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Table Of Contents Research 1.1 Research 1.2 Abstract 1.3 Target Audience 1.4 SWOT 1.5 Creative Brief

Development 2.1 Creative Development 2.2 Competitve Survey 2.3 Design Research 2.4 Moodboard 2.5 Logo Development

Style Guide 3.1 Style Guide 3.2 Color Pallet 3.3 Font 3.4 Photos

Final Solutions 4.1 Online Video/TV 4.2 Social Media 4.3 Electronic Media 4.4 Grassroots Marketing 4.5 Internet Radio

THE MADNESS OF MISSION 6 Design by Travis Pitts




I WAS HERE Design by Dina Prasetyawan

Threadless Full Color

The color was going to be the easier part for me selecting. I already had the CMYK line up, which consists of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, selected from the mood board because it represented the printer colors as designs get printed on tees. However, other than the black the colors were pretty bright. I needed to make sure the colors were visible through the black and not hard to look at on any backdrop. I first had the string be blue and the needle yellow but it was too busy and took away from the black lettering so I switched it. This made it more harmonious. The T was magenta as T is a representation of tee or t-shirt.

Single Color





Height: 1.5 Inches


Length: 2 Inches


aA bB cC dD

Not changing the font of the logo too drastically was important to execute. People have recognized Threadless for the company’s san serrif style font so we wanted to maintain that for recognition and show with a change in brand for expansion, threadless was still the same.

Thread reads RGB, another color code system used in graphic design

Logo DesignProcess,Font, Style, Rationale.

Needle represents the way clothing used to be made in a DIY fashion.


KG ALways the Good Time Font Similar to previous Threadless logo Font

FREDDIE MERCURY Design by Pablo Bustos


HEY, MR. BLUE SKY Design by Lim Heng Swee


Miko Final Week 1 book 2

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