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“She said she loves the way she taste, when she kisses me, after I’ve kissed her...” -Crow


Leora Jackson When I cry at night, I am remembering those years, those times, those sweet memories not so long ago. I feel lonely, compromised, discouraged, and afraid; afraid that you have chosen someone else to hold. Author Leora Jackson

When I Cry at Night Sometimes I cry just because it is good for my body to release the pain from my soul. The pain of suffering, the pain of losses, the pain of financial burdens; I realize that tears I shed are due to the pain of a broken love. They are the same tears I cried when I fell in love.

When I cry at night, my body is aching to be touched, to be held by you once again. When I cry at night, it means I am alone, alone without my love, without my friend. When I cry at night, I am sad, I am broken, but hopeful that one day, one night, my love will return to me. Then I will cry no more, and my tears will not shed from me. F. L. Jones 10/2004

Oh, Valentine

For three years I loved you And you said you loved me. We had the best love that Could possibly be. We went to church together. We visited each other’s families together. We took trips and vacations together. We also had a child together. We were in love and riding on cloud nine. You were my Brother So Fine! We celebrated our anniversary on Valentine’s. With chocolate covered cherries and sparkling white wine. We met that day three years ago and it was love at first sight. Everything just felt so right. We had our love packed down Tight. As JJ say, it was DYNOMITE!!! It was love. It was love. It was Love!!! However, a year later, we had our first fight and it was like Another episode of Twilight, Sleeping with the Enemy, Mr. Wrong and Mr. Right The Burning Bed, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, But the only Color Purple Were my eyes. And you call that Love? Oh Valentine, Oh Valentine You said you would be mine But you were lying. Now, I’m alone and crying.

But you were lying. Now, I’m alone and crying. Well, you know how the story goes. We would make up and he was good to go. He was so Don Juan and Romeo. He’ll say the right words Just to make me go. The nights of lovemaking On the kitchen table and on the hardwood floor. “Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo I like the way you touch me so. The way you move, the way you go. Not so fast and not so slow. Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo No one else has got that flow”. All my scars and wounds were forgotten. Because he said I am his baby, his sweetheart and he loved me so and this would not happen anymore. Of course I believed him He is my man and I loved him and later a child was conceived from him on that Sweet Valentine’s night As we made passionate love that night Everything was getting better, right? No, I was wrong. I am six months along. he comes home, mad because I didn’t answer the phone. He was in an outrage. I could see it on his face.

I begged and pleaded, “please don’t hit me, babe. I am so sorry please. My phone was off Because my battery was low. I was about to turn it . . .” With one slap, he knocks Me unconscious on the floor. I wake up confused in a daze, in the hospital room and a nurse is gently wiping my face. I’m frantic and wanted to know if the baby was safe. She smiles knowingly as if she knows about my disgrace. She tells me my son is still safe. She pulls me into her embrace. And whispers” Child, get help someplace, you and your little one need to stay safe. He will not stop till you’re in the grave.” I pushed her off and said, “Look, you don’t know me. How dare you insult me? My man loves me. He cares for me. This is his seed. We’re getting married, you’ll see. So, please just get out of my room and leave.” I sobbed and wondered to myself, How could this possibly happen to me? And I call this Love?

Oh Valentine, Oh Valentine You said you would be mine But you were lying. Now, I’m alone and crying So, you know how the story always goes. Soon my Romeo enters the room with roses, chocolate and I Love You balloons. He kneels down on bended knee, and asked me, “Baby, would you please, be my woman, my wife, my dream girl, my queen? Would you be some or everything I need? I am asking you please say Yes and be the one for me”? My body was shaken and I was swelled with tears in my Color Purple eyes. My candy apple lips were cracked and busted but out came my reply, I said, “Yes, baby I am yours. I will be with you forevermore. It is you I truly adore” . He grabbed me gently and said “No More”! He tells me a poem called “No More”. I weep and I know this man is mine. He is my sweet valentine. Yes, I call this love! Oh Valentine, Oh Valentine

Everything is satisfying There is no more crying This man is mine. Our child was born, a son so handsome and lovely. We began making plans to embark on a new journey, to fulfill our destiny, and celebrate our anniversary with a marriage made in history. We’re getting married on Valentine’s Three more months and he is all mine. We must hurry, we don’t have much time. Plans were made swiftly and hurriedly. Finally, the day arrived to Start our new journey, but also it arrived with a new story. His ex -girlfriend of the past I thought, reappeared, saddened and distraught. She sought me out as I was getting dressed. My maid of honor wondered if this was best. When she entered, all eyes went down. Not only because she had on a black see through gown, but because her stomach was round. We all looked around, no one made a sound All eyes were on me! She said what we all thought in our heads. That my fiancé was her soon to be baby’s dad. My mind went blank.

I ran out the room to look for him. I found him holding my son in his arms In his room. I asked everyone to leave the room fast. I was so fed up with his lies. I could tell by his face that he knew What had occurred with me and his ex-girlfriend, I am sure he had heard. I asked “Why?” and he replied “Baby she is a lie It’s just you and me and our son makes three. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. If you don’t want it that way, I can easily remove you And it will be two” I looked at him like he was insane or a fool. I tried to grab my son and he twisted my arm He pushed me into the wall. And as I tried to break my fall, I grabbed my baby’s diaper bag and all, and pulled out my gun underneath his squishy ball. I didn’t want to be another statistic. You know somewhere in life it all ends with ballistics. He leaned to punch me and Boom! Boom! Boom! That was not love! Oh Valentine, Oh Valentine

You said you would be mine But you were lying. Now, I’m alone and crying I wonder if my son and husband will visit today. For its Valentine Day! “Guard, Guard, is my husband and son coming this way”? “Lady, you killed your family 10 years ago on your wedding day. Now stop that nonsense singing and call it a day”. Oh Valentine…Oh Valentine You said you would be mine But you were lying. Now, I’m alone and crying. 2/5/2011

Leora Jackson

Karina Lopez Acerbic Apples

The apple does fall far from the tree, and from that tree, I will not eat. Bitter and blemished, Sour and stale, Dent and decayed, Infected and infested, Maggots, Venomous from the roots, Travels into the trunk, To the leaves and then the fruit. The apple does fall far from the tree, and from that tree, I will not eat.

This Ink As my pen strokes the page with ink, I think about these long conversations, Deep topics with the ability to arouse the mind And erect the soul. Going back and forth on diverse subjects and Going in and out of reality. Coming from various angles and perceptions Or concurring on agreements. It has become a sticky situation, I have ran out of ink. Do I need to finish the rest of this poem when our minds are in sync? No need for words, just stares, glances and winks, When you speak I just think, Remain silent and amazed on how we link.

Karina Lopez

Books by Karina

Poems Prose and Phases

The Journals and Journeys

Released 4/29/14

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Wynter Solstyce WynterKu: Woman I


what it is

and I want it…


got what it takes so I

flaunt it… I’m a


dammit…. and I serve no

apologies… Love Me or

Leave Me BE.

©kbws, 2013 wyntersolstycekolebloode Also available on

New CD by Wynter Solstyce

Featuring Eric “Crow” Draven

Rajendra Padhi REMEMBERING YOUR SMILE!!! Your smile like a gust of rain chases me Though I run to a safer place of my mind,

It appears ruling my eyes in a rainbow From my tear drops falling into sunrays. I can’t escape from the depth of your smile

When I talk to flowers in the yellow sun It Beams from petals swaying in the wind,

When I go to a river bank in the placid morn

Listen to your laughter in its murmuring song. I thought it was only mine till it appeared far

Concealed in its warmth the blaze of summer

Burnt the blossoms as feelings of my heart,

I mistook the world as ever mine to live

So fitful are the ways of life full of turns. I have miled away long distance from you Swallowed quickly by time in our journey,

Now I am a tree covered with thin darkness

But your smile drops from somewhere Brighten me as silvery rays at moonlit night.



It has come from fields of my village Awakening me in a dust-lit town, Obliterate winter’s icy touch on feet Branching out heart for green hills, I am drifted apart from blood of a city Feel differently from bulging crowd.

I trembled in a dew drop Beaming from a leaf, The wintry moon In deeper blue Gleams in its womb, The shadowy petals Luminously swell, I saw me in it in soulful joy The moon, the flowers and me Slide so faster on the icy floor, Reflected for a gentle move In a bed ensuring fall, A limpid image never seen Swaying in my eyes, Tossing on each other’s head Caress softly our souls.

It is now I ride quickly in horses of mind Spatter out my heart for aching love, I shimmer with thoughts echoing me In desires prowling among swarming bees. Here people blot out peace in flames Burn life for a half-inch love they spare, No time to mark the change in the breeze The last touch of old winter on wet grass. I close my eyes in my lawn when I think Scamper the heart for moments of past, Spring gilded my tainted eyes on flowers Blushes like a bride in our village orchard. The lolling lips embalmed for love around Effortlessly affluent in desires in a sport, When our love is bounded for a living But here it was for life afterwards stored. A gift for trees to wear clothes of leaves Entice passion-free for girls singing sweet, In the longings of birds in love on river bank I stood there to sink into their leafy lips. Sojourned at life’s sweetest halts Spring strolls in my heart’s bower, Reminds me of those birds in nest Locked in pure embrace without fear.

Alas! it could not hold me The winds willful error Fevered us in a storm, We were apart in our place The lavish of joy soon undone The charm quickly goes far, I walked deeper in to dark Smiling back at emptiness Dispersing me in solitude. Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

Rosalind Cherry The Echoes Voice~! The echoes voice had me at this place where I could close my eyes see you in my imagination. Can get any deeper than than that for I could see you maybe in my sleep if my focus is complete in only in thoughts of you now. There was this way you could have me you by the way you tend to my needs. You told me I a part of your soul in trusting you I believe you missing you right now. I love when we are together holding hands looking up towards Moonlights see the sign of another beautiful Star.

When you hold me tight we so close there you are giving me kisses only to make me smile. We complete each other there no way I could be in this world not knowing I could not be without you love. Especially when you kiss me you are my King for I'm your Queen I can't wait until we are together once again now I continue to hold on to my thoughts of you. The Echoes Voice~! I still hear your voice even when your presence not even around me.

Daryl R. Halencak *THE NEW JERUSALEM* *Dedicated to President Barack Obama*

I. Rainbow hues of skin. No bell curve of age. All were one somberly waiting, longing for the new day of hope. II. Alas, We were spat upon by the irreligious church folk. Elitist threw stones III. and thenpowers and principalities buckled. Bridges built. Walls fell. Rubble cemented by unity, into New Jerusalem.

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Feature Poet of the Month Missy Moore Along side a tree

There lay a rock Carved beneath were the words Forget me not A symbol of some sort The color of stone gray Mysterious, but calm Feeling the movement Clouds stood still Thoughts seemed to come and go A being came to me Only I did not know Brought the past Before my eyes

Showing me certain faults No longer wondering why A cool breeze sat at my feet Warning, nothing is concrete Savor quiet times For one day it will all end Suddenly two raindrops landed In the palm of each hand Destined I wonder As I stand Content with my inner self I let a raindrop go Not hitting the ground But drifted slow Time stood still Just for me to see My own uniqueness Now I can be

Tears In A Vase I see how you judge me

Before we met face to face Predetermined my lyfe somehow Just in case

The lies get more real And the rumors

Are believed for fun

Cast out not only by friends But by loved ones

My way of thinking has become my solid ground

The peace I have within Was not easily found

When they need a helping hand A shoulder to cry on Or when no one understands

I’m the one who holds all secrets When there is no one else to tell Encourages you through words

Denial called me one day

When you seemed to have failed

You through?

Just remember someday

And said, are you tired?

The what ifs and whys argued a point And said its up to you

I was jealous of my own-self My other half is learning to Seek out her own light And make her debut

Somehow, someway

I wont make it to save you No trial, no case No chance to replace

No winners in this race I am a true friend

So why act brand new

I say it all the time

Only use me to save face

To others I feel that are in need

Through it all, the things I’ve said

I dedicate my lyfe and tyme To benefit from the wisdom of words Knowledge they perceive Each step I take

Brings a tear to my eye

This trudged road I’ve traveled Comes with the deepest sigh I must catch my breath

To continue on my designated path I”m In Except all forgiveness within you And repent all sins

My shoulders seem sloped down

From the burdens of the night Batteling my fears

Can’t see my faith in sight

Play a particular role

The mind of those in the midst Are loosing control I’m writing to speak out

On some things that’s on my heart Had to release the negative energy To try and make a new start Lord I give unto thee Some memories I cant erase I now pour the river Of tears in a vase

May 19, 2014 Washington, D. C.

Inspiration for Lupus Awareness Month

K. S.


Strength I remember how it happened like it was yesterday I was shocked and surprised; I didn’t know what to say See the past few years had been nothing short of hard Not knowing what to expect like a wild card First Lupus then its 6 homies who followed right behind See I was chosen for this life, simply one of a kind This life takes strength and courage both of which I possess I came from a family of strong women definitely bred from the best of the best I learned long ago to play the card I was dealt I knew there was something more to this hindrance no matter what I felt Everything happens for a reason this I learned so long ago So I pray every day, give thanks and just go with the flow I’m blessed and I know this since I’m clearly still here I live life one day at a time with no fear You only live once this is very true The world is full of survivors; I’m just one of the few

Inspired Truth

This journey has been long I agree this is true But I hope what I have endured has been inspiring to you

See I recall feeling like the world had done me wrong But I realized I was special and it didn’t take me long

Between prayer my children and my great family I realized being strong was always a part of me

I’m built of dry cement and I didn't even know There was a plan set for me I just had to go with the flow

So smile through your pain and don’t let it get you down The Lord wants you to smile while the devil enjoys your frown © 2014 K.S. Oliver

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