to be submitted by 15 th of preceding month with clear instructions on the entry – place, time, date & title are essential information. Where more than one month’s notice is given, items will automatically be repeated unless contrary instructions are received.)

Luctonians Rugby Club 1st XV Home Fixtures for the rest of the year October:

10th 24th November: 14th 28th December: 12th

Chester Macclesfield Preston Grasshoppers South Leicester Otley


Chartered Physiotherapist Clinic Appointments and Home Visits

TEL: 01568 709005 Hollybank, Kingsland, Leominster, HR6 9SE

Kick-off Kick-off Kick-off Kick-off Kick-off

3.00pm 3.00pm 2.15pm 2.15pm 2.15pm



Timberworld Products Manufacturers of quality timber buildings. Stables/Field Shelters Garages/Carports Sheds/Workshops Summerhouses etc. Also retailing timber and ironmongery at competitive prices. Broomy Hill Yard, Kingsland, HR6 9QZ 01568 708549 Kingsland W.I. Our Speaker at our September meeting was Mrs Prosser who gave us a humorous talk about her life ‘Running a Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast’. It all started on her honeymoon. She and her Husband discussed the cost of running a B and B themselves as they had inherited a six-bedroom farmhouse. An application was sent to the Tourist Board; washbasins were put into the rooms and they set up the house for B & B. Also set up was a camping and Caravan site. Their enterprise was very popular as being situated near Worcester it was a halfway house to the coast. All are welcome to come to the meetings and talks. Liz Karlsson (on behalf of Pat Hughes and Kingsland W.I.)


 Extensions  Renovations  Groundworks  Hard Landscaping

Tel: 01432 611084 Mob: 07870355734


Bed and Breakfast With heated indoor pool available for guest use.

1 Family Room en-suite 2 Double Rooms

Mrs Heather Pickering Gable Croft, North Road Kingsland Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9RZ Telephone: 01568 708009 (Mobile) 07790770340

R W MANN & SON Funeral Directors 2-4 New St., Leominster Private Chapel of Rest 24 hour service Pre-paid funeral plans arranged

Please contact 01568 612358 or Local Funeral Director, Tony Roberts: 01568 708483

Quality without compromise



Nature Notes 14/9/15 Dry and sunny weather for few days, recently, has proved a huge blessing allowing many combines to complete the wheat harvest. Most straw is now baled and cleared. Oil seed rape has been planted and is up within a few days. Potatoes have been burnt off allowing the skins to set prior to lifting. Picking has just begun on the earlier varieties of apples. The only hopgrower in the parish is halfway through. The crop is of good quality with smaller hops than last year, and is picking well. The memory of acres of stooked corn, cut by binder, growing in the stooks as rain persisted is a nightmare vision. The smell of dried hops is very special again this year. A report from a regular observer about an activity which is new to me! A Greater-spotted Woodpecker was seen pecking moss and greenery from between patio slabs to bring ants to the surface, which were then eaten! Next day a Blackbird was watched as it sat on its tail on the same spot. As ants climbed on its tail they were picked off and eaten. I wonder about the digestive system of these birds. Swallows and martins are gradually disappearing to migrate south. They will have had a good breeding season. Young Pheasants with no road sense are a familiar sight. Plums are nearing their end with wasps having had their fill. Grey Squirrels are cleaning up nearly all nuts before they ripen. Days shorten rapidly! The prospect of frosts, fog and dark evenings is not good. Hopefully more good weather to come in 2016! R.W.H.

KINGTON OSTEOPATHS Richard Mann BSc. (Ost) Diana Mann B.Sc (Ost) 9, THE SQUARE, KINGTON, HR5 3BA

01544 239 210 Treatment for muscle-skeletal conditions/problems head to toe. For more information call us or visit our web site.



Kingsland & Eardisland Hospice Friends. The Coffee Morning held on 3rd September to raise funds for the Hospice yielded £342. For this useful sum thanks must go to Kathleen & Barry Freeman for hosting the event in the pleasant garden of the Eardisland Café, to those who assisted in its organisation, and to those of you who generously supported it. Lorna Noon (Secretary) ALAN JONES TREE SURGERY Specialist tree care & Estate Management ALL ASPECTS OF TREE WORK UNDERTAKEN Fully insured and NPTC qualified FIREWOOD FOR SALE For a professional service at competitive prices call Alan on: Tel: 01544 260448 Mob: 07817 066316


Royal British Legion Annual General Meeting The Branch AGM was held on 7th September. Minutes will be circulated to all members and displayed on our notice board in the Corners Inn. The main points were:a. The meeting was held earlier than previous years to meet the revised deadline for Branch accounts imposed by London. b. In the absence of the Treasurer, the Chairman explained that, because of the earlier deadline for the end of the financial year, the balance sheet for 2014/15 did not show the major payments from events in July and August. The Branch thanked Mrs Nicholls for, once again achieving an increase in the 2014 Poppy Appeal. c. All the existing Branch Officers have agreed to be re-elected – this was carried. The posts are:Chairman Vice Chairman Hon Secretary Treasurer and Membership Standard Bearer P.A.O. Welfare

Wg Cdr Browne Mr Collishaw Mrs Davis Mrs Roberts Mr Collishaw Mrs Nicholls Mrs Roberts

d. The Branch programme for 2015/16 will follow the well-established pattern of previous years i.e. Quiz and Draw socials on 1st Monday of each month (but avoiding Bank Holidays), with two major fund raisers in July and August, and possibly an enlarged Quiz night.

e. The meeting agreed a donation of £1000 to the 2015 Poppy Appeal and a grant of up to £700 to cover Christmas benevolence and the Widow/Widowers Christmas lunch. This will be held on 16th December at a cost of £16 per head. f. The meeting expressed its thanks to Sue, Richard and all staff at the Corners Inn for their continued support throughout the year. Next Meeting The next meeting will be a Quiz and Draw evening on Monday 5th October at 7.45pm Gordon Browne (Chairman



Please help St Michael's Hospice make 2016 our best Open Gardens summer yet! This year, 28 supporters opened their gardens in support of St Michael's Hospice, from large properties to community-led private gardens. Could 2016 be the year that you and your community take part as well? At the time of writing, the 2015 Open Gardens have raised over £11,000 for their Hospice (and we still have three events to hold!), which will really help us continue to offer our services free of charge to local families when they need us most. Opening your garden for St Michael’s Hospice can be a very rewarding experience, for both you and the people who visit. If you have a garden that delights people, please think about opening it for St Michael’s Hospice. It doesn’t have to be elaborate: as long as your garden is interesting and has character, we would love to hear from you. We will give you all the help and guidance needed to offer visitors the chance to share and enjoy your love of gardening. It’s up to you when you would like to open your garden. Perhaps you’d like to join with neighbors and hold a village Open Garden day like the four communities that supported us this summer? The choice is yours. If you are interested in finding out more, please call the Community Fundraising Team at St Michael’s Hospice on 01432 851000.

G. D. Lloyd TIMBER CONSTRUCTIONS The Workshop, Sodgley Farm Kingsland HR6 9PY

    

Exterior and Interior Carpentry Bespoke: Stables, Garages Workshops Roofing Timber Floors

    

Doors Windows Glazing Tiling Fencing

For a free quotation ring Gary

on: 01568 708196 or: 07966 766963

SCRUMMY BITES made locally with you in mind

Kingsland chef Sam Bruce cooks delicious food using the best ingredients from our great local suppliers. He has recently started as Head Chef at the beautifully refurbished Oak at Wigmore. A treat for any occasion.

Bookings 01568 770424 Sam/Kitchen 07837 848923


Breaking News!... The Exhibition of Art in Kingsland Church as part of hArt 2015, now closed, but brilliantly successful, was much admired by all visitors, potential purchasers, and those who were attending church events in the usual way. £6500 was spent on works by the sixteen talented artists who exhibited. 25% of all sales go to SMAAAK’s fund raising after costs. The organisers are very grateful to the Rev Julie Read for allowing use of the beautiful church space, and to all who gave their time to set up, steward and generally help out throughout the Show. ‘Jim’ & ‘D’ (Jim Davies and Danuta Wurm) put in an enormous amount of time over the ten days and contributed hugely to the event’s success. SMAAAK’s contribution to the ongoing finance of the church cannot be underestimated. Ed.




Details of Kingsland Organisations Official(s) Position

Kingsland Coronation Hall

Mr R Frost Mrs L Juson

Croft Ambrey Running Club Kingsland Bowling Club

Mr T Davies Mr B Markham Mrs Pat Edwards Mr Joe Scamp Ms Susanna Checketts Mrs Joan Brigden Mr Malcolm Morgan Rev Julie Read

Kingsland Church

Kingsland Bell-Ringers Kingsland Church Choir Kingsland Cubs Kingsland Guides & Brownies Kingsland Flower Show

Kingsland Pre-School Kingsland Methodist Church Kingsland Millennium Green Trust Kingsland under fives Kingsland & Eardisland Hospice Friends

01544 387100 01568 708002 01568 708474 01568 708281

President Chairman Treasurer Secretary Captain Rector

01568 615962 01568 708255 07968 916783 01568 708201 01568 709071 01568 708857 01568 708672 01432 760591 01544 387992 01568 780250 01568 708681 01568 708681

Mrs J Barbour Mr D Davies Mr M Harrisson Mr D. Noon Ms Karen Jones Mrs M Jones Miss S Grant Mrs K. Ball Mrs V. Davis Mr F Morgan Mr C Southgate Mrs J. Vaughan Mrs C Southgate Mrs Becci White (Mobile Term-time only) Mrs J Lobb

Churchwarden Churchwarden Tower Captain Choir Master Leader Leader Assistant Leader Assistant Leader Leader President Chairman Treasurer Secretary

Cllr Sebastian Bowen Mrs Jackie Markham Mr Andrew Parsons Ms Sally Good Mrs S Thomas

Chairman Vice Chairman Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer

01584 831321 01568 708281 01568 708592 07879343933 01568 708739

Mrs B Eastaugh Mrs L. Jones Mrs L. Noon Mrs J Davies Mrs R Evans Mr J Gore Mrs J Markham Sally Deakin

Chairman Treasurer Secretary President Secretary Sub Officer Contacts

01568 708173 01568 709119 01568 708672 01568 708275 01568 708257 01568 708701 01568 708281 01568 708839

Chairman Secretary Treasurer Membership Sec. Chief Executive Officer For enquiries:

01568 708077 01568 708681 01568 708483 01568 708483 01568 709080

Kingsland Women’s Institute Kingsland Fire Station Kingsland Community Web Site ( Royal British Legion Wg Cdr Browne (Kingsland Branch) Mrs V Davis Mrs Roberts Mrs Roberts Luctonians Sports Club Alex Smith Friends of Kingsland Church (SMAAAK)

Chairman Secretary (also for Bookings)

Contact Numbers

Jim Davies or Dee Wurm

Chapel Steward

01568 708010 01568 709168 07871480680 01568 708223

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Information about the Future of the Post Office What an eventful time this has been! Hopefully at the end of the day Kingsland will keep its Post Office and other facilities will be added. Certainly the threat of immediate closure has gone away. This building is far more than a Post Office for many, many people and it is crucial with a village of this size and expanding, that we have such a facility. We here, have had to endure lots of unpleasantness from a number of people during this period and I feel very saddened and disappointed after all the hard work that has gone on here over 16 + years, trying to provide for the community, that it ended this way. Lots of people were extremely confused, even after the letter that was sent out by the Parish Council. Apparently they felt ill-informed and unsure as to what they should do. I do respect that there were a number of you who wanted to keep the Post Office, but did not want the parish council to burden itself with the purchase of the building. Sadly you were not given that option and many still did not realise that the Post Office would close, if they voted ‘no’.

A private buyer has now come forward to purchase the building and a tenant (with ambition to continue the business) for the ground floor has been approached. For the benefit of those of you who have already made alternative arrangements regarding pension payments, may I remind you that you can still come to the post office to withdraw cash, using your bank debit card, or your building society card. With best wishes to you all Jean Barbour (Note from editor!) Before this news broke I received an unsigned letter for publication about the loss of the Post Office. One paragraph in that letter is still relevant and, although anonymous, I have decided to print it below:

As one who has been a regular user of the PO and its many facilities, I would like to record my sincere thanks to Jean for all that she has done over her 16 years at the PO/Shop/Tea Rooms to keep the business thriving for as long as practically possible. It is to be hoped that she can now feel unburdened and able to relax and enjoy life with her friends and family without the worry of the PO looming over her.


Shopmobility We provide mobility scooters, wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs on a daily hire basis for anyone with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties wishing to visit Hereford, Leominster, Ledbury or Ross. Depending on the area, the service is either free, with a voluntary donation, or there is a small charge. Please contact: Hereford Leominster

01432 342166 01568 616755

Ledbury 01531 636001 Ross-on-Wye 01989 763388


Some Topical Jokes:

For the Love of Rugby There’s a man sitting in the front row at the Rugby World Cup Finals, but amazingly, there’s an empty seat beside him. Another man spots it, goes up to him and says: “Do you mind if I sit here?” “No, not at all,” replies the first man. “It’s my wife’s seat, but she died recently..” “So why didn’t you get one of your family to come,” asks the second man out of curiosity. “They’re all at the funeral.” Smartest man on the team. The club president, coach, a prop and a wing are taking a charter flight to the National Rugby Finals when the engines cut out. The pilot enters the passenger compartment and says, "We're going down. There are only four parachutes! Since I'm the pilot I'm taking one," and then jumps from the plane. The coach says, "Without me the team won't have a chance, so I'm taking one," and he jumps out. The winger says, "I'm the fastest and smartest man on the pitch and without me the team can't win a game, so I'm taking one," and he jumps out of the plane. The club president looks at the prop and says, "You take the last parachute. The team needs you more than it needs me". The prop responds, "We both can take a parachute. The smartest man on the pitch just jumped out of the plane with my kit bag on his back." Harvest & Agriculture

An agricultural joke. A beautiful princess is going out for a walk when she meets a talking frog. “I’m not really a frog”, says the frog. “I’ve been turned into a frog by the wicked witch. Really I’m the incredibly handsome son of the local farmer. All I need is a kiss from a beautiful young woman like you and I’ll turn back into the handsome farmer and we’ll get married and live happily ever after.” “Really”, says the young woman, picking up the frog and putting it in her pocket, “The way things are with farming, I’ll settle for a talking frog.”


Another agricultural joke A farmer turns up to evensong and discovers that he and the vicar are the only people there. “What shall we do?,” asks the vicar. “Well”, replies the farmer, “If I goes to feed my sheep and only one turns up, I feeds her.” So after four hymns, two sung canticles, one sung psalm, two lessons, prayers for everything under the sun and a twenty minute sermon the service ends. “If I goes to feed my sheep and only one turns up, I feeds her”, says the farmer on the way out, “but I don’t give her the whole bag full!” Advertising in the Kingsland News This monthly publication is circulated to every household in Kingsland. Advertising is accepted on completion of a form. Advertisers should make copy as clear and concise as possible. Forms are available from the editor, (01568 708672), from the back of the church, or from the Post Office. Please return the completed form, together with the appropriate fee, to The Editor at :5, Highfield Close, Kingsland, HR6 9RS. Enquiries to

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Kingsland News October 2015  

The community newsletter of the parish of Kingsland, Herefordshire, UK

Kingsland News October 2015  

The community newsletter of the parish of Kingsland, Herefordshire, UK