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WELCOME Welcome to my portfolio.


Book Cover

A Meme that Launched A Million Trips A book cover for a collection of poetry from the Beat Generation — a group of American post World War II writers who came to prominence in the 1950s. The members of the Beat Generation developed a reputation as bohemian hedonists, who celebrated non—conformity and spontaneous creativity.


Food Packaging Chocolate Bar Wrapper — Blitz

New flavour and new packaging for a Cadbury chocolate bar. The idea behind the design is an on–the–go energy bar that looks lighter and fresher than what is already on the market and that appeals to a younger target market.


Advertising Campaign C1 Espresso — What’s all the hype about?

The idea of a new campaign for a very iconic cafe. “What’s all the hype about?” poses an intriguing question that provokes curiosity about the cafe, urging the viewer to visit the cafe.


Magazine Advertising Coca Cola — Foster the People

The task was to replicate the classic advertising style of Coca Cola inspired by the band Foster the People. Watching their music videos and listing to their music gave me a real idea of who they reach out to do and the things that make this band appealing.


Magazine Editorial Jonathan Ive — Apple Lead Designer

A four—page interview with a favourite designer of mine. My approach was to take certain characteristics from Apple, such as how they display their products to how they always follow a simple non—obtrusive design style and to convey that throughout the editorial.


Magazine Editorial Matthew Roche — Graphic Designer

An editorial layout combining text and image and using different brushes and techniques for dynamic and engaging effects. Capturing Matthew’s personality from the pose in the artwork through the colours and minimal layout of the text was the primary focus of this spread.


Apparel Design

Hapa Store

T—shirt designs for the Hapa store in the Re:Start container mall. The word hapa means a person of mixed ethnic heritage which is where the posing Tiki design originated from and the stores tag line is “Love the extraordinary� which is where the typographic design was inspired from.


Brand Identity

PrinterHQ — The Laser Printer Experts The winning logo for an Auckland based printer company who were running a competition for a fresh new logo. The main focus was for it to be very friendly and approachable whilst retaining its professionalism and expertise.


A – Atoms, the very matter of everything,

meaning they are the building blocks of the entire universe, which I find incredibly fascinating. The fact that atoms are mostly empty space and that a billion of them can fit in the full stop at the end of this sentence is near mind–blowing.

F – Facebook, the biggest social network

with over 1 billion active members, it really has taken over. It is the easiest way to keep with up with all your friends and even stalk people who aren’t and the best tool for procrastinator inside us all.


New Zealand



New Zealand


70c g

70c n


– Keys are an essential part of everyday and I just have a fascination with them, especially old vintage skeleton keys. It could be because of the theoretical meaning of opening new doors/paths or maybe because it is such primative design we still use.

R – RSS, Rich Site Summary, basically

meaning websites can update with new content and with an RSS reader whoever is subscribed to the website will automatically see the new content with having to search manually. Very convenient.



– Youtube is the greatest source for cat videos known to man. Ever bored? or even got some free time, here is the place to be. You will be distracted for hours but you will enjoy every second of it.


networking site, helping you showcase yourself and also helping to keep you connected to other professionals which is paramount.

– Shoes are one of those things where you could never have too many, even if they are only a different colour from the next. I’m not a brand fanboy, I dont care where they are from, if I like them, i’ll wear them.

Z – Zombies apocalypse is coming!

Postage Stamps Awesome stuff

A set of New Zealand postage stamps based on a few of my favourite things: dance, science, technology and awesome stuff. All artwork was created on a drawing tablet with a range of brushes to achieve the mix of paintery and sketched effects.


New Zealand

New Zealand

70c i



together which has entered a planets atmosphere and when they shed from friction the high energy creates the visible streak of light, aka a shooting star.

– Twitter is the best new invention since way back. Having ridiculous amounts of content right there, all organised and dedicated to what you want and all from whom you want. Best way to keep up with whats new and happening and trending.


70c j

70c q


– Usb, Universal Serial Bus, which is the worst name ever but their main purpose is to standardize computer peripherals and they have done that very well but I mainly use it for data transfer from computer to computer.


J – Jabbawockeez, the dance crew, not the

New Zealand

New Zealand

– iPhone, the most important and useful thing you can have on you. The ease of use and the amount of the things it can do, it becomes hard to function without and really is just an extension of your hand.

70c k

70c r


– Volkswagens are the only vehicles I actually like and the VW logo is so iconic. The Golf is by far the best, it mixes modern with awesome with practicality with performance, it’s just the goodness.

dragon from Alice in Wonderland are an incredibly talented group of 8 who wear white masks and have a hip–hop, b–boy, popping dance style and are true icons.


New Zealand

70c l


New Zealand

70c s


New Zealand

New Zealand

70c y

communicating, with so many different expressions and icons you can say exactly what you mean to say without confusion and with some added atitude, when type just wont be good enough.

70c e

New Zealand

– iOS, the only mobile operating system that I will use, it feels so natural and targeted at humans which makes it very easy to use and doesnt become unfashionable. It has slowly developed over the years and is now better and more intuitive than ever.


E – Emoticons are a new and fun way of

way we do some important things in our lives. The way we get our music, our movies, our games, the way we stack them and collect and organise them, no more cartridges or tapes or cds, all digital and I welcome it in.

New Zealand

New Zealand

70c x

D – Downloading has immensly changed the

70c d

New Zealand

– Nachos is a tradition of me and the boys, we get together one night a week and have nachos, it keeps us close and it’s super important to me to have great friends around.


blogging and their popularity is growing everyday with alot of social networking sites getting amongst it. #newzealand #stamps #colourful #swag

New Zealand

New Zealand


erotic love from Roman Mythology. First off I just love the idea of an arrow filled with uncontrollable desire but I also enjoy learning about Roman Mythology, it pushes my imagination and thinking.

70c c

New Zealand

M – Meteors are flying particles clustered


H – Hashtagging is basically organised

things in space which not many of us have actually seen. Too far away and too big to comprehend and with lact of actual scientific knowledge they will continue to stay a mystery for a while longer.

New Zealand

New Zealand

L – Linkedin Coporation is a professional



G – Galaxies, the mysterious colurful spiral

70c b

New Zealand

New Zealand

70c u


C – Cupid, is the god of desire, affection and

70c z

P – Playstation is one of my strongest

Q – Quantum Entanglement sounds


X – Xylophone is the first word and

memories from my childhood and I am still as much an avid gamer now as I was then. Its been 20 years and I still get over excited when I get a new game, I never want this part of me to grow up.

– Web, I just like the thought of so many connections and so many paths and different options, it is much like a brain. As much as I hate spiders I can’t get enough of what they create.


incredible and it is!. Basically it means two particles are not physically connected but still interacting so when the state of one changes the other changes instantly also and these particles could be at either ends of the universe.

sometimes the only word starting with X that most people can think of and I find that hilarious beacause there is one more, and its x–ray.



New Zealand

New Zealand

A New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand


Of Kieran Roberts


– Brains! It’s the reason we can see and hear and touch and smell and walk and breathe and be conscious to experience the world. Our brain having the ability of collective intelligence puts humans at the top of the evolutionary chain.


Movie Poster Forbidden Planet

A poster concept for a remake of the 1956 science fiction movie, Forbidden Planet. As part of the development process, I have also designed a few minimalistic concepts which is a popular trend recently.


Magazine Advertising

Chelsea Sugar — Anything Can Happen With Chelsea A humourous take on the stereotypical gender roles, suggesting that if you use Chelsea sugar to bake for your man, “Anything Can Happen” and he will even start doing the housework.


Event Advertising Masquerade Affair

A collaborative project with the aim to create a masquerade themed end—of—year event poster. The two on the left follow a more traditional festival theme, while the other two follow a more romantic modern theme.


Magazine Editorial A Tribute to Steve Jobs

A few spreads designed to showcase Apple and Steve Jobs to a vintage market. My approach was to make it look more craft based, using cut—outs, stylized colours and shapes, creating a handmade look.



Canterbury District — Crime Statistics An inforgraphic showcasing theft crime statistics across the Canterbury District for 2010—2011. I focused entirely on theft crime as that alone, is over one third of Canterbury’s total criminal offences.


Branding & Identity Black Cat — Cafe & Bar

A brand identity for a new establishment. I chose to portray the venue through a high class elegant design style, featuring a black leopard as a very distinctive graphic and a golden script typeface to give traditional luxury feel.


Branding & Identity

MetroEco — Protecting The Future, Thinking More About less Waste Logo concepts for a waste disposal company. The main idea is based on infinity, as rubbish is always being converted from one thing to another and becoming renewed over and over again.


Packaging Design Hangover Survival Kit — The Stox Box

I wanted the kit to look like it has had just as hard of a night as you have. It is designed to be very easy to use, just remove the elastic straps and the lid and everything is displayed out flat in front of you. It contains water, cologne, eye drops, painkiller and everything else you need to overcome a hangover.


Non—Digital Typography Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far

Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s well known book, the task was to convey a lesson I had learnt in my life by using handmade typography. “Never Tell Mum The Whole Truth” is the idea of protecting her from knowing the wild things I would get up to as a child and protecting myself from getting in trouble for these things.


Editorial Design

Definitive — Hip Hop Dance Magazine A brief and introductory handbook into the dance culture, featuring dance crews, dance events, classes, tutorials, clothing, filming and a reference page, to keep up with everything happening in the world of dance.


Personal Branding & Identity Kieran Roberts — Graphic Designer

Why the bow tie? Because it is historically representative of a gentleman and I love everything that encompasses that image. Well mannered, well groomed, respectful, loyal, etc. I am always aiming for these virtues.

THANK YOU Thanks for viewing.

Kieran Roberts Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio

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