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Partnerships and Outreach

AN OUTWARD-LOOKING SCHOOL The exceptional partnerships and outreach programme at King’s ensures that the school plays an active and supportive part in the life of the community. Founded on the principle of mutual benefit, the programme embraces a range of long-standing partnerships, as part of the Wimbledon Independent State School Partnership (ISSP), with a group of maintained schools, academies and sixth forms, in addition to an extensive volunteering programme in which huge numbers of our pupils participate every Friday afternoon. As well as working intensively with the ISSP schools, King’s staff and pupils provide regular support at a large number of secondary, special needs and primary schools in SouthWest London. Hailed as ‘the jewel in the King’s crown’ by an inspector, the school’s partnerships and outreach programme has attracted the interest of local politicians, members of parliament and government ministers. The quality and consistency of its arrangements with local schools makes King’s one of the leading independent schools in the field of cross-sector partnerships.

‘The curriculum is enriched by an exceptional outreach programme of community projects.’ Inspection report

‘The excellent work that King’s College School leads with its partner schools is a great example of the strong partnerships that exist between many independent and state schools. It means students and teachers from both sectors learn from each other – and it is extremely beneficial all round. I commend the work that King’s College School is doing, and strongly encourage other independent schools to develop similar successful partnerships.’ Lord Nash, Schools Minister

‘Coombe Girls’ School continues to benefit significantly from the Aspirations Project.We have chosen Pupil Premium (FSM) students for the aspirations programme, who will benefit from the range of activities and events to develop their confidence and cultural capital. By the end of the programme in Year 11 many of the students have grown in confidence and are more positive about attending competitive universities.The GCSE reinforcement sessions in Year 11 which are attended by a much wider group have shown excellent pupil progress from mock exams to final exams. The project is varied and very well organised by Peter Hatch and his team - thank you.’ Charlotte Cannon, Lead Practitioner at Coombe Girls’ School 2


PARTNERSHIPS King’s chairs the Wimbledon partnership, which consists of a range of academies and community secondary schools and their sixth forms in Merton, Richmond and Kingston. Founded in 2003, the partnership seeks to improve its pupils’ academic results while broadening their social and cultural horizons.

‘One of the best parts of all this is how well the colleagues from all the schools get on together. Every head I work with is fun and friendly... precisely because we feel we have so much to learn from each other.’

Among the most valuable aspects of the partnership is a permanent programme of teacher-training arrangements as well as shared middle and senior management training courses. King’s hosts regular forums for staff on applications to Oxbridge, the Russell Group universities and medical schools. Our staff also serve as governors at several schools in the partnership. Due to the reciprocal nature of our partnership links, the executive head of one of our partnership schools is a King’s governor.

Andrew Halls, Head Master

King’s supports pupils at its partner schools by providing weekly revision classes in the spring term for over 200 GCSE candidates every year. It is tremendously difficult to know what effect each intervention has on a pupil’s final grade. Nonetheless, during the course of a particular academic year, for the pupils and subjects in question, one school saw the percentage of 7-9 grades rise from 35% to 59%, an increase of 68%; whilst another saw its average grade for students attending these classes rise from 7 to 7.6. Furthermore, at a third school the percentage of 7-9 grades for the pupils attending these classes rose from 6% to 44%. We also organise a unique three-year project designed to encourage pupils who are likely to be first-generation university students to aim higher in their school careers and beyond. Known as the aspirations project, this enables a select group of pupils from each school in the Wimbledon partnership to experience a regular programme of master classes, talks by eminent speakers and educational visits to places such as the National Theatre and King’s College London. Partner school sixth formers are invited to academic society meetings and revision classes, while many participate every week in joint projects with our sixth formers. These include a weekly Imagineering workshop for pupils at a local primary school, and the creation of our annual community production. 4

‘Overall the aspirations programme gives great opportunities for students that otherwise might not have the chances to develop cultural capital and really gain in depth knowledge of university life.’ Laura Grant, Raising Aspirations Co-ordinator, Ursuline High School

‘This morning has helped me to challenge myself by exploring new things. I have much more confidence in myself as a result.’ Ricards Lodge pupil

‘Thank you for all your help as I found the sessions really useful and you really helped to boost my confidence in the more challenging maths topics.’ Ricards Lodge pupil


WIDENING ACCESS In 2016, the school introduced a new 11+ entry into the senior school with the goal of widening access, opening doors to pupils from a wider variety of backgrounds. Before 2016, it was very difficult for a boy from the maintained sector to find a way into King’s below the age of 16 and we wanted to ensure that King’s had a significant entry point at the point when almost all children transfer to secondary day schools. It is now our most competitive entry point, with about eight candidates for every place, with around half of the candidates from state primary schools. Moreover, we are committed to supporting those who would otherwise not be able to afford independent education by offering means-tested financial support for the payment of school fees to eligible parents or guardians. The school offers a number of entrance bursaries at 11+ and 16+ of up to 100% of tuition fees, inclusive of any scholarships. Bursaries are very occasionally awarded at 13+. Further financial assistance, up to 100% of all costs, is also available for the expense of daily school lunch, transport, uniform, relevant trips and so forth.The school works closely with bursary recipients to support them during their time at King’s. The school’s ambitious junior aspirations project ensures that access is increased further. Run by King’s staff with the support of our sixth formers and the Friends of King’s, this prepares a carefully selected group of pupils from five primary schools in Mitcham and Wandsworth for 11+ entry tests to selective senior schools. A group of gifted Year 5 pupils are chosen each year by their primary schools to join the project, which gives them the chance to attend weekly lessons at King’s in English, Maths and Science. The project culminates in a graduation ceremony in the summer term.


‘Pupils show concern for each other’s welfare, and their strong moral, social and cultural awareness is highlighted in their commitment to and involvement in the service of others, both locally and worldwide… Exemplary links with the local community underpin an exceptional outreach programme of community service. An educational project involves pupils in helping run workshops to inspire local maintained secondary school pupils to raise their aspirations. Others work in special schools or deliver ICT and art classes at local libraries…Many King’s pupils are outward looking, showing strong moral fibre and making a commitment to regular service in the community’.’ Inspection report


OUTREACH Community projects are the most popular co-curricular activity at King’s, with almost 400 of our pupils volunteering to work in their community every Friday afternoon. Projects include Maths, Latin, Mandarin, Science and English mentoring for pupils at our partner secondary schools as well as the teaching of Modern Languages, Maths, English, Art and Games at over 20 local primary and special schools. Our sixth formers deliver a twice-yearly science course to gifted children at schools in the Wimbledon partnership and collaborate with pupils of their own age in Drama performances, as well as leading projects together for primary school children. Rugby, squash, football, tennis and cricket are all taught to younger children on Friday afternoons. While most of these projects take place off site, around 200 local schoolchildren join us on the school site every Friday. ‘Teaching local primary school children sports has given me a useful insight into what it’s like working with kids, and has even made me consider undertaking a professional job working with children as my future career.’

‘I was bowled over by the extent of the programme and the enthusiasm of the pupils.The scheme is impressive.’ The Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park

‘Interaction with the elderly visitors on a weekly basis has enabled me to build up a relationship with them, many of whom suffer from loneliness during the week. I have learnt to never underestimate life experience as a result of our conversations.’ King’s pupil

King’s pupil

‘Brilliant ideas for my future and it’s opened my eyes to new pathways.’ Ursuline High School pupil

King’s pupils work with adults every week, offering art lessons at local libraries and hosting a tea for the elderly; other activities include maintaining local churchyards and teaching adults art and ICT. Many participate in an annual arts and games project for primary schools, serve at our Christmas tea for the elderly and join the National Citizenship Scheme in the summer holidays. Once a year, during activities week, King’s invites five local primary schools on to its site to enjoy a four-day programme of sports days organised by our fourthformers. Almost 2,000 state school pupils take part in joint events with King’s on a regular basis every academic year.

‘I was so honoured to be invited to the partnership community jazz concert. It was such a joyful concert and all the schools enjoyed taking part. It is a tribute to you and your team, as well as the King’s pupils who worked so hard with the Merton schools to put on such a marvellous show. I know, from speaking to many of the children who took part, that it is something they will remember and treasure - such a special experience.’ Cllr Janice Howard, Mayor of Merton


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£15m savings for UK taxpayer King’s supports

Bursary support

9 secondary schools 12 primary schools 1 special school

amounting to

Support for


Oxbridge candidates

from 5 local sixth forms

to 67 pupils


first generation university students supported

£1,255,000 Net public benefit is in the order of


£ nearly

King’s actively engaged with


spent on

650 state


school pupils, including over



partner school pupils in Year 11 attended GCSE reinforcement classes taught by

King’s staff

350 on a

weekly basis



King’s pupils involved in weekly community work


staff involved weekly


CREATIVE PROJECTS Creative opportunities for pupils within the partnerships programme include an Imagineering project for a local primary school led by sixth formers from King’s and one of our partner schools. Other creative projects include joint drama projects with students at our partner school sixth forms, an art and physical theatre project with primary children, and singing in our partnership choir.

‘The dramatic energy of this magnificent community production was sustained through a colourful array of familiar biblical stories all movingly interpreted to the delight of the audience and the evident enjoyment of scores of pupils participating from local partnership schools.’

Many of the creative projects in our Friday afternoon programme lead to a community production at the end of the spring term. This multi-faceted performance, involving local sixth forms, secondary schools, special needs schools and a primary school in all aspects of the production, is one of the most spectacular school arts projects in the country.

Bishop of Southwark

‘The commitment and fun are palpable, and it’s clear that over the weeks these students have all become firm friends.There is no sense of separation across either school allegiance or age boundaries.’ Sarah Lambie, Teaching Drama Magazine



OPEN DOORS Every summer, King’s welcomes large numbers of pupils from three primary schools on to its campus for an exciting programme of arts workshops and games run by pupils from King’s and two of its partner schools. Each child on the arts programme enjoys a day of art, music, drama or movement linked to one of four themes, all of which are brought together in an ambitious show in the school theatre on the final day. Children on the sports scheme experience a rota of swimming, tennis, tag-rugby, rounders, hockey and football which reaches a climax at a tournament on our playing-fields. The project provides invaluable work experience for older pupils and is enjoyed by the large number of parents who attend the performance, tournament and reception. Supported by the Friends of King’s, the Open Doors project allows us to share our facilities with the wider community.

‘I would like to thank you and all of your team for a thoroughly enjoyable week on the Open Doors Project.The children had a fantastic time and we were so pleased that so many of our parents came along and thoroughly enjoyed it. As teachers, we were delighted to see some individual children shine within the different projects.The student leaders were a real credit to King’s College School and we were truly impressed with the way that so many of them dealt with the children in such a caring and responsible manner.’ Caroline Fitzgerald, assistant head, Southmead primary school

‘This project has given our pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and develop a host of skills… whilst also learning about sportsmanship, good communication and team work.’ Teacher from Southmead Primary School

‘The children who are shy and sometimes withdrawn have really shone and shown talents we have never seen.’ Teaching assistant from St Mark’s Primary School


‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be part of the Open Doors Project. The idea of being the only Ricards Lodge student on the sports side of the project was admittedly a little daunting; however, I was made to feel welcome and a real member of the team.The experience for me was unforgettable, and I enjoyed the responsibility of having to help monitor such large groups of children and encouraging them to participate in all the activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the project and would love to get involved again.’ Ricards Lodge High School


KING’S SUMMER SCHOOL An eight-day King’s Summer School programme involving 21 King’s teachers took place across two weeks in August 2020, and saw sixty year 10 pupils from four local state schools attend classes at King’s in English, Maths and Science to help them to catch up after the challenging lockdown period at the end of the 2019-20 academic year in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. The pupils made excellent progress during the course of the two weeks, with the levels of understanding in each GCSE subject increasing greatly from a low of 43% in one subject to 83%-95% in all subjects by the end. Notably, the number of pupils who understood all aspects of the English Language course rose from 60% to 93%.

‘I am really enjoying the supportive teaching staff and all the lessons.’ Pupil from Coombe Boys’ School

‘I liked the Physics lessons because I struggled before but now I understand.’ Pupil from Ricards Lodge High School

The summer school involved staff from all five schools and is an example of the excellent relationships which have been built up between teaching professionals in the Wimbledon ISSP. ‘It was really good overall and I learnt a lot. It was nice to have a feel of school again.’ Pupil from Raynes Park High School

‘The summer school was much appreciated by the students who were at risk of further disadvantage due to lockdown and the closure of schools this year.’ Claire Knight Deputy Head Teacher, Coombe Girls’ School



ANNUAL OVERSEAS PROJECT Our partnership with Fiwila school in rural Zambia provided our sixth formers with the opportunity to visit the school, to teach and carry out renovation projects, for a decade.

‘We at Fiwila we are very happy about the love you have for Fiwila. Despite the distance from Fiwila to the UK, we still feel the relationship binds us together.’

Since this project finished, King’s pupils have been carrying out similar projects in schools across the world. The first school was in Niketan, a village in Nepal set in an idyllic agricultural area surrounded by woodland. The school is well established with an energetic headmaster but had outgrown its centre village site and lacked facilities.The government had purchased a parcel of land for the school to relocate. During their visit in 2019, King’s pupils built a perimeter wall to ensure the security of the new school site.

Modestus Kapalangoma, Headmaster of Fiwila school

‘The Zambia expedition was the most rewarding and enjoyable three weeks of my life. The teaching was a challenge I relished, and I will never forget the kindness shown by the children there.’ King’s pupil



ENTERPRISES AND CHARITIES KCS Enterprises LTD, the school’s trading company, was established in 1985 to control all commercial use of premises out of school hours. All profits generated by the business are donated to the school’s bursary fund via an annual Gift Aid donation, which helps to provide inspirational education to talented local children irrespective of background or means. The King’s community shows an extraordinary commitment and willingness each year to support local, national, and international charities. Much of our charity work stems from the fundraising activities of individual houses at school; pupil-led house charity committees implement fun and innovative ways of raising money through a variety of diverse activities and events, including a school disco, sponsored walks and auction events for parents. Each house chooses to support their own specific charity (normally an organisation local to Wimbledon) over a long-term period, thereby enabling them to build up a strong link with their chosen charity. Aside from individual houses, we aim to raise a great deal of money each year through whole school events, such as cake sales, non-uniform days, and sponsored sporting events, with money often raised to support sudden crises, for example natural disasters. King’s is also a great supporter of the Merton Homeless Charity; every year, thanks to the generosity of the King’s community, we often deliver a large minibus full of non-perishable food to the foodbank. The fourth form take part in the Social Entrepreneurs Project each year. This is a hugely worthwhile initiative which raises a substantial amount for We See Hope, a charity that primarily helps to provide essential training for children in Southern and Eastern Africa, so that they may be more successful gaining employment in the future. Whilst the principle aim of our charity work at King’s is to raise money for good causes, we also aim to educate pupils about the political, cultural and social issues facing the world today. The main way in which we achieve this is through our biennial Make a Difference Day, when pupils concentrate on one cause and attend lectures by guest speakers, considering ways in which they can help with this particular issue. 20

‘It is such an important aspect of our pupils’ education that they help others less fortunate than themselves. Each year, I am bowled over by the extraordinary charity initiatives that the pupils devise, raising huge amounts of great causes.’ James Ross, Head of Charities

‘King’s has supported WeSeeHope since 2007, raising close to £100,000.The commitment and continued support of your creative students and teachers through our Social Entrepreneurs Project means so much, and has a huge impact on the vulnerable children we work with in Southern and Eastern Africa.We are extremely grateful to everyone involved, thank you!’ Millie Walsh, Fundraising Manager, WeSeeHope

‘We are so very grateful to King’s for their support. In Merton, our needs are greater than ever, and their generosity has proved crucial in helping us to continue to serve those who are struggling with food poverty in our community.’ Connie Marshall, Foodbank Project Manager, Wimbledon Foodbank


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