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“Educating students in Christian leadership for tomorrow’s generation” Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carnival Day is not far away! Saturday July 30, 12.00 - 6.00pm Thanks to our great parent volunteers, plans for Carnival Day are well underway. Here is some information to help your planning for your family.





If you would like to help in the planning or on the day, please contact



You can save money by pre-paying ‘all-day’ ride passes before the end of this term. These passes allow unlimited access to nine different ‘rides’ over five hours. Buy pre-paying, a pass is $21. On the day, they will cost $26. They can be purchased via the college website, or by paying the cashier at Main Administration.






Pre-paid passes will be given to students in Weeks 1 and 2 of next term. Next week, we will be asking for donations of small prizes needed for some of the children’s games.



We are seeking prizes for our cent auction. If you have a business that might be able to donate an item, please let us know at parentsand Each business that donates an item will be acknowledged in the newsletter, and in the material produced for Carnival Day.

Carnival Day is open to everyone, so please invite your friends, family and neighbours


Early Learning Programs Engaging with Technology During a Noah’s Ark day children of various ages are engaging with technology for fun and to make meaning. Skills and techniques are learned and shared with friends as part of their play, using real and sometimes imaginary tools as props.


Parenting with Power Scripture of the week: “He has filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship.” Exodus 35:31

Good Communication: Start-Stop-Listen Learn How to Start The way you present an issue to your children often determines their response. Sometimes it is best to address a problem immediately, while other times waiting a few hours is more appropriate. Wisely choose a time, place and approach with the goal of not just rebuking but correcting and finding resolution. “Lisa, I would like to talk about the way you treated me earlier. Is now a good time or should we talk after dinner?” Learn When to Stop Once a dialogue has developed, have discernment to know when to stop. Some parents feel like they must win an argument or come to resolution by the end of the conversation so they end up pushing too hard. Other times emotions get too involved. Still other parents end a simple correction with preaching, bringing up the past, or making exaggerated statements about the offense. In any case, it is important for parents to know when to take a break or simply stop the conversation. “I think we better stop here. Things are getting pretty tense. We need to continue this conversation, but let’s take a break for now. Maybe we’ll think of some other ideas in the meantime to help resolve this problem.” Learning when to stop during conflict is a very important skill. Learn How to Listen Conflict represents opportunity. Children watch parents handle conflict and observe how they resolve differences. Listening and affirming a young person’s thinking is an honouring step in conflict management. Affirming or validating a child’s thinking or reasoning is helpful for their development. As you dialogue with your children, you must learn to tolerate criticism. Many discussions you have will open the door for your children to criticize you.

Strategy for the week: Don’t feel threatened or take jabs personally. Use them to discuss issues and explain your decisions. If you can be transparent enough to use yourself as an example, your children will learn much more about life. ~ In His service, Klaus Knobloch and Rosemary Whincop Page 2 - Thursday, June 9, 2011

Secondary Flower Power This caught my attention as I was searching for something interesting for you this week. To develop the gift of seeing God or a lesson, in the world around us is a wonderful thing. We can use it to teach our children, to encourage our friends or to connect more closely with the Lord.

Dandelions The dandelions are back here in the fields around my home. My favorite flowers are always among the first to show up in spring and among the last to leave in fall. Their sweet, gentle beauty always warms my heart, delights my eye, and brings joy to my soul. They literally fill the lawns and meadows at this time of the year and continue on throughout the summer in spite of the countless attacks from lawn mowers and weed killers that they must endure. I have loved dandelions ever since I was a little boy. I can remember picking handfuls of them to give to my mom and seeing her beautiful smile when she smelled their sweet fragrance. I can remember too gathering hundreds of their blossoms so that my grandma could make her famous dandelion wine. I can also remember using all the air in my lungs to help flower after flower scatter its seeds to the winds. I can remember most of all, however, just lying in the grass surrounded by these tiny, golden suns and wishing that summer would never end. As I look out my window right now I can literally see thousands of these miraculous, little wonders sharing their beauty with the world. They remind me a lot of our own acts of love and joy. They are small but strong. They are sweet but hardy. They are simple but long lasting. They may seem tiny and insignificant by themselves, but if you fill a field or a life with them then earth looks a lot more like heaven. May your days always bloom with loving acts. May your mind always blossom with joyous thoughts. May your heart always flower with compassionate feelings. May you always feel the love of God sprouting up within you and around you. And may you always make all your life as beautiful as a field full of dandelions. ~ Joseph J. Mazzell

Dandelions Two Despite their bad reputation, dandelions are pretty little flowers with their yellow strands all tucked neatly into the centre. And truly they are the most beautiful of all flowers when presented clutched in a child’s dirty little hand. No one gets yelled at for picking them. Perhaps they grow only to be used and enjoyed by children. Dandelions are ignored or attacked, never nurtured or cared for, and yet they always bloom profusely. They demand no pampering or special attention to yield their bright blossoms; they pop up in fields, in lawns, and between cracks in the sidewalk, even in the best neighborhoods. Can you imagine trying to grow them in a garden? They’d sneak through the boundaries and pop their sunny yellow faces up in the surrounding lawn. They would never stay put!

Christians should be more like dandelions. Our sunny yellow faces should be a reminder that simple faith has deep roots that are impossible to dislodge. Our vast number would show the world that even though we are not fancy or pampered we are evident everywhere, even in the best neighbourhoods. We should be as easily accessible as a dandelion. Jesus is. We need to get out of our gardens and jump across the boundaries that keep us where people expect to find us. We need to show our sunny yellow faces in all the spots that need a little brightening up - the crack in the sidewalk or the lawn of a country club. [Author Unknown -- from ‘Aiken Drum’ (] Happy parenting. And so it is. Maintain good relationships. Bring heaven to earth. Fear prevents, faith prevails. God bless. True meaning of Easter. Celebrate the risen Christ. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums. Find the joy. Defend the Australian way of life. Encourage goal setting. Be thankful. Bloom where you are. ~ Rhonda Bevan, Head of Secondary

Cybersafety Corner The following clip is designed to educate parents about looking after their children’s online security. ~ Kieron Vallance, Dean of Students

New Hair Policy for Boys Effective from Semester 2, 2011

Hair must be tidy, short, clear of the collar, ears and eyebrows. All haircuts must be of a conservative style. The spirit of the code is that haircuts should not follow temporary fads or be attention-seeking. A very small amount of hair product may be used if it helps the student to comply with the code. Hair colour should be natural looking. Students will be excluded from school until hair is acceptable. A final decision on hair will always be at the discretion of senior staff. ~ Kieron Vallance, Dean of Students Thursday, June 9, 2011 - Page 3

General School Fees Accounts News

• Term 3 fees are now charged and due on 15th July. Fees are due by the first week of each term unless you are on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan. • Payment plans can be paid via direct debit or BPay on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. • Credit card plans can be set up automatically on the 15th, 26th of each month or the first week of term. • Statements will be sent to your email address. For credit card payments, address changes or queries please email accountsreceivable@kingscollege.qld. • A term’s notice is necessary in writing now if you choose to remove your child from the school. If this is not given, it is school policy to charge the subsequent term’s fees. Please note that all outstanding fees must be paid before ceasing enrolment and all library and textbooks must be returned.


Parents/Caregivers, please note that the buses will be late arriving back to school after sport on June 10. Expect delays with your child/children’s arrival home.

Medication Safety Parents are reminded that students are not to carry medication on their person, including paracetamol. It is easy to think that students are responsible enough to carry and administer their own medication, however, it is equally easy to overmedicate with dramatic effects. We have a large campus which enjoys the integration of students of all ages, from age four to young adults. Medication can be easily dropped or misplaced and one of our younger students may find it and inadvertently consume it. As staff and parents, we have a responsibility to look after each and every student on our campus. I ask parents to assist us by ensuring all medication is handed in to the college clinic for our staff to administer and ensure its safe storage. NB: Medication must be accompanied by parental consent and have a pharmacy label attached. Thank you for your assistance in these matters. ~ Mrs Andrea Webb, College Nurse

Dates for your diary June June June June June June June

10 13 16 14-17 20-22 22-23 24

HS APS Finals Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday Primary APS Rd 8 Primary Whole School Testing Primary Whole School Testing UP Athletics Carnival Last Day Term 2

For more details and updates visit the website click on calendar.

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Cyber Safety Resources

As you would be aware, cyber safety for young people is an area of increasing concern. It is important that parents are aware of areas of potential danger and have internet management strategies. Below are two websites from slightly different points of view that provide information and help for parents 1. Ivanhoe Grammar in Melbourne 2. Australian Government cyber safety website ~ Rees Davis, College Principal

God Helps Your Habits: Quote from Power NT New Testament

Good habits come with understanding what God wants of you. Ask for God’s help and have a determination to follow His plan for your life. Fill your life with good habits. “Always set a good example for others. Be sincere and serious when you teach.” Titus 2:7 If you wish to contact Guy Ormerod, College Chaplain, you can write to - or pastoral care: Kerrilee Walsingham -

Dental Van

Students in Prep, Years 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 6C, 6F have been provided with an offer of oral health care pack to take home. The pack includes: * Child & Adolescent Oral Health Service brochure * Examination card Please familiarise yourself with the process by reading the information provided. If your child is enrolled in one of the years listed above and did not receive a pack and you would like to arrange for your child to receive oral health care, please contact the Oral Health Call Centre 1300 300 850 Monday to Friday 8.00am - 4.30pm excluding public holidays. If your child requires disability access please identify this requirement with the Call Centre Operator.

Bible Study - Thursday mornings 9.00am, Barista Lounge Special Monthly Key Women Meetings Coming Up: Thur 14th July – 7pm - 9pm in Auditorium Popcorn & Movie Night Cost: $5.00 (incl. popcorn) Note: Candy bar items for purchase For more information please contact Shirley Sykes at the church office on 5593 4233. “Key Women”… A ministry of King’s Christian Centre

King’s Christian College uses and recommends Toshiba Photocopiers

Primary Visit to Galleon Gardens Aged Care On Friday 3rd June the Year 6/7 choir performed at Galleon Gardens for the elderly residents. We were all keen to perform “Seasons of Love” from the musical “Rent”, “I Like the Flowers”, which we had learnt during specialist lessons, and “Get Aboard This Train”. Performing at Galleon Gardens was great preparation for the Gold Coast Choir Eisteddfod coming up in August. We had the experience of an audience and the atmosphere. King’s string orchestra performed four items and solos were presented by Angela Hanson (piano), Mathew Phan (violin) and Stephanie, Adele, Michelle, Eden and me (vocals). After finishing all the solo acts and group songs we mingled with the men and women in the audience. Photos were taken and stories were told. It was a very special opportunity. Miss Taylor, Mr Genge and Mrs Guthrig arranged the entire trip to Galleon Gardens. Their efforts are highly appreciated and thanked. ~ Gemma Petty, 7J

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Secondary Secondary Sport Dates for the Diary • •

Friday June 10th APS Winter “Finals” day Friday June 17th Summer Sport trials commence

Commonwealth Games

Demii Maher–Smith has been one of 27 selected to represent Australia at the Junior Commonwealth games to be held on the Isle of Mann in September. Demii will compete in the triple jump in the U/18 age group. This is a truly sensational achievement and we wish Demii all the very best as she prepares for this international event. Demii is to be admired for the way she uses her natural ability and combines this with dedication and hard work. Well done, Demii. Demii Maher-Smith

Regional Golf

Following on from the regional golf trials DeeDee Russell has qualified for the Qld Scholastic Championships. DeeDee has been having a fantastic season and we wish her all the very, very best as she prepares for the state championships!

Dee Dee Russell

Regional Cross Country

We wish Jade Brandt, Bernard Lierse, Michelle Bristow, Mikaela Rawlings, Vincent Sturm and Jake Myors all the very best as they prepare for the regional finals . Good luck guys!

Jade Brandt

Bernard Lierse

Michelle Bristow

Mikaela Rawlings

Vincent Sturm

Jake Myors

APS Finals Day

For the first time, APS will hold a finals day to culminate the winter season. All teams will play – off on this day against the teams next to them on the finals table. The games will be played at central venues. At this stage a number of teams are looking to win their grand finals. In the boys teams Mr Grady’s open A & B volleyball, Mr Ormerod’s open and inter volleyball, Mr Askin’s junior volleyball, Mr Deacon’s 2nd XV rugby, Mr Jurin’s boys open “A” tennis. In the girls teams Mrs Shimizu’s intermediate soccer, Mrs Weathered’s Year 8 netballers, Mrs Morgan’s junior “B” tennis, Mr O’Donnell’s intermediate volleyball and Mr Schweitzer’s open “B” are all still in strong contention for the grand final. We have listed the venues on the next page. Games start at 1.00pm and at 2.00pm. Parents are asked to phone the secondary office on Friday morning in order to confirm start times.

~ Peter Gillett, Secondary Sport Co-ordinator

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Secondary Secondary Sport Friday June 10 Finals Day

BOYS SPORT Team Hockey Hockey Rugby Rugby Rugby Rugby Rugby Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Tennis Tennis Tennis Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball

Open (Yr 10,11 & 12) Junior ( Yr 8 & Yr 9) 2nd XV 2nd XV Yr 10 Yr 9 Yr 8 Open A Open B Intermediate (Yr 10) Yr 9 Yr 8 Yr 8 & 9 Open A, B & C (Yr 10,11 & 12) Junior A & B (Yr 8 & 9) REC Open A & Open B Intermediate A & B (Yr 10) Year 8 & Year 9

GIRLS SPORT Team Hockey Netball Netball Netball Netball Netball Netball Netball Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Tennis Tennis Tennis Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball

Junior ( Yr 8 & Yr 9) Open A & B Open C & D Intermediate Yr 9A & 9B Yr 8A & 8B Yr 8 C Yr 9C Open A Open B Intermediate Yr 9 Yr 8 Yr 8 & 9 Open A ,B & C ( 10,11 & 12) Junior A & Junior B (Yr 8 & 9) REC Open A & Open B Inter A & Inter B (Yr 10) Year 8 & Year 9

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Mr Maleham Ms Butler Mr Oosthuizen Mr Deacon Mr Upton Mr Hardy Mr Burden Mr Hopper Mr White Mr Louwen Mr Foster Mr Ruben Mr Harriman Mr Jurin Mr Robertson Mr Weir Mr Grady Mr Ormerod Mr Askin

All Saints Anglican All Saints Anglican College All Saints Anglican All Saints Anglican Somerset College Emmanuel College Crushers - Nerang off Pappas Way AB Paterson College All Saints Anglican College Viney Park Emmanuel College Carrraa West Area 4 Carrraa West Area 4 Hope Island Queens Park Mudgeeraba Tennis Club Emmanuel College King’s Trinity



Miss McLeish Mrs Roux Mrs Strong Ms Richardson Miss Bullman Mrs Weathered Mrs Phillips Mrs Phillips Ms O’Neill Mr Schweitzer Mrs Shimizu Mr Moller Mrs Andersen Mrs Crawford Mrs Morgan Mr Robertson Mr Weir Mr Knight Miss McLeod Mrs Giles

Somerset College Coomera Anglican College Emmanuel College AB Paterson College All Saints Anglican College Trinity Lutheran College Southport Benowa Crts Southport Benowa Crts Somerset College Coomera Anglican College Trinity Lutheran s King’s Carrara West -Area 4 Carrara West - Area 4 Christine Ave Somerset College Mudgeeraba Tennis Club Saint Stephens College AB Paterson College Somerset College

Carnival Day

Saturday 30th July, 12.00pm - 6pm


We are seeking the support of local businesses to donate vouchers or prizes for the P & F cent auction on Carnival Day. Please send the vouchers to Sarah Cheesman, King’s Christian College, Locked Bag 70, Burleigh MDC 4220.

Return value would be in the form of business promotion on the Auction Register, including your logo and contact number plus special acknowledgement and thanks will be placed in our newsletter.



from 50 cents!




Carnival Day posters will be available next week for the colouring in competition. To be in the running to win an all day ride pass, do your best colouring in and then hand it to your class teacher by Friday 22nd July. (end of 1st week, term 3) Winners will be notified in week 2 in term 3. Thursday, June 9, 2011 - Page 9


Cakes & Confectionery for Carnival Day Please note: Carnival Day is end of Week 2 Term 3

Saturday 30th July 12 - 6pm This year’s Cakes & Confectionery Stall needs our talented parents to make HEAPS of DELICIOUS things!

Some ideas are: v Cakes & Slices v Fudge v Biscuits v Peanut Brittle v Toffees v Rocky Road v Gluten and/or Dairy Free Sweets Anything delicious that won’t melt and please label if any nut, gluten, egg or wheat content. Takeaway cake boxes will be given to your child upon request to place your goodies into. Please complete the slip below and return it to school by Friday 22nd July for your child to bring home a takeaway cake box. Place the name of your ‘creation’ on the box (e.g. chocolate cake). Please deliver your delicious goodies straight to the Cakes & Confectionery Stall upon your arrival at Carnival Day, Saturday 30th July from 12noon. Our stall will be open all afternoon therefore if you are arriving later in the day we would love to have your goodies delivered then. On behalf of the King’s Parents & Friends Committee, thank you for your support. ~ Sarah Cheesman


Carnival Day Cakes & Confectionery Stall Cake Box Order Form Please deliver _______ box/es to my child to take home. Name: _______________________________________ Class: _____________ Please return permission form to classroom teacher for delivery to Main Administration by Monday 18th July ‘11

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The weekly newsletter of King's Christian College.

King's Weekly Newsletter  

The weekly newsletter of King's Christian College.