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Bali Surfaris linese Welcome to KIMA r feet in the Ba u yo d n fi u yo p To hel rmation ve put some info e’ w fe li y a -d to dayur surfari. together for yo KIMA Surfaris – Established in 1995 Since 1995 Kima has been organizing Surfaris. Many things have changed since, but one fact remains the same: in the surf camps you meet likeminded people sharing one passion – surfing as a way of life! At the centre of our Kima Surfaris is really discovering the island, its many surf spots, and numerous other attractions. Mobility is a big thing for Kimasurf, so that both beginners and experienced surfers get their money‘s worth with the „guided surf tours“. These tours are arranged 2 times a day (week days) for all surf levels. However, Kima does not only offer Bali Surfaris, but also surf trips all over Indonesia such as boat trips to Lombok, Sumbawa or Java, or a stay at the famous G-land surf camp.

suggestions, rested in helpful te in ry ve e ar e W opinion on our ur own personal yo d an sm ci iti cr you will get a phy. That’s why so ilo ph ny pa m co your stay. re at the end of ai nn tio es qu t or sh PT. Indonesia ered trademark of st gi re a is A M KI ution based Menikmati Distrib PT d an ris rfa Su in Bali. CEO: Ari ting: bookings & marke Communication, y lix & Conn Roland, Tano, Fe minyak: Lars Se Camp Manager langan: Jessy Camp Manager Ba nggu: Joko Camp Manager Ca


Seminyak Camp

:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 01 t nds of breakfas Breakfast: from d 3 different ki fin ll wi u yo u On the men can choose. from which you carte urse dinner a la Half-board: 2-co r te wa l al k & 1 sm incl. 1 soft drin . – 10:30 p.m., from 8:00 a.m Hotel kitchen: sign for Canggu Camp er for us, please to make it easi rs. Breakfast: from 8: all of your orde 00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. On the menu you will find 3 differe nt kinds of breakfast from wh ich you can choo se. Half-board: 2-cour se dinner a la ca rte incl. 1 soft drink & 1 small water Hotel kitchen: fro m 8:30 a.m. – 10 :30 p.m., to make it easier for us, please sig n for all of your orders.

Balangan Camp

p.m. 00 a.m. – 12:00 Breakfast: from 8: nt re ffe di will find 4 On the menu you n from which you ca t as kinds of breakf t ge ll wi eck-in you choose. At your ch your eakfast. Just pick br e vouchers for th to it nd ha ucher) and order (tick the vo the waiter. :00 p.m. m 8:00 a.m. – 10 Hotel kitchen: fro

Please always pay your food (and drink) bill weekly, in order to keep an overview for you and the hotel.


a small island, During your stay you have the chance to go on a trip to Lembongan Island, Bali. of south east the three most Enjoy some days of boat life in the beautiful lagoon of Lembongan where famous waves of the island break. lagoon of You will stay on the “Paus”, a sailing yacht which is anchoring in the beautiful hotel. Lembongan and works as your floating an is the With its three reef breaks suited for different surf levels in sight, Lazy Lembong , painting, gambling diving, g, snorkelin fishing, out, chilling surfing, relaxed perfect place for read. whatever - or maybe even just finishing that book you‘ve always meant to the volcano silhouette of The perfect setting, crystal-clear corals in the bay‘s turquoise waters and for? ask Bali..... well, what more can you

The 3-day Lembongan Island Package includes: • Transfer to Sanur Harbour • Speed boat shuttle • Accommodation on board • Breakfast • Surf equipment • Surf guiding • Spot shuttle by boat • Snorkel trip to the neighbouring Penida Island • Dinghy transfer to the shore Drinks, snacks and meals are available on board (or land) for reasonable prices. If you want to take part in the trip, just sign up for it in the appropriate notice on the info-board. To realize this trip we need a minimum of 5 people!



Safety Streets and traffic are in general quite nerve-wracking in Bali. That’s why you should always drive slowly and foresightedly. Locals tend to drive out of small alleys without looking for other traffic or without using the indicator!

Our camp driver, the mountain bikes and cars for discovering the island are at your free disposal. For the use of cars and motor bikes you need an international driver’s license! When you are in groups of at least 3 people, you can always take a car – just check with the camp manager one day in advance. At night and on the weekends you can also take a car just for yourself – there will be hang outs to sign in for a car on weekends, during the week just ask at the front desk. You can use our cars for free, but please make sure to fill in the driver’s logbook carefully and to return the car refueled afterwards. For short distances or just to check out the waves on the beach we also have bicycles for you. You can get the keys at the reception. If there’s something wrong with a bike, please let us know! Don’t just park the bust bike at the camp. A motor bike with board rack can be rented daily or weekly, just ask at the front desk. Seminyak & Balangan Camp For trips to Kuta, to the supermarket or the money changer our camp drivers are available 8 hrs per day to help you. Canggu Camp For short trips to the supermarket or the money changer our camp drivers are at your disposal. We also offer a daily city shuttle to Seminyak. For information regarding departure time and meeting point just check with the reception.

License and registration In order to drive a motor vehicle in Indonesia a valid international driver’s license is required. The license should always be brought along together with the registration of the vehicle as you need to show both in the case the police stop you. If you don’t have these documents, you will be fined and have to go to the police station in Denpasar to pay your ticket. However, in most cases you can also pay 50.000 Rp on spot. This “flat rate fine” may save you a whole lot of nerves and time. Just be friendly and pay without attracting attention.


Bali has a zero drink drive limit! So after a night out we absolutely recommend to take a cab. For your own safety, you should wear a closed helmet as well as closed shoes and long pants whenever you drive a motor bike in order to ensure maximum protection in case of an accident

Police check It may occur that the police stop you without any obvious reason only to fine you for an offense that you might have committed without realizing or that you have not even committed at all. To avoid trouble, we recommend to just pay the 50.000 Rp or, if you’re sure, insisting on your innocence. Either way, act friendly but self-assured! It might turn out to be useful to claim to be a frequent guest on the island and to greet the police officer in Indonesian (see: lingo guide).

Liability In the event of negligent damage or loss of the vehicle the camp participant/s shall be liable for the loss incurred. In the case of an accident or damage to the vehicles by a third party or the Indonesian traffic, costs will be carried jointly by everyone in the car. Here we stick strictly to our motto “cling together, swing together”, so that it’s not only those who do all the driving who have to face the music.

Worst cases - accidents The first step is the question of guilt and getting hold of witnesses. If the other person caused the accident, make sure he or she doesn’t leave the place of accident and call the police and your bike rental or us respectively. It’s in the renter’s own interest to negotiate in your favor. If you caused the accident, you have to pay for all the damage. Minor damages should be dealt with on the spot, because the longer the negotiation takes, the higher your costs will be. Always keep in mind that spare parts and labor costs are extremely cheap in Indonesia! Most of the body damages are not more than 300.000Rp, so don’t let yourself be ripped off! However, if there is a serious accident with injuries, you are obliged to provide first aid and bring the person to the nearest hospital. Don’t wait for an ambulance as this may take a while. Instead, just organize a transportation from bystanders. Also, inform us ASAP: +62 (0) 361 73 67 37 (office) Or +62 (0) 8133 776 73 85 (Tano) Or +62 (0) 8133 714 32 96 (Roland) Have a safe trip!


Our experienced shapers manufacture custom made surfboards for our Surfari participants. The boards can be ordered according to individual wishes (size, weight, surf level, dimensions required) in various colors and designs. For consultation or order just check with our surf instructors or with our office staff. Our team of experts can assist you at a one-on-one level to ensure not only the quality, but also, the performance level of your custom board.

Try before you buy

order our surfboard-test-van to your preferred surf spot and try out a surfboard you fancy to be your next custom made stick. We have various shapes and styles of test boards available – for free. Talk to your camp manager to organize everything.

Fins, leashes, footpads and board bags are available in different types on demand.

6’2, 18 ½ , 2 3/16  Pin Tail

Equipped with double concave and pin tail, it’s design will allow for everyday use for intermediate/ advanced surfers for bigger, faster, and more hollow waves.


6’2, 19 ¼, 2 3/8 Quad Fin Single Flyer

Designed for speed and agility, the Quad Fin Single Flyer will help to combine rail-to-rail surfing with the ability for longer and more drawn out turns. Equipped with full rocker and double concave, it is a great board for all around daily use.

6’6, 18 ¾, 2 3/8  Pin Tail

This is a perfect board for use in fast and hollow waves for an advanced surfer. Full rocker and pin-tail gives this board the ability to be ultra-responsive in critical sections.

6’6, 20”, 2 5/8  Five Fin Single Flyer

Designed for the intermediate surfer or “larger” advanced surfer. Its innovative fin set-up will allow this board to maneuver the way its owner chooses. Flat rocker and swallow tail will be suitable for  either a bigger and more advanced surfer or the intermediate surfer looking for the next level in their surfing.

6’8, 19 ½, 2 5/8 Square Tail

This is a great board for daily use in all conditions. Big or small waves, its full rocker and single concave will provide maneuverability and responsiveness to your surfing.

6’10 x 21 x 2 3/4 Funboard

Combining agility with stability, this fun board model is the perfect board for the transition from straight riding to surfing with maneuverability and mobility on the wave. With a trimmed down tail-width, yet still holding it’s minimalibu shape, this board takes your surfing to the next level.


If you look around at the camp you will find our very important info board. Here you can see when, where and what’s going on surf-wise, when the next trip to Medewi is starting or who’s lost his/her yellow, underpants! Choose the right surf session for your level: our surf instructors will be happy to advise you in choosing a session. It’s very important that you register until 8:00 p.m. one day in advance for the activities you want to take part in!! And those wise guys who sign up for a trip and don’t make it because they can’t manage to get up in the morning have to pay into a penalty box. At the weekend we open the box and there’s drinks all round ;-)

In all camps we offer a boat shuttle to the outside reefs, one time per guest per week (advanced surfers). Accompanied by our experienced surf instructors, you have the chance to go on a surf session to the amazing waves of the offshore reefs like Kuta Reef, Airport Rights and Lefts, Tora-Tora, Middles, Nusa Dua, Tanjung’s and more. We hire a local fisher boat to get to the surf spots, so you can surf amazing waves with a minimum of paddle effort. We plan these trips depending on surf level, wind and swell conditions, and usually there is at least an intermediate surf skill required to take part in those trips. You also can participate in more than one trip per week, but we then you would have to pay for it (around 50.000 RP/person, to be paid to the fisherman directly on spot).

At all camps we film you twice a week at sessions with different levels in order to get as many of your surf moves as possible on tape (first take-offs, wipe-outs or even tubes).

If you want to participate, please sign up for it on the info board in time.

At the following video analysis the surf instructors will help you to identify your mistakes and, subsequently, to correct them. On the info board you can see which sessions are being filmed. At the Canggu and Seminyak camp you can also participate in theory lessons about material, waves and surf rules. These lessons take place twice a week. For the exact dates and time, just check on the info board.



EQUIPMENT You will get your board, leash and rash guard when you check in the camp. If you didn’t buy an insurance (see ding repair & insurance), the costs for potential repairs or loss of material will be charged to you and collected once a week. In the board storage there is a list of all current repair costs (updated twice a week). Please treat the equipment as if it were your own. We recommend to check your board every evening to see if anything’s wrong, any defects (what we call “Dings”) and under no circumstances take a damaged board into the water – that simply ruins the material! Tell us if your board is damaged and we’ll have it repaired and collected. Please dry the hired rash guards every day. In all our camps you can buy surf wax and booties (Rip Curl, with Kima discount) at the front desks or with the camp manager.

Ding repair & insurance The repair costs for dings will be borne by yourself. However, after an introduction on “how to take care of surf material” by us, the appropriate handling of the boards should be no problem. Statistics show that it’s possible to go through 3 weeks surf camp “accident-free”. Just think of your board as your own baby. To play it safe, you can “insure” your rental surfboard. With this insurance, we pay for all your repairs within a time period from 1-3 weeks, from the smallest ding to a snap, given, that especially when you snapped your board we get all parts of the board back! Naturally, all damages will be repaired professionally and immediately. The insurance will not cover for any loss of material or parts of material. If you are interested, just address one of our surf instructors or the camp manager.


Bali Three Temple Tour nt s to Bali’s three most importa Kima Surf Camps organise tour but also rest only of architectural inte Hindu temples. Goa Lawa is not . their flying foxes and bats has the impressive caves with to the mystic elephant’s cave. e The Goa Gajah Temple is hom thall Balinese temples on the sou Pura Besakih is the mother of main the of ng volcano. The por tal western slope of the Gunung Agu inating fasc get g. And en route you’ll temple is absolutely breathtakin rice terraces. impressions of Bali’s famous

Saturday and Sunday are the

surf instructors’ off days.

, explore nge things with other surfers You can use these days to arra . own r i, or surf on you the sur roundings, discover Bal and rice temples, palaces, waterfalls ss ntle cou The Hindu Bali offers . ing tsee perfect for sigh terraces in the inland that are h as wide var iety of activities suc a from ose Sport freaks can cho untain mo , ing raft g, kin g, volcano trek diving, wake and kite boardin s. bing in giant tree biking, skateboarding or clim ions. ris you have two different opt For the Culture and Sport Safa vide you pro ld nd on your own, we cou If you want to discover the isla e to pay hav you g driver. The only thin one of our cars with or without e you’ll olin gas Dollars per day) and the for is the driver (about 10 USp. cam the in park the car refueled use. So please don’t forget to of our famous Culture and The second option is to join one re we take you for reasonable Sport Safaris (Specials), whe sport sights Bali has to offer. prices to the best cultural or se trips just sign in at the If you want to take par t in the a couple of days in advance. camp in the appropriate list on potential destinations, If you need further information nager. just check with your camp ma

© Mick Curley Photography

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© Mick C





ng volcano, to the Gunung Agu ur to g surfing. in kk tre p m offset to your week’s Our Surf Ca ts or sp l ea id e th s 1963, offer is the highest which last erupted in (10,308 ft.) height, it

3,142m is still active. With its e rain clouds coming pted in 1963/64 and cing the climate. Th uen infl a are The volcano last eru ing nd rou sur g is dry and barren. un the Ag es t nat un mi mo It do ereas the east side of point on the island. wh en, gre and h lus the west axis of the universe. from the west, makes t Meru, the central un mo of lica rep a us, and is g Bali by the first Hind that the mount Agun of Meru brought to ent The Balinese believe gm fra a is g un t mount Ag tant One legend holds tha with the most impor as the holy mountain g. un Ag ng nu Gu of therefore it’s regarded slopes situated high on the temple, Pura Besakih, ) g!! s really challengin a challenging tour (it’ Take off with us on ut 6-8 hrs to reach abo e tak l wil ning and which starts in the eve taking view over ath bre the will be enjoying mbok. the summit. So you Lo on clear days even till sturdy shoes! Bali, Lembongan and and s the clo of pro warm, water Don’t forget to bring such an exhausting are not that keen on For those of you who aller volcano sm the of trek on top hike, we can offer the . takes about 3-4 hrs Gunung Batur, which









Beach Break

Left Left & Right

Reef Semi Beach Break Break























st, nkey Fore o M , n w o Ubud T



centre e cultural h T . d u b U r t of Bali, at the hea n w to er forget. c ti s the my you’ll nev r t e c v a o p c is im D famous an nd makes place, the t la e is k r e a th m f o ance to ’s ave the ch it to Ubud h is u v o a y n k o c a b mps tion. n the way a Surf Ca uit cultiva palace. O fr e Join Kim d n th a d e n e a orest f rice, coff Monkey F ressions o p im e m o collect s

age: Tour packto Ubud

rt • Transpo y Forest to Monke e c n a tr n •E ntations • Visit pla p. Surf Cam • Retur n to nacks can be had ds . Drinks an ble prices t reasona a te u o r n e

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Turquoise Waters – Lonesome Bays – World Class Waves Extend your Kima Surfari with a week on “Lazy Lembongan” the small island south east of Bali. Surf the three perfect reef breaks, Playgrounds, Shipwrecks and Lacerations and some other breaks this beautiful Island has to offer. Our experienced surf guides will accompany and coach you while surfing in crystal clear waters. All spot transfers will be made by boat. Furthermore, you will have fantastic diving & fishing opportunities or just explore Nusa Lembongan with its famous mangroves and natural beauty. We will take care of a transport from your hotel to Sanur Harbor and after a 30 minute boat transfer from Bali you check in with maximum 6 other guests to a small resort on top of the cliff providing a stunning sea view of the bay of Lembongan and Bali’s volcano silhouette on the horizon. Services: • Transfer to Sanur Harbor • Speed boat transfer to Nusa Lembongan and back to Bali • Accommodation in shared twin or double room including breakfast • Boat transfers to Lembongan’s surf spots • 1 guided surf session per day For prices and more information please talk with our head-office staff or your camp manager.


In the course of your Surfari (and also after it) you have the chance of taking part in a boat trip to Lembongan, Lombok and Sumbawa. You will start from Bali towards the East; the first stop is Lembongan Island where you can surf famous spots like Playgrounds, Shipwrecks or Lacerations. Depending on the conditions, we will then go to Lombok over night where, in the best case, you can have an epic surf session in Desert Point (one of the world’s best waves). From there we will travel Lombok’s south shore where several 1st class spots are lined up (e.g. Belongas, Mawi, Grupuk, Air Guling and Ekas). These spots are also suited for advanced beginners, whereas the following spots in Sumbawa are rather reserved for intermediate surfers (e.g. Scar Reef, YoYo´s and Supersucks).


The spots will be chosen depending on tide, wind- and swell conditions, however the skills and preferences of the participants will be considered at all times. The boat design with its chill deck, the cozy lounge and the air conditioned cabin (12 sleeping berths) will make your stay very enjoyable. In between your surf sessions there are plenty of other free time activities. You can go wakeboarding, chill out with a good book, go snorkeling or fishing with a pole or a harpoon. And for those who have seen enough of the nature, we also have an air conditioned lounge with DVD player and HiFi. Live our motto: „EAT-SLEEP-SURF“ !!!


Technical details and safety:

Board equipment:

• Transportation from hotel/airport • 7 days/6 nights on board • Accommodation in air conditioned community cabin • Fresh sheets and towels • Full board (3 meals a day) incl. soft drinks and 5 beer/person/day • Usage of fishing poles and harpoons as well as snorkeling equipment

22m outrigger wood construction 180 Mitsubishi inboard motor(speed 7-10 knots) Jollyboat with 15 hp outboard engine GPS& VHF radio Generator 2 x 220 V Rescue equipment: first aid kit, life jackets

A/C in lounge and cabin Shower and bathroom on board 240V power HiFi, DVD, TV Fishing poles and harpoons Snorkeling equipment


Safety Box

Please keep your valuables (passport, air ticket, cash) in the safety deposit box of your room. To open the safe please type in the code: 123A. After that you can create your own code, just follow the description you will find at the safe. If your safe cannot be opened, please ask at the front desk for help. Please notice that the hotel and Kima is not liable for lost items not stored safely.


Please pay for your Surfari within the first 3 days after arrival at the KIMA office. (Office hours: Mo-Fr. 12:00 – 08:00 p.m.) We accept all kinds of currencies and traveller’s cheques (please bring your passport). Unfortunately it is not possible to pay with credit card. The KIMA office is a 1-minute walk away from the Seminyak camp, just turn left out of the hotel direction beach and after 20m you should see our KIMA light.

Motorbikes are the leading mode of transportation in Indonesia. Junk tires are a major form of pollution. Two pair of IndoSole sandals saves one motorbike tire from the landfill. IndoSole products are made by people not machines, handcrafted with love in Bali, Indonesia. Soles with soul.


Please make sure that you still have 150.000 Rp. for the airport tax which you have to pay at departure. However, ATM’s and money changers are still available at the airport.

Money changer

Unfortunately, amongst the countless money changers on Bali there are many black sheep, that’s why you should only go to the so called PT. Money Changer (for both cash and traveller’s cheques). There are several money changers in Seminyak and Kuta marked on the enclosed map. They don’t normally cheat! Don’t forget to always count your money before leaving and insist on getting large notes. If you are cheated all the same, even on the following day you can still try to reclaim your money if you threaten to call the police (stay friendly, but be confident!). In any case, always keep the receipt and try to remember the face of the person who served you. Seminyak Camp You can change money (cash and traveller’s cheques) to Indonesian Rupiah at the front desk from 9:00 a.m. till 05:00 p.m. The closest official money changer is located on Jl. Legian, opposite of the Bintang Supermarket (look out for a sign: “MSA CargoMaspintcinjra MONEY CHANGER”). Balangan Camp The camp driver can take you to the closest PT. Money Changer or ATM (the closest one is located inside the Circle K store on the main street). Canggu Camp You can change money (cash and traveller’s cheques) to Indonesian Rupiah at the front desk from 9:00 a.m. till 05:00 p.m. You can also take the daily city shuttle to Kuta or Seminyak in order to change your money. There are marked several money changer on the enclosed map.


Banana Weave - available in Mens and Womens

IndoSole products are available at these and other fine retailers Deus Temple of Enthusiasm - Canggu / Extreme Toys - Legian Life Store - Poppies Lane / Single Fin Store - Uluwatu / Skunky Club - Seminyak Surfer Paradise - Jimbaran / Ubud Point - Ubud

Kima Guests support the Soul Surfer Project in Bali By booking our surf camps YOU have donated a certain amount of money to the Soul Surf Project Bali, a local-based charity foundation. Orphans from Bali get the chance to learn surfing and to appreciate the ocean. In order to reinforce respect for nature, the children get a better idea about environmental issues and ways to make Bali a cleaner place to live.

These instructive lessons are an important part of the project since pollution is a serious problem on the island. The project has the goal to create ecological awareness in the entire society starting with the kids. The surf lessons are given as a reward for their participation and new attitude towards their surroundings. For more information AND further donations please come to the Kima Surf office. We would appreciate every support!!!


37 23

Anyone who travels a lot knows all about diarrhea and constipation – it doesn’t really matter what you eat or drink, it sometimes hits you. Whatever you do, don’t take ImodiumAkut or charcoal tablets – just let everything out! But if you start to run a fever or there’s no improvement after two days, you should consult a doctor. We recommend the BIMC Clinic, our drivers as well as every taxi driver know where it is. Please note that tap water is not drinkable in Bali and people with sensitive gums should also use bottled water for brushing teeth. If you need medical attention, it’s best to tell us. Maybe we can recommend medicine, a hospital or a specialist.


A Sign Of Life Seminyak Camp

t with y treatmen 15 % off an this voucher

We provide a free wireless internet connection - just ask for the password at the front desk. Directly around the corner there are also several internet cafes where you can also make international phone calls.

ly single use on 13626394

036 - Canggu - Tel no. an - Echo Beach

Jalan Pura Batu Mej

Our exact address is: The Green Room Hotel Seminyak Jl. Camplung Tanduk, Gg. Puri Kubu 63b Kuta - Seminyak Bali – Indonesia Tel: +62 (0) 361 73 14 12 (front desk) or +62 (0) 361 73 67 37 (KIMA - office)

ice shave e l y t s se. awaiian purcha y free H r e v with e

chase r u p y n a f f o % % 0 2 with this voucher Canggu Camp

Balangan Camp

We provide a free wireless internet connection - just ask for the password at the reception.

At the camp there are several computers to go online. There is also an internet cafe next to the Circle-K store on the main street.

Our exact address is: The Green Room Hotel Canggu Jl. Batu Mejan, Gang Subak Catur Batu Bolong - Canggu Bali – Indonesia Tel: +62 (0) 0361 9232215 (front desk) or +62 (0) 361 73 67 37 (main - office)

Our exact address is: Robby’s Sea View Bungalows Jl. Balangan Beach 01 Pecatu - Bukit Bali – Indonesia Tel: +62 (0) 82828 36 72772 (front desk) or +62 (0) 361 73 67 37 (main office)

ly use on single

h - Canggu. mejan, echo beac jl. pantai batu

single use only

Sandy Lane , Jl. Panti Batu Mejan

, Echo Beach Canggu

You can also find us on facebook, YouTube and Twitter where we provide you with our latest news and videos. • •



15 % off any treatment w ith this voucher single use on ly Jalan Pura Batu Meja

n - Echo Beach - Can ggu - Tel no. 0361 3626394

free Hawaiian style shave ice with every purchase. single use only

jl. pantai batu me jan, echo beach Canggu.

20%% off any purc hase with this voucher

single use only

Sandy Lane , Jl. Panti Batu Mejan


, Echo Beach Canggu

Good morning

Selamat pagi

Good mid-day

Selamat siang

Good evening

Selamat malam


Selamat tinggal (if you are leaving) Selamat jalan (to person who is leaving)

Thank you

Terima kasih

You‘re welcome

Kembali or sama-sama

How are you?

Apa kabar?

Excuse me

Permisi or maaf

Do you speak English? I don‘t speak Indonesian

Bisa bicara Bahasa Inggris? Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia

I don‘t understand

Saya tidak mengerti

Can you help me?

Bisa bantu saya?

Where is the bathroom/ the toilet? Where is…

Di mana kamar kecil? Di mana ..

How much is…

Berapa harganya…

Can we bargain?

Boleh tawar/kurang?

I want this

Saya mau ini..

I want to eat/drink...

Saya mau makan/minum..

One small/large beer, please The food/beer tastes very good My address is ...

Minta satu bir kecil/besar. Makanannya/Birnya enak sekali. Alamat saya...

Please take me to ...

Tolong, antar saya ke ...

Most likely you will come up with further questions in the next few days, don’t hesitate to ask anyone of us. We hope you will have an unforgettable surfari! Have fun and hang loose! Your Kimasurf-Team





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and the Countries...



Kima Surfaris - Welcome Booklet 2012  

Free hand out for all Kima Bali surf camp guests. Helpful information about the daily surf camp life in Bali, Kima specials and other servic...

Kima Surfaris - Welcome Booklet 2012  

Free hand out for all Kima Bali surf camp guests. Helpful information about the daily surf camp life in Bali, Kima specials and other servic...